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List of Alkaline _ Acid Foods


Many basic foods are rich in minerals and vitamins, minerals, the calcium can strengthen the skin, enhance the resistance of the skin, eliminate allergies. Eat more alkaline foods to avoid while acid in blood transformation to maintain the alkaline environment, human health, ensure the body's normal metabolism and blood circulation.

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									                       List of Alkaline & Acid Foods
            Are You Getting Enough Alkaline Foods in Your Diet?
Your health depends on the balance of an alkaline environment, created by eating foods such as tomatoes,
avocados and green vegetables...striking the optimum 80/20 balance and regulating your body's
acid/alkaline chemistry through simple changes in diet can result in weight loss, increased stamina and
strength,a stronger immune system and a greater sense of wellbeing.'

Dr Robert O. Young, Pioneering scientist and author of The pH Miracle

      How did we become so out of

  After years of societal changes, millions of pounds

  of marketing spend and technological advances

  we, as a race, are now facing more dietary based

  health challenges than ever before. It is no

  coincidence that the rapidly growing numbers of

  cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes

  correlate almost exactly with the rise in

  consumption of acid forming foods such as

  sugars, saturated fats, and white breads. At the

  same time our consumption of fresh alkaline

  vegetables and essential fatty acids has

  decreased dramatically, making way for

  convenience and a generation hooked on sugary

Becoming Alkaline

This is not as difficult or as technical as it sounds. When we talk about eating alkaline foods or starting an alkaline diet we are referring

to consuming those foods and drink which have an alkaline effect on the body. This effect is based upon the mineral content of the food

and therefore the ash residue that remains after our foods are consumed. Some foods leave an acid ash, whereas others leave an

alkaline ash. Conveniently for us, it just so happens that the foods that contain alkaline minerals (and leave an alkaline ash) are all the

foods we already know are good for us: low sugar foods, fresh alkaline vegetables etc. And the foods that contain minerals that leave an

acid ash? You guessed it, sweets, alcohol, saturated fats, meats, dairy etc.

Of course, everybody is different - but most of us should aim to eat 70-80% alkaline foods and a maximum of 20-30% acid forming


This does not have to be measured in calories, grams or anything technical, just look at your plate! Is 70% of the food on it alkalising?

And for the other 30%? You can do with this what you like (how acid is up to you - dependent upon the results you want), but feel free to

go for some oily fish, wholemeal pasta or wild rice for example.

List of Acid and Alkaline Foods
                          Alkaline Foods                                                         Acid Foods

    Alkaline Vegetables                        Fruits                           Meats                          Dairy Products

         Asparagus                             Lemon                             Pork                               Milk

         Artichokes                             Lime                             Lamb                               Eggs

          Cabbage                             Avocado                            Beef                              Cheese

           Lettuce                            Tomato                           Chicken                             Cream

            Onion                            Grapefruit                         Turkey                             Yogurt

         Cauliflower                  Watermelon (is neutral)                Crustaceans                         Ice Cream

           Radish                             Rhubarb                  Other Seafood (apart from

           Swede                                                      occasional oily fish such as

       Lambs Lettuce                                                           salmon)



        Red Cabbage
                                               Drinks                           Others                             Drinks

                                           'Green Drinks'                      Vinegar                          Fizzy Drinks
                                       Fresh vegetable juice                 White Pasta                           Coffee
                                  Pure water (distilled or ionised)          White Bread                            Tea
                                  Lemon water (pure water + fresh         Wholemeal Bread                          Beers
                                           lemon or lime).                     Biscuits                            Spirits
        Green Beans
                                             Herbal Tea                       Soy Sauce                          Fruit Juice
                                           Vegetable broth                      Tamari                        Dairy Smoothies
                                     Non-sweetened Soy Milk           Condiments (Tomato Sauce,                     Milk
                                            Almond Milk                    Mayonnaise etc.)                    Traditional Tea
Grasses (wheat, straw, barley,
                                                                         Artificial Sweeteners
       dog, kamut etc.)

           Broccoli                   Seeds, Nuts & Grains               Convenience Foods                       Fats & Oils

      Brussels Sprouts                        Almonds                           Sweets                         Saturated Fats

                                              Pumpkin                         Chocolate                       Hydrogenated Oils

                                             Sunflower                     Microwave Meals             Margarine (worse than Butter)

                                              Sesame                        Tinned Foods                          Corn Oil
                                                   Flax                         Powdered Soups                     Vegetable Oil

                                            Buckwheat Groats                      Instant Meals                    Sunflower Oil

                                                   Spelt                            Fast Food


                                              Cumin Seeds

                                            Any sprouted seed

           Fats & Oils                            Others                              Fruits                       Seeds & Nuts

               Flax                    Sprouts (soy, alfalfa, mung       All fruits aside from those listed           Peanuts

              Hemp                      bean, wheat, little radish ,         in the alkaline column.               Cashew Nuts

             Avocado                      chickpea, broccoli etc)                                                  Pistachio Nuts

              Olive                     Bragg Liquid Aminos (Soy

        Evening Primrose                    Sauce Alternative)

             Borage                              Hummus

           Coconut Oil                            Tahini

Oil Blends (such as Udo's Choice)

                         General Guidance:                                                        General Guidance:

Stick to salads, fresh, alkaline vegetables and healthy nuts and oils.     Steer clear of fatty meats, dairy, cheese, sweets, chocolates,

                                                                           alcohol and tobacco. Packaged foods are often full of hidden
 Try to consume plenty of raw foods and at least 2-3 litres of clean,
                                                                         offenders and microwave meals are full of sugars and salts. Over
         pure water daily (ideally enhanced with pH drops).
                                                                               cooking also removes all of the nutrition from a meal!

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