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									                              summer 2011

& Stripes
Turns 10


             Hurst Conference Center
                       New Kids
Class                Media Camp
                     New Recycle
                 Rewards Program
                     2011 Citizens
                  Survey Summary
and Stripes
Monday, July 4
Welcome to the fourteenth issue of...

We Live
Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Where We
                                                                            In This Issue...
                                                                            Citizen Survey Results .......................................... 12
                                                                            Volunteering.......................................................... 14
Live. Did I just say 14?! Wow, time flies when
                                                                            Library Programs .................................................. 16
you’re having fun. And we are having fun in
Hurst! speaking of fun, we’ve got a lot of it                               Hurst Senior Center .............................................. 21
planned this summer. Our most notable event,
Hurst stars and stripes, is turning ten this year
and we are celebrating in a big way. make sure to                           Recreation Center........24
mark your calendars for our signature event this
                                                                             Pre-School Programs ............................................ 25
July 4! And that’s not all we have planned. We’ve
got a lot of exciting things coming up for resi-                             Youth Programs .................................................... 29
dents of all ages, including our first Kid’s media                           Gymnastic Programs ............................................ 34
Camp at the Hurst Conference Center, the annual                              Adult Programs .................................................... 35
Fishing Derby, Hurst Golden Couples and cel-                                 Special Events ..................................................... 42
ebrating the opening of our library’s state of the
                                                                             Aquatics............................................................... 44
art renovations on may 3. Our Aquatics Centers
are some of the best around and are just waiting                             Adult Leagues ...................................................... 52
to be filled with Hurst residents and friends.                               Hurst Tennis Center ............................................. 53
                                                                             Registration Information ...................................... 56
Our aquatics centers aren’t the only places to                               Parks System........................................................ 58
cool off in Hurst this summer. Visit one of your
favorite Hurst establishments for great savings.
We believe shopping first in Hurst is vital to
maintaining our quality of life city. every little bit
matters and that means you!

Lastly, I want to personally thank all of our em-
ployees, businesses and citizens who participated
in the susan G. Komen race for the Cure. We
raised more than $3,700 and had more than 45
participants in the race, including two survivors.
(And we beat North richland Hills)!

Thank you for representing Hurst so well and for honoring those that have
been affected by breast cancer. I wish you and yours a fantastic summer     Hurst City Council
season and look forward to seeing you soon.
                                                                            Left to Right: Anna Holzer–Council member, Larry Kitchens–mayor
                                          — Mayor Richard Ward                    Henry Wilson–Council member, Richard Ward–mayor, Bill
                                                                            Pro Tem,

                                                                            McLendon–Council member, Charles Swearengen–Council member,
                                                                            Nancy Welton– Council member

                                                                                           Very Berry
safe living

                                                                                           ½ cup plain non-fat yogurt
                                                                                           ½ cup low fat cottage cheese
                                                                                           1 cup frozen mixed berries
                                                                                           1 medium banana
                                                                                           2 cups raw spinach
                                                                                           ½ cup orange juice

                                                                                           In a blender, place berries, spinach, banana and
                                                                                           other ingredients and blend until smooth. If more
                                                                                           liquid is desired, add orange juice or skim milk. If
                                                                                           a more frozen texture is desired, add ice cubes.

                                                                                           Yield: 2 servings.

                                                                                           Nutrition Facts: One serving: Calories: 190, Fat:
                                                                                           2g, Carbohydrate: 30 g, Fiber: 2g, Protein: 14g

                                                                      Summer smoothie
                                                             Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. In Texas that means that
                                                             the warm weather is just starting to heat up! Want an easy, fast and economical way
                                                             to cool down and be healthy? Try some fun summer smoothie ideas today!

                                                                 1. Since we are all supposed to eat 5-9 servings of plant based foods each day,
City Staff                                                            start the day off right with a fruit smoothie. This is an easy way to blend the
Allan Weegar–City manager                                             goodness of fruit with some protein for energy and fullness.
Allan Heindel–Deputy City manager                                2.   Be creative with your smoothie recipes. Try fruit and vegetable combina-
Jeff Jones–Assistant City manager                                     tions like blueberries, bananas and spinach. Add a little protein and creamy
John Brown–Fire Chief                                                 texture by using plain yogurt, cottage cheese or milk.
Rita Frick–City secretary                                        3.   Offer smoothies as an afternoon snack or pool side companion to cool, de-
Ron Haynes–Director of Public Works                                   light and add a little energy pick me up. The ideas are endless!
Steve Moore–Police Chief                                         4.   Serve a smoothie as a low calorie dessert to finish any cookout or family
Dale Harwell–Information services manager                             meal. You can even make delicious chocolate or caramel smoothies that
Mike Morgan–Director of Planning and Community Development            kick the sweet tooth and dazzle the tastebuds.
Clay Caruthers–Director of Finance                               5.   Instead of having an ice cream sundae party, try a party where everyone can
Ashleigh Whiteman–Communications manager                              make their own smoothie creation. This is even a great way to get the kids
Steve Bowden–Director of economic Development                         involved and excited about eating healthy!

                                                                                                  save the date

       National Night Out                                                                           4
       Save the Date! Join us on Tuesday, October 4 as we once      community level. This free event generates community
       again celebrate America’s Night Out Against Crime!           support for anti-crime and anti-drug abuse prevention
                                                                    activities, as well as a high level of community participation.
       National Night Out provides information, educational         The presence of local law enforcement in the community
       materials, and technical assistance for the development      under the positive circumstances of a National Night Out
       of effective year-long community police partnerships that    allows many residents to meet their officers, in many cases
       can reduce crime, violence, and substance abuse at the       for the first time.

                                           On the cover...
                                           We always look forward to Hurst Stars and Stripes. It’s our hallmark event and the
                                           highlight of our summer. What started off as a relatively small event in 2001 has
                                           grown into a much anticipated and highly regarded event around the metroplex.
                                           We’re proud of that and proud to have the opportunity to host such a fun and family
                                           friendly event for our residents, businesses and visitors. This year will be no excep-
                                           tion, aside from the fact we are celebrating a decade of fun! That’s right, Hurst Stars
                                           and Stripes is turning ten this year and we hope you’ll join us in commemorating
                                           the occasion, and of course, celebrating our nation’s birthday. Happy summer and
                                           happy fourth Hurst!

Cover shot by photographer Stacy Luecker

                            Storm awareness
safe living and community

                            Storm season has already begun; please              middle of the night when you are unaware of the
                            remember to be aware of potential severe            severe weather.
                            weather that can happen in an instant in Texas.
                            The best way to stay informed 24/7 is with a        Also, please take time to update all of your
                            NOAA Wx Alert radio that is programmed for          information concerning CodeRed on our home
                            Tarrant County. The Wx Alert radios typically       page at www.ci.hurst.tx.us.
                            have an alarm that will awaken you in the

                            Best EMS service
                            requires multi-response
                            The most frequently asked question of the Fire      is not available, units from other cities are re-
                            Department…….                                       quested to respond. The goal is to put personnel
                                                                                on scene as quickly as possible to begin patient
                            Why does the City of Hurst send an
                            ambulance, fire truck and a police                  Once care has begun the seriousness of the call
                            officer to emergency medical calls?                 will dictate that five personnel are required to
                                                                                perform the needed procedures in a timely man-
                            The answer is simple, to provide the best service   ner. Additionally the medical protocols require
                            possible for those in need.                         several things to occur at one time, requiring
                                                                                more than just an ambulance. It is not uncom-
                            Hurst has two ambulances and three fire appa-       mon for one or more of the personnel from the
                            ratus available to respond to emergency calls in    fire apparatus to ride to the hospital in the am-
                            the City. Also, there are typically eight or more   bulance to continue the care started on scene. .
                            police officers on the streets. These police and
                            fire units are the first responders for emergency   The entire process is dedicated to getting per-
                            medical calls and any one of these can arrive on    sonnel on scene in a timely manner to start pa-
                            scene first and begin patient care. The care be-    tient care and continue patient care until the pa-
                            gins whenever the first unit arrives on scene and   tient is delivered to the proper facility, providing
                            continues until the patient is transported to the   you the best service possible in all situations.
                            hospital. If a Hurst fire apparatus or ambulance

Water smart
You’ve probably noticed signs around town alerting         Like other wholesale water customers, we have seen
citizens of a year-round 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. “no outdoor     noticeable water conservation benefits over the past
watering restriction.” Wholesale water customers of the    four summers during the June through September 10
City of Fort Worth, (Hurst included), have followed suit   a.m. to 6 p.m. watering restriction. We hope you’ll
after Fort Worth moved to the year round restriction in    join us in going green and limiting your water use this
2008.                                                      summer!

            Youth get behind the camera
            at Summer Media Camp
            At Summer Media Camp, youth ages            trips to our neighbors at the Police De-     school year. Participants are welcome
            9-16 get behind the camera to create        partment and City Hall. These skills         to bring a camera from home to learn
            their own original video programming.       include our interviewing techniques          how they can get the most out of it.
            Campers work as a team to produce a         but add writing and teleprompter op-         These new skills will help them with
            comedy, music video, talk show or dra-      eration.                                     school projects or just keeping busy on
            ma using broadcast quality cameras,                                                      a rainy Saturday.
            microphones, switchers and graphic          Each student or team of students will
            design software. Programs are distrib-      also create a pubic service announce-        Summer Media Camp Schedule
            uted on our youtube channel so par-         ment. The best PSAs will be high-            June 6-10
            ticipants can share their work.             lighted on the City’s Facebook Page.         June 13-17
                                                        The topics are up to the kids and may        June 20-24
            Media Camps are held at the new             range from international conservation        June 27-July 1
            Hurst Conference Center. Participants       concerns to subjects that affect the cit-    July 18-22
            learn all aspects of video program-         izens of Hurst directly. The creative di-    July 25-29
            ming jobs from director, floor director,    rection belongs to the kids. These proj-
            camera operator, teleprompter opera-        ects will further develop their writing      Chris Connolly, Technical Services
            tor, graphics, audio, set design and of     skills. On the technical side, the use       Manager at the Hurst Conference
            course, talent! The summer will end         of green screen will come into play as       Center has been in the field of video
            with a Film Festival banquet highlight-     well as advanced lighting techniques.        production since 1991. He has pro-
            ing the best projects of each week.                                                      duced and directed shows at both the
                                                        There is always room in the program          Meyerson Symphony Center and Bass
            The Talk Show. Groups develop their         for unplanned activities; commercials,       Performance Hall. He is a two time
            own show’s theme and topics and learn       skits, and they always want to do some-      Telly Award Winner. He was the Di-
            interview techniques in improvisation.      thing scary. The best part is it’s differ-   rector of Network Programming and
            Behind the camera, the crew learns          ent from week to week so multiple sign       Media Education for Dallas Commu-
            how to run camera, give cues to talent,     ups are never the same experience.           nity Television until it’s loss of funding
            run sound with multiple open micro-                                                      in 2009. He is currently the writer and
            phones, playback theme music and            Media literacy will also be a part of        host of The Fort Report, a weekly up-
            direct three camera operators while re-     the curriculum. Participants will learn      date about current events in Cowtown
            cording as if this were a live broadcast.   critical viewing skills that build aware-    on Charter Cable Channel 7.
            Then, the teams rotate so everyone has      ness of media messages found in ad-
            an experience at each job.                  vertising, news, entertainment and           Chris programmed and taught the
                                                        educational programming. They will           Summer Media Camp in Dallas for 2
            Broadcast News is always a favorite.        become more aware of the media mes-          summers and has served for 15 years
            Reporters and camera persons collect        saging/marketing in today’s world.           as the Broadcast Media Advisor for
            stories in the field. The anchors put it                                                 the YMCA Texas Youth & Government
            all together from the news desk. This       The program will build skills that           program. We are very excited to bring
            allows us to go on a few walking field      will be useful to them throughout the        this curriculum to the City of Hurst.
E-mail subscription service available
Hurst has teamed with the world’s leading e-mail subscription       Sign-up links take individuals to a menu of topics they can
management system (Gov Delivery) to provide citizens with           receive. Topics include City Council agendas and packets,
access to relevant information in a timely manner.                  Adult Softball, Aquatics Centers, Parks, Press Releases, Senior
                                                                    Services, and more.
Since 2007, citizens have been receiving a variety of information
through the free email subscription. To date more than 285,000      Sign up today. It’s easy. On the City’s homepage click the red
emails have been sent to subscribers. Citizen’s subscription        “Hurst E-mail Updates button”.
records and personal information are not sold or leased but used
solely to deliver the updates.                                      www.ci.hurst.tx.us/WebSubscription.htm

                                                     Flood Prevention Tips
                                                     Before a flood:
                                                     Check with the Public Works Engineering (817.788.7080) on the extent of past
                                                     flooding in your area. Staff can tell you about the causes of repetitive flooding,

 Summer                                              what the City is doing about it, and what would be an appropriate flood protection
                                                     level. They can also visit your property to discuss flood protection alternatives.

Media Camp                                           For helpful tips check out: http://www.fema.gov/hazard/flood/fl_before.shtm

  June 6-July 29
  The price of this specialty camp is
  $275 per week and includes lunch
 and a snack every day. To download a
registration form visit www.hurstcc.com
        or call 817.581.0044 for

            Going green
            reaps rewards
            Hurst residents will soon have a chance to get rewarded
            for going green. The Hurst City Council recently voted in
            favor of implementing Republic Waste’s My Republic Re-
            wards program. The program is a unique incentive program
            that enables households to earn rewards in the form of My
            Republic Rewards Points for recycling. Participants can re-
            deem points for gift cards and discounts to more than 400
            brand name national and local retailers across the county.
            Points are earned by measuring the amount, in poundage,
            that the city recycles.                                            Please remember to
                                                                             keep your trash cans out
            How does this affect you? First off, the current blue recycle
                                                                                   of the street.
            bins will be obsolete. You may choose to keep them, but
            may not use them to recycle. Each resident will be issued
                                                                             Trash cans placed in the
            a new recycle cart (shown above). All residents will notice         street can become
            an increase in their monthly water bill beginning Sept. 1,         hazardous and cause
            whether you recycle or choose not to recycle. It’s important      flooding if blown over
            to note that the small increase is easily recouped, plus some,     into drainage inlets.
            through the new rewards program. We hope each citizen will
            choose to participate! Questions? Please call 817.332.7301.
            Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new develop-
            ment in Hurst. All residents will receive details from Re-
            public Services on how the program works. We’ll post the
            latest information and implementation dates on our web site
            at www.ci.hurst.tx.us. Notification of the launch will also be
            sent in your monthly water bill.

  Old building gets new life
Everything old is new again in Hurst. Sort of. After more than 30 years as Fort
Worth Fire Station No. 27, a few years in the 1950s as the original Hurst Police
Station and a few years as the original Hurst City Hall, the non descript building
on Holloway Court is now the new Hurst Fire Station No. 3.

The Fire Station spent more than 30 years as Fort Worth Station No. 27, serving
areas of Fort Worth and assisting the Hurst Fire Department when needed. Fort
Worth has since built a new station and the Hurst Fire Department recently re-
occupied the storied building after minor renovations were complete. Three to
four firefighter/paramedics are stationed there and they receive an average of 850
calls each year.
                                                                What is the most critical issue facing Hurst today?

                                                                    Older Areas

                                                                      of the City
            Citizen survey
            results are in                                        Improving City

            For the first time ever we conducted an online
            only citizen survey. The survey was live for the          Increasing
            month of February, featured in the Star Telegram      Transportation
            and highlighted at our Town Hall Forum.

            Overall, ratings were positive and we’re encour-         Increasing
            aged by the feedback. We’re also continuing to          Employment
            improve on our already “excellent” quality of          Opportunities
            life. We’re proud of where we are and look for-
            ward to an even brighter future!
                                                               Decreasing Crime
            Thanks for taking the time to participate and
            thanks for the feedback.
                                                                     Don’t Know

            Didn’t get a chance to participate? Have
            something you’d like to say? Feel free to call                          0           200         400     600
            817.788.7010 and share.

                                                                          How safe do you feel living in Hurst?
                                                                    Very Safe


                                                               Somewhat Safe

                                                                Not Very Safe

                                                                  No Opinion

                                                                                0       100   200     300     400   500

                                                                   We asked,
        How would you describe the quality of life in Hurst?




     Don’t Know

                               0             100            200          300         400   500

                                   How long have you lived in Hurst?
       Less than 3 mos

              3-12 mos

                 1-5 yrs

               6-10 yrs

      More than 10 yrs

              11-20 yrs

              21-30 yrs

     More than 30 yrs

 No longer live in Hurst

    Do not live in Hurst

    All other responses
                           0          50      100     150      200     250     300

you answered!

               In Actionavailable
                Volunteer positions
                The City of Hurst is always looking for new volunteers. The     located within the Hurst Public Library. An application form
                following volunteer positions are currently open:               can also be accessed on-line through the City’s web site at
                    •    Library – Shelving Assistant
                    •    Library– Chess Practice Mentor                         Calling all current and prospective volunteers!
                    •    Police – Citizens On Patrol (Must be a graduate of
                         Hurst Citizen Police Academy)                          The Hurst Conference Center is seeking enthusiastic, self-
                    •    Fire – Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service           teaching, friendly and approachable volunteers to help
                         (RACES)                                                with guiding Conference Center walk-ins, as well as acting
                    •    Economic Development – Project Assistant               Receptionists. Everyday the Conference Center attracts people
                    •    Municipal Court – Warrant Officer Assistant            interested in the architecture of the building, its amazing
                    •    Hurst Conference Center – Tour Guide                   interior art and, of course, the starfield-lit ballroom.
                    •    Hurst Conference Center – Receptionist
                                                                                The Conference Center employs a small on-site staff, so
                If you are interested in joining the VIA program, please        volunteer assistance is needed. If this opportunity provokes
                contact the Community Services Department at 817.788.7305.      your interest, please inquire. Hurst Conference Center
                Volunteer applications can be picked up at Community Services   management and staff cannot wait to have you on board!
                                                        We’ve been reaching out to our citizen’s in need for
                                                        more than a decade through our Employee Giving Day
                                                        Program. Last fall we took our program to even bigger
                                                        heights by joining forces with the cities of Euless and
                                                        Bedford and 6Stones Mission Network to help revitalize
                                                        more than 20 homes in HEB. We’re continuing to work
                                                        together with neighbors, employees, elected officials
                                                        and volunteers to make our community the best it can
                                                        be, through this collaborative effort called CPR. We
                                                        recently completed 28 homes in Hurst, Euless and
                                                        Bedford. City employees volunteered their time along
                                                        with numerous volunteers on April 8 and 9, revitalizing
                                                        ten homes in Hurst. Work included painting, tree
                                                        trimming, debris removal, light construction, plumbing
                                                        and electrical repairs.

                                                        This is the second multi-jurisdictional event that
                                                        focused on what was best for the HEB area as a
                                                        community. The goal is to help struggling families with
                                                        some much needed home repairs and help maintain the
                                                        integrity of our neighborhoods. Want to get involved
                                                        this fall or know someone in need? Call 817.788.7055
                                                        for information.

   Want to
Get involved?
The City of Hurst is always looking for new vol-
unteers. If you are interested in joining the VIA
program, please contact the Community Services
Department at 817.788.7305. Volunteer applica-
tions can be picked up at the Community Services’
office in the Hurst Public Library or accessed online
through the City’s Web site at www.ci.hurst.tx.us.
               Public Library
                  901 Precinct Line road
                  Phone: 817.788.7300

     Read All About It!
      State honor received for seventh consecutive year
          Again Hurst Public Library has received the TMLDA Excellence                Library supports its community with special focus on a rich array of
          in Libraries award. For the seventh year in a row, this affiliate or-       traditional and electronic resources that support lifelong learning,
          ganization of the Texas Municipal League recognized our library             opportunities for cultural experiences and current topics and titles.
          for achievement in ten categories of performance that represent a
          picture of excellence in library service to the community a library         With the building expansion to be completed shortly, the Library
          serves. Business analysts have long acknowledged that one of the            will open 6 days a week and provide access through its website
          most obvious barometers of the social and economic health and po-           24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new face of Hurst Public
          tential of a community is the quality of its public library. They use       Library is most certainly a destination for inspiration, culture, edu-
          the quality of the local public library to judge both the economic          cation, and fun for the whole family.
          health and quality of life they can expect in a community.
                                                                                      Stay in touch and stay in the know with a visit to the Library website
          In a time when many cities are cutting services and resources, The          at www.hurst.lib.tx.us and stay in touch with the new Hurst Public
          City of Hurst has invested in its future by enhancing this key ser-         Library Facebook at www.facebook.com/HurstPublicLibrary.
          vice for its citizens. As a reflection of the City’s values, Hurst Public

                                               Reading Club
                                            Dig up a Good Book
                                            Time to go exploring for a good read! With three clubs—one for kids 6th
                                            grade and younger, one for teens in 7th through 12th grades, and one for
                                            adults of all ages—everyone has the opportunity for reading fun—and
                                            prizes, too! Registration begins May 28, and all clubs continue through
                                            July 30, with special programs for all ages starting in June. Come to the
                                            Library to register or register online at www.hurst.lib.tx.us.

                                            For all 17 years of age and younger: Register, then read and log in 15 hours
                                            of reading before July 10, and you qualify to attend the Texas Rangers
                                            game on July 11.

                                            For all 12 and younger in the children’s club: Register, then read and log
                                            in 25 hours by the closing of the Reading Club (6 p.m. on Saturday, July
                                            30), and you qualify for a ticket to any DFW performance of the Ringling
                                            Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

                                            Dig up a Good Book with Geocaching!
                                            Participate in this summer’s Hurst Public Library’s reading club and you
                                            can win prizes two ways- by reading and geocaching!

                                            Intro to Geocaching
                                            Never been geocaching or even heard of it? That’s okay; come to the library
                                            Thursday, June 16 at 7:00 PM to find out all about how to get started in on
                                            a new, fun and educational hobby!

Hurst Public Library
                                            Event Cache
        The place to go                     Come to the library from 7:00 to 8:30 PM on Thursday, July 21 for Event
when you need to know!                      Cache. Enjoy popcorn, puzzles and the chance to meet other local cachers.

 Youth Programs
 Ongoing Activities
 Toddler Time            Story Time                 Chess Club
 Ages 1-3 years          Ages 3-6 years             For elementary ages and up
 Mondays and Thursdays   Tuesdays and Wednesdays    Mondays
 10:00-10:30 AM          10:45-11:15 AM             4:00-5:00 PM
          Kids’ Reading                                 Tuesday, July 26
                                                        Puppet People
                                                                                                     Friday Follies
                                                                                                     For kindergartners and younger
          Club Programs                                 Three more shows for your entertainment.     11:00 Am

                                                                                                     Friday, June 17
          Dig Up a Great Program: Mr. Willy!            Whatchamacallit Wednesdays
          All ages                                      For 1st - 6th graders
                                                                                                     Puppet People
          Tuesday, may 31, 7:00 Pm                      2:00 Pm                                      Three shows presented by the library’s
                                                                                                     own puppeteers.

          Get your summer started right!                Wednesdays, June 8 - July 27
          Songwriter, author, storytelling
          performer and all-around silly guy            Wednesday, June 8                            Friday, June 24
          Willy Welch will delight kids of all          Boocoos the Clown                            Boocoos the Clown
          ages. Come be a part of it—and you            Get ready to laugh at his silly antics.      Get ready to laugh at his silly antics.
          will be if you are here! Fun for the
          whole family.                                 Wednesday, June 15                           Friday, July 15
                                                        stories + music = Opera                      Digging up Books
          Tuesdays Together                             Colleen Mallette introduces opera in an      TCC-Northeast Players makes literature
          All ages                                      interactive way.                             come to life.
          7:00 Pm
          Tuesdays, June 7 - July 26                    Wednesday, June 22                           Friday, July 22
          A variety of programs for the whole family    snake encounters                             Puppet People
          to enjoy together.                            Daryl Sprout brings legless wonders in for   Three more shows for your enjoyment.
                                                        a very close encounter with kids.
          Tuesday, June 7                                                                            Dig Up a Happy Ending
          Library Dig                                   Wednesday, June 29                           saturday, July 30, 10:00 Am - 6:00 Pm
          Discover the library in a different way.      magic of reading                             Come celebrate the Reading Club all
                                                        Bruce Chadwick turns the Library into a      day long! This is the last day to turn in
          Tuesday, June 14                              truly magical place.                         time for the Club and activities will be
          Texas Archaeology                                                                          going on all day long including a
          Learn about Texas of long ago.                Wednesday, July 6                            puppet show, story time, crafts, and a
                                                        Digging up Books                             special performance of 19th century
          Tuesday, June 21                              TCC-Northeast Players makes literature       music by the Frontier Brigade Band at
          Puppet People                                 come to life.                                11:00 AM.
          Three shows presented by the library’s
          own puppeteers.                               Wednesday, July 13
                                                        Goldirocks and the Three
          Tuesday, June 28                              Dinosaurs                                    Reading Club
          sing a story
          Bring your singing voice and join right in.
                                                        Sandy Shrout and her puppets put a           Programs
                                                        prehistoric twist on an old favorite.
                                                                                                     Anime Club
          Tuesday, July 5                               Wednesday, July 20                           7th - 12th graders
          Lone star Dinosaurs                           Juggling, magic and Fun                      Thursday, June 2
          Find out about some of Texas’ earliest        Guinness record holder David Slick           Thursday, July 7
          (and largest) inhabitants.                    delights with his many talents.              6:00 - 8:00 Pm
                                                                                                     If you enjoy anime—watching it and
          Tuesday, July 12                              Wednesday, July 27                           talking about it—this is the place for
          Dino-story                                    One man Orchestration of story,              you! Add other teens that love anime,
          A prehistoric story time.                     Laughter and song                            too, just for fun!
                                                        Tom McDermott gets everyone involved
          Tuesday, July 19                              in storytelling.
          Dan Gibson
          Storytelling and music with a down-home
Teen Pulse Game Night
7th - 12th graders
                                               Thursday, may 26
                                               Whitehouse Harmony-Bluegrass
Thursday, June 9
Thursday, July 14                              Thursday, June 23                         Brown Bag Book Club
6:30-8:00 Pm                                   southlake swing Band                      First Thursday of the month
DDR, Guitar Hero, and more! Bring a                                                      Noon
friend and show off your best moves.           Thursday, July 28                         Bring your lunch and join us the first
Come show us what you’ve got!                  Flashback - Oldies                        Thursday of every month for book discus-
                                                                                         sions in the Reading Alcove. Check the
Geocaching                                     Thursday, August 25                       library website, Facebook page or call to
7th - 12th graders                             Canta - Latin American Variety            find out what we’re reading!
Thursday, June 16
Thursday, July 21                              Noon masterworks                          Cropping at the Library
6:30 - 8:00 Pm                                 12:15 Pm                                  Bring your supplies, pages, photos and
                                               Friday, June 10                           tools for a day of scrapbooking. The 2nd
All About Me!                                  Cora Connection - World music             and 4th Saturday of every month in the
7th - 12th graders
                                                                                         library learning center. 10:00 AM-4:00
Thursday, June 23                              Friday July 8
Thursday, July 28                              rattletree marimba - Family Dance
6:30 - 8:00 Pm                                 Party
We will be making recycled jewelry and                                                   Family Movie Matinees
                                                                                         June 10 - July 29
altered books/journals to express who you      Friday, August 12
                                                                                         Fridays at 3:00 Pm
are! All craft supplies will be provided.      Nana Puddin - “Hitch Your Wagon to
                                                                                         Join us again this year for free movies and
Bring a friend!                                a star”
                                                                                         popcorn on the big screen. Fridays at 3:00
                                               A puppet show for preschool through el-
                                               ementary age children.
Adult Programs
Masterworks at the Library
evening Performances
7:00 Pm
Open to the public, the MasterWorks Music
Series is funded by a grant from the City of
Hurst Hotel/Motel Tax Fund in cooperation
with Arts Council Northeast.

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                            Public Library Grand Reopening
                            The Hurst Public Library Expansion Project was approved by
                            Hurst citizens in the 2005 Bond Election and by the City Council
library and senior center

                            in 2010. The Expansion designed by Hidell & Associates
                            Architects and constructed by AUI Contractors, Inc., added
                            10,174 square feet to the Library, renovated 7,626 square feet
                            of existing space, more than doubled existing parking, and
                            added an entrance from Pipeline Road.

                            After almost 14 months of construction which included closing
                            to the public on March 28, the Hurst Public Library opens its
                            new doors on Tuesday, May 3. At 6 p.m. that day, City Council,
                            the Library Board, and staff will welcome guests back with a
                            dedication ceremony. The Library will remain open that evening
                            until 9 p.m. and resume regular hours the following morning.
                                                                                                                                            save the date

                            Guests at the Dedication Ceremony will discover a transformed                                                     May
                            landscaping that includes garden areas for reading and
                            relaxing and a dramatic new entrance that features Poems and
                            Promises. After the ribbon cutting, guests will be welcomed into
                            the Program Rooms North and South for music and refreshments.

                            During the Grand Reopening, visitors can take self-guided
                            tours of not only public areas, but behind the scenes as well.         •	 Reading Alcove – updates include new furniture and
                            Areas to tour include:                                                      carpet
                                 •	 Friends Café – this new space has vending machines,            •	 Automated Materials Handler – this receives, clears,
                                     an ongoing used book sale, café seating, and Wi-Fi                 and sorts materials as they are put in the drive-thru
                                 •	 Community Gallery – relax and enjoy the exhibits in                 book drop. When you return items at the book drop,
                                     this new space                                                     your account will updated before you’ve parked and
                                 •	 Community Services Administration offices                           entered the building.
                                 •	 Teen Zone – a place just for teens that includes
                                     the Teen Collection, computers, and an interactive        When you come back to the Library on May 3, you’ll find Hurst
                                     whiteboard                                                Public Library a very busy place with many people actively
                                 •	 Historical Gallery – see the newly installed Dream         checking out books, DVDs, CDs, and magazines; logging onto
                                     Wheels by J. Lynn Kelly who will be onsite                computers; enjoying the study and Wi-Fi spaces; viewing
                                 •	 RFID Express Check Stations – don’t wait in line,          the exhibits and art; and participating in the rich offering
                                     check out books yourself with your library card at this   of performance, literacy and educational program events.
                                     new feature                                               Visit the Library website at www.hurst.lib.tx.us or find Hurst
                                 •	 Children’s Activity Room – guest puppet hosts will         Public Library on Facebook for more information. And, most
                                     show you this new room that includes a built-in puppet    importantly –
                                 •	 Staff Workrooms – see where staff performs all the         Save the date to come back to 901 Precinct Line Road on May
                                     tasks that bring you Library programs, materials and      3 at 6 p.m.!

                                                                                                 Center Hours
                                                                                                         Open 5 days a week
                                                                                                 Monday-Wednesday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
                                                                                                     Thursday, 8:00 AM-9:00 PM
                                                                                                      Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

                                                                                            Charter Memberships expired
                                                                                             on January 31. Don’t let your
                                                                                            membership lapse! Renew your
                                                                                            membership and receive a free,
                                                                                                   insulated cooler.

Membership information
The new Hurst Senior Citizens Activities            and pay for your membership on Feb-     •	 These fees include many free classes,
Center is open to Seniors only, ages 55 and         ruary 1, your membership will expire         programs, and activities at the Senior
over.                                               on January 31 of the following year.         Center, and also include membership
•	 Membership is required in order to          •	   Fees for the new Senior Center are as        in our state-of-the-art Fitness Room.
     attend and participate in the Senior           follows:                                •	   Some classes, programs, and activities
     Center. (Occasionally, we will offer      •	   Hurst Residents - $20 per member-            may require additional fees to cover
     special programs that are open to the          ship year. (Equivalent of about $1.67        the cost of supplies, refreshments,
     general public.)                               per month)                                   and/or instructor fees.
•	 Membership begins the day you reg-          •	   Non-Residents - $80 per membership
     ister and pay, and ends one year from          year. (Equivalent of about $6.67 per
     that date. For example, if you register        month)
senior center

                Senior Center
                Hurst Senior Citizens Activities Center
                launches programs, holds events
                2011 has taken off with a blast at the      rytale story about our adventures that           •	 Lunch & Learn: Nutrition 101
                Hurst Senior Citizens Activities Center!    day. Everyone enjoyed the free breakfast         •	 Memorial Day Watermelonfest
                                                            upon arrival as well as the ambience of          •	 Hawaiian Luau
                Many new programs and events were           the Winstar Casino. Plans are underway
                launched with the beginning of the New      for our next exciting trip out of town, so   The Senior Center has many monthly
                Year. The excitement is felt from the       be sure to check in often with the Senior    held activities. Potluck Bingo is a FREE
                moment you walk through the Senior          Center for upcoming activities.              event and is always on the first Thursday
                Center doors. The fitness room stays                                                     of the month. Members are asked to bring
                busy, classes are filling up fast, events   Here’s a preview of some of our sum-         a side dish or dessert to share. We offer
                are well attended and the café always       mer programs, classes, groups, activi-       the Breakfast Club once a month for only
                has fresh coffee and donuts available.      ties and health related and educational      $3 per person. Space is limited and the
                                                            seminars:                                    menu varies so check the Senior Pipe-
                We made our inaugural Winstar Casino             •	 Computer Classes                     line for details. In March, we launched
                Trip on Feb. 23 and had a full bus with          •	 Zumba Gold                           the “Dining Society”, a group that meets
                53 passengers on board. The trip there           •	 Tai Chi                              once a month at a local restaurant. This
                and back was entertaining with games             •	 Yoga                                 is a great opportunity to get out, meet
                and prizes. We even wrote our own fai-           •	 “Iced” Tea Party                     some new people and enjoy good food.

   Events & Classes
Here are just a FEW of our Upcoming Events and Classes –          June – Health Evaluations
(must be a member to participate and sign-up may be required)     Are you interested in getting your health in order? A health
                                                                  evaluation is a great way to start. You will learn about your
                                                                  current health status and ways to take action for a healthier you.
May “Iced” Tea Party
                                                                  Free event sponsored by Maximize Living.
In honor of all the special women of the Hurst Senior Center we
will hold our Second Annual Tea Party. The party will feature
flavored ice teas and other exceptional “iced” extravagances.     June 23 – Variety Dance with Russ Dorsey Band
                                                                  The Russ Dorsey Band always brings a crowd to the Senior
                                                                  Center Dance. Join us at 6 pm as we listen to some fabulous
Memorial Day Watermelonfest
                                                                  music and dance the night away. Dance is open to everyone, not
Come to the Senior Center on May 27 for some Memorial Day
                                                                  just Senior Center Members. Cost is $5 per person, pay at the
Weekend fun. Our Memorial Day celebration will include all
things watermelon.

                   Pick up a copy of The Senior Pipeline,
                            the monthly newsletter,
                    for more information on Senior Center
                           programs and activities.
Hurst Recreation Center & Pre-School Programs

                                                Forecast for summer: Temperatures in the 100’s, and 100’s of            a custom-designed fitness plan, and our Fitness Center has all
                                                opportunities for fitness and fun at the Hurst Recreation Cen-          of the equipment you will need to complete your workouts. The
                                                ter! During the summer heat, you can keep your cool in the              Cardio Room has a total of 10 treadmills and nine elliptical
                                                air-conditioned comfort of the Hurst Recreation Center. Come            crosstrainers and all of these have individual television screens
                                                and enjoy our activities and programs: 100’s of classes, shooting       that will allow you to watch your favorite TV show while you
                                                some hoops with your friends, enjoying a game of racquetball or         workout, or use your iPod to listen to your favorite music, or
                                                volleyball, using the jogging/walking track to get some exercise,       watch your favorite movies. If you haven’t tried out our two
                                                or working out in our state-of-the-art fitness center. Equipment        TechnoGym Crossovers and their unique lateral motion train-
                                                used to participate in basketball, volleyball, racquetball, wal-        ing, come check it out. In addition, there are also bikes, stair-
                                                lyball, and table tennis is available for check out, with your          climbers, rowing machines, and seated crosstrainers available
                                                “Quality of Life” Rec Card at the front desk of the Recreation          for cardio workouts. Any complete fitness program also includes
                                                Center.                                                                 a strength training regiment, and we have an extensive selec-
                                                                                                                        tion of pin-selectorized, and plate-loaded strength equipment,
                                                If fitness is your thing, there are many fitness classes to help        as well as dumbbells, and flexibility equipment. For more in-
                                                you reach all of your fitness goals. You can schedule a per-            formation on any of our activities or classes, contact the Front
                                                sonal training session with our personal trainers to formulate          Desk at the Recreation Center 817.788.7325.

                                                Our Commitment to Quality:
                                                Your satisfaction is our goal. . .we strive to provide you with qual-   are not completely satisfied with your recreational experience,
                                                ity recreation programs and we take pride in making your recre-         please call us at 817.788.7325 to share your concerns and sug-
                                                ation experience an enjoyable one. Join us this season for recre-       gestions for improvement. Thank you for choosing Hurst Parks
                                                ational, educational, and life-long learning opportunities. If you      and Recreation.
 Mission Statement quality of life for citizens of all
 The Hurst Recreation Division is dedicated to improving the
 ages by providing a variety of recreational activities, special events, facilities, and services that
 encourage life-long learning, fitness and fun.

                                                                                                                                                                                    www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
Pre-School                                                  Mom & Me Soccer (2-3 years)
                                                            Time to not only play with your tot, but
                                                                                                                        Phonics Fun - Step II (3-5 years)
                                                                                                                        Ready for more phonics? Come take the next
Programs                                                    get some exercise as well! We will learn
                                                            the basics of soccer and how to make a
                                                                                                                        step of Phonics Fun and learn some more! (Sup-
                                                                                                                        ply Fee $5)
                                                            GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! (Tennis shoes                          Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
Mozart’s Two’s (18 months-2 years)                          required.)                                                  summer I
Can you imagine the beautiful music your                    Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo
                                                                                                                        13035-A       M    11:15-Noon     4WKS      6/6       $12
2-year old and their new friends will create with           summer I
musical instruments? They will play musical                                                                             summer II
                                                            13700-A      F    9:00-9:30AM     4WKS 6/10           $12
instruments and games. (Supply Fee $5)                                                                                  14035-A       M    11:15-Noon     4WKS     7/11       $12
                                                            summer II
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
summer I                                                     14700-B    W      5:30-6:00PM    4WKS 7/13           $12   Hands-on-Math (3-5 years)
13000-A     M    10:00-10:30AM 4WKS         6/6       $11
                                                                                                                        Let’s learn numbers the fun way! We will learn
                                                            NEW! Happy Feet (2 years)                                   to add, subtract, and count. We will also use
 13000-B    M      5:30-6:00PM    4WKS      6/6       $11   Let’s get those feet tapping and those bodies               musical instruments to help us have fun while
summer II                                                   moving! We will have fun with music and move-               learning!
14000-A     M      5:30-6:00PM    4WKS     7/11       $11   ment while working on the development of our                (Supply Fee $5)
                                                            gross motor skills.                                         Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
 14000-B    M    10:00-10:30AM 4WKS        7/11       $11   Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                                                                                        summer I
                                                            summer I
NEW! I Can Create (18 months-2 years)                                                                                   13205-A M Noon – 12:30PM 4WKS               6/6       $12
                                                            13095-A      F    9:00-9:30AM     4WKS 6/10           $12
I may be small, but I can still create beautiful                                                                        summer II
                                                            summer II
pieces of artwork! We will create and have fun!                                                                         14205-A M Noon – 12:30PM 4WKS               7/11      $12
                                                            14095-A      F    9:00-9:30AM     4WKS 7/15           $12
(Supply Fee $5)
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)                                                                     How Does Your Garden Grow
summer I
                                                            Creative Time For Tots (3-4 years)                          (3-6 years)
                                                            This class is designed to teach your pre-schooler           Do you wonder how a seed turns into a plant?
13005-A     M     9:30-10:00AM 4WKS         6/6       $11
                                                            important social skills through interaction with            Let’s find out together as we plant seeds and see
 13005-B    M      5:00-5:30PM    4WKS      6/6       $11   others. Your child will prepare for Pre-K through           what happens! We will learn about plant life
summer II                                                   an introduction to letters, numbers, and colors. In         and how they grow. (Supply Fee $10.)
14005-A     M     9:30-10:00AM 4WKS        7/11       $11
                                                            a structured, yet fun, environment, your child will         Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                            learn through crafts, music, stories, and creative          summer I
 14005-B    M      5:00-5:30PM    4WKS     7/11       $11   play. (Supply Fee $10)
                                                                                                                        13075-A       F   9:45-10:30AM    4WKS 6/10           $12
                                                            Instructor: margaret Angel (Certified school Teacher)
Independent Two’s - Let Me Be Me                            summer I
(18 months-2 years)
This class is for children who are ready to go to           13040-A MW 8:30-10:15AM 4WKS                6/6       $28
class without their mommies. They will create                13040-B    TTH   8:30-10:15AM 4WKS         6/7       $28
new projects each week using paint and glue                 summer II
and will have tons of fun! (Supply Fee $5)
                                                            14040-A MW 8:30-10:15AM 4WKS               7/11       $28
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
summer I                                                     14040-B    TTH   8:30-10:15AM 4WKS 7/12              $28







                                                            Phonics Fun - Step I (3-5 years)
                                                            Come one, come all to the big sounds of letters.
                                                                                                                             & Youth
summer II

14080-A     M     9:00-9:30AM     4WKS     7/11       $11
                                                            You will learn pre-reading skills through games
                                                            and activities that teach phonics. (Supply Fee
 14080-B    M      4:30-5:00PM    4WKS     7/11       $11
                                                            Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)              Just a couple of reminders…
                                                            summer I
Awesome Two’s (2 years)
Let’s get together and play! We will learn our              13030-A     M     10:30-11:15AM 4WKS        6/6       $12        With your child’s best interest in mind, we
shapes and colors, create crafts and just have              summer II                                                        ask that parents not remain in the classroom
a blast playing and learning at the same time!              14030-A     M     10:30-11:15AM 4WKS        7/11      $12        after the class begins. Our instructors
(Supply Fee $10.)                                                                                                            have found that their quality of instruction
Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                                                                                 is affected by parental distractions and
summer I
13090-A     M     9:00-9:45AM     4WKS      6/6       $12
summer II                                                                                                                    In order to provide the best learning
14090-A     M     9:00-9:45AM     4WKS     7/11       $12                                                                    environment, children 3-5 years must be
                                                                                                                             toilet trained.
                      International Cooking Flare (3-6 years)                                  NEW! Ugly Bugs (3-5 years)
                      We will learn about different countries and what kids there like to      Do you think bugs are creepy or cool? Either way, we will have a fun
                      eat. We might even make something that you already like to eat!          time learning and studying our world of amazing bugs! (Supply Fee
                      (Supply Fee $10.)                                                        $5)
                      Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                             Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                      summer I                                                                 summer I

                          13250-A        F    10:45-11:30AM   4WKS   6/10        $12               13555-A        T     12:15-1:00PM      4WKS       6/7    $12
                                                                                               summer II
                      Pre-School Computers (3-4 years)                                             14555-A        T     12:15-1:00PM      4WKS       7/12   $12
                      In this tech-savvy class for pre-schoolers, your child will learn the
                      proper way to turn the computer on and off, how to use the mouse, all    NEW! When Dinosaurs Roamed (3-6 years)
                      while having fun with Elmo and other pre-school programs.                Do you LOVE dinosaurs? Come learn about all of the different
                      Instructor: Vicki mcmeans                                                dinosaurs that roamed the earth. We will have a great time learning
                      summer I                                                                 through games, crafts, and stories. (Supply Fee $10.)
Pre-School Programs

                          13800-A        TH    12:30-1:00PM   4WKS   6/9         $12           Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                      summer II                                                                summer II

                          14800-A        TH    12:30-1:00PM   4WKS   7/14        $12               14666-A        F     9:45-10:30AM      4WKS       7/15   $12

                      NEW! Bugs, Bugs, Bugs (3-6 years)                                        My Little Princess (3-6 years)
                      Do you like watching those creepy critters in your backyard? We will     Calling all princesses of the royal kingdom! We will learn while
                      learn all about insects and even conduct some live inspections of        having fun dressing up, role playing, listening to music and creating
                      specimens. (Supply Fee $10.)                                             crafts. (Supply Fee $10.)
                      Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                             Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                      summer I                                                                 summer II

                          13100-A        M    10:00-10:45AM   4WKS   6/6         $12               14111-A        T    10:30-11:15AM      4WKS       7/15   $12

                      NEW! Hot Wheelers (3-6 years)                                            Yes, I Can Draw (3-5 years)
                      Vroom! Vroom! Calling all car enthusiasts for a fun time playing,        Yes, you can draw! You will develop your fine motor skills by putting
                      crafting, stories, and games all about cars! (Supply Fee $10.)           your creativity to work through drawing. (Supply list)
                      Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                             Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                      summer I                                                                 summer I

                          13140-A        M    11:00-11:45AM   4WKS   6/6         $12               13010-A        T     9:00-9:30AM       4WKS       6/7    $11
                                                                                               summer II
                      NEW! Manners (3-6 years)                                                     14010-A        T     9:00-9:30AM       4WKS       7/12   $11
                      Need help in the manners department? We will focus on good man-
                      ners needed in different situations. (Supply Fee $10.)                   International Lunch A Bunch (3-5 years)
                      Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                             Calling all pre-schoolers to the kitchen for some fun! Come learn how
                      summer I                                                                 to create a healthy lunch. (Supply Fee $10)
                          13190-A        T    10:30-11:15AM   4WKS   6/7         $12           Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                                                                                               summer I
                      NEW! Kitchen Science (3-6 years)                                             13170-A        T    10:30-11:15AM      4WKS       6/7    $12
                      Do you think about the world of science while in the kitchen? Science    summer II
                      is all around us and we’ll explore science in the kitchen! (Supply Fee
                                                                                                   14170-A        T    10:30-11:15AM      4WKS       7/12   $12
                      Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                                                               Fairy Fun (3-8 years)
                      summer II
                                                                                               Do you love fairies? Come create some fairy fun! (Supply Fee $10)
                          14200-A        M    10:00-10:45AM   4WKS   7/11        $12           Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                                                                                               summer I
                      NEW! Trains! (3-6 years)                                                     13110-A        T     11:30-12:15PM     4WKS       6/7    $12
                      All aboard! Calling all conductors to climb aboard as we play trains!
                                                                                               summer II
                      We will have all kinds of fun learning about trains through play time,
                      stories, and crafts. (Supply Fee $10.)                                       14110-A        T     11:30-12:15PM     4WKS       7/12   $12
                      Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                      summer II

                          14400-A        M    11:00-11:45AM   4WKS   7/11        $12

                                                                                                                                                                   www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
Captain Hook’s Sea Creatures (3-5 years)                    Ballet for Tots (3-5 years)                        NEW! Nature Friends (4-7 years)
What sea creatures might Captain Hook en-                   In this class your tot will become familiar with   Come explore the nature around us, learn about
counter during his travels? We will use paints,             basic barre and center work. We will also work     different Biomes and how to take care of the
scissors, and more to create these living animals           on counting, tempo, distinguishing our right       world around us. (Supply Fee $10.)
lurking in the deep blue sea. (Supply Fee $5)               from our left, and other foundational dance        Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)         concepts. (Ballet shoes required.)                 summer II
summer I                                                    Instructor: LaTisha Clay                           14195-A       T    2:30-3:15PM   4WKS 7/12    $12
13888-A      T       9:30-10:20AM 4WKS      6/7       $12   summer II

summer II                                                   14180-A       T 10:30-11:00AM 4WKS 7/12     $11    NEW! Around the World Adventures
                                                                                                               (4-7 years)
14888-A      T       9:30-10:20AM 4WKS 7/12           $12   14180--B      T    11:30-Noon   4WKS 7/12   $11
                                                                                                               Let’s take a trip around the world to new places!
                                                            14180-C      W 10:30-11:00AM 4WKS 7/13      $11    We will learn about food, games, and products
Tap for Tots (3-5 years)                                                                                       that come from that country. (Supply Fee $10.)
In this class your tot will become familiar with            14180-D      W     11:30-Noon   4WKS 7/13   $11
                                                                                                               Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
many of the single sound tap moves. We will
also work on counting, tempo, distinguishing                Tiny Dancer I (3-5 years)                          summer I

our right from our left, and other foundational             Your tiny dancer will learn tap, ballet, and       13225-A       W   9:00-9:45AM    4WKS   6/8   $12
dance concepts. (Tap shoes required.)                       rhythmic movements. (Ballet and tap shoes are      summer II
Instructor: LaTisha Clay                                    required.)
                                                                                                               14225-A       W   9:00-9:45AM    4WKS 7/13    $12
summer II                                                   Instructor: Caitlin sonnen
                                                            summer II
14065-A          T 11:00-11:30AM 4WKS 7/12            $11                                                      NEW! Rhyme Time (4-7 years)
                                                            14060-A      S    9:15-10:00AM 4WKS 7/16    $12    Like Nursery Rhymes? We will take your favor-
 14065-B         T   Noon-12:30PM 4WKS 7/12           $11
                                                                                                               ites and act them out using props and plenty of
14065-C      W 11:00-11:30AM 4WKS 7/13                $11   Tiny Dancer II (3-5 years)                         imagination. (Supply Fee $10.)
14065-D      W Noon-12:30PM 4WKS 7/13                 $11
                                                            Your tiny dancer will learn tap, ballet, and       Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                            rhythmic movements. (Ballet and tap shoes are      summer I
                                                                                                               13777-A       W   10:00-10:45AM 4WKS    6/8   $12
                                                            Instructor: Caitlin sonnen
                                                                                                               summer II
                                                            summer II
                                                                                                               14777-A       W   10:00-10:45AM 4WKS 7/13     $12
                                                            14070-A      S    10:00-10:45AM 4WKS 7/16   $12
                                           Space Camp (4-8 years)                                                  Pre-School Soccer Camp (5-7 years)
                                           Come see how our world has changed through the space age. We will       Are you ready to learn the game of soccer? We’ll learn the basics
                                           conduct experiments that relate to space. We will also learn about      of soccer mechanics: dribbling, shooting, and passing through fun
                                           astronauts, space crafts, and the planets. We will explore space life   and exciting drills. We will also begin to learn how to play the game
                                           and the physics of rockets!! (Supply Fee $5)                            of soccer as a team. Bring your soccer ball! This class will meet at
                                           Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)                     the pavilion in Central Park, just south of the Recreation Center.
Pre-School and Youth Programs recreation

                                           summer I                                                                (Athletic shoes and water bottle are required. Cleats and shin guards
                                               13025-A        TH    9:30-10:15AM      4WKS         6/9    $12      are recommended.)
                                           summer II                                                               Instructor: Luke Grimsley
                                                                                                                   summer II
                                               14025-A        TH    9:30-10:15AM      4WKS         7/14   $12
                                                                                                                       14999-A       M-F       8:30-9:30AM   1WK    7/25-7/29    $35
                                           Little Tyke Soccer (4-6 years)
                                           GGGOOOAAALLL! You will get your feet running and learn the              NEW! Kidprov (5-12 years)
                                           basics of the world’s most popular sport. (Athletic shoes required)     Calling all Elementary students!! Here’s a great class to show your
                                           Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo                                           creative talents! We will learn about improv-style acting using
                                           summer I                                                                imaginary, real props, and costumes. We will use story telling, public
                                                                                                                   speaking, and teamwork to tell our story, along with brown boxes and
                                               13600-A         F    9:30-10:00AM      4WKS         6/10   $12
                                                                                                                   chalk to create rotating props. Fun times await you and your creative
                                           summer II
                                               14600-B        W      6:00-6:30PM      4WKS         7/13   $12      Instructor: sonja Desouza
                                                                                                                   summer I
                                           Little Tyke Basketball (4-6 years)                                      (5-7 years)
                                           Is the NBA in your future? Come get the ball bouncing and learn the
                                                                                                                       13333-A        TH       4:00-4:45PM   4WKS      6/9       $12
                                           basics to get started.
                                                                                                                   (8-12 years)
                                           Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo
                                           summer I                                                                    23123-A        TH       5:00-5:45PM   4WKS      6/9       $12
                                                                                                                   summer II
                                               13500-A         F    10:30-11:00AM     4WKS         6/10   $12
                                                                                                                   (5-7 years)

                                           NEW! Play & Learn (3-5 years)                                               14333-A        TH       4:00-4:45PM   4WKS      7/14      $12
                                           Playing and learning go hand-in-hand. We’ll get ready for learning by   (8-12 years)
                                           introducing the ABC’s and 123’s through song, dance, crafts, group          24123-A        TH       5:00-5:45PM   4WKS      7/14      $12
                                           activities and more. (Supply Fee $5)
                                           Instructor: miranda slovensky
                                           summer I

                                               13160-A        TH   10:00-10:30AM      4WKS         6/9    $12
                                                                                                                   One-Time Classes
                                           summer II                                                               NEW! Barbie Party (3-6 years)
                                               14160-A        TH   10:00-10:30AM      4WKS         7/14   $12      Let’s play Barbies! We will dress up and play, create crafts, and even
                                                                                                                   have a fashion show at the end of the party!
                                           Pre-K Kids (4-5 years)                                                  Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                           This class is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten.              13055-A        T     9:00-10:00AM     1WK      6/7        $14
                                           Through crafts, stories, music, and play time, they will learn the
                                           alphabet, numbers, and colors in a structured, yet fun, environment.    NEW! Yo Ho Ho Pirate’s Party (4-7 years)
                                           Your child will develop improved social skills through their interac-   Arg! Calling all pirates!! We’ll play pirate games and even walk the
                                           tion with other students. Be sure to bring a sack lunch. (Supply Fee    plank!
                                           $10)                                                                    Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                           Instructor: margaret Angel (Certified school Teacher)
                                                                                                                       13045-A        T     9:00-10:00AM     1WK      6/14       $14
                                           summer I

                                               13050-A       MW     10:30-2:00PM      4WKS         6/6    $49      NEW! Fairy Princess Party (3-6 years)
                                               13050-B       TTH    10:30-2:00PM      4WKS         6/7    $49      This party is for Fairy Princess only! We’ll play, create a craft, have a
                                           summer II                                                               snack, and tell stories about Fairies. (Dress up clothes and wings will
                                                                                                                   be provided.)
                                               14050-A       MW     10:30-2:00PM      4WKS         7/11   $49
                                                                                                                   Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                               14050-B       TTH    10:30-2:00PM      4WKS         7/12   $49
                                                                                                                       13825-A        T     9:00-10:00AM     1WK      6/21       $14
NEW! Safety First (3-6 years)                        Crafts-4-Kids (4-7 years)                            NEW! Basketball Fundamentals
Safety First! This class will go over stranger       Let’s get crafty and have lots of fun making a       (5-10 years)
danger, fire safety, and water safety.               different craft each week! (Supply Fee $5)           Do you want to learn proper basketball tech-
Kids will make a safety kit to take home.            Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo
                                                                                                          niques? We will work on the fundamentals of
                                                                                                          basketball such as: proper techniques for pass-

                                                                                                                                                                www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                     23000-A      F     11:15-11:45AM 4WKS 6/10     $11
13925-A      T    9:00-10:00AM   1WK    6/28   $14
                                                                                                          ing, dribbling, and shooting the basketball. We
                                                                                                          will also work on techniques for playing defense
                                                     Ballet and Tap (4-6 years)                           and basic rules.
NEW! Blues Clues Party (3-6 years)                   Here’s a dance class that combines the two most      Instructor: Drew Briggs
A clue? Do you see a clue? We’ll look for            common dance styles: ballet and tap. You will        summer I
clues and solve the mystery through different        have the chance to do BOTH in this basic class.      (5-7 years)
activities.                                          (Ballet and tap shoes required.)
Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                         Instructor: Caitlin sonnen                           23101-A        T    10:00-10:50AM 4WKS    6/7   $14

14055-A      T    9:00-10:00AM   1WK    7/5    $14   summer II                                            (8-10 years)

                                                     24120-A      S   10:45-11:45AM 4WKS 7/16       $13    23101-B       T    11:00-11:50AM 4WKS    6/7   $14
NEW! Explorer Friends (3-6 years)                                                                         summer II
Do you like Dora and Diego? Come explore with        Ballet (5-10 years)                                  (5-7 years)
us through music, crafts, and games.                 In this class you will perform basic barre and       24101-A        T    10:00-10:50AM 4WKS 7/12     $14
Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                         center work. We will also work on technique,         (8-10 years)
14045-A      T    9:00-10:00AM   1WK    7/12   $14   phrasing, timing, and other foundational dance
                                                                                                           24101-B       T    11:00-11:50AM 4WKS 7/12     $14
                                                     concepts. (Ballet slippers required)
NEW! Japanese Tea Party (4-7 years)                  Instructor: LaTisha Clay
                                                                                                          NEW! Kindergarten Computers (5-6 years)
Did you know that at a Japanese Tea Party that       summer II
                                                                                                          Let’s jump on the computer and have some fun!
you sit on the floor? We’ll do just that and learn   24140-A      T      2:00-2:45PM   4WKS 7/12    $12   This class will build familiarity with use of the
about the country of Japan at the same time.
                                                                                                          computer while enforcing and building Kinder-
(Dress up clothes provided.)                         Tap (5-10 years)                                     garten skills. We will be using the “Jump Start
Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                         In this class you will learn the basics of tap       Kindergarten” software.
14825-A      T    9:00-10:00AM   1WK    7/19   $14   dancing. We will also work on technique,             Instructor: Vickie mcmeans
                                                     phrasing, timing, and other foundational dance       summer I
NEW! Dino Party (4-7 years)                          concepts. (Tap shoes required)
                                                                                                           23112-A       TH    1:00-1:30PM   4WKS   6/9   $12
Do you dig dinos? Let’s explore all about dinos      Instructor: LaTisha Clay
                                                                                                          summer II
through stories, crafts, and games.                  summer II
Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                                                              24112-A        TH    1:00-1:30PM   4WKS 7/14    $12
                                                     24160-A      W      2:00-2:45PM   4WKS 7/13    $12
14925-A      T    9:00-10:00AM   1WK    7/26   $14
                                                     Jazz (5-10 years)                                    NEW! First Grade Primary Computers
                                                                                                          (6-7 years)
                                                     In this class you will learn the basics of jazz      Heading to First Grade? Let’s get a head start!
Youth                                                dancing. We will also work on technique,
                                                     phrasing, timing, and other foundational dance
                                                                                                          This class will build familiarity and comfort of
                                                                                                          use with the computer while enforcing known
Programs                                             concepts. (Sneakers required)
                                                     Instructor: LaTisha Clay
                                                                                                          skills and building additional skills on a first
                                                                                                          grade level. Software used will be “Jump Start
                                                     summer II
Cheerleading 101 - Beginning                                                                              First Grade”.
                                                     24150-A     W       2:45-3:30PM   4WKS 7/13    $12   Instructor: Vickie mcmeans
and Intermediate (3-12 years)                                                                             summer I
Here’s your first step in learning to be a cheer-    Hip-Hop Dance (5-10 years)
leader. You will learn basic motions, jumps, and                                                           23115-A       TH    1:30-2:00PM   4WKS   6/9   $12
                                                     In this class you will learn the basics of hip-
cheers. Please wear comfortable shorts, t-shirt,                                                          summer II
                                                     hop dancing. We will also work on technique,
tennis shoes, and wear your hair pulled back.        phrasing, timing, and other foundational dance       24115-A        TH    1:30-2:00PM   4WKS 7/14    $12
Instructor: sherri Crawford
                                                     concepts. (Sneakers required)
summer I
                                                     summer II                                            NEW! Jr. Chefs (7-12 years)
Beginning: (3-7 years)                                                                                    Let’s get together and make some great recipes
                                                     24070-A      T      2:45-3:30PM   4WKS 7/12    $12
23180-A     TH     3:30-4:00PM   4WKS   6/9    $11                                                        from scratch! We will learn how to read and
Intermediate: (8-12 years)                                                                                follow a recipe to create tasty dishes! (Supply
                                                                                                          Fee $10.)
 23180-B    TH     4:00-4:30PM   4WKS   6/9    $11
summer II                                                          Please                                 Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                                                                          summer I
Beginning: (3-7 years)

24180-A     TH     3:30-4:00PM   4WKS   7/14   $11
                                                                 Remember                                 23145-A        T    11:30-12:15PM 4WKS    6/7   $12
                                                                With your child’s best interest           summer II
Intermediate: (8-12 years)
                                                              in mind, we ask that parents not            24145-A        T    11:30-12:15PM 4WKS 7/12     $12
 24180-B    TH     4:00-4:30PM   4WKS   7/14   $11
                                                              remain in the classroom after the
                                                             class begins. Our instructors have
                                                             found that their quality of instruc-
                                                             tion is affected by parental distra-
                                                                   tions and interruptions.
                            NEW! Sewing Club (7-12 years)                                              Young Artist - Painters (6-12 years)
                            Get those creative juices flowing! We will learn basic sewing tech-        Are you a young painter who needs inspiration? Join us to explore
                            niques by hand and by machines. We will also learn how to select           the basics of color and painting while practicing on some creative
                            and sew by using a pattern. (Supply Fee $15, and includes all sup-         projects. (Supply Fee $10)
                            plies except for scissors.)                                                Instructor: Kelly Watkins
                            Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                               summer I
Youth Programs recreation

                            summer I
                                                                                                           23222-A        M    10:00-10:50AM     4WKS   6/6       $12
                                23420-A        T      2:30-3:30PM   4WKS    6/7         $12
                                                                                                           23222-B        T        1:00-1:50PM   4WKS   6/7       $12

                            NEW! Beading Basics (7-12 years)                                               23222-C        W    Noon-12:50PM      4WKS   6/8       $12
                            Did you know that beading is more than just jewelry? We explore and            23222-D        TH       3:00-3:50PM   4WKS   6/9       $12
                            create different beading projects. (Supply Fee $15, and includes all
                                                                                                       summer II
                            supplies except for needle nose pliers.)
                            Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                                   24222-A        M    10:00-10:50AM     4WKS   7/11      $12

                            summer II                                                                      24222-B        T        1:00-1:50PM   4WKS   7/12      $12
                                24525-A        T      1:00-2:00PM   4WKS   7/12         $12                24222-C        W    Noon-12:50PM      4WKS   7/13      $12

                                                                                                           24222-D        TH       3:00-3:50PM   4WKS   7/14      $12
                            Summer Arts Camp (6-12 years)
                            The City of Hurst and the Arts Council of Northeast Tarrant County
                                                                                                       Young Artists 3-D (6-12 years)
                            (ARTSNET) present Summer with the Arts for Ages 6 to 12! This
                                                                                                       Do you enjoy creating with paper and clay? We will learn the basics
                            unique program brings all the arts to you, featuring a different type of
                                                                                                       of sculpture through clay projects, 3-D paper crafting, and foam.
                            art each week!
                                                                                                       (Supply Fee $15)
                            Instructors: provided by ArTsNeT
                                                                                                       Instructor: Kelly Watkins
                            summer I
                                                                                                       summer I
                                23600-A       M-F     10:00-Noon    4WKS    6/6         $50
                                                                                                           23666-A        M    11:00-11:50AM     4WKS   6/6       $12
                            summer II
                                                                                                           23666-B        T        2:00-2:50PM   4WKS   6/7       $12
                                24600-A       M-F     10:00-Noon    4WKS   7/11         $50
                                                                                                           23666-C        W    10:00-10:50AM     4WKS   6/8       $12

                                                                                                           23666-D        TH       1:00-1:50PM   4WKS   6/9       $12
                                                                                                       summer II

                                                                                                           24666-A        M    11:00-11:50AM     4WKS   7/11      $12

                                                                                                           24666-B        T        2:00-2:50PM   4WKS   7/12      $12

                                                                                                           24666-C        W    10:00-10:50AM     4WKS   7/13      $12

                                                                                                           24666-D        TH       1:00-1:50PM   4WKS   7/14      $12
Young Artists Explore Texture (6-12 years)                  Papier Mache (6-12 years)                                   Guitar - Beginner and Advanced Beginner
Join us to explore the basics of texture to help            Come get messy with papier mache and create                 (7+ years)
stimulate creativity. Our activities will include:          your very own mask and frame. (Supply Fee $6)               Sing-a-long as you learn basic chords and chord
sunflowers, treasure maps, paper weaving, and               Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)         progressions in this beginner class. Students
repousse. (Supply Fee $15)                                                                                              must provide their own guitar. Fee includes

                                                                                                                                                                              www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
                                                            summer I
Instructor: Kelly Watkins                                   23100-A        W    12:30-1:20PM   4WKS     6/8       $12   textbook.
summer I                                                                                                                Instructor: Dallas Kaemmerling
                                                            summer II
23444-A     M    Noon-12:50PM 4WKS          6/6       $12                                                               summer I
                                                            24100-A        W    12:30-1:20PM   4WKS 7/13          $12
23444-B      T    3:00-3:50PM     4WKS      6/7       $12
                                                                                                                        (7-10 years)
23444-C     W    11:00-11:50AM 4WKS         6/8       $12
                                                            Tie-Dye Fun (6-12 years)
                                                            It’s time to relive the groovy times of tie-dye!            23020-A        TH   5:00-6:00PM   4WKS   6/9    $20
23444-D     TH    2:00-2:50PM      4WKS     6/9       $12   You will create your own unique t-shirt and                 (11+ years)
summer II                                                   bandanas! (Supply Fee $10)                                  23020-B        TH   6:15-7:15PM   4WKS   6/9    $20
24444-A     M    Noon-12:50PM 4WKS         7/11       $12   Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)         Advanced Beginner
                                                            summer I
24444-B      T    3:00-3:50PM      4WKS 7/12          $12                                                               23020-C        TH   7:30-8:30PM   4WKS   6/9    $20
                                                            23040-A        M    12:30-1:20PM   4WKS     6/6       $12   summer II
24444-C     W    11:00-11:50AM 4WKS 7/13              $12
                                                            summer II                                                   Beginner
24444-D     TH    2:00-2:50PM     4WKS      7/14 $12
                                                            24040-A        M    12:30-1:20PM   4WKS    7/11       $12   (7-10 years)

                                                                                                                        24020-A        TH   5:00-6:00PM   4WKS   7/14   $20
Yes, I Can Draw (6-12 years)                                Girl’s Spa (6-12 years)
Yes, you can draw! You will develop your fine                                                                           (11+ years)
                                                            Like to pamper yourself? We’ll learn how to
motor skills by putting your creativity to work                                                                         24020-B        TH   6:15-7:15PM   4WKS   7/14   $20
                                                            make our own soap, lotions, and body scrubs!
through drawing. (Supply list)                                                                                          Advanced Beginner
                                                            (Supply Fee $10)
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                                                            Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)         24020-C        TH   7:30-8:30PM   4WKS   7/14   $20
summer I
                                                            summer I
23170-A     W     9:30-10:20AM 4WKS         6/8       $12
                                                            23130-A        T    1:15-2:00PM    4WKS     6/7       $12
summer II
                                                            summer II
24170-A     W     9:30-10:20AM 4WKS 7/13              $12
                                                            24130-A        T    1:15-2:00PM    4WKS 7/12          $12

Water Coloring (6-12 years)                                 NEW! Chemistry Fun 101 (6-12 years)
Calling all kids! Come explore your creative
                                                            Ever wonder about how scientists figure things
side by creating your very own watercolors. You
                                                            out? They use chemistry to study the properties
will learn about color combinations and differ-
                                                            and interactions of different forms of matter.
ent applications. (Supply Fee $10)
                                                            Come see how home chemistry defines our
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                                                            world! (Supply Fee $8)
summer I
                                                            Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
23090-A     W     8:45-9:30AM     4WKS      6/8       $12   summer I
summer II
                                                            23555-A     T H 10:15-11:00AM 4WKS          6/9       $12
24090-A     W     8:45-9:30AM     4WKS 7/13           $12   summer II

                                                            24555-A        TH   10:15-11:00AM 4WKS 7/14           $12
International Lunch-A-Bunch (6-12 years)
Calling all hungry kids to the kitchen for some
fun! Come learn how to create a healthy lunch.
                                                            NEW! Oregon Trail - Reading Mr. Tucket
                                                            (6-12 years)
(Supply Fee $10)
                                                            Let’s learn how families survived life on the
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                                                            Oregon Trail. We will read the book Mr. Tucket
summer I
                                                            by Gary Paulsen. (Supply Fee $8)
23060-A     W    10:30-11:15AM 4WKS         6/8       $12   Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
summer II

                                                            summer I
24060-A     W    10:30-11:15AM 4WKS 7/13              $12   23456-A        TH    11:00-Noon    4WKS     6/9       $12

Salt Dough 101 (6-12 years)
Using salt dough, we will create sea creatures
                                                            summer II

                                                            24456-A        TH    11:00-Noon    4WKS 7/14          $12
from land or sea. Soon, you will create a menag-
                                                                                                                                  Did you know that the Tri-Cities
erie! (Supply Fee $6)                                                                                                            Promenadors offer Square Dance
Instructor: mary Cassidy (Certified school Teacher)
                                                                                                                               lessons at the Brookside Center on
summer I

23065-A     W    11:30-12:20PM 4WKS         6/8       $12
                                                                                                                             Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:30 p.m.?
summer II                                                                                                                            Drop by and give it a try!
24065-A     W    11:30-12:20PM 4WKS 7/13              $12
                            NEW! Guitar Camp (7-12 years)                                             Basketball Basics (7-12 years)
                            Are you ready to learn a lot about playing the guitar in a short period   Is the NBA in your future? Come get the ball bouncing and learn the
                            of time? Here’s you opportunity to get a jump start in just four days!    basics to get started. (Athletic shoes required.)
                            We will learn basic guitar technique, chords, and melodies to get you     Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo
                            strumming.                                                                summer I
                            Instructor: Dallas Kaemmerling                                              23030-A         W        5:30-6:00PM        4WKS          6/8         $11
                            summer I
                                                                                                      summer II
Youth Programs recreation

                            (7-11 years)
                                                                                                        24030-A         W        7:00-7:30PM        4WKS         7/13         $11
                              23025-A       W-S      1:00-2:30PM    1WK    6/15-6/18      $40
                            (12+ years)                                                               Girls Volleyball Beginners Basics (8-12 years)
                              23025-B       W-S      3:00-4:30PM    1WK    6/15-6/18      $40         Do you have an interest in playing volleyball? We will learn the
                            summer II                                                                 basics to get you started. (Tennis shoes required.)
                            (7-11 years)                                                              Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo
                                                                                                      summer I
                              24025-A       W-S      1:00-2:30PM    1WK    7/13-7/16      $40
                            (12+ years)                                                                 23035-A         W         6:00-6:30PM       4WKS          6/8         $11
                                                                                                      summer II
                              24025-B       W-S      3:00-4:30PM    1WK    7/13-7/16      $40
                                                                                                        24035-A         W         7:30-8:00PM       4WKS         7/13         $11
                            Beginner Violin (9-12 years)
                            This class will introduce you to your violin. You will learn to read      Tae Kwon Do and Jujutsu for Kids (6-12 years)
                            and play basic music in a group setting. (Students must provide their     This class will teach basic and advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques as
                            own violin.)                                                              well as self defense techniques of escapes, take downs and disabling
                            Instructor: Amanda Flores                                                 from jujutsu.
                            summer I                                                                  Instructor: Paul Kearney (3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree black
                                                                                                      belt in Judo and Aikijujutsu, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.)
                              23050-A        M       6:00-6:45PM    4WKS     6/6          $30
                              23050-B        S      10:00-10:45AM   4WKS     6/11         $30
                                                                                                        22200-C         TH       6:00-7:00PM        4WKS          5/5         $40
                            summer II
                              24050-A        M       6:00-6:45PM    4WKS     7/11         $30
                                                                                                        23200-A         TH       6:00-7:00PM        4WKS          6/2         $40
                              24050-B        S      10:00-10:45AM   4WKS     7/16         $30         July

                                                                                                        23200-B         TH       6:00-7:00PM        4WKS          7/7         $40
                            Soccer Camp (8-12 years)
                            Are you ready to learn the game of soccer? We’ll learn the basics
                            of soccer mechanics: dribbling, shooting, and passing through fun           23200-C         TH       6:00-7:00PM        4WKS          8/4         $40
                            and exciting drills. We will also begin to learn how to play the game
                            of soccer as a team. Bring your soccer ball! This class will meet at      ITF - Tae Kwon Do (5+ years)
                            the pavilion in Central Park, just south of the Recreation Center.        ITF-Tae Kwon Do is the only original and traditional Korean Tae
                            (Athletic shoes and water bottle are required. Cleats and shin guards     Kwon Do in D/FW. You will increase your flexibility, physical fitness,
                            are recommended.)                                                         self defense, self control, discipline, stress relief, self esteem, and
                            Instructor: Luke Grimsley                                                 concentration.
                            summer II                                                                 Instructor: Jonathan Nguyen (member of ITF-unified and Grandmaster Van Binh)
                                                                                                      summer I
                              24999-A       M-F     9:40-11:00AM    1WK    7/25-7/29      $50
                                                                                                      (White Belts)

                            Soccer Skills (8-11 years)                                                  23700-A          S      9:05-10:05AM        4WKS          6/11        $28
                            Are you looking to improve your soccer skills? Grab your athletic         (Color Belts)
                            shoes and ball, and let’s get started! We will go over your basic           23700-B          S      10:10-11:10AM       4WKS          6/11        $28
                            skills and begin working on more advanced skills. (Athletic shoes         summer II
                            required.)                                                                (White Belts)
                            Instructor: Kourtnee Castillo
                                                                                                        24700-A          S      9:05-10:05AM        4WKS         7/16         $28
                            summer I
                                                                                                      (Color Belts)
                              23500-A        W       5:00-5:30PM    4WKS     6/10         $11
                                                                                                        24700-B          S      10:10-11:10AM       4WKS         7/16         $28
                              23500-B         F     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS     6/8          $11
                            summer II

                              24500-A        W        6:30-7:00PM   4WKS     7/13         $11

                                                                                                                                                                      www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
Olympic Sport of Judo (6-12 years)                          Karate/Self-Defense (5-15 years)                     One-Time Classes
Judo has been an Olympic sport since 1964.                  Several forms of martial arts have been blended
Here is your chance to learn the sport of Judo              into a practical system of self-defense designed     NEW! Summer Crafts (5-8 years)
                                                            to combat various situations. You will learn         Ready to create cool projects? We’ll complete a
from a 9-time National medal winner. Judo will
                                                            how to handle situations both physically and         tote bag and a shell necklace!
not only increase your fitness level, but also
                                                            mentally. Fees for belt testing and uniforms are     Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
increase your confidence and discipline. This is
an on-going monthly class.                                  paid to the instructor.                              23333-A      T     1:00-2:00PM   1WK    6/7    $14
Instructor: Kim mesa (5th degree black belt and certified   Instructor: Bob Klavitter
usA Judo International Coach)                               summer I                                             NEW! Father’s Day Gifts (4-7 years)
may                                                         Beginner: (8-15 years)                               It’s time to celebrate dad! We’ll create gifts for
                                                             23111-A    M      6:00-8:00PM   8WKS   6/6    $17   dad just in time for Father’s Day!
22900-C     M     6:00-7:00 PM     4WKS      5/2   $32
                                                                                                                 Instructor: Dottie Nicholson
                                                            Beginner: (5-7 years)
             S    9:05-10:05AM
                                                                                                                 23190-A      T     1:00-2:00PM   1WK   6/14    $14
June                                                         23111-B    MW     4:00-5:00PM   8WKS   6/6    $17
                                                            Advanced: (8-15 years)
23900-A     M     6:00-7:00 PM     4WKS      6/6   $32
                                                             23111-C    MW     5:00-6:00PM   8WKS   6/6    $17
             S    9:05-10:05AM

                                                                                                                    Help Us
                                                            summer II
                                                            Beginner: (8-15 years)
23900-B     M     6:00-7:00 PM     4WKS     7/11   $32
                                                             24111-A    M      6:00-8:00PM   8WKS   7/11   $17
             S    9:05-10:05AM

                                                                                                                    Help You!
                                                            Beginner: (5-7 years)
                                                             24111-B    MW     4:00-5:00PM   8WKS   7/11   $17
23900-C     M     6:00-7:00 PM     4WKS      8/1   $32      Advanced: (8-15 years)
             S    9:05-10:05AM                               24111-C MW        5:00-6:00PM   8WKS   7/11   $17

                                                                                                                    Please enroll early!
                                                                                                                    Help us keep your favorite classes
                                                                                                                    around by enrolling early.
                                                                                                                    There is a point when classes
                                                                                                                    must be cancelled due to low
                                                                                                                    enrollment. Help us prevent course
                                                                                                                    cancellations by registering early.
                                           NEW! Christmas in July (5-8 years)                                    Tiny Tikes (2.5-3.5 years)
                                           Is the heat outside making you wish it was Christmas time? We’ll      Here’s a class that introduces your child to the basic motor skills for
                                           escape the heat for an hour and create Christmas ornaments you can    tumbling and acquaints tots with the gymnastics equipment.
                                           put on the tree in December.                                          summer I
                                           Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                          Instructor: Tammy slovensky

                                             23210-A        T       1:00-2:00PM   1WK     6/21         $14         33030-A        M     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      6/6           $11
Gymnastics and Adult Programs recreation

                                                                                                                   33030-B        T     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      6/7           $11
                                           NEW! Fourth of July T-Shirts (5-8 years)
                                           Celebrate our nation’s freedom with your custom made July 4th           33030-C       W      10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      6/8           $11
                                           t-shirt!                                                              Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy
                                           Instructor: Dottie Nicholson                                            33030-D        T      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS      6/7           $11
                                             23232-A        T       1:00-2:00PM   1WK     6/28         $14         33030-E       TH      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS      6/9           $11
                                                                                                                 summer II
                                                                                                                 Instructor: Tammy slovensky

                                                                                                                   34030-A        M     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      7/11          $11
                                           Gymnastics                                                              34030-B        T     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      7/12          $11

                                           Programs                                                                34030-C       W      10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      7/13          $11
                                                                                                                 Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy
                                           Parent/Tot Tumbling (16-36 mos)                                         34030-D        T      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS      7/12          $11
                                           A fun class for you and your child to build a growing relationship
                                           through the learning of basic motor skills, tumbling, and coordina-     34030-E       TH      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS      7/14          $11

                                           tion. One child per parent.
                                           summer I
                                                                                                                 Tumbling Tots I (3-4 years)
                                           Instructor: Tammy slovensky
                                                                                                                 Your tot will strengthen motor skills and enhance their coordination
                                                                                                                 while learning tumbling skills and the use of all gymnastics equip-
                                             33040-A        M      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS    6/6          $11
                                             33040-B        T      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS    6/7          $11       summer I
                                                                                                                 Instructor: Tammy slovensky
                                             33040-C        W      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS    6/8          $11
                                           Instructor: miranda slovensky                                           33011-A        M     10:30-11:00AM   4WKS      6/6           $11

                                             33040-D        M     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS    6/6          $11         33011-B        T     10:30-11:00AM   4WKS      6/7           $11

                                             33040-E        T       5:30-6:00PM   4WKS    6/7          $11         33011-C       W      10:30-11:00AM   4WKS      6/8           $11
                                           summer II                                                             Instructor: miranda slovensky
                                           Instructor: Tammy slovensky                                             33011-D        M     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      6/6           $11
                                             34040-A        M      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS    7/11         $11       Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy

                                             34040-B        T      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS    7/12         $11         33011-E        T     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      6/7           $11

                                             34040-C        W      9:30-10:00AM   4WKS    7/13         $11          33011-F      TH     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      6/9           $11
                                           Instructor: miranda slovensky                                         summer II
                                                                                                                 Instructor: Tammy slovensky
                                             34040-D        M     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS    7/11         $11
                                                                                                                   34011-A        M     10:30-11:00AM   4WKS      7/11          $11
                                             34040-E        T       5:30-6:00PM   4WKS    7/12         $11
                                                                                                                   34011-B        T     10:30-11:00AM   4WKS      7/12          $11

                                                                                                                   34011-C       W      10:30-11:00AM   4WKS      7/13          $11
                                                                                                                 Instructor: miranda slovensky

                                                                                                                   34011-D        M     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      7/11          $11
                                                                                                                 Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy

                                                                                                                   34011-E        T     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      7/12          $11

                                                                                                                    34011-F      TH     10:00-10:30AM   4WKS      7/14          $11
Tumbling Tots II (4-5 years)                        Beginner Gymnastics (5-11 years)                     Intermediate Tumbling (8-12 years)
Your tumbler will learn more advanced move-         You will learn body control while performing the     If you have completed the beginning tumbling
ments while mastering the skills introduced in      basic fundamentals of gymnastics and dance on        class above, or have previous training to
Level I.                                            the floor, beam, bars, and vault.                    accomplish most of the skills listed in the
                                                                                                         beginning tumbling class, you may enroll in

                                                                                                                                                                   www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
summer I                                            summer I
Instructor: Tammy slovensky                         Instructor: Tana eden                                this intermediate class to further your training
33022-A     M    11:00-11:30AM 4WKS    6/6    $11   33051-A     M     4:00-5:00PM    4WKS   6/6    $13   to achieve these skills unassisted. You will
                                                                                                         also prepare for more advanced types of back
33022-B     T    11:00-11:30AM 4WKS    6/7    $11    33051-B    M     5:00-6:00PM    4WKS   6/6    $13
33022-C     W    11:00-11:30AM 4WKS    6/8    $11   33051-C     T     4:00-5:00PM    4WKS   6/7    $13   Instructor: sherri Crawford
Instructor: miranda slovensky                                                                            summer I
                                                    33051-D     T     5:00-6:00PM    4WKS   6/7    $13
33022-D     T     5:00-5:30PM   4WKS   6/8    $11                                                         33100-B       M   4:00-4:45PM     4WKS      6/6    $12
                                                     33051-E    W     4:00-5:00PM    4WKS   6/8    $13
                                                                                                         summer II
33022-E     TH   11:00-11:30AM 4WKS    6/9    $11
                                                     33051-F    W     5:00-6:00PM    4WKS   6/8    $13
Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy                                                                               34100-B       M   4:00-4:45PM     4WKS     7/11    $12
                                                    33051-G     TH    4:00-5:00PM    4WKS   6/9    $13
 33030-F    T    10:30-11:00AM 4WKS    6/7    $11
                                                    33051-H     TH    5:00-6:00PM    4WKS   6/9    $13   Beginning Tumbling for Cheerleaders
33030-G     TH   10:30-11:00AM 4WKS    6/9    $11
                                                    Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy                          (4-12 years)
summer II                                                                                                Do you want to learn more about tumbling
                                                     33051-I    T      11:00-Noon    4WKS   6/7    $13
Instructor: Tammy slovensky                                                                              and cheerleading together but do not have any
34022-A     M    11:00-11:30AM 4WKS    7/11   $11    33051-J    T     12:15-1:15PM   4WKS   6/7    $13   experience? In this class, we will learn the basic
34022-B     T    11:00-11:30AM 4WKS 7/12      $11   33051-K     TH     11:00-Noon    4WKS   6/9    $13   motions, jumps, and techniques. You will also
                                                    summer II                                            learn basic cheers and chants.
34022-C     W    11:00-11:30AM 4WKS 7/13      $11                                                        Instructor: sherri Crawford
                                                    Instructor: Tana eden
Instructor: miranda slovensky                                                                            summer I
                                                    34051-A     M     4:00-5:00PM    4WKS   7/11   $13
34022-D     T     5:00-5:30PM   4WKS 7/12     $11                                                        (3-7 years)
                                                     34051-B    M     5:00-6:00PM    4WKS   7/11   $13
34022-E     TH   11:00-11:30AM 4WKS 7/14      $11                                                         33100-C       W   3:30-4:15PM     4WKS      6/8    $12
                                                    34051-C     T     4:00-5:00PM    4WKS 7/12     $13   (8-12 years)
Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy

 34030-F    T    10:30-11:00AM 4WKS 7/12      $11   34051-D     T     5:00-6:00PM    4WKS 7/12     $13   33100-D        W   4:15-5:00PM     4WKS      6/8    $12
                                                     34051-E    W     4:00-5:00PM    4WKS 7/13     $13   summer II
34030-G     TH   10:30-11:00AM 4WKS 7/14      $11
                                                                                                         (3-7 years)
                                                     34051-F    W     5:00-6:00PM    4WKS 7/13     $13
Tumbling Tots III (4-6 years)                       34051-G     TH    4:00-5:00PM    4WKS 7/14     $13
                                                                                                         34100-C        W   3:30-4:15PM     4WKS 7/13        $12
This class is designed for tumblers who have                                                             (8-12 years)
already taken Tumbling Tots I and Tumbling          34051-H     TH    5:00-6:00PM    4WKS 7/14     $13
                                                                                                         34100-D        W   4:15-5:00PM     4WKS 7/13        $12
Tots II. Your child must be able to do a forward    Instructor: Kathryn Cassidy
roll and a cartwheel.                                34051-I    T      11:00-Noon    4WKS 7/12     $13
Instructor: miranda slovensky
                                                     34051-J    T     12:15-1:15PM   4WKS 7/12     $13
summer I

33033-A     T     6:00-6:30PM   4WKS   6/7    $11
                                                    34051-K     TH     11:00-Noon    4WKS 7/14     $13   Adult
summer II
                                                    Beginning Tumbling (3-7 years)                       Programs
34033-A     T     6:00-6:30PM   4WKS 7/12     $11   Forward rolls, cartwheels, and more! We will
                                                    start with the basics to build a solid tumbling      Personal Training
                                                    foundation. You will learn the proper technique      Do you need motivation to reach your fitness
                                                    for cartwheels, round-offs, front tumbling,          goals? Through personal training, you can
                                                    backbends, back walkovers, and prepare for           reach your cardiovascular and strength training
                                                    “assisted” back handsprings.                         goals with a program tailored for you. A one
                                                    Instructor: sherri Crawford                          hour session is $41 or a series of five is $172.
                                                    summer I                                             Sessions are set by appointment.
                                                                                                         Instructors: William reed (Certified Personal Trainer)
                                                    33100-A     M     3:30-4:00PM    4WKS   6/6    $11
                                                                                                         and Behka Hartmann (Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness
                                                    summer II
                                                    34100-A     M     3:30-4:00PM    4WKS   7/11   $11
                                                                                                         Fitness Evaluations
                                                                                                         Are you getting started on your fitness program
                                                                                                         and do not know where to begin? A fitness
                                                                                                         evaluation should be your first step in any
                                                                                                         fitness program. Your level of fitness is assessed
                                                                                                         in five components: cardiovascular, muscular
                                                                                                         strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and
                                                                                                         body composition. A one hour session is $41.
                                                                                                         All evaluations are done by appointment.
                                                                                                         Instructors: William reed (Certified Personal Trainer)
                                                                                                         and Behka Hartmann (Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness
                            Nutrition Counseling                                                                Active Independents
                            Can’t get rid of that extra weight? Need nutrition assistance for your sports       Attention Seniors! Are you looking for an exercise class scaled to
                            training? Have a medical condition that would benefit from nutrition                your fitness level? This class is all inclusive functional fitness with
                            assistance? Individual nutrition counseling is available for your every need.       focus on the 10 points of fitness.
                            Expertise in weight loss and management, disease management, sports                 Instructor: William reed (Certified Fitness Instructor)
                            nutrition, eating disorders, and general wellness. A one-hour session is $52        may
                            or a series of 3 sessions is $117. All evaluations are done by appointment.           42333-E       MW      10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          5/2             $25
Adult Programs recreation

                            Instructor: esther White (ms, rD, LD)
                                                                                                                  42333-F        TTH    10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          5/3             $25
                            The Power Package                                                                   June
                            Join forces with the experts in nutrition and fitness for successful                  43333-A       MW      10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          6/1             $25
                            results! Your Power Package includes 2 sessions focused on nutrition
                                                                                                                  43333-B        TTH    10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          6/2             $25
                            with a customized diet plan and 2 sessions focused on fitness with an
                            evaluation and personal exercise plan. The Power Package is $142 for
                            the 4 sessions. All evaluations are done by appointment.                              43333-C       MW      10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          7/6             $25
                            Instructors: esther White (ms, rD, LD); William reed (Certified Personal Trainer)     43333-D        TTH    10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          7/5             $25
                            and Behka Hartmann (Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor)                  August

                                                                                                                  43333-E       MW      10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          8/1             $25
                            Energize Exercise
                            Do you like to exercise in the morning and feel energized all day?                    43333-F        TTH    10:30-11:30AM       4WKS          8/2             $25
                            Then this is the class for you. You will exercise at your own level of
                            endurance. The class puts emphasis on your arms, abdomen and legs.                  Camp HRC
                            Instructor: Karen Cowley                                                            Do you have high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes (adult onset),
                            summer I                                                                            low back pain (non-traumatic), feel sluggish, and just physically
                              43010-A     MWThF      8:30-9:15AM       4WKS         6/6           $14
                                                                                                                unconditioned? It’s time to get in shape! Exercise can prevent, treat,
                                                                                                                and cure diseases associated with poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.
                            summer II
                                                                                                                Exercise to increase metabolism, bone density, improve body
                              44010-A     MWThF      8:30-9:15AM       4WKS        7/11           $14           composition, increase energy levels, and more.
                                                                                                                Instructor: Bilal Konte (B.s. Kinesiology/master of Fitness specialist)
                            Mix It Up Aerobics                                                                  may
                            Come have fun getting in shape with this versatile class. We do a
                                                                                                                  42998-C       MW        7:10-8:10 PM      4WKS          5/2             $25
                            variety of fun cardio and strength work to keep it fun, interesting, and
                            challenging. If you have never exercised before or if you have been
                            for years, this class is for you! Come mix it up with us and have a                   43998-A       MW        7:10-8:10 PM      4WKS          6/6             $25
                            great time achieving your goals!                                                    July
                            Instructor: Behka Hartmann (Certified Fitness Instructor)                             43998-B       MW        7:10-8:10 PM      4WKS          7/6             $25
                            summer I
                              43040-A      MWF      9:15-10:15AM       4WKS         6/6           $20
                                                                                                                  43998-C       MW        7:10-8:10 PM      4WKS          8/8             $25
                            summer II

                              44040-A      MWF      9:15-10:15AM       4WKS        7/11           $20           Bootcamp
                                                                                                                Today’s the day to achieve the goal you have been putting off.
                            Cardio Dance Party                                                                  Come early and then have your whole day to be proud of what you
                            There’s no better way to get in shape than doing something you enjoy                accomplished that morning. Boot camp is for everyone. You will
                            and that is fun! Come dance the night away with great dance formats                 get help getting past those plateaus, achieve your goals and get to
                            including ZUMBA, HULA FITNESS and MUCH, MUCH MORE.                                  be a fitter YOU! Come tone and tighten with a variety of workouts
                            This class is sure to help tone and tighten – and help you lose those               including core strength, stability ball, weights, steps, circuits,
                            unwanted pounds with a great big smile on your face. Come on, let’s                 interval training, and much more. Decide today that YOU ARE
                            party!                                                                              WORTH IT!
                            Instructor: Behka Hartmann (Certified Fitness Instructor)                           Instructor: Behka Hartmann (Certified Fitness Instructor)
                            summer I                                                                            summer I

                              43065-A       MW         6:05-7:00PM     4WKS         6/6           $20             43420-A       MW        6:35-7:30AM       4WKS          6/6             $20
                            summer II                                                                           summer II

                              44065-A       MW         6:05-7:00PM     4WKS        7/11           $20             44420-A       MW        6:35-7:30AM       4WKS          7/11            $20
Extreme Fitness                                            Cycle and Core                                           Flow & Strength
This high intensity, total body workout uses               A challenging combo class of cycling and                 Come challenge yourself to grow in flexibility,
functional every day movements to get you                  strength to give you that total body workout             strength, and calmness using yoga and pilates
exercising. The workout and movements will be              to burn fat and calories! Bring water, a towel,          influenced movement to improve your health.
scaled to meet your personal fitness level and             bike shorts or a padded seat cover, and

                                                                                                                                                                         www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
                                                                                                                    Instructor: esther White, ms, rD, CssD, LD
ability.                                                   determination!                                           summer I
Instructor: William reed (Certified Fitness Instructor,    Instructor: esther White, ms, rD, CssD, LD               43060-A     M    5:10-6:00PM    4WKS     6/6   $20
Certified Crossfit Instructor)                             summer I
                                                                                                                    summer II
may:                                                       43300-A      T     5:15-6:35PM    4WKS      6/7    $18
                                                                                                                    44060-A     M    5:10-6:00PM    4WKS    7/11   $20
42005-C     TTH     6:00-6:55PM     4WKS     5/3     $25
                                                           43300-B      T     6:00-7:00PM    4WKS      6/7    $15
                                                           summer II                                                Hurst Hustlers Running Club
43005-A TTH         6:00-6:55PM     4WKS     6/2     $25
                                                           44300-A      T     5:15-6:35PM    4WKS 7/12        $18
                                                                                                                    Come join runners, joggers, and walkers of all
July:                                                                                                               levels for a challenging workout using hills,
                                                           44300-B      T     6:00-7:00PM    4WKS 7/12        $15   speed work, distance, and drills. You will learn
43005-B     TTH     6:00-6:55PM     4WKS     7/5     $25
                                                                                                                    how to run and how to stay injury free all while
August:                                                    Spin & Sweat                                             having fun! This is the perfect way to make
43005-C     TTH     6:00-6:55PM     4WKS     8/2     $25   Join us for spinning! Turn the basics of cycling         friends and meet your running goals.
                                                           into a great cardio workout that burns calories          Instructor: esther White, ms, rD, CssD, LD
Slim It Out, Tone It Up                                    and fat. Get ready to work hard and sweat like           summer I
Join us for a fun, challenging and fast-                   crazy!
                                                                                                                    43001-A     M    6:00-7:00PM    4WKS     6/6   $18
paced workout that uses different moves and                Instructor: Angela Pond (Certified Personal Trainer)
                                                                                                                    summer II
equipment to target every muscle in your body.             summer I
You will walk out with a smile on your face and            43444-A     TH     5:30-6:15PM    4WKS      6/9    $16
                                                                                                                    44001-A     M    6:00-7:00PM    4WKS    7/11   $18
a little sweat on your shirt!                              summer II
Instructor: esther White, ms, rD, CssD, LD
                                                           44444-A     TH     5:30-6:15PM    4WKS 7/14        $16
summer I

43015-A     TTH     6:35-7:25AM     4WKS     6/7     $20
summer II

44015-A     TTH     6:35-7:25AM     4WKS 7/12        $20
                            Hatha Yoga I & II                                                                  ITF – Tae Kwon Do
                            Learn more about yourself from the inside out with the tools of yoga.              ITF-Tae Kwon Do is the only original and traditional Korean Tae
                            Increase your flexibility, balance, and tone your body. Discover the               Kwon Do in D/FW. You will increase your flexibility, physical fitness,
                            technique of breath control, centering and meditation. (Eat nothing 2              self defense, self control, discipline, and stress relief while building
                            hours prior to class and bring a lap blanket.)                                     self-esteem and concentration.
                            summer I                                                                           Instructor: Jonathan Nguyen (member of ITF-unified and Grandmaster Van Binh)
                            Hatha Yoga I:                                                                      summer I
Adult Programs recreation

                            Instructor: Jessica Copeland                                                       (White Belts)

                                43100-A            T       9:15-10:15AM   4WKS       6/7           $16             23700-A        S     9:05-10:05AM      4WKS       6/11           $28
                            Instructor: Behka Hartmann                                                         (Color Belts)

                                43100-B            F   10:15-11:15AM      4WKS       6/10          $16             23700-B        S    10:10-11:10AM      4WKS       6/11           $28
                            Hatha Yoga II:                                                                     summer II
                            Instructor: Jessica Copeland                                                       (White Belts)

                                43100-C          M     10:30-11:15AM      4WKS       6/6           $16             24700-A        S     9:05-10:05AM      4WKS       7/16           $28
                            summer II                                                                          (Color Belts)
                            Hatha Yoga I:                                                                          24700-B        S    10:10-11:10AM      4WKS       7/16           $28
                            Instructor: Jessica Copeland

                                44100-A            T       9:15-10:15AM   4WKS       7/12          $16         Olympic Sport of Judo
                            Instructor: Behka Hartmann                                                         Judo has been an Olympic sport since 1964. Here is your chance
                                44100-B            F   10:15-11:15AM      4WKS       7/15          $16
                                                                                                               to learn the sport of Judo from a nine-time national medal winner.
                                                                                                               Judo will not only increase your fitness level, but also increase your
                            Hatha Yoga II:
                            Instructor: Jessica Copeland                                                       confidence and discipline. This is an ongoing monthly class.
                                                                                                               Instructor: Kim mesa (5th degree Black Belt and certified usA Judo International
                                44100-C          M     10:30-11:15AM      4WKS       7/11          $16         Coach)
                            Scaravelli Yoga
                                                                                                                   42800-C        M      7:00-8:30PM      4WKS       5/2            $32
                            Learn to elongate and extend comfortably into poses by using gravity
                            and your breath. This user-friendly style of yoga will teach you how to                               W      7:00-8:30PM
                            relax. Please bring a blanket to class.                                                               S    10:05-11:30AM
                            Instructor: Julie Vela (Certified and registered with Yoga Alliance)
                            summer I
                                                                                                                   43800-A        M      7:00-8:30PM      4WKS       6/6            $32
                               43100-D         W           8:15-9:15PM    4WKS        6/8           $16
                                                                                                                                  W      7:00-8:30PM
                            Scaravelli Yoga - Intermediate                                                                        S    10:05-11:30AM
                            Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice? Experience steadiness                  July:
                            and ease while learning intermediate poses. Please bring a yoga mat
                                                                                                                   43800-B        M      7:00-8:30PM      4WKS       7/11           $32
                            and a blanket to class.
                            Instructor: Julie Vela (Certified and registered with Yoga Alliance)                                  W      7:00-8:30PM
                            summer I
                                                                                                                                  S    10:05-11:30AM
                               43100-E         W           7:00-8:00PM    7WKS        6/8           $16        August:

                                                                                                                   43800-C        M      7:00-8:30PM      4WKS       8/1            $32
                            MMA - Mixed Martial Arts 101
                            Does the UFC intrigue and inspire you? Here’s your opportunity to                                     W      7:00-8:30PM
                            step onto the mat and give it a try. We will cover all aspects of un-                                 S    10:05-11:30AM
                            armed combat, standing striking techniques, take downs and throws
                            and ground work featuring joint locks and chokes.                                  NEW! Adult Water Aerobics
                            Instructor: Paul Kearney (3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree black   Come splash into fitness! Water aerobics is an excellent low-impact
                            belt in Judo and Aikijujutsu, and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.)
                                                                                                               way for men and women to build strength, reduce body fat and
                                                                                                               increase flexibility. This class uses resistance tools including buoyant
                                42555-C          TH        7:00-8:30PM    4WKS       5/5           $40         water weights and swim noodles. Due to the low-impact format, water
                            June:                                                                              aerobics is suitable for every fitness level from beginning exercisers
                                43555-A          TH        7:00-8:30PM    4WKS       6/1           $40         through elite athletes. Please bring a towel, personal water bottle and
                                                                                                               water shoes. Ages 16 and up.
                                                                                                               Instructor: Behka Hartmann, Certified Personal trainer and Fitness Instructor
                                43555-B          TH        7:00-8:30PM    4WKS       7/7           $40
                                                                                                                  73200-A      M&W       7:40-8:20PM       2WKS       6/6            $20
                                                                                                                  73200-B      M&W       7:40-8:20PM       2WKS      6/20            $20
                                43555-B          TH        7:00-8:30PM    4WKS       8/4           $40
                                                                                                                  73200-C      M&W       7:40-8:20PM       2WKS       7/6            $20

                                                                                                                  73200-D      M&W       7:40-8:20PM       2WKS      7/18            $20

                                                                                                                  73200-E      M&W       7:40-8:20PM       2WKS       8/1            $20
NEW! Aquatic Zumba Party                                   Seven Steps to a Successful Remodel                        The “Fun” of Power Point - Creating
Jump into the Latin inspired calorie-burning,              Do you love your location, but not in love                 Photo Albums
dance fitness party® that makes working out a              with your home? Are you considering a home                 Did you know that you can create complete
splash! This low-impact class will increase your           remodel, but don’t know where to start? In this            photo albums with Power Point? You can email
endurance level and strength, and tone your                2-hour workshop, you will learn what the top

                                                                                                                                                                               www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
                                                                                                                      the albums to friends or print hard copies to
body while having a great time! Whether trying             ten home remodeling projects are, where to                 keep. In the world of digital photography, this
to maintain your current fitness level or reaching         start, design what fits best in your home, how to          is a great option for all of your precious photos.
a new level, this class is for everyone! Ages 16           choose a contractor, the paperwork, how to stay            We will learn how to create photo albums, from
and up.                                                    on schedule, dealing with unexpected surprises,            beginning to end.
Instructor: Behka Hartmann, Certified Personal trainer     and how to avoid disappointing results.                    Instructor: Vickie mcmeans
and Fitness Instructor                                     Instructor: Kathi Fleck (member of the National            summer I
                                                           Association of remodeling Industry and serves as General
73400-A T & TH 7:40-8:20AM        2WKS     6/7    $20                                                                 43700-A      T     1:00-2:30PM     4WKS     6/7    $25
                                                           Contractor for Lone star Property solutions.)
 73400-B T & TH 7:40-8:20AM       2WKS 6/21       $20                                                                 summer II
                                                           43920-A     T     7:00-9:00PM     1WK     7/19    $25
73400-C T & TH 7:40-8:20AM        2WKS     7/5    $20                                                                 44700-A      T     1:00-2:30PM     4WKS 7/12       $25

73400-D T & TH 7:40-8:20AM        2WKS 7/19       $20
                                                           NEW! Landscape Design 101
                                                           Do you want a landscape change, but do not                 NEW! Introduction to Photography
 73400-E T & TH 7:40-8:20AM       2WKS     8/2    $20      know where to begin? We will cover different               Are you interested in photography? We will
                                                           types of designs: rock and water gardens,                  learn the basics of cameras (digital or film),
Tai Chi                                                    prairie, Xeriscaping , rose garden, and more.              photography, lighting, composition, differences
The Thursday evening class will focus on                   We will even talk about creating outdoor rooms.            between black and white and color images,
the basics of Tai Chi. Emphasis will be on                 Instructor: maggie Camperlengo (North Texas Certified      photography computer programs overviews, and
relaxation, balance, and making the mind-body              master Gardener)                                           more. You can also bring your photographs to
connection necessary in Tai Chi. Class will                                                                           class for review and pointers to make future
                                                           43501-A     W     7:00-8:30PM     8WKS     6/8    $75
study the movements of the first section of the                                                                       shots even better!
Yang long form. The Saturday morning class                                                                            Instructor: Jessica smith (B.s. in Photography)
                                                           Basic Beginners Computer
is for advanced students who have a working                                                                           summer II
                                                           Are you unsure how to even turn on the
understanding of the Yang-style 103-movement                                                                          44095-A     M      7:00-8:30PM     4WKS     7/11   $25
                                                           computer or the difference between a mouse and
                                                           monitor? In this class, we will cover the very
Instructor: Dan streeter
                                                           basics of terms, functions, email, and internet            NEW! Beginning Acrylic Painting
may:                                                                                                                  Do you have a desire to paint, but don’t know
42070-C     TH     7:30-8:45PM    4WKS     5/5    $37      Instructor: Vickie mcmeans                                 where to start? Come get started this summer
             S    9:05-11:00AM    1WK      4/9    $65      summer I                                                   with acrylic painting. We will explore the world
                                                                                                                      of paints, brushes, and painting techniques.
June:                                                      43600-A     W     12:30-2:00PM    4WKS     6/8    $25
                                                                                                                      (Supply List)
43070-A     TH     7:30-8:45PM    4WKS     6/2    $37      summer II
                                                                                                                      Instructor: Harriet Alsbury
             S    9:05-11:00AM    1WK      4/9    $65      44600-A     W     12:30-2:00PM    4WKS 7/13       $25      summer I
July:                                                                                                                 43122-A     TH     6:30-8:30PM     4WKS     6/9    $40
                                                           Advanced Beginners Computer
 43070-B    TH     7:30-8:45PM    4WKS     7/7    $37                                                                 summer II
                                                           Now that you can turn on the computer and
             S    9:05-11:00AM    1WK      4/9    $65      know the difference between a mouse and                    44122-A     TH     6:30-8:30PM     4WKS 7/14       $40
August:                                                    monitor, you are ready to learn more about
43070-C     TH     7:30-8:45PM    4WKS     8/4    $37
                                                           email, internet use, basics of word processing,            Brush and Palette
                                                           and an introduction to MicroSoft Office                    Express your talent through the art of oil
             S    9:05-11:00AM    1WK      4/9    $65                                                                 painting! Basic strokes, color mixing, and
                                                           Instructor: Vickie mcmeans                                 application will be covered. (Supply list)
Aging at Home - 10 Practical Steps for                     summer I                                                   Instructor: elaine roosz
Updating Your Home                                         43666-A     W     2:00-3:30PM     4WKS     6/8    $25
                                                                                                                      summer I
With our aging society, most want to stay in                                                                           43110-A     T     6:30-9:00PM     4WKS     6/8    $25
                                                           summer II
their homes as they age. We will learn how to
                                                                                                                      summer II
avoid the three big mistakes that aging home               44666-A     W     2:00-3:30PM     4WKS 7/13       $25
owners make. We will learn ten important home                                                                         44110-A      T     6:30-9:00PM     4WKS 7/12       $25

improvement steps for extending your ability
to stay in your own home. We will learn how to                                                                        Rag Quilting
update your home without total destruction and                                                                        Through rag quilting, you can create your own
make it safe, accessible, and comfortable.                                                                            beautiful quilt without quilting! Rag quilts are
Instructor: Kathi Fleck (member of the National
                                                                                                                      soft, cuddly, and very simple to complete. We
Association of remodeling Industry and serves as General                                                              will use simple cutting and sewing to create your
Contractor for Lone star Property solutions.)                                                                         own quilt! (Supply List)
                                                                                                                      Instructor: Vickie mcmeans
44920-A      T     7:00-9:00PM    1WK     6/21    $25
                                                                                                                      summer I

                                                                                                                      43556-A      F    12:30-3:00PM     4WKS 6/10       $15
                                                                                                                      summer II

                                                                                                                      44556-A      F    12:30-3:00PM     4WKS 7/15       $15
                            NEW! Recycled Couture                                                     Belly Dance Basics
                            Looking for ways to recycle your water bottles, old t-shirts, and other   Fun dance class! Come learn the basics of belly dance, American Tribal
                            items around the house? We will use old items and re-fashion them         Style! A healthy, low-impact dance class suitable for all body types.
                            into new new shirts, necklaces, bags, and bracelets in an effort to       Instructor: Brandy Bollin
                            recycle. Beginner level sewing knowledge a plus, but not required.        summer I
                            Instructor: sonja Desouza                                                   43200-A        T          7:00-8:00PM   4WKS   6/7          $28
                            summer I
                                                                                                      summer II
                              43085-A        T        6:00-6:45PM     4WKS    6/7         $25
                                                                                                        44200-A        T          7:00-8:00PM   4WKS   7/12         $28
Adult Programs recreation

                            summer II

                              44085-A        T        6:00-6:45PM     4WKS   7/12         $25         Improv Dance Drills
                                                                                                      Take your new found belly dance skills and ramp it up a notch or
                            Guitar - Beginner and Advanced Beginner                                   two. We will cover more complex drills and improv combinations,
                            Sing-a-long as you learn basic chords and chord progressions in this      building on what you learned in the Basics class. We will use live
                            beginner class. Students must provide their own guitar (Supply fee for    music for this class, affording you the opportunity to also learn to use
                            book is $8. Nylon strings preferred.)                                     percussion instruments (in the form of zills) to dances.
                            Instructor: Dallas Kaemmerling                                            Instructor: Brandy Bollin
                            summer I                                                                  summer I
                            Beginner                                                                    43224-A        T          8:00-9:00PM   4WKS   6/7          $28
                                23020-B          TH     6:15-7:15PM   4WKS   6/9         $20          summer II
                            Advanced Beginner                                                           44224-A        T          8:00-9:00PM   4WKS   7/12         $28
                               23020-C           TH   7:30-8:30PM     4WKS   6/9         $20
                            summer II

                                24020-B          TH     6:15-7:15PM   4WKS   7/14        $20
                            Advanced Beginner

                               24020-C           TH   7:30-8:30PM     4WKS   7/14        $20
Take it to the Stage: Advanced Belly                Adult Tap Dance - Intermediate/                       Pet First Aid Workshop
Dance                                               Advanced                                             Do you know how to handle a pet emergency?
Now that you have perfected your dance skills,      Come and experience the fun of tap dancing.          Pet emergencies do happen and we will cover
you are ready to create a performance. This         Regardless of if you have never tapped before        the skills and knowledge needed to help your pet

                                                                                                                                                            www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
class will focus on taking your move vocabulary     or you’ve been tapping for years, this class has     avoid or survive a life threatening emergency.
and making it show-worthy by adding props,          something for everyone. (Tap shoes required.)        We will work “hands on” with practice dog
staging, and interaction with a band. You will      Instructor: LaTisha Clay                             mannequins. We will learn restraining and
also learn to use props such as the veil, skirt,    summer II                                            muzzling, Rescue Breathing, Canine and Feline
sword, and zills.                                     44111-A   TH     7:00-8:00PM   4WKS 7/14    $15
                                                                                                         CPR, choking management, assessing vitals,
Instructor: Brandy Bollin                                                                                and more. You will also receive a 40-page
summer I                                            Smart Dog Training                                   handbook and certificate upon completion of the
43222-A      T    9:00-9:45PM   4WKS   6/7   $20    This class is geared toward both puppies and         workshop.
                                                                                                         Instructor: Danielle Chonody
summer II                                           dogs. We will discuss behavior issues that you
44222-A      T    9:00-9:45PM   4WKS 7/12    $20
                                                    may be experiencing and also teach your dog           43777-A    S     1:00-5:00PM   1WK   6/25   $65
                                                    some good behaviors like; sit, down, and stay         43777-B    S     1:00-5:00PM   1WK   7/30   $65
Tribal Evolution                                    on command; how to walk on a leash without
This class covers the unique style of Improv        pulling, to allow feet, ears, and teeth to be
Tribal Style, as taught by TE founder Brandy        handled; and to come when called. Training
Bollin. This class is a professional performance    sessions include clickers, lots of praise and a
level class that will teach you to include props,   socialization experience that will provide a good
musical interpretation, musician interaction,       foundation for further learning. Bring the family
staging, and show layout.                           so everyone can learn how to train the dog!
Instructor: Brandy Bollin
                                                    Class meets at the Central Park pavillion.
                                                    Instructor: melinda meche
summer I
                                                    43000-A      T    9:00-10:00AM 6WKS     6/7   $100
43226-A     TH    8:00-9:30PM   4WKS   6/9   $23
summer II

44226-A     TH    8:00-9:30PM   4WKS 7/14    $23

      Dash & Splash 5K
                   Healthy Hurst Dash & Splash 5K                               Recreation Center Annual Pass are also eligible to participate in
                         Saturday, June 11                                      Healthy Hurst.
              Chisholm Park & Chisholm Aquatics Center
                                                                                All Dash & Splash participants will need to register for this FREE
                        1 Mile Walk/Run – 7:30 a.m.                             event and can do so at the Hurst Recreation Center through 5pm
                             5K Run – 7:50 a.m.                                 on Friday, June 10. Race day registration begins at 7am on Satur-
                                                                                day, June 11. (Please bring proof of residency: Driver’s License,
 Here’s your chance to do something healthy AND fun at the same                 Hurst Water Bill, Hurst Property Tax Statement. Non-residents
 time. The Healthy Hurst Dash & Splash offers Healthy Hurst par-                bring your Quality of Life Recreation Card).
 ticipants the chance to participate in a 1 Mile or a 5K event and
 jump into the water at the Chisholm Aquatics Center at the finish              All Dash & Splash participants are eligible to win door prizes
 line.                                                                          (must be present to win). For more information contact the Hurst
                                                                                Recreation Center, 817-788-7325.
 Healthy Hurst is the City of Hurst’s Community Wellness Pro-
 gram. Hurst residents of all ages are eligible to join Healthy
 Hurst at no charge. Non-residents who have purchased a Hurst

                            Special Events:
Special Events recreation

                                       Hurst Stars
                                       & Stripes
                                       monday, July 4
                                       5:00-10:00 PM
                                       Hurst Community Park,
                                         601 Precinct Line Road
                                       Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue
                                       (5:30 - 6:30 PM)
                                       King Creole (6:45 - 7:45 PM)
                                       Emerald City (8:00 - 9:30 PM)
                                       Activities: Children’s Area featuring
                                       large inflatable activities, live music,
                                       food, and of course FIREWORKS at
                                       approximately 9:30 PM.
                                       For more information, call

                                                                                                                                        www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
                                                                        Hurst Golden Couples
                                                                        saturday, June 18
                                                                        6:00-8:00 PM
                                                                        Hurst Senior Activity Center
                                                                        In celebration of your 50+ years of matrimony, we invite you
                                                                        to attend the 2011 Golden Couples event. Please RSVP by
                                                                        June 6 to 817.788.7320.
                                                                        Special thanks to our event sponsors: Creative Memories,
                                                                        Bice’s Florist, Balloons Fantastique, and Prints Charming
                                                                        For more information, call 817.788.7320.

                                                                        Catfish Stocking
                                                                        at Chisholm Park
                                                                        saturday, June 4
                                                                        Chisholm Park, 2200 Norwood Drive
                                                                        The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will stock
                                                                        Chisholm Park Pond with 12” channel catfish during the
                                                                        following weeks:
                                                                        May 2, 16, 30
                                                                        June 13, 27
                                                                        July 11, 25

Kids’s All-American
Fishing Day
saturday, June 4
Chisholm Park, 2200 Norwood Drive
Calling all kids, ages 5 to 16 years! Here is your chance to show off
your fishing skills and win prizes. Bring your parents, fishing pole
and tackle, and a picnic lunch to enjoy a morning of fishing fun!
The event is FREE, however you must pre-register at the Hurst
Recreation Center, 700 Mary Drive. Space is limited. Be sure to
register early!
For more information, call 817.788.7325.
                                                                             Aquatics Center
                                                                                715 Mary Drive
Hurst Aquatics Centers and League Registration recreation


                                                            Welcome to the


                                                                                Aquatics Center
                                                                                  2200 Norwood Drive

                            Public Swim Information:

                                                                                                                                www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
                            Dates of Operation:                                also be available at the Chisholm Aquatics
                            May 28-August 21: Central and Chisholm             Center throughout the 2011 Season. (Proof
                            Aquatics Centers will be open regular hours.       of Hurst Residency required).

                            August 28-29: Only Chisholm Aquatics               Party Packages:
                            Center will be open regular hours.                 Party Packages are available and must be
                                                                               purchased in advance, in person, at the
                            September 4-6: Only Chisholm Aquatics
                                                                               Recreation Division administrative office,
                            Center will be open regular hours.
                                                                               700 Mary Dr. The deadline for purchase is
                                                                               72 hours in advance of your event.
                            Hours of Operation:
                            Sunday:        1:00-6:00 PM
                                                                               Pavilions are available for rental by Hurst
                            Monday-Friday: 12:00-8:00 PM
                                                                               AND Non-Hurst Residents.
                            Saturday:      10:00 AM-6:00 PM

                            Daily Admission Fees:                              Group reservation Policy:
                            Free – 12 months and younger                       A “Group” is defined as any person or entity,
                            Free – 65 years and older                          commercial or non-profit, who provides
                            $2.00 – Hurst residents, ages 1 - 64 years         structured child care and/or activities. All
                            Central:                                           “Groups” meeting this criteria are required
                            $7.00 – non-Hurst residents, ages 1-64 yrs         to make a reservation, in person, at the
                            Chisholm:                                          Recreation Division administrative office,
                            $7.00 – non-Hurst residents, ages 1-64 yrs         700 Mary Drive, at least seven calendar days

                                                                               in advance of the desired date of their visit.
                            season Passes:                                     “Groups” must comply with all components
                            $25.00 per person for Hurst Residents              of the City of Hurst Group Reservation

Package                     $75.00 per person for Non-Hurst Residents          Policies.

                            swimwear Policy:
Options:                    All swimmers must be attired in an appropriate
                            swimsuit in order to enter and remain in the
                            aquatics facility. An appropriate swimsuit is
     Option #1              defined as a swim garment with an affixed/
 $25.00 Pavilion rental     sewn inner lining. “Thong” style swimwear
$8.00/Person Party Passes   and swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles,
                            rivets or metal ornamentation are not permitted.
     Option #2              Examples of apparel NOT permitted in the
$8.00/Person Party Passes   water include, but are not limited to: Athletic
  Both Include:             shorts (bicycle, running, basketball, soccer,
                            etc.), sports bras (unless a dark shirt is worn)
      Admission to
                            and denim jeans.
     Aquatics Center
      Hotdog/Chips          resident Aquatics Cards:
      Cake · Drinks         2011 Hurst Resident Aquatics Cards are
     Paper Goods &          available at the Hurst Recreation Center
       Condiments           beginning May 2nd during Summer Class
                            Registration. This free Aquatics Card
                            allows Hurst Residents to enter both
  For more information,     Central and Chisholm Aquatics Centers for
       please call          only $2.00/person/day. Aquatics Cards will
            Available             Junior Lifeguard Classes
                                  Central Aquatics Center
                                                     Days        Times          Dates      Resident   non-Resident
                                   Aquatics Center
 Party Packages are avail-
                                      73300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   6/6 – 6/17     $52          $57
 able and must be purchased
                                      74300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   6/20 – 7/1     $52          $57
 in advance, in person, at the
                                      75300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   7/5 – 7/15     $52          $57
 Recreation Division admin-
                                      76300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   7/18 – 7/29    $52          $57
 istrative office, 700 Mary Dr.
 The deadline for purchase is     Chisholm Aquatics Center
 72 hours in advance of your         Chisholm
                                                     Days        Times          Dates      Resident   non-Resident
                                   Aquatics Center
 event. Pavilions are available
                                      63300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   6/6 – 6/17      $52          $57
 for rental by both Hurst and
                                      64300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   6/20 – 7/1      $52          $57
 Non-Hurst Residents.
                                      65300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   7/5 – 7/15      $52          $57
                                      66300-A        M–F     9:45-11:45 AM   7/18 – 7/29     $52          $57
 Party Packages include ad-
 mission to Central or Ch-
 isholm Aquatics Center, one
 (1) hot dog, chips, one (1)
 drink, and a personalized
 cake for your group.

 Party Package purchases of
 less than twelve (12) will re-
 ceive individual cupcakes
 with no personalized mes-

                 mon.,Wed., Fri.
              12:00-2:00 Pm or
                  5:00-7:00 Pm

       Volunteer time must be
                  scheduled in
               advance with an
           instructor, and may
     not exceed more than two
Learn To Swim Program:
session Dates:                                                        Class Fees
Session I:     June 6 - June 17                                       Hurst Residents              = $27.00

                                                                                                                                                     www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
Session II:    June 20 - July 1                                       Non-Hurst Residents          = $29.00
Session III:   July 5 - July 15
Session IV:    July 18 - 29                                           First Day evaluations
Session V:     August 1 - August 12                                   On the first day of each session, students will be informally
                                                                      evaluated to determine whether or not they are in the appropriate
registration                                                          class. Necessary adjustments will be made during this time.
Walk-in registration beginning on Monday, May 2, is only open to
those participants who are Hurst residents and reside within the      Weather Conditions
Hurst city limits. Participants who reside in Fort Worth, North       In the event of inclement weather, please call the LTS Inclement
Richland Hills, and Euless, whose mail is delivered to a Hurst        Weather Information Line at 817-788-7340 to see if classes have
“address” are not eligible to register until May 9. Residency is      been cancelled. It is possible that classes will be cancelled on
defined by: living within the Hurst city limits, receiving a water    a class-by-class basis or for the entire morning or evening. If
bill from the City of Hurst, and paying property taxes to the         possible, a safety day will be conducted as this information is
City of Hurst. Non-residents will be able to register beginning       required for all American Red Cross classes.
on Monday, May 9. Registration for swim classes is conducted
on a walk-in or on-line basis only. No class registration will be     Class Cancellation
accepted by mail or fax for Learn-to-Swim lessons.                    Classes may be cancelled due to situations beyond our control.
                                                                      The first day that classes cannot be conducted in the water, a
Hurst Residents May 2 at 7:00 AM                                      safety day will be held. The second and third days in a session
Non-Residents May 9 at 8:00 AM                                        that classes cannot be conducted, they will be cancelled entirely.
                                                                      In the event that further classes are cancelled, one make-up
The deadline to register, cancel, or transfer a class is Wednesday,   class will be scheduled on Saturday. There is one Saturday make-
at 5:00 PM, prior to the beginning of each session. Before            up day scheduled per session. This policy applies to all five sessions.
enrolling your child in a class, please read the class descriptions
thoroughly to ensure your child is in the appropriate class.          refund Policy
                                                                      No refunds will be given after the first day of class. Medical
Class scheduling                                                      reasons will be considered with a Doctor’s report. The medical
Classes and their scheduled times are subject to change. When         reason will be considered if the Doctor’s report is received within
the number of participants is below the minimum, participants         48 hours of the first absence.
will be encouraged to change to another class time
or session.

                                                                                              Registration for swim classes is conducted
                                                                                              on a walk-in or on-line basis only. No class registration will
                                                                                              be accepted by mail or fax.

                                                                                              Hurst Residents: May 2 at 7:00 AM
                                                                                              Non-Residents: May 9 at 8:00 AM

                                                                                              The deadline to register, cancel, or transfer for a class is
                                                                                              Wednesday, at 5:00 PM, prior to the beginning of each
             Learn-To-Swim Class Descriptions
             Do you need some help selecting the correct swim class for your child? use the
             following table to assist you in making your selection. If you need further assistance
             or have any questions, please call 817.788.7325.

             Parent & Tot swim (6-36 months)                                        Level III: stroke Development
             With your help, this class will introduce your child to the aquat-     After your child has learned the beginning strokes, this class is
             ic environment. Parent/adult participation is required.                next. This class teaches building on existing skills, swimming in
                                                                                    deep water, introduction to elementary backstroke, and safety.
             Infant’s skills: water adjustment and pool exploration, sup-
             ported front kick, supported front and back float, blowing bub-        Child’s skills: retrieve object from chest deep water, perform
             ble/submerge, alternating arms on front, turnover (front to back       15 bobs, bob to the side of the pool, jump into deep water, kneel
             and back to front), introduction to lifejackets, and entering and      dive from the side, prone and supine glide–2 body lengths, front
             exiting the pool.                                                      crawl and breath for 10 yards, back crawl for 10 yds, change
                                                                                    directions while swimming on back, safe diving rules, tread wa-
             Pre-school (3-5 years)                                                 ter use lifejacket in deep water, H.E.L.P. and huddle positions
             Your child will be introduced and adjusted to the water in this        for 1 minute, and discuss rescue breathing.
             class designed for pre-school children. Participants will learn
             swimming readiness skills through play.                                Level IV: stroke Improvement
             Child’s skills: water adjustment and pool exploration, enter the       Your child will continue to improve their swimming strokes. They will
             water by steps and ladder, jumping into the water, supported           learn: diving, increase endurance in the basic strokes, and
             front and back float/glide, supported front and back kick, blow-       introduction to breaststroke and sidestroke.
             ing bubbles, opening eyes under water, perform bobs, alternating
             arms in the front and the back, turnover (front to back and back       Level V: stroke refinement
             to front), fully submerge face, kick up to the surface, introduction   You will continue to refine skills and build endurance. You will be in-
             to lifejackets, and entering and exiting the pool.                     troduced to: the butterfly stroke, swimming underwater, and turns.
                                                                                    Child’s skills: alternate rotary breathing, stride jump entry, stand-
             Level I: Water exploration                                             ing dive from board, long shallow dive, breaststroke–10 yds, side-
             If your child is a new or non-swimmer, this is the class for them.
                                                                                    stroke–10 yds, under water swim–3 body lengths, elementary
             This class teaches: water adjustment, beginning stroke skills and
                                                                                    back–25 yds, dolphin kick–10 yds, front crawl–50 yds, back
                                                                                    crawl–50 yds, open front turn, open back turn, diving board safety,
             Child’s skills: fully submerge face for 3 seconds, 10 bobs in          spinal injuries, hip and shoulder support, feet first surface dive,
             chest deep water with support, supported front and back float,         and tread water with 2 different kicks
             blowing bubbles, enter and exit the pool independently, walk in
             chest deep water for 5 yards, supported front and back kick, walk      Level VI: skill Proficiency
             with alternating arms for 5 yards, basic safety rules, getting         Are you interested in competitive swimming? This class will help you
             emergency help, perform reaching assists, releasing a foot             perfect your strokes, build endurance, and refine turns. You will swim:
             cramp, and use of lifejackets.                                         100 yards in basic strokes, 25 yards sidestroke and breaststroke,
                                                                                    and 10 yards butterfly stroke.
             Level II: Fundamental Aquatics skills                                  Child’s skills: hurdle on the board, jump tuck from the board, front
             Does your child feel comfortable submerging their head under           crawl–100 yds with 1 open turn, back crawl –100 yds with 1 open
             water? This class is designed for those who are comfortable in         turn, breaststroke–25 yds, sidestroke–25 yds, butterfly–10 yds, ap-
             the water. Primary swimming skills will be taught.                     proach stroke–25 yds, breaststroke and sidestroke turn, speed turn
             Child’s skills: fully submerge face for 3 seconds, retrieve ob-        for breaststroke, flip turn, pike and tuck surface dives, tread water
             ject from chest deep water, explore deep water, prone and su-          for 3 minutes (1 minute without the hands), discuss aquatic emer-
             pine glide/float for 5 seconds, level off to vertical, perform 10      gencies, perform equipment rescues, turn spinal injury victim face
             bobs, enter pool in deep water, exit side of pool, flutter kick        up in the water.
             on front and back, finning on back, back crawl arm action,             Basic Diving          (8+ years)
             combination front and back stroke for 5 yards, turnover (front         You will be introduced to the fundamentals of diving such as:
             to back and back to front), lifejacket float for 1 minute, reach-      approaches, positions, and techniques. (Pre-requisite: Level III
             ing assists, and assist non-swimmer to feet.                           skills)
Child’s skills: feet first entry from the diving board, standing                       Advanced Diving
dive from the side of the pool and diving board, three step ap-                        Once Basic Diving is mastered, it is time to move up to Advanced
proach, hurdle, position skills: tuck, pike, and straight, hurdle                      Diving. You will improve and be introduced to competitive diving.
with tuck, pike, straight entry, and dive off the board, standing

                                                                                                                                                                         www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
                                                                                       Child’s skills: from the diving board: standing back dive, stand-
pike and tuck dives off the side of pool and diving board.
                                                                                       ing back dive with take off, hurdle with front flip, one and a half
                                                                                       flip, one and a half flip, back tuck, standing front and back flip,
                                                                                       and standing back flip with a jump off.

         Learn-To-Swim Classes
  All Classes                       session I                 session II                session III                session IV                  session V
  monday–Friday                       6/6–6/17                   6/20–7/1                   7/5–7/15                  7/18–7/29                   8/1–8/12

Parent Tot Swim                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:
(6-36 months)                    63010-A   9:50-10:20 AM    64010-A   9:50-10:20 AM    65010-A   9:50-10:20 AM    66010-A   9:50-10:20 AM    67010-A   9:50-10:20 AM
With your help, this class       63010-B   10:30-11:00 AM   64010-B   10:30-11:00 AM   65010-B   10:30-11:00 AM   66010-B   10:30-11:00 AM   67010-B   10:30-11:00 AM
will introduce your child to
                                 63120-A   6:00-6:30 PM     64120-A   6:00-6:30 PM     65120-A   6:00-6:30 PM     66120-A   6:00-6:30 PM     67120-A   6:00-6:30 PM
the aquatic environment.
Parent/adult participation is    63120-B   6:40-7:10 PM     64120-B   6:40-7:10 PM     65120-B   6:40-7:10 PM     66120-B   6:40-7:10 PM     67120-B   6:40-7:10 PM
required.                        Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:
                                 73010-A 9:10-9:40 AM       74010-A 9:10-9:40 AM       75010-A 9:10-9:40 AM       76010-A 9:10-9:40 AM       77010-A 9:10-9:40 AM
                                 73010-B 9:50-10:20 AM      74010-B 9:50-10:20 AM      75010-B 9:50-10:20 AM      76010-B 9:50-10:20 AM      77010-B 9:50-10:20 AM

Pre-School                       Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:
(3-5 years)                      63020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       64020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       65020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       66020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       67020-A 8:30-9:00 AM
Your child will be introduced    63020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       64020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       65020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       66020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       67020-B 9:10-9:40 AM
and adjusted to the water in
                                 63020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      64020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      65020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      66020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      67020-C 9:50-10:20 AM
this class designed for pre-
school children. Participants    63020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     64020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     65020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     66020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     67020-D 10:30-11:00 AM
will learn swimming              63020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     64020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     65020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     66020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     67020-E 11:10-11:40 AM
readiness skills through play.   63130-A 6:00-6:30 PM       64130-A 6:00-6:30 PM       65130-A 6:00-6:30 PM       66130-A 6:00-6:30 PM       67130-A 6:00-6:30 PM
                                 63130-B 6:40-7:10 PM       64130-B 6:40-7:10 PM       65130-B 6:40-7:10 PM       66130-B 6:40-7:10 PM       67130-B 6:40-7:10 PM
                                 Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:
                                 73020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       74020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       75020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       76020-A 8:30-9:00 AM       77020-A 8:30-9:00 AM
                                 73020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       74020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       75020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       76020-B 9:10-9:40 AM       77020-B 9:10-9:40 AM
                                 73020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      74020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      75020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      76020-C 9:50-10:20 AM      77020-C 9:50-10:20 AM
                                 73020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     74020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     75020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     76020-D 10:30-11:00 AM     77020-D 10:30-11:00 AM
                                 73020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     74020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     75020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     76020-E 11:10-11:40 AM     77020-E 11:10-11:40 AM

Level I:                         Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:
Water Exploration                63030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       64030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       65030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       66030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       67030-A 8:30-9:00 AM
If your child is a new or        63030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       64030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       65030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       66030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       67030-B 9:10-9:40 AM
non-swimmer, this is the class   63030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      64030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      65030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      66030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      67030-C 9:50-10:20 AM
for them. This class teaches:    63030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     64030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     65030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     66030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     67030-D 10:30-11:00 AM
water adjustment, beginning      63030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     64030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     65030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     66030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     67030-E 11:10-11:40 AM
stroke skills and safety.
                                 63140-A 6:00-6:30 PM       64140-A 6:00-6:30 PM       65140-A 6:00-6:30 PM       66140-A 6:00-6:30 PM       67140-A 6:00-6:30 PM
                                 63140-B 7:20-7:50 PM       64140-B 7:20-7:50 PM       65140-B 7:20-7:50 PM       66140-B 7:20-7:50 PM       67140-B 7:20-7:50 PM
                                 Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:
                                 73030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       74030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       75030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       76030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       77030-A 8:30-9:00 AM
                                 73030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       74030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       75030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       76030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       77030-B 9:10-9:40 AM
                                 73030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      74030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      75030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      76030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      77030-C 9:50-10:20 AM
                                 73030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     74030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     75030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     76030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     77030-D 10:30-11:00 AM
                                 73030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     74030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     75030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     76030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     77030-E 11:10-11:40 AM

Level II:                        Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:                  Chisholm:
Primary Skills                   63040-A 8:30-9:00AM        64040-A 8:30-9:00 AM       65040-A 8:30-9:00 AM       66040-A 8:30-9:00 AM       67040-A 8:30-9:00 AM
Does your child feel             63040-B 9:10-9:40AM        64040-B 9:10-9:40 AM       65040-B 9:10-9:40 AM       66040-B 9:10-9:40 AM       67040-B 9:10-9:40 AM
comfortable submerging           63040-C 9:50-10:20AM       64040-C 9:50-10:20 AM      65040-C 9:50-10:20 AM      66040-C 9:50-10:20 AM      67040-C 9:50-10:20 AM
their head under water? This     63040-D 10:30-11:00AM      64040-D 10:30-11:00 AM     65040-D 10:30-11:00 AM     66040-D 10:30-11:00 AM     67040-D 10:30-11:00 AM
class is designed for those      63040-E 11:10-11:40AM      64040-E 11:10-11:40 AM     65040-E 11:10-11:40 AM     66040-E 11:10-11:40 AM     67040-E 11:10-11:40 AM
who are comfortable in the
water. Primary swimming
                                 63150-A 6:40-7:10PM        64150-A 6:40-7:10 PM       65140-A 6:00-6:30 PM       66150-A 6:40-7:10 PM       67150-A 6:40-7:10 PM
skills will be taught.           63150-B 7:20-7:50PM        64150-B 7:20-7:50 PM       65140-B 7:20-7:50 PM       66150-B 7:20-7:50 PM       67150-B 7:20-7:50 PM
                                 Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:                   Central:
                                 73040-A 8:30-9:00 AM       74040-A 8:30-9:00 AM       75040-A 8:30-9:00 AM       76030-A 8:30-9:00 AM       77040-A 8:30-9:00 AM
                                 73040-B 9:10-9:40 AM       74040-B 9:10-9:40 AM       75040-B 9:10-9:40 AM       76030-B 9:10-9:40 AM       77040-B 9:10-9:40 AM
                                 73040-C 9:50-10:20 AM      74040-C 9:50-10:20 AM      75040-C 9:50-10:20 AM      76030-C 9:50-10:20 AM      77040-C 9:50-10:20 AM
                                 73040-D 10:30-11:00 AM     74040-D 10:30-11:00 AM     75040-D 10:30-11:00 AM     76030-D 10:30-11:00 AM     77040-D 10:30-11:00 AM
                                 73040-E 11:10-11:40 AM     74040-E 11:10-11:40 AM     75040-E 11:10-11:40 AM     76030-E 11:10-11:40 AM     77040-E 11:10-11:40 AM
                                                        Learn-To-Swim Classes
                  All Class                     session I               session II              session III              session IV                session V
               monday–Friday                      6/6–6/17                 6/20–7/1                 7/5–7/15                7/18–7/29                 8/1–8/12

             Level III:                      Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:
             Stroke Readiness                63050-A 9:10-9:40 AM     64050-A 9:10-9:40 AM     65050-A 9:10-9:40 AM     66050-A 9:10-9:40 AM     67050-A 9:10-9:40 AM
             After your child has learned    63050-B 9:50-10:20 AM    64050-B 9:50-10:20 AM    65050-B 9:50-10:20 AM    66050-B 9:50-10:20 AM    67050-B 9:50-10:20 AM
             the beginning strokes, this     63050-C 10:30-11:00 AM   64050-C 10:30-11:00 AM   65050-C 10:30-11:00 AM   66050-C 10:30-11:00 AM   67050-C 10:30-11:00 AM
             class is the next step. This    63050-D 11:10-11:40 AM   64050-D 11:10-11:40 AM   65050-D 11:10-11:40 AM   66050-D 11:10-11:40 AM   67050-D 11:10-11:40 AM
             class includes: building upon   63160-A 7:20-7:50 PM     64160-A 7:20-7:50 PM     65160-A 7:20-7:50 PM     66160-A 7:20-7:50 PM     67160-A 7:20-7:50 PM
             existing skills, swimming in
             deep water, introduction to     Central:                 Central:                 Central:                 Central:                 Central:
             elementary backstroke and       73050-A 8:30-9:00 AM     74050-A 8:30-9:00 AM     75050-A 8:30-9:00 AM     76050-A 8:30-9:00 AM     77050-A 8:30-9:00 AM
             safety.                         73050-B 8:30-9:00 AM     74050-B 8:30-9:00 AM     75050-B 8:30-9:00 AM     76050-B 8:30-9:00 AM     77050-B 8:30-9:00 AM
                                             73050-C 9:10-9:40 AM     74050-C 9:10-9:40 AM     75050-C 9:10-9:40 AM     76050-C 9:10-9:40 AM     77050-C 9:10-9:40 AM
                                             73050-D 10:30-11:00 AM   74050-D 10:30-11:00 AM   75050-D 10:30-11:00 AM   76050-D 10:30-11:00 AM   77050-D 10:30-11:00 AM
                                             73050-E 11:10-11:40 AM   74050-E 11:10-11:40 AM   75050-E 11:10-11:40 AM   76050-E 11:10-11:40 AM   77050-E 11:10-11:40 AM

             Level IV:          Chisholm:                             Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:
             Stroke Development 63060-A 8:30-9:00 AM                  64060-A 8:30-9:00 AM     65060-A 8:30-9:00 AM     66060-A 8:30-9:00 AM     67060-A 8:30-9:00 AM
             Your child will continue to     63060-B 9:10-9:40 AM     64060-B 9:10-9:40 AM     65060-B 9:10-9:40 AM     66060-B 9:10-9:40 AM     67060-B 9:10-9:40 AM
             improve their swimming          63060-C 11:10-11:40 AM   64060-C 11:10-11:40 AM   65060-C 11:10-11:40 AM   66060-C 11:10-11:40 AM   67060-C 11:10-11:40 AM
             strokes. They will learn:
             diving, increase endurance
             in the basic strokes and
             introduction to breaststroke
             and sidestroke.

             Level V:                        Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:
             Stroke Refinement               63070-A 8:30-9:00 AM     64070-A 8:30-9:00 AM     65070-A 8:30-9:00 AM     66070-A 8:30-9:00 AM     67070-A 8:30-9:00 AM
             You will continue to refine     63070-B 9:10-9:40 AM     64070-B 9:10-9:40 AM     65070-B 9:10-9:40 AM     66070-B 9:10-9:40 AM     67070-B 9:10-9:40 AM
             skills and build endurance.
             You will be introduced
             to: the butterfly stroke,
             swimming underwater and

             Level VI:                       Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:
             Skill Proficiency               63080-A 8:30-9:00 AM     64080-A 8:30-9:00 AM     65080-A 8:30-9:00 AM     66080-A 8:30-9:00 AM     67080-A 8:30-9:00 AM
             Are you interested in
             competitive swimming?
             This class will help you
             perfect your strokes, build
             endurance and refine turns.
             You will swim: 10 yards
             in basic strokes, 25 yards
             sidestroke and breaststroke
             and 10 yards butterfly

             Basic Diving                    Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:
             (8+ years)                      63100-A 9:50-10:20 AM    64100-A 9:50-10:20 AM    65100-A 9:50-10:20 AM    66100-A 9:50-10:20 AM    67100-A 9:50-10:20 AM
             You will be introduced to the   63100-B 10:30-11:00 AM   64100-B 10:30-11:00 AM   65100-B 10:30-11:00 AM   66100-B 10:30-11:00 AM   67100-B 10:30-11:00 AM
             fundamentals of diving such
             as: approaches, positions
             and techniques. (PRE-
             REQUISITE: Level III skills)

             Advanced Diving                 Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:                Chisholm:
             Once you have Basic Diving      63110-A 11:10-11:40 AM   64110-A 11:10-11:40 AM   65110-A 11:10-11:40 AM   66110-A 11:10-11:40 AM 67110-A 11:10-11:40 AM
             mastered, it is time to move
             up to Advanced Diving. You
             will improve existing skills
             and be introduced to the
             skills of competitive diving.

                                                                                                                                              www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7330 :: fax 817.282.7081
    Recreation Division Programs
Recreation Center Fees:
Current January 1, 2010                                                                      How do I
                              Hurst residents     Non-Hurst residents                       know I am a
 Daily Pass                   $2.00               $10.00
                                                                                           Hurst resident?
                                                                                           Residency is defined by:
 Annual Pass
                              $20.00 per year     $80.00 per year                        living within the Hurst city
 Youth (6 – 15 years)
                                                                                           limits, receiving a water
 Annual Pass                                                                              bill from the City of Hurst
                              $50.00 per year     $200.00 per year
 Adult (16 – 64 years)
                                                                                         and paying property taxes
 Annual Pass
 senior (65+ years)
                              $20.00 per year     $80.00 per year                             to the City of Hurst.

 Annual Family Pass           $125.00 per year    N/A

 Replacement Card Fee         $5.00               $5.00

                                                  Healthy Hurst:
                                                  Healthy Hurst Online Wellness Program Information
                                                  Healthy Hurst is the City of Hurst’s         The Healthy Hurst program is open to all
                                                  community-wide wellness initiative.          Hurst residents, as well as non-residents
                                                  With the use of the information and links    who have purchased a Hurst Recreation
                                                  that are available on the City of Hurst’s    Center Annual Pass. Incentive awards
                                                  Healthy Hurst webpage, participants          are also available to all participants as
                                                  can increase their health, wellness, and     they track and log their fitness activities!

                         56 for                   Healthy Hurst is a FREE program, and
                                                                                               Healthy Hurst has a myriad of tips and
                                                                                               information on nutrition, fitness, well-
                         registration             all participants receive a Healthy Hurst     ness, and health. Give it a try today! Let
                         information              t-shirt at the time of registration. Par-    Healthy Hurst help you get started to-
                                                  ticipants are also encouraged to register    ward your wellness, health, and fitness
                                                  for the various FREE events that will be     goals! For more information on the
                                                  offered throughout the year as part of the   Healthy Hurst program, contact the
Recreation Center                                 Healthy Hurst Program.                       Hurst     Recreation        Center      at
Information:                                                                                   817.788.7325.

700 mary Drive: 817.788.7325

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday              6:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday                        6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday                      9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday                        1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

                 Adult Softball Summer
                 League Registration
                                                                                   League Nights:

                 returning Teams:                                                  Monday - Friday
                 (Teams playing in Hurst in 2011)

                 May 2 and 3                                                       League schedules:
                 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM                 Available May 25
                 and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM.-6:00 PM
                 Hurst Recreation Center (700 Mary Drive)                          League Begins:
                                                                                   May 31
                 Open registration:
                 Monday-Friday, May 4-20
                 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM                 For more information,
                 and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM.-6:00 PM                    call 817.788.7320.
                 Hurst Recreation Center (700 Mary Drive)

                 entry Fee:
                 $325 for a 10 game season (With no City Playoffs)

                 Adult Softball Fall
                 League Registration
                                                                                   League Nights:
                 returning Teams:                                                  Monday - Friday
                 (Teams playing in Hurst in 2011)

                 August 1 and 2                                                    League schedules:
                 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM                 Available August 24
                 and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM.-6:00 PM
                 Hurst Recreation Center (700 Mary Drive)                          League Begins:
                                                                                   August 29
                 Open registration:
                 Monday-Friday, August 3-19
                 Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM                 For more information,
                 and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM.-6:00 PM                    call 817.788.7320.
                 Hurst Recreation Center (700 Mary Drive)

                 entry Fee:
                 $300 for a 8 game season (With no Fall Playoffs)

             Youth Sports Associations:
             Hurst Girls softball League              mid-Cities PeeWee Football               Hurst united soccer Assn.
             (HGSL) 817.209.5409                      & Cheerleading Assn.                     (HUSA) 817.282.8680
             www.eteamz.com/hurstgsl                  817.282.2390                             www.hurstunitedsoccer.com
             hurstgirlssoftball@yahoo.com             www.midcitiespeeweefootball.org
             mid-Cities Basketball Assn.              Tri-Cities Baseball Assn.
             (MCBA) 817.354.6208                      (TCBA) 817.285.0200
             www.midcitiesbasketball.org              www.tcbaseball.com
                                                                                             Hurst                                                                  53
                                                                                          Tennis Center
 Welcome to the                                                                                      701 Mary Drive


                                                                                                                                                                        www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7330 :: fax 817.282.7081

 Center  Junior Tennis
                                                                                  “Home of the Team Hurst
                                                                                  Junior Development Program”

                                                              Jr. Beginner Tennis & Swim Camp                      Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
                                                                                                                   Tennis Camp (Ages 12 and up)
                                                              (Ages 7 & up)
                                                                                                                   Improve skills learned in Beginner Camp.
         Pee Wee Tennis - Quickstart                          A fun class for beginners. Learn the fore-           Tactics, drills, & fun are stressed.
         (Ages 6 & under)                                     hand, backhand, serve and volley. Kids will          Instructor: Austin Wynne, usPTA, and staff
         Introduction to the game of tennis. Emphasis         play plenty of fun games.
                                                                                                                   Times: 10:30AM - NOON
         is placed on motor skills in a fun learning en-      Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, and staff
                                                                                                                   Price: $68 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
         vironment. Kids will learn basic strokes and         Times: 10:30AM - 1:30 PM
                                                                                                                   Days: Monday - Thursday
         play lots of fun games. Ages 6 and under.            Price: $88 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
         Instructor: Tennis Center staff                                                                               83000-A          6/13 - 6/16
                                                              Days: Monday - Thursday
         Times: 9:45-10:30 AM                                                                                          83000-B          6/20 - 6/23
                                                                  82000-A          6/13 - 6/16
         Price: $26 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                                                                  82000-B          6/20 - 6/23                         83000-C          6/27 - 6/30
         Days: Tuesday and Thursday
                                                                  82000-C          6/27 - 6/30                         83000-D          7/11 - 7/14
             81000-A        6/21 and 6/23
                                                                  82000-D          7/11 - 7/14                         83000-E          7/18 - 7/21
             81000-B        6/28 and 6/30
                                                                  82000-E          7/18 - 7/21                         83000-F          7/25 - 7/28
             81000-C        7/12 and 7/14
                                                                  82000-F          7/25 - 7/28                         83000-G           8/1 - 8/4
             81000-D        7/19 and 7/21
                                                                  82000-G           8/1 - 8/4                          83000-H           8/8 - 8/11

                                                                  82000-H           8/8 - 8/11
                                                                                                                   Jr. Beginner Tennis Camp (Ages 7 and up)
                                                                                                                   A fun camp for beginners. Learn the fore-
                Please remember                                                                                    hand, backhand, serve and volley.
                                                                                                                   Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, and staff
                 to bring a can                                                                                    Times: 10:30AM - NOON
               of new, unopened                                                                                    Price: $68 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                                                                                                                   Days: Monday - Thursday
                   tennis balls
                                                                                                                       81300-A          6/13 - 6/16
               to your first class.
                                                                                                                       81300-B          6/20 - 6/23

                                                                                                                       81300-C          6/27 - 6/30

                                                                                                                       81300-D          7/11 - 7/14

Attention                                                                                                              81300-E          7/18 - 7/21

Tennis Players!
                                                                                                                       81300-F          7/25 - 7/28

                                                                                                                       81300-G           8/1 - 8/4

                                                                                                                       81300-H           8/8 - 8/11
Those looking for a steady practice partner can rent the Hurst
Tennis Center’s Prince ball machine. It’s available for rent seven
days a week. The cost is $10 per hour or $6 for 30 minutes
(tennis balls included). Due to court availability, please reserve
the ball machine at least three days in advance.
                    Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Tennis & Swim Camp
                    (Ages 12 and up)                                                        Adult
                    Introduction to tactics and drills. Player development and fun are
                    stressed. Kids will eat lunch and swim at the Central Aquatics Center   Programs
                    each day. Bring a sack lunch and drink everyday.
                    Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, and staff
                                                                                            Adult Beginner Tennis Clinic
                                                                                            Just for adults! Learn basic strokes, scoring and strategy. Bring one
Tennis recreation

                    Times: 10:30AM - 1:30PM
                                                                                            can of new balls to first class.
                    Price: $88 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                                                                                            Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, and staff
                    Days: Monday - Thursday
                                                                                            Times: 7:00 - 8:30PM
                        84000-A            6/13 - 6/16                                      Price: $88 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                        84000-B            6/20 - 6/23                                      Days: Tuesday

                        84000-C            6/27 - 6/30                                          81100-A            5/31 - 6/21

                        84000-D            7/11 - 7/14                                          81100-B            6/28 - 7/26

                        84000-E            7/18 - 7/21                                          81100-C            8/2 - 8/23

                        84000-F            7/25 - 7/28
                                                                                            Adult Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Clinic
                        84000-G             8/1 - 8/4                                       This class is for adults who want to build on existing skills. You’ll
                        84000-H            8/8 - 8/11
                                                                                            practice all shots and learn techniques and tactics.
                                                                                            Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, and staff

                    Evening Jr. Beginner Tennis & Swim Camp                                 Times: 7:00 - 8:30PM

                    (Ages 7 and up)                                                         Price: $68 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                    A fun camp for beginners. Learn the forehand, backhand, serve and       Days: Tuesday
                    volley. Kids will eat dinner and swim at the Central Aquatics Center        81200-A            5/31 - 6/21
                    each day. Bring a sack dinner and drink everyday.
                                                                                                81200-B            6/28 - 7/26
                    Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, and staff
                    Times: 4:30 - 7:00PM                                                        81200-C            8/2 - 8/23
                    Price: $88 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                    Days: Monday - Thursday                                                 4.0 Men’s Open Drills
                                                                                            Meets each Thursday for men rated 4.0 or higher. Learn techniques
                        85000-A            6/13 - 6/16
                                                                                            and strategy. Must register three days in advance. Minimum of four
                        85000-B            6/20 - 6/23                                      participants.
                                                                                            Instructor: Kelly Langdon, usPTA, Bryan Combest, usPTA and Austin Wayne,
                        85000-C            6/27 - 6/30
                        85000-D            7/11 - 7/13
                                                                                            Times: 7:00 - 8:30PM
                                                                                            Price: $12
                    Jr. Beginner Tennis Clinic                                              Days: Thursdays
                    (Ages 7 and up)
                    A perfect class for beginners. Learn the forehand, backhand, serve          88444-A            Begins 6/2
                    and volley.
                    Instructor: Austin Wynne, usPTA, and staff
                    Times: 5:00 - 6:30PM
                    Price: $68 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                    Days: Thursday

                        81502-A            6/2 - 6/23

                        81502-B            7/7 - 7/28

                        81502-C            8/4 - 8/25

                    Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Tennis Clinic
                    (Ages 12 and up)
                    Introduction to tactics and drills. Player development and fun are
                    Instructor: Austin Wynne, usPTA, and staff
                    Times: 5:00 - 6:30PM
                    Price: $68 + one new, unopened can of tennis balls
                    Days: Thursday

                        81503-A            6/2 - 6/23

                        81503-B            7/7 - 7/28

                        81503-C            8/4 - 8/25
How about a Private Lesson?
The HTC staff offers private lessons for those wanting more                               Court Fees

                                                                                                                                      www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
one-on-one accelerated learning.                                                          (90 minutes)
                                                                                          $1 Hurst Residents
Lessons with City of Hurst Tennis Professionals:                                            (with proof of Hurst residency)
Hurst Tennis Specialist, Kelly Langdon, USPTA, or Tennis Center Coordinator,              $2 Non-Residents
mike Campo, USPTA
    $50 per hour
    $26 per half hour
                                                                                          The Tennis Center has a large choice of
    $180 per series of 4 lessons
                                                                                          string and accessories for your racquet needs.
                                                                                          We offer 24-hour turn around service and
Lessons with Tennis Instructors:
                                                                                          have three United States Racquet Stringer’s
sam elliott, USPTA, Greg smith, Jason Brown, USPTA, Bryan Combest,
                                                                                          Association stringers on staff.
USPTA and Austin Wynne, USPTA
   $49 per hour
   $26 per half hour                                                                      Upcoming
   $180 per series of 4 lessons                                                           Tournaments
                                                                                          usTA “Hurst Open” Junior —
The Tennis Center staff also offers:                                                       June 11-13
Private and group lessons. $80 for 90 minute group lessons for league teams.              usTA “Hurst Open” Adult —
                                                                                           September 23-25
services and Facilities:
    •   Lessons for all ages & abilities
    •   10 lighted outdoor courts
    •   USRSA Racquet Stringers
        Prince Ball Machine
        USPTA-Certified Instructors Available
                                                                                                Summer Adult
    •   USTA Adult Leagues                                                                      Leagues begin

                                                                                           June 6
         Summer Operating Hours:                                                            must register by
         Mon. – Thurs.          8:00 AM – 10:00 PM                                                  May 20
         Friday, Sat. & Sun.   8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
                                                                                                      cost is
        Tennis Center Coordinator – Mike Campo, USPTA
        Tennis specialist – Kelly Langdon, USPTA
        Tennis Attendants – Corey Doss, Steven Lu, Mark Hargrove,
        Charlie Crosswait and Jared Jordan
                                                                                      Do you want
        Tennis Instructors – Jason Brown, USPTA, Greg Smith, Sam Elliott,
                                                                               to practice your serve or
        USPTA, Bryan Combest, USPTA and Austin Wynne, USPTA
                                                                                hit a few with a friend?

        Please bring one can of new, unopened, tennis balls to
        your first day of class.                                                817.788.7330
                                                                                      for a court
               Registration Easy-Options!
               Walk-in registration beginning on Monday, May 2 at 7:00 AM, is open only to those participants who are Hurst residents. Participants

               who reside in Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, and Euless, whose mail is delivered to a Hurst “address,” are not eligible to register
               until May 9 at 7:00 AM. Residency is defined by: living within the Hurst city limits, receiving a water bill from the City of Hurst and
               paying property taxes to the City of Hurst. Out of fairness to all citizens of our community, you may only register the members of your

               Classes begin the week of June 6.               (unless otherwise indicated.)                                          Learn to swim
               Walk-In Class registration Times                                                                                       musT be done

               (after initial registration days)
               Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM-9:00 PM                     Saturday     9:30 AM-5:00 PM                                        in person
                             Friday 7:00 AM-5:00 PM                Sunday       1:30 PM-5:00 PM
                                                                                                                                       or online
               Hurst residents:
               Mail-in (check or credit card payment), fax (credit card payment), online (credit card payment), and walk-in (cash, check or credit
               card payment) registration for recreation Classes begins may 2 at 7:00 Am.

               Fax (credit card payment), online (credit card payment), and walk-in (cash, check or credit card payment) registration for
               recreation Classes begin may 9 at 7:00 Am.

               sign up to register Online:
               That’s right, you can save time and register your entire family on-line! To get started, you will need to visit the Hurst Recreation
               Center to activate your account. If you are a Hurst resident, you will need to bring your Hurst Water Bill, Hurst property tax
               statement, or Hurst apartment lease, and your photo ID as proof of Hurst residency to receive the Hurst resident rates. Once
               you have activated your account and received your user name and password, you will be able to use our on-line registration feature.

               You do not have to wait until your appropriate registration date to activate your account and receive your user name and password. Go
               ahead and do it the next time you are at the Recreation Center for your current class or working out. Then you will be ready to
               register on-line the day registration starts!

               When you register by mail-in or fax, you will receive a confirmation notice through the postal mail. You will be notified if the
               designated classes are not available. If the class is not available, you may select a second choice. If you register on-line, you may
               print a copy of your receipt.

               supply List and Fees:
               Some of our classes require a supply list. These classes are noted in the brochure. You will receive a supply list when you register.
               For those mailed, a list will be included with your confirmation letter. supplies should not be purchased prior to the Friday
               before the class starts in case of cancellation.

               refund Policy:
               When you sign up for one of our classes, we depend on your participation for a successful class. If you have an unforeseen
               circumstance and cannot attend your class, we will gladly refund your fee with 72 hours notice prior to the class start date. Thank you
               for your cooperation.

               Learn to swim:                                                                                                                Classes begin
               Learn to Swim registrations must be done in person or online. Faxed and mailed registrations will not be accepted.             the week of

                       Parks and recreation Board                                            recreation staff
                       Chairman: Alan   Neace                                                recreation Director:   Chris Watson
                       Vice Chairman: Rod Robertson                                          recreation managers: Kim    Mesa, Doug McDaniel,
                       Carol Cole                      Delbert Derrett                                              Kristie Weaver
                       Ralph Hurd                      Pat King                              recreation Center supervisor: Mary Singleton
                       Howard Shotwell                 Estelle Teague                        recreation specialist: Courtney Barnard
                       Hank Williams                                                         senior secretary: Jeanne Coons

                               summer 2011 Class registration Form

         For	the	valuable	consideration	of	being	allowed	to	participate	in	the	City	of	Hurst	Parks	and	Recreation	Department’s	program	or	use	the	City’s	facilities	        www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
         or	equipment,	I	recognize	and	acknowledge	the	risk	of	physical	injury	and	agree	to	assume	the	full	risk	of	any	injuries,	including	death	or	damages,	that	
         may	result	from	any	injury	sustained	while	participating	in	activities	related	to	the	program	or	from	using	the	City’s	facilities	or	equipment.	I	DO	FULLY	
         EQUIPMENT	TO	BE	USED	BY	THE	UNDERSIGNED	AND	FOR	ANY	ACTS	OF	THIRD	PARTIES.	The	City	does	not	provide	any	medical	or	other	
         insurance	protection	or	benefits	for	those	who	use	the	recreational	equipment	or	engage	in	activities	on	City	Premises.

The City of Hurst is proud to be an agency member of the following organizations:

 Parks System recreation




                                                                                                                                                             TVIEW DR

                                                                                                                                                                                                             A NTWERP
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .   26

                                                                                                                                                      B      LVD

                                                                                                                                                                             HURSTVIEW DR


                                                                                                                                                        2                                               O

                                                                                                                   PRECINCT LINE RD

                                                                                                                                                RON TR




                                                                                                                                                                                     PLEASANTVIEW W

                                                                                                                                                                            AIRPORT FREEWAY

                                                                                                 EE W
                                                                                                                PRECINCT LINE RD



                                                                                                           6                                                                                BEDFORD CT W



                                                                                     PIPELINE RD
                                      NE LOOP 820

                                                                                                                                                                    10                                                   HARRISON
ses ABOuT

                                                                                       WILLOW                                                                                                     WILLOW

                                                                          8                                 9                                                               ELM

       12                                                                                                                                                                                                 TANGLEWOOD
                                                                 MELBOURNE RD

                                                                                                                                                                                                 REDBUD DR GREENWAY
                                  BELMONT                                        13                       HENSON


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           BELLAIRE DR

Ome Per                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 17



                                                                                                                                      WEST HURST BLVD

                                                                                                                                                    S.H. 10
1 ECHO HILLS PARK                               8 HURST HILLS PARK                      15 BELLAIRE PARK
 500 Heneretta (7.1 Acres)                       575 Billie ruth (4 Acres)                500 Pecan Drive (6.4 Acres)

                                                                                                                                 www.ci.hurst.tx.us :: ph 817.788.7325 :: fax 817.282.7081
 • Pavilion                                                                               • Playground
 • Playground                                   9 HURST COMMUNITY PARK                    • Youth Baseball/Softball Field
 • Jogging/Walking Trail System (1/3 mile)       601 Precinct Line road (44.9 Acres)        (Lighted)
 • Picnic Tables                                 • 4 Youth Baseball Fields (Lighted)      • Jogging/Walking Trail System
 • Youth Athletic Practice Fields (Unlighted)    • 2 Youth Soccer Fields (Lighted)          (1/3 mile)
 • Pet Water Fountain                            • 2 Sand Volleyball Courts (Lighted)     • Pet Water Fountain
                                                 • Pavilion
2 HURST ATHLETIC COMPLEX                         • 2 Playgrounds                        16 WAN-KA-KANI PARK
 2104 Precinct Line road (42.2 Acres)            • Multi-Use Trail System (1 mile)        748 shadylane (4.1 Acres)
 • 4 Adult Softball Fields (Lighted)             • Picnic Tables                          • Picnic Tables
 • 6 Youth Soccer Fields (Lighted)               • Wooded Natural Area
 • 4 Youth Soccer Fields (Unlighted)             • Open Field Play Area                 17 RICKEL PARK
 • Playground                                    • Concession/Restroom Building           1001 Bluebonnet (29 Acres)
 • 3 Group Shelters                              • 2 Group Shelters                       • 2 Pavilions
 • 2 Concession/Restroom Buildings               • 2 Pet Water Fountains                  • Picnic Tables
                                                                                          • Nature Trails
3 CHISHOLM PARK                                 10 CENTRAL PARK                           • Scenic Overlook
 2200 Norwood (50 Acres)                         700 block of mary Drive (17.5 Acres)     • Winding Stream with 2 Bridges
 • Aquatics Center                               • Recreation Center                      • Jogging/Walking Trail System
 • 4 Youth Softball Fields (Lighted)             • Aquatics Center                          (1/2 mile)
 • 2 Playgrounds                                 • Tennis Center (10 Lighted Courts)      • 2 Pet Water Fountains
 • 3 Pavilions                                   • 2 Pavilions                            • Playground
 • Pond with Fishing Island                      • Playground

 • Picnic Tables                                 • Picnic Tables
 • Jogging/Walking Trail System                  • 2 Outdoor Basketball Courts
   (1.5 miles)                                     (Lighted)
 • Fitness Course                                • Pet Water Fountain                   A BROOKSIDE CENTER
 • Group Shelter
 • Concession/Restroom Building                 11 VIVAGENE COPELAND PARK               B HURST LIBRARY
 • 2 Basketball Courts (Lighted)                 501 Pecan Drive (5.2 Acres)
 • 4 Pet Water Fountains                         • Pavilion
                                                 • Playground
4 SMITH-BARFIELD PARK                            • Multi-Use Trail System (1/3 mile)
 640 Pleasantview (6.9 Acres)                    • Open Field Play Area
 • Youth Baseball/Softball Field                 • 3 Outdoor Basketball Courts
 • 2 Tennis Courts (Lighted)
                                                 • Pet Water Fountain
 • Youth Athletic Practice Field
   (Unlighted)                                  12 JAYCEE BAKER PARK
                                                 500 Belmont (4.1 Acres)
 • Playground
 • Pavilion                                      • Playground                             listed are available for rental
 • Picnic Tables                                 • Picnic Tables
 • Restrooms                                     • Restrooms                              for $35 per day. If electrical
 • 2 Pet Water Fountains                         • Youth Athletic Practice Fields
                                                   (Unlighted)                               power is needed during the
5 MAYFAIR PARK                                   • Pet Water Fountain
 1725 Norwood (14.4 Acres)                                                               rental, a $50 reFuNDABLe
 • Pavilion                                     13 BILLY CREEK PARK
 • Playground                                                                           electrical key deposit is due at
 • Jogging/Walking Trail System (1/4 mile)      14 REDBUD PARK
 • Pet Water Fountain                            525 redbud Drive (7.2 Acres)                   the time of reservation.
 • Youth Athletic Fields (Unlighted)             • Soccer Field (Unlighted)
                                                 • Playground
6 WINDMILL PARK                                  • Jogging/Walking Trail System
                                                                                           For more information, call
 840 Cheryl (2 Acres)                              (1/3 mile)
 • Historical Marker                             • Picnic Tables
                                                 • Fitness Course                                 817.788.7320
7 VALENTINE PARK                                 • Pavilion
 610 Bedford Court West (4 Acres)                • Pet Water Fountain
 • Youth Athletic Practice Field
CITY OF HURST                                     PRESORTED
1505 Precinct Line Road                           US POSTAGE
Hurst, Texas 76054                                    PAID
                                                   HURST, TX
                                                  PERMIT #21

                          Hurst Postal Customer

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