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					Resources 8                                                        Submitted by District 36
                 2008 Resolution of the Alaska Democratic Party

Pebble Mine

WHEREAS the proposed mine is located at the headwater on the largest red salmon
fishery and spawning area in the world; and

WHEREAS in these watersheds even a very small amount of toxic chemicals such as
cyanide, copper and sulfuric acid are lethal to juvenile salmon; and these chemicals are
required in very large quantities for the processing proposed in this mining project; and

WHEREAS the scale of this project has grown considerably requiring vast tracks of land
and increasing the possibility of disturbing surface and subsurface water flows and
contamination to the adjacent water bodies; and

WHEREAS the social and economic value of the Pebble Mine is of questionable value
to the residents of the area and the State of Alaska; the value of the fisheries resource to
the sport fishery, tourist industry, commercial fishery and subsistence user of the State of
Alaska far exceeds the short term revenues provided by Pebble Mine; and

WHEREAS the Kvichak River and its watershed has had salmon productivity swings
that are not fully understood at this time; adding the largest open pit mine in North
America will introduce another variable to the sustainability of the natural resources in
the Kvichak watershed;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska Democratic Party opposes
the development of Pebble Mine; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, if the mine is permitted, the developers are
required to post a bond in excess of the economic value to the sport fishery, tourist
industry, commercial fishery, and subsistence users for 50 years.

Resources 8                Committee: Pass             Convention Action: (or Not) Passed

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