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									Kat Eaker, , 980 343-2645

Tutor Training Summary and Chart
   1.   AVID Overview
   2.   Before the Tutorial
   3.   During the Tutorial
   4.   After the Tutorial
   5.   Debriefing

Note: Some of the handouts in the 2009 revision are scanned and may appear blurry; the 2008
version is clear.

General information:
    Ongoing Training: All of the training does not have to take place before the tutors are
      working in the classroom. Training can be ongoing.
    First meeting with your Tutors: Please consider meeting with each new tutor to begin with,
      during your planning period or after school. At that time, cover some of the critical basics.
    DVD/Video: Please consider using the online training DVD, or the disk from last year, for a
      great overview of the ten steps of tutorials. Tutors can cover parts or the whole DVD series as
      a great overview of the tutorial process. Note: This online training does not give a thorough
      overview of AVID—it is, however, strong on the tutorial 10 steps.
      Where to go:>My AVID>My AVID Tools>Online Training Resources.
    Ongoing Training: On the chart, you can document subtopics covered. Some subtopics may
      be covered when a student is present as you teach the AVID elective class about a sub-topic.
    This Chart: This is an adaptation of the list from the Tutorial Curriculum book. Use this list
      to plan and document tutor training. I have tried to make some suggestions, see the codes.
      The original AVID Center plan represents over 40 hours of training. We can use the saved
      subtopics after the foundational training.
    Refinement: As we build and refine our tutorial training, please share suggestions with me.
      As always, thank you for your commitment to AVID.

Important Note: The length of training times will vary and may be shorter or longer than the time
listed. I am estimating minimum times, with possible extensions. Our tutors need a total of 16 hours
of training. Remember, this is ongoing. As you train your classes, some of the subtopics will also be

    ** (Double asterick): Be sure to cover at the beginning
    * (Single asterick): Be sure to cover.
    Sug.: Suggested
    Save: Could be used for refinement

   Suggestion: If possible, furnish a Volunteer Tutor Notebook, where the tutor will keep AVID
      information, handouts, activities, hints, other resources.

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Kat Eaker, , 980 343-2645
Unit 1: Overview— Focus: Introduction to AVID, expectations of team members, tutorial overview.
                                               Approximate training time: 2 hr. to 2 hr., 15 min.
Unit/Component   Subtopics              Materials/Handouts               Suggested          Record:
                                                                         time for           Time/training
                                                                         training           details
1.1              Intro to AVID-         * 1.1.1 Guide for intro          20 min.
**AVID Program includes student         * 1.1.2 pp. 1-2 (ppt handout
                 profile, typical week, covers intro - 2008 is clearer)
                 brief on Essentials

1.2                 Mission                  * 1.2.1 (mission)                  10 min.
**AVID Mission

1.3                 * Top 10                 * 1.3.1 (top ten list)             10 min
Ideal Tutor         characteristics

1.4                 ** Sug. Topics           * 1.4.1 (cover at beg.)            10 min.
**Initial Tutor

1.5                 * Expectations of        * 1.5.1 pp. 3-6- Expectations of   15 – 30 min.
**Expectations      different stakeholders   teacher, tutor, and students
    See also DVD                             Also in DVD-review

1.6                 List of stakeholders     Consider using 1.6.4, or another   10 min.
*AVID Contracts     and possible             version, for tutors
                    using a tutor contract

1.8                 * 10 Steps               * 1.8.1 (five pages)               45 min. for
**Tutorial          * Summary                * 1.8.2 (summary page)             basics; class/
Process Overview                                                                DVD
    See also DVD                                                                training,
                                                                                more time

Tutorial Process
Activity (Save)


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Kat Eaker, , 980 343-2645
Unit 2: Before the Tutorial—Steps 1-3. Focus: On What the Students Need to do Before the Tutorial.
Steps 1-3: Cornell Notes; Tutorial Request Forms (TRF); in class prep for tutorials, including checking TRFs.
                                                        (Approximate training time: 2 hr., 40 min. to 5 hr., 15 min.)
Unit/Component      Subtopics                Materials/Handouts                 Suggested        Record:
                                                                                time for         Time/training
                                                                                training         details
2.1                 (Tutors need to          * 2.1.1 Basics                     10 min.
Agendas/            understand the           Sug.: 2.1.2
Calendaring         importance of the
                    student agenda and
                    how it will be graded)
2.2                 (Tutors need to          Sug.: 2.2.1, binder;               20 min.
Binder Checks       understand the           Check form 2.2.2 pp. 1-2;
                    importance of the        Binder rubric such as 2.2.3 pp.
                    student binder and       1-2 or site rubric; also see other
                    how it will be graded) training pieces for refinement
2.3                 Cornell notes            * 2.3.1 Basics                     15-60 min.
* Step 1: Cornell                                                               (will vary)
   See also DVD
2.4:                Several                  Sug.: 2.4.1, pp. 2-4; include      15-60 min.
*Cornell Notes      resources/activities     practice activities, could         (will vary)
    See also DVD                             include tutors talking Cornell
                                             notes in their own classes and
                                             sharing results.
                                             See other resources for
                                             refinement, including
                                             2.4.7 Rubric
2.5                 Several                  Sug.: 2.5.1 p. 2                   15 min. (to
* Inquiry           resources/activities     2.5.2                              45 min., ex.
   See also DVD                              Sug.: Also give 2.5.3, pp. 1-6     DVD or
                                             for reference                      practice)
                                             Sug.: 2.5.10 p. 1-3
2.6                 Several                  * 2.6.1 Basics                     30-60 min.
* Step 2:           resources/activities     Sug.: TRF that you are using or depending on
Tutorial Request                             sample from book. Ex. 2.7.2        activities.
Form                                         pp. 1-2
    See also DVD
2.7                 How to check TQF.        Sug.: 2.7.3 plus                   30 min.
Tutorial Request                             2.7.4 pp.1-2 or class rubric and
Forms                                        grading student samples
2.8                 TRF and materials        Sug.: 2.8.2 as review.             15 min.
* Step 3: In        check.
Class Prep for
    See also DVD
2.9                                          * 2.9.1                            15 min
Collaborative                                Sug.: 2.9.4
Learning Groups


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Kat Eaker, , 980 343-2645
Unit 3: During the Tutorial—Steps 4-7. Focus: Creating Effective Tutorials. Steps include: Dividing students
into groups, students presenting questions, group asking questions to check for understanding, repeating for all
members.                                         (Approximate training time: 2 hr., 30 min. to 7 hr., 35 min.)
Unit/Component        Subtopics                 Materials/Handouts               Suggested        Record:
                                                                                 time for         Time/training
                                                                                 training         details
3.1                   Basics                    * 3.1.1 pp. 1-3 Basics with      30-60 min.
Observation and                                 space to respond.
    See also DVD
3.2                   Guidelines and skill      * 3.2.2 pp. 1-2 Guidelines for 30-60 min.
Effective             building                  Effective Tutorials (3.2.3 is a
Tutorials                                       follow-up summary)
                                                3.2.4 pp. 1-2: ―I‖ message
3.3                   Basics                    * 3.3.1 Ways of dividing         15-30 min.
* Step 4:                                       groups
Dividing into
    See also DVD
3.4                   Basics                    * 3.4.1 Seating arrangements 5-15 min.
Setting up the
    See also DVD
3.5                   Work centers on
Collaborative         students. Great student
Work                  activity: 3.5.1.
3.6                                             * 3.6.1 Beginning the process 15-60 min.
* Step 5: The                                   3.6.2 Reflection (Save)
    See also DVD
3.7                   See question stems and 3.7.1 How to present a              30 min.
Presenting and        using 3 levels of         question (Save) &
Questioning           questions                 3.7.2 Follow-up (Save)
                                                * 3.7.3 Question stems
                                                * 3.7.4 Using 3 levels of
3.8                   See checklist             * 3.8.1 Checking for             15-60 min.
* Step 6:                                       understanding (checklist)
Checking for                                    3.8.2 Reflection (Save)
    See also DVD
3.9                   Repeat process            * 3.9.1 Guide                    10 min.
* Step 7: Repeat                                3.9.2 Reflection (Save)
Process for All
3.10                  Save: Use for
More Tutorial         refinement
3.11                  Save: Use for
AVID Tutorial         refinement
3.12 Area(s) of       Save: Use for
Greatest Need         refinement
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Kat Eaker, , 980 343-2645
Unit 4: After the Tutorial—Steps 8-10. Focus: Learning Process and Feedback. Steps include: Student
reflection, TRFs turned in and graded, debriefing. (Approximate training time: 30 min.)
Unit/Component Subtopics                      Materials/Handouts               Suggested Record:
                                                                               time for  Time/training
                                                                               training  details
4.1                   Basics                    * 4.1.1 Basics                 15 min.
Step 8: Student                                 4.1.2 Reflection (Save)
  See also DVD
4.2                   Save: Use for             4.2.3 pp. 1-3 Higher level
Reflections           refinement                reflections (Save); See also
                                                following activities
4.3                   Basics                    * 4.3.1 Guide                  15 min.
Step 9: TRFs                                    4.3.2 Good follow-up
turned in and
 See also DVD

Unit 5: Debriefing. Focus on Debriefing and Refinement Activities. Step 10: Debriefing.
                                             (Approximate training time: 15 min. to 30 min. )
Unit/Component      Subtopics              Materials/Handouts             Suggested       Record:
                                                                          time for        Time/training
                                                                          training        details
5.1                 Basics                 * 5.1.1 Basics                 15-30 min.
* Step 10:                                 5.1.2 Reflection (Save)
Debriefing                                 5.1.3 Record of tutor/teacher
                                           or site representative
  See also DVD                             meetings (great resource)

5.2                 Save: Use for           5.2.4 Refinement Debriefing
Coaching the        refinement              prompts
5.3                 Save: Use for           Great resources for
Coaching the        refinement              refinement

5.4                 Save: Use for           Great resources for
Coaching the        refinement              refinement
Student Presenter

5.5                 Save: Use for           Great resources for
Coaching the        refinement              refinement
Group Member

5.6                 Save: Use for           Great resources for
Family              refinement              refinement


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