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									       Serving Our HIV/AIDS Community Since 1985 July/August 2011 Vol. 22, Issue 3

RED RIBBON RIDE                                              ANNUAL REPORT
This year’s Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride takes place July       Our 2010 Annual Report is posted on the homepage of our

14-17. Team Aliveness has 15 riders and 7 crew members:      website. We also have printed copies here at our office. One
                                                             of our members, Andi, made the following comment in the report
Sean Divine, Colleen Gegan, Walter Gies, Miles Hamlin,
                                                             about what Aliveness means to her:
                        Johnny Herda-Anzaldo, Melissa
                                                             “Being a member of The Aliveness Project has allowed me to
                           Herda-McKee, Jamie Hicks          get certain therapies… that I otherwise would not receive. The
                            (crew), Victoria Huitt (crew),   Aliveness Project is a great place for positive people to meet
                              Josh Iversen (crew), Monte     and form long-lasting relationships.”
                              Jarvis, Charlie Jordan, Brad
                              Litton, Bobby Long (crew),     Last year, we served 1,583 individuals living with HIV/AIDS,
                                                             which is one out of four Minnesotans affected by this disease.
                   Esteban Martinez, Michael Peller, Judy
                                                             We are now serving twice as many people as we did a decade
Ratliff (crew), Tedd Richardson (crew), Chris Roberts,
                                                             ago. Our Meal Program and Food Shelf have served over one
Samuel Robertson, Barb Rocheford (crew), Terry Sainio,
                                                             million meals since our founding in 1985. We could not do this
Stephanie Shaw and Glade Woostenhulme.                       without the help of our dedicated staff, volunteers and donors
                                                             like you!
The Aliveness Project is one of eight benefiting AIDS
                                                             STATE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN
service organizations. Last year's Ride raised $401,370
                                                             As I write this article, it appears that the shutdown of the state
and this year we are hoping to reach $500,000. To make       government is very likely. During the potential shutdown, our
a donation on behalf of our riders or crew, go to            plan is to remain open and to continue offering hot meals, (click on “Make A Donation” and        food shelf and other basic services that will be even
then search for a team or participant).                      more essential to our HIV+ members. Your support
                                                             can help us during this challenging time, so please
                                                             consider making an additional donation to support
You can help us show appreciation for this year’s riders
                                                             The Aliveness Project’s services this summer.
and crew by attending the Ride kick-off on Thursday,
July 14 at 6:30 am at the Mall of America or the Closing     Joe Larson
                                                             Executive Director
Ceremony on Sunday, July 17 at 1:30 pm at the State
Capitol. Hope to see you there!
                                VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION
                              MOVIE & SUMMER FUN NIGHT!
                                                                                                         COMMUNITY PICNIC
                                           Thursday, July 7                                              Hey everyone, it is that time again. The annual

                                  Games & treats at 7:30 pm                                              HIV+ Community Picnic will be on Friday, August
                                                                                                         12 from noon until 3:00 pm. The event will take
                                          Movie at 9:10 pm                                               place in our usual location -- Minnehaha Falls,
    • Lyndale Farmstead Park, 3900 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis, 55409                                      Wabun Shelter B. Members are welcome to bring
      (blocks from what will be our new location). Parking is limited.                                   family and friends. Just call the front desk to let
      Walking, biking or busing (#4 or #23) highly encouraged.                                           us know you plan to attend and how many
      Here is a map:                                                          guests you will bring.
    • After 7:30, look for The Aliveness Project banner on south edge of T-ball
      field #3. Games for all ages (Red Rover, 4 Square, whiffleball, etc.) and ice                      The location is great. It has a shaded area for eating
      cream treats.                                                                                      and is close to the building that has changing
    • Just after 9:10 pm “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom” (PG, 118 minutes)                          rooms and restrooms. It is also right next to a
      will begin outdoors. Bring beach blankets or lawn chairs and bug spray. If                         water play area with fountains and jet sprays
       the park cancels the movie due to weather, our event is also canceled.                            that are a refreshing way for the kids or adults to
    • At 6:30 pm, the park will be offering a live band and children’s art activities.                   cool off. I recommend that the children bring
    • Please RSVP on the Events tab of our facebook page by “attending” our                              swimsuits. There will be bingo with tons of
      Volunteer Recognition Movie & Summer Fun Night and posting on our wall                             prizes, water balloons and kick ball. Of course,
      how many friends or family you’ll bring.                                                           we will have tons of good food and beverages.
      Our page is or                         So, plan to be at the picnic in August. It should
      to go straight to the RSVP Don’t forget to “like” our page while you’re there!                     be a great time. Remember that The Aliveness
      No facebook? You may call the number below.                                                        Project will be closed that day.
                    Questions? Facebook, or (612) 822-7946 ext. 207
             • Twitter@AlivenesProject                                        Johnny Herda-Anzaldo
                                                                                                         Director of Membership Services
                      730 East 38th Street, Minneapolis MN 55407

        Board of Directors                   Membership Advisory             Staff
        Daniel Cashman                       Committee                       Tom Bichanga                                 Tim Marburger
        Deb Cohen                            David Anderson                  HIV Prevention Program Coordinator           Director of Fundraising & Special Events

        Max Fallek                           Pam Benson                      Dan Capelli                                  James Mattson
                                                                             Food Shelf Director                          Food Shelf Assistant
        Jeffrey Farnsworth                   Daniel Cashman
                                             Hazel Erickson                  Sean Divine                                  Esther Mendez
        Brennan Hannon                                                       Director of Food Services                    Kitchen Assistant
        Brian LaMere                         Jay Fleming
                                                                             Hanna Dorn                                   Frank Mlakar
        President                            Tom Genty                       Receptionist,                                Kitchen Assistant
        Joe Larson                           Jeff Guckeen                    Health & Wellness Program Coordinator        Chris Roberts
        Executive Director                   Stuart Merrill                  Walter Gies                                  Cook
        John Moore                           Roger Moore                     HIV Case Manager                             Stephanie Shaw
        Vice President
                                             Michael Oian                    Jennifer Gunderson                           Office Manager
        Michael Oian                         President                       Gaming Coordinator                           Lee Silverstein
        MAC President
                                             Otis Reeves                     Donovan Harmel                               Accountant
        Eduardo Parra                        Tedd Richardson
                                                                             Kitchen Assistant                            Monica Travis
        Secretary                            Vice President                  Johnny Herda-Anzaldo                         Director of Volunteer Services
        Gregory Payne                        Chris Rojas                     Director of Membership Services              Cathy VanValkenburgh
        Barbara Satin                        Scott Schlaffman                Vince Hodge                                  Membership Services Program Assistant
                                                                             Grant Writer
        Scott Schlaffman                     Secretary
                                             Greg Speak                      Joe Larson
        David Welper                                                         Executive Director
        Treasurer                            James Thompson
                                             Joe Watters
                                             Scott Wik
     The Aliveline is a bi-monthly publication of The Aliveness Project, Inc. The Aliveness Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in
     1985 as a membership organization for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. This newsletter may report on experimental and other therapies; however,
     The Aliveness Project does not recommend any particular therapy. Please consult with your medical provider before trying any new treatment.
     Views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the contributing authors and are not necessarily those of The Aliveness Project.

2                                                               612-824-LIFE (5433)                                                               The Aliveline
               join us for a day of fun in the sun...
                      41st Ave S

                                                                                                                                                                 47th Ave S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HI V + Comm unit y Picnic

                                                                                                         45th Ave S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Picnic Shelter

                                                                                                                                                                                                 R  d.                            Permit Required

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Picnic Shelter
                                                   46th Street E                                                                                                                           v  er
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SITE: Wabun Shelter B, Minnehaha Falls Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  First Come First Serve

                                                                                                                                    46th Ave S
                                                                                                                                                                                    st                                            Picnic Area

                                                                                        44th Ave
                                                                                                                                                                                  We                                              Permit Required

                                                                43rd Ave S
                                            42nd Ave S

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Picnic Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  First Come First Serve

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  DAT E: Friday August 12, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              P   Free Parking


                                                                                                        P                                                                                                                     P   Paid Parking


                                                                                                                      P                                                                      kw                                   Playground
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TI M E: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

                                                                             #2                                                                                                                                                   Disc Golf
                                                   l vd                                                               Deer Pen Area
                                                aB                                                                                                                                                                                Wading Pool
                                            dah          Pkwy
                                         awa         rey
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Food served from 12 - 2
                                        N         df



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mississippi River
                                                                                                                                                                              Picnic B A
          i eh
        M nn
                 aha P

                                                                Minnehaha Sea
                                                                                                   Bandshell              Lower Glen Area                                     Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Games, Prizes and Food
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Family and Friends welcome to attend!
                                                                 Pavillion Salt
                  House                                            #1                                                                            46th Ave.                               P
             H                                                                                                                                                                F           P
               iaw                                            #1 - Open M.- ., Reservable Fri.-Sun.
                  at                    P
                     ha                                                                                                                                      P                                     D                  C
                                                                     Minnehaha                                                                                                     G                                                                              If you drive, some parking is free and some is metered. If you are taking

        Gardens                                                      Falls

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a bus to the event, you can call the MTC Bus Co. at 612.373.3333 to


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  find out the most efficient route for you to take.

                                   ek                                                                                                                                             P                         P
         Minnehaha Cre
                                                                   a    Pa

                                                                                                                                                                                               Parking only after 5 p.m. on
                                                                                                                                                                                               weekdays and on weekends.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RS V P: Sign up at the front desk or

                                                                                                                                                                                      Minnesota Veteran's Home

            Minnehaha Regional Park                                                                                                                               Picnic                                                                                               call the receptionist at 612.822.7946
                                        Group Picnic Facilities

After hosting Derek Johnson from Hennepin County and Dr. Weston Edwards, Clinical Director PRISM in the month of May, The
Aliveness Project’s Prevention Program sponsored still more events in June. On June 20th we sponsored Safer Sex Kit Assembly &
Discussion. These kits, which were assembled during the discussion session, were a part of the Twin Cities Pride celebration, which
took place on June 25 and 26. Our Prevention Program passed out condoms and the Safer Sex Kits to festival-goers. Also in June,
we hosted Dr. Michael Obsatz, Professor Emeritus, Macalester College. He talked about Shame and Disclosure in a session that
was held here at The Aliveness Project.
The Prevention Program is looking forward to hosting more workshops and upcoming special events in the months to come-- please
stay tuned for more announcements.
We encourage members to sign for upcoming workshops by calling 612-822-7946. Our receptionist will be happy to put your name
on the list. You can also call that same number and talk to Tom at extension 214.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In Living Memory
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Departed this Life
                                                                                                                                                                              David H............................................... May 15, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                              Fredrick O...........................................May 17, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                              Sherry A.............................................. May 9, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                              Tommy B............................................. April 20, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                              William M........................................... May 27, 2011
                  Tom Bichanga
      HIV Prevention Program Coordinator

The Aliveline                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3
                          VOLUNTEER NEWS
            Have you RSVP’d yet for July 7th’s Volunteer Recognition Movie
             & Summer Fun Night? Please see the attached flyer and do so
             ASAP Our Facebook page is easy to find, just remember there
          is only one “s” (just like our our Twitter account) Whether you shopped or baked for
    Holiday Baskets, provided massages, vacuumed our building, chopped
    veggies, or schmoozed as an Ambassador, we would love all of our
    volunteers to join us for this fun evening. Thank you all for your
    incredible help!
    Speaking of Holiday Baskets, it is time to start thinking about that time
    of year again. Does your youth group want to paint baskets? Call us by       BIKING FOR A GOOD CAUSE
    early September. Does your workplace want to adopt some baskets or           Biking through Loring Park, I saw a woman and her friend walking
                                                                                 their dog. They seemed to be talking about the weather and I
    bake cookies? Would you like us to come speak to your group about the
                                                                                 seemed to be going pretty fast. The brake on my bike is really
    program? Let us know soon so we may begin to get dates on our                more decorative than useful and it hits a Mariah Carey note before
    calendars. Do know that I will be out of the office for several weeks this   it helps me stop too fast. And I have to say — dogs and bike
    fall, but if I am not here one of my colleagues will do their best to help   paths are about as nerve-wracking as unplanned pregnancies —
                                                                                 you know what’s coming. The dog runs off on a leash that initially
    you. We are also going to soon be recruiting folks to join Team Aliveness
                                                                                 seems to be 3 feet long, but suddenly extends to 10 feet in
    for the Walk to End Hunger happening Thanksgiving Day at the Mall of         length. The collision is imminent. I use all of my strength to jump
    America. It is a great activity for families so we might as well put it on   over the dog and flip off my bike, nailing myself in the most precious
    your radar now.                                                              of male places with the handlebars. Ouch! As I cower in pain, the
                                                                                 woman thanks me profusely for saving Poodle Doodle Struedel’s
    Thanks to all volunteers who helped with Dining Out for Life. Our
                                                                                 life. I apparently had done a good deed. Fortunately, these hazards
    Ambassadors had yet another record breaking year bringing in over            are far from the Red Ribbon Ride, a fundraiser I‘m so excited and
    $69,000 in donor envelopes! Way to go! Three cheers, too, to everyone        proud to take part in.
    who helped with another amazing Twin Cities Pride celebration. The           For many of the staff at The Aliveness Project, biking is a way of
    popularity of our Spin-the-Wheel game never ceases to amaze me,              life that permeates all seasons. Thankfully, the Red Ribbon Ride
                                                                                 happens in the peak of pleasant riding season. This year Team
    and our parade viewing brunch is truly a fantastic (and did I mention
                                                                                 Aliveness is comprised of really stellar people and some exceedingly
    air-conditioned?) vantage point. A special thank you goes out to Twin        sexy bikes. Many of us have been training long and hard while
    Cities Pride and Cub Foods for encouraging folks to make donations           some of us, like myself, have not. Everyday is a training ride for
    to our food shelf during the Pride Picnic at Como Park and the Festival      me. I feel naked without my bike. That’s why I’m personally
                                                                                 thrilled to be able to combine my favorite activity with a good
    at Loring Park. Together, we know we’re doing a lot of good for the
                                                                                 cause. Wish us luck as we embark on a 100 mile ride the first
    community. Thank you everyone!                                               day, and a one dollar one mile at a time race to support The
                                                                                 Aliveness Project. And please, hope for all of us that we don’t
    Monica Travis
                                                                                 have to jump over any more poodles.
    Director of Volunteer Services
                                                                                 To find out more about the Red Ribbon Ride and see the members
                                                                                 and progress of the 22 person-strong Team Aliveness, go to
                                                                        And if you can find it in your heart (and
                          Wish List
            • New camera with video and zoom capabilities
                                                                                 wallet) to support this event and Team Aliveness, contact
                                                                                 Stephanie Shaw, our team captain, at
                                                                                 or (612) 822-7946, ext 215 to give a general team donation. She
                                                                                 will pass your gift along to riders that still need money to meet
            • Interns in the Fundraising & Volunteer departments
                                                                                 their minimum of $1,500, or designate that your gift be credited
            • Cell phone with pre-paid minutes                                   to the Team Aliveness rider or crew member of your choice. Go
                                                                                 to the Red Ribbon Ride website (, click
            • Prizes for our August 12th Community Picnic
                                                                                 on ‘Donate,’ type in ‘Team Aliveness,’ click on Team Aliveness,
            • Paper grocery bags with handles for our Food Shelf                 then click on a member of the team and designate that your gift
                                                                                 go under their name.
            • YOU to cheer on our Riders and Crew at the Red
                                                                                 Stay alert for Facebook and Twitter updates related to upcoming
              Ribbon Ride Opening and Closing Ceremonies                         fundraising events for Team Aliveness.
                                                                                 Chris Roberts

4                                                           612-824-LIFE (5433)                                                  The Aliveline
                                           Volunteer Spotlight
                                                                            ANDREW FIECKE
                                                                                 As a Therapeutic Massage
                                                                                practitioner, I hope my skills
                                                                              will be beneficial to members
                                                                                    of The Aliveness Project.
                                                                             Although I have just joined the
                                                                               volunteer staff recently, I can
                                                                                 already tell it will be a great
                                                                                  experience. Everyone has
                                                                                 been extremely welcoming
                                                                              and helpful, and very funny. I
                                                                              grew up in a small town west
                                                                              of the cities and have lived in
                                                                            Minneapolis for just under two
                                                                            years. I am excited to continue
  GREG POULSON                                                              making new friends here in the
  (Member since 2006, HIV+ since 1993)                                     city and to "give back" to those
                                                                                       who came before me.
  I was brought to The Aliveness Project by my “Project Angel,”
  and my life hasn’t been the same since. When I was invited here,
  my life was a whirlwind of destruction. I was introduced around,
  became a member and promptly made an appointment with
 Johnny, the Member Services Director.

 The day I walked into Johnny’s office for my first appointment, I
  clutched my briefcase in my hand. Filled to the point of nearly
  bursting open, it contained the scattered, disorganized pile of the
 bits and pieces of stuff that made up my life. I still bring it with
 me when I see her, but it is an “organized” briefcase now.

 I appreciate all the meals and new friends that I have at The Aliveness
 Project. The Food Shelf has been an important part of my life. It
  has not only been important to me when I need to use it, but it
  has been an important volunteer opportunity – a way I can give back.

  It is rewarding to share life’s generosity with the staff and members
 at The Aliveness Project. One thing that I really enjoy is bringing             MERANDA BITTENGER
 a small vase of flowers to the front desk for everyone to enjoy,                Hello! I am Meranda. I am offering Reiki Wednesday nights from
 and to yap, yap, yap about gardening.                                           5-6:30 pm. Let me introduce you to Reiki. It is a form of relaxation
                                                                                 and stress reduction that can promote healing. Originally, I was
 The Aliveness Project has become a major part of my life. It has                drawn to Reiki as a way of improving my own health. I have since
  enhanced my body and soul. I am an Aliveness Project success story.            grown in knowledge and now desire to share Reiki with others.
                                                                                 I am fairly new to the Twin Cities, having only been here for 2 ½
                                                                                 years. I enjoy reading, knitting and being in nature (if it’s not too cold).
                                                                                  I look forward to meeting you on Wednesdays.

The Aliveline                                                                                                                        5
    128 Café                                             J.D. Hoyt's                                  DINING OUT FOR LIFE 2011
    318 Café                                             Jackson's Coffee & Gelato
    8th Street Grill                                     Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta
    Acqua                                                Jitters Coffee & Tea House, Duluth           Dining Out for Life 2010 will be our most successful DOL
    Afton House Inn                                      Joe's Garage Restaurant                      in history for many reasons. First, we had 166 participating
    al Vento                                             Joseph's Family Restaurant
    Amazing Grace Bakery & Café, Duluth                  Kafé 421                                     restaurants (up from 157 in 2010). [See the list of restau-
    Angelo's Italian Restaurant                          Khyber Pass Café                             rants in this edition, and visit them often to say thanks!]
    Anodyne @ 43rd                                       La Chaya Bistro
    Arezzo Ristorante                                    Lone Spur Grill & Bar
    Aster Café                                           Loring Kitchen & Bar                         Next, we had some fantastic Ambassadors serving this
    At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Café, Duluth           Lucia's
    B.A.N.K.                                             Luna Rossa Trattoria & Wine Bar
                                                                                                      year….nearly 300 Ambassadors serving in the various
    Bambu                                                LUSH Food Bar                                restaurants. Many Ambassadors chose to do more than
    Bar Abilene                                          Lyon's Pub
                                                                                                      one meal shift which helped us cover nearly all 536 meal
                                                         The Malt Shop Restaurant
    Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro                           Manny's Tortas                               times. In addition, they raised over $69,000 (up over
    Birchwood Café
    Black Dog Café & Wine Bar
                                                         Maverick's Wood Grill                        $21,000 from last year). Thank you to the Ambassadors
                                                         May Day Café
    Black Forest Inn                                     Maynard's Restaurant, Excelsior              who made such a difference on that day and to Monica
    Blackbird Café
    Boca Chica Restaurant
                                                         McCoy's Public House                         Travis (Director of Volunteer Services).
                                                         Moose and Sadie's
    Brasa Rotisserie                                     moto-i Sake Brewery Restaurant
    Bruegger's Bagels, Eden Prairie                      Muffuletta                                   We also had “Super” Ambassadors this year as well.
    The Bulldog Lowertown                                Napa Valley Grille
    The Bulldog Uptown                                   New Scenic Café, Duluth                      Twenty-seven couples found prizes worth a minimum of
    Buona Sera                                           Ngon Vietnamese Bistro                       $100 to do a prize drawing just for their restaurant. Everyone
    The Butcher Block Bar & Restaurant                   Nonna Rosa's Ristorante Italiano
    C.C. Club                                            Pagoda
                                                                                                      who donated a minimum of $50 at the restaurant was
    Café Ena                                             Pancho Villa's Grill                         entered in the drawing. Congrats to Chuck Larsen and
    Café Maude                                           Papa's Restaurant and Deli
    Café Twenty-Eight                                    Park Tavern Bowling & Entertainment Center
                                                                                                      Glenn Bottomly who donated an iPad2 and brought in over
    Campus Pizza                                         Piccolo                                      $3,600. Also, to Tim Welsh and Bruce Andrews who donated
    Carmelo's Ristorante                                 Pizza Lucé, Downtown Minneapolis
    Chiang Mai Thai                                      Pizza Lucé, Duluth
                                                                                                      a 3 hour cruise on Lake Minnetonka with appetizers and
    Chin Dian Café                                       Pizza Luce, Hopkins                          wine donated by Café Ena. This prize brought in over
    Chris & Rob's Chicago Taste Authority, Fridley       Pizza Lucé, Seward/University
    Chris & Rob's Chicago Taste Authority, Minneapolis
                                                         Pizza Lucé, St. Paul
    Chris & Rob's Chicago Taste Authority, St. Paul      Pizza Lucé, Uptown
    Christos Greek Restaurant- Mtka
    Christos Union Depot Place
                                                         The Purple Onion Café                        Thirdly, at the writing of this article with 33 restaurants still
                                                         Rail Station Bar & Grill
    Citizen Cafe                                         Rainbow Chinese Restaurant                   to pay, we have brought in $176,555.87 – exceeding our
    Colossal Café                                        Red Stag Supperclub                          goal of $170,000!!! Dining Out for Life usually brings in
    The Craftsman                                        Restaurant Alma
    Cupcake                                              Restaurant Aura                              about 14% of our total budget. This is fantastic!! Thank
    Cuppa Java Coffee and Deli                           Rinata                                       you diners for your strong appetite to help The Aliveness
    Curran's Restaurant                                  Riverview Café & Wine Bar
    Dover Restaurant & Bar                               Roat Osha                                    Project!
    Dunn Bros Coffee, Roseville                          Roman Anthony's Italian Restaurant
    eagleBOLTbar                                         Rudolphs Bar-B-Que
    Ecopolitan                                           Rustica Bakery
                                                                                                      I also want to thank Sven Sundgaard again for his invaluable
    Eden Avenue Grill                                    The Saloon                                   help and spending the entire day of Dining Out taking pictures,
    El Mesón                                             The Sample Room
    El Nuevo Rodeo                                       Sanctuary
                                                                                                      signing autographs and just being a really great and fun
    El Paraiso Mexican Restaurant                        Santorini                                    person. It was a pleasure to ride with you all day!
    Elsie's                                              Sapor Café/Bar
    Erte & The Peacock Lounge                            Sawatdee & Zushiya of Maple Grove
    Everest on Grand                                     Sawatdee St. Paul                            I also want to thank our sponsors this year for their very
    FACES Mears Park
    Falafel King
                                                         Sawatdee Thai Restaurant, Minneapolis        important contributions to the success of this one day
                                                         Sen Yai Sen Lek
    Fat Lorenzo's                                        Señor Wong                                   event: Abbott Laboratories, City Pages (Presenting Sponsor),
    Finnish Bistro
    FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar
                                                         Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake, Duluth     Clear Channel Outdoor, KARE 11, Metromix powered by
                                                         Sontes, Rochester
    Fireroast Mountain Café                              Spill The Wine                               KARE 11, Lavender Magazine (Presenting Sponsor),
    First Course                                         Spoonriver                                   Meghan Doll Studios, Minnesota Monthly, Northwestern
    Fuji Ya Japanese                                     St. Clair Broiler
    Fusion                                               Stanley's Northeast Bar Room                 Health Sciences University, Open Table, RE/MAX Results,
    Galactic Pizza                                       Stella's Fish Cafe                           ROR Tax Professionals LLC, Taurus Moon Graphic Designs,
    Gigi's Café                                          Supatra's Thai Cuisine
    Ginger Hop Restaurant                                Tanpopo Noodle Shop
                                                                                                      Tibotec, Ticket Works, Twin Cities Dining Guide and Wallace
    The Glockenspiel                                     Thanh Do Restaurant                          Carlson Printing.
    Grand Café                                           Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen
    Great Waters Brewing Company                         Toast Wine Bar & Café
    Hazel's Northeast                                    Tooties On Lowry                             Want to help in some way next year? Put this date on your
    Heidi's Minneapolis                                  Trattoria da Vinci
    The Herkimer Pub and Brewery                         Tum Rup Thai
                                                                                                      calendar: Thursday, April 26, 2012.
    Highland Café & Bakery                               Va Bene Berarducci's Caffe,Duluth
    Himalayan Restaurant, Fridley                        Victor's 1959 Café
    Himalayan Restaurant, Minneapolis                    Vina Restaurant
    Hot Plate                                            W.A. Frost                                   Tim Marburger
    Il Gatto                                             Wienery                                      Director of Fundraising & Special Events
    The Independent                                      Wilde Roast Café
    It's Greek to Me                                     Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

6                                                                            612-824-LIFE (5433)                                                 The Aliveline
                Thank you for dining out!

The Aliveline     7
     Thanks to everyone who gave financial and in-kind gifts between April 15, 2011 and June 15, 2011
ORGANIZATIONS                      Great Waters Brewing Company          Sen Yai Sen Lek                   David Baker &                    Ken & Crystal Bradley            Janet Collins
128 Café                           Hazel's Northeast                     Señor Wong                           Rebecca Budimlija             David Bradshaw                   Rosemary T. Condon
318 Café                           Healing from Roots to Branches        Seward Community Co-Op            Janet M. Baker                   Robert J. Brandt                 Verne Conerton
8th Street Grill                   Highland Cafe and Bakery, Inc.        Sir Benedicts Tavern              Rick Baker                       Christie Brandt                  Sarah E. Conners
Abbott Laboratories                Himalayan Restaurant - Fridley           on the Lake                    Keith & Janice Bakke             Lawrence Braun                   Angela D. Conrath
Acqua Restaurant and Wine Bar      Himalayan Restaurant - Minneapolis    Spoonriver                        Joanie N. Balach                 Maureen K. Breheim               Jason E. Cook
al Vento                           Hot Plate                             St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church   Victor Barge                     Anna G. Brelje                   Judith Cook
Alexandra House                    Hugh J. Andersen Foundation           Stanley's Northeast Bar Room      Art Barlow & Jeremie Holmes      Katherine M. Brennan             Peter Cookson & Paige Bera
Amazing Grace Bakery & Café        It's Greek to Me                      Supatra's Thai Cuisine            Jim Barnes                       Jeremy Brezovan                  Philip W. Cooper
Anderberg Innovative               J.D. Hoyt's                           Tanpopo Noodle Shop               Yolanda Barnes                   Julie Brice                      Harlan Copeland
   Print Solutions                 Jackson's Coffee & Gelato             TaraNa Yoga Studio                Robert Barnett                   S. Brill & C. Lehr               Patricia Copeland
Angelo's Italian Restaurant        Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta               Taurus Moon Graphic Designs       Cynthia R. Bartell               Cynthia L. Brockway              Gisela G. Corbett
Anodyne @ 43rd                     Jitters Coffee & Tea House            The Aster Café                    Scott E. Bartell                 Nicole Brooks                    Teri Corbett
At Sara's Table/Chester            Joe's Garage Restaurant               The Bulldog Lowertown, Inc        Joel Bartlett                    Neal Broten                      Sue M. Corbin &
   Creek Café                                                            The Bulldog Minneapolis           Doug & Joyce Battcher-Malchow                                        Karen A. Lueck
                                   Jon Charles Salon                                                                                        Barbara A. Brown
B.A.N.K.                                                                 The Craftsman                     Ron Bauer                                                         Nick Corriere, Jr.
                                   Joseph's Family Restaurant                                                                               Molly Brown
Bar Abilene                                                              The Glockenspiel                  Roger Beck                                                        Nan Cowin
                                   Kafé 421                                                                                                 Katy Brukardt
Barbette                                                                 The Imperial Court of Minnesota   Andrew Becker                                                     Nancy Cox
                                   Khyber Pass Café                                                                                         Samuel J. Brungardt
Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro                                               The Rising Sun Medicine Group:    Ursula Becker                                                     Shannan Cox
                                   Knights of Leather                                                                                       Francis E. Buesgens
Birchwood Café                                                              The Mankind Project            Darren & Nichol Beckstrand                                        Bailey G. Craft
                                   La Chaya Bistro                                                                                          Tara Buillet
Black Forest Inn                                                         The Sample Room                   Allen L. Beers                                                    William & Judy Crandall
                                   LanderGroup                                                                                              Jessica A. Burdette
Blackbird                                                                The State Theatre                 Brita M Bengston                                                  Ron G. Cripe
                                   Language of Love, LLC                                                                                    Kathy Burleson
Brasa Rotisserie                                                         Trattoria da Vinci                Ellen Bengtson                                                    Terrence M. Crowley
                                   Loring Kitchen & Bar                                                                                     James Burns
Breadsmith                                                               Troupe America, Inc.              Kristi Bennett                                                    George and Janet Cruys
                                   Lucia's Restaurant                                                                                       Holly Burrington
Bruegger's Bagels - Eden Prairie                                         Tum Rup Thai                      John A. Benninghoff                                               Adrian Cumming
                                   LUSH Food Bar                                                                                            Barbara Burroughs
Buck Holzemer Productions                                                Va Bene Berarducci's Caffe        Matthew D. Benson                                                 Steve Cummings &
                                   Lutheran Church of                                                                                       Russ Bursch
C.C. Club                            Christ the Redeemer                 Victor's 1959 Café                Stephen Bentley & Amy Ronning                                        William R. Miller
                                                                                                                                            Adam Bury
Cafe Ena                           Macemon Photography                   Vina Restaurant                   Pat & Alison Bents                                                Robynne Curlee
                                                                                                                                            Ellen Butler
Café Maude                         MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation         W.A. Frost                        Joel O. Bergeland                                                 Charles & Pen Curry
                                                                                                                                            Judith L. Cahalan
Café Twenty-Eight                  Malt Shop                             Westrick & McDowall Nix PLLP      Brent F. Berheim                                                  Alexis Cuttance
                                                                                                                                            Tiffany M. Calderon
Campus Pizza                       Maverick's Wood Grill                 Y'all Come Back Saloon            Shayna Berkowitz &                                                John A. Cyzon
                                                                                                                                            Daniel J. Caldwell &
Carl and Eloise Pohlad             May Day Café                          Yoga Center of Minneapolis           Phyllis Wiener                   Matthew Clark                 Ann M. Dabruzzi
   Family Foundation                                                        Dharma Wellness and Spa        James M. Berry                                                    Andrew M. & Kim Dahl
                                   Maynard's Restaurant                                                                                     Linda A. Cameron
Carmelo's Ristorante                                                     Yum!                              Beverly A. Berryman                                               Rachel A. Dahms
                                   McCoy's Public House                                                                                     Joan Campbell
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres                                               INDIVIDUALS                       Al & Darlene Bertke                                               Sarah J. Dailey
                                   Meghan Doll Photography                                                                                  Charles W. Cantale
Chiang Mai Thai                                                          Terri Aberg                       Jennifer Bertram                                                  Trent Daily
                                   Minneapolis Friends Meeting                                                                              Jill D. Carlson &
Chin Dian Café                                                           Elizabeth M. Abraham              Katie Besser & Jake Rehberger       Rhonda DeCoteau               James M. Damian
                                   Minneapolis Musical Theatre
Citizen Café                                                             Tom Abts                          Anthony Bettendorf               Lois E. Carlson                  Rick Duane Darland
                                   Minnesota Storm Patrol
Colossal Café                                                            Elise C. Adair                    Rex J Beyer & Nick Meyer         Angela M. Carter                 Paula Dassbach
Consulting By Design                                                     Roxanne Adams                     Nancy Biele                      Ann Casey                        Max Davenport
                                   Mpls Photo Center
Cupcake                                                                  Roger L. Ahrens                   Lee A. Biersdorf & Ellyn Hosch   Mike Cassidy & Alan Holliday     Candace Davis
                                   Muffuletta Café
Cuppa Java                                                               Susanna D. Ahrens                 Thomas Billo                     Jackie Caverly                   Todd B. Davis
                                   My Scene
Curran's Restaurant                                                      Calvin & Sheri Alexander          Kathryn M Bique                  Andrea Cecconi &                 Susanna de Campos Salles
                                   New Scenic Café
CyberGrants, Inc.,                                                       Pamela H. Allen                   Todd Birch                          David Zaffrann                Jason DeCosta
   Traveler's Support Center       Nonna Rosa's Ristorante Italiano
                                                                         Sue Amundson &                    Steve Birkeland                  Jack & Aini Chase                J. Allen DeLaney, Jr.
Dining Out for Life                Pagoda                                   David Largaespada
                                                                                                           Marlene & Ned Bixby              Keith Cheetham &                 Becky DeLong
   International Association       Pancho Villa Grill                    Annikka Anderberg Wilson                                              Steve Wietecha
                                   Papa's Restaurant & Deli                                                Shennon M. Black                                                  Joel C. Demarais
Dunn Bros Coffee - Roseville                                             David A. Anderson                                                  Rosalin Chrest
                                   Park Tavern Bowling &                                                   Tamara R. Blaschko                                                Lloyd B. Dennis
eagleBOLTbar                                                             Deb K. Anderson                                                    Rick S. Christensen &
                                     Entertainment Center                                                  Timi C. & Matthew Bliss                                           Myrtle & Rebecca A. Dennis
Ecopolitan Restaurant                                                    Georgia Anderson                                                      Jim S. Mueller
                                   Pink Champagne                                                          Geri & Milt Blumenfeld                                            Kara N. Denny
Eden Avenue Grill                                                        John H. Anderson                                                   Scott Christian & Erik Doughty
                                   Pizza Lucé - Downtown Mpls                                              Chuck Boe                                                         Merle M. DeNuccio
El Mesón                                                                 Johnny Anderson                                                    Mardell D Christie
                                   Pizza Lucé - Duluth                                                     Kevin Boedigheimer *                                              Carol A. DePouw
Electric Fetus                                                           Karen J. Anderson                                                  Bill Christman
                                   Pizza Lucé - Hopkins                                                    Deb Bohn                                                          Daniel Derr & Tim Loughney
Elsie's Restaurant & Lounge                                              Kenn Anderson &                                                    Robert Christopher &
                                   Pizza Lucé - Seward/University                                          Stacey R. Bolton-Tsantir &          Aaron Crenshaw                Marilee DesLauriers &
Erté & The Peacock Lounge                                                   Johnny Hedgepeth
                                   Pizza Lucé - St. Paul                                                      Dean Tsantir                                                      Jack Militello
Everest on Grand                                                         Laura J. Anderson                                                  Kassandra Church
                                   Pizza Lucé - Uptown                                                     David A. Booth                                                    Jonathan T. Despotes
Falafel King                                                             Lee & Sheila Anderson                                              Sean Clarke
                                   Practice Point Communications, Inc.                                     Laura T. Booth                                                    Charles J. Dettloff
Finnish Bistro                                                           Nicole L. Anderson                                                 Julie Claseman
                                   Rail Station Bar & Grill                                                Amy L. Borgeson                                                   Janet Dickelman
FireLake Grill House &                                                   James D. Andrew                                                    Kelli Clement
                                   Rainbow Chinese Restaurant                                              Dean Borghorst                                                    Mary Ann Diercks
   Cocktail Bar                                                          Amanda Andvill                                                     Chuck Clingman, Rosalin
                                   Red Stag Supperclub                                                     Mecca Bos                           Chrest & Bob Brentrup         Roberta & William Dietrick
Fireroast Mountain Café                                                  Lorraine E. Anglin
                                   Restaurant Alma                                                         Charles Botzenmayer              Nina Cocchiarella                Gary E. Dietz
First Course                                                             Marcia Arndt
                                   Rinata                                                                  James E. Boucher                 Katherine M. Cochran             Susan Dille
Fuji-Ya Restaurant                                                       Toni K. Arneson
                                   Sapor Café/Bar                                                          Carol J. Bouska &                Mike Cochran                     Dennis & Nickie Dillon
Galactic Pizza                                                           Stephen Arnold                       Jeremy Iggers                 Scott Coenen                     Rob M. Dingmann &
Gaylaxicon 2009                    Sawatdee & Zushiya                    Ann Avant
                                     of Maple Grove                                                        Dustin Bower                                                         Brian B. Miller
Gigi's Café                                                                                                                                 Anthony M. Colantino
                                                                         Tracy & Luke Babler               Julie Kay Bowman                                                  Arlo W. Dissette
Ginger Hop Restaurant              Sawatdee St. Paul                                                                                        Gregory Cole & John Greenham
                                                                         Zach Bajaber                      Jane & Anne Boyer                                                 Robert Dobrow
Gold Medal Media Group LLC         Sawatdee Thai Restaurant                                                                                 Cynthia Collett
8                                                                                                                                                  The Aliveline
Rachel A. Dolan                Samuel J. Folk-Williams          Martha Hardy &                   Jorja Jamison                     Richard Kronstedt &            Cameron McConnell
Brenda Doll                    Jonathan L. Ford                   Sarah L. Weaver                Amy L. Jannette                     Robert F. Vickery            Charles B McCreary
Daniel M. Donkers              Beverly G. Forsman               Rebecca Sue Hardy                Nancy A. Jardine                  Duane E. Kruesel &             Sharon McDonald
                                                                Lauren Harmeyer                                                      James Essex
Robert J. Donnelly             Peter A. Forsmark                                                 Maria Jarvis                                                     Sean McGee
                                                                Brian M. Harper                                                    James M. Kruzitski
Suzanne L. Donsky &            Maurice E. Foslid                                                 Monte Jarvis                                                     Melinda McGowan
   Chester Wilson                                               Troy Harper                                                        Kathy M. Kuempel
                               Gene & Charlotte Frampton *                                       Suzanne P. Jebe                                                  Michael McGowan
David & Anita Dorffman                                          Gina F. Harsevoort                                                 Edward Kulik *
                               Thomas L. Frattallone                                             Steven Jensen &                                                  Mary McGraw & Dawn Mans *
Adrienne Dorn                                                   Julianne M. Hartfiel                Mark Nunemacher                Norm Kunselman
                               David A. Fredrick                                                                                                                  Vicki McHargue
Kari Dornfeld                                                   George A. Hartson                Debra L. Jessen                   Brian L. Kuntz
                               Adam M. Free                                                                                                                       James W. McHugh
Wyn W. Douglas                                                  Marie J. Harvat                  Kimberly Johnson &                Nicholas M. Kunz
                               Douglas A. Freeman                                                                                                                 Whitney A. McIntosh
Andrew Dramm                                                    Beth A. Harvey                      Carla Simeone                  Taras Kyweriga
                               Christine L. Freund                                                                                                                Dennis McKee *
Leah & Chuck Droubie                                            Evis Harville                    Kathryn D. Johnson &              John C. LaBarre
                               Rick Frisch                                                          Michael R. Senn                                               Tim McKenna &
Lynette L. Dumalag                                              Laura A. Hatfield &                                                Jeffrey Lamberg                   Michael J. Dakotan
                               Jodi R. & Kyle Fritsche                                           Anna I. Johnson
Megan Dunbar                                                      Thomas M. Kelley                                                 Laura Landis                   Patrick & Patricia McLaughlin
                               Lee Fritz                                                         Ben Johnson
Shawn P. Dunn                                                   Kate & Robert Hauer                                                Kim Langness                   Anne E. McManus
                               Steve J. Froeschl &                                               David W. Johnson
Shea Dunn                         Patrick Borowicz              Jeffrey D. & Terri Hayden                                          Timothy A. & Marie LaPlant     Rose A. & Charles J. McMurray
                                                                Jeff S. Hayes                    David Johnson                     Gary A. Larsen
Philip A. Duran                Catherine L. Furnberg                                                                                                              Anne Medin Alsaidi
                                                                James R. Hayne & Eric Larson     Gary Johnson                      Kurt A. Larsen
Mary B. Dwyer                  Garth Galbraith                                                                                                                    Jay P. Meekin & Steve Golat
                                                                Paul Hebert                      Gary L. Johnson                   Charles C. Larson
Jesse Dykhuis                  Elizabeth G. Galle                                                                                                                 Adrian Mehus
                                                                Stephen C. Hedman                Lindsay A. Johnson                Christopher D. Larson
Scott V. Eastman               Mary Pat Gallivan                                                                                                                  Sarah & Dennis Mendoza
                                                                Joseph E. Heiland                Robert M. Johnson                 Donald E. Larson
Tamara Ecklund                 Robert L. Gamble                                                                                                                   Marie Menkevich
                                                                Greta Heintz                     Russell Johnson                   Douglas A. Larson
Brian Edgar &                  Stephen E. Gangstead                                                                                                               Reginald H. Merrill
   Dennis Albertson                                             Tom Helwig                       Sally D. Johnson                  Gregory J. Larson
                               Greg Garman                                                                                                                        Charlene A. & Greg Merz
Kim Edson & Angie Joyce                                         Dr. Keith Henry & Carol Nelson   Sharanya Johnson                  Joseph Larson &
                               Elizabeth Garrett &                                                                                                                Kathryn Messerich
Meredith Edstam &                 Paul Degaetano                John & Kelly Henry               Tracy V. Johnson                    Charles Jordan *
                                                                                                                                                                  Thomas J. Messervey
   Ryan McDonald               Robert Garrett, II               Tim Herbstrith                   Zachary R. Johnson                Krista Larson
                                                                                                                                                                  Dirk Meuleners
Debra L. Edstrom               Rebecca Gebhart                  Christopher Hermann              Michael D. Jones                  Patricia R. Larson
                                                                                                                                                                  Carol A. Meyer
Kim & Jeff Egan                Sharon Geiger                    Scott Herron                     Scott Jones                       Michele M. LaSalle
                                                                                                                                                                  Lynne E. Meyer
Janet Eggert                   John & Janet Gendler             Kathleen Hertenstein             Edward Jorczyk                    Daren W. Latham
                                                                                                                                                                  Elizabeth A. Meylor
Nick Ehalt & Steve Schmitz     Thomas Genty                     Megan Hertzler &                 Dona Jordan                       Leslie Lauderdale
                                                                                                                                                                  Paul & Cathy Michaelson
Tamara Eichmann                Maggie George &                    Aaron Gebauer                  James L. Jorgensen                Janet L. Leavitt
                                                                                                                                                                  Sarah Grace Michalowski
Karen H. Ellingson                Rebecca Voelkel               Art Hetherington                 Paul E. Kaminski                  Sean Hunt & Jeanette Leete
                                                                                                                                                                  John A. Michel
Mr. & Mrs D. Stephen Elliott   Greg Gerlach                     Karol Hezsely                    Heidi Kammer-Hodge                Alice C. Lehman
                                                                                                                                                                  William J. Middeke
Sharon & Lester Emard          Rodney C. Gerner &               Linda I. Higgins                 Chad Kampe                        Carol R. Lehr
                                  Marco Soltero                                                                                                                   Cecil Mignott
Jennifer Emmerich                                               Christopher M. Hilger            Harold & Patrice Kaplan           Leonel Anthony Lemaire
                               Jane Kathryn Gibson                                                                                                                Martha Miller
Nicholas Engan                                                  Susan J. Hillstad                Steven J. & April D. Kaplan       Jessica Lerbs
                               Heather Jo Gilbertson &                                                                                                            Raleigh & Evan Miller
Aimee Engebretson                                               Laura J. Hilton                  Joyce & Warren Kapsner            Steve Lerner & Mike Ferguson
                                  Ryan Barry                                                                                                                      Tori Miller
Judy S. Engel                                                   Hanna S. Hindin                  Noam Kaufmann                     Steve J. Lesko
                               Betsey Giles                                                                                                                       Kathy Mills
Laurie J. Engel                                                 Andrew & Becca L. Hine           Janice H. Kaye                    Clare E. Leversedge
                               Amanda Giliotti                                                                                                                    Randy P. Miranda
Mary Engen                                                      Steven C. Hine &                 David B. Keller                   Sandra Levine
                               Brian Gilligan                     Susanna Ahrens                                                                                  Kelly Mireau
Doris E. Engibous &                                                                              Julia Ann Kelly                   Jack Lewis
   Cathy A. Ryan               Thomas Giorgi                    Dai Hoang                                                                                         Terry A. Mische
                                                                                                 Thomas J. Kelly II & Ellis Ampy   Deborah Liang &
Ann B. Erickson                Steve Glass                      Anne Hodson &                                                         Matthew Tillotsen           Phillip M. Momont
                                                                                                 Gary A. Kelsey
Ron Erickson                   Angela & James Goddard             Rachel Syverson                                                  Toby Lien                      Vanessa Monahan-Rial
                                                                                                 James (Jim) C. Kemp *
Kenneth Ermer                  Jacqueline A. Gohdes             Randel Hoefs                                                       Charlotte Lilla                Stacie & Michael Moncrief
                                                                                                 Anne Kempainen
Steve Ernhart                  Shelly Golden                    Alan & Judith Hoffman                                              Peggy A Locke                  Steve Mooney
                                                                                                 Linda J. Kenning &
Lynne M Eskuri                 Loree I. Goldman                 Art & Donna Hogenson                Vincent Dominguez-Schugt       James Lockwood                 Emma Moonier &
                               Gay Gonnerman & Larry Koch       Rory & Trina Hokens                                                                                  Margaret Ostrander
Cardina Esparza                                                                                  Jack & Bobbie Kettlewell          Carolyn Lorbiecki
                               Kyia L. Gordon                   Joseph D. Holan                                                                                   Kevin Morgel
Bonnie Esposito                                                                                  Doug Kiekow & Jerry Marmon        Jeffrey D. Lorch
                               Joanne & Steven Gores            Bertine Holmboe *                                                                                 Fred Morris & Connie Noterman
Susan L. Ethier                                                                                  Linda A. Kikos                    Ruth Lowenthal
                               Marge Grahn-Bowman               Mark Hooker                                                                                       Leah & Doug Moses
Davin Euken                                                                                      Justin Killian                    Ted Maher
                               Rachael Gran                     Pavane Hoover & Sonya Betker                                                                      Molly Mullen
Pamela Evans                                                                                     Al R. Killion                     Amy C. Mahnke
                               Mary A. Grant                    Kevin R. Horne                                                                                    Randy D. Munson
Carole Evenchik & Val Wolff                                                                      Ben Kimbler                       Mark J. Makowski
                               Heather Gray & Steve Mann        Jerry Hoseck                                                                                      Bob Murphy
Jean Fagerstrom                                                                                  Barbara Kinnunen                  Ben Maliszeuski
                               Kelly Griffin                    Scott Hoskins                                                                                     Veronica J. Murphy
Ashley L Fawkes                                                                                  Janet L. Kirkendall               Sheena L. Mann
                               Roger J. Grusznski               Robert E. & Linnea House                                                                          Dave & Ellen Muschenheim
Jennifer Fawkes                                                                                  Don Kirkwood                      Tasha Mann & Molly Zinn
                               Kirk Gryder                      Pastor Eliot & Jan Howard                                                                         Judy & David Myers
Carol Fedorchak &                                                                                Matthew Klimek                    Tim Marburger
   Christopher Allen           Lynn Guggemos                    Patricia A. Hoyt                                                                                  Sharath R. Mylandhalli
                                                                                                 Eric Klis & Paul Bock             Krista Margolis
Matthew Feeney                 Prassana P. Guneratne            David Hubbard                                                                                     Amy Marie Narusiewicz
                                                                                                 Sharon Knip                       Joan T. Marso
Kerry B. Felt                  Laurie Habermann                 Autumn & Nathan Hubbell                                                                           Steve D. Nau & Mark Koppenberg
                                                                                                 Mary Beth Kodluboy                Larry G. Martin & Dan Ranum
H. Dianna Feltham &            Janice J. Hafertepe              Ed Huerta & Richard Margotta                                                                      Lowell Naulinthavang
                                                                                                 Alex M. Koontz                    Carol Martinson
   M. Kaye Thompson            Sandra E. Hall & Karol Hezsely   Aaron Huppert                                                                                     David & Joyce Nauman
                                                                                                 Alicia & Andrew Kopp              Melissa Martz
Craig Feltmann                 Jim Halverson                    Denise & Sue Invie                                                                                Lindsay Neely
                                                                                                 Lindsey Kopp                      Negieh Masrojhe
Geroge A. Ferguson, III        Dean A. Hamilton                 Kay Ireland                                                                                       Shannon Negaard
                                                                                                 Russell Koski                     Laura M. Matson
Erica Fields                   Miles Hamlin                     Deacon Charlie Irons                                                                              Robert C. & Geraldine Nehotte
                                                                                                 Aaron Kosola                      Robert L. Matters
Shawn Fitzgerald Bjerklie      Jonathan M. Hanft                Corey A. Isaak &                                                                                  Alisha Nehring &
                                                                                                 John P. Kostouros                 David W. Matthews                 Jennifer Garrison
Kevin H. Flam *                Jeanne Hansen                      Ryan Boekelheide
                                                                                                 Nikolas Kotz                      Laura McCallum                 Aimee Nelson
Gary E. Flatgard               David A Hanson & Ivars Edens *   Robert Jacoby & Duane Atter
                                                                                                 Gary W Kowalke                    Bill & Sue McCarthy            Alexandria Nelson
Peter Fleck                    Keith A. Hanson                  Nathan P. Jacoby
                                                                                                 Joel R. & Laurie M. Kramer        Laura J. McCarty               Brooke M. Nelson
June K. Flewelling             Leslie Ann Hanson                Lyle J. Jaeger
                                                                                                 Wendy Kramer                      Marilyn J. McClain             E. Dennis Nelson
Donald J Flies &               Melanie D. Hanson                Deborah Jahn
   Randy Hornstine                                                                               Loren W. Krienke                  Laura McClendon                Helen M. Nelson
                               Julia S. Hara                    Christoper James
Monica Foley & Kate Phelan                                                                       Ryan D. Kroening                  Karen A. McConkey              Kate Nelson
The Aliveline                                                                                                                                                     9
Stan Nelson                     Kristen Piersa                    Amy Ruzick                       Julie Sorensen                    Mary Jo Thompson               Julie Weighter
James H. Nepp & Larry Fonnest   Christopher Pluchinsky &          Sameer & Samreen Saadi           Suzanne C. Sorensen               Jeffrey R. Thomson             Patrick Weiland
Paula Ness                         Kevin Ogburn                   John J. Saecker                  Kimberly Sorenson                 Marshell B. Thornton           Jeffrey D. Weinand
Jane L. Nevin                   Elisa Pluhor                      Sharon Sandstrom                 Joyce F. Spehar                   Brian D. Thorson &             Daniel & Pamela Weisdorf
John Newell                     Barbara & William Poblete         Natasha Satre                    Brian & Niki Spencer                Dennis C. Bless              Curtis M. Weldon
Stephen Newell                  Jeannette Polkinghorne            Dan Saunders                     Donna Spencer                     Chris Thorson &                Marvin Welk
                                Elizabeth Polter                                                                                       Devon Dougherty
Mary L. Newman                                                    Jennifer Scanland                Judith Spiegel                                                   Robert & Violet Weller
                                Craig R Poorker & Joanie Miller                                                                      Joe Throndson
Nicole G. Nicholas                                                Richard A. Scarlett              Hillary C. Spreizer                                              David Wellington
                                Chris Porter                                                                                         Betty Tisel & Sarah Farley
Samuel W. Noble                                                   Katie L. Schaaf                  Mark F. Sprung                                                   Jack A. & Mary Jo Welsh
                                Jack A. Porter                                                                                       Claire M Todd
Michael Norman                                                    Casaundra Scheuremann            Iain St. James                                                   Julie Welsh
                                Olivia Porter                                                                                        Cheryl A. Toftey
Ruth A. Norman                                                    Carrie L Schleis                 Joseph P. St. James                                              Caleb Werth
                                Roberta Poulton                                                                                      Greg Toltzman
Tom & Kris Norman-Major                                           Lori Schluttenhofer & Deb Berg   Kris Stackowitz                                                  Amy L. Westerberg
                                Thomas M. Powell & Paul Hill                                                                         Tim Tormoen
Jenifer J. Northwick                                              Kit Schmoker                     Clarice A. Staff                                                 Wendy K. Wethington
                                Jeremy Powers                                                                                        Angelica Torralba-Olague
Patrick O. Norton                                                 Susan Schonfeld & Doug Hicks     Theresa Stark                                                    Deborah Wexler
                                Jacqueline M. Preusse                                                                                Tracy E. Tracy
John F. Novak                                                     JoAnn M. Schrantz                Marti Starr                                                      Katurah Weyenberg
                                Gail Pugmire                                                                                         Beka Tremont
Deb L. Nugent & Barb Shumsker                                     Heidi Schreiber                  Karen K. Starry                                                  Anita L. Wheeler
                                Dwayne R. Purrington &                                                                               Tom Trotter
Nancy L. Nugent                                                   Clinton A. Schroeder             Nanette Stearns                                                  Julia Wheeler
                                   Christopher T. Webre                                                                              Earl & Caron Truss
Cassondra O'Brien                                                 Father Paul A. Schumacher        Jon Steidel & Mark Wickham                                       Patricia A. Wheelock
                                Dan Quackenbush                                                                                      Carl A. Tubbs &
Terry O'Brien                                                     Jean Schwalen                    Tracy Steiner &                     Dr. Gary Gronstedt           Joan Whiton
                                Daniel L. Quillin                                                     Zeeda Magnuson
Joanna O'Connell                                                  Cindy C. Schwartz                                                  Paul B. Tuchman                Sharann & Steven Wicklund
                                Daniel M. Quirk                                                    Amy Steiner
John O'Donnell                                                    Patrick R. Schwartz                                                Tony Tuchscher & James Klahr   Robert J. Wieber
                                Mayda & Marc Raffe                                                 Eric Stensberg
Jonathon Offutt                                                   Cheryl A. Schweitzer                                               Mandy K. Tuong &               Sarah L. Willems
                                Susan Raffo                                                        Mary Lou Stephens
Ryan O'Hare                                                       Andy Scott                                                           Dr. Michael Rhodes           Kasya Willhite
                                Bryan Rahn                                                         Julie D. Stern
Michael Oian *                                                    Bruce & Julianne Seiber                                            Dong Tuong                     Erik Wilson
                                Jay M. Rainville                                                   Marilee Stevens
Michele A. O'Kane                                                 Shari Seifert & Melissa Brooks                                     Kimberly J. Vacanti            Ronald Wilson
                                Judy Ratliff & Brad Litton                                         Chris and Melissa Stiegler
Ann Olberding & Ryan Urness                                       Tseganesh Selameab                                                 Kathy Vader *                  Sharon M. Wilson
                                Susan Reaney & Vince Ghess *                                       Kadi Stine
Timothy P. Oleksiak                                               Susan F. Sencer                                                    Thomas L. Valach               Stephan & Catherine B. Wilson
                                Joseph J. Reid                                                     Sherrie Stockton &
Timothy O. Olken-Hunt                                             Andrew D. Senn                                                     Amanda Van Santen              William E. Wimsett
                                Gary J. Remick                                                        Anita Bradshaw
Richard C. Olson &                                                Brian E. Senske                                                    Douglas Van Vreede             Denise C. Windenburg
  Rob Rodgers                   Elizabeth Rey & Lindsay Heyer                                      Mike Stoddart & Mark J. Kesling
                                                                  Jane L. Severance                                                  Tom D. Vance                   Josh Wise
Scott A. Olson & Shawn Manly    Dr. Frank Rhame                                                    Deanne Stonchus
                                                                  Eric Severson                                                      Kevin M. Vandenberg            Ashley L. Witt
Evelyn R. & Lynn Olson          Veronica Rholl                                                     Patricia & Gerald D. Stone
                                                                  William Sharp                                                      Jennifer VanDerBosch Starkey   Jo Sue & Lauren Wold
Frank Olson                     Rebecca J. Richardson                                              Damon Story
                                                                  Erika Shatz                                                        Chris Vanklei                  Eyerusalem Woldegebread
Glenn Olson                     Bill Rieckhoff                                                     Jeffrey Stout
                                                                  Stephanie L. Shaw &                                                Andrea L. Vargo                Beth Wolslegel
M. Olson                        Steve Riendl & Paul Hanson           Barb Rocheford                Brad Striegel & Cecil Mignott
                                                                                                                                     James Velek                    Daniel J. Wolter
Ross Olson                      Mike & Kim Ries                   Sara Shaylie                     Lisa Stromquist
                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth A. Velner            William Womack
Carol B. Olyphant               Robert L. Riggins                 Joy Shealer Orson                William Stuckey
                                                                                                                                     Kim Verbrugge                  Chris J. Wood
Tim Oppenheim                   Joe L. Rine                       John & Kathleen Sheehy           Melissa Summers
                                                                                                                                     Jennifer A. Verlo              Linda E. Woodford
Patrick J Oreilly               Jenni Ripley                      John Shefchik                    Shelly Sunderlin
                                                                                                                                     David M. Vieths                Joseph H. Woodside
Steven Orzel                    Omar Gonzalez Rivera              Joanne Shepherd                  Kip G. & Linnea K. Sundgaard
                                                                                                                                     Robert D. Vincent              Glade Woolstenhulme
Diane Ott-Hager                 Kevin & Sharon Roberg-Perez       Gary W. Shepson                  Adam Suomala
                                                                                                                                     Samantha Vitiello              Beth & Stephen Wozniak
Tony Otto                       Susan M. Robertson &              Christopher P. Sibilia &         Richard C. Sur
                                   Brenda Villard                                                                                    Brian Voeller                  Beth Wright & Anne Graham
Philip Oxman                                                         Lance Phillips                Catherine A. Sutmar
                                Brian Robinson & Adam Larson                                                                         Stephen Volkman                Mary C. Wynne
Tim Oyler                                                         Michael A. Sichmeller            Jean W. Sutton
                                Peter Robinson                                                                                       Matthew J. Vork                Michael Wysocki
Colleen Palmer                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kush          Lynne M. Swanberg
                                Chris Rodgers                                                                                        Richard J. Voss                Chee Yang
Narrah & Jamie Palmquist                                          Kathie Simon Frank               Michael S. Swanson &
                                Eric Rodgers                                                          Jeffery Brockmann              Sharon Voto                    Darlene Young
Kathie Pardo                                                      Pat Simonson
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10                              Daniel S. Ruzek                                                                                             The Aliveline
The Aliveness Project was the lucky beneficiary of the    Some news with our program: my colleague Saundra Johnson left the Health &
“Golden Grrrls” dragstravaganza at Epic Event Center      Wellness Program a couple weeks ago. I am happy to be heading up the program
on Friday, June 3. Organizer Iain St. James coordinated   and have a lot of great educational sessions planned based on your feedback.
the “Night of a Hundred Drag Performers” to honor past    Before starting at The Aliveness Project, I served in the U.S. Peace Corps as a health
and present performers. A group dance number broke        volunteer. I spent three years in the Caribbean working for the National HIV/AIDS
the Guinness world record for the most drag queens        Program of Dominica. Local nurses and I worked to receive free HIV medications
performing onstage together.                              from the Global Fund and Clinton Initiative. We also coordinated home care, a
A big thank you to Iain, all the drag performers,         support group, and a food bank for positive Dominicans.
volunteers and folks who dragged themselves to this       My friends back in Dominica are stunned to hear that places like The Aliveness
event and helped make it a big success!                   Project exist. Seeing the struggles of positive Dominicans made me deeply grateful
                                                          to live in a place where we have the resources to help positive people to live healthy,
                                                          normal lives. For the last two years, it has been a joy to be part of The Aliveness
                                                          Project family at the Front Desk. I am proud to be taking on the new role of Health
                                                          & Wellness coordinator.

                                                          UPCOMING EVENTS (Space limited - call 612-822-7946 to sign up)
                                                                    Wednesday, July 6 - “HIV and Your Heart”
                                                                    Jean Willis, Gilead Sciences
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, Elsie’s Restaurant
                                                                    729 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
                                                                    Dinner provided

                                                                    Monday, July 18 - “Ask the Dentist”
                                                                    Dr. Scott Lingle, Saint Paul Dental Center
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, The Aliveness Project Conference Room
                                                                    $5 giftcard if you stay the whole time

                                                                    Wednesday, July 20 - “How to Plan a Funeral”
                                                                    Greg Travis, regional manager, CFPC Insurance
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, The Aliveness Project Conference Room
                                                                    $5 giftcard if you stay the whole time

                                                                    Thursday, August 4 - “Writing Circles for Healing”
                                                                    Wendy Brown-Baez, writer and performance poet
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, The Aliveness Project Conference Room
                                                                    $5 giftcard if you stay the whole time

                                                                    Monday, August 8 - “HIV/AIDS Stigma in the African Diaspora”
                                                                    *Open to African-born members only, please
                                                                    Dr. Alvine Siaka, African Health Action; Tom Bichanga, Mwanyagetinge
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, The Aliveness Project Conference Room
                                                                    $5 giftcard if you stay the whole time

                                                                    Wednesday, August 24 - “Advances in HIV Prevention”
                                                                    Staci Bush, Gilead Sciences
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, Elsie’s Restaurant
                                                                    729 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
                                                                    Dinner provided

                                                                    Wednesday, September 28 -
                                                                    “Your HIV Treatment Goals and the Facts about Lipoatrophy”
                                                                    Jean Willis, Gilead Sciences
                                                                    6 – 7:30 pm, Elsie’s Restaurant
                                                                    729 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
                                                                    Dinner provided

                                                                                                Hanna Dorn
                                                                                                Health & Wellness Program Coordinator
                                                                                                (612) 822-7946, ext. 213

The Aliveline                                                                                                    11
July/August 2011
                                               Nonprofit Org.
                                                U.S. Postage
730 East 38th Street                               PAID
Minneapolis, MN 55407                         Minneapolis, MN
                                              Permit No. 3134


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