; Annual directory of the City and County of San Francisco (PDF download)
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Annual directory of the City and County of San Francisco (PDF download)


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									R.   J.   TRUMBULL, Agent                        for   CENTRAL PARK LAWN MOWER,
                                                                                               419 and 421     SANSOME STREET.

                               ORE                             325                                 CRO
Cresta T., vegetable, 59 Colombo Market                            Croall James, plumber,  r. 1918 Mason
Creswell David P., coachman, r. 724 Van                            Crobert James, with Risdon Iron and Loco-
    Ness av                                                            motive Wks., r. 13 Baldwin crt
Cretien B. F., drayman, r. 114 Virginia                            Croce & Marchand (P. E. Croce and C. Mar-
Creuziger Arthur, salesman, r. 1519 Larkin                             chand) watch case mkrs, 622 Clay, nn 9
Creuziger Hugo, upholsterer, r. 1519 Larkin                        Croce P. E. (Croce & Marchand) r. 5% Kear
Crews John T., carptr, r. ne. cor 16th and                         Croce Severino, nightwatchman Campi's
          Howard                                                       Restaurant, 520 Clay
Cribbeus Patrick, buggy washer with A. G.                          Crockard Hugh, shipsmith, 20 Mission, r.
     Eoden, r. 1715 Sacramento                                         7th av bet         M
                                                                                      and N, S. S. F.
Crichton James, r. 10% Howard crt                                  Crockard John, shipsmith with Hugh Crock-
Crichton James, carptr, r. 307 Sutter                                  ard, r. 7th av bet M. and N. S. S. F.
Crichton John L., plasterer, r. 10% How crt                        Crocker & Co. (Lesser and Aaron Crocker)
Crichton Peter, carptr, r. 1310 Natoma                                 drygoods, 903 Stockton
Crievling Geo. W., cooper, r. 212 Eighth                           Crocker & Gurnett (John H. Crocker and Al-
Crighton Parker, auctioneer, r. 1(328 Clay                             bert G. Gurnett) com stockbrokers, 310
Ci'ihel Etienne, waiter, r. 522 Dupont                                 California
Crihel Jean, waiter, r. 522 Dupont                                 Crocker A. T. (Homer                  &    Crocker)   r.   1012
Crill Henry, oysterman, r. 6 Virginia pi                               Montgomery
Crilley Wm. M., with J. J. McDonnell, r.                           Crocker Aaron (L.  & A. Crocker and Crocker
     1036 Market                                                       &  Co.) r. 33 John
Crilly Wm., brickmason, r. 215 Minna                               Crocker Clark W. (Sisson, Wallace & Co.)
Crilly Wm., Underwriters' Fire Patrol, r. 33                           r. 1609 Sutter
     Stevenson                                                     Crocker Chas., pres S. P. R. R. and vice pres
Crim Geo. S., elk with S. Crim, r. 2320                                C. P. R. R., r. Palace Hotel
          Howard                                                   Crocker C. W., Mrs., furnished rooms, 615
Crim Samuel,              real estate,     420 California, rm          Bush
          15, r.       2320   Howard                               Crocker Eliza, Miss, teacher Chinese Mis-
Crim W. H.,   teller National Gold Bank and                            sion School,           r.   15   Guy   pi
    Trust Co,, r. cor 19th and 22d                                 Crocker Frank, molder, r. 35 Eleventh
Crimen Dennis, lab, r. 249 Spear, rear                             Crocker Frank, r. 1509 Mason
Crimens Wm., with Einstein Bros. &, Co.,                           Croeker H. S. A: Co. (H. S. Crocker
    r. 44 Ritch                                                        and John D. Yost) importing and mnfg
Crimlist Daniel, lab with P. Robinson &                                stationers and printers, 401-403 Sansome
    Co.. r. nw. cor Battery and Green                              Crocker H. S. (H. S. Crocker & Co.) r.
Grimm Chas., baker, r. 1118 Kearny                                     Grand Hotel
Crimmins Patrick, lab, us. 26th nr Capp                            Crocker Isaac B., varnisher, r. 130 Eighth
Crimmins Wm., laborer, r. 45 Eitch                                 Crocker John, elk with Crocker & Gurnett,
Crince       —
           r. 550 Mission
                   ,                                                   r. 716 Leavenworth

Crinean Tho8.,with Wm.G.Badger, r.521 Oak                          Crocker John H. (Crocker & Gurnett) r. 716
Crinnion Thos. F., elk, r. 10 O'Farrell                                Leavenworth
Crinon Peter, carptr, r. 14 Howard crt                             Crocker L. & A. (Lesser and Aaron Crocker)
Crippeu Eugene, carptr, r. 624 Fourth                                  variety store and drygoods, 1100 Stock
Cripps James, compositor with H. S. Crock-                         Crocker Lesser (L. & A. Crocker and Crock-
     er & Co., r. 5% Clinton                                            <fe   Co.)   r.   33 John
Crisman Chas. L., contractor, r. Ill Austin                        Crocker Lucius, carptr, r. 412 Fourth
 Crissel       Patrick,         laborer,    r.    Lombard    bet   Crocker M. J. C. Mrs., teacher Greenwich
      Sansome and Montgomery                                           Primary School, r. 615 Bush
 Crist A. Barr, freight and ticket agt Cal. P.                     Crocker N. & Co. (of Red Bluff) off 7-9 Bat
      R. R. and C. P. stmrs, Market-st wharf,                      Crocker R. R. Mrs., lodgings, 946 Howard
      r. 425 Kearny                                                Crocker Wm. A., gasfitter, r. 520 Taylor
 Critcher Henry, stockbroker, r. 420 Tyler                         Crocker Wm., with Joseph Scheerer, r. 20
 Critcher John, r. 420 Tyler                                           Clementina
 Crittenden Andrew, teamster, r. 5 Vassar pi                       Crocker Wm., music teacher, r. 1024 Hyde
 Crittenden C. S. & Co. (C. S. Crittenden)                         Crocket Chas., woodturner, r. 531 Natoma
     proprs Dexter Stables, 221-223 Bush                           Crockett John, mining sec, 419 Cali-
 Crittenden Charles S. (C. S. Crittenden &                             fornia rm 21, r. Fruit Vale
     Co.) r. 519 O'Farrell                                         Crockett Joseph B. Hon,, associate Justice
 Crittenden Clara C. Mrs., r. 122 Taylor                               Su})reme Court of California, 640 Clay,
 Crittenden Jas. L., atty-at-law, 59-60 Mer-                            r.    Oakland
     chants' Exchange, r. Lick House                               Crockett    V. jr., engineer S. F. Gaslight
 Crittenden Parker, stock auctioneer, 59-00                             Co.,  700 Post

     Merchants' Exchange                                           Crockett Lizzie Mrs., dressmkr, 817 Clay
 Crittenden T. T. elk with H. H. Scott & Co.,                      Crockett Robert, managing elk with Wilson
     r. 122 Taylor                                                      A Wilson, r. 547 Folsom
                                                  645 IVIARKKT. --• " or Palare Hotel, wholerale ami retail dealerta
                                                                         'artnrerorall kinds ni'WiB<lownh»4e«
GEO. W. CLARK, 'pl^Eil'rNS—S                                                         dealer Id all kinds of Shade Materials,

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