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                Christian University Education
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                                                                FALL 2 0 0 5 Volume 16 Number 1

The King's Community Celebrates the
Inauguration of President Harry Fernhout
                                                                P  roclaiming that The King’s University College is “out to change the world!”, J. Harry
                                                                Fernhout, Ph.D. was inaugurated September 24, 2005 as third president of The King’s
                                                                University College. The ceremony highlighted a week of activities that focused on The
                                                                King’s mission of global responsibility.
                                                                      In his inaugural address, Restless Delight: Educating for Shalom, Fernhout asserted
                                                                that “Christians are agents of transformation”. Shalom is more than the Hebrew word for
                                                                peace, Fernhout emphasized. It is at once a vision of a society where “every creature [is] in
                                                                community with every other, living in harmony and security toward the joy and wellbeing
                                                                of all”, and a charge “to do what we can to contribute to the healing of our communities,
                                                                our society, our world”. The King’s University College, he stressed, has a key role to play
                                                                in realizing the vision and carrying the responsibility.
                                                                      Before an audience of approximately 400 dignitaries and guests, the presidential chain
                                                                of office was ceremonially passed from Henk Van Andel, president 1985-2005, to Harry
                                                                Fernhout. Fernhout removed his academic robes from the University of Toronto where he
                                                                earned his Ph.D., donned the presidential robes bearing the colours of The King’s and
                                                                received the presidential medallion from Van Andel.
                                                                      Numerous dignitaries and representatives from higher education institutions from
                                                                throughout Canada and the United States, as well as representatives from The King’s
                                                                University College, the Edmonton community, and the province of Alberta, were on hand
                                                                for the inauguration. In addition, hundreds of higher education institutions throughout
                                                                North America sent greetings and congratulations to Fernhout.
                                                                      Following the ceremony, Harry Fernhout and his wife Hilda greeted inauguration
                                                                attendees at a reception in the University College Atrium.
                                                                Dr. Harry Fernhout takes office as third president of The King's University College.

Visualization Technology Helps Students Get the Picture
I  t’s come a long way since the movie craze of the 1950s,
  but three-dimensional imagery is still not mainstream
fare, especially in educational settings. Drs. Brian Martin
                                                                watching the sci-fi flick Fantastic Voyage. Cells, atoms,
                                                                bacteria – all larger than human life forms – studied up
                                                                close and personal. But the technology is a lot more than
(Astronomy & Physics) and Peter Mahaffy (Chemistry)             wow factor or eye candy, says project co-leader, Dr. Brian
are aiming to change that.                                      Martin. “There is a stunning increase in student
       With funding received from the National Science          comprehension and retention using the Geowall system,” he
Foundation (US) The King’s professors have installed            says. Additionally, Martin states, Geowall will give student
Geowall, a 3D visualization system that has exciting            and faculty research at King’s a tremendous boost. “This
applications in natural science education and research. The     tool allows you to virtually get inside a molecule and have a
King’s Geowall system, the only one of its kind in western      look around, isolating some components, manipulating
Canada, uses dual projectors to superimpose two slightly        others.” Current applications include chemistry,
offset versions of one image that can be observed by            biochemistry and astronomy, with developments being
wearing inexpensive 3D glasses, allowing users to see three-    made in environmental science. Cross-disciplinary
dimensional objects at the macroscopic, astronomical or         approaches involving art and computing science students
molecular level. The Geowall user can manipulate and            are also in the works to further enhance the system and
interact with the image, bringing classroom teaching aids       broaden the benefit.
light-years beyond the two-dimensional, textbook-type                 Further funding from the Natural Sciences and
representations instructors have relied upon in the past.       Engineering Research Council (Canada) will allow The                           Dr. Brian Martin demonstrates
       Having a demonstration of the Geowall is a little like   King’s team, in cooperation with the University of Alberta,                    Geowall technology.

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president's message
                          Restless Delight: Educating for Shalom
                          T    he King’s University College is out to change the
                                world! Is it arrogant to claim that this institution,
                          small as it is, is out to change the world? The presidential
                                                                                                    And we will answer this call with restless delight.
                                                                                              Delight that is palpable when you walk through The King’s
                                                                                              halls; the place vibrating with a sense of awe and wonder,
                          search materials developed by members of this institution           and a sense of love for the world entrusted to us. Delight in
                          claimed that The King’s is a place of robust faith which            the glimpses of the Creator’s imagination we catch in the
                          “emphasizes the highest intellectual and personal                   chemistry lab and in the English class. At The King’s we
                          achievement, moral discernment reflecting Christian                 find joy in research projects and healthy relationships, and
                          values, and a transforming commitment to social justice”.           in our delight, we gather for worship, giving thanks for the
                          Perhaps you can understand how I got                                                         sheer joy of learning.
                          the impression that this is a place with                                                            But delight at The King’s
                          ambition, with a passion to contribute to                                                    should walk hand-in-hand with
                                                                               “ Our institutional calling, as
                          positive change in the world. The                                                            restlessness. Not a restlessness born
                          question is not whether The King’s
                                                                                a shalom community, is to              of despair, but a holy dissatisfaction
                          University College is out to change the                   play our part in that              with what we know and where we are
                          world, but how it hopes to go about doing             unfolding, world-changing              today. Part of that restlessness will
                          it.                                                  story of shalom a-coming.”              simply be an aspect of the delight of
                                The King’s University College will                                                      knowing that there is always more
                          change the world by working tirelessly to                                                     to learn. Part will be based on our
                          build a community of shalom. Not                                                              recognition that we are not yet
                          simply the shalom we translate as peace, but the shalom of          what we can and should be as an institution. But at bottom,
                          Isaiah 65 – every creature in community with every other,           our restlessness must come from the ethical call inherent in
                          living in harmony and security toward the joy and wellbeing         the biblical vision of shalom; a vision that does not allow us
                          of all. Shalom as the dream of God that resists all human           to rest easy with pain, suffering and injustice in the world,
                          tendencies to division, hostility, fear, exploitation and           particularly when these result from either violent or polite
                          misery, and shalom as the command of God to respond to              human acts of greed and oppression.
                          the pangs of a world filled with pain, suffering and                      So…The King’s University College is out to change
                          woundedness.                                                        the world! Is this an arrogant claim? It would be, were it not
                                Our institutional calling, as a shalom community, is to       for the One whom we follow, and whose name is
                          play our part in that unfolding, world-changing story of            emblazoned on our building. His story tells of changing the
                          shalom a-coming. To participate in some way, great or               world through humility, love for others, suffering with and
                          small, in enacting this story through teaching, research and        for those in need of grace, and ultimately, self-sacrifice. His
                          community service. And to equip a new generation for                name is Prince of Peace – Shalom. It is in His spirit and as
                          participation in this drama, readying them to be responsible        His possession that The King’s University College seeks to
                          contributors to society, shaping life in the direction of the       change the world.
                          healing and shalom which our story promises.                        (adapted from Harry Fernhout’s inaugural address, September 24, 2005)

Education Department Creates
Web-based Community
                                                                                                  FOUNDATION CELEBRATES 20 YEARS
                          T   he King’s Education Department is on the cutting edge
                               of integrating technology and learning! The
                          department received funding from Alberta Learning to                                                     The King' s University College
                                                                                                                                   Foundation celebrated its 20th
                          conceptualize, develop and implement their Supporting
                                                                                                                                   anniversary at the annual
                          Practicum Communication: Pre-service Teachers and Web-                                                   membership meeting held on
                          based Community project.                                                                                 November 18, 2005. The
                                The initiative’s purpose is to enhance communication                                               Foundation assists the
                                                                                                                                   University College by funding
                          during the in-school practicum experience each Bachelor of                                               special projects that support
                          Education student undertakes. Research and experience has                                                program development. Herman
                          shown that theoretical approaches and developing beliefs                                                 Berkenbosch serves as
                                                                                                                                   Executive Director.
                          about education tend to be influenced, even overridden, by
                          in-school socialization pressures. The web-based
                          community is designed to enhance professional
                          development with daily access to an online community of
                          peers, mentors, and advisors.
                                For more information on this project contact
Professor Glenn Rideout   Professor Glenn Rideout at

focus on faculty
                                 Robert           Bruinsma                                     David Long (Sociology) is        CRYSTAL (Centre for Research in Youth Science Teaching
                                 (Education) presented at                                      chair of the planning            and Learning) program which is a joint King’s and University
                                 the annual convention of                                      committee for Edmonton’s         of Alberta project to deal with issues in K-12 science
                                 the Ontario Christian                                         first men’s wellness forum,      education.
                                 Teachers’ Association. Dr.                                    Addressing Obstacles in
                                                                                                                                Joachim Segger (Music) and Marnie Giesbrecht, as Duo
                                 Bruinsma’s presentations                                      Health Services for
                                                                                                                                                              Majoya, were headline
                                 dealt with an appraisal of                                    Marginalized Men, being
                                                                                                                                                              artists at two major
                                 fantasy literature in the                                     held February 8-10, 2006.
                                                                                                                                                              conventions this past
                                 Christian school curriculum                                   Dr. Long is also part of a
                                                                                                                                                              summer: at the American
                                 using Harry Potter and The                                    four-person           team
                                                                                                                                                              Guild of Organists regional
                                 Lord of the Rings as            appointed by the Canadian Men’s Health Network Task
                                                                                                                                                              convention in Billings,
examples, as well as an exploration of different approaches      Force to establish a Canadian Men’s Health Network.
                                                                                                                                                              Montana, and at the
to teaching literature titled, “What is Literature For?”. Roy
                                                                 In 2003, Heather Looy (Psychology) was invited to                                            national Royal Canadian
Berkenbosch (Campus Minister and Director of
                                                                 participate in the John Templeton Oxford Seminars on                                         College of Organists
Interdisciplinary Studies) was one of the keynote speakers
                                                                 Science and Christianity. The seminars, funded by the John                                   convention in London,
at the same conference.
                                                                 Templeton Foundation, spanned three consecutive                                              Ontario. Dr. Segger recently
Doug Harink (Theology) is on sabbatical leave, spending          summers and concluded in August 2005. They brought             completed several workshops throughout Canada on
August to December 2005 at the Center of Theological             together faculty from around the world seeking to advance      organ improvisation, and has ongoing performances
Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey. His sabbatical project is to   the cause of Christ-centred higher education. Dr. Looy was     including upcoming concerts at Edmonton’s Winspear
write a theological commentary on 1 and 2 Peter. He is also      also chief guest editor and contributing author to the         Centre and the University of Alberta.
preparing papers on Paul and Karl Barth to present to the        Summer 2005 issue of Journal of Psychology and Christianity.
                                                                                                                                Harry Spaling (Geography and Environmental Studies),
Society of Biblical Literature in Philadephia in November        The King’s faculty Arlette Zinck (English), John Sneep
                                                                                                                                on sabbatical leave, was invited by World Vision Canada to
2005. In July 2005 Dr. Harink was the featured speaker at        (Psychology), and Chris Peet (Psychology) were also
                                                                                                                                work on assessing the environmental impact of tsunami
the annual conference of the Union of Messianic Jewish           contributing authors to this journal.
                                                                                                                                relief projects in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India
Congregations in San Jose, California.
                                                                 Peter Mahaffy (Chemistry) participated in the Gordon           from May-September 2005 (see story, pg. 4). Dr. Spaling is
                                  John Hull (Education)                                      Research Conference on             currently engaged with Canadian non-governmental relief
                                  is working with                                            Visualization in Science &         organizations working in Kenya to achieve sustainable
                                  Worldwide Christian                                        Education in Oxford, UK in July    resource-based livelihoods for poor households.
                                 Schools        as     an                                    2005. A following conference,
                                                                                                                                Charles Stolte (Music) presented two sessions at
                                 Instructional Leader for                                    a consultation between the UN
                                                                                                                                the Christian Educators of Alberta conference held in Calgary
                                 their program on                                            Organization for the Prohibition
                                                                                                                                in October 2005 on Sax and Synthesis: Creativity and Discovery
                                 Continuing Education for                                    of Chemical Weapons and the
                                                                                                                                                               in the Arts and Sciences.
                                 Teachers in developing                                      International Union of Pure and
                                 countries. Dr. Hull’s                                       Applied Chemistry, also at                                        Grace Strom (Chemistry)
                                 efforts focus on teacher                                    Oxford, invited Dr. Mahaffy and                                   received the Chemical
training within emerging Christian schools in Russia and         a colleague from Russia to coordinate the educational                                         Institute of Canada’s Faculty
Eastern Europe.                                                  response to many ethical issues raised. He also presented                                     Advisor Award for her work
                                                                 the opening lecture at a conference on science education in                                   with The King’s student
                               Jacobus         Kloppers’
                                                                 Taipei, Taiwan in August 2005, and led a workshop and                                         Science Society.
                               (Music) Celtic Impressions,
                                                                 gave a lecture at a conference on chemistry and sustainable
                               a 28-minute suite for                                                                                                            Daniel van Heyst (Drama)
                                                                 development in Moscow in November 2005.
                               organ solo appears on a                                                                                                          presented two sessions at
                               newly-released CD by              Brian Martin (Astronomy & Physics) presented a                 the Christian Educators of Alberta conference held in Calgary
                               organist Dr. Gayle Martin         workshop on the Geowall visualization system (see story,       in October 2005: From Theme to Plot: Improvising Original
                               of Mount Alison University,       pg. 1) at the Gordon Research Conference, Queen’s College      Dramas, Based on Proverbs, That Make a Point, and Choosing
                               New Brunswick. Dr.                Oxford. Dr. Martin was also named co-director of the new       the School Play: Setting Priorities, Sharing Script Resources.
                               Kloppers has recently
                               completed composing a               VISUALIZATION continued from page 1
                               Concerto for Alto                   to create The King’s Centre for Visualization (KCV), one of five science education research centres to
Saxophone and Orchestra to be performed in a concert               be piloted in Canada. This centre, to be launched in early 2006, is named as the national coordinator
                                                                   of the pilot project, and will develop imagery to be used in science education settings at the senior
of Canadian music at the 4th International Saxophone
                                                                   high school, college and university levels. The KCV is expected to attract students to The King’s
Festival in Szeczecin, Poland in April 2006.
                                                                   science programs as well as visiting post-doctoral students and scholars. There is already growing
                                                                   interest in academic circles for possible use in understanding global climate change, organic
                                                                   molecular structure and ethical uses of chemicals.
                                                                         For more information on Geowall or The King’s Centre for Visualization contact Dr. Brian
                                                                   Martin at or Dr. Peter Mahaffy at
                                                                                                                                                                 CONNECTION 3
                                                                                                      Under Canadian law, environmental assessments of
                                                                                                international projects, such as those undertaken by World
                                                                                                Vision Canada and others in southeast Asia, are a
                                                                                                requirement for government funding. Dr. Spaling oversaw
                                                                                                environmental assessments in World Vision’s
                                                                                                reconstruction endeavours in Indonesia, Sri Lanka,
                                                                                                Thailand and India. From May to September 2005 The
                                                                                                King’s professor worked with local partners and
                                                                                                communities to assess the environmental sustainability of
                                                                                                housing projects in these countries. With 250 – 400
                                                                                                housing units per site, particular attention was given to
                                                                                                finding and protecting new sources of drinking water and
                                                                                                constructing adequate sanitation facilities. Irrigation
                                                                                                systems and farmland having been contaminated with sea
                                                                                                water, rehabilitation efforts were essential for agricultural
                                                                                                recovery. Tsunami survivors also want their new
                                                                                                communities to be located in areas with some protection
Dr. Harry Spaling conducts an
environmental assessment of
new housing site.
                                M      ore than 200,000 dead, 10,000 children orphaned,
                                       up to two million people homeless, more than one
                                billion dollars of infrastructure and economy destroyed;
                                                                                                against future tsunamis.
                                                                                                      This reconstruction and rehabilitation venture was
Layeun, Indonesia                                                                               very different from other environmental assessment
                                places and people changed forever. The December 26,
                                2004 tsunami in southeast Asia left an indelible print: on      assignments Spaling has taken on. A usual assessment
                                the landscape, on the survivors, on the world. Though           would involve identifying and managing the environmental
                                most of us could only give, and pray, in a hope to relieve      effects of a project, ensuring the least impact and greatest
                                some of the unimaginable horror of those affected by the        benefit. But the tsunami created massive environmental
                                tsunami, many went, both organizations and individuals, to      damage, Spaling stated. “A 30 metre wave clawing at
                                help in any way they could; in recovery, in provision of        homes, forest, and soil leaves nothing behind but
                                basic needs, in cleanup, and in rebuilding. World Vision        destruction,” he said. This work was as much about
                                Canada was present in a big way, and they asked Dr. Harry       avoiding further damage as it was about rehabilitating. But
                                Spaling (Geography and Environmental Studies) to be a           the people are eager to rebuild, Spaling notes. “Hearing
                                part of their efforts.                                          their stories of survival, sorrow and hope was moving and
                                      Dr. Spaling specializes in research and applications to   inspiring.”
                                improve the environmental sustainability of international             Dr. Spaling took the opportunity to involve TKUC
                                relief and development projects, particularly community         alumus, Bryan Vroom (BSc Envs ’02). Now a Master’s
                                projects that use natural resources for basic household         degree student at the University of Guelph, Vroom worked
                                needs of water, food and shelter. This work has taken him       in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India at the community level.
                                around the world on a variety of projects with Christian        Spaling and Vroom have written a paper on their findings
                                development agencies such as World Vision, World Relief         that will soon be published and used by others in the field.
                                Canada and the Christian Reformed World Relief                        For more information on Harry Spaling’s research
                                Committee.                                                      and work in the area of environmental assessment, contact
                                                                                                him at

                                                                                                Some of the students in Professor John Wood’s (Biology and
                                                                                                Environmental Studies) Invertebrate Zoology class are thoroughly
                                                                                                digesting their subject. “I invited students to join me (Dutch-Treat of
                                                                                                course) for a feast of invertebrate culinary delights. We went out for an
                                                                                                evening sampling the seafood flavours prepared by Chef Dennis
                                                                                                Cummings of the Lighthouse Café at the Billingsgate Fish Market in
                                                                                                Edmonton. The only requirements for the evening were that our menu
                                                                                                choices be boneless fare. We tickled our palate with Boston Clam
                                                                                                Chowder, Jamaican Mussels, Coconut Shrimp, and Oysters on the Half-
                                                                                                shell. The main course included Alaskan King Crab and Nova Scotia
                                                                                                Lobster. Satisfied smiles tell it all.” Pictured, from left to right: Sheri
                                                                                                Connoly, Jillian Foster, Chantelle Dembicki, Amber Overdulve, Michele
                                                                                                Crawford, Henrik Hinkkala, and John Wood.
W       ith funding received from The King’s fledgling Micah Centre, Jonathan
       DeKoning (BA ’05) has embarked on an internship with the Christian
Reformed World Relief Committee in Haiti. The Micah Centre was created to
provide significant learning opportunities for students in the area of social justice,
specifically the wholistic causes and responses to global (and local) hunger and
poverty issues, primarily through experiential learning. Jonathan is the first
recipient of a grant through the Micah Centre. He departed mid-October and will
work with the CRWRC on various projects for six months. He writes:
      “The streets are lined with people, packed with cars and trucks. Noise rises
from the ravines and slums of Port-au-Prince and fills the entire city. UN trucks and
police vehicles serve as constant reminders of the relative insecurity of Haiti’s
capital city. Over the mountains to the east, rural villages make a living on small,
sustenance-level farms on mountainsides or in the Artibonite Valley. It is here that
CRWRC-Haiti is working, and it is here that I will be working as an intern for the
next months. Through The King’s Micah Centre and CRWRC-Haiti, I will be working
with Sous-Espwa, Creole for Source of Hope, on their HIV/AIDS program in and
around Port-au-Prince. The hope is that through learning and working in Haiti I
will gain a greater understanding of the wholistic causes of poverty and the
wholistic responses needed to truly make poverty history.                                                   Experientially learning about poverty: Jonathan
      The story of Haiti is one of revolution, pain, and questionable foreign involvement, and it is        De Koning (BA '05) interns with The King's Micah Centre
                                                                                                            in Haiti.
difficult to start thinking about development. Deforestation, loss of top soil, corrupt government and
business leaders, distinct class separation, lack of transparency in places of authority, churches
encouraging a separation between this life and the next… where does one begin?
      My internship with The King’s is to be a learning experience, pursuing the who, what, when,
where, how and why of walking with the poor. They are questions that are pertinent anywhere, and
they are inescapable for Christians. I hope, in my time here, that I can live the answers truthfully and

Using Chemistry to Serve Humankind

E   nhancing public understanding of chemistry is a key focus of the International Union of Pure and
    Applied Chemists, an international body that serves to advance the worldwide aspects of the
chemical sciences and to contribute to the application of chemistry in the service of humankind. At
IUPAC’s 2005 conference in Beijing, China, Megan Rosborough (BSc ’05), as a member of Dr. Peter
Mahaffy’s task group, presented her paper, “Identifying IUPAC’s Niche in the Public Understanding
of Chemistry: A Research Base”. Megan is currently attending law school at the University of Alberta.       Megan Rosborough and Dr. Peter Mahaffy sample some
                                                                                                            of the tea in China.

More to the Rose than Meets the Nose
W       hat do we really know about garlic? Yes garlic, that culinary staple that is said to ward off the
        common cold and the (less common) vampire. Folk tales aside, there is more to the ‘stinking
rose’ than what we experience at the dinner table. Exploring the chemistry and medicinal properties
of Allium Sativum was the summer 2005 research project of Naomi Jackson (BSc ’05). With
funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and under the guidance of Drs.
Peter Mahaffy and Grace Strom, Ms. Jackson conducted scientific research on garlic. Building on the
important interface between biology and chemistry, the research was designed as a way to bring more
‘life’ into the undergraduate chemistry lab.
      Jackson isolated garlic’s primary antibacterial compound and carried out experiments that
demonstrate this compound’s inhibitive properties. And she discovered some fun stuff along the way,
such as while you can’t make Jello using fresh pineapple (it won’t set), you can make garlic
pineapple Jello!
      Ms. Jackson presented a paper on her findings at the Canadian National Chemistry Conference           Naomi Jackson is awarded the Chemical Institute of
in Saskatoon. For her work Naomi was awarded the Chemical Institute of Canada’s Reg Friesen                 Canada’s Reg Friesen Award by Dr. Geoff Rayner-
                                                                                                            Canham, Education Director for the Chemical
Award and her research was selected for profile in the October 2005 issue of Canadian Chemical              Institute of Canada.
News magazine.
                                                                                                                                          CONNECTION 5
alumni updates
                                                                           Teena Van Boom teach-                 Stanley & Monica (Vanhelden,        Justin DeMoor just finished his
Here’s some news from                1990                                  es life/basic skills with             ’99) Groothof live in Telkwa,       first year teaching at Toronto
our many alumni. For
more alumni updates see              John Bouwers is substitute            developmentally challenged            BC where Stan has accepted a        District High School after returning
The King’s web site:                 teaching for the Upper Canada         adults. She also teaches voice from   permanent position at Telkwa CRC.   from two years in England. To submit             District School Board and has just    her home.                             Theyhaveanewdaughter,Hannah         Jennifer Neufeld and her
an update,email:                     accepted a job at a group home        husband Caleb are pleased to                    school. He has moved back to his                                                                                welcome daughter Heidi into the
                                     home town of Athen, ON.                                                                                         family. Here big brother, Connor,
1982                                                                       1994                                                                      will be two on Boxing Day.
Peter& Nelly Rhebergen live in
                                                                           Marsha (Jansen) & Troy
Smithers, BC where Peter has         1991                                  Langelaar are living in Red Deer,
completed his 10 th year of
                                     Dave & Jennifer (Zee) Vroon           AB and have three children.                                               2001
teaching at Bulkley Valley                                                                                                                      E
                                     are living in Edmonton and            Email:                                                Christine (DeVries) & Scott
Christian School. They have four
                                     expecting their fourth child at the                                                                             Ellis have moved to Grande
children.                                                                  Paul & Teresa (Bomhof, ’98)
                                     end of this year. Dave is working                                                                               Prairie where Christine is doing a
                                                                           Doornbos live in Winnipeg
1983                                 at Computronix.
                                                                           where Paul is an electrical
                                                                                                                 Hannah Rose Groothof                residency in Rural Family
Karen Gelderman & Jack Keefe         Scott & Angela (Verbeek,              foreman and Teresa is a               Jobena (VanderWekken) &             Medicine.
are living in Ft. Simpson, NWT       ’89) Visser live in Abbotsford,       controller pursuing her CGA           Tyler Westera were married in
where their backyard is the          BC with their three children.         designation. They have one son.       April 2005. Jobena teaches grade
mighty Mackenzie River! Jack has     Scott teaches at Abbotsford           Email:                   four at Gateway Christian School.
joined the RCMP. With the help of    Christian, coaches many sports                                              Email:             2002
a NWT Arts Council grant, Karen                                            Gilda Staatz completed a BSc
                                     and plays hockey as often as                                                                                    Trisha Vroon is currently
                                                                           in Nursing at the University of       Darryl & Evelyn (Neutel)
is working on her art. They have     possible. Angela has just finished                                                                              teaching grade one at Centennial
                                                                           Alberta in 2005. She is now           DeHaan have one child and are
two sons.                            her BScN from the University of                                                                                 Christian School in Terrace, BC.
                                                                           working for Capital Health and a      expecting their second in
                                     Victoria. She works as the Clinical                                                                             Email:
                                                                           Registered Nurse, and training        November 2005. Darryl will
                                     Nurse Educator for the Special
                                                                           for the Las Vegas marathon in         finish his PhD in Chemical          Dennis & Jocelyn (Veenstra,
1984                                 Care Nursery at MSA Hospital.
                                                                           December 2005.                        Engineering (Process Control)       ’04) Perrin were married in July
After 12 years of teaching high      They have three children.
                                                                                                                 within the next year.               2004. Jocelyn teaches grades 4 and
school and completing her                                                                                        Email:
                                     Teresa (Hamstra) & Scott                                                                                        5 at Kensington Elementary in
Master’s degree part time,
                                     Staples have finally moved into       1996                                                                      Edmonton and Dennis works as a
Margie (Oevering) Patrick
                                     their new house after two years       Robert & Lynda Koot moved                                                 representative for the Christian
and her husband have moved to                                                                                    1999
                                     of planning and building! Scott is    from Victoria to Edmonton so Rob                                          Labour Association of Canada.
Ontario. Margie will be attending
                                     teaching Phys. Ed. and                could begin an after degree           Mike VanBoom completed his          Email:
a PhD program in Religious
                                     automotives at Eastglen High          Education program at The King’s.      Master’s of Divinity in May 2004,
Studies at the University of                                                                                                                         Susan Jeremiah started a new
                                     School in Edmonton. Teresa is at      They have three children.             married Heather Tigchelaar in
Waterloo.                                                                                                                                            teaching position at Millwoods
                                     with their three children.                                                  July, and accepted a call to
                                                                           Linda (Vette) & Martyn Rutgers                                            Christian School in September
                                                                                                                 Maranatha CRC in Lethbridge, AB     2005. Previously she taught
                                                                           were married in May 2005. Linda
                                                                                                                 in August! They have recently
1986                                 1993                                  is working as a psychologist in a                                         elementary music for Edmonton
                                                                                                                 purchased a house in Lethbridge.    Public Schools. She is also enjoying
Cindy (Kwantes) & David                                                    special education school and
                                     Phil & Stacy (Nelson, ’00)                                                                                      traveling at every opportunity.
Brown were married in 2003 and                                             Martyn is studying for his
                                     Bruinsma are living in Fort
are living in Abbotsford, BC. They                                         Master's of Divinity at Tyndale
                                     Saskatchewan, AB. They have a                                               2000
have a new daughter, born in                                               Seminary.
                                     new son, Garrett. Email:                                                    Randall Boessenkool &               2003
March 2005.                                                                Email:
                                                                                    Lynnette Postuma enjoyed a          Michael DiMassa is living in
                                                                                                                 yearlong honeymoon as ski           Pahrump, Nevada where he is
                                                                           1997                                  instructors in Kimberly, BC
1987                                                                                                                                                 working as a reporter for the local
                                                                                                                 before being brought back to        newspaper.
Jack Wiersma is living in                                                  Eric Weiss has his own
                                                                                                                 reality by their move to
Sherwood Park, AB raising bison                                            business as a safety consultant.                                          Andrew & Lorelie (Thiessen)
                                                                                                                 downtown Toronto. Lynnette
and wild turkeys, as well as                                               He has recently come back from                                            Yuzek were married in March
                                                                                                                 completed a Master’s of
working on the oil rigs.                                                   spending a year working in                                                2004 and live in Winnipeg. They
                                                                                                                 Landscape Architecture in 2004
                                                                           Scotland.                                                                 are very excited for the birth of
                                                                                                                 and Randall manages a bicycle
                                                                                                                 shop and cycled across Canada       their baby, expected December
                                     Garret Bruinsma
                                                                                                                 this summer.                        2005.
                                                                                                                 Email:            Email:
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Marlene McKenna started a            Resolution program.
Master’s in Pastoral Psychology                                                                                                     TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE
                                     Since graduation, Paul Kemp,
at St. Stephens College in
                                     has been busy traveling the
September 2005.
                                     world. He has been accepted into
Asher DeGroot will graduate          the Music Education Degree
from Dalhousie University with a     program at McGill University.
Bachelor of Environmental
Design in April 2006 and apply
directly to their Master’s of
Architecture program.

Janelle (Taylor) & Dave Hay
are both busy teaching. They are
also actively seeking help for
Janelle’s mother and two
brothers who are suffering from
Retinitus Pigmentosa. Email:
Rebecca Vandenberg is
living in Prince George, BC where                                                                             After returning from Kazan, Russia, Mallory Presisniuk
she teaches grade five at Cedars                                                                              ('0 1) Razin married fiancé Gennady Razin at St. Joseph’s
Christian School.                                                                                             Basilica in Edmonton on June 4, 2005. Gennady, a
                                                                                                              professional hockey player, left on June 27 for training in
                                                                                                              Kazan, Russia. Mallory joined him on September 8.
Zahida Hirani works at               Darryl ('97) and Evelyn (Neutel '97) DeHaan with son Nathanael.
Alberta Blue Cross in the                                                                                     MEETING IN MOROCCO
Customer Service Contact Centre
                                                                                                                                              "I never imagined that God
Operations and has returned to
                                                                                                                                              would open my eyes to find
school to further her education
                                                                                                                                              a wonderful woman here in
and skills.
                                                                                                                                              Morocco!" Rob Haasdyk
Jared & Dana (Bateman)                                                                                                                        ('92) and Rabha Ammalou
Folkerts were married in                                                                                                                      at their engagement party
November of 2004. Dana                                                                                                                        at her home in Fes,
attended Vanguard College and                                                                                                                 Morocco, on September 24,
received a certificate in Youth                                                                                                               2005. Rob and Rabha hope
Ministries. They recently moved                                                                                                               to remain in Morocco:
                                                                                                                                              "living out their lives in
to Winnipeg for Jared to attend
                                                                                                                                              both work and play to
William & Catharine Booth
                                                                                                                                              demonstrate the unending
College and complete his
                                                                                                                                              love of the Lord to
Bachelor of Social Work degree.
                                                                                                                                              everyone around us".
Daniel       Vanderwel is
working as a software developer
in St. Albert, AB for Great Big                                                                                THE KING’S HOSTS WORLD MASTERS
Solutions.                                                                                                     ATHLETES
Angela Van de Hoef is living                                                                                   Students may have been away from campus for the
in Woodstock, ON where she is                                                                                  summer, but The King’s hallways were filled with activity
working as a Horticultural                                                                                     as over 120 athletes and their families stayed in our
Specialist. She recently bought                                                                                residence facilities while participating in the World
                                                                                                               Masters Games, July 22-31, 2005. The new apartment
her first home. Email:               Robert ('96) and Linda Koot with children Amanda (4), Joel (2) and
                                                                                                               residence proved to be an excellent solution for the many                   Logan (4 months). Rob is now enroled in The King's Bachelor of
                                     Education program.                                                        teams who stayed on campus. It was our pleasure to host
Darlene Sych is currently in                                                                                   Australian & British badminton champions, Russian
Australia attending the University   Correction:                                                               softball teams, a diver from Hawaii, a women’s hockey
of Queensland studying in the        In the previous newsletter, Mike and Vicky Vanderkooi were not            team from British Columbia, and many more.
                                     pictured with the other teachers in Thailand at Global English School.
International Peace and Conflict                                                                                                                   CONNECTION 7
Celebrating New Arrivals
Christine (Vandendool '98) and Corwin DeRuiter recently adopted two children. Here is their story.
      Tell us about your newly formed family.
Through the great adventure of adoption, our two precious children, Alysha and Joshua,
came home just over seven months ago. Our daughter, Alysha, who will be three in
December, is a beautiful girl with a wonderful curiosity about the world. She loves singing,
dancing, playing with friends and animals, as well as exploring mud puddles and dirt piles.
Our son, Joshua, just turned one in June and will be walking any day now. He has a delightful
sense of humour and his language ability is exploding. We praise God every day for them.
      What led you to consider adoption, and in particular, local adoption? Did you
consider other avenues, such as international adoption?
There are many misconceptions about adopting from the foster care system, including the
perception that international adoption is easier than domestic adoption. We did not
consider international adoption. We felt strongly about adopting locally because there are
so many children in foster care waiting for adoption. In Canada about 22,000 children are
waiting for adoption, yet only about 2,000 are adopted each year. In our province of BC
there are about 1,000 children waiting for adoption.
      When people think about adoption, they often think about infants. Both your
children are older and were previously in foster care. Was this your choice, or what was
the situation that brought them to you?
Most of the children available for adoption locally are older than newborn. The majority
are between the ages of 6 and 12. We didn’t have a strong desire to adopt an infant,
however, since we are first-time parents we requested children younger than 5. Early in our      Corwin and Christine (Vandendool '98) DeRuiter with their newly
journey, we received a vision that we would adopt a sibling group of two preschoolers.           adopted children Joshua and Alysha
      Were there any barriers that you faced during the adoption process?
We felt God’s hand leading us all the way. While we waited, we anticipated and expected              COMING EVENTS
God to reveal His best plan for us. We received many confirmations from Him in various               All events take place at The King’s University College, 9125 – 50 Street,
forms (scriptures, visions, songs, etc).                                                             Edmonton unless otherwise noted. For more information:
                                                                                            or call 780-465-3500.
      How long did the process take?
For us, the process was very quick. In October and November 2004, we attended nine                   DECEMBER 2
classes to prepare us for the arrival of our children. In December and January we received           Concert and Chamber Choirs present Gloria!
five visits from a social worker. We were formally approved for adoption in February and             8:00 pm
                                                                                                     West End Christian Reformed Church
in March and April our children (a sister and brother) came home! Imagine that…receiving
                                                                                                     10015 – 149 Street, Edmonton
two children within seven months!                                                                    Tickets: $12/general; $10/students, seniors, alumni
       Do you have an open or closed adoption? Did you have influence on this?
We have some openness with some biological relatives. We likely wouldn’t have received
                                                                                                     DECEMBER 3
                                                                                                     The King’s Guild presents their annual Christmas Gift Sale
these children if we did not favour openness. We are glad that our children can know some
                                                                                                     10:00 am – 3:00 pm
of their biological relatives, as we believe it will be healthier for them to know their roots       Over 60 tables of art, crafts, seasonal giftware, and more
than to be in the dark. We set the parameters for the visits, including the frequency and            Admission: $1; free for children
location. As our children become older they will have input into those decisions.
                                                                                                     DECEMBER 8
      Describe the day you brought them home.                                                        King’s View Friday (grade 11 students only)
Our children’s homecomings were not a one day process. For Alysha, who was 2 years and               Be a university student for a day.
3 months old at the time, it was a ten-day process of us visiting her foster home and her
                                                                                                     DECEMBER 22, 2005 TO JANUARY 1, 2006
visiting our home, gradually increasing the amount of time she spent here. Joshua came
                                                                                                     Christmas Recess
home April 12 at 9.5 months of age, after a four-day process. We will always remember the            No classes. Campus offices closed.
relief and joy we felt that he could finally stay at our house for good! Another day of
celebration will be coming soon as we hear from our social worker that our adoption                  JANUARY 18-19, 200    6
process is finally legal, after the required six-month waiting period!                               Interdisciplinary Conference
      Describe the changes and adjustments that you have been experiencing as a family               Theme: Sex*
that has suddenly swelled to four!                                                                   *Warning: Religious content
                                                                                                     All are welcome to attend conference sessions.
It feels like we live on a different planet! We got married in our late twenties and had
almost five years together as a couple before our children came home, so it’s a big                  JANUARY 27, FEBRUARY 10, MARCH 17, 2006
adjustment. We catapulted into parenthood and landed with our feet running. However, this            King’s View Fridays
is what we longed for and prayed for and we are absolutely certain that God planned it this          MARCH 11, 2006
way! He chose these children to be ours before the beginning of time. We are incredibly              Highlight Concert with guest artist Heather Meyers, contralto
blessed by them. We are also blessed by the unconditional love and support we have                   Tickets: $12/general; $10/students, seniors, alumni
received from our extended families and friends. God is good.
      Any final thoughts?                                                                           Connection is published by the Development Office three times per
 We would be happy to share more of our story with anyone who is curious about our                  year for alumni and friends of The King's University College. Direct
family’s adoption experience. Contact us at                             comments to Gail Southall, Public Relations Officer,
                                                                                                    The King's University College, 9125 - 50 Street
                                                                                                    Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2H3 • Telephone (780) 465-3500, ext. 8087
THE KING'S 8                                                                                        Fax (780) 465-3534;

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