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Peter Noddle - Scugog Island Cruises by ps94506


									                                   Peter Noddle

December 18, 2004

Scugog Island Cruises Ltd.
16100 Old Simcoe Road.
Port Perry Ontario L9L 1P3

Dear Scugog Island Cruises,

        I would like to thank your crew for hosting my wedding and the reception
ceremonies on board " The Woodman" this past October. It was a real bonus to see that
every staff member was in a naval uniform. They never stopped smiling and made our
guests feel good.

         This was a very special day that my wife Yudith and I will share with a lifetime of
many fond memories. Thanks to your staff's hard work, the entire cruise was customized
just for us, right down to the details including the love poems left at our head table.

       The catered food and service was top notch. My guests had so much fun on board,
dancing and celebrating our day that they still talk about it today.

        Originally, we were reluctant to have our wedding late in October on board a
cruise boat, as we were worried about the weather. Although it rained off and on, "The
Woodman" was a fine venue as everyone was comfortable. The night was perfect and
went without a hitch.

       I would not hesitate to recommend the services of “ The Woodman” vessel and
crew for anyone who wants to have a special wedding with a lot of class.


Peter Noddle

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