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					                T HE S TUTTERING F OUNDATION
    Interaction of
                 A Nonprofit Organization                         FALL 2011                     Since 1947 ... Helping Those Who Stutter

  Both Sides of the
   Brain in Adults
     Who Stutter
  By Martin Sommer, M.D.

     Fluent speech primarily involves
  University of Göttingen

                                                               The King’s Speech Features
  the left half of the brain, also called
  the left hemisphere (Brown et al.,

                                                                Stuttering Foundation PSA
  2005; Fox et al., 1996). Ever since
  the 1920s, disturbed lateralization of
  brain function, i.e. an abnormal in-
  volvement of the right hemisphere,                          While the Oscar-winning           tremendous response to the public
  has been regarded as a possible                          movie The King’s Speech is uni-      service announcement from view-
                      cause of stuttering                  versally treasured by the stutter-   ers across the country looking for
                      (Travis, 1978). In                   ing community, there                           help with stuttering,”
                      support of this, stud-               is a hidden gem on                             said Jane Fraser, presi-
                      ies in the 1960s sug-                the DVD and Blu-ray                            dent of the Stuttering
                      gested that hearing is               editions released in                           Foundation.
                      not as left lateralized              mid-April.                                       “Inclusion of our PSA
                      in adults who stutter                   A 60-second public                           on the DVD is so mar-
                      as it is in fluent                   service announce-                               velous for our cause.”
                      speaking individuals                 ment (PSA) created                                “We hope a copy of
  (Curry and Gregory, 1969). In the
  Martin Sommer, M.D.

                                                           by the Stuttering
  last 15 years, brain imaging studies                     Foundation is includ-                            DVD, including our
  have further supported this assump-
                                                                                                            The King’s Speech

                                                           ed in the “Special                               video, will end up in
  tion by showing that in stuttering,                      Features” section of                        the home of every per-
  the left and right brain hemispheres                     the DVD and Blu-ray release.         son who stutters, every speech
  do not share the burden of speaking                      The PSA features children who        therapist’s office, every school
  properly. These imaging studies in-                      stutter sharing their own experi-    counselor’s desk and every
  dicate a shift of speech related brain                   ences with stuttering and treat-     university speech-language
  activity to the right hemisphere in                      ment, and offers assistance          course professor’s briefcase,”
  adults who stutter (Brown et al.,                        through the Foundation’s web-        Fraser said. “It is a story worth
  2005; Fox et al., 1996).                                 site and toll-free hotline.          seeing over and over again for
     In trying to better understand                           “We’ve been stunned by the        years to come.”
  what is behind this abnormal later-

                                                                   Two Meaningful Bequests
  alization of brain functions in adults
  who stutter and how it contributes
  to stuttering, we recently performed
  a study on interhemispheric inhibi-                        Gifts totaling more than           arts institutions, he was a re-
  tion (IHI). This is a measure of how                    $92,000 were received this year       tired life insurance salesman.
  one hemisphere’s motor cortex in-                       from the estates of two exception-    He grew up in a West Baltimore
  fluences and inhibits the activity in                   al donors, Charles A. Wunder          row house on Grantley Street
                                                          and Louise Cook Holmes.               with his family. One friend had
                                                                                                this to say, “Charlie was eru-
                                                             Mr. Wunder, age 77, had been
Inside                                                                                          dite,    well-informed,     and
                              Continued on page 17

                                                          a faithful donor since 1996. A        funny.” Another added, “May
4James Earl Jones Honored .................. 7            lifelong resident of Baltimore        you always have quail to hunt,
4Celebrity Brothers ............................. 10
4Kids Pages ........................................ 14   and avid supporter of the city’s                         Continued on page 17

    Stuttering and the Big Cats is an Inspirational Story

                                        mountable obstacle. Through hard     able and hope that every young per-
    Stuttering and the Big Cats featur- work, perseverance and dedication    son who stutters has an opportunity

       Editor’s Note: The new DVD

                                        to his true passions, Alan never let to hear Alan’s story.”
                                        stuttering hold him back from his       “I recall vividly as a child star-
    ing Alan Rabinowitz was unveiled

         new film titled Stuttering and quest to help endangered animals,”   ing at a jaguar as he paced in
    during the New York gala.

         the Big Cats featuring                                                    his cage at the zoo,” said
    renowned American zool-                                                        Rabinowitz. “He was trapped,
    ogist, conservationist, and                                                    seeking a way out of a dark
    field biologist Dr. Alan                                                       world, something I related to
    Rabinowitz is now avail-                                                       strongly at the time. And I
    able on DVD from the                                                           knew then that when I found
    Stuttering Foundation.                                                         my voice, I would use it for
       In Stuttering and the                                                       him, for saving big cats
    Big Cats, Dr. Rabinowitz,                                                      around the world. My love
    president and CEO of                                                           for wildlife and the urgency
    New York-based Panthera,                                                       needed to save the big cats
    shares his life-long strug-                                                    helped me overcome stutter-
    gle to overcome stuttering                                                     ing. This life-long quest has
    through his work protect-                                                      resulted in Panthera – which
    ing the world’s largest and                                                    is now my platform for
    most imperiled cats. The                                                       speaking loudly for, and
    film captures his address Alan Rabinowitz speaks during the New York gala. working to save, some of the
    to young people who stut-                                                       planets greatest species.”
    ter at the annual conven-                                                   The availability of Stuttering and
    tion of Friends, a national                                              the Big Cats is an example of the
    support group for kids.                                                  Stuttering Foundation’s “Converting
       Rabinowitz was hon-                                                   Awareness into Action” effort,
                                                                             Photo by Steve Winter

    ored at a gala event in New                                              which builds upon the overwhelm-
    York City to introduce the                                               ingly positive attention stuttering has
    film internationally.                                                    gained through the release of The
       “Alan’s courage is partic-
    ularly inspiring to young
                                                                             King’s Speech.

    people whose career paths                    said Jane Fraser, president              Alan Rabinowitz was
                                                                                          recently featured on
    have yet to be decided and for whom of the Stuttering Foundation. “We                 60 Minutes. For the latest
    stuttering often seems an insur-    are proud to make this video avail-               news on Dr. Rabinowitz,

    “My love for wildlife and the urgency needed to save
       the big cats helped me overcome stuttering.”
    Scenes from the new DVD Stuttering and the Big Cats...

                               Frances Cook of the                                           Joe Fulcher, vice president

Stuttering Foundation and Michael Palin
                              Michael Palin Centre for                                      of the Stuttering Foundation
 Jane Fraser, president of     Stammering Children             Alan Rabinowitz, president
the Stuttering Foundation                                        and CEO of Panthera.

    Centre Laud The King’s Speech
                                                            have a voice, we will be heard”;
                                                              Geoffrey Rush was amazing – a therapist who showed
                              The following remarks were

                                                            us what the term “therapeutic alliance” is all about.

                             given by Jane Fraser at the

                                                              The entire King’s Speech team won endless
                             Stuttering Foundation’s first-

                                                            Oscars/Golden Globes and resounding and well-de-
                             ever New York City Gala.

                                 his incredible movie       served praise from all over the world!
                                 and its superb portray-      So we want to thank The Weinstein Company for
                            al of King George VI by         their unparalleled support! Thanks also go out to
Actor Colin Firth speaks

Colin Firth have truly turned our world upside down.        Anchor Bay Entertainment and Blu-ray.
with Jane Fraser.

   So tonight, we honor this exceptional film that has        Working together, these friends have included our

                          Michael Palin Centre Co-Hosts Gala nouncement on every
brought so much help                                                                          public service an-
to so many.
   Excellence is the         “Our Co-Host is Frances                                          single copy of the
name of the game.         Cook, who heads the                                                 DVD that launches
This film included the    Michael Palin Centre for                                            tomorrow – giving
most extraordinary        Stammering Children, which                                          everyone who has a
acting we have ever       is staffed by 11 remarkable                                         copy a nonprofit
seen wrapped up in        therapists,” said Jane Fraser.                                      source of help.
one movie.                “Since 2006, the Stuttering
   Colin Firth brought    Foundation has partnered
                                                                                                This is truly an in-

a new understanding       with the Centre, which offers
                                                                                              credible lasting lega-

of stuttering and its     some of the best therapy in
                                                                                              cy for generations to

paralyzing fear;          the world. Fran will share

   Tom Hooper brought     how they are converting
us excellence in di-      awareness into action!!!”
recting — everything         “Also, I want to recog- Lee Caggiano and Tom Caggiano
                                                         Frances Cook, Steffi Schopick,

and everybody in          nize Michael Palin who hold a poster of the Michael Palin
perfect sync;             gave us such tremendous Centre’s new building opening
   David       Seidler    support during the past 6 September 2011.
spoke for all who stut-   months. Without Michael’s help, I would never have had my
ter when he said “we      25 minutes of fame with Colin!”                                    Actors Colin Firth and

                                                                Gala articles and pictures continue on page 44
                                                                                             Michael Palin.

            Sterling Publishing                              Lionel Logue Reaches America

              Donates Books                                     “We’ve come full circle – our founder, my father Malcolm
                                 “We are happy to have                                       Fraser, was inspired by King
                               the new book, The King’s                                      George VI. But thanks again
                               Speech, and the Sterling                                      to The King’s Speech, I have
                               Publishing team here                                          just discovered that he too
                               with us tonight,” Jane                                        was helped by Lionel
                               Fraser said.                                                  Logue!” said Jane Fraser.
                                 Publisher Jason Prince,                                        In 1926, Malcolm Fraser
 Jane Fraser with Peter Joshua Mrvos, Nathaniel                                              was personal secretary to
 Greenhalgh and Nathaniel Maraunas, and Caroline                                              a prominent Philadelphia
                               Mann graciously shipped                                        lawyer named J. Stanley
in a copy of this excellent book for everyone at the gala.                                    Smith. Fraser handled
 Maraunas.                                                   Joe Fulcher and Peter

     It was written by Peter Conradi of The Sunday Times                                      Smith’s correspondence
                                                             Greenhalgh, grandson of

and Mark Logue, Lionel’s grandson who uncovered so           when he was in England and France.
                                                             J. Stanley Smith, Esq.

many marvelous old photos and anecdotes that are in-            “At that time my father was struggling terribly with his
cluded in the book and in the movie!                         stuttering and J. Stanley Smith offered a safe haven,” Fraser
                                                             explained. “He was a man who stuttered, who was success-
                                                             ful, and who offered my father a job and also a therapy pro-
                                                             gram through his own support group which he named after
                                    Robyn Mathews            Charles Kingsley.”
            40 YEARS OF SUPPORT
                                  placed our very               “Just months ago, I was con-
                                  first public ser-          tacted by J. Stanley Smith’s
                                  vice ad in TIME            grandson, Peter Greenhalgh,
                                  back in 1972!              who let me know that not only
                                  Since then TIME            did his grandfather dine with
                                  has donated mil-           the Prince of York, future
                                  lions of dollars           George VI, but also with Lionel Logue.
                                  worth of public               “He had frequent meetings with Logue to learn more
                                  service space to           about his therapy approach!!! J. Stanley Smith brought
Doyle Newmyer, Robyn Mathews

the Foundation. Robyn’s encouragement also helped us         Logue’s ideas back to Philadelphia where my father and
and Amani Vance.

reach out to many other magazines where our public           others who stuttered profited from them. …Full circle!”
service campaign is thriving.
         2011 Journalism Award Winners

   The Stuttering Foundation an-      Press, Feb. 4, 2011, “King’s         Kansas City Star for his Dec.
nounces its 2011 Awards for           Speech earns praise from kids        23, 2010, article, “The King’s
Excellence in Journalism.             who stutter.”                        Speech puts stuttering in the
   “Thanks to The King’s                                                   spotlight.”
Speech, the sheer volume of ar-                        Ahearn of the
                                        Second Place: Victoria

ticles and interviews on stutter-                      Canadian Press,

ing made this year’s choice very                       Dec. 9, 2010,

difficult,” said Jane Fraser, pres-                    article titled

ident of the Foundation. “This                         “Experts on         Tim Appelo of
                                                                              First Place:

film has raised awareness of                           Stuttering Praise   the Hollywood
stuttering beyond any level we                                             Reporter for his
could ever have imagined and,                          Speech for          Jan. 25, 2011, ar-
                                                       The King’s

in turn, was the force behind all                      Highlighting        ticle titled
                                                                                                  Tim Appelo

other entries.”                       Condition”                           “King’s Speech
                                      Victoria Ahearn

                                                                           Wins 13th
                                         First Place: Commercial           Honor: Stuttering
                                      Category: Editorial

                                      Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., for an       Foundation
                                      editorial on                         Gives It ‘A
                                      Dec. 28,                             Hero’s
                                      2010, titled                         Welcome.’”
                                                                                                  Lynn Allison

 First Place: The King’s Speech       “A Clear Message.” The
                                      Commercial Appeal also gave          for “Six Ways to Help Kids Stop
 Category: Motion Picture
                                                                              Second Place: Lynn Allison

                                      exceptional coverage to the          Stuttering” in the March 28,
                                      Stuttering Foundation during the     2011, issue of Globe Magazine.
Category: Radio

                                      year with outstanding articles by
First Place

   The Emily                          Lesley Young and Toby Sells,
(tie):                                                                                        Category:

Rooney Show,                          whose article ran on the paper’s

WGBH in                               front page.

Boston, Dec.                                                                                  Peter Gott for
                                                                                              First Place: Dr.

22, 2010.                                                                                     his national col-
                                      Category: National Daily

   About Our                                                                                  umn on April
                                      Newspaper Article

Kids, Doctor Radio Sirius XM,         Marcus of USA Today for her                             10, 2011.
                   Emily Rooney          First Place: Mary Brophy

Feb. 11, 2011, Jess Shatkin, MD                        Nov. 28, 2010,
& Lori Evans, PhD, Program                             article
                                                                              Peter Gott

Hosts; Melanie Kron, Producer;                         “Stuttering: A
                                                                           Local Television News

Emily Anton, Sound Engineer;                           Constant
                                                                           First Place (tie):

and Maurice Tunick, Senior            Struggle to Get the Words Out.”      of WPVI TV,
                                                                              Ali Gorman

Director Talk Programming.                                                 Philadelphia,
                                                                           Pa., for a Dec.
                                      Category: Daily Newspaper

                                                                           13, 2010, inter-

                                                                           view with Joe
                                         First Place:

                                      Washburn of                          Donaher of the

                                      The Record for                       Children’s
                                      her Dec. 2,                          Hospital of Philadelphia.
                                                                                                  Ali Gorman

                                      2010, article
                                      “Therapists                                               Coleman and

                                      praise new
                                      movie for rais-                                           Conley of
 Jess Shatkin                                            Lindy Washburn
                     Lori Evans

                                      ing awareness                                             WREG TV,

                                      of stuttering.”                                           Memphis,
Wire Services

                                                                                                Tenn., inter-
  First Place:

Tanner of the                                                              view with Jane Fraser on Feb.
Lindsey                                  Second

Associated                            Fussell of the                       9, 2011.
                                      Place: Jim
                   Lindsey Tanner                         Jim Fussell                        Continued on page 6


                                    Gifts in Haiti
                                      My name is Glenn Weybright.      associated with the organization I
                                   I am a speech-language patholo-     was going to help (Mountain Top
Category: National

   First Place: 60 Minutes of      gist in Portland, Oregon, and a     Ministries). She discovered I was
Television News

CBS News for an interview          person who stutters. In late April, an SLP and, stopping dead in her
with wildlife conservationist      2011, I spent 8 days with a med-    tracks, told me she had a 26-year-
Alan Rabinowitz.                   ical team helping treat Haitian     old son who stuttered and that he
                                   children and adults in a primary    would be at the clinic all week
                                   care medical clinic in the village  working with the medical teams
Category: Internet Blog

                 Landau of         of Gramothe, Haiti, about 15        as an English interpreter and that
   First Place: Elizabeth

                 CNN for her       miles south of Port Au Prince.      he really wanted to work on his
                 Feb. 28, 2011         I was invited by a pediatrician speech. Amazing. So, every lunch
                 article, “The     friend and wound up working         hour for five days this young man
                                   under close medical supervision as  and I gobbled our Haitian rice
                 Speech’ a vic-    a pharmacy                                              and beans and

                 tory for stut-    assistant. I felt                                       worked on his
Elizabeth Landau terers.”          called to go                                            speech.
                                   but secretly                                              There is no
Place: Ian Thornton of             was praying                                             cure for stut-
                    Second                       for a chance                                            tering;    the
for his Feb.                       to use my                                               treatment ap-
28, 2011, post                     speech-lan-                                             proach I use
“George Slays                      guage pathol-                                           is to teach
His Dragon.”                       ogy      skills.                                        tools      for
                                   That seemed                                             managing the
                                   doubtful. I                                             stuttering so

                                   mean, speech                                            that commu-

Staub for his                      therapy is very                                         nication can
Kenneth J.

posting on ASHAsphere              low on the list of needs of people  be enhanced. This young man
                   Ian Thornton
                                                         Glenn Weybright with Jean.

                 (blog.asha.       who walk up to 12 hours to get to   was ravenous to learn. He prac-
                 org). His         the doctor, right? And, even if     ticed thirty minutes or more each
                 blogs focused     there was a need, I don’t speak     night and showed significant im-
                 on raising        Haitian Creole, right? Well…..      provement at the end of the
                 stuttering           At the airport in Port Au        week. He needs to practice daily
                 awareness         Prince I was singled out to have    to help make his tools more au-
                 through a re-     my luggage searched. From           tomatic. I will stay in e-mail
 Kenneth Staub view of The         out of nowhere appeared a           touch with him and have asked
                                   Haitian woman who reassured         the Stuttering Foundation to
                                   me in English that she would        send him materials. At the end of
                 King’s Speech.

   First Place: Ninette Sosa of    stay with me.                       our week together, he said to me,
Category: Website

CNN aired an                          With her help, I made it though  “You came from out of nowhere.
interview with                     the inspection and discovered she   You must be from God.” I could
Jane Fraser                        was the director of the orphanage   have said the same to him.
during numer-
ous radio
   “Each entry
enhanced the
                                                                    You can designate a gift to

public’s understanding of stut-
                    Ninette Sosa
                                                                    the Stuttering Foundation
tering,” said Fraser.
                                                                    through the United Way.

Named Greatest Stuttering Song
  You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

   The Stuttering Foundation has      hear the tape. After recording their
recognized the song You Ain’t         new album Not Fragile, their
Seen Nothing Yet, a 1974 number       record       company,        Mercury
one hit by Bachman-Turner             Records, asked if the band had a
Overdrive, as being the most          spare song to include. Randy
unique of the many rock songs         played them You Ain’t Seen
featuring stuttering vocals.          Nothing Yet and explained it was
   Jane Fraser, president of the      an inside joke and agreed to in-
Stuttering Foundation, said re-       clude the song on the album if the

                                                                                James Earl
cently, “Not only was You Ain’t       band could re-record it. The record
                                                                              James Earl Jones holding the

Seen Nothing Yet the first song       company hated the new “serious”
                                                                              Monte Cristo Award.

                                                                              Jones Honored
with stuttering vocals to reach                             version of the
number one,                                                 song and de-
but more im-                                                manded the
portantly it                                                 version with        Jane Fraser, president of the
was the first                                                the stuttering   Stuttering Foundation, represent-
such     song                                                vocals for       ed the stuttering community May
that was actu-                                                the album.      9 at the prestigious Monte Cristo
ally about a                                                  The rest is     Awards dinner honoring leg-
real person                                                    history, as    endary actor James Earl Jones.
who stutters                                                   the     song      “James Earl Jones has been an
and therefore                                                  climbed to     inspiration to the stuttering com-
has a human                                                     number        munity for decades,” Fraser said.
connection to                                                   one, giving   “He has courageously shared his
the struggles                         BTO their only chart-topper.            own personal experiences with
faced by someone who stutters.”          Gary Bachman would over-             stuttering for the benefit of all.
   There have been numerous           come his stuttering through speech      When we think of eloquence and
songs in the rock era that display    therapy and go on to become one         fluency of speech, we think of Mr.
stuttering vocals. Among them         of the most successful real estate      Jones as the ultimate role model.”
have been Too Much Time on My         agents in Winnipeg and own his             The Eugene O’Neill Theater
Hands by Styx, My Sharona by          own agency for almost 30 years.         Center presented its annual Monte
The Knack, Changes by David              Said Fraser, “I know people          Cristo Award to legendary
Bowie, My Generation by The           think that these rock songs with        Broadway and screen actor James
Who, Benny and the Jets by            stuttering vocals are cute or hu-       Earl Jones, in recognition of his
Elton John, and many more.            morous, but it is a shame that          monumental achievements and
   Bachman–Turner Overdrive           whenever You Ain’t Seen Nothing         contributions to the American and
consisted of the Bachman broth-       Yet is played that people do not        international theater community.
ers Randy, Robbie, and Tim, along     know the true story behind it. If
with Fred Turner. The band’s first    more DJ’s mentioned the song’s
manager was Gary Bachman, an-         history, it would do a lot to spread
other Bachman brother, who stut-      a message about stuttering, not to
tered. After Gary stepped down        mention the fact that the audience
from his job as manager, Randy        would find it most interesting.”
sang their new song with stuttering
vocals as an inside joke with the and
                                         Editor’s note: Music Web sites

intention that only Gary would        featured this article.

             David Seidler: We Have A Voice
             The Stuttering Foundation has released a DVD featuring Oscar-
             winning writer David Seidler, who wrote The King’s Speech. The
             DVD, David Seidler: We Have a Voice, is available at
    or call 800-992-9392.                     James Earl Jones with Jane Fraser.


 Gets Top

                            Top row, left to right: Charlotta Wising, Carla Monteleone, Gabrielle Hodes, Maryann Kaminsky,
                            Stephanie Schwartz, Debora Freud, Holly Lomheim, Voon Keong Pang, Catarina Pisciotti, Kevin
                            Johnson, Heidi Chew, Martina Boltuži , Jessica Mason, Sarah Henry, Ellen Kelly and Diane Parris.
                            Bottom row: Grace Ademola, Mara Luque, Laura Buckley, Willie Botterill, Elaine Kelman, Marie
                            Chan, Sandra Garzón, Sandy Hostler and Kavita Kaul.

                                 The first ever two-week Eastern Workshop was held in Boston from
                                   By Diane Parris

                              June 13-24. Co-sponsored by the Stuttering Foundation and Boston
                              University, the workshop attracted speech pathologists from six states
                              and nine nations for the opportunity to learn from Willie Botterill and
                              Elaine Kelman of the
                              Michael Palin Centre for
Comments from workshoppers... Stammering Children. During
                              the two
“...learning to accept and focused weeks, participants
                                         on cognitive ap-
trust in what a difference proaches to working with
small changes can make.” children who stutter and their
                              families. Cognitive Behavioral
                              Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Parent Child Interaction
                              Therapy, and Family Communication Skills training were presented by
                              these two master clinicians.
                                 Case study demonstrations and interactive exercises enlivened the
                              learning process. Routinely throughout the program, participants were
                              asked to share what they would take away from the day’s learning.
                              “Working with the whole person,” “focusing on communication as the
                              ultimate goal, stuttering or not,” “listening more to parents,” “learning
                              to accept and trust in what a difference small changes can make,” and
                              “going deeply into perceptions, attitudes, and feelings with children
                              who stutter in order to help them manage issues in their lives” were just
                              a few of the comments made by participants.
                                 The background and experience of the participants was as diverse as
“...working with the whole the nations from which they came: Argentina, Canada, Croatia, Israel,
                              Italy, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sweden, and the United States.
                              Participation in “jelling” exercises and sharing dorm rooms gave atten-
    person is important.”
                              dees ample opportunity to get to know each other. As a result, the class-
                              room experience was enriched by informal discussions of therapy pro-
                              grams, work settings, and cultural differences over pasta dinners and
                              strolls along the Charles River.
                                 A network of colleagues and friends from around the globe enthusi-
                              astically left Boston, tired yet invigorated, with new outlooks on client
                              and family centered fluency therapy.


Back row: Lynne Hebert-Remson, Bo-Kyung Lee, Marc Wall, Katarzyna
Wesierska, Jennifer Thomas, Carol Moody, Amanda Roche, Ashley Powers,
Ann Douvier, Amy Johnson. Middle row: Melissa Kokaly, Pam France, Sharon
Huttner, Valerie Yielding, Nelly Unjan , Cecilia Boulin, Surleen Singh. Seated:
Jane Fraser, Jennifer Watson, Susan Hamilton, Yvonne Honanie. Front row:
Bill Drudge and Enrique Gonzalez.

                               A Limerick About the Western Workshop

                               Out west went twenty SLPs
                               By Ann Douvier

                               To learn to treat dysfluencies.
                               Drawn from four nations
                               By the Stuttering Foundation
Comments from
                                                                                  “This was the best conference
                               To make more effective, our therapies.
                                                                                  ever, and I will be saying that
“I will listen to
                               We’ve all worked with children who stutter
                                                                                  10 years from now.”

                               Who’ve been told, “Slow down and don’t mutter!”
the fears and

                               By listening, reflecting,
concerns of the
                               Exploring, detecting
child ... I now
                               We’ll help them succeed with the speech they utter.
have the frame-

                               Dr. Watson brought facts, not conjectures
work I’ve been
                               Ms. Hamilton deep-dialogue, fun lectures
looking for!”
                               Evidence relayed
                               Solutions role-played
                               The two were responsive, engaging presenters.

                               Jane Fraser flew out from Tennessee
                               With books, DVDs, an inspired history.
                               Ellen Reuler, on site
                               Met our needs, day and night
“I vow to be                   Making meaningful each activity.

listener, provide Thanks PSU and Stuttering Foundation
a more reflective
                   For the gift of workshop participation.
                                                                                                 “This was an
more rationale...” Insightful, retooled,                                                         extraordinary
                               And passions refueled,
                               We’re back to work with inspired dedication!                         for me!”
       Famous Brothers Didn’t

      Let Stuttering Stop Them

            rothers Dominick and John                                                 and Up Close and Personal. He also
            Gregory Dunne, who died in                                                published many books of nonfiction.
            2009 and 2004 respectively,                                                  In a May 3, 1982 profile in the
     are well known as having been fa-                                                New York Times titled “How John
     mous writers and literary giants.                                                Gregory Dunne puts himself in his
        What the public at large does not                                             books,” John Gregory Dunne’s
     realize is that both Dominick                                                    childhood stuttering was listed as
     Dunne and his younger brother                                                    the catalyst for his becoming a writ-
     John Gregory not only struggled                                                  er. Mr. Dunne became a writer, he
     with stuttering but also were quite                                              says, because he stuttered as a child.
     open about it.                                                                   “Terrified that he would be called on
                                                    Dominick          John Gregory

        With the breakthrough in               He would go on to have a prolific      in class, he learned to express him-
                                                     Dunne               Dunne

     February 2010 of the discovery of         career as a novelist, screenwriter     self on paper and to listen to the way
     some stuttering genes, family mem-        and journalist.                        that other people talked, becoming
     bers who stuttered were a major              His novels include Vegas, True      in the process an accomplished
     part of the studies that led to the ex-                                          mimic – a skill that has served him
     citing identification of these genes.     Studio, Playland and Monster. With     well in writing dialogue.”
     Dominick and John Gregory also                                                      In his 1989 memoir Harp, John
                                               Confessions, Dutch Shea, Jr., The

                                               his wife, writer Joan Didion, he co-
     had a younger brother, Stephen,           wrote many screenplays such as A       Gregory Dunne wrote extensively
     who stuttered. The stuttering of                                                 how he was affected by the suicide
     these three Dunne brothers is a                                                  of his younger brother Stephen, a
     compelling testament to the                                                           graphic artist who died tragi-
                                               Star is Born, True Confessions, Play

     genetic links in stuttering.                                                          cally at age 43. Stephen had
                                               It as It Lays, Panic in Needle Park,

        The Dunne brothers were                                                            not achieved the same level of
     two of the six children of                                                            fluency as had his older broth-
     Richard Dunne, a prominent                                                            ers Dominick and John
     surgeon in Hartford, CT, and                                                          Gregory. He wrote about his
     his wife Dorothy, whose Irish                                                         relationship with Stephen,
     immigrant father was the first                                                        “We both had a tendency to
     millionaire businessman in                                                            stammer, and whenever we
     Hartford’s Irish community.                                                           met, all too rarely the last 15
     They grew up in the fashion-                                                          years of his life, we would dis-
     able suburb of West Hartford.                                                         cuss stratagems to avoid the
     Both went to elite Catholic                                                           minefields of speech. I used to
     boarding schools, after which                                                         say “howdy” because I would
     Dominick went to Williams                                                             stumble on “hello”, and he
     College, and John Gregory to                                                          would say “wee” because he
     Princeton University.                                                                 would falter on “little”, and
        After serving as a private                                                         when we compared tactics we
     in the Army following gradu-                                                          would dissolve in laughter, a
     ation from Princeton, John                                                            laughter that only another
     Gregory earned his first job                                                          stammerer could understand.”
     as the London correspondent                                                               Dominick Dunne began his
     for Time magazine by totally                                                          career in Hollywood produc-
     fabricating his resume and                                                            ing television shows and live
     using phantom references                                                              TV movies for Playhouse 90
     which were never checked.                                                             on CBS. He would go on to

produce motion pictures and be-        azine’s most prolific writer.             er at 20th Century Fox, his suc-
come an executive producer at             Many of his articles were about        cess failed to mesh with his child-
20th Century Fox. Two of the           crimes committed by the rich and fa-      hood as a child who stuttered,
movies he produced were The            mous; he covered many trials, such        “That image of the stuttering pa-
Boys in the Band and Ash               as those of Claus von Bulow, the          thetic kid carried through even
Wednesday, a 1973 film starring        Menendez brothers, O.J. Simpson,          though it was not an image pre-
Elizabeth Taylor and Henry             Robert Blake, Phil Spector and many       sented to the world.”
Fonda. After a painful divorce,        more. He became a regular guest on           In an article titled “A Death in the
Dominick Dunne’s out-of-control                 news shows during these          Family,” Dominick Dunne ad-
                                                trials and a well-known ad-      dressed the common stuttering bond
                                                vocate for victims rights.       shared between him and his younger
                                                In 1985 he struck gold           brother John Gregory in Vanity Fair
                                                 with the novel The Two          in March 2004 about the death of
                                                 Mrs. Grenvilles and many        John Gregory and their often diffi-
                                                 other best-sellers fol-         cult relationship. He wrote, “John
                                                 lowed, such as People           and I had another thing in common:
                                                                                 we both stuttered.”
                                                                                    While working at Twentieth
                                                 Like Us, An Inconvenient

                                                                                 Century Fox, Dominick Dunne was
                                                  Woman, A Season in

                                                       Not My Own, and           friendly with their top actress at the
                                                  Purgatory, Another City,

                                                                                 time, Marilyn Monroe, who is also
                                                         Eight months prior      on the Stuttering Foundation list of
                                                       Too Much Money.

                                                        to the release of The    Famous People Who Stutter. More
                                                                                 than once the two discussed their
                                                        which was a massive      past stuttering and how it had
                                                        Two Mrs. Grenvilles,

                                                         best-seller and cata-   shaped them as adults as well as
                                                         pulted him to fame      their occasional fears that the stut-
                                                         as an author,           tering would return someday.
                                                         Dominick Dunne             Though the famous Dunne
                                                         was profiled in his     brothers have departed this world,
                                                                                                     their    combined
                                                                                                     legacy is nothing
                                                                                                     short of amazing.
                                                                                                      Their names will
                                                                                                      be invoked for
                                                                                                      decades to come
                                                                                                      in both literary
                         and Elizabeth Taylor.
                                                                                                      and media cir-
At top: Dominick Dunne
                          e, his son Griffin
                                                                                                      cles, but surely
Above: Dominick Dunn e and Joan Didion.

                                                                                                       no one will al-
Dunne, John Gregory Du nne.

partying led to his being banished                                                                     lude to the fact
At right: John Gregory Du

from Hollywood.                                                                                        that both broth-
   On the brink of poverty and                                                                         ers    stuttered.
after much soul-searching, he                                                                           That three chil-
wrote his first novel, The Winners,                                                                 dren – Dominick,
which though not successful, was       hometown paper, the Hartford              John Gregory and Stephen – stut-
reviewed in the New York Times.        Courant, in an October 21, 1984, ar-      tered out of a family of six children
The horrific 1982 murder of his        ticle entitled “Success and Tragedy       indicates the role that genetics of
daughter Dominique at the hands        Rework Him.”                              stuttering plays. While the two
of her boyfriend upset his life ter-      In the article Dominick Dunne          brothers will continue to inspire
ribly. As a result, he wrote an ac-    described himself as having been          the literary world for years to
count of the murder and trial for      a “stuttering pathetic kid”; later        come, they would no doubt also in-
Vanity Fair magazine, which in         in the article he stated that despite     spire countless people who stutter
turn hired him to write an article     having been a successful televi-          to persevere and not let their stut-
every month; he became the mag-        sion producer and later a produc-         tering be a roadblock to success.
     Meet Board Member Joe Walker

                                                   Only one lawyer in each spe-    tax planning, including matters
                                                cialty area in each community is   relating to obtaining and main-
        This is the second in a series of ar-

                                                honored, and the award is based    taining tax-exempt status for
     ticles featuring Stuttering Foundation
     are used with permission from The
                                                on more than 3.1 million de-       501(c)3 charitable organizations,
     board members. This article and photo
     Memphis Daily News.
                                                tailed evaluations of lawyers by   tax matters, fiduciary compliance,
                                                others in the field.               asset protection, and trust and
        Memphis lawyer Joe Walker                  “To have my peers recognize     probate estate matters.
     By Mark Sullivan

     has always loved accounting, tax,          me for this honor is extremely         “One key to my success has
     trust and estate planning. He sees         humbling,” Walker said.            been the mentors in my life,”
     his chosen career as a science and            “Memphis is blessed with an     Walker said. “People like John
     an art form. While that fact may be        outstanding legal profession –     Doggett and Hubert McBride*
     unusual to some, Walker realized           men and women who exhibit the      put light on the path ahead of me
     early in life that helping others by       highest degree of professional-    and showed me the ropes.
     drafting wills and having a                ism and integrity and                             Mentoring is very
     hands-on approach                                                                        important to me in
     was his calling.                                                                         giving back to others.
        “You must have                                                                        We need more men
     the technical back-                                                                      and women of all
     ground to be suc-                                                                        walks of life to lend a
                                                                                               helping hand to oth-
                                “...the No. 1 key
     cessful, but the No.
                                                                                               ers through being a
                               to success is being
     1 key to success is
     being able to relate                                                                      mentor, coach or role
                                  able to relate

     to and build relation-                                                                    model.”
                                   to and build
     ships with people,”                                                                        Walker and his wife of
                                                                                               42 years, Barbara, are
     Walker said. “The
     trust and estate busi-                                                                    actively involved in the
                                  with people.”
                                          ~Joe Walker                                           Stuttering Foundation
     ness is all about trust,
     open communica-                                                                            of America. The orga-
     tions and listening. I                                                                     nization, founded by
     work very hard mak-                                                                        Malcolm Fraser of
     ing sure that is my                                                                        Memphis more than
     reputation.”                           are dedicated to helping others.”      six decades ago, provides adults
        “In my world, I am taking care         Walker calls himself a              and teenagers who stutter and
     of someone’s most important            “Mississippi Transplant” hav-          teachers, clinicians, doctors and
     possessions,” Walker added.            ing relocated to Memphis               other leaders with the most up-to-
        “We in many ways are in the         from McComb, Miss., a small            date information in prevention and
     business of caring for our             town about five hours from             treatment of stuttering.
     clients’ children, family mem-         the Bluff City.
     bers, other loved ones and their          Walker joined Adams and
                                                                                      “I have been an officer and

     hopes and dreams of life. To do        Reese in 2006 when the firm ex-
                                                                                   director of the Stuttering

     that effectively, we bring exper-      panded its regional footprint into
                                                                                   Foundation for more than 20

     tise and experience to the table       the Mid-South. He became the
                                                                                   years,” said Walker. “It is

     and blend that with information        partner in charge of the Memphis       community. Everywhere I
                                                                                   one way to give back to the

     we have gained from clients to         office and held that position from     travel, I am an advocate of
     facilitate their goals. These skill    2006 to 2009. Walker also serves       Memphis and Shelby County.
     sets are far different from those      on the intellectual property and       It is a fascinating place to live
     used in litigation.”                   technology and tax teams.              and raise a family. Since we
        Walker, a partner with Adams           He also practices law in the        live here, it is our responsibili-
     and Reese LLP, was recently            area of information technology/        ty to pass on the good news
     named among “Lawyers of the            software licensing and contract-       about our home.”
     Year” in Trusts and Estates Law by     ing and is one of the few lawyers
     Best Lawyers magazine, the oldest      in the firm, and the only partner in
     and most respected peer-review         Memphis, with extensive experi-
                                                                                     *Hubert McBride was an

     publication in the legal profession.   ence in sophisticated estate and
                                                                                   original Stuttering Foundation
                                                                                   Board Member in 1947.
                                                              L ves the SFA

                                       National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

                                                                2010-2011 Campaign

                                Students from Southern Illinois
                                University-Edwardsville raised
                                funds during a silent auction
                                and banquet.

                                                                               William Paterson University students
                                                                               raised money with a bowl-a-thon.

                     NSSLHA chapters’ record-breaking gifts to the Stuttering Foundation.
                                  Thank you for your amazing support!
UC NSSLHA Chapter - $100.00                             Illinois State University – NSSLHA Chapter - $200        Univ. of Central Arkansas – NSSLHA Chapter - $250
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Nova Southeastern Univ. NSSLHA Chapter - $500              Chapter - $1,676                                        Chapter - $250
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Lehman College – CUNY NSSLHA Chapter - $500             Boston University – NSSLHA Chapter - $440
                                                                                                                   Chapter - $500
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Southeastern LA University NSSLHA Chapter - $100        Mercy College – NSSLHA Chapter - $100                    Ohio State University – NSSLHA Chapter - $100
University of Illinois – Urbana NSSLHA Chapter - $250   N.Y. Medical College – NSSLHA Chapter - $250             CUNY Hunter College – NSSLHA Chapter - $450
Marywood University – NSSLHA Chapter - $130             Univ. of New Hampshire – NSSLHA Chapter - $300           University of Tennessee – NSSLHA Chapter - $200
Fontbonne University – NSSLHA Chapter - $269.19         Calif. State Univ., San Marcos – NSSLHA Chapter - $250   William Paterson Univ. – NSSLHA Chapter - $1,134
University of Arizona – NSSLHA Chapter - $400           SUNY Geneseo – NSSLHA Chapter - $450                     Rush University – NSSLHA Chapter - $350
Bowling Green State Univ. – NSSLHA Chapter - $150       California State University, Northridge – NSSLHA         MGH Institute of Health Professions - NSSLHA
Clarion University – NSSLHA Chapter - $150                 Chapter - $250                                          Chapter - $250
San Diego State University – NSSLHA Chapter - $250      Chapman University – NSSLHA Chapter - $500               Eastern Illinois University - NSSLHA Chapter - $500
Dear SFA: Reader Response

     Therapy Helps                                                                          time. I get mad when I stut-
Send letters to SFA, P.O. Box 11749, Memphis, TN 38111-0749 or e-mail

  My name is Graham and I                                                                   ter and I don’t like it.
stutter. I try to use my                                                                    When I get mad I punch
tongue to get my speech out.                                                                my pillow and feel a lot
Many times my words get                                                                     better. When I watch other
stuck in my mouth. I also re-                                                               people stutter, I feel more
peat the first syllable over                                                                normal and when I stutter I
and over again.                                                                             just remember that other
  I have stuttered for a long                                                               famous people and regular
time. From what I remember                                                                  people do it so I don’t feel
my stuttering started when I                                                                mad anymore. Your web-
was 5, so 4 years out of my 9                                                               site helps me feel better
years of life. Sometimes I am                                                               about stuttering.
a little embarrassed to meet
other people, even though I        I am Jhonathan. I am nine years old. I was born in
                                                                                              Tyler, 10
                                 2001. My speech teacher Mrs. Petersen is reading
want to make new friends. your book Sometimes I Just Stutter. I want to be
                                                                                                 Letters Make Me
                                                                                              Saint Francisville, LA

When I get invited to a smoother but I get angry. Sometimes I feel sad be-
friend’s birthday party, I go cause I don’t talk good but I am practicing how to be                  Feel Better
but I don’t talk that much be- smooth. I have learned how to stop and start again, go           My name is Reonna and I
                                 slow, and do easy starts.
cause of my stuttering.                                                                       am 8 years old and I am in
  I know I will stutter be-                                                                   the 2nd grade. I am writing
cause I have thoughts in my                                                                   this letter because I read
                                   Jhonathan, Mesa, AZ

                                   I started stuttering when I was eight. I have gotten
head telling me I might. I try worse the last two years. When I went to a speech              some of the other letters and
                                 class I was getting better and better. First I was really
to ignore these thoughts and I hard on myself but then as I got older I got calmer and        I realized I am not alone. I
am brave, but some days I calmer. When I started my first bump I was thinking                 used to stutter a lot and it
don’t raise my hand in class. I about what was happening to me but when I got older           made me stop speaking at
just know right before I talk    I started to know what was happening. Sometimes I            school. I don’t stutter any-
                                 don’t want it anymore and sometimes I do. Thanks for
that it will happen because it your book Sometimes I Just Stutter.                            more because I learned
feels like something gets                                                                     some easy ways to speak in
lodged in my throat.                                                                          therapy. Now I feel better
                                   Tyler, Mesa, AZ

Sometimes I avoid saying ing I mess up. Can you help me control it? I know you
                                   I’m a little off with my stuttering. When I am talk-       that I don’t stutter. Thank
some words but other times can because of your book Sometimes I Just Stutter.                 you for posting other kids
when I know I’m going to Please write back.                                                   letters because it made me
stutter I say my words really                                                                 feel better about my speech.
fast to get finished. It feels Editor: We sent helpful resources to these three boys.
                                   Jordan, Mesa, AZ

like I am embarrassed when it
                                                                                                Reonna, 8

happens. I get nervous and I
                                                                                               I Am Not Alone
                                                                                                Houma, LA

talk too fast because I want to get         Other People Stutter
the words out.                                                                           Sometimes I think I should
                                           My name is Tyler. I am 10
  I’m going to practice my strate-                                                     have never stuttered in my whole
                                         years old and I am in the 5th
gies for stuttering during school                                                      life. When I am alone, I do not
                                         grade. I stutter and I get blocked
with my speech teacher, and I will                                                     stutter but when I am around
                                         and cannot say anything but I am
practice over the summer in                                                            people, I do stutter a lot. But it is
Milwaukee. I also practice in the        working on it. I take a big deep
                                                                                       not a habit. When I stutter, I
classroom. I think therapy is help-      breath then I slow down my rate.              know that I am not alone. There
ing by giving me strategies to use       My dad stuttered too when he                  are a lot of things good about me
when I have to stutter.                  was young. When I stutter, I feel             and it is not all about stuttering.
                                         unnormal. I have been stuttering
                                         since I was two years old. I have
                                         been in speech therapy for a long
  Graham, 10                                                                             Melanie, 8
  Kenosha, WI                                                                            Stoney Creek, Ontario

 Poem About Stuttering

  Hello, I’m Nick and I am 11
years old and I will be 12 in
August. I live in Texas and I made
a poem I would like to share with
other kids that stutter.

  Sometimes when I stutter peo-
ple make fun of me,
  I tell them I’ll be who I want to be.
  When I stutter I get mad,
  Because when I get made fun of
I get sad.
  But soon I would learn tools to use,
  Just like I learned to tie my
  When I learn tools they stick to me,
  And then I’ll always have a se-
cret key.
  Easy starts is a kind of tool,

                                                 Don’t Interrupt Me                              Speech Tools Help
  Actually its pretty cool.                                            Mykhal, 6th grade, Glen Allen, Va.
  Sometimes I look back to when

                                              Sometimes I stutter when I talk. It             My name is Henri and I stutter.
I was sad,

                                            usually bothers me when I am talk-              Sometimes
  But forget that because now I
                                            ing to kids and they interrupt me.              people make
                                            But it doesn’t really bother me                 fun of me at
am glad.

                                            when someone tries to help me. I go             school and
  Nick, 12

                                            to speech therapy and I am learning             laugh at me.
      I Am Determined
  Keller, TX

                                            how to use my speech tools.                     This makes
  I hate stuttering. A lot of time
                                              Logan, 7                                      me feel sad.
people tell me to “slow down”
                                              Collegeville, PA                              When this
and “take a deep breath.” It
                                                                                            happens I
makes it hard for me to speak
and stutter even more. I am at-                  How Do You Feel?                           take a deep
                                              I want to ask how do you feel                 breath and
tending the speech program at
                                            when you stutter, because when I                calm down.
school. I haven’t improved much
                                            stutter sometimes kids laugh at me.               I like to use my speech tools
yet, but I am still determined. If I
                                            I just ignore them.                             when I’m reading. This helps my
speak in front of my class, I
                                                                                            words come our smoothly.
struggle to even start a sentence
without stuttering.
                                              Baton Rouge, LA                                 Henri, 3rd grade

                                            ing and our Trouble at Recess book.
                                              Editor: We sent tips about bully-               St. Paul, MN
  Luke, 10
  Nottingham, PA                                                                                                  Continued on page 16

                                            My name is Zofia and my speech therapist showed me your website for the first time. I
                                          showed my mom the website too. It’s kind of cool how Marilyn Monroe stuttered too! My
                                          speech therapist helped me learn to smooth my words. Stuttering really isn’t that bad, I
                                          think it’s just the way I talk. I drew a picture of a horse, because I love horses. Riding a
                                          horse is a lot like talking in some ways. You control the horse just like you control your
                                          speech parts. You can tell it to slow down, keep moving, or go back and start over.
                                            Zofia, 10, Yorkville, IL

Letters         Continued from page 15
                                                                      I am Henry. I am eight years old. I
                                                                   used to do a lot of stuttering. But, now
                                                                   I am much better because I go to a
                                                                   speech therapist. When I can’t say a
                                                                   word, I pretend there is a wall that is
                                                                   blocking the air in my throat. Then I
                                                                   imagine myself opening a door with a
                                                                   key to let the air through. Then I can
                                                                   get my words out.
                                                                      When I feel angry when I stutter, I
                                                                   think I should calm down and let the
                                                                   air through. That makes me feel much
                                                                      For some people who cry when they
                                                                   stutter, I think it’s okay to cry, but
                                                                   first try one of your techniques and
                                                                   then you might not cry.
                                                                      Henry, 8, Richmond, VA

    My name is Ryan and I am 12.
 Recently I did a presentation on
 stuttering. I had a great time doing
 it too. While I was doing it, I
 learned some great facts like a man
 did not talk for 10 years straight be-
 cause his stuttering was so awful. I
 taught a small group of classmates
 of mine about stuttering and how
 you can be like everyone else even if
 you stutter. They seemed to enjoy it.
 I talked about famous celebrities
 that stutter, strategies to do, inter-
 esting facts, and how it feels to me.
 It was a great experience that I will
 never forget.
    Ryan, 12, Lincoln, NE

  You can also find letters
      and drawings on
        our Website,

  Click on “Just for Kids.”
                                                   Cameron, 10, Little Elm, TX

                                                Brain                                      26.7 (standard deviation 4.6) years
                                                the motor cortex of the other hemi-        with no personal or family history
lakes to sail, concerts to enjoy,
                                                               Continued from front page

                                                sphere. Such an inhibition was first       of stuttering or cluttering. We found
                Continued from front page

bike paths to explore.”                                                                    essentially no difference between
  Mrs. Holmes, age 92, who                      observed in the area of the motor
                                                cortex where hand movements are            groups with regard to interhemi-
had begun to stutter at age 7                                                              spheric inhibition (Sommer et al.,
upon the death of her mother,                   generated. Unilateral hand move-
                                                ments, such as in sports or playing        2009). This means that the suppres-
was dedicated to philanthropy,                                                             sion of the ongoing activity in one
and her dedication continues                    piano, require an inhibition of the
                                                other hand. This inhibition slowly         hemisphere by preceding activation
through a charitable trust es-                                                             of the opposite side’s motor area
tablished for various regional                  matures and evolves during child-
                                                hood. It is fascinating to observe         was perfectly normal in the group of
and national organizations.                                                                adults who stutter. This indicates
The Stuttering Foundation was                   how it takes years for children to
                                                learn how to, when manipulating            that the motor cortex itself is not the
chosen as one organization to                                                              core site of the problem.
receive funding.                                toys or objects with one hand, sup-
                                                press “mirror” movements of the               Rather, we believe that the in-
  She was educated in                                                                      flows from other brain areas to the
Nashville, Tenn., attended                      other hand.
                                                   This interaction between                          human motor cortex mod-
business school, and then                                                                                 ulate its activity in a dif-
worked for eighteen years for                   the motor cortex of one
                                                hemisphere with the                                         ferent fashion and are
Estes Lumber Company be-                                                                                      therefore subject of
fore moving to Madeira                          motor cortex of the
                                                other can be studied                                           ongoing studies we
Beach, Florida. There she                                                                                      are      conducting.
worked as a bookkeeper and                      in detail and with
                                                high time resolution                                           This view is sup-
land developer until returning                                                                                 ported by more re-
to Nashville in 2005. She was                   using transcranial
                                                magnetic stimula-                                             cent findings by
preceded in death by her hus-                                                                               Nicole Neef from our
band, Frank, who was killed in                  tion (TMS). TMS
                                                works by stimulat-                                       group. She studied the
the South Pacific early during                                                                        fine tuning of the balance
World War II.                                   ing the motor cortex
                                                in one hemisphere                                     between inhibition and fa-
  “These gifts from two people                                                                        cilitation within the motor
who knew stuttering firsthand                   shortly before stimulating the
                                                motor cortex of the other. The re-         cortex and found an abnormal bal-
play an important role in en-                                                              ance with a reduced facilitation
abling us to carry out our ongo-                sult is that the stimulus to the first
                                                motor cortex blocks off, or inhibits,      (Neef et al., 2011). This suggests ab-
ing work,” said Jane Fraser.                                                               normal input to the motor cortex,
                                                the activity usually observed after
                                                the second stimulus is presented to        e.g. from the basal ganglia.

                                                the opposite motor cortex.                    In summary, our data show that
              he Stuttering Foundation of       Interestingly, this inhibition of one      the motor cortex itself and the in-
              America is a tax-exempt orga-     motor area by the opposite side’s          teraction of both hemispheres is in-
          nization under section 501(c)(3) of
                                                motor area develops during child-          tact in adults who stutter, and direct
          the Internal Revenue Code and is
          classified as a private operating     hood (Garvey et al., 2003; Heinen          future research to the interconnect-
          foundation as defined in section      et al., 1998), and has been found to       ed areas influencing the activity of
          4942(j)(3). Charitable contribu-
          tions and bequests to the             be abnormal in professional musi-          the motor areas of the brain.
          Foundation are tax-deductible,        cians who started playing a musi-
subject to limitations under the Code.
                                                cal instrument in childhood                      Brown S, Ingham RJ, Ingham JC, Laird AR, Fox PT. Stuttered

                                                (Ridding et al., 2000). Given that

                                                                                           and fluent speech production: an ALE meta-analysis of functional
                                                                                           neuroimaging studies. Hum Brain Mapp 2005; 25: 105-17.

                                                abnormal right hemispheric brain
                                                                                                 Curry FK, Gregory HH. The performance of stutterers on dichotic

                                                activity has been shown in func-
                                                                                           listening tasks thought to reflect cerebral dominance. J Speech Hear Res
                                                                                           1969; 12: 73-82.

                                                tional imaging studies of adults
                                                                                                 Fox PT, Ingham RJ, Ingham JC, Hirsch TB, Downs JH, Martin
                                                                                           C, et al. A PET study of the neural systems of stuttering. Nature

                                                who stutter, it was tempting to con-
                                                                                           1996; 382: 158-61.
                                                                                                 Garvey MA, Ziemann U, Bartko JJ, Denckla MB, Barker CA,
     It’s easy to include

                                                clude that the interaction of motor
                                                                                           Wassermann EM. Cortical correlates of neuromotor development in
                                                                                           healthy children. Clin Neurophysiol 2003; 114: 1662-70.
 the Stuttering Foundation

                                                cortices may be abnormal.
                                                                                                 Heinen F, Glocker FX, Fietzek U, Meyer BU, Lucking CH,
                                                                                           Korinthenberg R. Absence of transcallosal inhibition following
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                                                   We therefore investigated 15
                                                                                           focal magnetic stimulation in preschool children. Ann Neurol.

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                                                                                           1998; 43: 608-12.
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                                                male subjects who have stuttered
                                                                                                 Neef NE, Paulus W, Neef A, Wolff von Gudenberg A, Sommer

    “I give and bequeath to the
                                                                                           M. Reduced intracortical inhibition and facilitation in the primary

 Stuttering Foundation of America the           since childhood, with a mean age of
                                                                                           motor tongue representation of adults who stutter. Clinical
                                                                                           Neurophysiology 2011; 122: 1802–11.

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                                                                                                 Ridding MC, Brouwer B, Nordstrom MA. Reduced interhemi-
                                                                                           spheric inhibition in musicians. Exp Brain Res. 2000; 133: 249-53.
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                                                years, and 15 matched healthy con-
                                                                                                 Sommer M, Knappmeyer K, Hunter EJ, Gudenberg AW, Neef

 can help you with the final wording.
                                                                                           N, Paulus W. Normal interhemispheric inhibition in persistent devel-

                                                trol subjects with a mean age of
                                                                                           opmental stuttering. Mov Disord 2009; 24: 769-73.
                                                                                                 Travis LE. The cerebral dominance theory of stuttering: 1931--
                                                                                           1978. J Speech Hear Disord 1978; 43: 278-81.
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                                                                                    his French translation of Advice
                                                                                    Laurent Lagarde with copies of

                                                                                    To Those Who Stutter.

                                             Dr. Moussa Dao speaking at the
  Belmar Rivera Vilá speaks                  International Stuttering Association   Sajiv and Seema Adlakha pre-
  about stuttering to graduate               Congress in Buenos Aires.              sent on stuttering to teachers at
  students in Puerto Rico.                                                          the Amity International School

   Meet Our Incredible Intern
                                                                                    in Noida, India.

          Susannah Parkin, a psy-              lady,” said Jane Fraser. “As a
                                                                                               Volume 19, Issue 3
                                                                                    Renee Shepherd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Editor

        chology major at Hamilton              person who stutters herself,
                                                                                    Scot Squires . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Designer

        College, interned for the              Susannah has been of great
                                                                                    Susannah Parkin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Intern

        Stuttering Foundation dur-             help to us in reaching out
                                                                                    Special thanks to Joan Warner, Patty Reed,

        ing the summer.                        with positive ideas and sug-
                                                                                    Susie Hall, Pat Hamm, Lisa Hinton, Terri

Susannah “Susannah is an incredibly            gestions to teens and others
                                                                                    Jones, and Carol Ecke.
                                                                                    This newsletter is published quarterly. Please
                                                                                    e-mail address changes and story ideas to
Parkin  bright and talented young              who stutter.”              

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