“Dad” by wuyunqing


									                                                                     “There’s a trap that we fall into

male model
                                                                           around here where

                                                                         we want
                                                                         to have
                                                                          it all
 Risk takeR, family man,                                              . . . We want the house,
                                                                      the yard, and the car.
 spoRts nut, fashion plate-                                           We want to have a job
                                                                        that allows us to afford
 no matteR the label,                                                     these things, and
 noVa men seT The bar.                                               we want to be able to enjoy
                                                                     the work we do at that job.
                                                                     and in this area,
                                                                     that can be very
                             While D.c. definitely can
                                                                       hard to do.”
                             claim the fashion-forward                           crash course

                                    title, there is                      Is your commute kIllIng your

                            a conTingenT                                           marrIage?
                            of men in northern Virginia
                              that are making strides.

   “The misconcepTion                                                          “PAPA”
 is noVa is where people go to die. to get married, have
        kids. and that’s not necessarily the case.
     There are a lot of young people in NoVA.”

                                                                         faThers figure 74

                                                           bachelors &
              greaT caTch

58 • April 2009 • www.NorthernVirginiaMag.com

                                                                                                                                                the ultImate exurban                              “
                                                                                                                                                                                       iF YoU Don’t

                                                                                                                                                                                        see the Fish
                                                                                                                                                                                       at the taBle
                                                                                                                                                                                       Within a FeW

                                                                                                                                        maRket                                        IT’S YOU.
                                                                                                                                        /cougar                                       how’d he geT To be so good?
                                                                                                                                                                                        tIps for the termInally


                                                                                              area electronIcs experts gIVe us
                                                                                                            the                         5 places your wife wishes you’d aVoid

                                                                                              big picTure                                               67

                                                                                                      boys Toys 75

                                                                                                                                          local teams                                   sports
                                                                                                                                          cheat sheet
                                                                                                                                                                 sporTs 101
dwayne fReeman (jacobson, mattos, maRkeRt, poRteRfield, qassim, sgaRlata); newscom (poRtis,

                                                                                                                           That’s how long it takes some-
                                                                                                “                          one to make an impression.
                                                                                                                           It takes three hours
                                                                                                                           to correct that.”
                                                                                                                           whaT suiTs you? 66
haywood, glakas); jonathan timmes (cZaRniak)

                                                                                                      krav maga is

                                                                                                                                                          body slam
                                                                                              oN the                                                            65

                                                                                              Martial                                                 disarm a gunman
                                                                                              anD light
                                                                                              on the art.”                                        Jab To double-leg Takedown

                                                                                                                                                                          www.NorthernVirginiaMag.com • April 2009 • 59
 great catch                                    You’d have to cast a pretty wide net for
                                                Northern Virginia’s star singles
   text by susan anspach & vanessa stolaRski   ReseaRch by maRia scinto   photgRaphy by dwayne fReeman

                   centeR, wiZaRds | age: 28

                   Brendan T
                   A man who doesn’t believe in pick-up lines,
                   the 7-foot-tall Wizards center told Sports
                   illustrated he relies on his smile to win a
                   woman over. And while he may have raked
                   in a salary of $5,000,000 for the 2007-08
                   season, Haywood keeps his clothing budget
                   modest. The most he ever paid for a suit,
                   according to the Sports illustrated story?
                   “$1,000.” This, combined with his apprecia-
                   tion for romance languages (he once told a
                   reporter that if he could learn any language
                   it would be French), would have any woman
                   lined up for a chance to court.

gRaphic design fiRm owneR/public                                                                         maRk goldman/icon smi/newscom (haywood); steve spatafoRe/
Relations consultant | age: 25

    ezra QassIm
  ezra Qassim, who runs his own graphic
   design studio, understands the impor-
    tance of keeping it real. His constant
face time with people for his second line
   of work in public-relations consulting
                                                                                                         abacausa/newscom (glakas)

means Qassim doesn’t have time to play
     games. That’s especially true of first
  dates, for which Qassim says he prefers
    a traditional affair over dinner and a
   movie, rather than a flashy evening of
   “Vip treatment, velvet-rope openings
  and champagne pouring endlessly.” No,
no, Qassim says, “That’s better saved for
                          the second date.”

62 • April 2009 • www.NorthernVirginiaMag.com
owneR, team RoveR adventuRes
age: 38

An avid outdoorsman, garrett
porterfield turned his passions into
entrepreneurship with his company
Team rover Adventures, which
tailor-designs company retreats.
porterfield, who describes himself
as a “very mellow, quiet person,”
says he finds the dating scene in
D.c. different from where he resides
in Middleburg. “The social scene
in D.c. gets a little obnoxious,” the
38-year-old business owner ob-
serves. “There’s this sort of pressure
to do all the right things.”

    after reviewing our readers’ online
  survey, our staff commiserated to dis-
   cuss other notable singles in our re-
  gion. after whittling down the list, we
   introduce to you northern Virginia’s
   top 10 bachelors and bachelorettes.

                                                                       opeRa singeR, miss viRginia 2006 | age: 26

                                  tRiple cRown pageant winneR,
                                  masteR’s candidate | age: 28
                                  Kristi Lauren                        Having taken the title of the Miss America
                                                                       Organization’s Miss Virginia three years
                                  glakas                               back, Northern Virginia native Adrianna
                                                                       Sgarlata more recently earned the designa-
                                  don’t let her petite frame deceive
                                                                       tion of master in music from george Mason
                                  you. having earned the titles of
                                                                       university in May of last year. The voice
                                  miss teen usa in 1999, miss          of the Fairfax Station 26-year-old has
                                  virginia usa in 2004 and miss        launched her onto such stages as that of the
                                  virginia most recently, in 2005,     Loudoun Lyric Opera last November and a
                                  kristi lauren glakas is a 5-foot-3   full opera stint at the Amalfi coast Opera
                                  pageant powerhouse. she’s got        Festival in italy last summer. Where to find
                                  the brains to match: the cent-       her out in town? “Who doesn’t like to go to
                                  reville hometown girl is currently   the Kennedy center?” For eats: “Anything
                                  working toward her bachelor’s        italian. My family is italian, and i could eat
                                                                       italian all day, every day.”
                                  in nursing at the university of
                                  virginia, as well as her master’s
                                  in international health at george
                                  mason university.

                                                                                                    April 2009 • 63
wRc (channel 4) spoRts anchoR | age 31

lIndsay CzarnIak
For camera-ready czarniak, game-day fanaticism comes with the
job. The centreville High School and James Madison university
alum hails from a family of NAScAr devotees and returned to the
region after college to work as a cNN production assistant before

                                                                                                newscom (poRtis); jonathan timmes (cZaRniak)
a gig as a pit reporter launched her to such great heights as report-
ing at the 2008 beijing Olympics—all adding up to mean the line
separating her professional and personal interests is blurry, at best.

                                                     executive chef, tallula
                                                     age: 26

                                                     a woman who dates andrew mark-
                                                     ert better have an appreciation for
                                                     music … even if it’s britney spears.
                                                     the guitarist keeps an open mind to
                                                     people’s musical tastes. but don’t ex-
                                                     pect tallula’s exec chef to cook for his
                                                     dates right away. “that’s saved for a
                                                     couple of dates in ... i once dated a
                                                     girl who said she liked pumpkin. so
                                                     i cooked a four-course tasting menu
                                                     where everything had pumpkin in it.”

    Running back, Redskins | age: 27

    anyone who’s been privy to
    clinton portis’s many aliases—
    coach janky spanky, sheriff gonna
    getcha, dolemite jenkins—knows
    he is not without a sense of humor.
    nor is he without sentimentality, as
    last season’s loss of his dear friend
    sean taylor made him determined
    to make the most of every day, he
    told a sports illustrated reporter
    last year.
                                 Redskins cheeRleadeR | age 25

                                         For squad linchpin Melanie
                                     Jacobson, in-season down days
                                     simply aren’t an option. “Hav-
                                        ing a full-time job and being
                                      a cheerleader, that really does
                                 embody who i am at this point in
                                   my life,” the centreville resident
shutteRstock (bodyslam, paint)

                                   and bearingpoint business ana-
                                  lyst says. That means that in her
                                    free time, relaxation maxes out
                                       as a top priority, though “i do
                                    like to try out new restaurants,”
                                 she notes. A regional eating nook
                                     she thinks rises above the rest?
                                      “2941. i’ll go there for special
                                                   occasions, usually.”

                                                                                    extReme spoRt ops
                                                                                    Where to go to get your combat kIcks
                                                                                    by Jonathan hunley

                                                                                     •wresTliNg •kRav maga •ultimate fighting
                                                                                                                     body slAm
                                                                                    The KYDA Pro Wrestling school in Prince William County has been training wannabe
                                                                                    grapplers for more than a decade. Two graduates have even reached stardom in pro
                                                                                    wrestling’s big leagues. That’s why KYDA stands for Keep Your Dreams Alive.

                                                                                     owner Jimmy Zaveski, known to
                                                                                     everyone as “Jimmy Z,” teaches a
                                               music editoR, dcist blog
                                                                                     body slam:
                                               age: 27                               1 when facing your opponent, grab

                                               amanda                                    his or her left arm and lift it over
                                                                                         your head so that it lands on your
                                               maTTos                                    left shoulder.
                                                                                     2 scoop your right hand between
                                               Tysons copywriter by day,
                                               sprightly Amanda Mattos                   your opponent’s legs, locking onto
                                               started covering bands by night           the left leg.
                                               for Dcist.com in 2005. Today,         3 pick your opponent up and swing
                                               she volunteers between 10 and             him or her onto your right shoulder.
                                               12 hours a week for the blog that     4 cradle your opponent’s head by
                                               reaps 1.4 million page views              placing your left arm over his or her
                                               per month. The D.c. resident
                                               bills Arlington’s iota and the
                                                                                     5 slam your opponent down to the
                                               District’s rock and roll Hotel
                                               stages as the best concert venues         mat so that the top of his or head is
                                               to take a date for their separated        pointing between your legs.
                                               bar areas, though as for her, “my
                                               interests have switched from
                                               feverishly finding new bands to                             kyda pRo wRestling school, manassas
                                               figuring out new recipes the past    learn more
                                                                                                           571-991-6694             www.kyda.com
                                               year or so. … i love to cook.”

                                                                                                                     www.NorthernVirginiaMag.com • April 2009 • 65

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