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					 Destined Commodities, Inc.                                               Emergency Phone Dialer - Price Sheet
 Payment Mailing Address:                                                 QUOTE # F01530                                 Date:    / /
 P.O. BOX 220278
 El Paso, TX. 79913                                                       All quotes are good for 30 days. All prices are subject to change
                                                                          without notice. Links Back to Dialer Page - Home
 Phone 1-915-346-4735
                                                                          URL= Email:
 Fax Orders to 1-866-382-8497 (Toll Free)
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 REQ. SHIP METHOD           P.O. NUMBER         RQ. SHIP DATE           SHIPPED VIA             F.O.B. POINT            TERMS
                                                     ASAP                GROUND              ORIGIN/FACTORY          PRE-PAID
 BUY    QTY                                         DESCRIPTION                                              UNIT PRICE     TOTAL
            (DC20PKG) 4-Zone Dialer Package includes 1 x Four-Zone Emergency Phone Dialer / 12V DC
         1  5-AMP Back-up Battery / 16.5V AC Power Supply / Controller Charge Card for Battery Recharge        $359.95
            Capability, Metal Storage Box, Cam Lock & 2 Keys + S&H (See rates below)
               (DC21PKG) 2-Zone Dialer Package includes same as above except features a x Two-Zone Dialer
          1    instead+ *S&H                                                                                             $349.95
               ITEM # DC20 Four-Zone Dialer only, Call Up To 8-Phone Numbers, and Plays Up To Four Out-
          1    Going Messages - 0GM + S&H                                                                                $249.95
          1    ITEM # DC21 Two-Zone Dialer only, Calls Up To Four Phone Numbers and Plays Up To Two 0GM                  $239.95
          1    PT2 - 12V AC to DC Power Supply / Adapter + S&H                                                            $18.95
          1    Variable Digital Temperature Sensor with High Temp and Low Temp Settings + S&H                            $139.95
          1    Water Leak Sensor                                                                                          $24.95
          1    # PLRS - Power Loss Sensor and Power Restore Sensor (2 in 1)                                               $99.95
                                                                                                                Total from above
                                                                                                             Shipping & Handling
                                                                                  Texas shipments only must add 8.25% Sales Tax
                                                                                                                     Grand Total
One 1-Year Mfg. Warranty. (Price excludes delivery charge). Please allow 3-5 business days for ground delivery to most points in the USA-48
States. S&H add $17.00 for complete Dialer Package shipped or $13 for DC20/21 units. USA-48 States.
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 Check [ ] Wire Transfer [ ] Purchase Order (O.A.C.). By placing this order indicates that you have read and fully understand and agree to the
 Terms and Conditions of Sale as published on our web site. All sales are final. Please mail payments to our mailing address listed above. Fax
 credit card orders in for faster processing. Make all checks payable to Destined Commodities, Inc.. We appreciate your business and look
 forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers. High Quality Products you can count on!

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