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									                                                 Rosh Hashanah 5769-2008

                                 A Message From Our Rabbi

         Every Holiday season for the past 8 years, I would procrastinate; and finally, hesitantly
write my article for the Holiday Bulletin: High Holidays, Chanukah, Pesach, and Shavuot. I would
reluctantly formulate a message, a mission, and a vision; hoping that my words would actually
make an impact, and that, just maybe, my message might even inspire. I would always send my
carefully crafted statement to the Synagogue office, making sure to cc KAVYASHAR, the call-
name of Rabbi Rubenstein z"l, in cyberspace. Then there was the inevitable wait: what would he
think? Was I in-line with his vision? Did I express our shared aspirations for his
congregation? Invariably, I would receive a response of, "Yafeh!" or "Great...Make it Happen!" At
that point, all of the reluctance, hesitation, and trepidation would fade away, for I was reassured
and validated; "I did good" as the Rabbi would so often say. This year, there will be no reassuring
e-mail, no encouraging quip, no "Yafeh", no mentor to tell me that I've done "good", this Shana is and will be so very different
from previous years.

          "Tiku BaChodesh Shofar BaKeseh L'Yom Chageinu - Blow the shofar on the month, in concealment to the day of our
festival" - The Talmud Bavli in Masechet Rosh Hashanah interprets this verse as a reference to Rosh Hashanah occurring on the
1st of Tishrei, in the following manner: "What is the only "festival" upon which the moon is "concealed"? This obviously refers
to Rosh Hashanah", which takes place on the 1st of the month, at the very beginning of the lunar cycle. This correlation
between concealment and Rosh Hashanah is unique and significant. We don't know what life will bring us from year to
year. We don't know what God will challenge us with in life. We don't know what blessings will be bestowed upon us in the
coming year, what joys what sorrows, what moments of elation and what moments of despair. In response to this vacuum of
uncertainty, to this chasm of doubt, we are told "Tiku" - to blow the shofar - to fill up this void with sound and breath, with
substance and meaning. At the very point of contact between last year and this year, between what we know and what we
are yet to find out, between certainty and doubt - God charges us to be proactive. To fill up the room with sound, to sound a
blast, right and true, that reverberates for all to hear; we will ably handle whatever comes our way, we will meet the
challenges that we are dealt with and we will not only survive, we will overcome. "Tiku Bachodesh"...We will turn fear into
confidence, a frightening day of "keseh - concealment" into a "Yom Chageinu - a holiday".

         There is much trepidation as we head into the High Holidays this year, and for good reason. We have sustained an
irreplaceable loss; I still cannot believe that the Rabbi and Debbie z"l are gone, I cannot understand why I keep suffixing there
names with z"l, I can still see them, talk to them, and yet I can't. "Imachem Anochi B'Tzarah" - I am with you in feelings of pain
and loss, of grief and finality. Who would have thought that this was what was concealed from us last year on Rosh
Hashanah?...Even now as we stand on the threshold of another New Year, a High Holiday season that is so unlike any others in
our past, we ask ourselves, "How will we cope?...How will we get through this?...What will Hashem bring to our community and
our families this year?"

         Our only recourse is "Tiku Bachodesh Shofar", sound the call of the Shofar. Go into the year with optimism and hope,
with gratitude and appreciation. We should be thankful for all the blessings that we do have, be thankful for the years that we
had the sainted couple who we so miss, pray and be thankful for the continued health and well-being of our families, pray for
and appreciate the lives that we've been granted to live and the prosperity that we enjoy, thank God for being able to live in a
time where we can traverse the Land of Israel with care-free freedom and Jewish pride, be thankful that we are privileged to
be Jews, an enduring people who's adherence to the eternal values of the Torah has always helped us persevere, even under
the most dire of circumstances.

          I, personally, want to express my most sincere debt of gratitude and thanks to our Presidium Hersh and Michael, the
executive board, board of trustees, and to the entire congregation for all of your words of love, support, encouragement, and
chizuk. The support that I receive from all of you has been overwhelming and heartwarming; I couldn't think of a better place
that I, Jordana, and my family would rather be than right here with you in Scarsdale.

Wishing everyone a Shana Tova - A year of health, love, friendship, spiritual growth, material prosperity, and life.

                                                      Jonathan Morgenstern
    1313 Weaver Street, Scarsdale, NY 10583
                                                                      High Holiday Services Schedule
      Ph: 914-636-8686 Fax: 914-636-1209                        Monday, Sept 29th                            Thursday, Oct 16th
              Web:                                Erev Rosh Hashanah                           Chol Hamoed
                                                                Shachrit                    6:30am& 8:00am   Shachrit            6:30am & 8:00am
Assistant Rabbi   ……………………...…..Jonathan Morgenstern            immediately followed by Hatarat Nedarim      Mincha              6:00pm
                                                                                                 8:00am      Friday, Oct 17th
Director of Youth Programming…..…...…...……Boruch Lehrfeld       Mincha                            6:20pm     Chol Hamoed, Erev Shabbat
                                                                Candle Lighting                   6:21pm     Shachrit            6:30am & 8:00am
                                                                Tuesday, Sept 30th                           Candlelighting      5:52pm
                         OFFICERS                               Rosh Hashanah-1st Day                        Mincha              5:55pm
                                                                Shachrit Main Shul & Social Hall 8:00am      Shabbat, Chol Hamoed Oct 18th
Co-Presidents……………...…..Michael Freudenstein, Hersh Wolf
                                                                at JCC                             8:30am    Hashkama                  8:00am
Vice President & Treasurer……..……..….…………..Sheva Smigel          Shofar                            10:30am    Shachrit                  8:45am
                                                                Mincha/ Tashlich                    5:30pm   Sephardic Minyan          9:00am
Vice President & Secretary….…..……………….....Bonnie Mannis         Maariv                              7:00pm   Mincha                   5:40pm
                                                                Candle Lighting from existing flame          Havdalah                 6:51pm
Vice President………………………...…………..Richard Bienenfeld              (not before)                        7:19pm   Sunday, Oct 19th
Vice President………….………..……...…………...Ken Chorzewski              Wednesday, Oct 1                             Shachrit              6:45am/8:30am
                                                                Rosh Hashanah-2nd Day                        Mincha                         5:50pm
Vice President……….…………,………...………....Steve Fredman               Shachrit Main Shul & Social Hall 8:00am      Men’s Simchat Bet Hashoevah 7:00pm
                                                                at JCC                             8:30am    Monday, Oct 20th
Vice President……………………………….………...…Pierre Gentin                 Shofar                           10:30am     Hoshanah Rabbah,
                                                                Mincha                             6:00pm    Shachrit                  6:00am
Vice President………………………..………...................Steve Levy
                                                                Havdalah                          7:18pm     Mincha                    5:50pm
Vice President…………………………………..………..Howie Schub                   Thursday, October 2                          Candlelighting            5:48pm
                                                                Fast of Gedaliyah                            Tuesday, Oct 21st
                                                                Fast Begins                       5:41am     Shemini Atzeret
                  SISTERHOOD OFFICERS                           Shachrit/Selichot                 6:15am     Hashkama                  8:00am
                                                                Mincha                            6:05pm     Shachrit                  8:45am
Co-Presidents………..Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld & Ruth Steinberg     Fast Ends                         7:08pm     Sephardic Minyan          9:00am
Treasurer……………………………………..………….Sharon Berger                     Friday, October 3                            Yizkor                  10:15am
                                                                Schachrit/Selichot               6:15am      Mincha                   5:50pm
V.P. Special Events & EducationEva Fishman Bodek & Aria Fried   Mincha                           6:15pm      Maariv                   6:30pm
                                                                Candlelighting                   6:15pm      Simchat Torah Celebration followed by
V.P.-New Members…….……………….……………Jennifer Lorber                  Shabbat Shuvah, October 4th                  Hakafot                  6:45pm
Vice President-Hospitality…….……Diane Stern & Bunnie Douek       Hashkama                          8:00am
                                                                Shachrit                         9:00am      Candlelighting not before 6:47pm
Kiddush Committee………………...Susan Galla & Ivelisse Sanders        Sephardic Minyan                 9:00am      Torah Reading             8:00pm
                                                                Shabbat Shuvah Drasha            5:00pm      Wednesday, Oct 22nd
Bikur Cholim Committee….Sharon Freudenstein & Chanie Bryks      Mincha                           6:00pm      Simchat Torah
                                                                Havdalah                         7:13pm      Shachrit                   8:30am
Gemilat Chesed Committee.. Karen Kosowsky &
                                                                Wednesday, October 8                         Hakafot                    9:15am
Shoshana Noble                                                  Erev Yom Kippur                              Mincha & Neilat Hachag     5:50pm
                                                                Selichot/Shachrit                6:30am      Havdalah                   6:46pm
Tikun Olam Committee…..…………………………….....Dana Jason               2nd Minyan                       8:00am
                                                                Mincha                           2:30pm
                                                                2nd Mincha                      4:00pm
                   BOARD OF TRUSTEES                            Kol Nidre                       6:00pm
                                                                Candlelighting                  6:06pm
          Monica Aboodi          Daniel Kosowsky                Yom Kippur, October 9                        Men’s Mikveh Hours:
                                                                Shachrit all locations          8:30am
          Helene Abramson        Jeffrey Marks
                                                                Yizkor                        11:00am
          Stuart Beretz          Frana Mills                    Mincha                         4:45pm        Monday, Erev Rosh
          Sharon Berger          Ellen Muss                     Neilah                          5:45pm       Hashanah 9/29/08
          David Bieber           Shoshana Noble                 Shofar                         7:05pm
          Andrew Blustein        Bruce Povman                   Fast Ends                      7:05pm
                                                                Monday, October 13
                                                                                                             7:30a - 5:00p sharp
          Maury Bonime           Alan Rice
          Michael Doppelt        Nancy Rimberg                  Erev Sukkot,
          B.J. Douek             Rise Robbins                   Shachrit                        6:45am       Thursday,
          Robin Eiseman          Beverly Rosenbaum
                                                                Candlelighting                  5:59pm       Erev Yom Kippur
                                                                Mincha                         6:00pm
          Avery Fischer          Emily Rosenfeld                Tuesday, Oct 14
          Sharon Fogel           David Samot                    Sukkot 1st Day                               7:30a—4:30pm sharp
          Robin Fried            Eyal Seinfeld                  Hashkama                       8:00am
          Susan Galla            Daniel Silber                  Shachrit                       8:45am        Mincha 2:30pm
          Eric Green             Arlene Smith                   Sephardic Minyan               9:00am
                                                                Mincha                         6:00pm
                                                                                                             Mincha (2nd minyan)
          John Hakimi            Alan Wildes
          Dana Jason             Jay Zucker
                                                                Candlelighting from existing flame           4:00pm
                                                                not before                     6:57pm
          Arlene Kleinberg                                      Simchat Beit Hashoevah                       The mikveh will remain
                                                                College and Beyond             9:30pm
                                                                Wednesday, Oct 15
                                                                                                             open during the first
                                                                Sukkot – 2nd Day                             Mincha minyan but will
                          GABBOIM                               Hashkama                      8:00am         close promptly at 4:30pm.
                                                                Shachrit                      8:45am
                                                                Sephardic                     9:00am
          Barry Mahler, Rick Shatz, Allen Wieder
                                                                Sukkah Tea                    4:00pm
                                                                                                             Please be on time.
                                                                Mincha                       6:00pm
                                                                Havdalah                     6:55pm          Cost: $10 per person
                   BULLETIN COMMITTEE                                                                        $25.00 per family
      Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern, Marsha Lustig,                                                             *Please bring your own
                     Sharon Sumpolec                                                                         towel*
                                        Message from Our Co-Presidents
                                     Michael Freudenstein & Hersh Wolf
          In most years, the presidents’ Rosh                  This will be a difficult Rosh Hashanah                Our shul undertook a significant
Hashanah message to the community consists          for our community, its first without the               project which combined two fundamental
of a brief review of the year, perhaps              Rubensteins at the spiritual helm in nearly            tenets of our religion and our community:
highlighting some of the enjoyable social           twenty-five years. Our thoughts and prayers will       chesed and support of the state of Israel. In a
events or accomplishments of the administra-        naturally turn towards them. The principal             matter of weeks we raised more than
tion during the past year. While these are cer-     observance of Rosh Hashanah commanded by               $150,000 to assist the Netzer Chazani
tainly important in the life of our community,      our torah is, of course, the blowing of the            community. This community was uprooted as
compared to what we have faced this year,           shofar. Our rabbis teach that the sounds that          part of the Gush Katif evacuation a few years
reports of fund raising, holiday schedules and      the shofar makes remind us of crying. There are        ago and resolved to stay together and reunite
successful social events seem rather mun-           three different sounds that are made with the          in the future. The money we raised will assist
dane. This has been a very challenging year for     shofar: tekiah, which is a long single sound;          the community to complete the purchase of a
our Young Israel of Scarsdale community and         teruah, which is a series of many short,               piece of land in Israel, to rebuild itself and to
as presidents of this synagogue, we could not       consecutive, truncated blasts; and shevarim,           reconstitute itself in tact. We are participating
be prouder of the way our community has             which is also a series of consecutive blasts, but      in both a charitable act as well as the mitzvah
responded.                                          they are fewer in number and each one slightly         of yishuv eretz yisroel, settling the land of
                                                    longer than the individual blasts that comprise        Israel.
         We suffered the unimaginable loss          the teruah. These two sounds, the shevarim
of our spiritual leaders, Rabbi Jacob and           and the teruah, are the ones that remind us of                   We conducted again a wonderful
Debbie Rubenstein Z”L in a tragic fire in the       crying. We would like to suggest that the              and enjoyable Golf and Tennis outing at the
early morning hours of Saturday April 12th          teruah, which has the shorter more frequent            Brae Burn Country Club. This is one of the
corresponding to the 7th of Nisan on the            sounds, is metaphorical of the cries that we           highlights of the year for our shul. We raise
Jewish calendar. This was the day that Rabbi        sound out immediately upon our hearing of              money for the shul and we have the
Rubenstein had planned to deliver his annual        tragic news. We are overcome with pain. The            opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in
Shabbat Hagadol drasha, to teach us new             suffering is unbearable. We cry out with short         a relaxed and beautiful social environment.
ideas about the coming Passover holiday and         uncontrollable jags reacting only to the               The fact that we share this event with
put us in the proper spirit to celebrate the        immediate grief we feel. However, after some           Westchester Day School and support both our
joyous time. Instead, our community was             time, the immediate pain that we reacted to            synagogue as well as the school that educates
wracked with sorrow, crushed by their               subsides somewhat and it is replaced with a            so many of our children adds to its
untimely and tragic demise.                         more solemn, more somber and a deeper sense            significance.
                                                    of loss. We do not cry uncontrollably like the
          Rabbi Rubenstein left us with so          teruah. Rather, like the sounds of shevarim, we                  Looking ahead, we can confidently
much. If we were to pick the two most funda-        sob with some more control and perhaps with a          assert that the future of our shul is secure and
mental aspects of the imprint that Rabbi            deeper sense of awareness of the permanence            bright. The multigenerational character of our
Rubenstein had on this community, they              and irrevocability of our loss. I am sure it will be   shul has always been a quality of which we
would be: the importance he placed on               this way with our community. We are only six           have been proud. Recent growth in
achdus, unity and mutual support of one             months past the unbearable loss of the                 membership of our shul has focused largely
community member to the other; as well as           Rubensteins. Our immediate sense of pain is still      on the slightly-younger group and has only
the meticulous observance of our religious          palpable, but as the solemn realization that           emphasized the fact that our synagogue so
code. Our community followed his example            they are truly gone sinks in, our memories of          effectively bridges the generational divide. We
and acquitted itself quite well in following his    them will not be lost. Rather, the immediate           now have a significant number of active, vital,
lead on both of these aspects. We organized a       sense of pain will be replaced by a more serious       committed members that are the ages of
funeral for the Rabbi that will not soon be         realization of the permanence of their loss. The       children of many of our more senior
forgotten. The entire community came out to         Rubensteins will not be forgotten because their        members. In fact, many of them actually ARE
the funeral; Westchester police officials           fingerprints are all over this community.              the children of other congregational mem-
estimated that there were approximately                                                                    bers. There can be no statement stronger
1,500 people in attendance. As presidents, we                 In the important community events            about the inclusiveness and openness of our
organized, planned and implemented the              and progress of the shul, we had a very                shul than that of children moving into the
details of this funeral, but we could not have      successful year. We had the most successful            same community where their parents are
done it without the overwhelming support            dinner that the shul has ever had. We moved            currently living. Our prayer is that this beauti-
that we received from countless synagogue           the venue to the Museum of Jewish Heritage             ful trend will continue.
members. In the end, because of all of the          and were fortunate to honor three outstanding
support we received from the community, the         families: Beverly and Michael Rosenbaum,                         Finally, and certainly not least
funeral proceeded respectfully and flawlessly       Heather and Joe Sarachek and for the first time        important, we are extraordinarily fortunate to
and was a fitting tribute to the Rubensteins.       a young leadership award, which was given to           have a spiritual leader like Rabbi Morgenstern
                                                    Michelle and Michael Nachmani.                         to direct us, to guide us and to increase even
     The support of the community did not                                                                  more the vitality of our shul. Rabbi
stop    with   the     funeral.   There     were               Attendance at daily services and            Morgenstern’s maturity and sensitivity helped
counseling sessions, learning sessions, financial   education classes has notably increased over           nurture us through the healing process that
support, informal support meetings, a fire          the past year. This increase can be explained          we so desperately needed in these past few
prevention and home safety program as well          partly because our community has grown in              months. At the same time, he is dynamic and
as emotional, legal and practical support of        number and partly, no doubt, as a response to          exciting and will motivate us to reach greater
the Rubenstein children in addition to many         the sobering events of the year and a sincere          heights in learning and observance. With an
other things that we probably did not even          need on the part of our community to be more           eye and our hearts slightly turned towards the
hear about. In addition, Sisterhood conducted       spiritually active and observant. We are hopeful       past, we look forward enthusiastically to a
its annual dinner in memory of Debbie               that this trend will continue.                         rewarding future.
Rubenstein and brought in a torah scholar to
speak and teach in her memory. Later, we had
a formal hazkarah service in the shul in
memory of the Rubensteins attended by the
Rubenstein family and many members of our
                   Message from Our Sisterhood Co-Presidents
                     Rachel Heisler Sheinfeld & Ruth Steinberg
        Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the times         •    Our Pre-Rosh Hashanah Boutique, with compli-
when we examine the year we have just lived and                 mentary wine tasting by Cheers will be on Sun-
reflect on what we would like to do better in the               day, September 21.
upcoming year. We pray that our vision of the New
Year will be sealed in the Book of Life.                   •    Breast Cancer Walkathon – Sunday, October 19
“Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset swiftly fly the years,   •    Bridge Classes Adv beginner/Intermediate be-
One season following another, Laden with happiness              gins Nov 5 and successive Wednesdays
and tears.”
                                                           •    “Hip Kosher” Cooking class – featuring Ronnie
How prophetic these lyrics can turn out to be. It is
                                                                Fein, Tuesday, November 11
hard to believe that it was a year ago that we
embarked upon our term as co-presidents of                 •    Lord & Taylor Benefit Bash – Wednesday,
Sisterhood. We have endeavored to bring new                     November 18
activities and services to the sisterhood membership
at large and enhance the role sisterhood provides to       •    Blood drive – Sunday, November 26
the Young Israel of Scarsdale community as a whole.
When we look back we thank everyone for helping                     We are also planning on having regular Yoga
make the last year one filled with happiness and           classes, knitting nights, a cooking class in January
accomplishment. We also thank all those that helped        featuring Renee Cohen and her mother Doris Schechter
when our community suffered an unimaginable trag-          of “My most favorite Desserts”, a family game night
edy, despite tears that were still fresh, the work done    and forming a planning committee to develop a single
by our membership were nothing short of                    initiative. If there is anything that you would like to
awe-inspiring. It is a great testament to Rabbi Jacob      recommend as a sisterhood event please let us know.
and Debbie Rubenstein z”l that we all came together
to find solace and continue as an even stronger knit       •    Holidays – Sisterhood plans the following ser-
community.                                                      vices to enhance the holidays:
         We would like to take this opportunity to thank           Babysitting available on Rosh Hashanah
the YIS Presidium, Hersh Wolf and Michael                          & Yom Kippur – sign up required
Freudenstein, for partnering with us to make sure that
Sisterhood is a vital part of our community. A heartfelt           Children’s Snacks will be provided at
thanks to Rabbi Morgenstern for his clear and                      Shul and the JCC for Yom Kippur
profound guidance and encouragement. Marsha and
                                                                   Sisterhood will host Yom Kippur
Sharon, thank you for your day to day dealing with the
myriad details that it takes to make our synagogue run
                                                                   break-fast collation
so efficiently, and your smiling faces no matter what is           Sukkah Tea at the YIS–2nd day of Sukkot
asked of you. Special thanks to Andrei and his
wonderful staff who cheerfully set up our events.          Finally, we are proud to announce that Jennifer Lorber
                                                           and Karen Kosowsky were nominated to be the honorees
        We would also like to thank Heather and Joe        for this years National Council of Young Israel Women’s
Sarachek who opened up their home to host an               Fall Festival. The award, given in recognition of their ex-
incredible Sisterhood co-ed Bar-b-que which had over       traordinary contributions to YIS Sisterhood, will be
50 attendees and was a great success in bringing           bestowed at a gala luncheon on Sunday, November 23.
couples out for a gourmet meal.
                                                           Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Sweet & Peaceful New Year.
        Thank you to Gerri Lifshitz, who has designed
our communal Rosh Hashanah card for the past
several (MANY!!!) years, and to her production partner,               A Very Special Thanks to
Susan Galla. Gerri has passed the baton this year, and
Susan continues in her role of production coordinator.
                                                                     Our Calendar Committee,
                                                                Ariella Kleinhaus, Elaine Schnall and
         As we begin a new year we once again invite           Adeena Rosen for their hard work and
all of you, old and new members alike, to attend our
upcoming events, sign up to volunteer and get to                dedication to a very detail oriented
know us.                                                                       project.
               Message from Our Director of Youth Programming
                                                Boruch Lehrfeld
                       Touched by an Angel                                    Highlights upcoming Youth
        A well known Midrash is taught to our children as follows. In         Department Programming
the womb, every Jewish soul spends their approximately 9 month
stay studying Torah with an angel. Upon finally mastering all of Torah        Date         Program          Grade
the Angel touches the baby on the upper lip causing him to forget all
that he had learned just as he enters into the world.                                  Jr. High kickoff -
                                                                                       Shabbat Lunch &      7-8th
        The obvious question is why have the child learn this Torah           13
only to forget it all just when he will actually need it in this world?
And besides, what is the point of relating this story to children if all it   Sept.                          All
seems to teach is that he was part of some cruel prank?                                 Shofar Factory
                                                                              21                            Ages
         The answer given is that it is a message to the child, that          Sept.                         1st-
while it seems difficult to absorb all that we need to learn and even                  Jewish Fun Club
                                                                              23                            8th
though it sometimes feels like our educators are trying to bombard
us with lots of external information, in reality all they want is for us to
                                                                              Sept.    Rosh Hashanah        1st-
recall what we already know and what is already an intrinsic part of
                                                                              28       Honey Jar Hunt       6th
us. We merely need to try and uncover the layers of forgetfulness to
reach our souls development.
                                                                              Oct.    Sukkah decorating-
         In addition to what the message is to our children, it should                                      N-8th
                                                                              13          pizza party
teach us as parents 2 very valuable lessons. Firstly our job as
educators is not to “make” our children but to create the
environment and conditions for them to find themselves so that they           Oct.      Model Sukkah
might flourish just as a budding flower which only needs the correct
                                                                              13          contest
nourishment and protection for it to thrive to its potential. Secondly,
this Midrash teaches us that sometimes to be touched by an angel
                                                                              Oct.                          1st-
means for that angel to take something away from us, so that we can                    Sukkah hopping
find it again but this time inside of ourselves. Sometimes as educators       15                            6th
we need to play this little dance of giving and letting go so that our
children learn the inherent strengths that they have already been             Oct.      Chol Hamoed
given so that they might come into it on their own.                           19          Paintball
        We have all been touched by angels. Hashem is always                  Oct.
guiding us. Sometimes it seems like He is supporting us one moment
                                                                                      Children's Simchat     All
and leaving us feeling helpless the next. But as we grow we find this                 Torah Celebrations    Ages
to be the blessing of life. We become more real as we are faced with
the challenge of finding the unique Truth that is buried deep within
each of us.

        For me, it is a distinct honor to play a small part in helping
you create an environment where our children thrive. Under the
leadership of Rabbi Morgenstern the YIS Youth Department is carrying
on the legacy of Rabbi Rubenstein in creating a home for G-d’s
pressence where the environment is one of spiritual and emotional
nourishment so that each of our children develops into the unique
Jew that was imprinted on their souls through the Angel in the

        My wish for you and for me is that as we head into the High
Holidays culminating with Yom Kippur when we all attain the status of
an angel that we hold onto that for our children and that we be
blessed as individual parents and as a community as a whole with the
knowledge of just what ingredients and in what measure our children
need for us to create the necessary environment and conditions to
reach the heights of their potentials.

Shana Tova
                             Youth Department News
               Teen Minyan Is Back!                           Does your Teen know about
Teen minyan has become a vital component of our youth              JELC—Gesher?
program. Open to all young men & women in grades
7 - 12, we begin at 9:30 and will conclude with a              The Jewish Enrichment
weekly sumptuous hot Kiddush. Come to daven, come to              Learning Center
eat, join our ranks as a chazzan, Torah reader, or even as
                                                                     JELC – Gesher
a speaker (for a short Dvar Torah), or someone who just
                                                             Wednesdays – 7:00-8:00 Beginning
wants to daven with his/her friends. To book a laining
or davening opportunity please contact Benjamin Zeitz
                                                                 September 10th, 2008
or anyone else from our Gabbai Team.
                                                             JELC – Gesher is a program that creates
                                                             bridges between Yeshiva High School kids
       Every Shabbat, 9:30 in the Youth Lounge.              and Public Middle/ High Schoolers. Torah
                                                             and Chesed are fused in a warm environ-
                                                             ment with great food and great friends.
                                                             The Jewish Enrichment and Learning Cen-
                                                             ter coupled with our new Gesher concept
                                                             has proven to be a great success... and
                                                             the best news is: You don't have to cross a
                                                             bridge to get there, it's right down the
                                                             block @ YIS. Hope to see you there!
                                                                      Some of the topics we will cover
                                                             this year are: Can Man Change?;
                                                              Forgiveness; Money & Love; Self Esteem -
                                                             Who are we?, Ego; Anger, Self Destructive
                                                             behavior; Chesed, Tzedaka, Chesed shel
                                                             Emet, Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah and
                                                             much, much more...

                                                             If you are interested in getting involved as a JELC-
                                                               Gesher “bridge-builder” – please contact Boruch
                                                                       Lehrfeld or call the shul office.
                                  High Holidays 5769
                              The Young Israel of Scarsdale
                                   is pleased to welcome

                                 Reb Simcha Willig
             as our Rabbinic intern and High Holiday co-officiant

                   Born and raised in Riverdale, New York, Simcha Willig attended Yeshiva University
                   High School and Yeshivat Kerem B'yavneh before studying for three years at
                   the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, Maryland where he received his
                   Bachelor's degree in Talmudic Law. He is currently learning for his Semikhah at
                   YU, and is simultaneously earning a Master's degree from the Azrieli School of
                   Jewish Education and Administration. Over the past four years, Simcha has been
                   a visiting scholar in many communities throughout the world, including Charles-
                   ton, South Carolina, Overland Park, Kansas, Scottsdale, Arizona, Boynton Beach,
Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Town. Simcha also shared a special,
unique, and close relationship with Rabbi Rubenstein z”l. We look forward to feeling Reb Simcha’s
warmth and hearing his insights into the Torah and the world through out this coming year.

                              The Young Israel of Scarsdale
                is also pleased to welcome to our Rabbinic team

                                      Reb Jeff Ney
                                as our new Rabbinic intern

                          Jeff Ney grew up in Edison, New Jersey, where he attended the Hillel Yeshiva
                          High School in Deal, New Jersey. As a teen, Jeff won 1st place in the prestig-
                          ious New Jersey Teen Arts Festival for his performance of Beethoven's Fifth
                          Symphony (1st Movement) on piano. After high school, Jeff studied in Israel
                          at Yeshivat Sha'arei Mevaseret Zion. Upon completion of his studies in ye-
                          shiva, Jeff returned to attend college at YU, majoring in psychology. While in
                          college, Jeff co-founded the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot
                          (ORA), an organization that helps couples resolve their differences to effec-
tuate a timely Jewish divorce in accordance with the highest standards of Jewish law; and, since its
inception, it has directly assisted in 70 women receiving Jewish divorces. Jeff was also a member of
"Project Liberty", a team that trained police officers and firemen throughout the city to deal with
stress management and PTSD after 9/11. Jeff is currently in the Semicha Program at YU. Last year,
he interned for MJE (Manhattan Jewish Experience), leading learning programs and prayer groups
for beginners on Shabbat. Jeff currently resides in Washington Heights with his wife, Aviva, and his
children, Yael and Nachi. We look forward to getting to know Jeff and his family over the coming
       High Holidays 2008-2009 Vocabulary Laws & Customs
A High Holiday                                  preparation for the profound process of spiritual   been examined and blessed at the High
halachic compendium                             examination and repentance required for the         Holiday table as symbols of Jewish aspira-
from Rabbi Jacob                                High Holidays. Selichot are recited daily, begin-   tions.
Rubenstein z”l                                  ning the Saturday night before Rosh Hasha-
                                                nahh and continuing through Yom Kippur.                         The dipping of apples into
THE MONTH OF ELUL                               Sephardim have the custom of reciting Selichot                  honey is one of the more
                                                the entire month of Elul.                                       popular foods eaten during
           Our spiritual journey in anticipa-                                                                   Rosh Hashanahh. But many
tion of the High Holy Days begins in the                 HATARAT NEDARIM                                        also use dates, fenugreek,
Hebrew month of Elul. According to tradi-                                                           pumpkins and leeks because of linguistic
tion, this was the month when Moses as-                    Hatarat nedarim, the                     links between the Hebrew names of these
cended Mount Sinai to prepare the second        absolution of vows is an age old                    foods and requests for the year to come.
set of tablets after the incident of the        ceremonial custom conducted on Erev Rosh            Carrots are very popular and among Ash-
golden calf. He ascended on Rosh Cho-           Hashanahh before a Bet Din of three. In this        kenazim cooked in a tzimmes, (meaning
desh Elul and descended on the 10th of          ceremony an individual expresses regret for         mixture), with cinnamon, yams, prunes
Tishri, with the advent of Yom Kippur, when     unfulfilled promises and vows expressed in          and honey. The carrots are traditionally cut
Israel’s repentance was complete. Elul          moments of anxiety and thoughtlessness. The         in the shape of coins, another symbol of
marks a season of re-creation through           aim is to come to prayer and enter a New Year       wealth and prosperity for the New Year.
introspection, repentance and reconcilia-       with pure intentions and refined perspective.
tion. One critically examines past behavior                                                                       Sephardic households often be-
and actively works to improve oneself and       CANDLE LIGHTING – Erev Rosh Hashanahh               gin their holiday meal with a whole fish,
move closer to G-d.                                                                                 including the head, as a wish for prosper-
                                                           When Rosh Hashanahh begins               ity, fertility and good luck in the coming
         "Elul" has been interpreted as an                 Friday erev Shabbat one lights the       year. Some Sephardic Jews serve covered
acronym, with the Hebrew letters "Aleph,"                  holiday candles first and then says      baskets of fruit so nobody knows what is
"Lamed," "Vav," "Lamed" representing the                   the following two blessings.             inside, just as nobody knows what the
words "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li" I am to my                   Baruch ata Adonai, eloheynu melech        New Year will bring.
               beloved and my beloved is           ha’olam, Asher kiddishanu be'mitzvotav
               to me. (Song of Songs: 6,3);                                                                   Generally each food item has a
                                                 ve'tzivanu, le'hadlik ner shel (Shabbat) v' yom    special recitation to underscore the sym-
               my "Beloved" being G-d,                                  tov.
               and "I" the Jewish People.                                                           bolic message. For example, when eating
                                                          Baruch ata Adonai, eloheynu melech        apples and honey one recites:
               THE SHOFAR                           ha'olam, she-he-chiyanu, ve'kiy'manu,                    May it be your will, O Lord our G-
During Elul it is the custom, that following
                                                          ve'higianu la'zman hazeh.                 d, and G-d of our fathers, to renew for us a
morning services, to sound the shofar with                   High Holiday Challah                            happy and sweet year.
a Teki'yah, a single blast, a Teru'ah, a se-
ries of three short blasts, and a Shevarim,                          Round Challahs are the tra-    NEW FRUITS
a series of short, staccato blasts.                                  ditional mark of the Holiday    The beautiful blessing of Shehechiyanu,
                                                                     season. One reason is that     thanking G-d for sustaining us up to this
          The shofar, the most visible sym-                          a round challah symbolizes
bol of Rosh Hashanahh, is a reminder of                                                             very day, is appropriate for the New Year.
                                                                     a crown, a reminder of the     With Rosh Hashanahh being two days, it is
Abraham’s devotion to G-d and the ram           kingship of G-d, the holiday's prominent theme.
sacrificed in place of the patriarch, Isaac.                                                        customary on the second night of Rosh
                                                Another explanation is that the round shape is      Hashanahh to obtain new or unique fruits
Throughout Jewish history the shofar pro-       a symbol of the circle of life and our hope that
claimed important events and between                                                                and recite the Shehechiyanu. Why not try
                                                our lives will continue without end.                figs, kumquats, persimmon, kiwi, Asian
Rosh Hashanahh and Yom Kippur, the
sounds of the shofar are designed to                      Some bake the challah with dough                           pear, pomegranates, or
awaken the heart to repentance and a            shaped as a ladder on top as a reminder that                         papaya?
closer relationship with G-d.                   G-d decides who will ascend and descend the                           TASHLICH – Casting Off
                                                ladder of life. Some have been known to have
PSALM 27                                        dough shaped into two hands in the extended                           On the afternoon of the
                                                manner of the Priestly blessing. And of course,     first day of Rosh Hashanahh - and when it
From the beginning of Elul
                                                the raisins in the challah add to hope for a        is the Shabbat the second day - it is cus-
until Simhat Torah, Psalm 27 is recited fol-
                                                sweet year.                                         tomary to perform a ritual known as Tash-
lowing morning and evening services.
Among the reasons this prayer is accentu-                                                           lich, which means to cast off. Tashlich is
                                                            SIMMANIM – Apples, Honey and            preferably recited alongside a body of
ated is as R. Chama bar Chanina said: If a                 Ceremonial Trigger Foods
person sees that he prayed and was not                                                              water containing fish, to remind us that just
answered, let him pray again, as it is writ-              In the Jewish tradition symbols and       as fish swim freely and can suddenly be
ten (Tehillim 27:14), "Look to G-d; be strong   signs are often used to call to mind important      caught, so too can we be caught for our
and of good courage, and look to G-d."          beliefs and to focus our attention on prominent     actions. Just as fish are protected by the
Talmud Berakhot 32b                             goals. Rosh Hashanahh and the holidays of the       water in which they live, so too do we pray
                                                season are rife with a rich collection of such      to be protected by G-d. Just as the eyes of
SELICHOT                                        symbolism; especially at the table at which we      fish are always open, so do we pray that
Selichot, which literally means forgiveness,    dine. Throughout history various foods have         G-d will forever watch over us.
are prayers of penitence recited in
       High Holidays 2008-2009 Vocabulary Laws & Customs
           The prayer is accompanied by the        Kapparot meaning atonement is a ceremony                 you be spared having to come on to the aid
symbolic act emptying of one's pockets             emanating from folk custom conducted the day             of other humans... and may you be in-
representing the casting-off of our sins,          before Yom Kippur. A live fowl is taken and is           scribed in the book of good and long life…
which are carried away by the water. Con-          swung around the person who says: "This is my             PROHIBITIONS
trary to prevalent public practice one ought       atonement, this is in exchange for me, this is my                    There are five things
not to toss bread into a pond where there          substitute." The fowl is then slaughtered and it or      forbidden on Yom Kippur:
are fish.                                          its value is given to the poor.                          1. Eating and drinking 2. Washing
Many reasons are offered in our tradition for                 Many great authoritative Rabbis op-           3. Anointing oneself with oils, cosmetics or
this ceremony. The famous Shai Agnon               posed the custom, yet the custom ultimately pre-         fragrances 4. Wearing leather shoes
presents a beautiful message in the name           vailed with rabbinic acceptance with many sug-           5. Intimate relations
of the Sefer ha-Hayyim. Tashlich presents us       gesting that at least a monetary substitution for        VIDUI      The Vidui (confession) prayer is
with an illusion - for the waters which we         the fowl be made.                                        said aloud a number of times on Yom Kip-
see are not where they were before we saw                                                                   pur. Ashamnu and Al Chet are the two best-
them nor will they be afterwards. So is it         MINCHA EREV YOM KIPPUR                                   known prayers in the Vidui. In saying the
with life.                                                                                                  Vidui aloud, we pray as individuals and as a
                                                   The Mincha Service on the eve of Yom Kippur is           community for forgiveness.
              TEN DAYS OF REPENTANCE               most profound as it requires the inclusion of Vidui,
              The Days of Awe                      the confession which is recited on Yom Kippur.           THE AVODAH
                                                                                                                         During the repetition of the Ami-
           The days between Rosh Hasha-            YIZKOR CANDLES                                           dah the Avodah is chanted. The Avodah
                                                                                                            relates the role of the kohen in the Temple.
nahh and Yom Kippur are known as Aseret
                                                              Just prior to lighting the festival candles   The climax of this
Yemay Tshuvah - the Ten Days of Repen-                                                                      part of the service is
                                                   it is customary in anticipation of Yizkor to light
tance. These are days of heightened spiri-                                                                  the prayer for atone-
                                                   yahrtzeit memorial candles in memory of one’s
tual activity, study, prayer, charity and acts                                                              ment recited by the
of kindness. These are days which are most                                                                  High Priest. While
opportune for resolving differences and                                                                     reciting this section
                                                                 SEUDAH MAFSEKET
reconciling conflicts and seeking the forgive-                                                              of the Avodah, the
ness of others.                                                                                             congregation falls on their knees four times
                                                   It is considered a mitzvah to eat plentifully the day
                                                                                                            in an expression of total submission to the
                                                   before Yom Kippur. The purpose of fasting is not         name and glory of G-d. When we fall to the
          FAST OF GEDALIAH                         to make us suffer, but rather to help us focus on        ground, we lie our heads on top of our
                                                   spiritual rather than physical pursuits. The final       hands.
          The third day of Tishri, immediately
                                                   meal is a festive one and at the conclusion of the
after Rosh Hashanahh, is the Fast of Geda-                                                                      SOME IDEAS TO MAKE THE SERVICES
                                                   meal, the children are blessed by their father.
liah which commemorates the assassina-                                                                                   MEANINGFUL
tion of Gedaliah, the last governor of Judea       CANDLE LIGHTING EREV YOM KIPPUR
following the destruction of the first Temple
in 586 B.C. His death marked the end of                        On erev Yom Kippur, many light can-
Jewish rule and led to the Babylonian exile        dles having in mind not to begin the holiday or the
of the Jewish people. It is one of four fast                     fast with the act of lighting, so that
days relating to the destruction of the Tem-                     they may then drive to synagogue
ple.                                                             for Kol Nidre.                             Prepare for the day. You made an important
                                                                                                                         decision to attend.
                   SHABBAT SHUVAH                                    Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheynu
                                                                                                            Don't blame the service, cantor, the rabbi or
                                                                   melech ha olam, Asher kid-shanu
The Shabbat between Rosh Hashanahh                                                                          the prayer book. You are not there to be
                                                                  b'mitz-votav, v'tzivanu L'hadlik neyr     entertained. You are there to accomplish
and Yom Kippur is called Shabbat Shuvah -
                                                          shel (shabbat v'shel) yom ha-kipurim.             something on a spiritual level - to come
the Sabbath of Return. Some call it Shabbos
                                                                                                            closer to the Almighty, to introspect, to set
Shuva, relying on the first words of the
                                                     Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheynu melech ha-olam             yourself on a better path in life.
Haftora readthat day while others call it
                                                      sheh-heh-chey-yanu, b'kiy'manu, v'higi-anu
Shabbat Teshuva, because it falls during the                                                                Make the best use of your time. Prepare
                                                                  las-z'man ha-zeh.
Ten Days of Penitence. This is a Shabbat                                                                    yourself in advance - read the machzor to
                                                   BLESSING THE CHILDREN
that embraces a spirit of repentance and                                                                    understand the ideas and the words. Bring
resolution that the tranquility of Shabbat                                                                  text material that will enhance your under-
                                                   Another beautiful custom is that of parents bless-       standing of the service and inspire positive
affords. It is a Shabbat that invites all to the   ing their children with the Priestly Benediction:        thoughts for the New Year.
synagogue for accentuating the spirit of           "May G-d bless you and guard you... May G-d
repentance and for a special lecture in mat-       shine His countenance upon you and be gracious           There are many things the prayer book aims
ters that deal with the penitential theme of       to you... May G-d turn His face toward you, and          to say to you. What are they? Identify the
the season.                                        grant you peace. Some prayer books contain a             historical, religious and social messages.
                                                   special blessing and prayer to the children. The         There are perhaps things that you want to
                                                   blessing contains, among others, the following           say to G-d. Compose your thoughts and say
                                                   phrases: "May your eyes always look at matters           them.
                                                   correctly... may your mouth speak in wisdom...
                                                   may your heart resound with reverence... may you         Think of ways to improve things in life for
                                                   be blessed with righteous children... may your           you and yours in the coming year.
                                                   livelihood be derived honestly and serenely... may
                                         High Holidays 5769

                       Scholar in Residence Series 2008-2009
                                   Parshat Ki Tavo
                                      September 19-20, 2008
                                  Rabbi Professor Shimon Altshul
  Director of the Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies at Bar
                                      Ilan University
          Shabbat Morning Drasha: "Ki Tavo el Ha' Aretz: A Recent Oleh's Perspective on Living in
                                         Israel- The Dream and the Reality"
              Shiur after Kiddush: Teshuvah and Kapparah: Streams of Halachic Development

                         Seudah Shlishit: Maftir Yonah: The Real Climax of Yom Kippur

                                     Pre-Selichot: Selichot: Preparing to Pray
                           Rabbi Prof. Shimon Altshul was born in Baltimore, Maryland and after graduating from its Talmu-
                           dical Academy in 1967, he studied at Yeshiva University, majoring in English Literature. He re-
                           ceived a Master’s degree in Jewish Education and his semicha from Yeshiva University, studying
                           with Rav Reuven Aberman, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, and the late Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik.
                           He began his full time career in Jewish education in 1974 teaching at the Maimonides School
                           and the Hebrew College in Brookline, Massachusetts. In 1979, he joined the staff of the Van-
                           couver Talmud Torah which, at the time, was the only Jewish day school in British Columbia,
                           Canada, and soon after became its principal. In 1983, he was chosen to become the Headmas-
                           ter of the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington. In August 1991 he immigrated to Australia
                           to become the principal of Mount Scopus Memorial College, Melbourne's largest Jewish Day
                           School. In January 1997 Rabbi Altshul succeeded Rabbi Dr. David Eliach as Principal of the Joel
Braverman High School of the Yeshivah of Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York. In August 2001 he returned to Maryland to be-
come the Headmaster of the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, now located in Rockville, Maryland. He served as an Ad-
junct Instructor of Jewish Education at Stern College and from 2000-2003 at the Azrieli Graduate School of Education of
Yeshiva University, where he served as a mentor in the Intensive Training Program for Jewish Day School Administrators. In
August 2006 Rabbi Altshul and his wife Sharon (Stern College '72) made aliyah to Israel, and settled in Jerusalem. In July
2007, he became the Director of the Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University.

                               YIS is proud once again to welcome

                                     The Shabbatones

         Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah
                          Gabi & Aliza Shull                        Yoel & Ahuva Schmell
                          Dovi & Debra Popowitz                     Yehuda & Chani Joffre
                                    Shael Sokolowski and families
We look forward to their enhancing our tefillot and ruach throughout the holiday. If you are
interested in hosting or providing meals contact Bunny Douek 472.3592 or Diane Stern
     Special Invitation                     Men’s Simchat
     “Be Utterly Happy”                     Bet Hashoevah
  All college and beyond
                                  Sunday, October 19th - 7pm
men & women, singles & couples,
    are cordially invited to a       Please join us for
  Simchat Beit Hashoeva
        in the Sukkah of          Steak in the Sukkah
  Rabbi Jonathan & Jordana
        Morgenstern               R.S.V.P. By October 10, 2008 to
 Friday Night October 14th        (check payable to YIS)
    2nd night of Sukkot
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    YIS Presents Sofer & Shaimos                     3 Lailot - 3 Tefilot
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            article needs
                                                      3 Nites– 3 Rites
 Have Your Tefillin and/or Mezuzot
 by a cadre of certified scribes, led
                 by                                                  Looking for
                                                                     more inspira-
The Mezuzah Dr., Rabbi Moshe Ganz                                    tion in your
certified Sofer & Stop in to properly                                prayers this
   dispose of all of your Shaimos                                    year?

 (Worn out or Old Religious Articles                              Do you want to
   containing the name of God)                                    find meaning
                                                                  in ancient texts
       Sunday, September 14th                 that usually don’t mean enough to
           9:00 AM - 3:00 PM                  you?!
         Jewish Legal Notice -                Then join us for our High Holiday
                                              Tefilah seminar series. In 3 nights
One is required to check one's Mezuzot
twice every 7 years, and the Rabbis, simi-
                                              over the course of 3 weeks we will
larly, strongly recommend one to check        highlight and elucidate selected
                   his Tefillin within that   chapters of the Selichot, Rosh Ha-
                   span as well.              shanah and Yom Kippur liturgies.
                                              All sessions are to take place at
                                              8:00pm in the YIS Greene Gallery
                   - Many Halachic authori- Sept. 16 - Selichot with Steve Gelles
ties also suggest that one, specifically, do
this examination during the Month of Elul, Sept. 24 - Tefilat Rosh Hashanah
leading up to the High Holidays.             with Reb Simcha Willig

        - Jewish Law tells us that if even    Oct. 7 - Tefilat Yom Kippur with
one letter of the text in the Mezuzah or      Rabbi J. Morgenstern
Tefillin becomes worn or faded, the entire
article is considered Pasul, invalid.         These seminars are open to the en-
                                              tire YIS community. Make time to
    Cost: Tefillin/Mezuzah Check -            come to 1, 2, or all 3...Make this
    Subject to Sofer's reg. prices            the year that you finally under-
 Shaimos - $18 per box/                       stand what you're saying!
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Isaac Rice to Tamara Stein                                     Lewis & Esther Trencher in honor of the Auf Ruf of their son,
William Yeamans to Sarah Pnina Wachs                           Eliott and his upcoming marriage to Elise Kostant
Audrey Mannis to Beni Seleski
Dr. Stephen Kardon to Ellen Kaplan                             Kiddush Sponsors
Michael Morgenstern to Judy Greenwald                          Parents of the Graduates
Shani Abada to Craig Zern                                      Russell & Diane Miller in honor of the Auf Ruf of Corey Miller
Benji Greenfield to Penina Braffman                            in ho nor of the Auf Ruf of Corey Miller and his marriage to
Shelli Hoffman to Yehuda Gordon                                Shira Vasilevsky
Elliot Klapper to Ilisa Stein                                  Les & Dorothy Yeamans in honor of the Auf Ruf of their son,
                                                               William and his upcoming marriage to Sarah Pnina Wachs
Marriages                                                      Jeff & Risa Davis in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son,
Asher Fredman to Ester Maharat                                 Joshua
Benjamin Miles to Beth Goldstein
Lia Soss to Yale Lipschik                                      Seudot Shlishit Sponsors
Kiki Daddona to Steven Goldgrab                                Pierre & Reyna Gentin, Bill & Julie Levinson, Alvin & Marilyn
Michael Morgenstern to Judy Greenwald                          Pasternak, The Sephardic Minyan in honor of the Scholar in
Corey Miller to Shira Vasilevsky                               Residence, Rav Moshe Taragin
William Yeamans to Sarah Pnina Wachs                           Richard & Nancy Stanger in honor of the first yahrzeit of
Jennifer Cogan to Daniel Diamond                               Richard’s father, Abraham Stanger
Eliott Trencher to Elise Kostant                               Steve & Adina Fredman in honor of the Auf Ruf of their son,
                                                               Asher and his upcoming marriage to Ester Maharat and Aliyah
Births                                                         in Israel
Elisha & Sara Blechner on the birth of a son                   Philip & Aria Fried, Yossie & Irene Ratner, Barry & Joan
Elisha & Erit Tropper on the birth of a daughter               Salzman in honor of Neal & Annette Shachter and their family
Eric & Michelle Creizman on the birth of a son                 will be relocating to Florida
Neal & Sarah Soss on the birth of a grandson                   Hersh & Geet Wolf in commemoration of the conclusion of
Ben and Anna Bernstein on the birth of a son                   shloshim for Geet’s mother, Adela Engel, Adela bas Men-
Alan & Lori Garfunkel and Peggy Garfunkel on the birth of a    achem Mendel
grandson                                                       Bob & Shari Feig on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Bob’s
Ari & Robyn Raskas on the birth of a daughter                  brother, Meyer Feig
Betty & Alan Seplowitz on the birth of a grandson              Carole Daman on the occasion of the yahrzeit of her father,
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Honorees                                                       Russell & Barry’s father, Samuel Mannis
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honored by the Chabad of Westchester                           mother, Irma Krasna Around
                                                               Russell & Diane Miller for the Sheva Brachot for Corey & Shira
B’nai Mitzvot                                                  Bill & Debbie Schrag on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Bill’s
Lital Ritvo            Billy Schwerd         Emily Weisbrot    sister, Myra Karban
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                                                                Rose Levine, mother of Andrew Levine from Oscar & Vida
Eugene & Hinda Farber
In Memory Of                                                    Rabbi Harold Konovitch, father of Dr. Jonathan Konovitch,
                                                                from Oscar & Vida Lebwohl
Etta Halper, mother of Steve Halper, from Eugene & Hinda
                                                                Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, Oscar & Vida
                                                                Lebwohl, Martin & Phoebe Beran
Jay Lebovic, father of Saul lebovic, from Eugene & Hinda
                                                                Aaron Krumholtz, father of the Honorable Judge Joan
                                                                Lefkowitz, from Eric & Pam Goldschmidt, Worby Groner Edel-
Shirley Bryks, mother of Howard Bryks, from Eugene & Hinda
                                                                man, Martin & Phoebe Beran
                                                                Solomon Noble, father of Dr. David Noble, from Martin &
Mordechai Hacohen, father of Yael Wasserman, from Eugene
                                                                Phoebe Beran
& Hinda Farber
                                                                Martin Kirschenbaum, husband of Isabelle, father of David,
Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, from
                                                                brother of Tammy Shatz, from Martin & Phoebe Beran
Eugene & Hinda Farber
                                                                Mordechai HaCohen, father of Yael Wasserman, from Martin
Adela Engel, mother of Geet Engel-Wolf, from Eugene &
                                                                & Phoebe Beran
Hinda Farber
                                                                Shirley Bryks, mother of Dr. Howard Bryks, from Martin &
Aaron Krumholtz, father of The Honorable Judge Joan
                                                                Phoebe Beran
Lefkowitz, from Eugene & Hinda Farber
                                                                Lawrence Riskin, husband of Andrea Bigelisen-Riskin, from
                                                                Martin & Phobe Beran
General Fund
In Honor Of                                                     Library Fund
My beautiful children and grandchildren, Charlie & Paula
                                                                In Memory Of
Fisch, from Lionel Fisch
                                                                Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, from Israel
The birth of our grandson, Jonah Blechner, from Allen &
                                                                & Penny Kornstein
Jone Dalezman
                                                                Adela Engel, mother of Geet Engel-Wolf, from Israel & Penny
Jake Rimberg’s Bar Mitzvah, from Michael & Ellen Muss

In Memory Of                                                    Rabbis Discretionary Fund
Rabbi Jacob & Debbie Rubenstein, from Lionel Fisch              In Honor Of
Rabbi Dr Leon Feldman, father of Dr. Howard Feldman, from       Harvey-Ann Ross’ Birthday, from Bob & Marilyn Damast
Jack & Margo Schwartz
Zelda Levinson, mother of Dr. Bill Levinson, from Jack &
Margo Schwartz                                                  In Memory Of
Aaron Krumholtz, father of Hon. Joan Lefkowitz, from Hon.       Adela Engel, mother of Geet Engel-Wolf, from Harvey & Harvey
Carole Prineer Levy                                             Ann Ross, Peter & Susan Galla
                                                                Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, from Peter &
Gemilat Chesed Fund                                             Susan Galla, from Jonathan & Rachel Rosenfeld, Harvey &
In Memory Of                                                    Harvey-Ann Ross
Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, from Marc    Aaron Krumholtz, father of the Honorable Judge Joan
& Rise Robbins                                                  Lefkowitz, from Irving & Marianne Buterman, Malcolm & Diane
Gloria Sacket-Schwartz, mother of Jack Schwartz, from Oscar     Schryer, Harvey & Harvey-Ann Ross , Saul & Saundra Grundwerg,
& Vida Lebwohl                                                  Westchester Family Court, Michelle Schauer
Samuel Horowitz, father of Arthur Horowitz, from Oscar &        Shirely Leib, mother of Maralyn Abada, from Harvey & Harvey-
Vida Lebwohl                                                    Ann Ross
Solomon Noble, father of Dr. David Noble, from Oscar & Vida
Dr. Natalie Kardon, wife of Steve, mother of David, Brian and
Aaron, from Oscar & Vida Lebwohl
Hannah Ruth Greenstein, mother of Bruce Greenstein, from
Oscar & Vida Lebwohl

Israel Fund
In Honor Of
Jake Sarachek’s Graduation from Solomon Schecter Middle
School, from Judith Tainsky
Marc Robbins, from Oscar & Vida Lebwohl
Debbie Schrag, from Oscar & Vida Lebwohl
Rabbi Jacob & Debbie Rubenstein z”l                             Sephardic Minyan
Family Fund                                                     In Memory Of
                                                                Adela Engel, mother of Geet Engel-Wolf, from the Sephardic
Henry & Monica Aboodi           Sarge & Audrey Aborn            Minyan
Gerald & Vivian Adler           Ellis & Helene Abramson         Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, from the
Michael & Miriam Aizikovitch    Harold & Sharon Aspis           Sephardic Minyan
Martin & Phoebe Beran           Stuart & Suzanne Beretz
Andrew & Cynthia Blustein      Howard & Chanie Bryks            Siddur Fund
Irving & Marianne Buterman      Ken & Barbara Chorzewski        In Memory Of
Alan & Adele Clingman           Eric & Michelle Creizman        Adela Engel, mother of Geet Engel-Wolf, from Jules & Robin
Morris & Susan Daddona          Bob & Marilyn Damast            Reich
Fred Danzig                     Michael & Debbie Doppelt        Eric Freudenstein, father of Michael Freudenstein, from Jules
Abraham & Debra Dweck           Nathan & Denise Eisler          & Robin Reich
Allen & Linda Essner            Eugene & Hinda Farber
Steven & Caren Feldman          Doris Ferester                  Torah Fund
Steve & Adina Fredman           Michael & Sharon Freudenstein
                                                                In Memory Of
Gilbert & Lorraine Garfinkel    Peggy Garfunkel
                                                                Samuel Hourwitz, father of Arthur Hourwitz, from Lewis &
David & Ellen Goldschmidt       Eric & Pam Goldschmidt
                                                                Esther Trencher
Murray & Eileen Greene          Paul & Soo Greenfield
                                                                Martin Kirschenbaum, husband of Isabelle, father of David,
Ira & Sandra Greenstein         Saul & Sandra Grundwerg
                                                                brother of Tammy Shatz, from Lewis & Esther Trencher
Steven & Jodi Halpern          John & Sue Hakimi
                                                                Rochelle Berkowitz, mother of Gary Berkowitz, from Lewis &
Zvi & Chava Hoffer              Joseph & Rena Hyman
                                                                Esther Trencher
Daniel & Dina Katz             Steven & Rena Keller
                                                                Solomon Noble, father of Dr. David Noble, from Lewis & Esther
Michael & Arlene Kleinberg      Jonathan & Doris Konovitch
Daniel & Karen Kosowsky        Alvin Krasna
Thomas & Edna Krausz           Steven & Railey Landau
Gerald & Nancy Leff            Jonathan & Donna Levinson-
Mark & Gerri Lifshitz          Mayer & Helga Luden
Russell & Bonnie Mannis        Andrew & Rhonda Mestel
Michael & Ellen Muss           Warren & Janet Newcorn
Sol & Sharon Packer            Samuel & Miriam Pauker
Gary & Amy Philo               Arnold & Amy Rady
Yossie & Irene Ratner          Jules & Robin Reich
Harvey & Harvey-Ann Ross       Michael & Beverly Rosenbaum
David & Robin Samot             Bruce & Susan Schneider
Bill & Debbie Schrag           Malcolm & Diane Schryer
Alan & Betty Seplowitz          Joel & Rachel Sheinfeld
YIS Sisterhood                  Lewis & Esther Trencher
Nelson & Bryndie Tuchman        Jerry & Barbara Weinberg
Miklos & Eva Weinberger         Tom & Penina Weinberger
Les & Dorothy Yeamans

Rabbi Jacob & Debbie Rubenstein z”l
Dedication Fund
Sarge & Audrey Aborn              Gerald & Vivian Adler
Harold & Sharon Aspis             Stuart & Suzanne Beretz
Nathan & Silvia Drenger           Nathan & Denise Eisler
Doris Ferester                    Steve & Adina Fredman
Michael & Sharon Freudenstein     Joshua & Lynne Fishman
Scott & Heidi Greenbaum           Murray & Eileen Greene
Saul & Sandy Grundwerg            John & Sue Hakimi
Daniel & Dina Katz                Steven & Rena Keller
Steven & Railey Landau            Mayer & Helga Luden
Jonathan & Donna Levinson         Andrew & Rhonda Mestel
Samuel & Miriam Pauker            Gary & Amy Philo
Harvey & Harvey-Ann Ross          Bruce & Susan Schneider
Bill & Debbie Schrag              Malcolm & Diane Schryer
Richard & Barbara Simon           Lewis & Esther Trencher
Joseph & Phyllis Veetal           Miklos & Eva Weinberger-
Blanche Zimmerman                 Jay & Linda Zucker
       This year, the Young Israel of Scarsdale is selling
                   LULAVIM AND ETROGIM
                       from Gush Katif
       The holiday of Succoth is categorized as a Holiday of emunah (faith). Jews all around the world
leave their sturdy, comfortable homes and relocate themselves to a less sturdy and less reliable home.
Just as the weather starts to get cold, the Jewish nation puts total faith in their Creator by exiting their
permanent homes and entering into their Succah.
       A year and a half ago, thousands of Jews were relocated from their permanent homes, yet, in
this case, there was no Succah to enter. Instead, pure faith provided a haven for these wonderful peo-
ple. Jews have always been a people of faith, yet the emunah of the people from Gush Katif exceeds all
boundries and sees no limit.
        With their unbinding faith, the people of Gush Katif began to build something from nothing,
once again, on the sand dunes of Halutz. Through the generosity and help of the Gottlieb family, a fam-
ily which has been growing etrogim for the past twenty years, the people of Gush Katif started to grow
their own etrogim. This year will mark the first year that Gush Katif evacuees will be selling the fruits of
their labor. These etrogim will serve as a sign of hope and consolation to the families of Gush Katif.
The emunah of these individuals is once again being demonstrated by the fact that they are starting
       The people of Gush Katif call upon all Jews, in Israel and abroad, to help support them in this
incredible endeavor. Proceeds from the etrogim will help to build the two communities of Yated and
Yevul, two communities serving as havens for the families of Gush Katif.
                            NON-PROFIT ORG.
Young Israel of Scarsdale
                              U.S. POSTAGE
1313 Weaver Street
Scarsdale, NY 10583
                            WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.
                             PERMIT NO. 154

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