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					                                                The Crucible: Study Booklet

1. Table of content. Each section must have a title and page number.
2. History page: Write a brief description of the Salem witch trials and of McCarthyism. Write a short biography of
Arthur Miller’s life. (Minimum two paragraphs, typed and double spaced, you can find this information on the
introductory page.) Use pictures or drawings to illustrate your history page.

 3. Tree Map: Use a tree map to put characters under their family name. Categories should be Proctor, Putnam,
Parris, Corey, Nurse, and others. Include the servants under the family name. Write a brief description of each

 4. Answer question one and pick one other essay questions to answer. Your answers should be typed and double
 spaced. Three or more paragraphs long and quotes from the play should be included when applicable.

1. Discuss the relationship between The Crucible and either The Scarlet Letter. What idea, theme, and similarity in characters or concepts
do these works of literature have in common?

2. Discuss the role that grudges and personal rivalries play in the witch trial hysteria.

3. Compare the roles that Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams play in The Crucible.

4. What role does sex, and sexual repression; play in The Crucible? Why do you believe Miller includes this aspect of human nature in his

5. Why are Danforth, Hathorne, and the other authorities so resistant to believing the claim that Abigail and the other girls are lying?
What does this say or prove about human nature?

5. Multi-flow map: Use a multi-flow map to show the cause and effect of Tituba’s stories. Include a paragraph to
explain your multi-flow map.
6. Flow Map: Use flow maps to show each act. Please have pictures in the boxes and captions underneath to
summarize the story. You may use pictures from the internet or magazines. Include two sentences that explain the
most significant occurrence of each act.

7. Double bubble map: Use a double map to compare two characters of your choice. Use quotes from the play to prove
your description of the character and a paragraph describing why you chose to compare and contrast the two
characters as well as the similarities and differences.

 Ex. Abigal= Vindictive
“Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of
some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you” (Miller, 19).

8. Theme: What is the topic or subject of the play? (One word) What is the conflict and how is it resolved? What is
the theme? (Theme must be one sentence) This will be on the same page as the reflection page.

9. Reflection Page: Reflect on your experience of reading this play. Did you like or dislike it, why? Do you feel it was
worth reading, why or why not? What did you learn that was of value to you? Do you believe this situation is
realistic? Could a situation similar in theme happen today? One or more paragraph.
Use 1-9 to create a booklet about The Crucible. Your booklet will be judged on the quality of your Flow maps, and
short answers. It will also be judged on creativity, neatness and use of quotes.
Your booklet is due the first day back from winter break.
Category                 4                           3                            2                            1
Table of     All elements are listed      Most elements are           Some elements are listed     Few elements are listed
content      and have page numbers.       listed and have page        and have page numbers. 5     and have page numbers.
(10pts)      (10)                         numbers. 7 or more (8)      or more (7)                  3 or under (6)
History      Two or more paragraphs       Two paragraphs with         Two paragraphs with          One paragraphs with
page         with no errors typed and     few errors typed. 2         some errors not typed. 1     some errors not typed.
(20 pts)     double spaced. 3 or more     graphics. (17)              graphic. (14)                No graphics. (11)
             graphics. (20)
Short        Each essay has three or      Three paragraphs with       Three paragraphs with        Two paragraphs with
Essays       more paragraphs with no      few errors typed.           some errors, not typed.      some errors, not typed.
(100pts)     errors typed and double      Addresses the prompt.       Does not fully address the   Does not address the
             spaced. Correctly            Uses some examples          prompt. No examples          prompt. No examples
             addresses the prompt.        from the play.              from the play.               from the play. (60)
             Uses many examples           (80)                        (70)
             from the play. (100)
Tree         All characters listed and    Most characters listed      Most characters listed and   Many characters listed
map          in the correct family.       and in the correct          some are in the correct      and not in the correct
(50pts)      Tree map is drawn            family. Tree map is         family. Tree map is          family. Tree map is not
             correctly, neat and          drawn correctly and         drawn correctly.             drawn correctly. No
             colorful. Descriptions       neat. Descriptions have     Descriptions have errors     Descriptions. (20)
             have no errors and are       few errors and are          and are not typed. (30)
             typed. (50)                  typed. (40)
Multi-       Multi-flow map is drawn      Multi-flow map is           Multi-flow map is drawn      Multi-flow map is drawn
flow map     correctly and neatly. It     drawn correctly. It         correctly. It shows why      correctly. It shows why
(50pts)      shows why Tituba tells       shows why Tituba tells      Tituba tells her stories     Tituba tells her stories
             her stories and what         her stories and what        and what happens as a        and what happens as a
             happens as a result.         happens as a result.        result. Paragraph is not     result. No paragraph.
             Paragraph is typed and       Paragraph is typed.         typed.                       (20)
             Graphics are included.       (40)                        (30)
Flow         All acts are listed. Flow    All acts are listed.        Missing one act. Flow        Missing two acts. Flow
maps         maps are correctly and       Flow maps are               maps are correctly drawn     maps are correctly drawn
(50 pts)     neatly drawn with            correctly drawn with        with captions. No            with Pictures but no
             captions. Pictures are       captions. Pictures are      Pictures are included.       captions. There are no
             included. Sentences are      included. Sentences         Sentences are included.      sentences.
             thoughtful and typed.        are thoughtful.             (30)                         (20)
             (50)                         (40)
Double       Map is neat and correctly    Map is correctly drawn.     Map is correctly drawn.      Map is correctly drawn.
bubble       drawn. It has at least 9     It has at least 9 circles   It has at least 9 circles    It has at least 9 circles
map          circles with 6 quotes.       with 4 quotes.              with 2 quotes. Paragraph     but no quotes. No
(50pts)      Paragraph is typed with      Paragraph is typed with     is not typed with some       paragraph included. (20)
             no errors. (50)              few errors. (40)            errors. (30)
Theme:       Complete, clear and fully    Sufficiently developed      Lacks a clearly developed    Incomplete or unclear
(40 pts)     developed theme. (40)        theme. (30)                 theme. (20)                  theme. (10)
Reflection   Complete, clear and fully    Sufficiently developed      Lacks a clearly developed    Incomplete or unclear
(20pts)      developed reflection (20).   theme. (17)                 theme. (14)                  developed theme. (11)
Attractiv    The book is exceptionally    The book is attractive      The book is acceptably       The book is distractingly
eness:       attractive in terms of       in terms of design,         attractive though it may     messy or very poorly
(10pts)      design, layout, and          layout and neatness.        be a bit messy.              designed. It is not
             neatness. (10)                               (8)                          (7)         attractive. (6)

The booklet is worth 400 points.

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