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   A.   General conditions /instruction for submission of bids/tenders

   1.   Sealed quotations are invited under two bid system directly from the
        manufacturers /authorized dealer /OEM for supply and installation of CCTVs
        with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) at Institute’s offices at Delhi & Noida. The
        detail of the addresses of premises of the Institute is as under:

         S. No. Location            Address
         1.     Head Office (Delhi) The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
                                    ICAI Bhawan
                                    Indraprastha Marg
                                    NEW DELHI – 110 002
         2.     Noida               The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
                                    ICAI Bhawan
                                    C-1, Sector- 1
                                    NOIDA - 201301
                                    Dist. Gautam Budh Nagar
                                    Uttar Pradesh

   2.   The techno commercial bid should be in two separate sealed envelopes clearly
        mentioned as “Technical Bid” and “Commercial Bid” and both the sealed
        envelopes to be put into another envelope and it should be superscribed as
        “Tender For CCTVs with DVR”.
   3.   The last date of receipt of sealed offer in a sealed envelope as mentioned above
        and addressed to Sr. Joint Secretary (Admin.) is on or before 15.09.2007 at 3.30
        pm. in a sealed tender box kept in the ground floor of annex building of the
        Institute at IP Marg, New Delhi – 110 002
   4.   The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand
        only) in the form of Demand Draft/pay order drawn in favour of “The Institute of
        Chartered Accountants of India” payable at Delhi only is to be submitted along
        with the technical bid.
   5.   In the first stage only technical bids will be opened for evaluation after cut off
        time on the same day i.e. at 4.00 pm on 15 September 2007. The representatives
        of the tenderers, if they wish, may remain present while opening of the technical
   6.   Commercial bids of only those bidders whose technical bids are acceptable
        /qualified will be opened for the 2nd stage selection and the date of opening will
        be communicated to the qualified bidders only for remaining present while
        opening of the commercial bids.
7.    The EMDs of the unsuccessful bidders will be refunded without any interest.

1.    The tenderer should be a manufacturer or authorized dealer/distributor. Necessary
      documents regarding valid authorization from the manufacturer and experience
      should be attached with the offers. Without any authorization letter from the
      manufacturer for submission of offers submitted by the dealers will be rejected.
2.    The tenderer should be having experience in the relevant field and must have
      installed similar facilities in various organizations /departments of Government of
      India /public sector units/ statutory bodies/MNCs. Copies of necessary experience
      certificates from the clients should be enclosed.
3.    Details of work completed /undertaken by the tenderers in the past to set up
      equivalent facilities in government /corporate offices should be enclosed along
      with the addresses /email ids/telephone number of contact persons of the clients of
      different projects executed in the recent past.
4.    Client lists should be enclosed along with addresses of the client/contact persons.
5.    All relevant technical details of the offered equipment including brand name,
      specification etc. should be mentioned along with brochures/leaflets.
6.    The tenderer should have TIN/VAT /Service tax no. as applicable. Copies of the
      same should be enclosed along with the offer.
7.    The details of the equipment /software proposed to be procured are attached at
      Annexure A. The existing CCTVs with its complete system installed at Noida
      building will be reinstalled at the Institute’s head office at IP Marg, New Delhi.
      The tenderers are required to submit their rates for reinstallation of the
      equipments with new wiring as per the site conditions.
8.    Prices of all items should be quoted on unit basis.
9.    Each page of the bid both technical as well as commercial bid should be signed by
      the authorized person of the tenderer. The copy of the board resolution
      authorizing the signatory should be submitted along with the bid.
10.   Technical support for after sales service as well as during the defect liability
      period at above mentioned locations should be mentioned along with the detailed
      addresses of their branch offices/contact person.
11.   Warranty /assurance letter from the manufacturer for technical support/back up
      for spare parts for at least five years from expiry of defect liability period is to be
12.   Defect liability period – The defect liability period for whole system at each
      location is one year from date of installation and handing over. The date of
      handing over of last location will be treated as final date of handing over for all
      locations. If any defects pointed out during this period the system or any
      equipments are to be rectified / replaced by the party (successful bidder) free of
13.   Breakdown response period – The party should attend the breakdown call
      immediately for restoration of the system so that work can be conducted without
      any hindrances.
14.     Payment terms – The executed quantity may vary and the payment will be made
        as per the actual quantity executed/equipments supplied based on agreed unit rate.
        The stages of payment will be made as under:
    (a) 90% of the total contract value/bill value will be released after full supply of
        equipments, installation, testing, commissioning and handing over at all locations.
    (b) Balance 10% will be retained till expiry of the defect liability period i.e. one year
        from the date of handing over of equipments at all sites and same may be released
        against equivalent amount of bank guarantee.
15.     Payment would be made through e-payment and the supplier will have to give his
        account number along with bank code No. for transfer of funds through E-
16.     Training to the technicians/personnel of the Institute – The supplier shall have
        to arrange training to the technicians /personnel of the Institute at all locations for
        smooth operations of the equipments after handing over without any additional
17.     Operational/maintenance manual – 2 sets of operations /maintenance manual
        for smooth operation of the equipments are to be provided free of cost at each
18.     After technical evaluation if necessary a presentation /demonstration with
        proposed equipments only will have to be made by the qualified bidders for which
        date and time will be intimated.
19.     The warranty and delivery period for equipments and software should be clearly
        mentioned. The supplier will be required to deliver and successfully install the
        equipments at all locations.
20.     The Institute being a statutory body set up under Act of Parliament does not have
        any LST/CST nos. and same along with way bill form will not be provided by the
21.     The quoted price should be inclusive of all taxes applicable, delivery charges,
        transit insurance, installation charges at all locations. How ever octroi/ state entry
        tax if any will be paid extra as per actual.
22.     The quoted rates must be competitive and there will be no further negotiation.
23.     The quoted rate in the tender must be valid for minimum 60 (sixty) days from the
        date of opening of tender. The Institute reserves the right for seeking extension of
        validity of offered rates from the successful tenderers.
24.     Time being essence of contract, supply, installation and handing over must be
        completed within stipulated time as to be given in the work order/agreement. For
        any delay in completion beyond the completion period (to be mentioned in the
        order/agreement) penalty at the rate of 0.5% per week or part thereof subject to
        maximum 5% of the order value will be imposed and same will be deducted from
        the bill of the supplier.
25.     If any materials are found defective after supply, the same are to be replaced by
        the supplier free of cost.
26.     Escalation – No escalation in price will be allowed and price will remain firm
        during total period of execution for any increase/decrease in quantity.
27.     Tenders received beyond the cut off time and without all the required documents
        and the EMD shall be liable for rejection.
28.    If the supply of material delays by
       (a) Acts of God
       (b) Abnormally bad weather, or earthquake or floods or similar natural calamities
       (c) Serious loss or damage by fire or
       (d) Civil commotion, local combination of workers strike or lockout or
       (e) Any other causes, which is the absolute discretion of the Institute and beyond
            supplier’s control.
       Then any force majeure condition herein mentioned occur and continue for a
       period exceeding 15 days the parties hereto undertake to sit together and devise
       for expeditious and proper performance of the obligations of the parties under this
29.    In case of any dispute or difference arising in relation to meaning or interpretation
       of this order, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by the
       President of the Institute. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 will be
       applicable to the arbitration proceedings and the venue of the arbitration shall be
       at New Delhi. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding.


1.     The financial bid should contain the rate against each item (equipments), laying of
       cabling with PVC conduits etc. The bids with unclear terms will automatically be
2.     The quoted rates should be Indian rupees only and same should be filled in both
       words and figures.
3.     The commercial bids to only those tenderers will be opened which are found
       eligible in the technical evaluations and the date of opening of the commercial
       bids will be communicated to the bidders qualified in technical evaluation.
4.     Annual Maintenance Contract charges for whole system for each location after
       expiry of defect liability period for three years is to be quoted.
5.     The Institute reserves the right to cancel the tenders without assigning any reason.

Sr. Joint Secretary (Admin.)
                                                                         Annexure A
The features / requirements / hardware requested in the new DVR system to be installed
at Noida building of the Institute:

      PC based DVR Cards with 16 camera, 16 audio, and 16 input sensor channels /
       high resolution / TV output / network and remote monitoring and control/ 32
       channels simultaneous display/ 400 or above fps monitoring and recording (real-
       time monitoring and recording) – total 4 cards
      HP xw4400 Workstation with Windows Vista/XP Professional, Dual Core
       Processor 3.4 Ghz, 2MB L2 Cache, Graphic Display with 256 MB dedicated
       memory, 2GB RAM, 250 GB SATA HDD, 20” Flat LCD monitors, DVD-RW.
       Two workstations with integration of DVR cards are required.
      RAID, storage subsystem with sufficient hard disk capacity to store the coverage
       of 50 cameras and mikes for 720 hours (30 days x 24 hrs) and expandability for
       approximately 100 cameras and mikes.
      Cameras – Sony or other good brands, 1/3”, color, night vision, high resolution,
       and inbuilt mike. Depending on the area of coverage, approximately 50 cameras
       are required. The range and no of the cameras’ coverage is to be accessed by the
       vendor depending on the size and layout of the rooms, which HRD(A) can
      Video / audio and power cabling and other equipments mandatory for making the
       DVR system operational.
      Separate surveillance room with the requisite fixtures and furniture to be created
       where a security personnel will be continuously monitoring the activities.
      32 inch or bigger LCD/Plasma TVs – As there will be around 50 cameras’
       monitoring involved and with 32 channels’ output in a single screen, it will be too
       strenuous to have a smaller screen for continuous monitoring. Two such TVs are
       required – one for the surveillance room and second for the HOD’s room.
      The vendor has to ensure that the PAL output of all the cards are clubbed
       together and displayed on both the TVs independently. Both the viewers
       (Security personnel and HOD) should have a choice of viewing all the camera
       channels by manual flipping or an automatic continuous flipping in a predefined
       time gap or viewing 32 channels simultaneously on single screen. The operations
       of two TVs should be independent of each other.
      A well designed, executable over the LAN, web enabled (executable/viewable
       over the internet / mobile if a static IP is assigned to the system) and flexible
       software which has the provision to – play back the old recording while the
       current recording continues, individual camera and mike level controls like tilt /
       zoom / mute etc., motion detection recording (inclusive of 10 minutes prior and
       after the motion detection event), easy, automated and reliable backup process
       (compatible with CD/DVD/DAT/HDD) and other features important for later
       reviewing of any particular camera / mike for any specified duration. Built-in
       alarms to alert in case of failures at any hardware / software levels.

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