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									                      UPCO Physical Setting Earth Science
                      Review Book Outline

                      Chapter 6: Earth's History

Geologic Events
          Sequence of Geologic Events, Evidence of Events
          Questions 1-15 pages 253-256

Correlation Techniques
           Continuity of Rock and Correlation, Similarity of Rock and Correlation,
           Fossil Evidence and Correlation, Volcanic Time Markers and Correlation,
           Anomalies to Correlation
           Questions 1-14 pages 259-262

Determining Geologic Ages
          Fossil Evidence, Scale of Geologic Time, Erosional Record,
          Geologic History of an Area
          Questions 1-15 pages 264-266

Radioactive Decay
          Decay Rates, Half-life, Decay Product Ratios
          Questions 1-15 pages 268-271

The History and Evolution of Earth's Atmosphere
The Fossil Record
          Variety of Life Forms, Evolutionary Development
          Questions 1-15 pages 273-276


Questions 1-40 pages 277-290
                      UPCO Physical Setting Earth Science
                      Review Book Outline

                      Chapter 7: Study Of The Atmosphere

Atmospheric Energy
Electromagnetic Energy
         Properties of Electromagnetic Energy, Solar Energy, Matter and
         Electromagnetic Energy, Earth Energy
         Questions 1-9 pages 294-295

Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere
          Convection, Conduction, Radiation
          Questions 1-15 pages 297-300

Energy Transformation
          Conservation of Energy, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Friction and
          Energy Transformation, Wavelength Reradiation
Heat and Temperature
          Temperature, Temperature Scales, Heat, Calories, Specific Heat
          Heat Gain or Loss
Heat Energy and Phase Changes
          Latent Heat, Latent Heat Loss or Gain During Phase Changes
          Water and Latent Heat
          Questions 1-12 pages 307-309

Atmospheric Relationships
         Temperature Variations, Moisture Variations, Relative Humidity,
         Determining Dewpoint Temperature/ with chart, Determining Relative Humidity w/chart,
         Pressure Variations,
         Questions 1-20 pages 316-319
         Moisture and Energy Input, Vapor Pressure, Factors Affecting
         the Rate of Evaporation, Saturation Vapor Pressure, Other Energy Inputs,
         Air Movement, Local Breezes, Planetary Convection Cells, Planetary Winds,
         Jet Streams, Atmospheric Transparency, Other Variables
         Questions 1-20 pages 326-329

Clouds and Precipitation
         Questions 1-12 pages 331-333

Moisture and Energy Transfer
          Adiabatic Changes in Temperature
          Questions 1-17 pages 336-339

Forecasting the Weather
          Questions 1-5 page 341

Weather Maps and Forecasting
           Station Model, Air Mass Characteristics, Source Regions,
           Air-mass Tracks, Cyclones and Anticyclones, Fronts, Mid-latitude Cyclones
           Questions 1-7 pages 346-347
           Questions 1-20 pages 352-356

Hurricanes and Tornadoes
          Hurricane Safety, Key Hurricane Alerts, Hurricane Safety Procedures,
          Tornado Safety
          Questions 1-11 pages 361-364


Questions 1-31 pages 366-378
                        UPCO Physical Setting Earth Science
                        Review Book Outline

                        Chapter 8: Climates

Water Cycle and Climate
          Questions 1-6 pages 380-381

Insolation and Earth's Surface
           Insolation, Intensity of Insolation
Factors Affecting Insolation
           Angle of Insolation, Angle of Insolation and Temperature, Time of Day and
           Intensity of Insolation, Earth's Shape and Intensity of Insolation, Seasons and
           Intensity of Insolation, Latitude and Intensity of Insolation, Duration of Insolation,
           Duration of Insolation and Temperature, Temperature Changes and Radiative
           Balance, Maximum and Minimum Temperatures
           Questions 1-24 pages 391-397

Radiation and the Atmosphere
            Layers of the Atmosphere, The Atmosphere and Insolation, Land and Water Surfaces
Terrestrial Radiation
            The Greenhouse Effect, Radiative Balance Versus Time
            Questions 1-13 pages 401-403

The Water Budget
          Climate and the Water Budget, Stream Discharge and the Water Budget
          Questions 1-7 page 405

Factors Affecting Climate Patterns
          Latitude and Climate, Elevation and Climate, Large Bodies of Water and Climate
          Ocean Currents and Climate, Mountain Barriers and Climate, Wind Belts and Climate
          Storm Tracks
Seasonal Wind Patterns
          Monsoons, El Nino and La Nina
          Questions 1-15 pages 411-415


Questions 1-17 pages 416-423

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