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									                                    TAKSILA BUSINESS SCHOOL, GREATER NOIDA
                                List of PGDM STUDENTS (2 Years Full Time Programme)

S.No    Roll. No.      AICTE Enrollment No.      Name of Students          Mother’s Name             Father's Name

 1     PG 090001    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090001   Abhay Gaur              KANCHAN DEVI        PUNIT KUMAR

 2     PG 090002    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090002   Abhay Yadav             CHANDRAWATI YADAV   KAMLA YADAV

 3     PG 090003    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090003   Abhishek Kumar Shukla   SARITA SHUKLA       JAYPRAKASH SHUKLA

 4     PG 090004    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090004   Aditi Sharma            NIRA SHARMA         RAJESHWAR SHARMA

 5     PG 090005    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090005   Alankrita Srivastava    SADHNA SRIVASTAVA   MANISHANKAR SRIVASTAVA

 6     PG 090006    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090006   Amarjeet Kumar Singh    VIDYA DEVI          SACHVEER SINGH

 7     PG 090007    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090007   Aparna Singh            SANGEETA SINGH      ARUN KUMAR SINGH

 8     PG 090008    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090008   Ayush Singh             SHANTI DEVI         UMA SHANKAR VERMA

 9     PG 090009    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090009   Dharmpal Singh          KAMLESH DEVI        SHEVRAJ SINGH

10     PG 090010    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090010   Dinesh Kumar            DLIPO DEVI          HARISH CHANDRA SINGH

11     PG 090011    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090011   Indra Bhusan Singh      ASHARPHI DEVI       GAJANAND SINGH

12     PG 090012    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090012   Jayraj Singh            LAXMI DEVI          RAMRUP DAS

13     PG 090013    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090013   Jugal Kishore           KAMLA DEVI          BRIJLAL

14     PG 090014    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090014   Kishor Kumar Sharma     SUDHA SHARMA        MAHIPAL SHARMA

15     PG 090015    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090015   Kuldeep Singh           KELA DEVI           PREM SINGH

16     PG 090016    09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090016   Mahesh Srivastava       MITHILESH           RADHEYSHYAM SRIVASTAVA
17   PG 090017   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090017   Manish Thakur         MADHU THAKUR            HARBINDER SINGH THAKUR

18   PG 090018   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090018   Mayank Pathak         BHAGWATI DEVI PATHAK    GOPAL KRISHNA PATHAK

19   PG 090019   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090019   Nikhlesh Singh        INDERAVATI DEVI         GIRRAJ SINGH

20   PG 090020   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090020   Pavan Mishra

21   PG 090021   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090021   Prakash Kumar         PRABHA DEVI             RAJENDRA PRASAD

22   PG 090022   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090022   Praveen Kumar

23   PG 090023   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090023   Rahul Dwivedi

24   PG 090024   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090024   Rajeev Kumar Ravi     PRABHA DEVI             LALIT NARAYAN MISHRA

25   PG 090025   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090025   Rinku Kumari          LILA DEVI               TRIBHUWAN SINGH

26   PG 090026   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090026   Satyavrata Dey        BASANTI DEY             ARUN KUMAR DEY

27   PG 090027   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090027   Saumya Upadhyay       SHASHI RANI UPADHAYAY   ASHWANI KUMAR UPADHYAY

28   PG 090028   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090028   Shiv Prakash          RAMWATI DEVI            LAKHMI SINGH

29   PG 090029   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090029   Shivam Kumar Shukla   UMA DEVI                KRIPASHANKKER SHUKLA

30   PG 090030   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090030   Shweta Varma          ANITA VARMA             RAVI KUMAR VARMA

31   PG 090031   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090031   Sikandar Azam         AKHTARI KHATOON         SABBIR AHMED

32   PG 090032   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090032   Smita Jha             NUTAN JHA               SATISH MOHAN JHA

33   PG 090033   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090033   Subhash Chand         MAYA DEVI               LAKSHMI CHAND

34   PG 090034   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090034   Sunil Kumar Sharma    HULSI DEVI              RAM MANOHAR SHARMA

35   PG 090035   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090035   Swapnil Kumar Singh   USHA SINGH              S C SINGH

36   PG 090036   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT090036    Uday Kumar Pandey     MANORMA PANDEY          RAMNARESH PANDEY

37   PG 090037   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090037   Vijaya Priyadarshni   PRIYADARSHINI           VIJAY SINGH
38   PG 090038   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090038   Vipin Kumar          GIRJA DEVI          NAND LAL

39   PG 090039   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090039   Vivek Kumar Sachan   SATYAWATI SACHAN    RANVIJAY SINGH SACHAN

40   PG 090040   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090040   Preeti Rajpoot       ARCHANA DEVI        SAMBAR SINGH

41   PG 090041   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090041   Rohit Ram            PARWATI DEVI        KHIRODHAR RAM

42   PG 090042   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090042   Mukesh Ram           LT. BASANTI DEVI    LT. DARSHAN RAM

43   PG 090043   09/TBS/UP/PGDM/FT/090043   Rajat Gupta                              RAJEEV GUPTA

                                                                                    (Name & Signature of the Director)

                                                                                            (Official Seal)

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