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Napoleon Bonaparte
                                                 Username: “The Little Corporal”                                           5 minutes ago

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                                                      What’s on your mind?

                                                                   Favorite Quotes- “A man will fight harder for his interests than for his

                                                                   “The most dangerous moment comes with victory.”
                                                                   I like how your quotes are so emotional but strong…

                                                                   Thanks I learned how to make stuff like this from when I got out my
About Me- I am a military                                          military school.
commander who is short in
size but big in war. I have a
family great kids and had two                                      So long we haven’t talked…what have you been up to?
wives. I am currently in a war
and hopeing to finish soon to
go back home. I like to help
my country and play chess.                                         Nothing I’ve been in military school at brier collage and trying to raise my
Hit me in the inbox to no                                          family as best as I can but its kind of hard since I am in the war rite now. I
more about me.!!                                                  am learning new things in life and so far I’m doing ok in the war.

                                                                   Oh that doesn’t sound to good but try your best and stay safe love you…

                                                                   Love you to

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                                                                   In war rite now about to go against Russia still need six more wars to go to,
                                                                   hope to see everyone soon…

                                                                   Everyone is dieing around me sooner or later I will be one of those dead
                                                                   ones  …I’m glad I learned to languages it helped a lot in my life,

Relationship Status: Married to
                                                                   Are you ok, what happened, what did you do, where are you, what
Josephine Beauharnais

Current City: Ajaccio, Mediterranean

island of Corsica

Birthday: August 15, 1769
Education: Military Academy

Jobs: Military Leader

Battles fought in if any: Fought in 7 wars

Religion- Non-demonitional catholic

Heritage- Greek

Political Views- He believed in the

continental beliefs

Books- Napoleon Bonaparte, The Letters

of Napoleon to Josephine and 46 others

Music- The ballad of america


Language Spoke- Italian, French

Likes- to play chess, help fight in war

Activities- Military man, Artillary, and

take French lessons


Josephine     Pauline       Carlo
              Bonaprte      Buonapart

Marie         Robspierre Madame
litizea                  Bonaparte

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