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                       The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

Exam    : HP2-H05

Title   : Design & Implementation of
          HP Thin Client Solutions

Version : Demo

                                                        The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

1.Which HP Remote Client Solution is best for a task-oriented user?
A. HP Blade Workstation
B. Server Based Computing
C. HP Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
D. Hp Blade PC
Answer: B

2.Which protocols does HP support to access HP blade workstations remotely (Select two)
Answer: D,E

3.What are the characteristic of a Knowledge Worker user group (Select two)
A. richer graphical applications
B. many simultaneous user logins
C. multiple display support requirements
D. multiple business or productivity applications open simultaneously
E. fewer application types
Answer: B,D

4.Which Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions are recognized by HP (Select two)
A. HP Blade PC
B. VmWare View
C. Citrix XenApp
D. HP Image Manager
E. Citrix XenDesktop
Answer: B,E

5.Which operation system of HP thin clients fully implements the features of the HP Session
Allocation Manager (SAM) broker?
A. HP ThinConnect
B. MS Windows CE
C. MS Windows XPe
D. MS Windows Vista
Answer: C

6.A medium-sized bank has upgraded to the most recent Citrix XenApp environment. The
have asked you to provide thin client access devices. In addition to standard ICA access,
they need support for their local printers and would like to use XenApp's Web Interface 5.0
Which HP thin client models should you suggest as the best cost-effective option for them?

                                                          The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

(Select two)
A. 2533t
B. 6720t
C. t5145
D. t5540
E. t5630
Answer: D,E

7.Which models belong to the Flexible product line in HP thin client portfolio (Select two)
A. 6720t
B. t5730
C. t5145
D. t5630
E. t5540
Answer: B,D

8.What is the role of a connection broker?
A. provides encryption between client and resources
B. determines resource type allocation based on user identity
C. manages golden images and their distribution to compute resources
D. provides a connection between the server and the computer resources
Answer: D

9.Which remote protocol has a client implementation on all major operating systems?
B. Citrix ICA
D. X Display Manager Control Protocol
Answer: B

10.To which product line classification in HP thin client portfolio does the HP 2533t model
A. Mobile
B. Flexible
C. Essential
D. Mainstream
Answer: A

11.Your customer requires the lowest-cost thin client solution with only basic connectivity,
integrated connection brokers, no browser or terminal emulation support, and the most
essential peripheral support.
Which thin client operating system should you recommend?
A. HP ThinPro
B. HP ThinConnect

                                                          The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

C. MS Windows XPe
D. MS Windows CE
Answer: B

12.Which thin client operating systems should you recommend to a customer who requires
high software extensibility? (Select two)
A. HP ThinPro
B. MS Windows XPe
C. HP ThinConnect
D. HP ThinPro Plus
E. MS Windows CE
Answer: B,D

13.Which HP thin client operating system includes the features listed below?
Case Study Title (Case Study):
Basic connectivity: ICA/RDP/X-term
Software extensibility: Modest - some modules can be download from HP
Peripheral support: Wide
Local browser: Firefox
Terminal emulation: TeemTalk
A. HP ThinPro
B. HP ThinConnect
C. MS Windows XPe
D. MX Windows CE
Answer: A

14.Which features are exclusively available with the Windows Xpe operating system and not with the
other operating systems supported on the HP thin clients? (Select two)
A. media player
B. Smart Card support
C. Enhanced Write Filter (EWF)
D. Symantec Endpoint Protection
E. locked-down configuration and accounts
Answer: C,D

15.What is the mail-in warranty turnaround time for HP thin clients sent to HP for repair?
A. 8 hours
B. 16 hours
C. 24 hours
D. 48 hours
Answer: D

16.Your customer needs to connect to and communicate with applications on mainframes and
midrange systems running proprietary operating systems, UNIX, and Linux.

                                                          The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

Which HP thin client operating systems provide this ability through their support of the
Neoware TeemTalk terminal emulation? (Select three)
A. HP-UX 11i
B. HP ThinPro
C. MS Windows Vista
D. HP ThinConnect
E. MS Windows CE
F. Windows XPe
Answer: B,E,F

17.Which HP thin client has stateless mode capability?
A. t5545 (HP ThinPro)
B. t5540 (MS Windows CE)
C. t5730 (MS Windows XPe)
D. t5145 (HP ThinConnect)
Answer: D

18.The HP Compaq Thin Client Boot Order Change Tool enables you to change the boot order of a
thin client remotely. What is the correct Linux command to set the boot order as USB/
A. ./hpbootorder -uhn
B. ./hpbootorder -oufn
C. hpbootorder.exe -uhn
D. hpbootorder.exe -oufn
Answer: A

19.Name the tool that:
-supports HP thin clients
-is included with every HP thin client
-does not require a license
-provides easy-to-use, scalable image deployment and recovery for SMB environments
A. HP ThinState
B. HP Image manager
C. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
D. HP Client Automation (HPCA)
Answer: A

20.You want to configure your HP thin clients to boot from the network/ATA Flash/USB. What is the
correct command to use?
A. bootorder.exe -wNH
B. bootorder.exe -wHU
C. bootorder.exe -oNHU
D. bootorder.exe -oUNH
Answer: C


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