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									                                                   Vol. 48, Issue 5    — the BEACON — May, 2011
                                                             Sunday services: 10:30 AM; religious education classes, 10:30 AM

        Unitarian Universalist
                Congregat ion                 Sunday, May 1, 10:30 AM. Childcare and RE at 10:30
            of Grand Traverse                 “Homegrown Poems and Songs: Another Vantage Point on                       MINDING THE
                     6726 Center Road         Who We Are”                                                                   STORE
           Traverse City, MI 49686-1802       Mary Van Valin, Richard Miller & Gretchen Kronk
                         231-947-3117         All over the world May Day is acknowledged, be it by a show of
                    military strength, flowers left on the door knob, bonfires              Building Community…
                    Fax: 231-947-0726
 (During office hours, call 947-3117 first,
                                              celebrating fertility...                                                One Cookie at a Time
                                                   We invite you to celebrate May Day by sharing and listening
                                then fax.)
                                              to poems and songs written by our own members and friends.
                                                                                                                      The coffee/social time after
Office Hours:                                                                                                         Sunday services has been a
9 am – 4:30 pm                                It's a May Day invitation to know each other more, to plant a
Tuesday through Friday
                                              good seed early in Spring...                                            great success. Our many
                                                                                                                      thanks to all who have helped
                                              Sunday, May 8, 10:30 AM. Childcare and RE at 10:30
                 Minister of Music*           “Run Across Ethiopia: Building Global Community Beyond Fair             set up, clean up and bring in
       Rev. Kevin Tarsa, 922-8146             Trade”                                                                  fruit or vegetables, savory
                  Tim Young                                                               snacks or yummy treats. The
 Director of Religious Education*             We've all heard Margaret Mead's quote: "Never doubt that a              success of this endeavor is
        Karen McCarthy, 935-1570              small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the            due to your wonderful sup-
                       world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." This service will   port. If you have not yet
  Congregational Administrator*               tell the story of how, in less than a year, a few dedicated
                                              members of our northwest Michigan community organized a                 signed up to help or bring in
             Linda Martin, 947-3117
                    running expedition across Ethiopia that raised over $200,000 to         treats this would be a won-
                Facilities Manager            build three schools in needy communities. Through stories, film,        derful time to do so. Please
              Pat Phelan, 947-3117            photos and music, Timothy Young, Logistics Coordinator for              look for the sign-up clipboard
                      Run Across Ethiopia, will tell the story of how runners,                on the treats table each week.
                                              journalists, musicians and supporters made this happen.                 We need your help to keep
              Leslie Cook 938-1466            Sunday, May 15, 10:30 AM. Childcare and RE at 10:30                     building our community, one
                    “Give Them Not Hell, But Hope: A Universal Love”                        cookie at a time.
  *Ex officio members of the Board            Rev. Kevin Tarsa and Rev. Nancy Doughty                                              —The Hospitality
                                              In an age when many Christians in America preached a gospel
                                              of hellfire and damnation, our Universalist forebears preached a
Board of Trustees 2010-2011:                  radical and liberating message of God’s universal love.
                                              Universalism remains a liberating perspective and it is to this
                         President            day a radical message in certain circles. To what does a                ADULT PROGRAMS
            John Hoffmann 275-3602            universal love call us today?
                                                                                           AND EVENTS
                                              Sunday, May 22, 10:30 AM. Childcare and RE at 10:30
                    Vice President            “Mind Matters”
             Max OldBear 946-1007             Michael Jarvis                                                          The UU Men’s
               How we pay attention and what we pay attention to matters.              Group…
                           Secretary          The field of neuroscience confirms this intuitive assertion.            … will gather at Ruby Tues-
               Judy Halsted 223-7277          Scientists now understand how the mind and the brain shape              day’s on Monday, May 16 at
              each other and how the decisions and choices that we make in
                                              our day to day lives form not only our experience, but the
                                                                                                                      5:30 pm. We invite all men
                           Treasurer                                                                                  attending UUCGT to join us
                Price Watts 941-7233
                                              structure of our brains, and the environment of the people we
                 come into contact with. Mindfulness is a simple tool not only for       for lively conversation and
                                              personal well-being, but for compassionate stewardship of our           the best salad bar in TC.
             Trustee (Social Justice)         community and our world                                                                 (Continued on page 2)
            Maura Brennan 941-9158
                     Sunday, May 29, 10:30 AM. Childcare and RE at 10:30
                                              “Inner Peace, Outer Peace”
            Trustee (Administration)          Rabbi Chava Bahle
                                                                                                                                         the BEACON
               Susan Pyne 882-5721            In conjunction with the Traverse City Mindifulness Meditation
                                                                                                                          BEACON Deadlines: Last Sunday
                                                                                                                                          of each month,
                  Group, we will explore the connection between personal, inner                    following the last service.

 Trustee (Volunteer Development)              peace and global peace. The writings of Thich Naht Hanh will
                                                                                                                               Jim Cook, Editor, 935-5891
          Charlotte Shea 883-9357             guide us through this process: "If in our daily lives we can smile,             
                 if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will             Mary Kiner, Assoc.Editor, 935-3050
                                              profit from it. If we really know how to live, what better way to               
                  Trustee (Outreach)                                                                                       Linda Carps, Calendar, 946-8726
              Emily Mitchell 946-1989
                                              start the day than with a smile? Our smile affirms our                          
                  awareness and determination to live in peace and joy. The
                                                                                                                                Folding, labeling & mailing
                                              source of a true smile is an awakened mind."                                            by Nancy Pihlcrantz
                          A Note from the President…
  Greetings,                                                         Regarding Stewardship (this may be somewhat
  It is nice to be home again after being gone for about         dated): Price reported that as of Monday 4/18, 100
  six weeks. As some of you know, Pinkie and I drove             pledging units had pledged a total of $130,000.
  to Tucson for the month of March and returned early            About 70% have increased their pledges from last
  in April. The weather in Tucson was good for                   year. However, we still need to hear from
  walking, desert hiking and some golf. Visited with             approximately 40-45 more pledging units. If you
  our son and his family quite a bit. All-in-all a very          haven’t yet submitted your pledge, please do so
  pleasant trip. On the way home we stopped in St.               ASAP. The Finance Committee and the Board need
  Louis to visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Spring          to finalize a budget recommendation before the May
  was starting to bloom at the Gardens.                          annual meeting.
      As usual, I will use this column to summarize the              Maura stated that the Green Cemetery Committee
  actions and discussions at our April Board meeting.            continues, with due diligence, to evaluate the
  In preparation for our May 22 annual meeting, we               feasibility of this project. A consultant’s report is due
  approved the recommended by-law changes and we                 shortly.
  approved the LDC slate of Board Officers and                       Lastly, we reviewed our responsibility to the
  Trustees for next year (the slate is incomplete at this        Children’s RE program. This Congregation has a
  time). The by-laws and the LDC slate will be                   long history of supporting children’s education. Our
  discussed and acted upon again at our annual                   roots go back to the early Fellowship when Mary
  meeting.                                                       Ann Force and other interested parents wanted to
      Max Old Bear updated us as to the status of the            make sure that there was a place in this community
  “music services” task force. Since Kevin will be               for a liberal religious education for their children.
  leaving to accept an internship in August, the Board           We recently reaffirmed that support by financing a
  is making plans to continue the high quality music             building expansion that included two new
  component of our Sunday Services. A task force is              classrooms and an expanded pre-nursery. Now, the
  being developed with Kevin’s assistance. Max Old               DRE and her committee could use some additional
  Bear is the Board liaison.                                     “hands on” assistance. Various tasks that the DRE
                                                                 and her committee have identified need some extra
      Emily Mitchell and Sue Pyne reiterated that the
                                                                 help. If you have some spare time and can be of
  interim minister task force (ITF) is on track,
                                                                 assistance, call the office, talk to the DRE, find out
  application has been submitted and we are now
                                                                 what needs to be done and how you can help. A few
  awaiting word from the UUA regarding possible
                                                                 extra hands can go a long way.
  candidates. Transition Team members have been
  discussed as well.                                                 Thank you,

(Continued from page 1)                      ites! Bring a poem, quote, short read-
Bring a friend! We will be planning a        ing to share with the group.             Men’s Hiking
June hike at Sleeping Bear Dunes.         Thursday June 2, 1-4 PM – “Breathe in       Group
Questions? Call Mark Gustafson at 929        Nature.” Meet at UUCGT, then let’s
                                                                                      Mark June 20 on your
9608                                         explore the Peninsula Township Park
                                                                                      calendars. We will be
                                             just north of the UU.
                                                                                      following Max
Women’s Creative Mirth                    Friday July 22, 4-6 PM, beach TBD –
                                                                                      OldBear, retired National Park Ranger,
Group                                        “Glee Club Picnic.” Sing on the
                                                                                      on an educational outing at Sleeping
                                             shores of the bay with your friends.
(formerly known as the UU Women’s                                                     Bear Dunes. Dinner will be arranged in
                                             Dress in sun dresses. Bring YOB and
Group)                                                                                the Glen Arbor/Empire vicinity. All
                                             a snack selection to share.
The Women’s Creative Mirth Group has                                                  men are welcome. A head count is cru-
                                          Thursday August 18, 6 PM –
announced the following plan of activi-                                               cial; if interested, please communicate
                                             “Summertime Campfire.” Come tell
ties for late spring/summer:                                                          with Mark Gustafson or before Sunday,
                                             stories around a campfire. Smore
Thursday May 5, 1-3 PM, UUCGT –                                                       June 5. Sign up at 929 9608
                                             makings will be provided.
    “Poetry Slam.” Let’s share our favor-                                                                            —John Ort
                                                                 —Beryl Striewski

                                                                 Page 2
F r o m Yo u r M i n i s t e r o f M u s i c
In case you missed it in the Flash…                            seasoned teaching congregation and minister. Oh, and
   I am pleased to let you know that I have accepted the       very important—there is a Whole Foods store just
internship at First Parish in Wayland, Mass., about 15         around the corner from the church!
miles west of Boston. The position runs from August               With Rev. Barbara Child’s final workshops and
22, 2011 to June 22, 2012. I have a verbal agreement           service with us this past month, I am especially aware
with the church’s internship committee, and we’ll craft        of the fluid state of the congregation. There comes with
a written agreement in the next month or so.                   these many transitions, a loosening of long-time
   The congregation was founded in the 1640s and the           realities, a loosening that allows new possibilities to be
current building was built in 1814! I am looking               born. People have expressed fear or lament at the loss
forward to being steeped in so much history in that            of my musical presence in this congregation. Know that
church and in that area, and to being so close to the          my absence will open a space for others, and for much
Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters in             new and creative goodness. Contact Max OldBear if
Boston. First Parish’s minister, the Rev. Ken Sawyer,          you would like to be part of a team that guides plans for
will be my supervisor. Ken is held in high regard by           future music making and staffing. Consider stepping
both colleagues and congregants, and co-taught a               into the process to be part of that creative goodness.
preaching class at Harvard for 13 years. I know I will            Yours,
learn a great deal about ministry and about myself. I
will be the congregation’s 18th intern, so they are a                                                     Rev. Kevin
                                          Charlotte Shea, as she deals with some        Meditation service with Bob Brown,
        ALL ABOUT US                        neuropathy and more tests to                and the Easter “Water” service.
                                            discover causes.                            Generous and versatile. The Vocal
                                                                                        Ensemble, with soloist Shelley
Deaths of Congregants and/or Their        Concern:                                      Burnes, also offered a beautiful gift
Family:                                   For Amelia Burke whose friends have           by singing “Down To A River” at
Chris Anderlik, a former member who          excluded her from playing soccer.          John Schneider’s memorial service.
   moved away                                Don't give up Amelia.                    To Shelley Burnes and Holly Knibbs
Linda Dunigan's son, Shane                           -----------------------            for joining Rev. Kevin in a
Ellen Kohler's mother                     Missing: A long blue tablecloth that is       wonderful close-harmony trio for
Kathy Prentice's mother                   used by the Pastoral Care committee for       “Guide My Feet” on April 17.
John Schneider                            receptions. If anyone has it at home,       To the multi-generational string
                                          perhaps to launder and did not return it,     ensemble that graced us with “Water
We Are Mindful Of:                        please do so. We don't want to have to        Music” in the Easter Service: Amelia
Neal Endicott as he continues to heal     lock up items such as these. Thank you.       Burke, Kim Gribi, Forest Jarvis,
   from his spinal surgery                In Care,                                      Nina Mueller, Nancy Peterson, Aili
MaryAnn Force as she deals with                          —The Pastoral Care Team        Simpson, Nan Worthington, violin,
   transportation problems following                                                    Chloe Love and Rev. Kevin, viola;
   her car accident.                      New email address                             Ariel Love and Chris Williams,
Mark and Solveig Gustafson, as Solveig    Rev. Kevin Tarsa indicates that his new       cello; and Andy Evans, bass, and a
   stays with their daughter Kaaryn as    personal email address is with Gmail:         huge thanks to Judith Weaver for
   she heals from her fall and a broken He reports that         gathering, rehearsing and directing
   leg.                                   the Charter address will phase out            the ensemble.
Mary Kiner, as her ankle heals from       eventually.
   recent surgery.                                                                    Music Making at UUCGT
Anne Olney, as she slowly recovers               MUSICAL NOTES                        In my final months before internship, I
   from a bronchial infection.                                                        will be trying to help musicians make
Jean Saalfeld, in dealing with some eye                                               connections with one another, trying to
   problems                               Thank-You…                                  share information about the musical
                                                                                      resources the congregation has
                                          To The Vocal Ensemble for more
                                             great singing in the April 10                                   (Continued on page 4)

                                                             Page 3
(Continued from page 3)                        retarded in development. I prescribed an        eight people in a tent, not necessarily
acquired, trying to inventory and              antibiotic, specific care in cleaning the       family. The bathrooms are lined up at the
catalogue those resources, and, I hope,        skin lesions, and love — and let the            end of the tent “city”: long dark walks
making some great music with as many           mother know as gently as possible that          thru shadows to get there, especially at
people as I can. Whether you would like        she was welcome to return to this               night! Unsafe for anyone, especially with
to be making music at UUCGT, or have           accepting oasis of caring any time.             such high unemployment and young girls,
a yen to photograph instruments, or to             We saw many patients, some sicker,          boys, youth with no families left to protect
help sort through files or you enjoy           some less sick, all day. One problem            them.
typing up lists, give me a call or drop        followed by another. But many we could                                —Emmy Lou Cholak
me a note.                                     help. Satisfaction comes in the doing and
          —Rev. Kevin 231-883-1058 or          the smiling, the encouragement we give          LGBTQIA
                   just by seeing them and in the sincerity of     The following is an article about a
                                               feelings that we transmit. It’s a day that      conference of LGBTQIA and faith leaders
                                               we can count as finished but that our           in Lansing next month. The Michigan
                                                                          clients will never   Unitarian Universalist Social Justice
 SOCIAL JUSTICE                                                           be able to close.    Network is a co-sponsor of this event.
  AND ACTION                                                              We are the lucky         Inclusive Justice invites you to a
                                                                          ones as we try to    “Together In Faith” conference: “Lifting
As we all hopefully                                                       share with them      Up the Voice of All-Embracing Love”
remember, Haiti had an                                                    — but in so doing        In nearly every state where we have
Earthquake over a year ago.                                               we even more         been able to move further toward the
The devastation was                                                       point out our        recognition and support of the full human
enormous in a country that                                                advantage and        and civil rights of sexual, gender, and
was already in poverty. I                                                 their great need     sexual-orientation minorities or defeat
had the opportunity to go to                                              for assistance.      legislation that would deny these rights, it
Haiti with a medical mission                                              Being on the         has been partly because of the
of the UUSC as their pediatrician. Look at     giving end is not all good — and being on       development of a coalition of faith-based
the <> web site, click on          the receiving end brings a longer list with     communities committed to equality. We
Haiti and read more.                           its own multiple pains and sorrows.             need to develop such a coalition here in
    The trip was amazing. I never worked           After a week, we came home, I to            Michigan.
so hard emotionally, giving all I could to     snow—beautiful thick wet snow, 6 inches             To help advance this goal, on
each child and family. It came from the        of it and cold. In Haiti I wore no coat or      Saturday, May 14 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00
heart and thankfully my well of love           sweater. Here I could never seem to get         p.m. at the Pilgrim United Church of
never emptied. I’m so grateful that I had      my toes warm. I also kept getting them          Christ, 125 South Pennsylvania Ave,
skills to share and help. Every child          wet when I went out. In Haiti we had            Lansing, many faith-based groups,
almost as needy and sad and in distress as     beautiful lightning and thunderstorms           including the Michigan UU LGBT Task
the one before and after. A continuous         several evenings. I wondered about the          Force, are co-sponsoring the “Together in
line of pain trying to put smiles on their     people in the tent cities, on the ground,       Faith” conference, “Lifting Up the Voice
faces. Hard to say it all, the pain for them   some tents lower on the sloping area than       of All-Embracing Love.”
is so great. I am so grateful and              others. No running water to clean with              The conference will include talks and
undeservedly so blessed!!!                     and certainly none fit to drink. Here with      workshops that will highlight ways people
    The first baby I saw at the Aprosifa       snow, believe it or not, we also had some       of faith can be effective in working for
(Mom and Baby Clinic) will not make it;        lightning and thunder—lovely, but we            equality within their faith communities
there is a hole in his heart. You could hear   were inside, warm and dry, safe.                and in the broader community. Most
the blood rushing through it. He was               One of the three local agencies that we     importantly, it will be an opportunity to
about half the average size for his age,       partnered with, KOFAVIV, (meaning, in           forge bonds of mutual understanding and
lethargic, malnourished, slowed                Creole, Committee of Victims helping            friendship among those working within
development — an obvious case of               Victims) is a well-organized, good              the faith community around these issues.
“failure to thrive.” He also had infections,   agency! They train women from the tent          Conference flyer, program information,
skin pustules. What does one do; refer         camps so potential victims, or those            and registration form can be found at
him to Mass General for the much-needed        already victimized, can have support and        http://inclusive-justice-together-in-
                                 operation?    help, right where the problems are. They
                                 There is      match people as partners to go to and                                       —Randy Block,
                                 nothing       from the bathrooms at night. There is not             Michigan UU Social Justice Network
                                 like that     running water in the camps except                                                   Director
                                 available     perhaps open sewage. There is also                                       —Jeannie Miernik,
                                 here, and     nothing for people to do!! The tents have             Michigan UU Social Justice Network
                                 he is very    hardly any spaces in between them: six to                                       Coordinator

                                                                    Page 4
                                         The RE Scoop

            The Simpsons? Really, Karen? You’re watching The Simpsons in Religious Education?
            Yes, we are! Our Susan B. Anthony group (grades 6–12) has watched several episodes of this
            award-winning animated program, which offers surprising spiritual and moral content and depth.
            The Simpsons’ creator, Matt Groening, is thought to be a Unitarian Universalist. He has neither
            confirmed nor denied this rumor, but the show frequently mentions UUism, and presents the kind
            of questions that UUs often wrestle with.
            In one episode, Bart, the trouble-making son of the family, is congratulated by a self-help
            celebrity for “doing what he feels.” The whole town then embarks on a devil-may-care spree,
            which results in both hilarity and disaster.
            The show sparked some deeply thoughtful discussion among our teens, about the purpose of
            societal rules, and the times when we are obligated to follow rules
            even though they seem pointless, and the times when we are actually
            morally called to disobey rules in order to protest and change them,
            and how to tell the difference.
            Another Sunday, we watched an episode in which Lisa, the family’s
            well-behaved daughter, learns in Sunday school about the 10
            Commandments, including “Thou Shalt Not Steal.” Then Homer, the
            father, figures out how to pirate cable TV, and Lisa has to contend
            with a moral dilemma.
            The group then talked about the doctrine of Hell that exists in some
            religions, and different motivations for behaving morally, and what to
            do when someone we know and love is behaving immorally.
            These Unitarian Universalist middle- and high-schoolers are deep thinkers, courageous
            philosophers, and compassionate people.
            We are planning a dinner-and-movies overnight adventure, as well as discussing ways to
            continue the work we began this winter feeding the hungry in our community.
            Give me a call if you’d like to get in on this fun!

            Karen McCarthy, DRE

(Continued from page 10)                                          22 Wed * Peacemakers Needleworkers; Bonnie Mathias, 1:30-
14 Tue * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM                                              3:30PM
15 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-        22 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-
           9PM                                                               9PM
19 Sun     TBA, Service @ 10:30AM                                 26 Sun TBA, Service @ 10:30AM
19 Sun     * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 2:30-     26 Sun * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 2:30-
7PM                                                                         7PM
21 Tue     * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM                               28 Tue * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM
21 Tue     UUCGT Board Meeting; John Hoffmann, 6:30-9PM           28 Tue Sunday Services Committee; Holly Knibbs, 6-9PM

                                                                Page 5
                                             Treasurer’s Report

                                    For the 9 Months Ending 3/30/2011

                                   STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES

For the first nine months of the 2010‐2011 fiscal year, total income was $154,289 and expenses were
$136,180 for a net gain of $18,110.

Notes on Income:

   1. #4010‐Current Pledges through December were $123,922 which is slightly behind budget and prior
      year (71.7% vs 73.4%).
   2. #4030‐Prior Year Pledge payments totaled $5,017 which exceeds budget.
   3. #4040‐Opera ng Dona ons totaled $15,094 which exceeds budget.
   4. #4110‐Misc Fundraising raised $5,748 primarily from the used book sale and the fundraising dinners.
   5. #4510‐Building Use Fees are $4,192 which exceeds budget.

Notes on Expenses:

   1. #5016‐Ministerial Services: Original budget of $37,096 reduced by $28,486 to $8,610: $17,400 to
      cover Ministerial Consultant’s fees and expenses from September, 2010 through Apr, 2011, and
      $11,086 to cover internal opera ng expenses throughout the fiscal year.
   2. Budgets have been exceeded for office copying ($165), insurance‐bldg & liab ($288) and service con‐
      tracts‐snowplowing ($796). Snowplowing is expected to be over by ($1,500).

                                   STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION

     1. Our Financial Balance sheet remains in a healthy posi on.

     2. Temporary Restricted Funds:

          For Those In Need collec ons totaled $8,110 and were allocated to pastoral care and communi‐
             ty needs. These monies were or will be dispersed to various community organiza ons or indi‐
             viduals by the above commi ees.

          Capital Improvements included pain ng the sanctuary ($216), a new water heater ($372) and
             roof repair ($2,550). The current balance is $14,885.

Respec ully submi ed

Price J Wa s, Treasurer

                                                    Page 6
                        Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse
                                    Statement of Income/Expenses
                                                3rd Qtr

                                                      Actual   Budget     YTD%       Budget
  Acct #    Account Description                       9 Mos     Annual   (75.00)   Remaining
4010‐4060   Pledges and Contributions                144,033   170,943    84.26       26,910
4110‐4130   Special Events                             5,748    11,200    51.32        5,452
4201‐4260   Other Income                                   ‐       165        ‐          165
  4510      Building Use                               4,192     3,000   139.73       (1,192)
4610‐4620   Dividends & Interest                         316       500    63.25          184
                        Total Income                 154,289   185,808    83.04       31,519

5010‐5040   Salaries & Wages                          85,520   114,014    75.01       28,494
5210‐5240   Employer Payroll Taxes                     4,458     5,842    76.32        1,384
5310‐5340   Employer Benefits                         13,298    16,057    82.82        2,759
5405‐5450   Supplies                                   1,257     2,850    44.11        1,593
5510‐5520   Printing & Copying                           565       400   141.16         (165)
  5610      Postage & Shipping                           512     1,000    51.19          488
5710‐5711   Resources/Curriculum                       2,592     7,520    34.47        4,928
6010‐6040   Plant & Property                           4,984     5,850    85.19          866
6110‐6150   Service Contracts                          6,696     7,875    85.03        1,179
6210‐6240   Equipment                                  2,785     4,000    69.63        1,215
6310‐6350   Utilities                                  7,512    12,520    60.00        5,008
7010‐7090   Miscellaneous Expenditures                 2,045     3,175    64.41        1,130
7120‐7170   Dues & Fees                                2,751     2,980    92.31          229
7210‐7250   Professional Expense                       1,205     1,725    69.86          520
                        Total Expenses               136,180   185,808    73.29       49,628

                 NET INCOME                           18,110         ‐

                                            Page 7
         Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse
                    Statement of Financial Position
                       As of March 31, 2011 (Period 9)

  Acct#          Current Assets                                  3/31/2011
1010‐1091           Cash Accounts                                   99,446
                         Total Current Assets                       99,446
1100‐1110        Long Term Assets                                        ‐
                 Other Assets
1200‐1220           Accounts Receivable                                  ‐
1300‐1310           Due To/From Accounts                                 ‐
                    Fixed Assets
  1520                   Real Property                              26,168
1540‐1560                Furniture & Equipment                      75,154
  1580                  Building                                   600,843
  1581                  Building‐Addition                          283,708
                        Total Other Assets                         985,873
                        TOTAL ASSETS                             1,085,319

  Acct#          Current Liabilities
2000‐2090           Payroll Liabilities                               259
2100‐2160           Current Liabilities                               240
                         Total Current Liabilities                    499
                 Temporary Restricted Fund Liabilities
2300‐2385           Active Restricted Funds                        16,462
2400‐2465           Money Market Restricted Funds                  24,559
                         Total Temporary Restricted Funds          41,020

  2900           Building Equity Fund                             910,722
  3000           Operating Fund Equity
                    Beginning Balance                              114,736
                    Prior Yr Correction*                               ‐
                    Net Activity                                    18,342
                    Ending Balance                                 133,078
                         Total Fund Balance                      1,043,800
                 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES             1,085,319

                                    Page 8
                                 SUGGEST A SERVICE, GIVE A SERVICE

“Hmm, I’d like to hear a service about….” Have you ever had that thought? Many of us have, indeed. Have you
ever considered presenting the very service you would like to experience? Please do. Our tradition invites the
sharing of our personal voices and visions. Each and every one of us lay members may have a service (or sever-
al!) inside of us by virtue of having lived our lives, reflected on them, endured our struggles, contemplated the
meaning of being a UU. Think about what you would like to hear, how you would like to hear and see it present-
ed, what you would like to experience, and give some serious (and even humorous!) consideration to bringing
your vision to a service.

You can rely on your Sunday Services Committee members—Charlotte Shea, Gretchen Kronk, Holly Knibbs,
Mary Van Valin, Paul Ward, Rev. Kevin Tarsa and Richard Miller—to give you any guidance, ideas and support
you might like in the preparation and delivery of a service. Below is the form for sharing your ideas. We would
love to hear from you and collaborate with you.

                                   Proposal for Lay-led Sunday Service

Title ______________________________________________________________________________________

Topic _____________________________________________________________________________________

Time of year you wish to present ____________________________________________________________

What is the essence of the message you wish to share with the congregation? _________________

What does sharing this message bring to you? ________________________________________________

The Sunday Services Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6pm to about 9pm.
Could you meet with the Committee during that time to discuss the service? ___________________

A coordinator from the Sunday Services Committee will work with you. How can the Committee
assist you with the service?

    ____ Meaningful/spiritual content, refining the message
    ____ Music selection to accompany/complement the service
    ____ Story for All Ages – suggestions and/or reading
    ____ Sanctuary settings to enhance the service
    ____ Selected readings
    ____ Other _____________________________________________________

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

Date Submitted _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________ Email ________________________________________

                 Please submit this Proposal to the Sunday Services Committee via
      email to or place a hard copy in the Committee’s mailbox in the office.

                 Date received by Sunday Services Committee _____________________

                                                    Page 9
  Unitarian Universalist Congregation
   of Grand Traverse
  6726 Center Road
  Traverse City MI 49686-1802


  the BEACON
         Volume 48, Issue 5
         May, 2011

                        Calendar                                15   Sun    * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 5-7PM
                                                                17   Tue    * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM
All events take place at the Congregation building unless       18   Wed    * Wednesday Night Supper, 5:30-7PM
                                                                18    Wed   * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-9PM
otherwise noted. Events marked with an * are part of the
ongoing LEAP! Programs and can be joined at any time.           22     “Mind Matters,” Michael Jarvis, Service @ 10:30AM
                                                                22     * UUCGT Annual Meeting; 12-1:30PM
May 2011                                                        22     * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 5-7PM
                                                                24     * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM
01 Sun “Homegrown Poems and Songs: Another Vantage
                                                                24     Sunday Services Committee; Holly Knibbs, 6-9PM
        Point on Who We Are,” Mary Van Valin, Richard
                                                                25     * Peacemakers Needleworkers; Bonnie Mathias, 1:30-
        Miller and Gretchen Kronk, Service @ 10:30AM
01 Sun * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 2:30-
                                                                25 Wed * Wednesday Night Supper, 5:30-7PM
                                                                25 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-9PM
03 Tue * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM
04 Wed * Wednesday Night Supper, 5:30-7PM                       29 Sun “Inner Peace, Outer Peace,” Rabbi Chava Bahle,
04 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-9PM          Service @ 10:30AM
05 Thur Women’s Creative Mirth Group, “Poetry Slam,” Beryl      29 Sun * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 5-7PM
           Striewski, 1-3PM                                     31 Tue * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM
05 Thur Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal; Rev. Tarsa, 7-9PM
07 Sat Don Julin concert, 7-8PM                                 June 2011

08 Sun “Run Across Ethiopia: Building Global Community          01 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-9PM
        Beyond Fair Trade,” Tim Young, Service @ 10:30AM        02 Thur Women’s Creative Mirth Group, “Breathe in Nature,”
08 Sun Peace Group; Dave Halsted, 11:45AM-12:15PM                          Peninsula Twp Park (meet at UUCGT), 1-4PM
08 Sun * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 5-7PM       05 Sun TBA, Service @ 10:30AM
10 Tue * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM                                 05 Sun * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 2:30-
10 Tue UUCGT Board Meeting; John Hoffmann, 6:30-9PM                        7PM
11 Wed * Peacemakers Needleworkers; Bonnie Mathias, 1:30-       07 Tue * Bridge Group; 1-4:30PM
           3:30PM                                               08 Wed * Peacemakers Needleworkers; Bonnie Mathias, 1:30-
11 Wed * Wednesday Night Supper, 5:30-7PM                                  3:30PM
11 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-9PM   08 Wed * International Folk Dancers; Mary Van Valin, 6:30-9PM
12 Thur Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal; Rev. Tarsa, 7-9PM             10 Fri Facilities Team; Fred Schaafsma, 10-11:30AM
13 Fri  Facilities Team; Fred Schaafsma, 10-11:30AM
14 Sat Spring clean-up, Dan McKeen, 9AM-1PM                     12 Sun TBA, Service @ 10:30AM
                                                                12 Sun * Mindfulness Meditation Group; Fleda Brown, 2:30-
15 Sun “Give Them Not Hell, But Hope: A Universal Love,”                  7PM
       Rev. Kevin Tarsa & Rev. Nancy Doughty, Service @
       10:30AM                                                                                                    (Continued on page 5)

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