their seats. Led in prayerethis morning by Reverend Kruegerj j ost

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their seats. Led in prayerethis morning by Reverend Kruegerj j ost Powered By Docstoc
     <<   .                    .
                                                     J $) S0
                                                    U(N L ( 17                                       Y'

                                                                                           1               t

                                        '        ns                he
                           Doorkeeper: 'AlI perso not entttled to t House floory please                    I
                                              o he allery.'
                                      retire t t g        '

                            p a e em n H u e i l o e o r e eb r l a e e n
                           S e k r R d od; H o s w l c m t o d r. M m e s p e s b i                        I
                                      hi et. e n ryrti onn y eeed reej
                                      tersas Ldi paeehsmrigb Rvrn Kugr                                     j
                                      the Ho Chaplain/î
                           Reve                               he                    he
                               rend Krueger: Mln the name of t Father, the Son and t Holy
                                      Gh                                                                   j
                                             m . S. ls said uen h e f hs
                                         s.AeGeorgeodStewarths obegin the dayvcoffer-
                                        otAmen.n OLr besti H's f Tysrbyetf
                                      ing it and yourself to God. Look at the da as an individ-
                                                   ch   ns
                                      ua1 thing whi begi and ends with completeness in itself.
                                      Then take t     hi
                                                 his t ng, this day and offer it to God to be a
                                       ay o i s . et       r y. mi h y o h rt he
                                      d f r h s u e' L us p a Al g t G d, w o a i
                                      Begi ng and the End of a11 t               m
                                                                  hings; with who is no vari-
                                                   y       ndi                      y
                                      ableness, onl never-e ng constancy grant to Th servants
                                      and Members of t                      at     he
                                                      his House of Represent fves t single-                          '
                                                                     nd             y
                                      ness of purpose to serve Thee a Tbee alone. Ma each

                                      c in f h s a n ht f vr a e n tef
                                      a to o ti dyadta o eeyd yb i isl a                                    ! e
                                      completeness that will stand the test of perfectfon and not
                                            he                       de he
                                      just t satisfaction of man. Gui t hearts and minds
                                      of these Thy servants t     hey
                                                             hat t may al           hat
                                                                         ways know t what-
                                      soe                 s one
                                         ver tbey may do t d a11 for the glory of Thee 0 God

                                       n h rain bog eu hit u od. mn n
                                      adTyceto truhJssCrs 0rLr Ae. Ad                                       l
                                      as t       u                        n hts
                                          oday yo hopefully plan to adjour t Session for the                l
                                                  h                         or he
                                      summer I wis to express my gratitude f t privilege and
                                      honor of having served as your Chaplain. May the Lord bless           I
                                      you and keep you, 0 Lord aa His Face to shlne upon you

                                       n e rcos no o. b od it p i oneac
                                      adb gaiu ut yu TeLr lf u hscutnne                                     I '
                                       pn oyn i o ec,oh o n vr r. mn'
                                               v                m
                                      uo yu adg eyuPae bt nwadee oe Ae/                                     j
                                pea           '
                               S ker Redmond: fRo11 Call for attendance. Represe     ve
                                                                                ntati Geo-Karis,
                                       o r e o ni e o k h s e a k t c y.'   bl
                                      y u'e r c g z d t ma e t o e r m r s pt i l '                         1
                                   l      ' Speaker and Ladies and GenLle
                               Geo-maris: 'Mr.                           men of the House, I per-           1
                                       sonall would like to t
                                             y               hank Reverend Krueger for some ver very
                                                                                               y,           I
                                       logical and philosophical comments that he bas made and of course
                                                                 de me
                                       his prayers. And he has ma so very outstandina comments              j
'.        .                1                                    .
                                                               ..      .
                                                                      ..     . .       .     . .,-         ' I
                      r >s
                   4,j. .)
                   ,  >
                       v                          G E N E l A 1 A SSE 5 . k Y
                                                          t .          1l .
                  )z' .
                  .              ''                          ;
                                                            r' ; LL UG !
                                                         STA'E t F 1 11 ';
'                   .
                    .          -,)
 y                 ' '* .
                    . .
                  ... - .                            - ji é rps:'%;u s
                                                      I           ,r
                                                     - . .                                                 .-     .u
-' '

                                         & k 8'
                                       J: 2t 1 iö

                       and if ke pa                    he                  m;
                                   use to think about t m; reflect upon the we
                       cannot fail but become bett persons as a result. And we...
                                       nk       s
                       I personally tha you, it' been a pleasure having you, Sir/'
                Speaker Redmond: HThank you Repres      ve                nk
                                                  entati Geo-Karis and tha you
                       Father Krueger. àgreed Resolut     '
                    k Brien: H
                Cler O'                          4, hburn. 961, Dave J
                              House Resolution 95 Was                 ones.
                        62,       63,
                       9 Steele. 9 Dave Jones. 964, Dyer. 965, Walsb.
                       966, Catania. 967, Rayson. 968, Geo-Karis. 970, Hudson.
                       971 Redmondoî
                Speaker Red           ese   ve      f
                           mond: MRepr ntatf Gforgi.'
                Giorgi: 1954 is by Represe     ve
                                          ntati Washburn? You want to get on your
                       Resolut        1
                              ion 954?1
                      r          Re                     '
                Speake Redmond: H presentative Wasbburn.'
                Wasbburn: MYes, than you, Mr. S          ul he         d
                                               peaker, wo d t Clerk rea this
                          ol             '
                       Res ution, please?l
                        Bri   '            ion 4.
                Clerk O' en: 'House Resolut 95 Whereas the distinguished Members
                       of t 79th General Assembly conclude their Spring Session shortly,
                                              d   n
                       after having deliberate upo the merits of 6,000 pieces of legis-
                       lation. And whereas the House of Representatives finds that one
                                  y                  n be mooth flo of le
                       contributor factor resulting i t s          w     gislation
                               h he l
                       lies wit t louse Republican staff interns. And whereas this
                       past year unlike ot      he nterns assigned to the Ho
                                          hers t i                          use Repub-
                       lfcan st    e
                               aff rere dïllgent, l                 z       d
                                                   ndustrlous, overlorked an unpafd
                        o ng n. n e e o al          jre s n ii n n
                       y u me A d wh r as R n d L. G e d i i sp r t a d i
                        spite of and not because of his extensive knowledge and background
                        i matbe                                 ure
                               matics has still been able to fig out the state's rev-
                                                                he venue Committee.
                        enue picture for Republican Members of t Re
                        And whe                 wts
                               reas Robert H. Ne on has ably staffed the Agriculture
                        and Personnel and Pensions Commlt     nd
                                                         tee a bas found his upbringing
                        as an Illinois farm 1ad has been more useful to hi than his
                        political science degree from Drake Universlty. And whereas
                        John D. 'Jacklséymour after long and loyal service to tbis Body
                                                            hr h               w
                        first as a page while he struggled t oug college and no as
                         n           he
                        a intern on t Appropriations Committee staff bas learned that
                        llfe as a page fs not so bad. And whereas Clive. M. Toppel

        %7 -%
        . Gr'%
        .         z                        t             11
                                   G E N E I A L A S SE 5 1 LY
       ''          '
       l- ..
        - #.
          . .
         , ...'
         k '
          . :
                                            sTATE OF 1 kI o I
                                        J$J 7
                                                     L .M S
                                                     ? .:     Y!L
                                       H( tCE tF RCPTESrNTAT1 ES
                                     y i :/
                                   JUl tQ 1 :

                  has discovered his Universit of Illinois 1aw degree has only
                  be of mimfnal value in his atte                   meti
                                                 mpt to probe tbe so mes
                  unf                      er
                     athomable subject matt as his do         he
                                                     main of t House Execu-
                    ve                                 d
                  ti Committee. Therefore be it resolve by the House of Repre-
                  se                   h neral Assembly t State of Illinois
                    ntatives of the 79t Ge               he
                                      y ngratulations and accolades be exte
                  there are most heart co                                  nded
                                   n                 ul
                  to these young me upon the successf contlusion of their
                  intern:                          ol d
                         hip. And be it further res ve that the Members of the
                  House of Represe               he mber's Re
                                  ntatives urge t Cha        publican Leader-
                  ship to inftiate proper s    or            he         ns
                                           alut y action in t form comme urate
                     h ut
                  wft b not li          be
                              mited to t regal, nocturnal repast of an es-
                  tablishme of mutual acceptance. And be it further resolved
                   h t e i h o e p l c n ta f r c o n s i g
                  t a w jo n t e H us Re ub i a S f Di e t r i wi h n
                   o l rd o e s ny ac e o r n i o o
                  R n G e e; B b N wt o J k S ym u a d Cl ve T p l.
                  the very best in their future endeavors whatever that might be.
                  And be ft further resolved that a sufeable copy of this preamble
                  and resolution be presented to Ron Cjerdey Bob'Newtson, Jack
                  Seymour and Clive Topol   as tokens of our esteem/'
         Speaker Redmond) HRepresentatfve Washb           e               1
                                               urn on Hous Resolutfon 954.1
         Washburn: HThank youy Mr. Spe      nd
                                      aker a Ladies and Gentle        he
                                                              men of t House,
                      ai y   s
                  cert nl it' been our fortune on t             he
                                                   his side of t aisle during
                   h as u y es i o a e i h          o j r e,
                  t is l t b s S s on t h v w t us R n G e d
                                     k               ve
                  Robert Newtson, Jac Seymour and Cli Topol
                  ha                     andi
                    ving those four outst ng gentlemen assigned to our staff
                   s n e ns h yf e o e i o         be a e pe he
                  a i t r . T e v d n a f ne j b. T y h ve h l d t
                                       ndo y          nl
                  permanent staff treme usl and certai y deserve a 1ot of
                                   ne              ve
                  credit for the fi reports that ha been issued to our Member-
                   s      nd
                    hip. à from a11 of us on this side of the aisles I know
                   f                               h           ry
                    rom the other side, too, we wis them the ve best iù what-
                   ever the future cours may bring to the         or he
                                                         m. Move f t adoption
                   of House Resolution 954.'
                    dmo   '
          Speaker Re nd: 'Representative...    le              he
                                           Gent man has moved t adoption
                   of Ho      sol             e n                    ed,
                        use Re ution 954. Thos i favor say aye; oppos no.
                   The ayes have it; the Resolut    s
                                                ion' adoption.o.Resolutton....
                   Represent ve Giorgi. Giorgi/'

      ) - I>. :
     ' 'Q. rk;
    .' . . *
     ,A Q
        : J
          !                                        13
                              G E N E R A L A SSE 5 1L Y
    )- .' -a.%
             rl                      sr's o s , uIxol
                                        r     u , s
.   ' 6$
       .                          , s s e,'s.xu:
                                   .t      s; , , s
                                  , ,ro acs:c.,.,
                                      Jp? .

                lHo                   y
        Giorgi: ' use Resolution 96l b J. D. Jones honors Everett and Lulu-
                                       r 0t ddi
                  bellt'Ryther for thei 5 h we ng annfversary. House
                Resolution 962 by Steele honors Craig Berganon of Lebanon
                    s       o
                vho' going t be on the U. S. Olympic Tr       m
                                                       ack Tea that's
                going to compete f Montreal next month. House Resolution
                963 by Dave Jo                    ra
                              nes talks about cont cts with other offices
                and mercha                       ts
                          nts in the best interes of the miner. House
                Resolution 954 by Dyer honors Evelyn Dickason who's been
                ordai                            an                 dre
                     ned the minister for Christi Education and Chil n
                              n nsdale, Illinois. House Res ution 965
                Bnion Church i Hi                          ol
                                 he  at merican Show Company t
                by Walsh honors t Gre A                       hat's
                     ng   he                        w    m
                playi in t Lincoln Show nitely in Ne Sale Park.
                        sol n                      hat
                Bouse Re utio 966 by Catania asks t Miss Louise King
                    he             ed     r ong: Gi Me Strengt
                Matt ws be recogniz for he s       ve         h.
                louse Resolutfon 967 by Ra      ono ylvfa Dennon who'
                                          yson h rs S                s
                   n hosen Villaae Manage of t Village of Ric
                bee c                    r    he             hton
                Park, Ilinols. House Resolutlon 968 by Geo-Karis honors
                            h cho                              n
                a former hig s ol coachs Ted Davis, wbo has bee inducted
                   o he
                int t Illinois Baseball Hall of Fame. House Resolution
                97 by Hudson asks the National Park Service to take better
                care of the Lincol Home in Spriagfield. Clerk, would you
                            t    ed
                read the las Agre Res      ny
                                     olutio House Resolution 971 by
                         ati    mo '
                Represent ve Red ndo'
         Clerk O'Brien: nHouse Resol                      oug
                                    ution 971. Whereas thr hout the session
                of t House Members have been aided by a corp of leaislative
                inte                 h
                    rns to wit Keanet Mit               he
                                         khell, Kirk Rut nberg, Anita Wright and
                 Kurt Gr berg,     whereas t                   ias
                                            heir energy, enthus m has been
                                vote o               s
                 dfrected and de d t researchfng fact on diverse subjeces
                                 d he                    andi
                 which have neede t attention and underst ng of Members
                                         he   sl ve nterns have wo
                 of this Rouse. Whereas t legi ati i              rked
                 many hours gaining knowledge for themselves as well, knowledge
                                 ll        ue
                 which we hope wi be of val to t          he ontinue t r
                                                hem when t y c        bei
                 education and careers and uhereas they have di ntly studied
                 and ret    d uc
                        aine s h knowledge in tbe performance of such duties
                 and obligat      nd
                            ions a perhaps have gained some experience not

  ADo -
.p .
   %j '                       ' t
                              :                   k
                            G l N E l A L A SS EM t LY
 ..      t
;/. ( .-'-
         .                              r : ' u. po s
                                     sTA'e o e 1 1Il 1
 7 -S
i .'     #' 7
 .       T
        1n .                                1
                                     E r 2: Fc tN A V
                                 Hous o f :i*l s : T T1 ES
                                   0 d

       f      ny           n is
        ound a wherey but i th Cha                ee
                                  mber and Committ Hearing
       Rooms a whereas the monetary re             d      m
                                      wards receive by the were
                            ow   y
       not sufficient to all earl retirement to an early daily
            ne      ste                    rul
       routi and exi nce and whereas they t y represent
       as i                                                 ve
           ndividuals and as a group of citizens who will ha a
       distinct impact on ma others because of their knowledge
       and demonstrated interest in tbe processes of State
                                                he use of
       government. Therefore be ft resolved by t Ho
             ent ves of the 79th General Asse y of the State of
       Repres ati                            mbl
       Illinois that we express our appre      n
                                         ciatio to Kenneth Mitchell,
               he     Anit
       Kirk Rpt nbergy a Wright, and Kurt Grahberg for th dr
              nt                 he  k
       importa contributions of t wor of this House. And be
        t urt
       i f ber resolved t       uit
                         hat a s able copy of this Resolution
       be presented to each as a de                        m
                                   monstration of our estee for
       their service t       ut ong hours and days of this Session.'
                      hrougho l                                    '
Speaker Red      'Re    nt ve
           mond: ' prese ati Giorgi/'
Giorgi: HMr. S            ve
              peaker, I mo for the adoption of a1l of tbe Agreed
       Resoluti      ut                       n, d
               ons, b before you put the motio I' like to
        e r o e r s n a i e a i e ic o o         n o ds '
       d fe t R p e e t t v M t j v h f r s me ki d w r .'
                  '                  je h.'
Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Mati vic l
  t j v h: M p a e o n u, u l y n w h e op e
Ma i e ic H r. S e k r, y u k o yo a wa s k o t os pe l
                                                   on  n
       you work with the best, I was going to menti whe the
       Re                y
         publican Minorit Leader talked about the Resolution
                  o he
       referring t t Rep                        h
                        ublican interns, how muc I respected
                  ate he  k                             h he
       and appreci d t wor of Clive Topol who worked wit t
       Executive Committee. He helped me and the Co     ee o
                                                   mmitt s muchy
                           ve         he
       1 appreeiated it. I' also had t pleas            ng
                                            ure of worki witb
                                       he nterns worked as hard as
       Ken Mitchell and I know all of t i
                             ve en yi                n
       he did and in fact, I' be tr ng to impress upo our
        leadership that t       ht
                         bey oug to hire him. Evi           s
                                                 dently, it' fallen
                             n nuary we are going to look for s body
       on deaf ears because i Ja                               ome
         i i ut        nt o o n t v r b d l e n h pe ke n
        l ke h m: b I wa t j i wi h e e y o y e s a d t e S a r 0
        the tommendation                      h
                           of the interns. Muc of our permanent staff
        here in the ceneral Asse       art                   p
                                mbly st ed with the internshi Program

                   G E N E R A L A S SE M 1 1Y
                                  'L N 5
                          STATE oF d L1 o l
                            5     '    l    V
                      HDUSE CF REPFE5EbTAT1 C5
                                           JQu J

                 n t'      o d ro r m n   oi t h p a e n
                a d i s a g o p g a a d I j n wi h t e S e k r i
                commen                 '
                      dfng :he incerns.'
        Speaker Re nd: HMr. Cler               ve
                                k. Representati Washburn, do you seek
        Washburn: 'Yes, thank you Mr. S                  k hat House
                                       peaker. I would as t
                Resolution 96 be read please/'
               Brfen: '
        Clerk O'      'House Resolution 96   Th
                                          1. ï ereas on Sunday, August 8,
                1976, Everett and Lulubelle Ryther wi celebrate their 50th
                Wedding Anni              di
                            versary by hol ng an open house at tbe Third
                       eri         n
                Presbyt an Church f Springfield, Illi             00
                                                     nois, from 2: to
                   0 M. And whe
                4:0 P.         reas Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ryther of
                Springffeld, a couple who holds a great belief i God and
                        ve mbers in the Tbird Fres
                are acti me                       byterian Church. and where-
                as Mr. Ryther,                      ee
                                   a deacon for sixt n ye           dai
                                                         ars, was or ned
                on January 2 1957, and his wife, Lulubelle, recently retired
                f m teaching S                              hi y
                              unday School after more than t rt years of
                service, and whereas Mr. Everett Ryther, former employee of the
                Sa mon Ele                 re          or
                          ctric Company whe he worked f forty-three
                years, is prese            d              nt
                               ntly employe as the Assista Custodian in
                the House of Representati                   he
                                         ves and his wife, t former Lulubelle
                Blakeman of Tallula, Illinoisy was an employee for Illinois
                Bell for seven ye      nd        he  he                de
                                 ars, a whereas t Ryt rs, lifelong resi nts
                    pri                        he               an
                of S ngfield: were married at t Third Presbyteri Church
                August 5, 1926, therefore be it resolved by the House of
                                          h                   he
                Representatives of the 79t General Assembly, t State of
                Illinois, t           rat
                           hat we cong ulate Everett and Lulubelle Rythers
                on t r Golden Wedding Anniversary that we express hope
                that they will share many more such occasi     nd      urt
                                                          ons a be it f her
                resolved that a suitable copy of this Prea            ol
                                                          mble and Res ution
                be presented to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ryt                h
                                                        ber of 1326 Nort Sixth
                St                            '
                  reet, Springfield, Illinois.î
         Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Geo-Karfs/'
         Geo-Karis: HMr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, I don't

                          m n               ut         ke
                know if Iî i order or not, b 1 kould li to say that Mr.
                 Ryther              he              sti           le      l
                          is one of t finest. most di nguished gent man th?E

       .CQ -
       b .-
     , J w,.
     'J . z                                            ,
                            G E N E R A L A S S E $1B t Y
    JL.? ..:
    . ,.

    ' ?- 1
     x .'
       ' .
      r'. -'-
        , .s                          Av ; k ? s
                                    sv .Eoe1.I o1
                                                  q >v v
                                 HCLI e oF REPRESElr ;I ss
                                            u sv
                                          4u j; ij
                     wed ever had the pleasure of having worked in this House and
                     1, for o      ve               ed               lp d
                             ne, ba always appreciat his very kind he an
                     chivalry at a11 ti          m         y              be
                                       mes and I1 very happ to hear that t re
'                                     n
                     is this Resolutio honoring him and Mrs. Ryt         s
                                                                her: who' a very
                           ng     ne
                     charmi and fi lady/'
                        mo    l          ive hbur '
             Speaker Red nd: 'Representat Was n.'
                                               nd              leme
             Washburn: HThank you Mr. Speaker a Ladies and Gent n of the
                     House, certainly E                      ne of
                                       verett Ryther who is o . the best State
                     employees that this St          nd           ne n
                                           ate bas. A Everett's do a outstanding
                                             r he
                     job for several years fo t people of Tllinois,not only for
                     the legislat          or
                                 ure, but f the people of Illinois. And certainly,
                     we al1 congratulate Everett and his fi wife, Lulubelle, on
                              h     ng                       m
                     their 50t weddi anniversary and wish the many, many happy
                      ea s o e h r n h ut r     a k u.   o e o he
                     y r t g t e i t e f u e. Th n ko I m v f r t
                           on                    61.'
                     adopti of House Resolution 9 '
             Speaker Re        î
                       dmond: 'The Gent              d
                                       leman has move for the adoption of
                                        1.      n vor, opposed, no. The
                     House Resolution 96 Those i fa
                     ayes have; 96l is adopted. Representative Giorgi, did you
                           he      n                       ol
                     move t adoptio of the other Agreed Res utions? Have we
                                   n                    t,
                     taken a vote o ft? In case we dfdnr a11 those fn favor
                     of the Agreed Resolutions as moved by Re          ve
                                                             presentati Giorgi,
                     indi      y    ng          dy
                         cate b sayi aye. oppose no. The ayes bave it; the
                     Agreed Resolutions are adopted. Are t                         '
                                                          here further Resolutions?'
              Clerk O'            e sol on
                      Brien: MHous Re uti 969. Hart, et a1.H
               pe ke e mo d: C m t e n s i n n s. e re e a i      tjvc
              S a r R d n M o mi t e o A s g me t R p s nt t ve Ma i e i h/'
                t j vi h: '
                          M pae         w ve o t i e r m h al n a l
              Ma i e c ' r. S e k r, I no mo t s r k f o t e c e d r a 1
                     motions rel ng to House Bills. A11 motions relating to
                         e              ken m        nda
                     Bous Bills be stric fro the cale r/'
                    r dmo    ' ve        he ntle
              Speake Re nd: 'Youd heard t Ge        s
                                                man' motion, a1l those in...
                      y should have done that yesterdayy...n
               at je c  'i
                         T        o      l oy to '
              M i vi h: ' h s is n t a di at r mo i n.'
                    r mo      '        ati   hlic
              Speake Red nd: 'Represent ve Sc kman/'
              Schltc       l
                    kman: 'parliament     nq                 '
                                     ary i uiry, Mr. Speaker-'
              speaker Red       ' ate
                         mond: 'St your point/'

      , c
    ,' e
          -   J
                                 G cxpl AL
                                   . 2t .
                                         r T
                                                  s: 1.
                                                As IM!t
                                                   . v
                                                 rL N S
                                        s'#. E of I LI O 1
           Q .. 1
           , 'D +.
     . .      .                     House oF ReeRtsENTAT1 c
                                         :      : :        V s                         '
                           43 q
                           .    p/:
                               Qg ,

Schlickman: HIs                            nt        ri
               n't it customary at this poi not to st ke them
                                     he            li hese
       from the calendar, vhich has t effect of kil ng t
       Bills, but rat                 ti   he
                     her either commit ng t m to Committee or
            ng he
       putti t m on the fall calendar or putting them on the
             m udy Calendar?'
       Interi St            '
 pae d n          R p e e at ve t j vi he'
S e k r Re mo d: H e r s nt i Ma i e c '
 aie c      ' t i i g he t o r m h a n r, h y o
M t j vi h: ' n s r k n t mo i n f o t e c le da t e g
       back t wherever t                      atf
                        hey were aty Represent ve Schlick    '
Schlickman: HYou mean where     he   me    l
                           ver t y ca from.'
Matijevi    '
        ch: '           he me m.'
             Whereever t y ca fro '
 c i k n: l a o he n e t o s us ha . '
S hl c ma t k y: s t i t n i n i j t t t. .'
Matijevieh: '                   s           t             r
             That's right, that' why I didn' want the othe motiony
       except striki those mot        ati                 n
                              ions rel ng to House Bills o the
                                        n heir respective Committees-'
       calendar, therefore they remain i t                           '
            'The     ll        o he mmittee from whence they
Schlickman: ' n theyf go back t t Co
       came. 1

 aie c      ' a s he h y' e t.'
M t j vi h: ' h tê w re t e r a '
     ckma '
Schli n: 'Thank you/'
Speaker Aed       '
           mond: fThe questfon fs on...         atf         '
                                       Represent ve Danfels.'
          '         pea                      n
Daniels: 'Yes, Mr. S ker, Ladies and Gentleme of the House,
                nd hat                           '
       would ame t motion by adding Senate Bi1ls.'
Speaker Red                           he
           mond: nThe question is on t Gentle    s
                                             man' moti      '
         ' Speaker, I t
Danfels: 'Mr.          hink that is the proper motion, in order
         o mend that, and I t nk 19 have a s nd o
        t a                  hi    11       eco  ver here on
       my side of the ais                             '
                         le. The second is right here.'
Speaker Red       '     ntl n,
           mond: 'The Ge ema Representative Daniels, has moved
        that Represent ve Matije     s        o    ke
                                vich' motion t stri al1 House
               n       '           nde    ncl
        Bills o the calendar be ame d to i ude Senate Bills.

            ese   ve
        Repr ntati Shea/'
       '                    s
Shea: 'We11 Mr. Speakery ft' the motf                   l
                                     ons, a11 motïons...l
Speaker Redmo    '      s
             nd: ' that' correct../'
      ' nd             1 he nes on the Senat Bills, there'
Sbea: ' .a to strike a1 t o                 e             s
        only, as I re it, one, and that's mi             '
                                            ne, isn't it?'
 pea           'D.
s ker Redmond: ' L. Houliban has 1711/1

                   G E N E R A L A S SE l B LY
                                    LLl& 5
                           STAYc OF 1 bO I
                       3              E4    %Es
                      H( uSE oF HEPRC5.:T8T1!:
                                        4Q& :

          ' tt will t nothing more t n filing them ag n/'
    Shea: 'And       ake            ha               ai
              '     me' hat the sa would be as far as Repre ntative
    Daniels: 'I assu t            me                       se
            at j vi hf ot o
           M i e c s m f n/'
              dmo   ' e
    Speaker Re nd: 'Th question is on the Gentle    s
                                                man' Amendment.
                              he mendment say a
           Those in favor of t A               ye. Opposed, no.
            n                he       he      ve      ve
           I the opinion of t Chair, t noes ha it. Youb
            a e r s nt i         t j v c s ot o h t 1 o e
           he rd R p e e at ve Ma i e i h' m i n t a a 1 H us
           Bills on the order of motions be stricken from the calendar.
           Those in favor s aye. Opposed, no. The ayes have it
                                         ent ve        h.'
           and tbe motion carries. Repres ati Matijevic î
      t j vi h: S h he r n c i t s o e t, h o e i l r n'
    Ma i e c n o t at t t a s r p i c rr c t e H us B l s a e t
           tabled, the moti                 l
                           ons are stricken.î
    Speaker Red       '    s
               mond: 'That' what I said, t    well, maybe I didn'
                                          he...                  ty
                                         o                   ng
           but the motions with respect t House Bills appeari on
            he                               l
           t calendar. Representative Willer.'
    Willer: HYes, Mr. Speaker, could you t                 ne
                                          ell me what happe d to
                                     /9, hat         pea s
                             Bill on / t was on the S ker' table,
                                    s    on w        nge'
           House Bill 3988, with thi moti no prevaili '
    Speaker Redmond: H            '
                      Where is it?'
                     m        e ure, t
    Wfller: HWel1# I' not quit s          s       m ndering, it's
                                      hat' what I' wo
           on the Spe     s                           on   '
                     aker' table: House Joint Resoluti 108.î
     pea                 s
    S ker Redmond: nThat' the R œol    n,        n
                                   utio the motio in respect to
                                               t             f
           motions, it appeared on page 3, isn' that correct?'
    Wfller: NBut t motion w4ll take a11 House Bi11s.H
        c                      de
    Spealer Redmond: MOn the or r of motions, a11 motions on the
                               h               e
           order of motions wit respect to Hous Bills. Representative
                              ng               eog
           Hart, are you getti ready to seek re nition? Good.
           Represe    i.   ' '
                  ntat:ve Katz.'
    Katz: HMr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, I hope that
           you will pay cl                       m
                          ose attention to what I1 about to say.
           The Bills that have been filed that are sit      n
                                                      ting i the Rules
           Committee include a fe Bills t      me   he mbers have
                                         hat so of t Me
            i             he
             ndicated to t Speaker they mi              ve
                                          ght like to ha referred to
           a Co         o
               mmittee t hold hearings in I     m udy d
                                           nteri St    uring tbe

                                    .        9
                       G E N E R A L A SS EM 1 LY
                                  T7     L N F
                               STA.e o F 1 Ll o1
                              l :7 4         I .l
                           HokS1 : F 1EPRESEbT#q'V ES
                                                       ' u s(
                                                    Jpa ù. è

                                             he                 pea
                     rest of the summer and t fall. And so the S ker and the
                     Rules Co                pa        m      he
                             mmittee have pre red a for that t Clerk has where
                      he ndi
                     t i vidual Me          he
                                  mbers of t House can request that his or
                                   ace n nteri Study into a Co
                     her Bill be pl d o I     m               mmittee so that
                     the Chairman of that Co                    on
                                            mmittee in cooperati wfth the
                     sponsor would be a         hed
                                       ble to sc ule any kind of hearing that
                     see to be appropriate to the Chairman of that Committee.
                                                            ke    ve
                     So if you have a Bill that you would li to mo into
                     Interim Stu                                           ler
                                dyy would you please find yourself to the C k
                     or come over a see me and there are forms available that
                          an                                           me
                     you c fill out and we will automatically by the ti we
                      do n oa       v o a h e l s l c d n nt r m
                     a j ur t d y,mo e t h ve t os Bi l p a e i I e i
                     St                      nt o he                     '
                       udy and after assignme t t appropriate Committees.'
             Speake Redmond: HReprese     ve mpi   î
                                     ntati Ke ners.'
             Kempiners: HYes, Mr. Speaker, will the Gentleman yield?u
                 ker       lHe
             Spea Redmond: t will/'
               mpi                                       ll hat presently
             Ke ners: HWhat would be the status of any Bi t
                     is in t Rules Committee if tbe Sponsor does not file the
                      e e a y o m f i h e u t p ke u d h y e ai t
                     n c ss r f r o wb c h j s s o y wo l t e r m n wi h
                     our Committee or would t aut                             '
                                                 omatically be tabled or what?'
             Katz: 'Wel1 I believe, Mr. Kempi            t              me
                                             ners, I don' see the Parlia ntarian
                     bere. but I believe t     be
                                          hat t y would si             n
                                                          mply remain i the
                     Rules Com   ee, t      we r,
                                      hat ho ve is a matter that I would leave
                      o he       nt   n,
                     t t Parliame aria I would say that might be a problem
                                  o he       ve         f   y           d
                     witb regard t t forty-fi day rule i the are assigne to
                     a Co     ee nd
                         mmitt a not placed in Interim Study and the reason
                     that we suggested Tnterim Study is t     he
                                                         hat t Bills would not
                     be...           '                                   r
                          the Bill would not be automatically tabled unde the
                      ort  ve               d uggest, ho
                     f y-fi day rule. I woul s                  o u
                                                        wevery L yo that
                                     ck  k                      ad o
                     if you would che bae with me, I would be gl t check               '
                                     y   h                        o
                     more specificall wit the Parliamentarian as t whether or
                     not the Bills will remain in tbe Rules Committee or will go
     '                                r
                     back to some othe stage in the proceedi    '
             Kempiners: NThank you/'

      r ..
     2'- o'
       j '                                            jJ
                                 G E N E 1 A L A ss EA I LW
     7L. . l .   j
     ;.' . ' ,                              : h L PD t
                                        STATe C6 ' Ld1 1*                .
         c .
     .$ t' (
       .., .
          .                             s   qleRw Ee-8 vcs
                                    Hous oc II s :r T1
N.           x                           --
                                         . -.                                      '       =
                                l ) 0/
                              JtN 7 t 1 6

Speaker Redmond: nRepresentative Geo-Karis/'
Ge               pea                 he hair
  o-Karis: HMr. S ker, I understand t C     man of the Rules
       Committee said that t      re
                            here a forms to have a Bill put on
        nte m
       I ri Study Co      e,       ve
                    mmitte I did ha a motion on House Bill
       3794 to discharge Committee on Rules to put on t calendar
       on t order of Second Readi          d      y
                                 ng, but I' be ver happy to put
                             nte m ud
       it, at this time, on I ri St y Committee, do I so move
           he              l
       on t floor, or what? '
      ' Mrs. Ceo-Karis, a11 t
Katz: 'No,                         u            o
                             hat yo would need t do would be
                d o                                  ms
       to procee t the Clerk and get from him the for that have
                  n   wn                  d
       already bee dra up, now a11 you nee to do is to sfgn
                     me                       ve
       the form or co over and see me and I ha a copy of the
       form, but the Speaker has arranged t              es o
                                           bis as a court y t
                rs                     h he
       the Membe after consultation wit t Leadership on your
                                         d     ke
       side of the aisle so you don't nee to ma a motion on
              or,            o        k nd
       the flo just proceed t the Cler a fill out the
        appropriate form and it will be taken care of without tbe
                           on n            hos
        necessity of a moti o each one of t e matters on the
        floor of t House/'
Speaker Redmond: H            ve
                  Representatï Deuster.n
Deuster:       be    ma
              t Chair n of the Rules Committee would respond to
        a question, which might clarify this. Representative Katz,
        I gather that you are speaking as Chairman of the Rules
        Committee and are not s       ng
                               uggesti or committing Cbairmen of
        other substantive Committees on this point as to whether they
        ..e    thes
           a..- e Bills would go to Interim Study, whether there
        cf11 actually be he                       der on
                           arfngs and actfve consf atl of ehe
        Bills. Is my ass                            ve
                        umption correct, that you ha no control
                   o hat Me
        over that s t      mbers who seek this procedure might do
        so with their eyes open knowing Lhat, someti       eri
                                                    mes Int m Study
                               ow eat nd
        has been regarded as sl d h a it does take 107 votes
         o                   nte m
        t get a Bill out of I ri SLudy: which is higher than it
                       ge     m
        does to dischar it fro a Committ      m
                                        ee. I' wondering if you
        mfght clarify that pofnt. Do ue have an assurance from rhe

                    G E N E R A L A S S E 51I L Y
                                :    L N S
                            ST8T1 OF I LI ol
                        f7 J 2 A:% ;; '      %E
                       ktLs1 o r ##FRr!rhTATI/ S
                                   $l H 6
                               JUà 1 t 1/

       subst    ve
            anti Committee Chairmen that there will be active
       hearings and conside                  h?'
                           ration and so fort '
Katz: HAs I indicated: Mr.Deust        he
                               er, in t earlier remarks: the
       question of whet r or not heari                  he
                                      ngs are held and t manner
       that Bills are handled within a specific Co     ee
                                                  mmitt is up to
       the Cbairman of that Committee. I would want to make that
       perfectly clear to you that the Rules Committee has not determ-
        i               n
         hed the questio of                       n
                                   what will happe to the Bill on
        I     m                      nt
         nteri Study. I would also wa to tell you and the other
       Members that e                                   m
                     ven if a matter is placed in Interi Study
        tbat as far as any further action on that Bill on the
        floor of this House, t Bill will st      ve
                                           ill ha to have a
        clearance from the Rules Committee at a subsequent date.
        The purpose of this procedure is for those Members of the
                                                       o ry
        House who have filed Bills and who would like t t to
           k       h he                               ee
        wor out wit t Chairman of a respective Committ the
        hearing or f                 hi
                    urther action wit n the Committee during the
                                          ion wee w
        period when we will be out of Sess bet n no and when
        we ret                               e
              urn later in the yeary but ther is no assurance as
                          n n mmittee: that is a matter of t
        to what will bappe i Co                             he
        Chairman of that Committee and this does not guarantee that
        t Bill t      u        n nteri Study wi be heard
                hat yo placed i T     m        ll
        by this Hous later in the year, that is still a matter
        that would req             nt          he
                      uire subseque action by t Rules
Deust    f my second questi
     er: 'Now              on, you indfcated that the procedure
                               u          he
        would be as follows, yo ftll out t form, the Rules
        Co        e    '         o he
          mmittee rould send it t t substantive Committee with
        the underst                o      m
                   anding it goes t Interi Study: you might work
         ut         me
        o an arrange nt for a hea                  ud
                                 ring or Interim St y, then do
                                        k             n
        I understand that it must go bac to Rules agai for a
        determi            d               he
               nation shoul we be here in t fall: that it is an
        emergency. Is t           '
                       hat the ...'
 Katz: HYes, there would have to be a clearance in the fall from tbe

                    G EN E R A L A S SE M B L Y
                                     1 bt S
                           sTATE DF' Lul o$
                          l : : ' ' :q T V
                       -ots* t F REFRCSteTA. 1 ES
                                k J 87
                              Jul ö ( 1 6

                          or he                      m
       Rules Committee bef e t Bill could proceed fro the
       Co          '       o
         mmittee back out t the floor for active consideration
                        he      n         '
       on the floor of t House i the fall.'
Deuster: îThank you very much, Mr. Katzon
Speaker Red              nt ve
           mond: HReprese ati Madfgan/'
Madigan: HWould the sponsor yield to a quest    '
Speaker Redmond: H will/'
                                               al, u
Madigan: HMr. Katz, as I understand your propos yo are proposing
                          m                              anti
       to remove Bills fro the Rules Committee to a subst ve
       Co                      ct?'
         mmittee. Is that corre '
Katz: îYesy in Interim St      n he ubstantive Commfttee.'
                         udy, i t s                      '
Madfgan: l                           d o move a 3ill fr the
          What actfon will be requfre t re             om
       Rules Committee to a subst ve Co        '
Katz: H                  nde
       We11 what was inte d, Mr. Ma                  ore
                                   digan, is that bef we
         dor h           ud k        to o l f hs il
        a j u n t at I wo l ma e a mo i n f r a 1 o t o e B l s
               h hey would proceed to the C
        in whic t                          ommittee on Assignment
               s nd  n nto Interim St
        of Bill a the i                   n
                                     udy i the appropriate
        subst ve Co                  cate
                   mmittee. As I indi d, after they get
         o he                ant
        t t appropriate subst ive Committee: the sponsor
                              k                      he mmittee
        would then have to wor with the Chairman of t Co
        who would make t ultf                  o
                             mate decision as t what will take
                  he xmittee on Intertm Study.'
        place in t Co                         '
Ma              ndi ual mbers have an opport
  digan: HWi11 i vid Me                     unity to object to
        the placement of a partic                           lls
                                 ular Bill on the list of Bi which
        are to be moved out of t Rules Committee and into the
        Committee on Ass                 '
                        ignment of Billsk'
Kata: HThe answer to that is yes, it will be a mot     o
                                                  lon t Whlch
        anyone could take exceptio     we        d ndicate to
                                  n. Ho ver, I di i
        the Membe bere in response to Mr. De      s
                                            uster' question that
        s    y
         impl sending it into lnterim Study will not assure it's

             der on
        consi ati in the fall at all, t                  ll
                                       hat there will sti have
        t be co                      es mmittee in t f
               nsideration by the Rul Co            he all
        bef     he               d                 udy
           ore t Bill may be move out of Interim St and onto the
        floor for any furt                  '
                          her consideration.'

                           t             $.
                   G E N E I A L A SS EM 1 1Y
                              T:     L N S
                           STA. b oF I uI o$
                        7;            ;     TV .
                       H(t5f oF aEPH*sENTA. l ES
                                           ' 'J z/-
                                          -e' CQ J u

         Madiga                                                 o duce...
               n: HWe11 Mr. Katz: in effect, you are proposing t re      n
         Spe               ' wi11 the House please be i order...'
            aker Redmond: '...                         n        '
         Ma       ' in
           digan: '.v. effect, you are proposi:g to remove Bills from the
                Rules Committee, an action which has been considered to be
                extraordinary in nat     n his particular Sessio and I
                                    ure i t                     n
                woul suggest that you pre                  ls
                                         pare a list of Bil wbich are
                                     d   m he          nd
                proposed to be remove fro t Committee a at firstx
                circ                  he mbers of t Rul Co
                    ulate them among t Me          he  es mmittee and
                   k         it
                see their att ude on indi             '
                                         vidual Bills.î
                '                                       he mbers file
         Katz: 'I had intended, Mr. Madfgan, that when t Me
                their petition to include them on a list and to check
                tbose with the leadership on bot sides and with each
                Me                             o             s
                  mber of the Rules Committee t see if there' any

                 b ct o '
                o je i n.'
                   ' k
         Madigan: 'Than you/'
               r dmo          ng urthe Representative Katz?'
         Speake Re nd: HAnythi f      ry                   '
                '                                         ry h-l
         Katz: 'Nothing further, Mr. Speaker, thank you ve muc '
          pea            On he                  w
         S ker Redmond: H t order of business no is concurrencey
                 appears Senate Bill 1804. Re     nt ve          '
                                             prese ati Schuneman.'
                 Non concurrence/'
         Sehuneman: HYes, Mr. Speaker, the Se       mo
                                             nate re ved an Amendment
                  o nate Bill 1804 whi had bee attached in t Housey
                 t Se                 ch      n             he
                  or he
                 f t purposes of disc                         h
                                     ussing that Amendment wit themy
                 I would move f non coneurrence in Senate Bill 1804,
                 call for a Confere              '
                                   nce Committee.'
         S                 î      ve
          peaker Redmond: 'I belie the Gent    n'
                                           lema s motion is that the
                 House do not recede fro House Amendment 11 to Senate
                 Bill 1804.'
                      ha              o     '
         Schuneman: HT nk you sir, I s move.'
         Speaker Red      'Youf                    s
                    mond: ' ve heard the Gentleman' motion, the
                 question is on this motion. A11 in favor indtcate
                        ng ye. Opposed no. The ayes ha it and t
                 by sayi a                            ve       he
                 House ref      o          m    e
                          uses t recede fro Hous Amend     /
                                                      ment /1 to Senate
                 B1l1 180 . On the order of Confe        n n ee
                                                 rence Co u itt Reports, l51A.

  k7 p
   m .t
                            G ENE RAL ASSE5 BLY
, ,/'...:
 &t ''
' . . *                          I
                                    STA. E oF I Ll: 1
                                       T      L eo S
                                                   r. V
                                boOGC oF HEPRESEN'AT1 ES                         '
 4        ?
                                    N  8:
                                  Jt 3Q17

             zepresentative Schraeder/l
                                                                h he
    Schraeder: HMr. Speakery Mr. Speaker, I move concurrence wit t
             Re                 s          d
               port of 1514, it' been worke out almost unanimously
             by botb side of the aisle and by both Houses and I move
             it adoptiona '
    Speaker Re        Re                  n.'
              dmond: n presentative Madiga '
    Madi     ' as he
        gan: îp t Gentle    s    on               he nference
                        man' moti concurrence or t Co
             Committee be adopt '
                       '      st
     Speaker Redmond: 'The Fir Report of the Conference Committee
             be adopted.î
              Tha     '
    Madfgan: H nk you.'
               dmo   '                   he ntle s
     Speaker Re nd: fThe question is on t Ge man' motion that
              he                         ere
             t House adopt the First Conf nce Co         e
                                                mmittee R'port.
                         ve      '
             Representati Bermanm'
       rma  I          ve
     Be n: 'could we ha an explanation of wbat t         t
                                                hfs does?l
     Spea              '        ati           '
         ker Redmond: 'Represent ve Schraedero'
     Sc          '
       braeder: 'Basically, what it does, it was a question of
             transfer of some funds from Telecommunications from
             Corr                                 bey
                 eetions to General Services and t Just couldn't
                    y                         y
             make an headway on it so I finall agreed that we would
                 w            n         o main on the appropriation/'
             allo this deletio to be...t re
      e m n: ' e e' o 3 0, 0 n ol d, h n y as, 3 6, 5 h t.
     B r a ' h r s s me $ 0 0 0 i v ve t e mo e w $ 5 4 5 t a
             a-..for revolving f                       vi
                                unds, Statistical Revol ng, Telecommunications,
                 e               ll          hat
             Stat Garage, and itî just mean t the General Services
             won't have these funds, they will re               io '
                                                 main in Correct ns.'
                       '      nt ve     '
     Speaker Redmond: 'Represe ati Ryan.'
     Ryan: 'Thank you Mr. Spe        u
                             akers I# not sure that I heard everything
             t             ati
              hat Represent ve Schraeder said. We receded from
                          nt /                         ati '
             nouse znendme /1, is that right, Represent ve?l
     sc         '
       hraeder: '         '
                 Yes. sir.'
     Ryan: 'Okay, t            o               re      miL
                   hen I move t concur in Confe nce Com tee Report
              / '
                        f      nt ve          '
      Speaker Redmond: 'Represe ati Macdonald.'
     Macdonald: MRepresent ve Scbraeder, does this have anything to
                   h        ve          '
             do wit collecti bargaining?'

  rj w-
  - 'x
u j .. .
    s-                                     .
                                           g j !.
                         G E N E R A L A SSj N j 1 v
2f. .. . k                           x     r u .r )s
                                  sva. c ov I k14cI
. .<   .
'     g'
    j. w
      .                                 1:          TV ;
                              HQUSC 0F FtPRCSENTA. 1 EE
                                              .Q :
                                          QQ@ d I3

                  'Abs    y
       Schraeder: ' o&utel not/'
       Macdonald: 'Thank you/f
       S ker Redmond: HReprese     ve
                              ntati Barnes. The question is
                            ma s                    e
               on the Gentle n' motion that the Hous adopt the
               First Confe nce Co                       n vor
                                 mmittee Report. Those i fa
               vote aye. Opposed vote no. Final act       ve
                                                   ion. Ha all
               voted who wished? The Clerk will take the record. 0n
                          on here' 128 aye and 1 no and t House
               this questi t      s                      he
                           he                       ee
               does adopt t First Conference Committ Report.
               1524. Re                             ub
                       presentative Stubblefield. St blefield.
                     ent ve mpinersy aye. Represe
               Repres ati Ke                          ve
                                                 ntati Giorgi
       Giorgi: HMr. Speakery is it on concurrence of Conference
       Speaker Re                        tt
                 dmond: HConference Commi ee Report/l
               î m
       Ciorgi: îl' a cosponsor, but I t       d
                                       hink I1 better wait until 0uy
                 s     '
               et here.'
                 dmo    l                 he  ord
       Speaker Re nd : 'Take that out of t rec . Representative
               Mudd .1
             'Yes               he     '
       Mudd: ' , 1936y is that t order7b
       Speaker Red       '         '
                  mond: 'Yes, 1936.'
       Mudd: 'I would move t     he use do adopt the First Confe nce
                            hat t Ho                            re .
               Rep            e          f
                  ort on Senat Bi11 1936.'
                  mo   ' que on fs on the Gentleman's mot n that
       Speaker Red nd: 'The sti                          io
                                   he                   n    e
               the House do adopt t First Conference Cormitte Report.
               Representative Daniels/'
       Daniels: HMr. Speakery La      nd
                                dies a Gentlemen of the Housey may we
                               y     vi
               have the courtes of ha ng thfs Conference Committee
                          ai d o                                   f
               Report expl ne t us and told precisely what it does?f
       S ker Red       Re esentati Mudd.'
                mond: H pr        ve    '
       Mudd: HYes, on pink pa                              he
                             per and it takes care of a1l t action
               that we t     n his Bi11 on Second Reading and Third
                        ook o t
               Reading and what it does, it moves that we concur with
                    e   nd     1                                     1
               senat Ame ments 11, #2, #3, #5, l7, #8, #9, #l0: #14, 115>

I 1
 V2 ,e
l' -p '.
     -'                      G EN E R A L A SSE M BL X,
i... , .j
.t. J(j
  i# .,                              vlv   u wol
                                    s coe 'u' s                             .
.   ;l .
    :' = . '
    - .                         H ts oe R :ncs; +>T1 e
                                           .  f
                                 o ) E ' EF e% . v s
                             p jl ::
                            èikq k 1 /

             /                 /               o vides that
       #21, /29, #31y #32, and /35. Then it als pro
       we recede from House Amend            /
                                 ments #17, /25, #30, #36, #37, and
       /      we     ome                s
       /38. no ver, s of these Amendment were technically
       incorrect and t                   o
                      hey were added on t the Committee Report
       t take care of that correction. Is there any specific
       area that you might be int     ed n,          '
                                 erest f Mr. Danfels?'
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Daniels.'
  n e s: Ye e r s n a i e u d, a o d e n r e s
Da i l ' sy R p e e t t v M d h ve y u a d d a y p oj ct
       to this Bill that were not i it through House or Senate
       'here was one Amend nt that was added in t Conference
Mudd: 'T                  me                     he
       Committee and that was added because it was overlooked in
       the Senate a they were t       o     ve
                               rying t resol the problem and
       they figured this was the best way to do iton
          '             '
Daniels: 'What was that?'
Mudd: 'This was for tbe Dishard State Par      s
                                         k. It' been,      hi
                                                          t nk,
             wo           rs    hey
        for t or three yea and t put it back in/'
Spe              ' ese
   aker Redmond: '          ve          '
                  Repr ntati Cunningham.î
Cunningha    '         pe                         me
         m: 'We11 Mr. S aker and Ladies and Gentle n of the
        House, you he it said often, but this is truly the
        most i                     ll                    e
              mportant Bill that wi come before this Hous of
        Representatives in this Sessi                  ll n
                                     on. This is the Bi i                 '
        whic we authorize the issuance of C                nt
                                           apitol Developme .
                literally bund
        Bonds in.             reds of millions of dollars. It's
         n f o t o u or u o s i u n s a bl s f n o m nt
        a efr t by f orcnttet bu e o ejye
                    e ntitled to and mort
        that they ar e                                        we
                                         gage the future for t nty-
                    o pure tbose goodies. We o
        five years t se                       ught to note here
                n his particular Bill was i oduced, it cont
        that whe t                         ntr             ained
        ma legiti             or
                 mate claims f Capitol expenditures by the
        Department of Cons                           n
                          ervation, but the Senate, i its imperial
                                he                   me
        and witless manner, slas d most of the Depart nt of
        Conservation expendit        m
                             ures fro the budget: and then tbe
        House rather s    me                   he      s
                      ubli ly went along with t Senate' direction
        in that manner, s we had a Conference Committee and we sent off

                   G E 2 E R A L A S SE M B LY
                                 ze LLI G
                           STATE ( I NG I
                        7I '         J 4
                       H(LSE DF REPRE!r1TATIVEs
                             a    po
                            Jt aj k

       tigers i            ere
               nto the Conf nce to try to ri     he
                                            ght t wrong that
       had been done. But o tigers turned into pussycats. They
        us ol e v r n l ye e d: t s         r nsd ol
       j t r l d o e a d p a d d a i wa a ha d- o e p l
       na          hat ated o to them t facts of lif and
         med Rock t poi      ut        he           e
       explal               og
             ned about the h that ate the cab                 he
                                             bage and showed t m
        he       re he                r
       t line whe t y were to put thei signatures on it and
       they complied. No I respectf            '
                                   ully urge..o'
 pea           k..
S ker Redmond: ' Representative Mudd: for what purpose do
Mudd: M .                 '
         polnt of order..a'
                 ' . stat your point.'
Speaker Redmond: '....   e           '
Mudd : 1 had a legiti                       ee
                     mate Conference Committ and it was: there
       was input by e                              '
                     very Member of that Committee.f
     ngha ' l                '
Cunni m: 'Wel Mr . Speaker...'
                 ' will you confi your re
Speaker Redmond: '...            ne             o he
                                         marks t t motion
       to adopt the Conference Com ittee Report? '
Cu           1 m
  nningham: 'I a so confi       î
Speaker Red       1 a                         ve        1
           mond: 1... nd not may or may not ha happened.1
 u ni gh m: ' . I j t w nt n c a i n o t nd p n p a
C n n a '. . xus 'a a o c s o t s a u a d s e k
                  ng nterrupted by some clo no I want t
       W thout bei i                       wny w       o
              nd '
        o on a ...'
                  1 Represent ve: yo are out of or
Speaker Redmond : 1...       ati    u             der.
       Re               o-     '
         presentative Ge Karis.l
           'Mr                        or   d            on?'
Ceo-Karis: ' . Speakery will the spons yiel for a questi '
Speaker Red       'l      î
           mond: 'ie willo'
    laris: 'I notice in your Conf nce Report, you have Dishàrd
Geo-t      '                     ere
        State Park. I uhose dfst               ae
                                rfct Ls that St e Park? In
        whose district is that Par    o at              u     '
                                  k? h A district, do yO knoWî'

Mudd; O Ka'          î
           aK I don.tî
          dmo   '      nt ve Master f wbat purpose do
speaker Re nd: 'Represe ati Me       or
        you rise?'
           '       ker                            '
MeMaster: 'Mr. Spea , will you vote me aye please?'
Spe              ' lven' start yet. Represent ve Geo-laris.'
   aker Redmond: ' la   t     ed             ati     l     '
    l      ' ha
Geo-laris2 'T nk you. Represe     ve                       ort
                             ntati > in your Conference Rep >

                     G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B L Y
                                  7 ' LL r S
                            5TATC (F I. 1qOl
                           lJ    4 R 7z . V ;
                        HoLSF oF 1EPE e51hTAT$ E5
                               bJ2 07
                             Jbl ;( 1 6

             t,            h               io   '
       I canf you know, wit a11 this confus n-..'
       '                t ar                   '
Mudd: 'Pardon me, f can' he you Mrs. Geo-Karfs.'
Geo-Karis: ncan you tell me whether or not, as a result of the
                              ve     wn un
       Conference Report, you' cut do f ds, I nean in an
       over-all basis?'
Mudd: 'Yes there were f      ut
                       unds c outvn
            '                d u ut wn? Cut off i ot
Ceo-Karis: 'About bow much di yo c do            n her
 u    ' b, e ut ut 9 0, 0 n h o e n o i t ew'
M dd: ' e w c o $ 0 0 0 i t e C nf re ce C mm t e '
           ' that was a11 that was cut o from that budget?'
Geo-Kaeis: 'And                         ut                '
Mudd: H     n                      ee.'
       Yes i the Conference Committ î
Ge          '
  o-Karis: 'Thank you sir/'
Speaker Red       l     ent ve digan.
           mond: lRepres ati Ma
          '     he ponsor yield to a questi î
Madigan: 'Wi1l t s                         on?'
                 'He    '
speaker Redmond: ' wil1.'
         'Mr.                   ndme /
Madtgan: ' Mudd,was there an Ame nt /30 added to this Bill
         n          '
        i tbe House?'
      ' sir.'
Mudd: 'Yes  '
Madiga    î          at ovfde?'
      n: 'What did th pr      '
Mudd: HIt provide for bonds, I think, for i     ri     ks.'
                                           ndust al par '
Madsgan) '      '
Mudd: OI Southern Illinof      hi
                         s. I t nk it was a park in East St.
        Louis str.'
Madiga    '            he mo                    on?'
      n: 'Do you know t a unt of the appropriati '
       1         n        '
Mudd: '1.9 millio dollarsv'
Madigan: 'S am I correct in understanding that the House added
          9            ars n nd                  ri
        1. million doll i bo money for the indust al park
        i East St. Louis and t     he onference Commit
                              hat t C                       mo
                                                      tee re ved
        that from t Bil1?H
        '     r.'
 Mudd: 'Yes si '
 Madiga    '    u   w
       n: 'Do yo kno why the Conference Committee removed it from
          he    '
         t Bi117'
 Mudd: 'No sir, they just wouldnlt agree on it/'
           '            atf
 Madfgan: 'Dfd represent ves of the Capitol Development Board

                           f1              3
                      G EN l 1 A L A *SE 511L Y
                                . ) L e S
                             sTATE C F 1 LI4oI
                           àl       (:1        V
                         HCk5E D F RKFFEGENTAT1 F:
                               y y/y
                           K jJ( p .

             s                                    '
       expres an opfnion on it2 On any Amendments?'
 u    ' s i he r i e h p o u t n h y e
M dd: ' e s r, t # we e g v n t e o p rt ni y a d t e f lt
                         ve                  nti
       that they would ha a hard time impleme ng it and
       I think t discussioa surrounded that portion of it
                 ade                 e                '
       and the le rs decided to delet it at that time-'
         ' o hat the Capitol De lop
Madigan: 'S t                  ve ment Board was against
        he             he ndme '
       t rejectfon of t Ame nt?'
Mudd: H        '
       xes sir.f
          ' D.           ed o he nd    '
Madigan: 'C. B. was oppos t t Ame ment?'
Mudd: 'Yes sir/'
Madigan: '        u.'
          Thank yo '
Speaker Redmond: 'Representatïve Klosak. Re                  l
                                           presentative Ryano'
Ryan: HWe11 t       u                            he
             hank yo Mr. Speaker and Members of t Heuse, we had
       this Conference Committee yesterday and I think a good
        Conference Committee, most everything is in order here and
                        y    ur  h
        I would certainl conc wit Representative Mudd that
       we ought to adopt this Conference Committee and move on
                             he     '
       *ith the business of t House.'
Speaker Red       Re      atf
           mond: M present ve Schlickman. Schlickman. Representative
Fleck: M                         ons       '
        Mr. Speaker: would the sp or yield7'
Speaker Redmond: 'He wi11.H
                               m    ys                n
Fleck: HRepresentative Muddy I' alwa interested in wbe we
          ve hese Confere
        ha t                                       o he mbers
                         nce Committee Reports as t t Me
        of the Conf nce Committee, how much of the expenditures
        and appropriatio directly would benefit the Members of
        the Conf aee Co        '
Mudd: HWe11...a..J'
        ' .no             ll
Fleck: '.. w, could you te me what Members of that Conference
        Co               ng o    ve
          mmittee are goi t recei direct emoluments as a
        result of e        en ce            fng
                   helr aet dan fn thae meet and what
        they are gett out of this Bi1l?M
                               11        pe   o
Mudd: HNo sir, I cannot, but 11 have to s ak t that from my          *
        vast expe nce in Conference Committees, this was my first,

                            t            1
                    G E N E I A L A SS E5 B LY
                                     u 1l s
                            STATE oF 1 L.poI
                         >l 1         7      V
                        H(tsE CF RE@RE5ENTAT1 ES
                                   .  ï t(
                                    UQI èu jj$

            Representative Fl ky so..J'
           k what are you getting out of it? Do any of t
    Fleck: ' ..                                         hese
                              y                      '
            Amendments directl benefit your district?'
      d ' , he e s/'
    Mu d: f s t r i                                                 1
            '            y
    Fleck: 'How much mone is involved he          '
                                        re? Total?'
     u d: ' ou d a e o a r u d 31 , 0 o
          I                                 n w dg '
    M d ' w l h v t s y a o n $ 0 0 0 t my k o le e.'
            l                   '
    Fleck: 'Thank you very much.'
    Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Skinner/'
             ' Speaker, would tbe sponsor yield to a q
    Skinner: 'Mr.                                             '
    Speaker Red       '       '
               mond: 'He willgî
    k nn r: ' n rs a d, r. ud ha
            I                       r bo t 3 0, 0 0 0
    S i e ' u de t n M M dp t t we a e a u $ 0 0 0, 0
                  he vernor's budget i non gener revenue and
            over t Go                 n         al
            commo school f        w
                          unds. Ho much does your Bill contribute
            to that over appro         '
      d '  Ye     e u ed h t y b u 15 0 0, 0
    Mu d: ' s,we r d c t a b a o t $ , 0 0 0/1
             ' you over what the Governor req
    Skinner: 'Are                                            f
                                             uested or under?f
          ' we are wa under.'
    Mudd: 'No        y      î
    Skinner: MHow...H
     u      . b b ut 1 00 0 0 nd r/'
    M dd: n. . y a o $ 5, 0: 0 u e
     ki ne  l u e 1 0 , 0 nd r. h n ue s a e o
     S n r: ' o ar $ 5, 00 0 0 u e T e I g s T h v t
            ask, h            h n             at
                  ave to searc i the Transport ion Department's
            budget to be ablè to find where we put the pork?'
     Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Barnes/f
               î k      î
     Skinner: 'Than you.î
                           y           pea          he
     Barnes: HThank you ver much, Mr. S ker. Would t sponsor
            yield to a question?'
     Speaker Redmond: HHe will/'
     Ba       î
       rnes: 'Representative, t                  o he
                               his Bill came in t t House at a
            requested amount. What was the reqgested amount that
            it came in to the Ho                    '
                                use from the Senate?'
           ' ame into the House from the Se
     Mudd: 'It c                                '
     Barnes: '               he
              Yehy what was t requested a                 nt?'
                                         mount at that poi '
            '    '
     Mudd: '72.9.'
              ' 9         l
     Barnes: '72. million?'

    y '.
 '. . n
    j                   G E N E R A L A SSt M 1L v
                                          ' )
 ... dk
jJ... ) .
 . '' M/'
                               ST TK öF ' k' O'
                                 X       L .N S
                                      R S 6T V S
                            HouSeoFREP E E1 AT1 E
                                  l s 87
                                Jtl tû 1 6

      ' si '
Mudd: 'Yes r.'
Barnes: 'What was tbe net effect of our adoption of this Bill when
                                nt nto Conference Committee?'
        it left the House and we i                          f
Mudd: lWhen it left the House and went into Conference Committee
        we were at about 79.5.'
Bar      1                   n   vy?'
   nes: 179 or about 7 millio hea '
      f sir.'
Mudd: 'Yes  '
         '        he mou                   cts w
Barnes: 'What is t a nt that the Bill refle no after the
        Conference Co        '
  d   1 3 . 7 3 4, 6 6
Mu d: î 8. . $ 8, 0 4 0.î
Barnes: '     xi
         Appro mately how much is that over the requested amount
        r m D. n h r ii a q s ? b u o a y
        f o C. B. i t e o i n l re ue t A o t h w m n
                              he quested a
        million are we above t re               '
       Wef     w                  n   m         nal
Mudd: M re belo by 15 or 16 millio fro the origi request
        sir f
         '            d                    l'
Barnes: 'It was reduee where? In the Senateel
        '        '
Mudd : 'Yesï sir.'
Bar     't
   nes: 'I was red      n                               '
                  uced i the Senate by about 15 million?'
Mudd:   By about 22 million, I believe.
        ' we put back about....'
Barnes: 'And                   '
Mudd: f a...about 7 sir/'
Barnes: '              o here' a net red
         About seven, s t     s         uction of about fifteen
        fro the original re      '
      ' sir.'
Mudd: 'Yes  '
Barnes: 'Thank you/'
Speaker Redmond: H            ve     '
                  Representati Ewell.l
        '         on
Ewell: 'One questi of the sponsor/'
Speaker Redmond: H     '
E    ' App
 well: H roximately ho much wi the de ser
                      w       ll     bt             he ate
                                         vice cost t St
        of Illinois out of the Ge ral Reve               he
                                          nue Fund over t next
        twenty, twenty-five ye    '
       f     t
Mudd: 'I don' have tbat fi         l
                          gure siro'
Speaker Red       '     ent ve vers/'
           mond: 'Repres ati Dea
Deavers: n                 ve
          Mr. Speaker, I mo the previous question/'

                          *                  /
                     G EN E R A L A SS EM BL *
                             ; t      L .* 7 S
                            ET%Tt O F 1 t14(1
                           l       7 ?7 q KV
                        Hot5e o F G1PrEsEeTA'1 ES
                                       ) q,
                                  QQa k( t)s

Spe r Red      'The ntle           he vious question.
         mond: ' Ge man has moved t pre
                                    n uestion be put, a11 t
       The questioà is shall the mai q                     hose
       in favor indicate by saying aye. Opposed no. The ayes have
           Representative Mudd t close.'
       it. '                    o      î
Mudd: l                                          se
       Yes, Mr. Speaker, agafn I ask that the Hou dc adopt thfs
                         ee       9
       Conference Committ on 1936.'
Speaker Redmond; HThe question is shall t House adopt the First
       Conference Committee Report on Senate Bill 1936. Those in
         vor                   e               ive   ur
       fa vote aye, opposed vot no. Representat LaFle to
             n          or
       explai his vote f one mi     '
LaFle               pea   nd mbers of t Housey 1 was hopeful
     ur: nYes: Mr. S ker a Me          he
                   o k
       to be able t as the spo                 ns
                              nsor some questio because I
           t w         ve  r ard so
       don' kno when Iî eve he     mebody that has less
                               hat   o
       knowledge about a Bill t had s much impact to          I
        think Mr. Ewell asked a questfon about what is the cost
       of tbe money and t                                nk
                         bere was no knowledge, but I thi you
        can t                        at      l
             ake of what the autboriz ion vil be a           rce
                                                  bout ten pe nt
                                        we y-fi year peri
        a year wfll be the cost over a t nt    ve        od. But
           hi             wo
        I t nk there are t tbiags t     re           ti
                                   hat a very interes ng when
         h y f o p l ut h r l c s n re            a h
        t e d d n t s e l o t e p o e t f he of wh t t e
        C. B. had as                           ed n his Conference
                    ked for and what was allott i t
        commtttee Report. And es    all n wo
                                peci y i t areas. %he first
        area where Mr. Mudd sald that we...that they had reduced
        what tbe C. B. had req                     nd
                              uested, and yet, I fi that the
         D.                       000,
        C. B. had recommended $59, 000 aut         n
                                          horizatio under
         t e g nc e n h y a n r as d h t o 7 00 0 0.
        s at a e i s a d t e h d i c e e t a t $ 4, 0, 0
               o n
        And als i Water Resources, wbich is a yery interesting
        a               '    nte
         rea, that had been e red by the C.D. at $ 2 0 0, 0 a d
                                            B.    1,0 00 n
        h i e n n r as d o 2 0 0, 0         o hi h r
        t at b d b e i c e e t $ 5, 0 0 0. S I t nk t e e
                    ot                   e nd
        bas been a 1 of things put in her a if this Conference
        co         as
          mmittee h worked dilfgently at t     nd
                                          his a has tried to
        put t her sometbing, I t      he
                                hink t y should come back and
         t                       n his package because it ls going
          ell us what they have i t
          o ve           ve               s   ng
         t ha a twenty-ft year effect, it' goi to cost us

                    G E N E R A L A SSE 5 l L Y
                            r.        L N S
                           S'8TE o F 1 L1 od
                          l      :       4 . V ;
                       -otSE o F rEPn ESEeT AT1 Et
                                          l $; ( p
                                        Jtd : ( q7-

             rce                                n
       ten pe nt each year for the dollars put i here and I tbink
        h r e o r j ct n r h t a h e be               h
       t e e ar s me p o e s i he e t a e c M m r of t e
       House will be vitally concer               ci
                                   ned about: espe ally if they
           t                                 '
       don' bave any. I would urge a no vote.'
Speaker Re        '
          dmond: 'Represe     ve       '
                         ntati Madtgaae'
 l gan: '
èadf     Mr.
        ' Speaker, I rise in opposition to the motion to
       adopt t      nf                              s   n
              his Co erence Co= ittee Report. There' bee a very
       full debae on thfs question. All of us have heard descriptlons
                                     n ncl              m n
       of the projects which have bee i uded item by ite i the
       Conference Co     ee                        om
                    mmitt Report and we a1l know fr past
       experience t                                ati
                   hat if we trace the physical loc on of those
        rp e rjc ,            l i d o n i b al e r s n a i e
       P o os d p o e ts we wi l f n s me i d vi u R p e e t t v
       up o t n a h      b s r j c s u ct, n         n
       s p r i g e c of t o e p o e t . B t y i my mi d
        n      he s mp r a t r je s no n . o h lf re
       o e of t mo t i o t n p o ct y t o l t t e we a
       a the economy of East St. Louis , but to the entire State
       of Illinois, is an indust           n
                                rial park i East St. Louis, which
                                 no                o hose who
       is designed to'provide eco mic opportunity t t
                                    t     . .
       need it the most, yet we don' f1nd Jt Jn the Report and
         m                                           '
       I' going to vote no until it is in the Report.'
Speaker Red      'Ha
           mond: ' ve a1l voted who wished? The Clerk will take
                               ve     1
       the record. Representati Ewell.'
        '                   '
Ewell: 'Having spoke once...'
Spe               ' Represent ve Younge.'
   aker Redmond: '..a        ati        '
Younge: II' certainly voting no on this Conference Report because
                            o                          n
       we worked very hard t build an industrial park i the
       East St. Louis area. And this i             ky
                                      ndustrial par Amendment
        /          en ken              d    n
        /30, has be ta out and it shoul be i there because
           e d or b o e p e.        u      ey ey g
       we n e m e jo s f r p o l We r n a v r v r hi h
        dependency rate do there and we need tbat industrial
                                     o                nt ve
        park and if we are not able t get this Amendme sa d
                            l ose our federal gra and I' as ng
        in this Bills we wil l                   nt    m ki
        everybody to please vote no so that we can proceed with this
                                                 his        '
        industrial park. I need your support on t . Vote no.'
Speaker Red      'Rep
           mond: ' rese     ve      ime '
                       ntati Grieshe r.'

                   G E N E R A L A SS EM B LY
                                7 u N S
                          STATE OF 1 Ll o I
                       2?           l      TV
                      H(kSE o F RERFCSCNTA. 1 ES
                                              -.;;L) i-.
                                              QQL : u )rf
                                                  ' ;-
                                                   .-  tW

                 ' Speaker, how am I reco
    Griesheimer: 'Mr.                         '
     P a e d o d 'o s e e o d d?'
    S e k r Re m n : 'iw i h r c r e '
            Bri   '
                  r                       d                  î
    Clerk 01 en: 'ehe Gentleman is recorde as voting present.'
    S aker Red       ' l        n
              mond: fWi1 you ope up the board? Evidently there's
             me         all  ng n         he l
           so people.... voti i favor of t louse adopting
           the First Conf nce C                          nd
                               ommittee Report vote aye a opposed
           vote no. Ha all voted who wished? Representative
           Ewell for the second time.'
    E       '
     kell: 'Yeh, well this is sort of a semi-point of personal
            ri l g h c u l i u e        10 6 0 0 o h
           p vi e e, t e a t a f g r is $ 3, 8 8, 0 f r t e
           information of t                          '
                           hese people and I vote no.'
               mo    '            d              l
    Speaker Red nd: 'Have a11 vote who wished? Tle Clerk will
           ta the record. 0n tbis q              s
                                   uestion there' 53 aye and
           64 no and the motio fails and the House does not adopt
                       nf        mn
           the First Co erence Col ittee Report, a Second Conference
           Committ is requested. 1950, Represe     ve       '
                                              ntatt Maragos.î
              î Speaker, Membe of t House, I move that the
    Maragos : îMr.            rs   he
           House do adopt First C                     nat
                                 ommittee Report on Se e Bill 1950.
                           l     po
           The purpose of tlis Re rt was to clarify the technicalities
             n                hat
            i the Amendments t were added to Senate Bill 1950 by the
                                                      ne mendment to
            House. M 1 we did is redraft and made it o A
            correct the lang                         rto
                            uage and to insert the va us departments.
            This was sig                                           ni us
                        ned by a1l the Members of the: it was a una mo
                            k or
            Reporty and I as f its ad       '
    Speaker Redmond: HAny discussion? The q               he
                                           uestion is on t Gentleman's
                                        pt              ren
            motion that the House do ado the First Confe ce Committee
                           n vor                  d
            Report. Xhose i fa vote aye and oppose vote no. Rave
            a11 voted who wished? Have a11 vot who wished? Final action.
                   rk      ke                   k
            The Cle will ta the record. The Cler will take tbe
            record. On thts question there's 126 aye and 15 no and
            the Bouse does adopt t First Conference Committee Report
            t Senate Bfll 19                   ae          '
                            50. 3820. Represent lve Barnes.'
    Bar      '           ry  h                  pea
       nes: 'Thank you ve muc Mr. Speaker. Mr. S ker and Members
                he                   he
            of t House, I move that t House do adopt the First

                       G E N E R A L A SSE h B L Y
                                   T       1L N ) S
                                ST8. E oF 1. 1 L$
                               l      ?             V
                           H QLSE oF F EPRESENT8TI EE
                             JUN 8? 1 S

       C                      a..e                          ee
        onference Committee... the Second Conference Committ ,
                          n                            o
       I believe, Report o 3820. We: the House agreed t accept
       t Amend     l / 1 / /                     nd
              ment Ikn /1, 12, /3, /4, Senate Ame ments. These
           dme          he   y
       Amen nts are on t fift percent that has been going on
       al1 of the Bills f                     r wo
                         rom the Senate. Numbe t is the change
       of Ci          e
            vil Defens Admi     ati
                           nistr ve Fund to the Federal Civil
       Prepardness Ad          ve
                     ministrati Fund. Number three is the
        e u i n f 6, 0 o a e ot l e u t o he e f. . .
       r d ct o o $ 5 0 t m k a t a r d c i n t r o . a. .
        ot    d t o f 6 50 o e s n l e v ce e i e n
       t al re uc i n o $ , 0 f r P r o a S r i s, R t r me t
       Social s                          nti
               ecurity and Travel and Pri ng. Number four is
        o 8 00 o ar u h up e f eae il 5
       f r $ 5, 0 t c r y o t t e p r os s o S n t B l 19 0
        h       ve u t d p e h o e e c o i t e e rt
       t at we ha j s a o t d t e C nf r n e C mm t e R po
              s he unding for that as
       for. It' t f                  pect of labeling of
       bazardous materials. And I would mo for the adoption
       of Conf nce Co               /                     '
                     mmittee Report /2 to House Bill 3820.'
 pea            '
S ker Redmond: 'Is there any question? The question is on the
       Gentle    s    on
             man' motl that the House do adopt the Second
       Conference Committee Report to House Bill 3820. Those in
                   ye nd
       favor vote a a opposed vote no. House Bill 3820. The
       Board is wrong: Mr. Clerky it should be House Bi11. Have
                       she   ve
       a11 voted who wi d? Ha al1 voted who wished? The
       clerk wtll t                    his
                   ake the record. On t question there's
                             he                 he
       130 aye and 5 no and t House does adopt t Second
       Conference Cor     e                        a. to
                     citte Report to Senate Bi1l... .. House
       Bill 3820. 1956. RepresentaLive St           '
Stubblefield: nThank you Mr. Speaker and Ladies a Gentlemen of the
       Bo           s       re
         use, there' a Confe nce Co                or
                                   mmittee Report f Senate
                            he ubsta
       Bill 1524, which is t s                  or he
                                    ntive Bill f t Appropriation
       Bill 1956y              ve        he   ere
                 may I have lea to hear t Conf nce Reports
       toget    '
 ekr do        ' y b e i n? ar n o e, e v s r n e '
p a e Re m nd: ' n o j ct o He i g n n l a e i g a t doî
          d: '
tubblefiel 'The Conference Report, the first Conference Report,
            e                               l
       Senat Bi11 1524 recommends tbat the louse recede from
                  / /          /     ch           he
       Amendments /3, /5, and /6, whi are al1 of t Amendments

                    G EN E R A L A SS E M B LY
                               T:    L N S
                           STA. 1D F I LI O 1
                       HOUSE O F REPNESEêTATI VES
                                                    ) 97
                                               JUN 7( 1 6

                         n               or
       tbat were put on i the House and f Senate Bill 1956, tbe
       recomme                            om         /      /
              ndation is that we recede fr Amendment /1 and /3,whicb
       are Ame      s
              ndment that would change the appropriation amounts
                     h                                  ng
       conststent wit those Amendments that are also bei deleted
       and I would recommend that we adopt the First Conference
       Report for t             so'
                   hese two Bill '
Speaker Red      '
           mond: '            ve
                  Representati Brinkmeier.n
             '                d he
Brinkmeier: 'Mr. Speaker: woul t sponsor yield? Sir, do I
       underst                   he
              and tben, that as t Btll now stands, Winnebago
       County is tbe only count that would qualify. Is that
       not correct?'
St             '
  ubblefield: 'Under the Bill and by adopting these Conference
                    ese   ve    mei
       Reports: Repr ntati Brink ery the Bill would return
       t original f                  y
                   orm and would appl to counties where the
       assess                       ort
             ment was in excess of f y percent and I think
                             or               es
       you are correct that f practical purpos a11 we are
                  ut                          nt
       talking abo then would be Winnebago Cou y/'
Bri          '
   nkmeier: 'We11 Mr. Speaker, then if 1 may address myself to
Speaker Redmond: 'Proceed/'
            ' hat he is suggesting then, is tbat we accept t
Brinkmeier: 'T                                              his

I       eot n b e eut ol e ht inbg ony
       Rpr adtentrsl wudb ta WneaoCut
        a Winnebago County alone would be the beneficiary of this
                  n. w          o                            ee
        legislatio No I submit t you there are at least ninet n
        other counties in the State of Illinois t      ve
                                                 hat ha similar
        problems as Winnebag did. They are not quite as bady but
        neve                                   ve
            rtheless they were assessing us abo tbirty three and
        one third percent and all of the sc             s n
                                           hool distrfct i all
        of tbose counties are conf    ed
                                  ront with the very same problem
        that Winnebago is and I s gest to you that we do not
        accept t Conference Committee Report/'
Speaker Redmond: nRepresent ve A        l
           '                 nd
Anderson: 'We1l Mr. Speaker a Ladies and Gentle        he use,
                                               men of t Ho
                 t                                      ati
        I couldn' agree more with my collegue, Represent ve

                   G E N E R A L A S S E 5I8 L Y
                                     LLI S
                           STATE O F I NOI
                            : ' /. 4 Z 4
                                  :         V
                       House O F FKP1ESE#TAT1 C9
                                          l : gy
                                        Jt: .p p g

       Brine e         s                      ng
              ier. Let' review what we are doi here if we
                   nd nt /                atï
       do this. M e me /6# which Represent ve Meyer put
        n,      be        mndred sevent
       o makes t one, one l                x nalty a
                                       y-si pe
              nt hi                    ng ke
       permane t ng, not a one year thi li we put in for
                        s                  me
       Chicago in Jaffe' Bi11, it will beco permanent and ft
        an                   he ate of Illinois. Ame ment
       c be used throughout t St                    nd
       15,                  er
       1 Representative Port s is a roll back, it allows those
       s    ms               ng  r he          e o
        yste that are assessi ove t maximum rat t stay
                           e    n omp
       there. They can't us it i c uting their formula money,
       but ft is t            m             y
                  here for the to use locall if they want to
       tax themselves so be it. Now, 1et me tell you the counties
       that are going to lose money if thi Conference Com ittee
       Report is a                           od   w
                  dopted over a two year peri . No listen
        a f l d m o nt l os 1 4 l 6 . '
       c re ul y: A a s C u y wi l l e $ 3 , 8 . .1
           mo    '
Speaker Red nd: 'Repres      ve digan, for what purpose do
                       entati Ma
       you rise?'
Madi : 'Mr.
        ' Speaker, would you o        me      or he
                              btain so order f t
                  o    an                   l
       Gentleman s we c hear his discussion?'
Speaker Re         '            he
          dmond : lPlease give t Gentleman order. Give the
         ntle a           t ee hat t
       Ge ma order. I don' s t           s
                                    here' been any demunition
           he                  he     ma       '
       in t roar. Please gfve t Gentle n order.?
 n e s n ' 1 o e e h l k l s ? n e a o 3, 3 0 0.
A d r o : ' i 1 y u r s t t e c oc p ea e Wi n b g > $ 5 6, 0
        ur a l o e 1 , 0         h mp i n: 5 , 0 . h i t a
       B e u wi l l s $ 19 0 0. C a a g $ 19 0 0 C r s i ny
        2 00    ol 1 0 0. l y, 2 0 0 o k, 1, 4 0 0.
       $ 1, 0. C e, $ 7, 0 C a $ 5, 0 . C o $ 0 0, 0
        o g a 1 5, 0      a e t 2 1, 0       b s 3 00
       D u l s, $ 1 0 0. F y t e, $ 4 00 . Wa a h, $ 5. 0.
        a i e, 5 , 0   e d r o 2 0 . ar e 9 0 .
       S l n $ 1 0 0. H n e s n, $ 6, 00 W r n, $ 4, 00
        r q oi 2 2, 0     aal 3,0           a e c 4 0 0.
       I o u s, $ 3 0 0. L s l e, $ 9 0 0. L wr n e, $ 5, 0
         e, 1 3, 0  i i s o 81: 0      o a 1 0 0. è n.
       Le $ 5 0 0. L v ng t n, $ 9 0. L g n: $ 4, 0 ' o
         5 7, 0   ut a 3 0      D n u h 4 00 . L a ne
        $ 8 0 0. P n m, $ 0 0.Mc o o g $ 5, 0 Mc e n, o
         f h e l ws ha i n d hi o f r nc p r 4 4, 0.
        o t e f l o t t s g e t s C n e e e Re o t, $ 8 00
         n o 3 0 . o i 1, 8 0 0. o k s an 3 3, 0 .
       Mo r e, $ 1, 00 Pe r a, $ 4 4, 0 R c I l d: $ 8 0 0
        t p e s n, 3 0, 0  a e e l, 8 1: 0 . r l o 6 0 0.
       S e h n o $ 2 0 0. T z w l $ 4 0 0 Ve mi i n, $ 41, 0
         hi e 2 0 0. h t s d 2 8, 0       n o df r 3 0 0.
        W t , $ 3, 0 W i e i e, $ 5 0 0. A d W o o d, $ 6, 0
              hi                   ke n his and I t nk it sbould
        so I t nk we a11 bave a sta t t            bi

                          S                .
                    G E N i R A L A SSEM B 1Y
                              T      L N s
                           sTA. E oF I L1 o1
                          l h            1
                       HotSE CF REPRESE:TAT1VES
                                           3 g7
                                       JU: 1û 1 b

             k                        '
       go bac to Conference Committee.'
 pea                                     '
8 ker Redmond: nRepresentative Schraeder.'
Schraeder: '                      ve
            Well Mr. Speaker, T ha to agree wholeheartedly with
       t prevfous speaker: those ftgures that he quotes are
       absolutely right. If we are going to help one school
                            y, ne wnsbip, and wi a11 the
       dfstrict in one count o to               th
                 al                        he          e
       government units: we ought to help t m all. Thes are
                       ut                    ar
       large ffguresy b we passed 990 last ye because ft was
       going to be a g                                 w
                      ood thing for the whole State. No we
          ht o
       oug t do the same t        h                o
                          hing wit thiss we ought t help
                              ve r            t o
       a11 of the people invol dp o we oughtn' t help any.
              hi                 y   ht
       Now I t nk Winnebago Count oug to get their money.
          m                         h                  ve
        I1 wholeheartedly agreed wtt tbat. But let's gi it
         o h te e o                ed    us       l    bs
        t t e o h r ar as t o. We n e it j t as we l. T i
        ought to ko baek and these Amendments a11 ought to be put
       back on.'
Speaker Redmond: 'Representat       ne
                             ive Rig y. Representative Rig    '
        ' Speaker, I move the pr us questfon.'
Rfgney: 9Mr.                    evïo         '
Speaker Re        î
          dmond: 'The Centleman has moved the previous question. The
        question is s      he
                     hall t mafn question be put. All in favor say
        aye, oppose no. The ayes have it; the motion carries. Repre-
        sentative st           '
St            '
  ubblefield: '                      pe                  hat
               Thank you again, Mr. S aker, and I think t what
                            s   nt                  vie
        we need to do at thi poi is to assess and re w the
         nte  ns           e nd
        i ntio of this Hous a what it is that we are trying
         o          t hink t
        t do. I don' t      here is any disagreement that
        legislation is necessary because of t passage of House Bill
                                 h                800,
        990. Tbis Bill starts wlt an amount of $2, 000 to take care
        of counties which are asses                           ng n
                                   sing, or which were assessi i
        excess of forty percent of property value. These are the
           y            re he                  o
        onl counties whe t y will not be able t offset tax loss
        t     h                nfl
         hroug the process of i ation. In our county, we were losing
        State aid doll and taking care of our educational problems
        at home t ough the process of real estate taxes simply because

                   G E N E R A L A SSE t I L Y
                               E     tul S
                           GTAY' OF l. NO 1
                        / : ; ' R1 :: T V
                       io tse oF fEe!1SEeTA. I Es
                                                /    gy
                                              Jt: j; y


                          ng            he              be
             we were obeyi the law. If t state agency, t Department
                          rn         rs
             of Local Gove ment Affai had been enf        he w
                                                  orcing t la through-
                       ate             ve          e
             out the st we would not ha needed Hous Bill 990 and losses
                                      ail           e
             that incur because of a f ure of a stat agency to enforce the
                                      he            y
             law becomes, I believe, t responsibilit of tbis Assembly. In
             other c              he ntle
                    ounties that t Ge    man ment        nd     t
                                                 ionedy a I don' disa-
             gree t     he
                   hat t problems are t           he re here because l
                                       here, but t yl t               ocal
             officials did not enf                   he            y
                                  orce the law. And t responsibilit of the
              state to take care of those problems is considerably different
                                                   nsi         he
             and wholeheartedly less tban the respo bility to t citizens
             of Winnebago Count where the law was being obeyed and we#re
                ng      ed
             bei penaliz for that purpos     w              e
                                        e. No from the debat I get a
              consensus that it is the will of this House: at t       nt
                                                               his poi as
                         he                   be
             well as in t Amendment stage of t Bill, to take care of al1
              of tbose pro ms and if that is true so be ft. And a Second
              Conf nce Co                 bo             she
                         mmittee perhaps s uld be establi d but I think
                 re n                      re             ng n
              wef i error because what youf doing is cutti i half the
              amount of money that would go to Winnebago County wbere the need
              is absolute and real a wbere the remedy is beyond our means
              and where the eff                    om
                               ect is caused not fr a disobeyance of the
               aw                        w    .     d uggest again t
              1 but an obeyance of the la and T woul s              hat we
              adopt these Conference Reports.'
        p a r e mo d ' es i n' n h nt e n s t o h he u e
       S e ke R d n : ' u t o s o t e Ge l ma ' mo i n t at t Ho s
              do adopt t First Conference C                        n
                                           ommittee Report. Those i favor
              vote aye; opposed vote no. Representative Simms.1
         ls '                               ni               vor of
       Simn : 1Wel1, Mr . Speaker, in explai ng my vote in fa ' this Con-
              ference Co ttee Report Wi                   n
                                       nnebago County is i a unique situation
                  use             y                ate
              beca we were pbe onl county in the st of Illinois that was         .
               oll ng
              f owi the mandates of the Illinois General Assembly and asses-
                ng             w                ms
              si it what the la said. 0ur proble are separate from those
                  he           es                           e
              of t other counti and I would urge a green vot on this light.
                                               el nd
              Representatives Giorgi, Stubblefi d a myself as well as tbe
              Se              kf             d              or
                nator from Roc ord have worke on this Bill f a long time and
              we do need help for our schools i Rockford and I would urge a
              Breen vote.'

  % ld-
   f *-,
.v .  *.
                          (;j 1 l I zk1 ,kj é l / 1 1 ''
                           : é$ é k h - ! ; ; ï $ 1 - k
                             g4 ):               1
zv. , j
 .     .
:).. : ..
 '                                  .      L êO S
                                 STATE O F ' L11 '
 .y ?. :
  1 rj;
     . ï
      f                      yo us op n u R r uN'AT vEs
                              < c ' e s r I                .                     I
                                                      2    gy
                                                    Jt# Jg i j


            Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Giorgi.'
                          pea          t
            Giorgi: HMr. S ker, it isn' very often tbat Rockford is on the pan
                     like we hear problems for Chicago, proble for East St. Louis.
                     Web been debating hours and hours about needs for these other
    '                 i i s. e e e# e e n e a z d 8, 0 0 0 e a se
                     c t e H r w v b e p n li e $ 0 0, 0 b c u of our
                     t              cie       me                hi
                      horoughly effi nt assess nt practices. I t nk this is an
                     instance where the second l                          ve
                                                argest city ought to be gi n special
                     consideration bec        s   ng                  h
                                      ause it' goi to create havoc wit our school
                          ms nd ve                      oble
                     syste a wef been debating school pr ms here for maybe a
                     hundr hours. And I feel that this General Assembly, I might
                     not change any votes but it i                          or
                                                  sn't very often that Rockf d pleads
                      o     u t i s r i n. . r u i     r
                     f r a j s d s e t o m o j st ce he e/î
                 ker        l
             Spea Redmond: 'Represe     ve upre/'
                                   ntati Bea
             Beaupre; HMr. Spea                nd             he use, I have
                               ker and Ladïes a Gentlemen of t Ho
                     no parochial interest in this matter but I was one of the four
                          ve                        or
                     or fi drafters of the formula f House Bill 990 which has
                     created it. At the time Bouse Bill 990 was heard in this House
                                  he nate we> t Spo
                     and also in t Se                               11
                                               he nsors, of House Bi 990
                     recognfzed and told this Ceneral Asse           he or
                                                          mbly that t f mula was
                                  o olve t pr ms throughout the state i regard
                     so designed t s      he oble                      n
                      o quit n
                     t e y i property taxes. But that there was one county that
                         oul t                        hat   uld t
                     we c dn' work into the formula, t we co n' solveo..come
                                    ton   nd hat
                     up with a solut for a t was Winnebago County. It seemed
                     t us at the tfme, and I t                              his dy
                                              hink ft <as the judgement of t Bo
                     that creating e    y n       y                 h he
                                    quit i propert taxation was wort t cost of
                         ng    nt
                     givi a gra to Winnebago County in or            ve
                                                         der to achie equity
                     thr hout the state of Illinois. Now these other Amendments
                      t                                 call
                       hat have been passed on here basi y are not needed. The form-
                     u1a wfll take care of those countfes i due ttme. The fact fs
                      that those count             osi
                                      ies are not l ng money as a result of House
                                nd he w                    y ver had the money
                      Bill 990 a t ne assessment level. The ne
                              oul t                           be mula allows
                      so you c dn' lose it. The fact is that t for
                       or   ht                sse
                      f slig increases in asse d valuation in each one of those
                      c            re             ime    ve
                       ounties. We' talking in a t of gra financial crisis fn
                      thfs state of tacking on an addittonal four million or five

              .                   G EN E R A L A SSE M BL 5'                                .
        l1.. ) :
        iq . t                             'x c    u Nos
                                          sr v! oe l ul s
         GS. t?
             e .
        A :' .4.
         . ' 3-
                 '                     uous : src u cNv rvcs
                                           so / ea s l'l                  .
.                               .. .                                                    . .. '
                                                  z ) S6
                                                 Jty ; ( 17

                  million dol            an              o
                             lars to a... appropriation t a grant to a county
                   that cert nly deser                    lt
                                      ves it for the benef of a11 the rest of
                   us tbey indeed deserve that grant. But tbere is no necessity
                   for ot                              es hat are involved.
                         her grants to the other counti t
                   Frankl one of those counties is in my district but I can tell
                    o h t' n u t n n q i a le n t' n x e d u
                   y u t at i s u j s a d i e u t b a d i s a e p n it re of
                   state fu                                    me
                           nds that we should not incur at a ti wben we need         '
                   eve dollar that we can f     n his bu
                                           ind i t      dget. I truly encourage
                     u                     s he und and equitable t ng to
                   yo to vote for this; it' t so                   hi
        S ker Red                    d       h?
                 mond: HHave a1l vote who wis Representative Maragos/'
        Maragos: '     Mr. Speaker I had my lig on during debate because I
                  Mr....                       ht
                   wanted to ask a rbetorical q      n            or
                                               uestio of the Spons of this report.
                                  .         me mit as to when t seev nally
                   Is the report.. have a ti li                he   .fi
                   going t get release denied the         d ke o
                                                 m? And I' li t ask in his
                   explanation if he would tell me otherwise...committee Report
                   comes out wit           me
                                hout any ti limit of a year or two, given the
                       ef                         ass me
                   reli until they settle tbeir... ess nt procedures I tbink
                   i d be u               bis      ore
                           nfair to keep t on for f ver/'
        Speaker Red       '
                   mond: 'Have a1l voted vho wish? Clerk will take the record.
                   On this question t               nd
                                     here's 47 aye a 85 no and the House...
                   Gentle    s    on
                         manî moti fails. Represe                iel
                                                 ntative Stubblef d, you
                   request a Second Conference Co        '
            Stu              p.
               bblefield: HYe Mr. Speaker, I...      î
            Speaker Redmond: H.x.second Conference.        e       n          '
                                                   Committe has bee requested. '
            Stubblefield: M                  '
                              Request that...'
            Speaker Redmond: HAnd that applies to 152 and 1956, that correct?
                   3068. 3068. Representative Chapma     o'
                                                    n. Wh s the Sponsor of
                   30682 Representative Chapman.                  s
                                                        3068? Whol the Sponsor
                   of...going, 3068, t        pres   ve wns. Out of t
                                      wice. Re entati Do             he
                   record. 3318 Represe     ve na             ati
                                       ntati Ha han. Represent ve Bradley
                   for what purpose do you rise?'
            Bra       '          pe
               dley: 'Well> Mr. S aker: L                        he
                                         adies and Gentlemen of t House, I rise
                                se   n nnounce
                   for the purpo of a a       ment. The Members of tbe Conf-
                   erence Committee on Corrections, Ment Health and Children
                   and Fami Ser                         n   m
                               vices are going to meet i Roo 400 at 11 o'clock

    'h mc
     ) .x'
    ' p.'  t
     . . (.
      t i                                 T r Ltl s
                                      STATE oi I -NOl
                                              ) js
                                         4U8 j( k

             d      o   d he mes of those Members of those
       and I' like t rea t na
       Conference Committees. If everybody will be there on time
                     es ve
       maybe we can r ol the problem with those three Conferences:
       t             e o he me
        hey a11 relat t t sa problem. 0n Children and Family
       Ser         s
          vices it' Jaffey Ba                     nd
                             rnes, Bradley, Ryan a Totten. Mental
       Hea1th is Byersy Bo          n,
                          yle: Totte Bradley and Ryan. And in Cor-
       rections we bave Kosinski, Bradley, Brummety Ryan and Totten.
              hos mbers will be up in t
       So if t e Me                    hat Room 400 we can proceed
         th hose three Conference Committees. Thank you, Si n
       wi t                                                r.
          dmo   f          fve naha
Speaker Re nd: 'Representat Ha ny out of the record. 3952,
       Representative Laurino? Out of the record. 0n the order of
       concurrence 3147. Represe     ve          '
                                ntati Matijevichm'
   fje h: Mr.        m hi ng ust         re
Mat vic n Speaker: T# t nki j in case we' here later
         nig      1           ng                     mo
       to ht, 1... was wonderi if we could have unani us con-
       se to waive that t                         o he
                         hree hour rule relative t t calendar
                                  m              s
       on conference committees. I' afraid if it' around 9 o'clock
        hat uld
       t co really jeopardize us/'
 p a e e m nd: H r t e e a y o j ct o ? Re r s n a i e W s '
SekrRdo         A e h r n b e i ns        p e e t t v al h.'
  l h: I bj c o h s i e, r. p ke    e o u if c i n o
Wa s ' o e t t t i t m M S ea r, I s e n j st i at o f r
       doi that now/'
          dmo   '                  pri
Speaker Re nd: 'Fourth of July fn S ngffeld fs very delfghtful.
       Representative Madigan. 3147. Representative Schneider.
       Ge Hoffman. Repres      ve
                         entati Schneider. Representati     '
Schneider: HThank you, Mr. Speaker and Me          he use, last night
                                         mbers of t Ho
       I think we det    ne                    on  ds      es
                     ermi d that this propositi nee 107 vot be-
       cause it does add additional money f scbool const      n nds
                                                        ructio bo
       re    ng
         lati to special educat          s
                               ion. That' basically the change from
         n                y
       te million to tvent million. Formerly that money was taken
         om                                            o ggest that
       fr General Revenue Funds. What we have done is t su
       now t                  rom nd
            his become money f bo sources for a period of one year.
                         his use               e
       I would ask that t Ho do concur to Senat Ame       12,
                                                   ndment 1 is
       it? Yes: 2.'
S ker Red      'Rep   he            '
         mond: ' eat t motion there?'
            The use
Schneider: H Ho do concur/'
Speaker Redmond: Mokay. Any discussion? The q        s
                                             uestion' on the Gentle-

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M 8 L Y
                                  Ch L N N
                           STATEL F 1 L1 oI
                         ;       #          FV
                      Ho tsC o F FEPR EsENTA'I ES
                                l $)S 6
                               Jt 1( 1?

       man' motion that theo..Representative Berman/'
Berman: d                        '
         Would the Sponsor yieldk'
          dmo   '
Speaker Re nd: 'He will/'
Berman: 'This is the Bill that d                    ng
                                eals with the shifti of the special
       ed co                 .fr
            nstruction from.. om General Revenue to construction?
                 s   ht.î
Schneider: HThat' rig '
Berman: H          nat
         And the Se e Amendment does what? J                  '
                                            ust make ft for...'
            '          dy' mend
Scbneider: 'Senator Bra s A ment from Chicago adds an additional
        1 0 0 00 .'
       $ 0, 0 , 0 1
         '               o ell me so
Berman: 'Are you trying t t                 '
 cnie      ' s. h h re'
           Y                  o n a s i g r u n ty us
S h e d r: ' e T at t e s no p i t h s l n a o nd o i j t
       vote it up/'
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentati Walsh from Chicago/'
Walsh: HLaGrange Park, Mr. Spea    '
Speake Red      'La nge Park.
          mond: ' Gra        n
        '                                 rou
Walsh: 'Yes, Mr. Speaker, the thing that t bles me about this con-
                  n ddition to the fact t
        currence i a                            re       ng he
                                         hat we' increasi t
                    n                   he             ncl
        authorizatio to issue bonds is t fact that we i ude in
        this Se                he
               nate Amendment t aut            o
                                   horization t use bond money for
        planning, sort of whate                          ms
                               ver that means. Now it see to me Mr.
        pe k r h t f e dn' a e l n n s       a      u f â le
        S a e t a i w di t h v p a ni g a a- - s a j st f b u
        use for bondm bond mo                  ainl
                             ney before we cert y shouldnêt have
        it now especi y si       re    ng
                          nce we# issui more and more bonds. Now
         o w a o s h n o t e n u t f c f n o n r as ng
        f r t o re s n t e d n' se a y j s i i at o f r i c e i
         h at s n e t d e s y 2 0 0, 0 n ec nd y e a s he
        t e st e' i d b e n s b $ 0, 0 0 0 a d s o l b c u e t
        proceeds of this bond mone can be used for planning. I would
        urge a no vote on this eoncurre    '
            '             o         l'                          '
schneider: 'I would like t respond. 'he language is a11 ready...'
Speaker Red      'Re         ve   ino '
           mond: ' presentati Maut .'
     no '                              le
Mauti : 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker> will tl Gentle        d
                                               man yiel for a
   aler         'e
                 l                ati           '
Spe c Redmond : 'l will. Represent ve Schneider.'
èaut1no :     ' nn, would you pleas e
             'Gle                                  he the last st
                                   e xplain to me t ...          ate-
              n             he                 h
        ment f the Digest, t last seatence whic says that the

                      G E N E R A L A S S E 51B 1 Y
                                    :     ..sç1
                               STATE OF 1kk1I>S
                              l :7              M
                          Ho kS/ :F HEeRESEN TATI ES
                                   l J 85
                                  Jt s( 1 7

       spec education bui ng pur           he                     l
                                poses for t 1976 fiscal year only?'
Schneider: n                      n mended to i ude the two fiscal
            Wells that has now bee a           ncl
       years which would mean 75-6,76-77. What happened is that a
       local dist       ll
                 rict wi levy taxes or will exercise an initiative
       to construct special education facilities. What we do is reim-
       burse and that's what this money is. but there has to be actual
       const                y               ng
            ruction under wa and a reimbursi for             ed or
                                                mula is creat f
                              whi                    he
       that which indicates.e. ch will then entitle t district to
          mb   me                                      ll
       ref urse nt. The new language whfch is fn the Bf is language
       t                         it
        hat is already in the Cap al Develop                nd
                                            ment Board Act a which
                       d        ng                o    w
       is also requeste by bondi houses in order t allo the con-
       struct     o        l
             ion t proceed.'
Ma        '
  utino: 'Okay. Se     y w,                nt nsi
                  condl no will this take i o co deration those
       buildings that were..othose bond iss               71   di
                                           ues passed in ' buil ngs
       co              73
         nstructed in ' and lat          73
                               e.--late ' early          Would tbey
       als be co               s    ic
                vered under thi part ular section? I will
                                   yy wa                 at
        specifically state let's sa Ke nee High Scbool th put up
                 al d
        the speci e building under cont         71
                                       ract of ' finished in late
        :73. Would ehfs apply to t             '
                                  hefr funding?'
            '          ndi                d,  k:
Schneider: 'My understa ng is that it woul Jac because itls an
           bt                    hi                        bl
        eig -year program and I t nk it would go back possi y pick
                          ne                        on/
        up that if it's mo y that has been carried f ard or for pro-
                           ll ndi '
        posals that are sti pe ng.'
Mautino: NYour answer is yes, it will pick up that.o/l
Sèhneider: 'That would be my understanding if that is st     n
                                                        ill i the

         ' it' co
Mautino: 'No         ed: enn, t
              s mplet Gl       hat's why I asked/'
Sch         '                     '
   neider: 'Tbe answer now is yes.'
Mautlno; MThank you.'
 Speaker Redmond: O prese     ve          t
                         ntati Schlickman.'
 Schkickma    '             '
          n: 'Sponsor yield?'
            mo    '       '
 Speaker Red nd: 'He will.'
 Schlickma    ' use Bi11 3147 at its outset as I read t Bill and I
          n: 'Ho                                       he
        wo                         nt
          uld appreciate your comme provided tbat the procecds from

                     G E N E R A L A SS EM I LY
                                   r Lkl4 s
                            STATC o! l rol
                        /GkSE' ' ?FSE'I
                        J ? O F GEPê ATATI  WEN
                                                k 3 I')
                                                 1    jt-
                                              J$' '1 à -2

                                oul                     d
                   these bonds c d be used for special e purposes during
                   fiscal '76 is t            '
                                  hat correct?'
            Sc          '                  s
              hneider: 'That wàs it. Thereî been another year added and another

!                     000,  n
                   10, 000 o top of that/'
            Sc           Iell, no wait a mtnute. The Bill, as it was int
              hlickman: Hf       w                                            d
                                                                        roduce ,
                             d hat for fiscal '7 t proceeds of these bonds could
                   simply sai t                 6 he
                         d                         Fiscal year ' terminates to-
                   be use for specfal ed purposes. '            76
                   morrow. Okay?jy                                                      '

            Schneide    ' s
                    r: 'It' rei                 '
                               mbursed in money.'
                 ckma 'kay. Then, Senate Amendme /1 e
            Schli n: 'O                         nt / xpanded the purposes f6r
                    hi h he n y o l      e     a i s i a c d d 2 0 0, 0
                   w c t mo e c u d be us d, pl nn ng a s st n e: a de $ 0, 0 0
                    ro he
                   f m t present aut     ati
                                    horiz on of 400...Right.H
            Scbnei      '            H
                  der: 'l think the...
            Schlic n: HAnd then...     he      nd
                                  and t n add a then cont      o   m
                                                         inue t ter for
                   another year, is t            '
                                     hat correct?'
            Sc          '    s   ht.'
              hnefder: 'Thatl rig '
            Sc          ' rig
              hlickman: 'AII          ve                    ere
                             ht. So weA got an entirely diff nt Bill with                   .

                             nd nt /                            h-'
                   Senate Ame me /1 from what we started off wit '
                        We ve                                nni          hi
            Schneider: H ha more money and the concept of pla ng which I t nk
                    I t d to explain to Dick was added beca     he
                                                           use t bonding houses
    '               s                                        y
                     uggested it and also because it's alread language in the Capital
                   Develop               '
                          ment Board Act.'
                  kma               sti   n                          n
            Schlic n: Hone final que on. I House Bill 3148 there is a appro-
                                 10, 000 r peclal ed facilit
                    priation of $ 000, fo s                          hat      '
                                                            ies, is t correct?'
            Schneider: nWas that mi     8:   n'             s hat the...
                                   ne? 4 I ca t recall it. I t
                                 ati '
                   House Appropri on?'
            Schlick     ' 1ô8...'
                   man: '...3   '
                             'Bri   ur
            Speaker Redmond: ' ng yo questions to a close, please/'
                       '      s be'
            Schneider: 'If it' t appropriation, Gene, that's already on the
                    Gove     s   k'
                        rnor' des .'                                    '
             c l c m n: ' g t, o
                        R         o .s o '              o 3 0 0, 0 '
            S h i k a ' i h s we g t. . o n w we re up t $ 0, 0 0 0.6
            Scbneider: '                        hi    '
                        We11, wait a second, I t nk...'
            Schlt        ' w
                 ckman: 'No what about Senate...n
                  r dmond: NWait a minut
            Speake Re                   e. Wait a mi     '
                                                    nuteo'                         '
            Schlic n: n...               o xpedite this thing. Se
                          speaker wants t e                      nate Bill 1935

         .) . e
         I 1 .c
        N..:..                         t               3 ,
                               G E N E I A L A S S E 5:1 L X
    ;$. .'. .
     '1     t
            ;                             'C
                                          T     L N 1
                                       STA.' OF I LI C$N
    'I    ,)
       z, , (
      .t .t !

     j, y
                         N   86
                       Je 2û1 7
        l o a 1 0 . 0 n t: o o e' e p o 4 00 , 0
       a s h ve $ 0, 00 0 0 i i s n w w r u t $ 0, 0 0 0.
       This a s          '
               hell game?'
             bis  he
Schneider: nT ii t authorizing legtslation tn t     you w,
                                               he... kno
       h u t nt v i l; h 2 0 0, 0 s r s nt y n he
       t e s bs a f e b l : e $ 0, 0 00 i p e e l o t
       Gover    s   k                hi             if
            nor' des for zigning. I t nk you have..w youlre
          you can't stockpile t appr
       m e.                                        op
                                    opriations on t of the sub-
       stantive re                         w,            nd
                  quest to make tty you kno under that ki of shell
        a t'        0, 0 0 0. h    r o n s ut t 2 0 0, 0
       g me i d be 4 0 0, 0 W at we' e d i g i p t ng $ 0, 0 0 0
          o he        ve
       int t substanti bill to match the appropriations which is
Sc          '
  hlickman: '               be
             Thank you and t Spea    '
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Skinner/'
          r sense a c
Skinner: 'l.q.       ontradiction on the part of the Sponsor. I
                             his s
       thought he said that t i a one-year progèam and yet I think
         ve             re  o wo              rea
       I' heard that we' int t fiscal years al dy. I wonder
                 d                n his ratber gaping i nsistency?'
       if he woul yield and explai t                   nco        s
Schneider: ' uld you...C                     u
                        a1, I missed thaty I' sorry I was talking to
       one of the aid es.f
         ' n he           u                           a
Skinner: 'I t beginning yo said this was a one year... one shot
       t              because web s
        hing that we...                                  ar n he
                                 re hort of money this ye i t
       General Reve                        o                al velop-
                   nue Fund we were going t stick into Capit De
         n o r ne i b           o r e os s 1. 3 o ve y l a
       me t B a d mo y wh c of c u s c t $ 7 f r e r do l r
         hat             he ng                 ns
        t we spend over t lo term and in your a wers tg Represen-
       tative schlick         ai hat we were in t fiscal years. Now
                     man you s d t               wo
           h        rut '
       whic is tbe t h?'
Schnei      ' s
      der: 'ltl two fiscal years for construction and reimbursement
                       s        ue       atio
       purposes but it' a one ti appropri n for bonds rather than
        General Re nue/'
          '          no                          '
sklnner; 'How do we k k lt w1ll only be one tlme?'
Sc                                     l
  hneider: nDon't support it next year.l
skinner: ' mbers of the ceneral Assembly. if I mig     '
                  '       '
Speaker Redmond: 'Proceed.'
         ' ..
Skinner: f. You. It seems to me that tbe best way to make sure it
                     n              o
        doesn't happe this year is t make sure it doesn't happen...
                        n              o ke            nf
        or doesn't happe next year is t ma sure it does t happen

                   G E N E R A L A SS E5 iL Y
                                    u .r S
                           sTATL DF I kI4o1
                          l 7           :   V
                      H OkSE (F REPnE5EhTATI EF
                                                   l . )gc
                                                 JtN 3( l7
                          this year. This is an incredible precedent to set. We are
                          doing it syste                      he               hro ng
                                        matically throughout t budget; we are t wi
                                   n n                    o              s
                          the burde o future politicians t pay for today' bills and
                                    s                         o mi
                          next year' bills. And I would like t re nd the Sponsor that
                          he is one of those future politicians t    s
                                                                 hat' going to have to     I
                          find t mone      s
                                     y. He' got his fingers crossed, what does that
                          meanyI                                          '
                               h y nd
                Schneider: HWit an ki of luck. Let me..J'
                                  I                  he
                Speaker Redmond: 'Are you ready for t question? Representative
                                                       ati     ma
                          Schneider to close. Represent ve Hoff n, for what purpose
                          do you rise?'
                Hoff      'ha
                    man: 'T nk you, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Housey
                                                        his                      wo
                          as one of the Co-sponsors of t Bill, let me Just make t or
                          three comments t     o ear t air on so statements t
                                          o...t cl    he        me           hat
                          ha been made. Number oney this is the authorization bill for
                           h 2 0 0, 00 h ' n u d 0, 0 0 0 n i l n 0: 0 0 0
                          t e $ 0, 0 0 t at s i cl de 1 0 0, 0 o e b l a d 1 0 0: 0
                          n h t e bi l. o he e s o 4 0 0: 0      ' 2 0 0, 0
                          i t e o h r. l S t r i n $ 0: 0 0 0: it s $ 0, 0 0 0
                          of authoriz on, t
                                     ati   herers $20, 000 of appropri on. Let me
                                                      000,            ati
                          say also that t                                aci
                                         hese are for special edueation f lities and a11
                                    ng n his is treating special ed children the sa way
                          we are doi i t                                           me
                                     be hildre u
                          we treat ot r c     n nder the School Bond Construction Act.
                          Tbis is f Capital Develop               or anni for Capital
                                                   ment, this is f pl    ng
                                pme     s         al
                          Develo nt, it' for capit outlay, it is not for operating
                                           d                        he    al
                          funds. Thirdly I' like to point out that t Capit Develop-
                          ment Act provides for planning assist                  o ve
                                                               ance. If we want t sa
                           he xpayer' money and if we want t get the long-term be
                          t ta       s                      o                    nefit
                                                            n he
                          out of these facilities planning i t begi              me
                                                                   nning maybe so of
                          t most i            lar hat we spe
                                  mportant dol s t                           ve
                                                            nd. So what we ha done
                           n                           he ng
                          i this Bill is we have made t la uage in the School Bond
                                            o    be ame as the language i t Capital
                          Construction Act t be t s                      n he
                          Development Board Act. Whet                     n he... the
                                                     her we will do this i t     in
                          future is up t up to us. We have a lapse period       the
                                    s        n
                          commitment have bee made for F7-76 it makes sense to run
                          these t app                             o his ti we have
                                     ropriations together. Prior t t      me
                                       he   y ut                    d
                          been taking t mone o of General Revenue an you and I know

'*                                                             ..
                                                              ..      .
                                                                      .               ..   '

            . z'
            .Ar ' .
         xs* h..,r
         . .% . 'z
              .. .
                                     G E x E j A L A rsE M BL Y
                                              t      ;
         -ç.'..) y
           .. .
         ?k.. ,;t
           .u . .
           g -#                               'nv r u No.
                                             sr uo',u, s                                           :
     -   *! +: *
          o '                                                TV
                                          HoksE oF ReEnEsLNYA. l ES
                                             l       ;>                       .                    .
                                      *-t 4.1 t %
                                      > > .v .

       tbat that t                          y
                  ype of thing doesn't reall make a great deal
       of sense tn the fiscal c       n             n
                               onditio that we are i now. And we...
                  '                   af
       we: as a Ceneral Assembly: sust n the elfmfnation of thfs
        1 0 0, 0 r m h . s pe i e e t f u l c n r          n'
       $ 0, 0 0 0 f o t e- - u r nt nd n o P b i I st uctio s
                                  or                 d
       Offfce fn the past and so f thfs reason I voul encourage
       an aye vote.         nk his is a responsible pi
                         thi t                        ece of legis-
       lation and I would urge your support/'
    ker mond: HRe
Spea Red         prese     ve          o
                      ntati Schneider t close/'
            ' k
Scbneider: 'Than you again, Mr. Spe      nd mbers of the Ho
                                   aker a Me               use,
                  y     it               pt
       very briefl it... is again a conce that does apply to a11
       scbools. We relate to question of constructionF I am concerned
              yo                     o
       as ever ne else is in regard t bondi     ut
                                           ng. b the fact is
       building constructi out of General money, General Revenue
       mo                ke his is ve difficult and I wo
         ney at a time li t          ry                 uld suggest
       that dist cts t      ve
                      hat ha made their ef      nd ye     ake
                                          fort a ha undert n
                ion                   ies er    me
       eonstruct of special ed facilit des ve so assistance
       and this is the Bill for t and I would ask an aye vote and
       we do concur/'
Speaker Redmond: nThe quest          he         s    on hat the
                           ion's on t Gentleman' moti t
                                 nd    / o          11
       nouse concur fn Senate Ame ment /2 t House Bf 3147. A11 tn
       favor vote aye; opposed vote no. Final action. Have a11 voted
             s     ve
       who wf'h? Ha a1l voted who wlsh?                               be cord.
                                                     Clerk will take t re
       On t                                oa
           his question 127 aye and 20 no.. nd 20 no and the House does
        onc                  nt I     use
       c ur in senate Amendme I2 to Ho Bill 3147.                3721,
       Representative Miller/'
Miller: îThank you, Mr. Speaker, Me          be
                                   mbers of t Houses I ask...move
       that the Bouse c ur with Se            nt /
                                  nate Amendme /l to House Bill
       3721. It is a clarifying Amendme to clean up language, make
       the intent of the House Bil1 more cl     nd
                                           ear a I ask your favorable
         Pp val.'
        a ro    l
          dmo   '
speaker Re nd: 'Ready for the q      n,
                               uestio the question is on the Gentle-
       manl motion. Represe     ve
                           ntati Berman/'
 er a   T m, o l o el s n e a l h . . us a b m nd n
B m n: H o c u d y u t l u i d t t u at . j t wb t t e A e me t
        does? 0r the...            he nate Amendment does?t
                       yeahy what t Se                    '
Mfller: 'We11 ff you recall the Bf11 ar    f:
                                       e... allows school dfscrfcts

                                  -          )
                      G E N E R A 1 A S SE M 1 L Y
                                T : L .N S
                             sTA. e DF t tI o 1
                            l '         ' TA
                         H0k5f 0F RCPRESEN'' TlVf9
                                     R $ S2
                                   4Q 1g 1 d

                                         74      ng x
               to use either the î73 or 1 operati ta rate whichever
               is great      w he
                       er. No t Bill that we sent out of the House with
               that language in it was quite ambiguous and I think if you bad
                                        he           me                e
               your hands on a copy of t Senate Amend nt you would agre that
                    d n           y
               it di f fact clarif it in greater det    '
        Berman: 'Does it still apply to...        he wnstate also?'
                                          a11 of t do           ' '
        Miller: MYes, Art: the same school districts, no different than...
               money oç who it applied to..J'
                  dmo   '      or he    on.'
        Speaker Re nd: 'Ready f t questt '
                1              o                he               d ny
        Miller: '1111 be glad t take it out of t record if you ha a
                  ble                      bat   s
               pro m but I can assure you t that' al1 it does/'
        Speaker Red         ad
                   mond: nRe y for the questio             on' n
                                              n? The questi s o the Gentle-
                   s ion                                   nt /
               man' mot that the House adopt Senate Amendme /1 to House
               Bill 3721. Those in favor vote aye; oppose vote no. Have al1
               voted who wis                                k
                            h? Have al1 voted who wish? Cler will take the
                                      on here' 114 aye a 7 no and t House
                record. 0n this questi t      s         nd         he
                         ur            nd    /
                does conc in Senate Ame ment /1. Represe     ve
                                                        ntati Lechowicz,
                aye. Conference Committee announcement. Leverenz, aye/'
        Clerk OîBrien: HConference Committee announcement relating to Senate
                Bi11 1603....'
        Speaker Red       ' lli       '
                   mond: 'Wi ams, aye- '
        Clerk O'       '
                Brien: ' Members appointed to the Conference Committee are
                         ati                 ho           y,
                Represent ves Kozubowski, Lec wicz, Bradle Ryan and Totten.
                            he mbers of t Conference will be held L
                Meeting of t Me          he                        oday at
                   30   he        e orridor. Not
                11: in t east Hous c            ice of Second Conference
                Committ relating to Senate Bill 1936. Me           nte re
                                                        mbers appoi d a
                Represe                              y,
                       ntatives Muddy Madigan, Bradle Totten and Ryan. Meeting
                    he                        ee
                of t Second Conference Committ will be today at 12 o'clock
                noo in the east House corridor. Notice of Conference Committee
                Second Conference Co     ee
                                    mmitt relating to Senate Bill 1934. Members
                           o he
                appointed t t Conference Committee are Representatives Terzich,
                                         en              ng
                Sangmeister, Willer, Tott and Ryan. Meeti of the Second Con-
                          mnittee will be today at 12: pm in the east House
                ferenee Col                           15 m.
        Sp                '
          eaker Redmond) ,3810 Represe     ve     '
                                      ntati Kelly.'

 1. 1    *,
. .?, p
pt. .7>ç
      ' 5
          .                                        1
                             G EN E R A L A S SE 5 B L Y
  p $ .h (
       ze                            TF     LuN D5
                                    S A'COF1.I (I
-       .
       . U
 . ' iC *
       .                                     ;
                                           ..>4       V
                                 uousr o F FE!FEsENTAT1 ES
                                    $ ) Q?
                                JUN : (h '6

                    '                                   he              o
            Kelly: 'Thank you: Mr. Speaker, Members of t House, I move t concur
                         h                  /
                      wit Senate Amendment /1 and Se               / o
                                                    nate Amendment / t House Bill
                      3         '                      wy            ch
                       810. House Bill 3810, as you kno is a Bill whi calls for
i                      h p o nt e       w p c a l c i n u e bi h u d a y
                      t e a p t m nt of t o s e i l e e t o j dg s w c wo l t ll
                       e e t o a ot n u i i l l c i n          n e me d n /
                      r t n i n b ll s i j d c a e e t o s. Se at A n me t /1
                             he     n
                      gives t Bill a effective date and Senate Amend      /
                                                                    ment ?2 provides
                           he mple ntation of a ne vot
                      for t t me                  w        yste ..
                                                      ing s m. a voting machine
                      mec     m
                         hanis iato Cook County. It provides for the use of this
                        w   hi          ort             n             ure
                      ne mac ne in the f hcoming electio and this meas has the
                                     h rties to my kno
                       support of b0t pa                              n'        he s
                                                      wledge. And I do t think t re'
                       any opposit     o he
                                  ion t t change. And I move for the concurrence,
                            pea  '
                       Mr. S ker.l
            Speaker Redmond: f            ve       f
                              Representati Catania.'
            Cat      '
               ania: l                           ld he             or          '
                      Thank you, Mr. Speaker: wou t Sponsor yield f a question?'
            Kelly: HYes.'
            Cata                         yy
                nia: HRepresentative Kell you said t              or
                                                    his provides f a new...
                       you sald t                                   ng
                                 hïs provides for a new kind of voti machine in
                       Chi o, is t                          y?d
                                  hat correcty in Cook Count '
                Ke11y: H            l
                        No, these... ment            ou                  o
                                         ioned Cook C ntyy we are going t be using
                       t                      ort   ng
                        hese machines in the f hcomi election in the suburban area
                                    y nd    n                     d
                       of Cook Count a not i Chicago, so this woul not be in your
                       particular district.'
                Catania: HThfs does not affect Chic           '
                                                   ago at al1?1
                Kelly: H                                  at
                        This does not affect Cbicago at... a1l as far asv..these       '
                                                                   me n
                       machines will not be used at this present ti i Chicago area,
        î                 ' llz uld you describe what's goi to be happening in t
                catania: 'We wo                            ng                   he

                Kelly: nSure. Well, in tbe s         ve                    nsi
                                            uburbs we' had these large expe ve
                         t n a h n s hi h av o t l v r 2, 0 o a h a hi
                       vo l g m c i e w c h e c s we l o e $ 0 0 f r e c m c ne
                               ll      ace
                        and it' be repl d by these s          yp
                                                    mall box-t e machines wbich will
                         nl s 2 0. h o n at rs e r x e i n e n a e
                        o y co t $ 0 T e d w st e ar mo e e p r e c d a d h v
                                ng m
                        been usi the for a number of years now and have experieneed
                        no difficult          he nd              he ame type of
                                    ies with t m a this is.omis t s
                        syste that we would instit                     k
                                                  ute into suburban Coo County. The

    jwv êX,
     SC '>'
    fr I'N%
    '  ?
      , A'                           2 ; -
                                   c I x y R A j A s sc : B LY
                                                    1 N !
                                           svlvc ov.uuI oI&
    7l ;. .ù
      ç' ? ( .
       # uœ *
     *    ' '                                    1:     1   V
                                      Ho usE oF FEPRESE:TAT1 ES
                                       l     tt
                                      JtN 8@ 1 --

                                                          n ubur
                     difference is where we bad machines i s                  y
                                                                ban Cook Count .
                     Of course in Chf       u
                                     cago yo had your candidates listed across the
                      op      'a ne
                     t of the m chi . . /'
           at ni ' . 1 a us ur o s hy r oi t n h u u bs nd
          C a a: '. . w s j t c i u w we' e d ng i i t e s b r a
                 not in Chicago/f
                 'We        at      me his fs where the electi system in
          Kelly: ' 11, at... this ti st                       on
                 Cook County determine'      hey
                                       that t want to experiment with these
                 in subur n Cook Count         t   w       he ut
                                      y. I don' kno maybe t f ure w111
                 bri Chicago,but f t ti being the aut
                                  or he me           horities determine
                     t                       y
                      hat suburban Cook Count would be the area to place these so
                 at t      me                     1
                     his ti that's the only place.1
                   ' Beca
          Catania: '...  use our understanding are...are large lachines tbat
                  o t ve 2 0 0 n h c g r he t l
                 c s o r $ , 0 i C i a o a e t y no ?'
             L    '
          Ke1.y: 'They are. They are 2,000 in Chtcago.'
                    '      ha      1
          Catania: 'Okay, t nk you.1
          Speaker Redmond : 'Representat          '
                                        ive Mahar.'
                  '       u,
          Mahar: 'Thank yo Mr. Speaker, Iadies and Ge
                                         z           ntle           l usey
                                                         men of the io
                       he po                     on?f
                 will t S nsor yield for a questi '
                           'He    '
          Speaker Redmond: ' will.'
            har î       w'                          he
          Ma : 'Dicky ho s the machine differ than t one we bad in the
                 prs     '
                    mary?l                                      .
          Kelly) '      the
                  The... machine would be a s                   yst ..
                                             maller punch card s em.
                       n M          an. BM yste a it would be well,
                 it's a IB system... . . I s   m nd
                       n               d
                 in.e.i al1 reality it' be a l     i                   ur
                                              ot... nstead of having yo name
                  i t d h ee i s. . i k o d n y a o r a e s ed c
                 l s e t r t me . B l y u' o l h ve y u n m li t on e
                           se    ve
                 as a Repre ntati of the Ceneral Assembly. And it would be
                           r n
                 much easie i many respects for theo..the voters/'
                  ' ll his be in effect f t fall election?'
          Mabar: 'ut t                   or he            '
                  '                  1
          Kellv: 'Yess Yes, it would.'
          Mahar: MDoes this Bill authorize../'
          Kel                 he
             ly: NIn half of t suburban it what: Bil17M
          Ma           in her words is this piece of legislation t
            har: HIs... ot                                        hat youlre
                 going to have voted onyis this determi               re  ng
                                                       ned whether wer goi to
                 have t                          he                l
                       hese macbines in half of t precincts or not?'                 *
          Kelly: HYeah, these are only to use the...                ve
                                                    the less expensi booths to

  . :h n4 '
     - ><..
    J. . v.'i
      j .;x                     G E x E u A L A ss EN11 LY
                                  ,                   9
Jt-..                                    r-'    r kkl s
                                        s' re o l I--Nol
.- zc.Yt
 @' y
  ) .
  .   (                              l l     R. : 4      v
                                    eocss oF'Iaetssce vxvl cs
                              /      (,
                             Jtà 3 2 1M
         ve           s
       sa money, Lhatl the reason.n
Mahar; 'I was under the fmpression t                 lon
                                    hat your leglslat was designed
                     he                               o ount the
       to alleviatd t problem we had with the judges t c
        u i al a l t    o u' e a k n b ut e i l t o o
       j d ci b l o s. N w yo r t l i g a o l g s a i n t
       authorfze the use of addftfonal machines or different types of
Kelly: HNoy this is t earlfero.o      he
                                thes t Bill itself was intended to
         k he y t m     u i g h s u c al l o s c as e
       ma e t s s e of co nt n t e e j di i ba l t mu h e i r.
                                        he w,
       We will place on these machines t ne the judicial candidates
                               enti                     ave
       that are running for ret on and it wfll in fact s the judges
       muc time i    i
                 n... n tallying and counting thesee..these ballots so
        t s e y uc h a u je t t e
       i i v r m h t e s me s b c ma t r/l
        '           m
Mahar: 'We11 that I' in fa         I'
                          vor of... m concer                  r
                                            ned about the othe par...
       I' in fa               re
               vor of what you' talking about there. I wanted to
       know how...hov it c                   ur
                          hanges as far as yo and my names on the
       ballot are co                           '
                    ncerned, that was my point-'
Kelly: H             hi                   n            he
        Yeahy the mac nes have already bee decided by t Board. This
         s u s i t o h he ve h ut o t                 ut s er-
        i a j ri d c i n t at t y ba t e a h ri y on j s a R p e
            aci       a d ked about Chi
        sent ve Catani ha as                      s
                                       cago, that' a different
                         s ove                y
        authority and it' g rned under the Cit of Chicago Board of
        Election, t    s
                   hatî why they'      o
                                 re-.-s it'    '
        '                    .                     how
Mahar; lThen thfs Bill doesn't cover exaetly the... your name and
        my name will appear on tbe ballot?'
        '      s      he   ng           l
Kelly: 'No> it' just t voti booths only.'
Spea              '           ve            t
    ker Redmond: 'Representati Madigan. Can' see Representatfve
        Madi              ati       '
            gan. Represent ve Lundy.'
Lundy: '                                            le
        Yes, thank you, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gent men of the House,
        I' afraid t     n             on            e   nd
                   hat i the descripti of this Senat Ame ment it
        ma have taken on in the mi         me
                                  nds of so Members some importanee
        that it really does deserve. The Cook County Clerk,under
                y             dy
        authorit that he alrea has under the Election Codeyhas decided
                           he ve         ion      l         ng vices
        to buy and use in t No mber elect Vote-o-hatic. voti de
        which are                     n
                      already widely i use downstate. A11 that this
        Se            nt        o                    he
          nate Amendme does is t permit a change in t size and the
        s         he          h                he      /atic'mac ne.
         hape of t voting b00t to accommodate t Vote-o- l       hi

                    G E N E R A L A SSE M BL Y
                            T G        1k1 S
                            S ATI OF I..NQl
                       : l' R             4   V
                       # oksE o F FEPR ESEPT8TI ES
                                          LN   S6
                                          J 20 17


                                   e he
                It doesn't authoriz t use of the machine, t    s
                                                           hat' already
                        ed                                                  ve
                authoriz and the Board bas already decided to do it and they'
                already bought t machines. A11 this does is change tbe Election
                Code requlre          he
                            ments on t slze and s               ctï 00th so
                                                 hape of the ele on b
                that tbose Vote-o-        an           s
                                  Matics c be used. lt' really a very simple
                t                         ect
                 echnical change fn the El ion Code and I would urge support
                for the mot to co                        me
                                 ncur in the Senate Amend nt/'
      Speaker Red       Re ent ve mer.
                 mond: H pres ati Pal n
      Pal      '
         mer: 'one q      a                    pons
                    uestio and that is if the S or will yield/'
                       'He    '
      Speaker Redmond: ' wi1l.'
      Pal      '
         mer: 'Tbatg- the quest           her                nes
                               ion is whet or not these machi will be
                                     ry ovns?'
                used in a11 the count t      '
       pea            Re
      S ker Redmond: n prese     ve
                            ntati Kelly/'
              '                                       n ok
      Kelly: lYes, they will be used in a1l of suburba Co County, yes/'
      Pal     '
         mer: 'Thank you/'
      Speaker Red       '     ent ve bea/'
                 mond: 'Repres atf S
      Shea: 1We1l, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Housey I rise
                to support t                              usl
                            his legislation. As was previo y mentioned the
                          y   rd                       nd urchased these
                Cook Count Boa has already gone ahead a p
                machines under the aut     y he ve
                                      horit t y' had. In suburban Cook
                 County we will now have f      chi                nct
                                          our ma nes for each preci . We
                                   nico             l all
                will have little mi mputers that wil t y the votes right
                 in the preci . Wit                   he
                                   hin an hour after t election we should
                       e                         ene .             s
                 be abl to know exactly whae happ d fn the precfnct . The
                 sto                            hi
                    rage and moving of these mac nes to and from the precincts
                 will substantially re      he                  n
                                      duce t cost of elections f Cook County.
                 I think this is an excellent Bill and T eommend it to you for
                 your s    rt '
                       uppo .î
          Speake Red       '        ati   hoe      1
                    mond: 'Represent ve Sc berlein.1
          Schoe          '                a      nd
               berlein: 'Mr. Speaker and ladies a Gentle        he
                                                        men of t Housey T move
                 the pre us q      n.'
                             uestio '
                           IGe   man s
          Speaker Redmond: ' ntle ï moved the previous question. The question
                 fs, s                    on
                      hall the mafn questl be put? M l tbose ln favor say aye;
                              f          ve
                 opposed, no. 'he ayes ha it. A1l t         avo
                                                   hose in f r vote aye;
                 op                                              n
                   posed vote no. Have a11 voted who W sh? Call o you to

 ' z?'
 T w'
 t >x.
N .
     Nr                     c l N y I A t A ss E : 1 1Y
                              ï :t .              13-
:, xk', ..:l
    . z
   ' v
                                                 L .PC1
                                       STATE OF I t11)S
',' . .
 î. r.                               z .      2 js Ivxvs e
                                  Ho tse oF Reeq ssg    v:s
                                 JUN 7 0 17


       explain your vote, Representative Dyer. Representative Dyers
                             u     '
       for what purpose do yo rise?'
 y r: ' 1 t us pp ne y o n i e c
      W                                   s n h lo        he
D e ' e l, i j t ha e d b c i c d n e I wa o t e f o r of t
            e   n
       Senat whe this Bill was being discussed and there were two
       questi                            n ns               hes
             ons raised that have not bee a wered. One, do t e
                    h                n
       machines whic have alreadv bee deli                   gi
                                          vered match the ori nal
       specifications as authorized? The second question is: has the
       Bil1 been amended t assure privacy for the voters because there's
       no mention of c ains a    .. he mensions of t
                             nd-. t di              his mac     .
           d      o                ng          es o ve
       you' have t be a midget voti on your kne t ha privacy.
                 d                         wo uestio
       And I woul like an answer to those t q       ns/l
Speaker Redmond: HReprese              d
                         ntatïve Kelly.d
Kelly: HThank you, Mr. Speaker, for one thing those questions were...
                             icul    ng
       were not asked in part ar duri the earlier de      nd d
                                                    bate a 1'
       be pleased to answer them. These, first of a11 these specifi-
        c                   and                              mit
         ations as I underst do :you might say contain or per >the

                                 h                  o he
        size of this machine whic will be used. As t t privacy,
        tbese have bee used in...            lli
                                 throughout I nois for many: many
        years now a there has never been a questïon of prlvacy and
        that the is a...certainly they are s      nd        er o
                                            hort a down clos t
         he   nd              il    vi
        t grou but it would st l pro de the privacy because they
        are only some fi feet off the ground so it would provide a
        a e e r e f ri ac u t s u y t m r e l s ot
        l rg d g e o p v y j s a o r s s e p es nt y i n
        a hundred percent f          ut  s
                           oolproof b it' fairly well. So I...the
        feelfng of the election officials is that it does provide
        privacy. Yes, Representat    '
                  Ha         ed
Speaker Redmond: n ve a11 vot who wi        k           he
                                    sh? Cler will take t record.
         n his             s 4                         ntle s
        0 t question there' 11 aye and 13 no and the Ge man'
        motion prevails. Re          ve
                           presentati Kelly to close/'
    y: '              pea
Kell 'Thank you, Mr. S ker and Members of the House: I would just
                     or                    he
        like to ask f your concurrence on t House Bill 3810 of
         n e me d n / n n e me d n 2. n : us
        Se at A n me t / a d Se at A n me t / A d 1 11 j t
        as for the Roll Call. 0hy iacidentally, incidentally,
                ke            he        me          n ub
        would li to add that t re are so districts i s urban Cook
        Count as I understand it, t                           m
                                   hat will not be cbanged fro the

                   G E N E R A L A S S E 51I L Y
                            T r7        N S
                            G A'E OF 1LLI o1
                        1 l ; 1:             r1
                       bo tse oF':ePRESENTA' VC5
                                        J a C:
                                         l ' J7

                                    m      m
                       present syste and Iî sure ke'll be able to let those of you
                       who are candidates kno wbtch of those precincts are but this
                       is an outst            a hat s uld serve the St
                                  anding syste t     ho               ate of Illinois
                              ll                              '
                       very we and I ask for your concurrence.'
                Spe               '
                   aker Redmond: 'The question' on the Ge man' mot
                                               s         ntle s   fon that the
                                 ur                    /         o
                       House conc in Senate Amenduents /1 and 2 t House Bill 3810.
                       Those in fa       e
                                  vor vot aye and opposed vote no. Have a1l voted
                       who wish? Represent ve Pierce/'
                        f Spea
                Pierce: 'Mr.  ker, in e       ng         m           d
                                       xplaini my vote I' very please to see
                        the County Clerk of Cook County has finally acknowledge the
                        value of electr         ng
                                       onic votl system. In 1965 I fntroduced the
                        first legislat     n                     he
                                      ion i this Body to perait t use of electronic
                        voting s ms and the 1966 pri                   n
                                                    mary we used theu f Lake County
                                        .L          he         :
                        and have ever sl:cc but cn t State Ela-tion Laws Com=lssion
                              ch                        he                  ile
                        in whi I served in 1966 and 67 t re was no more host per-
                                    ro       ng
                        son to elect nic voti systems and no more vigorous partisaa
                        of the o1d mechani voting mo                     nt
                                                    nsters than the prese county
                        èlerk of Cook Co                      l
                                        unty who was fn counse to the Election Laws
                                     m         s          me
                        Commission. I' glad he' finally co around and realizes the
                        val of these electronic vot     yst ms. Ha the ha t m
                                                   ing s e        d   y d he
                              k                     ng       d ve
                        in Coo County this last spri you coul ha put a11 the
                        retention judge on the el                     m
                                                 ectronic voting syste and not have
                                       u        vote aye to support t
                        the big mess yo bad. Ioo.                        î
                    c            '
                Spealer Redmond: '                 all               he      z
                                  Have al1 voted... voted who wfsh? T Clerk lill
                        take the record. Represe             an.'
                                                ntative Madig '
                Madigan: MMay I e     n      e,           '
                                 xplai my vot Mr. Speaker?'
                 Speaker Redmond: XProceed/'
                 Madigan: M Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker, and Mr. Pierce. in ligbt
                        of your eomments I t       ybe hat hould reconsider my votez'
                                            hink ma t I s
                 Speaker Redmond: 'Clerk will take the record. On thfs queseioa there's
                         125 aye and 9 nay and the House does concur in Senate Imendments
                                  o l
                         1 and 2 t louse Bill 3810. 3068 Representative Downs? You
                          be                             18,
                         t Sponsor? 0ut of the record. 33 Represencative Hara    '
                          Yl peaker and Members of the House, t Conf nce Cn
                 Hanahan: ' r. S                               he   ere    mmittee
                         on 3318, tle Mini            '                            t
                                          num Wage taT, met and came to an agreeae t and

    Y                                                     '                                 j
         . ..
            -.                             .) . y ;        $.
                                     G E s l ) A k v scE :!îk v
         .: -',,h
               jî                              m     '
                                             v. : uu o s
                                            s ' tov,..: .                                   I
         $ .??J
        $ ?'..u.I                        a. !
                                          p        4 :lA z. ' *rt
                                                             r l
                                        sr 'se o F hcrJCsrfTA. :4 '
                                              J $ 56
                    the Conference Committee Report there is a technical difficulty
                     t      d              hat                              o ur
                      hat I' ask leave so t we correct a number from three t fo
                        he mpldyees g nting and exe
                    on t e           ra                                      q
                                                   mption for coverage. And I'
                      k                                h he natex b0t L Repub-
                    as leave and has been conqurred wit t Se         h he               1
                     lf         he mocratf Me
                       can and t De                                     ve
                                          c mbers of the Senates they ha already
                                 he    e
                     done it in t Senat on their Conference Committee Report. And
                              he                    ese ati                atf
                     here fn t House I spoke to Repr nt ve Tuerkz Represent ve
                          rsy       at
                     Deave Represent ive Giorgi, Representative Hill and have agreed
                     t     he
                      hat t language '              or
                                      three or lessC the diffe            n wer
                                                              rence betwee fe
                     than threel makes a substantial difference and we have concurred
                               he                        h   ve d
                     to go to t bigher number. And so wit lea I' ask to chauge
                     a word on li 39 on the Conference Committee Report: the under-
                     liNed'number three' c          o number four'.'
                                          hange it t '             '
          Speaker Redmondt 'Represe     ve         '
                                   ntati Ceo-Karfs.'
          Geo-Karis: MSponsor yield for a question?n
          speaker Re        '    11.'
                    dmond: 'He wi '
                     ' n her
          Geo-Karis: lI ot words do I understand you correctly, Mr. Sponsor,
                     that if you amend the Conference Report on its face you wïll
                     exclude an employer employing fewer than four employees, is tkac
          Henaban: Hpight. Ri             v be         ds      d
                             gbt. Right no t way it rea it woul seem that
                     ït would be t or less a     ft
                                            nd..v was a language dffference of
                     opinfoa and I concur t the hfgher nu     '
                         'And        al
              Geo-Karis) î vhen y0u t k about immediate famlly, members of the
                     immediate family...'
              Hanahan: 'Tbat---tbat has not            -
                                           bing to do- '      m
                                                        what I' asking leave for
                                  .. m ki               '
                     right now. I. I' as ng leave for..m'
              Ceo-Karfs: N0h a11 rigbt.l
                    n '                 l
              Hanaba : '. . . SPecifical'y on the L      o     '
                                                   hree t four.'
                         ' Want Qe to Wait then I' as ..
              Geo-Karis: 'YOU                                '
                                                  11 k. okay.'
              Hànahan: ' . And t             nf
                                hen on the Co erence Re     '
               e - r s î a o b e i n o h :'
              C o Ka i : ' b ve n o j ct o s t t at.'
               Pae emn         ' p e e at ve at je i l. t J vi h '
              S e k r R d o d: î e r s nt i M i v tl Ma f e c .f
               at j v c  Xe r s nt i a a n . h n e l
                                                 s                ki g oc
              M i e i h: ' p e e at ve H n ha , 1 t e Se at a so as n f
                             ave '
                      such le ...'

  x . x.
  . Tp.x
 a EE-z
  ..' -
   .s -
      .p                                 1 - ;
                                 G E N E 1 A t A ! S E R1B L 5,
, ,..
   .           h
k. ..
 $s y
 s. l
î.l ,.--7
 '',      .
                                         ,' y-'v
                                     j-.,1'ij''. -
                                      y v, 5u'',s ,u
                                     ,j.T- t-.,jN,-
                                        .R 'E''
                                      . %:,r,;.
                                              N )S G
                                            JU 2( 1 7

                   '                           '
         Hanahan: 'They have already done thfsw'
           t j vt h: '
                     0 hq v l a y. .'
         Ma i e c ' h t yg e a re d g '
         Hanahan: 'They have already concurred with this cbange.n

           t j vi h: l a '
         Ma f e c ' k yg'
                   l hei                              '
         Hanahan: 'on t r Conference Committee Reportv'

           i vi h: ' a k o
                   T            e d. /'
         Mat le c ' h n y u, I r a .
                   ' s                          n nythfng else and I' g
         Hanahan: 'It' really more technfcal tha a                  m ofng

                         he    r       '
                     to t highe number.'
           i vi h: ' us a e o k u e he r 0 h he a ew'
         Mat le c ' j t w nt d t ma e s r t yR e b t t s m '
         Hanaha    '         re                a
               n: 'Yes, they? both fdentfcal..o nd we are granted leave rfght
                     now. Then I wo             he
                                   uld explain t Conference Co     ee      '
                                                              mmitt Report.l
                           '     he ntleman have lea
         Speaker Redmond: 'Does t Ce                        ese
                                                    ve? Repr ntattve
                     Schli      f
          c ika      'l
                     K           pae      m r f h . ou e: b c o l i g
         S hl c m n: ' c 1, Mr. S a k r, Me be s o t t H s I o je t t g v n
                            o he  ndi                      ere         ee
                     leave t t ame ng on the face of a Conf nce Committ Re-
                     port. I don't t k that there fs any precedent or authority for
                        ng     nd       er
                     doi tbis a the bett course would be to not adopt Conferenee
                                      /1            co         nce
                     Committee Report / so that a Se nd Confere Committee can be
                                   udf                     e:      se,
                     appofnted fncl ng Members of the Senat of cour and then
                     come up wit a Second Conference Committee Report that will
                      change t word fnumber t       o       '
                                             bree' t êfiveA.'
                   ' Speakero..l
          Hanahan: 'Mr.        '
          Speaker Redmond: H         atf         '
                            Represent ve Hanahan-'
                   ' The nt man in bis wis m, or lack of it, wants to
          Hanahan: '... Ge le             do
                       b c       l k o        o e ae t f h eod n
                      o je t I uf l as f r ft e b t k n ou o t e r c r a d we
                      will reconvene our Fi Conference C     tee
                                                        ommit Reportz'
          Speaker Redmo     '
                       nd: 'out of the record. 0n Conference Committee Reporty
                      Senate Bill 1621. Representatfve Ric      '
                                     n                             '
           Ricbmond: HTbat hasn't bee distributed yet, Mr. Speakerp'
           S ker Re       t w bout 1650, is t
                   dmond: 'Ho a              hat distributed? Senate Bills
                      Second Readfng. Representatfve Ri       '
           Richmon   ' m    ry his is tbe First Conference Commftt Report on
                  d: 'I' bor t                                    ee
                                    N   w
                               lt    '
                      Senate Bi 1621.1                '
                                               ' strfbut lz'
           Speaker Redmond ) '1621 has it been çi
           Ricb       '
               mond: 'Yes. the f         '
                                ïrst one.'                         '

     ,      ',                                        ; 1
                                    G E N E R A L h SF E 5 B L Y
      .' f
    J. . . .
                 .                           TAT    -
                                                   t ec'
                                            S 'E Oeîul4ll
.   (.v..-k )
    -j . s
     k     j
           ;                              l C #r
                                         r# I il '*
                                        œEF FSMâPNlX
                                        âlGo IPCC'.'S
                                  JUN 70 1 7

    Speaker Redmon    '
                  d: 'Okay, 1621/'
              ' I move not to adopt it, Conferenee Committee Reportxo.'
    Richmond: 'And                                                    '
                      '                   le
    Speaker Redmond: îAny discussion? Gent man has moved that the House
           do not adopt the C                 ee        Re
                             onference Committ Reportu . presentative
              d ke                                         t
    Fleck: HI' li to know why the move.,. feels we shouldn' adopt this
           Confere                     l
                  nce Committee Report-'
     pae emn          R p e nt t v i h o d/'
    S e k r R d o d: H e r se a i e R c m n
    Rich       Bec                         nt oncerning t ethnic por-
        mond: H ause there was a disagreele c            he
           tion of the prog m and.-.H
    Speaker Redmond: HReprese                '
                             ntative Collins.'
    Collins: 'We11, Mr. Speaker, the Board says this is Conference Committee
                  /       ere
           Report /1, Conf nee Co               1
                                 mmittee Report Ik on this Bi11 has already
           been re           bin   re      ri
                  jected. I t k wel conside ng Conference Committee
            /                  ua           ing          ct
           /2 and if the Gentle n is suggest that we reje Conference
            o mi t e 2,  l o n i i h e t n h s a m/'
           C m t e / I wi l J i h m w t gr a e t u i s
                      '       k,    s     ecor    '
    Speaker Redmond: 'Mr. Cler whatl the r d show?l
     ih n     ' t
              J        n e. h s s n o e n e o mt t e 1/:
    R c mo d: ' us a mi ut T i i o a C nf re c C m t e /
    Speaker Redmond: nRepresentattve Walsh/'
    Walsh: HWel1, Mr. Speakery tbis.o.whet               o
                                          ber it refers t Second has nothing
             o o      he
            t d with t point that I rai      d
                                       sed an that is tbïs Conference
                                           ed nd  he mber' desk for
           Committee has not been distribut a on t Me     s
            t                                 o,         ee
             hree hours and that if you care t it would s m to le on a
           nonconcurrence it might be a good i         k or
                                              dea to as f unanimous con-
              nt                             n ndivi
            se to suspend that Rule 68-8 on a i     dual basis. I cer-
'           ai y u d t b e t o h         o b r oi       pa r
            t nl wo l no o l c t t at. An t e p ntyMr, S e ke ,
            that be a benefit to the Members wo        o ndicate on t
                                               uld be t i            be
            calendars which conference c            re onsidertng; whet
                                        ommittee web c                 her
               f.          o .î
            it :s one or tw -'
    Speaker Redmond: H                 u
                      Mr. Clerk, can yo tell us which Conference Commfttee
                                   ng                         s
            Report we are consideri on this Bill? Normally it' on the...
            on the c                     ke
                    alendar, we better ta this out of the record. Mr,
            Clerky will you be sure hereafter that t Conferenee Committee
            number appear on the s     me
                                  upple ntal calendar7 Seconds,.senate
            Bills S                             eco
                   econd Reading. Senate Bills S nd Reading appears

                       G E N E R A L A S S E !ïB L Y
                                          L ho S
                                5TATE o F d Lll 1
                                 :          S T 'Vr
                           -o uS1 QF R EPRE'EbI A. 1 ES
                                 3 S6
                             JUN : 0 17

       Senate Bill 1679/'
Clerk O'Brien: HT                                  me
                 his Bill has been read a second ti previously.
       No Committe Ame        '
                 ' A ments from t flo '
Speaker Redmond: 'Any mend       he or?'
Cler O'Brie    ' mendme
           n: 'No A        '
S ker Re        '       adi       1
        dmond: 'Third Re ng. 1680.1
Clerk OgBrie    '
            n: 'Senate Bill 1680. This Bill has been read a second
         me       ly.î
       ti previous î
                  An mend    '
speaker Redmond: H y A ments?'
        Brie '
             No mmittee Amendments/'
Clerk O' n: ' Co
                 ' A ments from t f
speaker Redmond: fAny mend               l
                                 he loor?l
Clerk O'Brie    ' ne.'
            n: 'No '
S ker Red       Thi    di                  ati
         mond: H rd Rea ng. 1726. Represent ve Ricb     '
    k Brlen; nSe
Cler O'                1l                      n
                nate B1 1726. This Bill has bee read a second
          me        y.
        ti previousl No Co         mend
                          mmittee A ments/'
Spea              Any nd        m          l
    ker Redmond: H Ame ments fro the floor?'
Clerk O'Brie         '
            n: HNone-t
Speaker Re nd: NThird Readfng.

                                        :3 '
                    G E N E R A L A SSE 11I L 5
                                T';      .f:7 S
                             srA. e OF ILI rtI
                           )l    7' *           V
                         Hçk5E Qe fE1nESENTAT1 ES
                                              ' gg
                                          4Qs , g 17


                 Speaker Redmond: '            1749 H
                                 'senate Rill 1749, this Bill has been read
                 Clerk OlBrien: ''
                           a second time previouslyy no Committee Amendments. ''

                                   '                             '
                 Speaker Redmond: îAny Amendments from the Floor?l
                 Clerk O'Brien: nAmendment / Catania, amends Senate Bill
                       .                                         '
                           1749, on page 1, line 7, and so forth.'
                 Speaker Redmond:      nRepresentative Catania .    Representative
                 Catania: HThank you, Mr. Speaker and Members of the House .
                           Amendment f to Senate Bill 1749 is the same Amendment
.                          that received 89 fyes' votes to 33 fno' votes in thfs
                           House on House Bill 3907. It is the Bill that restores
                           the effective date for household workers. Worker'é
                           Compensation inclusion, for July 1977. A compromise
                           between tbe current effective date of July 1y 1976.....
                           tomorrow: and the proposed effective date of 1980. As
                           I said, this Bouse has already voted to support this
                           Amendmenty to give household workers the benefit of
                           Worker's Compensation. It bas voted overwhelmingly
                           in support of.this Amendment on a Bill which unfortunate
    .                      ly was later Tabled. That's why we now need to put
                                              .                                   '
                           this Amendment on this Bill and I ask for your support.'
                 Speaker Redmond: fRepresentati             d
                                               ve Schuneman.'
                 Schuneman: HMr. Speaker. I rise to oppose this Amendment.
                           Senate Bill 1749 arrived in the House late and I had
                           to move to discharge Committee in order that this matter
                           be he        re     me   cti  .. raise at t
                                ard. The was so obje on.. .      d    hat
                             me      re
                           ti and Rep sent                 cte     ....
                                          ative Giorgi obje d to .. my
                           motion. But tb        ct
                                         ose obje ions have since been re    d..
                                                                         move .
                           when I agreed that one Amendment would be accepted on
                           this Bill but that I would resist al1 other Amendments.
                           And, in accordance with that agrecmenty Mr. Speakery ...
                           I thfnk that the Amendment offered by Representative '
                           Catania should find another vehicle and I therefore am
                           opposed to this Amendment.l

         . .
         '  h .lr
            GY. .
            ' -ko
            . ;
                :                   G E N E R A L A S S E 51B L Y
             ' ,t
         fi - :'l
        . - g. . . -
             < R                               u
                                            x x -u ,os
                                            s a.o,,u- '                               I
         . eW   T. '                       l or     1 1ATV
                                        HotsE' f REeFE5C1T' '1 ES                     I
                                  /k     gà
                                 Jtt j c y;


     Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Ewing.l
     Ewing: 'Hr. Speaker, I wonder if the Sponsor of the Amend-
             ment would yield?'
          cer Redmond: MShe will.t
      Speal                      f
     Ewfng: MRepresentatfve Catanfa,               we don't put thfs Amend-
               ment on, have we passed out another Bill that would
               make it.....'
                        '                       '
      Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Catania..'
     Catania:     'I'm sorry.
                  '              dtdnlt have my ligbt on and t vasn't
               going to be able to answer your question. I didn't
               mean to interrupt you, Representative Ewingvl
      Ewing: H....If we donft put this Amendment on, when will
               domestic workers be covered....tomorrow, or 1980?6
         ani '       nds
      éat a: fIt depe on whe      he ve       ns
                            tber t Go rnor sig Senate
               Bi11 1937 or not. If he signs it, then they will not
               be covered untfl 1980. othervfse. if he doesn't sfgn
               Senate Bill 1937, theylll have to be covered tomorrow .
               This was originally offered in the spirit of compromise
               However, I think that Senate Bill 1937 was agreed to
               in another spirit of compromise so we would be selling
               them out, in effect, and not covering them until 1980:
               if we don't adopt this Amendment.'
      Ewing:    fSo:
                '       we leave it as it is, without this Amendment,
               itfll eitber be tomorrow or 19802...'
               '                '
      catania: 'That's correct..'
              '                                             '
       Ewing: ' .If we pass thisy there'll be three choices?î
       Catania: 'If we pass this, lt would be 1977. And, since this
               was      latest action taken by the General Assembly...
                it seems to be the opinion of most of the attorneys
                tbat this would be the effective date that we would
               have agreed on.î
       Ewing: lWe11,     understand: but he could Amendatory Veto
                either Bill, to take it out or put it tn?'
       Catania: HWe1l, there' always that possibility ,tbat he can

  - . 1
   t *z
   : -x
   ) ?.                                      1
                        G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B LY
7;.... -
,ï-j . v 1
                                v v s u lo s
                                s x so 'us l
   V T.(,                      2      k         V
                           uousE D F FEeRE%ENTATI E5
                                Jt , o ss

              '                                                   51.
             do anything with his Amendatory Veto that he chooses . 'd

      Ehing: 'Thank y' . n
       m     f       ou
      Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Porter . ''                         w

      Forter: îWe11, Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the
             Housep the purpose of this Amendment is obviously to
             speedup   the coverage of household workers by three
             years. Because I donît tbink there's any question but
             that the Governor will sign the first Bill and that if
             he signs this one it will speed it up by three years
             by amending this Bill aad I would oppose the Amendment .
             I thfnk web got to put this off as far as possible . ''

      Speaker Redmond:   '
                         'Ready for the question? Representative
             Cataniay to close.î
      Catania: HThank you, Mr. Speaker and Members of the Housey
             I do ask for your support of this Amendment .      I would
             take strong exception to the speaker who wants to ask
             the household workers to wait another four years before
             they have any kind of worker's compensation coverage.
             I would point out to you that Worker's Compensation
             sets up a framework so you know precisely where you
             stand. If your household worker breaks an arm or a
             leg, you do not leave yourself open to .... open-ended
             1aw suits. And, I think this is good from the stand-
             point, not only of the household workers who really
             need it but also from the standpoint of the employer.
             I ask for your support of this Amendment.l
      Speaker Redmond: 'lhe question is on tbe Lady 's Motion to
             adopt Amendment / to Senate Bill 1749. Those fn favor
             of the Motion vote 'ayel opposed 'no'.       Representative
             Mautino to explain his vote.'                                 '
      Mautino: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of
             the House. 1'm v oting ' ' on this issu e .....for the
             same reasons that R epresentative Schuneman has addressed
             This L egisla tion that we have b efore us now, w ith

 . io                        ,               J
                       c r x r R A L A ss ENII L Y
  - .
  : w>
;c:1. .%t
        ''                    v v iua s
                              s A soc u Io'                 .
   V Zl
lS . Vt'
 , :
                      )k 44
                     JtI g u l t

      Anendment / which will be coming up shortly y will
      solve the problem of the assigned risk pool , for the
      employers and employees of the State of Illinois. I
      recommend nost highly, if Representative Catania would
      lfke to put her Amendment on .....find another bome for
      it.   ...1847 would be a more proper place. We have
      gfven our word that this piece of Legislatfon would
      not be used for a vehicle, other than, correcting the
      inequities in the assigned risk pool. I would hope tha
      this Amendment would not be adopted.'
Speaker Redmond: HHave a11 voted who wish? The Clerk will
      take the record. Representative Dyer.'
Dyer: HThank you, Mr. Speaker. I wo               o    ai
                                   uld just like t expl n
      my 'yesî vote. I think this Amendment should go on
      every possible vehicle. This is a House..     .and
      looking at those red lights up there...this is a House
      that pays 1ip service to the value of the home and the
      family and motberhood and keeping families together..
      and treating o1d people we11....and treating children
      well. Now, why should not domestic workersy bomemakers
      household help that makes it possible to keep older
      people in the bome, to keep chfldren in the home. Why
      should tbese workers not be included. .under Workmen's
      Compensation        just as other workers? I urge a îyesl
         2 '
      V0 tC@'

Speaker Redmond: NHave a11 voted who wish? Representative
      Van Duyne.     Represe     ve          noo
                            ntati Van Duyne, '       We11....
      Representative Kempinerss 'no'. Dump this Roll Call.
      '                           '
Dyer: lAnti-family, anti-family...'
Speaker Redmond: HThe question is on the Lady's Motion for the
      adopti of the Amend             n         e ayev
                         ment. Those i favor vot '
      opposed vote 'no'. Have a11 voted who wisb? Repres-
       entative Catania to explain her vote.'
Catania: OThank you, Mr. Speaker and Members of the House.
      As    pointed out, this Amendment was adopted earlier

                G E N ER A L A SSE h B LY
                               r LuI s
                       STATE of 1. NoI
                     U r7 ?           A
                   HC: SE (F FEPRE5ENT' TlMeS

                                   Jp& , o y
                                       y ,y


                  on a Bill that unfortunately was Tabled. It was
                        d                 o
                  adopte Sy a vote of 89 t 33. Now, it bas also been
                  pointed out that there is another worker's compensation
                  Bill coming up. I certainly will be happy to offer
                  the Amendment to that Bill and I would hope that you
                  would support it there since obviously you have chosen
                  not to support on this one. Thank you.'
          Speaker Redmond: 'Have a11 voted who wish? The Clerk will
                  take the record. 0n this question tbere is 37 'aye'9
                  and 83 'no', and the Lady's Motion fails. Any further

    kq <'u
       - ,.-,
     -wl:.. '
    r .,, ..'
        â .                c j x r j x j A sgj N j jy
                             j .: .
                              i              j jj.
      ;b. / j
       .., w*
    :r$ . e'
        ï v.                        r e    Io
                                   s Ar o'u.ll
                                    ' ' eIts s
         . #c .
             .                         R 4 4r r v
                              Housc oe IEeresE1'l'I Es
                                      ç 87
                                    JUl 20 1 6


         er          '      nt /
       Cl k Selcke: 'Amendme /2. Mautino. Amend Se            49
                                                  nate Bill 17 as
              a               ort '
               mended and so f h.'
                        ' presentative Mautino.'
       Speaker Redmond: 'Re                    '
       Mautino: HT                                             n
                  bank you, Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentleme of tbe House,
              Anend     /2
                   ment / to Se                          ryt ng
                               nate Bi11 1749 strikes eve bi after the
              enacting clause and i             n
                                   nserts therei the language of House Bill
               6 4 i h e as e ut f r y a ge j r t          h h
              3 0 wh c w p s d o o he e b a l r ma o t y. W at t e
                     nt                          n                k
              Aaendme does fs makes the changes f the assïgned rfs pool
              and the procedures for get ng in. It sets up a commission to
                ra                  y            miu         he mployees
               g nt binding authorit on a 25Z pre m so that t e
                nd              .
               a the employees.- employ     nd mployees ar co
                                       ers a e            e vered; make
                          he ve            he
               sure that t y ha a copy of t polfcy at the broker and at
                he                       he mmission shall provi for
               t place of business. And t co                    de
               t coupensation to tbe ag         ng
                                       ent getti the business and putting
               it into the pool and it also allo for employers to pay their
                         mfu n
               annual pre ms i pay            er
                                  ments, quarc ly payments, rather than
               on a front-end those pre ums t                    ve
                                             hat are over and abo a
                ls 0   ht    re i g r s a i g           xa t y s 6 4
               $ 0 0. W a we a do n he e i m k n it be e c l a 3 0
                        se ut
               which pas d o of here and I move fot its a        '
        Speaker Re        f
                  dmond: fRepresentative Schunemanz?
        Schune      '         r,        n              nt
              man: 'Mr. Speake this is a agreed Amendme to this Bill and
                s pr s nt t ve u i o a u t x la e t u s h il
               a Re e e a i Ma t n h s j s e p in d i p t t e B l
                   be me               Hous
               in t sa shape as our ownz e Btll 3604 which was Sponsored
                                           s                 bf
               by Representative Kane and i a Bill, which I t nky will afd
                         n he lace                k                n'
                greatly i t p ment of assigned ris policies, workme s
                     ns                  he ate of Illinois and 1 wo
                compe ation policies in t st                        uld
                                      his     nt-'
                urge the adoption of t Amendme '
        Speaker Redmond: nReprese                         eki
                                 ntative Merlo, are you se ng recognition?

                 ue t o . e r s n at v p o '
                Q s i no. R p e e t i e E t n.'
        Ept     '
           on: lThank you, Mr. Spe                           nd
                                  aker. Mr. Speaker, Ladies a Gentlemen of
                                    hi             s        n        e
                tbe House, I don't t nk that thereî anyone i the Hous who
                has worked more diligently and more f    y
                                                     airl than Representative
                Mautf                      me
                     no. Although he has ti and agafn advocated the Posture
                             he ommissioa hearings and i many of our
                of labor on t C                         n

 :1..: '' i
                           G E N E R A L A SSE M 1 L Y
? .:.:.: *'
 1tl?-. '
    k Q' '
    .  .
        V                          svaxu os ' rol
                                          #: k
                                              uull s
                               Hc ufE oF !eP1ESEhT#Y1 tS
                                                 I $ V:
 * '
                                8 g
                              4u go 7u


       deliberati                     ntl
                 ons he has been emine y fair and I think that
       it' a credit that this Cent                     ng ogether
                                  leman was able to bri t
        wo                          ve
       t divergent opinions and arri at t              ve
                                         his Bill. I ha no
       doubt t                                              kno
              hat it will pass but I did want to publicly ac wledge
                                        on                   k
       our appreciation for the Commissi for the splendid wor that
       Repres      ve                '
             entati Mautino has done.'
    ker        '                    ntle ng       hat
Spea Redmond: 'Question is on the Ge ma s motion t the
       House, t Amend      /
                     ment /2 to Senate Bill 1749 be adopted. Those
       in f                         d,              ve
           avor say aye. Aye. Oppose no. The ayes ha it. The
       Ame    nt'
          ndme s adopted. Any further Amendments? No further
       Ame nts. Third Reading. 1756/'
               '                n
Clerk Selcke: 'This Bill has bee read a second time. No A        s.'
                                                         mendment '
Speaker Redmond: HAny Amendments f              l
                                  rom the floor?'
Clerk Se       '
        lcke: 'None-n
Speaker Red       '      he    ndme
           mond: 'No furt r Ame nts, Third Rea           1
                                              ding. 1802.1
                    e Bi        as
Clerk Selcke: HSenat : l1 1802 h been read a second time. No
Speaker Redmond: H       nd        m
                  Any Ame ments fro the floor? Third Reading.
       Committ anno    me
                   unce nts-n
              ' Me
Clerk Selcke: '                     o he
               The mbers appointed t t Second Conference Committee
       on Senat Bi11, apparently it's 1524, are as follows: Stubble-
        field, Berman, Bradley, Ryan, Anderson. Meeting of the Members
           he                                      h
       of t Second Conference will be held June 30t at 12 o'clock
        i the east House corridor. The Members appointed the Second
        Conference on Senate Bi11 1956 are as foll     Stubblef
                                                  ows: '       ield,
           ma              n,           l      ng
        Ber n, Bradley, Rya Anderson. Tle meeti of the Members of
                                                30          h
        the Second Conference will be held at 6: on June 30t at the
                     cloc               e rri   '
        hour of 12 of k in the east Hous co dor.'                          '
S                 '
 peaker Redmond: 'The Clerk has advised me that the Bills appearing on
        Suppleme               /       n
                ntal Calendar /1 were i error, that the First Conference
                               h nst                 cte
        Committee Report in bot i anees had been reje d and a
        second Conference Committee had been requested. So disregard
        Supple                /        '
              mental Calendar /1. 1847.1                                   :
clerk S ke: nSenate Bi11...H
Speaker Redmond: 'Pardon me, Representative S
                  '                          chuneman.'

                   G E N E l A L A S S E à1B L Y
                               T      L N 5
                            STA. E oF 1 L1 o 1;
                          )l J       #Z     '. % :
                        uCkSIo F REPFIsEN3A'1!eS
                          dp, a o 7


Schuneman: MWas 1802 passed to Third Rea     '
Speaker Red                     o
           mond: nIt was moved t Third Reading/'
  hune   '
Sc man: 'Thank you/'
               ' nate Bill 1847 has been rea a second t
Clerk Selcke: îSe                           d          ime. No
       Committee Amendments/'
Speaker Red       l
           mond: 'Any Amend            he     '
                           ments from t floor?î
   rk        ' ndment /1, Berma A
Cle Selcke: 'Ame      /        n. mends Senate Bill 1847, page 6,
        by deleti lines 11 t                       f
                            hrough 13 and so forth.'
Speaker Red       '     ent ve                       d
           mond: 'Repres ati Berman. Before we procee on that, itfs
                   on          r                     h
        the intenti of the Chai not to break for lunc but to go right
                               h    y his aft noon. Representati
        through hopefully finis earl t       er                 ve
        Berma '
Berman: 'Thank you: Mr. Speaker. This Bi11 deals with the increase in
        eo     ati               rap rs
          mpens on for the stenog he at the Industrial Commission.
        1he increase t    s
                      hat' pro                 nd nt
                              posed by this Ame me was a compromise
                          n hat.v.
        proposal in betwee t              he           s
                                 between t current rate and the
        proposal on the origi                               nk  s
                             nal Bill; raised it fromx 1 thi it' 80
        cents a page to a dollar a page for an ortginal and from 35 cents
                nts   he op                                  /
        to 50 ce for t c y. I move the adoption of Amendment /1
         o                 :
        t Senate Bill 1847.1
 S ker Red       Any                   ati
          mond: n discussion? Represent ve Palmer/'
 Pal        m                                                      .
    mer: HI' sorry I didngt understand. I wonder if the Speaker wi1l
        yield for a questionq.o        '
 S ker Red       He    '
          mond; H will.'
 Palmer: HIs t     what area of court reporti will this c
              hat...                         ng               '
           he     ers          he rbitration hea
 Berman: HT report that cover t a               rings/l
 Palmer: MThat the I                     f
                    ndustrial Commission?'
 Ber      '        '
    man: 'Yes# Sir.'
 Pal     '
    mer: '                             l
          What are they being paid now?'
   rma  '            the    ha                nd
 Be n: 'The change.m. only c nge that this Ame ment addresses itself
         to was t                     at        nt       n
                 hat at the current..o the prese time whe Lhere is a
         t                n
          ranscript writte up they are paid according to the statute 80
         cents a page f the original and 35 c                 op
                                             ents a page per c y. The
         Bill as it arrived f             e             argf
                             rom the Senat authorfzed ch ng the quote

                     G EN E R A L A SSE N B L Y
                                     Q ê s
                            sTATE oF 1 LI:ot
                           l 2     : :      YV
                        HOkSQ Q6 RtPReSENTA. 1 ES
                     Jpy , o y
                         ? ps


        prev       e' nqu
       ' aflfng rat u ote, which may...              by
                                       uhïch I vasm.v uhich
       we were left to understand co            n ose to doubling
                                    uld have bee cl
       the price. The Amendment strikes a compromise by a modest in-
               n he                   pt nd
       crease i t cost of the transcri a strike out this pre-
       vailing rat wording and puts it in at instead of 80 cents cur-
           ly o
       rent t a dollar and instead of 35 cents a copy to 50 cents a
        OPy 1
       C @1
Pal      No                                        the
   mer: n w is this consistent wfth the ordfnary... regular court
       re                        nt '
         porters, say in Cook Cou y?'
Ber      '        he
   man: 'That is t rest of the Bill and that's what the rest of the
                     rdi        '
       Bill does rega ng salary.'
Pal     'A11 ght, t k you.'
   mer: ' ri       han    '
Speaker Redmond: HAnything further? Re       ati
                                      present ve Hanahan/'
Hanahan: nYes, Mr. Speaker: as Sponsor of the Bill I concur with the
          nd    / 1
       Ame ment /1.'
S ker Red      '
         mond: ' furt
                Any         u           he
                     her? Yo ready for t question? Repre-
           ati ki
       sent ve S nner/l
Skinner: '                        ell  he verage salary of a court
          Yes, could the Sponsor t us t a
       re                                  n?'
         porter at the Industrial Commissio l
Berman: 1I would yield to Repres      ve l
                                entati lanaban on...M
Speaker Redmond: HReprese     ve       '
                         ntati Kanahan.'
Ha        '
  nahan: '13 500 a year/'
S ner: MAnd what will this../'
          '                 ve he
Hanahan: lThis raise will gi t m 16,5. And they haven't had a
        raise in eleven years/'
Skinner: '               it
          Maybe technical y../'
    ke               hi
Spea r Redmond: MAnyt ng further../î
         1          re      o
Hanahan: '2500 theyT going t 16,000, e                          :
                                      xcuse me. From 13.5 to 16.'
         'May                              n'
Skinner: f be technology bas improved, ï ca t see how anyone can

         u y hrig 5 e s o             p f n t i g, s b u
        j mp b c a g n 3 c nt f r a co y o a y h n co t a o t
        five cents. '
Speaker Redmond: b         ati           '
                  Represent ve Geo-Karis.'
            '    pea                      n
Geo-Karis: 'Mr. S ker, Ladies and Gentleme of the House, I rise
        in defe                   po ers because if you don' ha
               nse of the court re rt                       t ve

                                         $ /
                   G E N E R A L A SS EM 1 L-
                                r: T L :o :
                            sTA't oI I L14 1;
                           ;        : ; 4r 'V
                        HDtsr o 6 areREIE:'A Tl ES
                   : 3) S S
                 Jk :(1?


                at            rs o ke             ny
         compete court reporte t ta tbe notes in a court
               di                    ry
         procee ngs 1 can tell you ve fra         re      ng
                                         nkly you' not goi to
            ve       t
          ha an hones or acc                   he            ainl
                            urate record. And t refore I cert y
          spea in fa        hat nd    l
                    vor of t Ame ment.'
Speaker Red       '     ad      he
           mond: 'You re y for t question? The q        s
                                                uestion' on the
          Gent             n                nt I
              leman's motio to adopt Amendme Ik to House Billv..senate
          Bill 1847. Those in favor indicate by saying aye; aye; opposed,
'         no. The ayes have ft and the Amend     s
                                            mentd adopted. Any further
          Amend      '
Clerk Selcke: nA         /       h. mends Senate Bill 1847 page 1
                mendment /2. Wals A
          and so fort '
Spea Redmond: HRepresentative Walsh/'
Walsh: 'Mr. Speaker, as result of conversations with the House Sponsor
          of Senate Bill 1847 and be         re
                                    cause we' introducing Amend      /
                                                               ment ?6
           hi h a a e f o          s bj c i n    oe o a e mn-
          w c t ke c r o s me of hi o e t o s I m v t t bl A e d
            nt / ,
          me /2.1
 pea            Any                        mend
S ker Redmond: H objeetions? Hearing none A ment 2 is tabled.
          Any furt Amendments?n
               Ame me /       b.
Clerk Selcke: H nd nt /3. Wals Amends Senate Bi11 1847 page 1,
          li                 o      '
            nes l and 5 and s forth.'
Speaker Redmond: HReprese     ve
                         ntati Walsh/'
Wa      '
  lsh: 'Mr. S                          leme
             peaker and Ladfes aad Gent n of the Houses âmendaent
           / o
          /3 t Senate Bi11 1847 requires that the Industrial Commission
                nto                               ste
          take i consideration conditions that exi d with an injured
           mp o e ef re h n r o i h e s k n              la m e o e
           e l y e b o t e i ju y f r wh c h i ma i g a e i b f r
           the Commissi       s
                       on. It' an entirely reasonable idea and something
           that is a small step toward correcting tbe grevious error we
                                n                      s mpensation
           made one year agp whe we passed the Workmen' Co
              nd                                       nt /
           Ame ment. And I move the adoption of Amendme /3 to Senate
           Bill 1847/'
                                 ive   n. ve       le
    Speaker Redmond: MRepresentat Berma Gi the Cent /an order,
           Pleas .f
            ' Speaker, I rafse ehe questlon of vhetbe thfs Amendment
    Berman: 'Mr.                                     r
                       o         '
           is germane t the Bill.'
              dmo ' '        he mendment, Mr. Cler
    speaker Re nd: 'Gtve us t A                   k. A      nt
                                                      mendme 3,

                                             1 .
                         G EN E R A L A SS E5 B1 Y
                                          L N s
                                STATE OF I LI o 1
                               l    '    ë'      rv :
                            8/tsE o F aEPtESfaTA'l 95
                      JUN 3 2p /


       Mr. Clerk, will give us Amend     /       he    1
                                    ment /3 and t Bil1?'
    k        ' Ne
Cler Selcke: îThe mbers appointed to Confe             ee n
                                          rence Committ o
       Senate Bill 1804 are as follo        o,
                                    ws: Merl Viteky Beaupre,
       Schune n and Cata                 be
                        nia. Meeting of t Members of this Con-
       ference Committee vill be held t                       m.
                                       oday at the hour of 1 p.
       i the east Ho             î
                    use corridorvl
          dmo  ' n he           he
Speaker Re nd: 'I t opinion of t parlfamentarian it is germane.
       Any further discussioa? Representative Hanahan/l
Hanahan: HCertainly, Mr. Speaker, there has to be discussïon because
       you know it- .      his nd
            Ame ment you gotta give Representative
        .o.    he      y,                y         he
              t Minorit Assistant Minorit Leader, t Gentleman from
       Cook, a 1ot of credit for effort beca            s
                                            use what he' trying to do
                   he          hat          d r
        is reopen t arguments t we have hear fo the last few
          ks        n'            n             nd
       wee on Workme s Compensatio with this Ame ment on the
        Court Reporters Sal y Act.       Now thfs Amendment specificallyy
        on this Amendment I tried to oppose it based on some just
        rational decisio         tf
                        ns. If... a worker, if a wor           d
                                                    ker happene to
          ve                       n'            or        e
        ha a loss of a hand and was t even pafd f ft becaus on
        line 13 of t                   ys
                    his Amendment it sa it's payable not even compen-
           ed nd      ns        s     ng            m,
        sat a he happe while he' waiti for that clai he
                       n he                         e   re
        could get hit i t head by a chunk of concret wef not
        going to allo the Industrial Commission to eo       e
                                                     mpensat on...
        if t       nd nt       o aw. the Industrtal Commis on
            his Ame me were int l                         si
        would not be alloke to compensate that man as a perfect person
        because he had a loss of a hand, not that he was ever compen-
        at d o h a          u us h t as ya l         r. pe ke
        s e f r t at h nd, b t j t t at i w pa b e. M S a r,
        Me          he use, the concept of Workmen' Compensatf Was
          mbers of t Ho                            s          on
                               pt            o ve
        in the common 1aw conce to give up, t gi up that right,
        no dffferent t                                            o ve
                      han if you got bit by a car and you happen t ba
                          m                                  t
        one eye, your clai in court can't say that you weren' a person.
           w   re          h   uma           n
         No we' dealing wit a h n being not a animal that we could
                 o ke
         afford t ta off horns, or hoof, or castrate or something like
         t        re al ng
          hat. Wef t ki about human bei            n
                                       ngs that whe tbey go to
          o k h u d e e e s u a i g n f n r d o pe a e
         w r s o l b tr at d a a h m n be n a d i i ju e c m ns t d

                      G EN E R A L A SS EM B L Y
                                 T     L N S
                             sTA. E oF l uI ol
                          f      ' 4:*ê 7
                                 '            .
                         boUSC o f fe#rESENTATfVCs
                         ) 96
                    JUy 7( 17


       accordfngly. Thfs Amend nt is a bad Amendment. It opens up
       a11 sorts of avenues of thro                  pt
                                   wing out the conce of common 1aw
            esy n he
       court whe t Work    s          on ws          d
                       men' Compensati La were enacte in
              at nd         hat       re
       this st e a that is t people we treated as a whole per-
                  h     he              o
       son not wit a11 t little pteces t be ta            he s
                                              ken out if t re'
                       he                         ve
       an accident on t work site. I urge a negati vote on Amend-
Speaker Redmond: nAny further dfscussion? Representative Walsh to
         ose '
       cl .'
Walsh: H    Mr. Speaker: Re
        Mr...                   nt ve
                           prese ati Dea        hi
                                        vers I t nk wanted to
       be recognizedvn
Speaker Red       '
           mond: 'He didn't have Re                 r
                                   presentative Laue push the button.
       Representative Deavers.'
Dea      'Mr.
   vers: ' Spea     nd              le n,
               ker a Ladies and Gent me I think that this is
       a reasonable approach to a problem and the fact that al we're
       asking he is the fact that tf there is a pre-existing con-
                             ri                         e
       dition that the Indust al Commission be made awar of the pre-
                         he me hat a ne record or pro of loss has
       vious history at t ti t         w             of
                     s ay hat I' got my o1d f ball knees that
       occurred. Let' s t      ve            oot
       whereby that 20 ye                            oot
                         ars ago when I was playing f ball somebody
                    nd w                  ome
        tore it up a no I go to work for s body and I pick up a
        heavy wei                          ent ves my billboo here
                 ght in the House of Aepres ati              k
                hi                                      he nd
        or somet ng and tbe knee goes out. But I think t I ustrial
        Commission should be made aware that I have that previous his-
                          hi    nd nt                 l
        tory and I think t s Ame me should be adopted.'
Speaker Red       '           ve
           mond: 'Representati Walsh to close/'
       l Speaker and Ladies and Gentle
Walsh: lMr.                                   he use, the argume
                                      men of t Ho               nt
            he     man m
        of t Gentle 'fro McHenry is abs         to
                                       urd to... think that some-
        one who dfd not have a hand and was hit over the head would not
        be compensated in the same way t     omeo             n
                                        hat s ne who was hit o the
        head who did have a hand is j not wbat this Amendment says.
        And I call your attention to the language in the Amendment,
        readi from where he did at line 12j or before line l2y line
        1l, that theyl      n mployee had suf
                      re...a e                   d
                                             fere any permanent

                          1             $
                   G EN E 1 A L A SSE $IIL Y
                               k : L N s
                             ST/TE t F I L1 ol
                          l l    r#          r V
                         b1tsC o r EEeRE5tN'ATI ES
                          ) 06
                    JUN : (1 7


       physical i     me
                 mpair nt prior to the accident or injury for which
       compensat                he
                ion is payable t Industrial Commission shall take
                      ng hysical i
       such pre-existi p                     nt
                                  mpairment i o consideration and
                 d ompensation only to t e nt that such pre-e
       shall awar c                     he xte               xisting
              on                       he nj         hat
       conditi has been aggravated by t i ury. Now: t says
       ver clearly, Mr. Speaker, t          he
                                  hat only t pre-existing condition
       and what is aggravated or how t                      he w n-
                                      hat is aggravated by t ne i
        ur s a e n o o s d r i n n o n t i g s            o ht
       j y i t k n i t c n i e at o a d n t a y h n el e. S t a
       if a person did not have a hand and was hurt someplace else on
       his body then the fact t                 ve
                               hat he did not ha a hand would not be      .
       a factor in dete ning what his award sball be. This is entirely
       reasonable Amendment, Mr. Speaker. The Gent man is wrong and
              s o slead in saying that what he did sa in the example
       attempt t mi                                  y
                           he                     / 9
       he used and I urge t adoption of Amendment /3.9
                           s    he
Speaker Redmond: HQuestion' on t Centleman's motion to adopt Amend-
         nt /
       me /3. T                           ma s          e
               hose in favor of tbe Gentle n' motion vot aye;
                                     d       h?            d
       opposed vote no. Have a1l vote who wis Have al1 vote who
       wis               ed
          h? Have a11 vot who wish? I hear noise. Representative
       Ha      '
Hanaban: HMr. Speaker: itls almost absurd to adopt tbis Amendment.
            re al ng bout so'
       They' t ki a         me      '
                  '           ve                     n
Speaker Redmond: 'Representati Walsh raises a questio of a point
       of or     nd
            der a I think he is correct. Represe                  '
                                                ntative Schuneman.'
Schune     f Speaker,
      man: fMr.                               nt     me       d
                            think this Amendme has so merit. I1
          ke           or  s
        li to recount f thi House a case t              ut
                                          hat I know abo if
                                  d   wn
       might where a worker who I' kno for a long time, who had a
         a k n u y, t a    o tni          c n u y.     eie
        b c i j r i w s a l ng s a d ng ba k i j r He r t r d
                    vi      k                      n
        from his pre ous vor with the back in a..-i a condition of
                    ndi    ble
        his long sta ng pro m. He went to work on a part-time basis
                her mployer who was unaware of his pre
        for anot e                                                  ur
                                                      vious back inj y.
                                   s k njur
        The ffrst day on tbe job hi bac i y was aggravated.
        result of that the empl          n                    bo
                               oyee had a operation which he s uld
        ha had many years bef       n                oye
                             ore whe he was self-empl d. And as a
        result of that one c     he mployer and t employer' insur-
                            ase t e              he        s
        ance company was f                        ch    xi
                          orced to pay a claim whi appro mated

                                          . 1/
                   G E N E 2 A L A S S E 1lB ' 5
                                    L bo S
                           STATE oF I Lll 1
                          l :    l 4        v
                       HoksïD F yEe1ESCN rAT1 E5
                     $ b'5 i
                 JU& t u l '

                                                           61,- A

       3 0        w h n us r a o m s i n, s n e st n t,
       $ 0: 00. No t e I d t i l C m i s o a I u d r a d i
       pays no attentfon t any previous injurfes that an employee
                                           er              so
       might have had and I think this matt deserves some.oq me
              on         d                 he         s
       attenti and I woul tend to support t Gentleman' Ame    nt.
                                                          ndme n
                  l                            k
Speaker Redmond: lHave a11 voted who wish? Cler will take the
                                      s    ye
       record. On this question there' 81 a and 68 no, The
             ma s
       Centle n' motion prevails.

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M 1 LY
                           ;     :F    1 f
                          $TATE (l 1LL14ols
                        J     * :        r Vt
                      HQI SE O@ R6eRE%EN 'ATI tS
                          J. 86
                         JI 2017

         Speaker Redmond: HAny further Amendments?
         Clerk Selcke: HAmendment /4, Catania, amends Senate Bill 1847
                page 1, and so forth.'
         Speaker Redmond: HThe, I said the Motion carried
                And: the Amendment is adopted. I may have said the
                Motion prevailed, but              carry and prevail are very
                nearly synonymous. Representative Catania.'
         Catania: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Members of the House.
                This is the Amendment that provides that the household
                workers will have coverage under Worker 's Compensationy
                as of July 1. 1977....1f they are employed for 40 hours
                a week, by one employer, for at least           weeks and
                ask for adoption of this Amendment.l
         Speaker Redmend; 'Any discussion? The question....ready for
                the question? The question is on the Lady's Motion to
                adopt Amendment /4 to Senate Bill 1847. Those in favor
                                  j            1
                say ïaye 1, OPPOSet 1no t>.....1
         Catania: HRo11 Calls please.n
         Speaker Redmond: n     .Those in favor vote 'aye' opposed vote
                'no '.   Have al1 voted who wish? Representative
         Grotberg: 'We11     I think we should again remind ourselves,
                Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, and Mr. Speakery tha
                in the language of Paragraph 18, line 20y page 3 of
                this Amendmenty you are not talking about a           house-
                hold employee, you are talking about the cumulative
                40 hours a week of your....anyone who is mowing your
                 lawny......taking care of a baby sitter that's working
                 several hours a week, if they a11 add up to 40 hours or
                  more a week, for a 13 week period, youfre locked in
                 at your house, in filing a set of books comparable to
                 General Motors and driving the Shole system nuts. This
                 is an insane Amendment and I would recommend a 'no'
                 vote on it because it involves every family in the

  'j : ;
  : .&
      .                   G E N E R A 1 A SS E5 Bj y
                                       -       1 .
 . . (
  f       ..
           .i                     A' : r utIj s
                       oe I .oo1
Js / f
:: Je
                          Is) t'
                        QQIt( !i

      State of Illinoisp cumulativelyv..not separately . ''

                ' '
Speaker Redmond: fHave a1l voted who wish? Representative
Catania: HWe1l thank you, Mr. Speaker and Members of the
      House, I would point out that what welre talking about
      here is 13 weeks out of the calendar year, with house-
      hold employees who work 40 hours or more in a workweek ,
      those are full-time employees. And, those people are
         t          d
      jus as entitle to di    y n    r bss and s
                          gnit i thei jo        ome
      se     y    he
        curit if t y are i     d,          r     r
                          njure as any othe worke on
              r     n he tate of Illi
      any othe job i t S             nois. Nows I was
      reading in 'Farm Week' last week that you can insure
             or        wy   ou     o
      a cow f $3000. No ff y want t ins        w or
                                       ure a co f
      $30         nk
         00, I thi that ce      y
                          rtafnl the people who care for
      ou child     re     le
              ren a entit d to s       ns
                                  ome f urance on the job
      ag nst i                     re ki      r
              njury. That's a11 wel as ng fo here....
      fs some basic human dignity, wbich is wbat I thfnk we#re
      a11 supposed to be here to guarantee for the people
      of the State of Illinois. This is a good sound Amend-
      ment to do that. To guarantee human dignity.'
Speaker Redmond: HHave a11 voted who wish? Representative
Washington: 'Mr. Speaker, I'm amazed at the 'no ' vote here
      today. Webve already approved of this concept in anothe
       Bi11.   And, through no fault of the Sponsor of this
      Amendments that Bill was Tabled. We took a dry run on
      Mr. Schunemaa's Bill and it was voted down and there
      was s           on   o    he
           ome confzsl as t whet r or not it was germane.
       but obviously it's germane here. It is a good Amend-
      ment. Wef already approved of                think we should
       ratify and affirm it by voting green on this.'
                  '                   '
Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Duff.'
Duff: 'uelly      Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the
       House; first of al1 it seems t me that in the last
       debate on this issue        was pointed out that we had

                G E N E R A L A SS Eh BL Y
                            :    Lkl s
                       sTATe OF l..Noi
                      ! Q     '
                              2     l  V
                   HDkSE. F RfPRE5EhTATI ES
                                        JUN 7( 3 7


                       passed the issue before and there was a sort of a
                       suggestjon tha t if it was no t put on the previous Bill
                       it would be put on this one.                             o
                                                                 But, I happen t be a
                       member of a boa rd of a char itable orga1iza tion called
                       'Homemakers Service 'y and this is a portion of a
                       charitable activity that takes place throughout Cook
                       County Illinois . And# those persons Nho are employed
                       as homemakers by this organization, are off ered to a11
                       of the c ommunities> in Cook County y wher e emerg encies
                       occur in households. If a father has a heart attack
                       and the mother is an invalid and somebody has to take
                       care of the childrenp this organization sends a home-
                       maker into that home. And, they do it on : premfse
                       of ability to pay. If a person can't pay , this organ-
                       ization doesnît charge. Rowever, the organization
                       itself does pay the homemaker. Now , these are full-tim
                       persons who work for the benefit of the community and
                       distressed families. It seems to me it's impossible to
              finish up, Mr. seems
                       to me it's impossible to distinguish between those
                       homemakers who are full-times salaried. homemakers for
                       the benefit of tbe distressed and any otber employee                    I

                       t                   i
                        hat there couldv... n any other job. It se     o
                                                                  ems t me
                       only reasonablea..'
               Speaker Davis: 'Wi11 the Gentleman please conclude his re-
               Duff: HThank you, Mr. Speakery I think it's important that we
                                                  nemakers simply because their
                       not discriminate against hof
                       work is domestic .1
                                 '          ae
                speaker Davis : 'Recognize tl G entleman from Co ok, Repres-
                       entative Bob Mann .'
               Mann : 'Well , Nr . Speaker and M emb ers of the House.         ..

               speaker Davts : 'Just a minute.        .. . .   t
                                                               lepresentative Adeline
                       Geo-Karis votes 'aye 'v Mr . Clerk . Now. a11 right.                    .

                       Proceed .'
        x ..   .
     -.,lt -
    -. . .?:.
      - :-,--
           .    .
                                 : : h ! I? - s 4 s : 4 $ .
                                 t I lêl ILl 1 z 6 é l ,l1 j y
                                  i- - k        k -
         - ':
    iU.' A 1
      .% . .
    .- .   %                            v v u los
                                        s a cosIu- '
    .       '
        : >Q. '                        l              I  V
                                    HOkSE O F REPRESEbTAT' CS
j                                              jy
                                        J(N g( j j

          Mann:   '
                  fThank you: Mr. Speaker. I had my light on but was

                  not re             ng
                        cojnized duri the debate. Well: Mr. Speaker
                  and Members of the House, as I look at those red lights
                  on the board, I find that many of them are the same
                  people who condemn the poor and minority groups
                  because theyl on public assistance and welfare.         And
                  yet so many of these domestic people who ride public
                  conveyances, maybe 60 or 70 miles round trip, every day
                  struggling and fighting to maintain an existence with
                  dignity and pride, certainly deserve the same consider-
                  ation that any other employee in the State of Illinois
                  deserves. And: if you donlt want to be hypocrites
                  about the work ethics and hypocrites about those of
                  whom should receive public assistance and those who
                  should not, you'll change your ligbt from red to green
                  and encourage people who at great costs, both emotional
                  and physical, are staying in there and working trying
                  to maintain themselves and their families. I consider
                  it absolutely hypocritical for those of you who con-
                  stantly talk about what we need in this country is more
                  of the work etbicsy what we need is more people with
                  initiative, what we need is more people who are willing
                  to go out and work and pull themselves up by their
                  bootstraps. I suggest to you that you pull yourselves
                  up by your intellectual hypocritical bootétraps and
                  give this a green ltght. They really should deserve
                  the same consideration that people cleaning a building
                  er working in a plant get and I urge your 'aye' vote.'
           Speaker Davis: 'The Gentleman from Dupage, Representative
           Hudson:   '
                     'Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker....Ladies and
                  Gentlemen of tbe House, in explaining my 'no ' vote I
                  would simply like to say this          that every day         !
                  seems to be 'Resurrection Day ' for th is concept or one

       IY ''
     ,f px''r
     ' a . ,               G E N E R A L A SS EM B L Y
      $: (
    ?.; - (. tl                   v v e u los
                                  s x co Ius l                                  I
       -4 )
    .t$ , .g -
                                ' gn
                            JUu Jg 1:

               sfmflar to it. It continues to rise, phoenix-like,
                r m h as e    t p e rs i e a ihl h t
               f o t e. h s. I a p a l k v n Go s g os .
               It rides through the Chambers of this House like the
               Beadless Horseman, leaving us poor guys 1ike.......
               around here like Ichabod shiver and shake,
               and in my opinion, if there is anything that will
               introduce the long arm of the federal bureaucracy
               and other bureaucracies .... into our domestic affairsy
               ft is this concept. Forms, rules, regulations, and if
               there is anything that will discourage people from
               entering into this area of domestic help: and offering
               their services to the poor beleaguered housewife that
               needs a11 the help tbat she can get, but 1' tell you
               shefs not gofng to take it under these conditions, if
               there is anything that will discourage employment in
               this area, I think it's this particular concept. I
               would say that we' helping the housewife if we defeat
                this concept....and I would certainly urge a ' ' vote.'
         Speaker Davis: nThe Gentleman from Cooka Representative
         Hoffman: 'Thank you, Mr . Speaker, Ladtes and Gentlemen of
                the House, I thinky where the expressions......that
                were given on the ot      de   he
                                    her si of t aisle, just a few
                moments should oppose thfs concept....because
                for many of these people who do travel 30 or 40 miles
                 o hese vari
                t t                          k
                            ous jobs, and wor as domestics, they are
                interested in obtaining employment, employpent so they
                    j                                      I              '
                can lift themselves up by their bootstraps . And, we
                want to encourage thiss we want to make sute that these
                people are encouraged to seek this type of employment.
                But, exactly what's going to happen here is, youlre
                going to bave a 1ot of 'employersf that are employing
                domestics, be faced with the bureaucracy, moving in and
                the addftfonal cost to ehemselves, ehe record keepfng,
                and the responsibility of meeting these requirements,

  %'A J<
 - JjA ,                         t           1
                         G E N E I A L A SSE 5 B L Y

 t.:.c' '
z.?j .-.
                                 v      uul s
                                s svsoe l aol
 ? % r:, ?
   .i . -
. .' ' *                       a :    l        rV
                            Hotseo F RtPqEsENTA'î Es
                                   t ' g
                                  Ja ,glu

                   '                                                67.

                 and they are no longer going to employ these people .
                 Now, these people have taken the initiative to get off
                 of the welfare rolls in many cases and to work and
'                bring their status up in our society .    And. exactly
                 what weîre going to do is create a regressive attitude
                  for them and they are going to be forced out of
                  employment and back on public aid rolls. And. I would
                  support a 'no' vote on this.n
           Speaker Davis: l he Gentleman from Cook, Representative
                 Marovitz.'                                                .
           Marovitz: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Members of the House:
                  I couldn't disagree more with the last two speakers
                  on the otber side of the aisle. This Amendment will
                  encourage employment rather than discourage employment.
                  Why don't these people have the same rights to benefits.
                  You knowy if you consider this type of employmenty we
                  entrust domestic helpers with great amounts of re-
                  sponsibility with our homes, and often times with our
                  familiess we give them tbis responsibilitys and yet
                  we want to deny them certain benefits? There is a Bill
                  sitting on the Governorfs desk that would give domestics
                  these benefits in 1980. I'd like to hear anybody get
                  up and say ....if these benefits are okay for 1980.
                  wbat's wrong witb giving it to them in 1977? I'd like
                  to hear one reason. We want to give people the initia-
                  tive to get up and work? Let's pass this Amendment.
                  Let's put some more green votes on there.n
           Speaker Davis: 'The Gentleman from Cook, Representative
                  Ray Ewel1.'
           Ewell: 'Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen, it was once said
                  that the truth stamped into the earth a tbousand times
                  will rise again. It is my hope that this Bill wfll
                  continue to rise because it is right. What youfre
                  talking about here is a little balance between the
                  needy and tbe greedy. Yes, I know it hurts to .....

     *   <. x:
           -               G E N E R A L A SS EM BL Y
    ;-- .,
    : ' #r.) .
     ?s xr
     c ,   (                        - v u los
                                    s x coeIu- i
                                eousg o v ace-csr-T-ml
                                N ) 06
                              JU 7(17 :

             do the housework when you have manicured nails. And,
             I know itys nice to sit up and say that everybody
             ought to have someone to do a1l the dirtys menial tasks
             that are unfftting for themselves. But, I suggest to
             you that the people that do this type of work are the
             backbone of society because they are doing work uhich
             we refuse to do for ourselves.          suggest to you that
             tbese people need a chance, they need an opportunityy
             and why is it tbat they should not be covered? We >ay
             for ourselvesy everything is good enough. When we say
             f us t            y    t
                   hat $36 a da isnl even good enough to pay
             our expenses. W*11> I say to you the domestic makes
             f less than t      he ake any
                          hat, t y m          e om l5
                                          wher fr $ to
             maybe $20 a d for hard manual l     - and 8 hours.
                                            abor. .
               appeal to your sense of dignity.            your sense of
             fairnessy that you support this type of tegislation.
             And. again I point out to youy stamp it tnto the earth
             ff you wfll, but it will rfse again, because ft is
             right and true.'
      Speaker Davis: HThe Gentleman from Cook, Representative Fleck
             Representative F1eck....N
      Fleck: MMr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemeny          oppose this
             Amendment and 1611 tell you why.             not necessarily
             the very wealthy that has these type of ....people come
             to work in and about their homes. It could be an aver-
             age, ordinary. middle-class family that uould hire some
             kids to come and eut the grass. Hovy under Che
             Workman's Compensation benefits that we passed, if some
              child or teenager is cutting tbe grass and they sever
              a toe or cut a toe and you aren't insured, you are
                     o ay em obably $ 000 out of your o back
              going t p f pr         10,               wn
                      or hat in
              pocket f t              f         ve nsuranc
                               jury. I you do ha i        es.....
              as a homeowner, and not as a person who's in business,
              youfre going to be screaming and yelling about the
              incredible insurance premiums youîre paying. The

 % a ''
 ). '.
 ,                           l
                      G EN E I A L A SSE M B L Y
. . z.
 $. .A
  j n
i(. -,...
  .J I . .
   . .'
      .(x                       r      uulqo'
                             svA'u o s I r s
 ,. z
, ., =. .,
. N'
    r                           r e*:     l Arv
                         HousEo f R'fnEsEhT' '1 Es
                                JUN 2û 1 :

                 persons who are living in these homes and hiring
                                                        people where
                 domestics are really offering work for '
                 they wouldntt have it otherwtse.           It's not a business.
                 It's thefr home and to charge Workmen's Compensation
                 premiums on someone who owns a home or has an apart-
                 ment, I think, is an absolutely ludicrous and ridiculou
                 concepty and should o       mi              d.'
                                      verwhel ngly be rejecte '
      Speaker Davis: ' he Gentleman from Cook, Representative
             '   Mautino.                                       '
                             What purpose does the Gentleman.n .'
      Mautin   ' ank youy Mr. Spe
            o: 'Th                        s
                                 aker. nI' the Gentleman lrom
                 Bureau...and not....Cook...H
      Speaker Davis:                                                   l
                            nThe Gentleman from Bureau, yes. Pardon me.'
      Mautino: ' bave some sincere concerns about this Legislation.
                 mainly because itts very difficult to define household
                 and employee. For those of us in the downstate areay
                 we do not have lday care centers' et cetera, what we
                 have is many working wives who            for example. hire baby-
                 sitters for their children so they can go to work .
                 Under the definttions...and without a definition....
                 in this particular Amendment, it would seem to me that
                 those downstate women who are working would have to
                 have coverage so that they can go to work           coverage for
                 those people who are watcbing thetr children.            School
                 teachers, ladies working in factories, et cetera. I'm
                 not quite sure that this Amendment couldn't be cleaned
                 up with a definition of household. It is not only
                 those areas of menial tasks, or tasks that                let's
                 say, maid, It's those other
                 tbings that people go to work for. I would like to have
                 a definitioa of the household concept. I think that is
                 where tbe major problem is. Until tbat is defined, I'd
                 certainly have to remain on a 'no' vote.'
      Speaker Davis: 'The Gentleman from Cook, Representative
      Terzich: HYes, Mr. Speakers we've been discussing the explana-

. %r
       .                      k g .       j ;
                            GgN yRA j A sgjM jLY
 wq -.'
 '.y > j
iy;t'. e .
,: .. 1
  .a                                ''
                                     gr   u-N s
                                   sr. cos1t1oI
  '1 .
  , t::
   '*-. *                              r         r Tl
                               Ho usc or ncenssEN'A. vEs
                                                ? ) 8:

                        tion of votes for the last                 minutes on this Amendment.
                        Tbe votes have not changed. Either restrict the ex-
                        planation to 5 seconds or let's take the Roll on thiss
                 Speaker Davis: 'Just a minute now . Mr.......You know I've
                        been praying for you, now you need to pray for me.
                        What about the middle of the Roll Call? 0n explanation
                        of votes....ah...on explanation of votes, don't they
                        have a right to....They have a right to explain their
                        votes. Pardon me....0ne minute, a11 right. The
                        Gentleman recognizes the distinguished Lady Repres-
                        entative G iddy Dyer.'
                 Dyer : îThank youv Mr . Speaker , to respond to a matter of fact
                        asked by Mr . Mautino , I hope that doesn 't count on my
                        time, because this is the first time I 've spoken on
                        th is B i1l .    To respond to M r. Mautino , there is a
                        defin ition . Th is cove rage wou ld app1y to domestic .....'
                    ake  vis '   on   us       nt       a
                 Spe r Da : dPard me j t a mome . For wh t purpose
                        does R epresenta tive F leck a rise?.....Sh e has one minute
                        to expla in her vo te , doesn 't she? Al1 right . Thank
                        you very mucb .'
                 Dyer: 'Thank you . Thank you . The definition is...applies to
                        a worker who works 40 lours a week for 13 weeks                    the
                        lome . T ha t's very c1ear . Now , I'd 1ike to giv e you a
                        per sonal example. 0ur cleaning woman , whom makes it
                        possible for me to be down here for better or worse,
                        slipped on the ice and broke her wrist. Technica11y and
                        legally we were not responsibley but here is a woman
                        who was too young for Social Securfty benefitsy on her
                        medical cover         t ver
                                     age didn' co                      just because she
                        works in our bome, one day a weekm webre not going to
                        1et her go into debt for five or six hundred dollars,
                        so her five employers chipped in together and we picked
                        up the slack. If this had been the postman. the man
                        who delivers our mail# just every morning, he would have
        . ,.-.                                              1
                                   G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B L Y
        f7 - w ir                           v ..
                                           s Avs oe , uT' .
                                                     u so s
          ? .'
        . q.*r. .                        l : r             r
                                                         r. v
                                        eous1 ol REeREscN'A'I cs
                                   J J tu j
                                  JLA ;u lf      .

             been covered wtth Workmanfs Compensation .   Nowy   ask
             you, isn' it fatr that the person in your home who
             is liable for that accident, have coverage?'
     Speaker Davis: 'Thank you. The Gentleman from Cook s Repres-
             entative Maragos, is he there? His light is on. The
             Gentleman from Whiteside, his light is on. Represent-
             atfve Schuneman .f
                '                    '
     Schuneman: tWe11 Mr. Speaker....'
     Speaker Davis: HDid you speak?.- ..          l
                                        pardon me.'
     Schuneman: nNo                  l
                       Sirs I didnbt.'
                     '                         '
     Speaker Davis: IAII right, go rigbt ahead.'
     Scbuneman: HI hate to belabor tbis point but, I9d like to
             reiterate that Representative Fleck and Representative
             Mautino were absolutely right about their fears about
             this Amendment.       think one of the problems we have to
             face is that many of the people who are employed on a
             part-time basis. like those suggested by Representative
             Dyer, are in fact not employable in regular industry.
             And, therefore, they take part-time work. Many of these
             people in my own knowledge are not deducting Social
             Security and Withholding Taxesy and therefore: I think:
                we pass this Bi11, welre going to raise the specter
             for the homeowner who is going to have to withhold
             Social Securttyy he's going to have to withheld his
             Withholding Taxess he's going to have to buy Workmen's
             Compensation Insurance, wbich he does not now have. And,
             bis present homeowners policy is noL going to cover the
             liability that he has under Workmanls Compensation. And
               really tbink wefre raistng a real problem for our-
             selves. If we think webve had a response from industrya
                                              me        e
             just wait untilwe pass this Amend nt and se what you
             get from the homeowners who hire people on a part-time
                    ' m
     speaker Davis: 'I' going to have to insist on the one mfnute
             rule. The Lady from St. Clair, Mrs. Younge-'

 ' .'.
  x pr
  yjW .
 'J -rw'
Jî .. y .
                       G E x E R A j A gsE M j LY
                                    .        l
;)., &                          vv     urs
                               s s sosjuloI
7 .k r r
    * ;
1*>L'=, 'ù
      .                       l      R          'L
                          Ho tsc oF FEPHESENYATINPS
                                   N l) S:
                                 JU t(1/

        Younge: fThank you, Mr. Speaker.                 think the basic issue
              involved ' the question as to who will receive
              Workman's Compensatfon, is whether or not the State
                         he        nju
              will bear t cost of i ry to domestics or whether
              or not the person who hires the domestic privately
              will bear the cost. If a domestic does not have Work-
                  s     ns i
              man' Compe at on and              i     d,
                                                 njure a11 that is going to
              happen is that that domestie is going onto General
              Assistance, or Aid to Dependent Children, or public
              dole. And. rather than increasing the untenable
               situation that we have nowy in reference to dole and
              relief, the person who hires that person privately
              ought to have the responsibility of having Workman's
               Compensation Insurance. Tbat's the simple bottom-line
               proposition that..that person will not have
               to go onto public...public aid or public dole.
               think that that is a very reasonable....reasonable
               proposition and that there is no question but that we
               ought to be voting 'yes'.'
        Speaker Davis: HThank youy Mrs. Younge. Have a11 voted who
               wish? Have a11 voted who wish?               Have a11 voted who
               wish? Take tbe Rolly Mr. Clerk. 0n this question
               there are 72 îayes'. 90 lnays'@ one '
                                  y                 present': and 14
               'no ' . . . . . .not voting. This Amendment having failed to

               reach a majority is hereby declared lost.î

                         G E N E R A L A SSE M B L Y
                                      : rL N S
                                %TATE Of 1 L1 Q1
                            4 l :      :* : 4 A. V
                            *OtS+ o F He$R1sEeT' '1 ES
                                  J $ tt s
                                 :tN ku l iia     .


               f      nt /    ani    nds   e
Clerk Selcke: fAmendme /5. Cat a. Ame Senat Bill 1847 page
                                          o      l
       by deleting lines 1, 2, and 3 and s forth-'
S ker Davis: nLady f                      ve
                    rom Ccok, Representati Catania. The Chair recog-
       nizes the Lady fro Cook f     to
                                ormm. explain the Amendment. Repre-
       sentative Catania/'
Catanf    f
      a: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Me                 e:
                                       mbers of the Hous Representative
        na a a n b e i n o hi me d nt a li r, t' h n
       Ha h n h d a o j ct o t t s A n me e r e i s t e o e
       that changes it from Wor     s              mpe
                               kmen' to Worker's Co nsation. I would
       yield to Representati Hanahan on t        '
                                         his oneo'
Spea                     ati
    ker Davis: nRepresent ve Hana    '
Hanahan: HYes, Mr. Speakery Members of the House, this Amendment is a
       140 me pages thick and a11 it d                     d work-
                                      oes it change the wor '
        n' o w ke .    a e o b c i n o h m nd nt s o g
       me t ' or rf I h v n o je t o t t e A ç me a l n
             re     ng      al     nî mpensati Act. It is
       as wed amendi the tot Workme s Co      on
        . ..                 re
               as long as we' into that aspect of this Bill to adopt this
        Amendme       s     ht                            re
               nt. It' broug about on the premise that we' de-
                          ws nd
        sexualizing our la a work          ve me
                                 men may ha so sort of sexual
        connot                                    ve
              ation to some people who are sensiti of this issue
        and for those pe                     pt nd     /5
                        ople I defer and acce Ame ment / to Senate
        Bill 1847.'
Speaker Davis: 'Gentleman from Lake, Representative De      '
         ' Spea
Deuster: 'Mr.                     d
               ker, if the Sponsorf yield for a question. Last
          me his
        ti t Amend       me and                      he
                  ment ca up. of course it's not in t bill-
        book so itR                               t
         's so large tbat it wasn' distribute    '
Speaker Da      ' ndicates he willy Rep
          vis: 'He i                   resentative Hanahan: are
        your...      ent veo.o
               Repres ati     o
Deust            me his A
     er: nLast ti t      mendment was presented we were advised that
                    me    bl ubstantial or s anti language in
        there was so possi y s              ubst ve
        it t                   ble
            hat presented a pro m. Is that language still here and
        kf so what is it and what does it say so that those of us who
            t            nd                              o   w
        don' have the Ame ment will have an opportunity t kno what
        we' considering/'
          '                                        nt      whe
Hanaban; 'Yes, that language is not in this Amendme that... re we
         had a question..-- .added language and it is.- it is a cure
        bill that strict changes uorker...      n o
                                          workme t worker throughout

                               t       j
                       G E N E l A L A fS EM B LY
                                     :   L N S
                               STATe oF I L1 D1
                              :      R)     4 TV
                           -o kSE oF'IEeRESE* TA. 1 Es
                                  U $ 0/
                                 J N101/

        be at
       e st ute/'
            s:  ntle             are   ha           she
Speaker Davi HGe man from Cookp.. youe.. ve you fint d:
       Represe             er?f
              ntative Deust '
Deuster: HYes thank youy Mr. Speakero'
S ker Da      '
        vis: 'Gentleman from Co               ive              '
                               ok, Representat Peters. Proceedol
Pet     '
   ers: 'Wil1 Representative Hana          '
                                 han yield?d
S ker Da      '
        vis: 'He indic             î
                      ates he willoî
Pete     '                    n:                  a w
    rs: lRepresentative Hanaha do you have any ide ho much this
       gesture will cost in changing a 140-some o pages in our
       statut '
                                        he            o
Hanahan: nIt will cost nothing because t statute has t be re-written
       be                  e
         cause of the Senat Bfll k967.*
         ' nk    '
Peters: 'Tha you.î
Sp ker Davis; HGent        om                at
                   leman fr Marfon, Represent ive Frfedricb/'
Friedrich: n             nd mbers of the Hous why don' we change
            Mr. Speaker a Me                 e,       t
           s o
        thi t wor                 ll alt ve        d   l
                 kperson and thatd re y ha it foule upo'
Hanahan: H       he
          Offer t Amend     '
S ker Da      '        ion
        vis: 'The quest is shall Ame       /5
                                    ndment ? pass? A11 in favor
        will say aye. opposed: nay. Al1 in favor wi vote aye and
        oppose nay. E                      he ntle
                     xplanation of votes: t Ge    man from Whiteside,
               nt ve    ne
        Represe ati Schu man/'
      ma  ' Speaker, I' li t me
Schune n: 'Mr.         d ke o ntion to those people who are
        voti no that this is a change which is taking place in a11 the
                   he                        n's mpensation La
        states of t United States now. Workme Co              ws
                  ng wn          s          on ws
        are becomi kno as Worker' Compensatf La and I really
                                                     s              l
        think it's foolish to resist this change, it' coming anyway.'
                '          ive
Speaker Davls: 'Representat Sklnner.eeGentleman from McHenry. Tbe
        C                  '
         hair recognizes...'
               no                               '
 Skinner: Hl... comment is needed at this pointv'
 speaker Davis: lHave al1 voted who wish? Have a11 voted who wish?
         Ta tbe record, Mr. Clerk. 0n this q               re
                                            uestion there a 86 yeas,
         36 na                             bse            nd
              ys, l voting present and 54 a nt and the Ame ment is
         hereby dec ed adopted. Any further Amendme    '
 Cler Selc               /
          ke: HAmendment /6. Walsb. Amends Senate Bill 1847 page 1,
         lfne 1 and so fortho'

                                         1l. ,
                    G E N E R A L A SSE R l l Y
                              T : T L l :1i
                           STA. e DI 1 k. (kt
                       :otâE '?
                       l l; or 'EPHrSENTAT, E5'V
                                            N 4:
                                          Jk 7i t'


         Speaker Davis; HThe Gentleman from Cook. Mr. Walsh, the.ooAssistant
                 Mt                   k         '
                   nority Leader. Than you, Sirm'
         Walsh: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker. And Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentle-
                         he                        nt
                 men of t House, this is an Amendme the thrust of which the
                             he                  '
                 Sponsor of t Bill agrees witho.w'
            ake       '
         Spe r Davis: 'Just a mi                                    n
                                nute. What purpose does the Gentlema from
                 McHenry arise?'
         Hanaha              rde               '
               n: Hpoint of o r: Mr. Speakerxo.'
                        ' ate yo
         Speaker Davis: 'St          '
                                ur- -'
           naha      hat
         Ha n: MNow t Amend     /        ache
                           ment /5 is att d to the Bill, is Amendment
                 I               m?'
                 I6 in proper for '
                        ' so..
         Speaker Davis: 'Let'     s                11
                              let' look and see. 16 call on my expert.
                 The Pa mentarian informs me t     mend  /
                                              hat A ment /6 is inconsistent
                 wit Amend     /
                          ment /5. Amend     /
                                        ment /5, as you say, has been adopted
                 and this A             nc
                           mendment is i onsiste                 m'
                                                nt. centleman fro cooks the
                 Mi                  ist
                   nority Leader, Ass ant Minority Leader/'
                f Speakery would yo as the Parliame
         Walsh: 'Mr.               u k                          in
                                                   ntarian in.m. what
                 detail the Amendme is inconsistent? T     s      nt n
                                                      here' no poi i the
                 A          / hat                  k
                  mendment /6 t 1 can see on a quic reading where it refers
                         s ompensation in the c
                 Workmen' C                             ve
                                               hanges we' made, Mr. Parlia-
                     ari           '
                 ment an. Is there7'
         Speaker Davis: ' mber one, it improperly amends the title of the
                 Bill. It i            ir, me        le   he
                           mproperly, S a nds tbe tit of t Bi11J'
         Walsh: H      no            ry hatv..
                 Now... w, Mr. Speake t                   o
                                              that seems t be an Amendment
                  r           y hat is not very serious if wef talking about
                 o a difficult t                              re
                 the title and I wonder if we could, Mr. Speaker, amend this
                 Amendment on its face? I wonder if the..J'
         Spea            'he            an el             d
             ker Davis: 'T Parliamentarf t ls me that you' have to re-
                     e he                     ve  ve             '
                 writ t whole thing. If you ha lea you can do it.'
                '                      '
         Walsh: 'I would request leave.'
               r        '
         Speake Davis: 'The Gentleman req             o
                                         uests leave t rewrite the Amendment.
                   y b e t o s? ep e e a i a a a bj c s.'
                 An o j c i n R r s nt t ve B n h n o e t '
         Hanahan: N- .speaker, I had a simple one l    r,
                                                   ette one word changey and
                               d   ve    me  s ha
                 was not grante lea by so les t ny what I consider nice
                 Gentlemen on the floor of t                     m   ng
                                            his House, and now I' goi to be

     +> o.
     1                               t            1
                             G E N E I A L A SS E5 B LY
    f...::-n .
      % 'rr ,
    .) '*.l  r
       - yw
      .s?.. .
       . - .
     . r
                                      sxcoejuN l
                                      ' ' ulos
                                       s     e v eh l
                                   Hous oe ae eEs d r vEs
     q   vAt
                                       ' kb  p
                                     Jbh zu l/

                  k d o me d h l i l 11 ve h l c           b c '
                as e t a n a w o e B l a o r t e p a e? I o je t.'
             ee .

     p a e vi     ' w. o u t
                   N              n e. he me d e t s ut  dr
    S e k r Da s: ' o N w j s a mi ut T A n m n i o of or e
              nd e b e s o o u d a e o i e e n l
             a h o j et s y u wo l h v t f 1 a n w o e.l
    Wals   'Mr            11                    w             ma
        h: ' . Speaker, 11 tell you what. To sho I am a Gentle n I'11
             hold the Bill o Second Reading until he gets the proper Amendment;
                ve         n                  ke                    '
             lea the Btll o Second Reading. Ta it out of the recordo'
     pea    vis '                    h u       11        1
    S ker Da : 'Is that a11 rigbt wit yo s you' fi1e a...'
    Walsh: 'Yes, if I may respond. And I appreciate that very much, Mr.
              a a a ut a e o o nt ut ha      e any d o bet
             H n b n: b I h t t p i o t t I c rt i l di n t o j c
             to tle cha                                   m
                       nge that you referred to and 1...I' sure that the
              e o o i b e r ba y u d a e xt n d o h a
             p rs n wh d d o j ct p o bl wo l h v e e de y u t e s me
                    y              xte                           '
             courtes that you are e nding me and I appreciate it.'
    Speaker Davis: 'The Gent    n   m   k,     ent ve
                            lema fro Coo Repres ati Duff, is that
                  what purpose do you arise? Just a mi
             who...                                   nute, pardon me. For
              t purpose of an announce            ent ve        '
                                      ment, Repres ati Washburn.'
    Was         '       u,             f
       hburn : fThank yo Mr. Speaker...'
    Spe            1 Mi               '
       aker Davis: '..g nority Leader.'
    Was        '
       hburn: 'Thank you> Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gent    n        l
                                                         leme of the louse,
                        l           on
              we have tle wife and s of one of our most respected and distin-
              guished Me         h    n he               y          ng
                        mbers wit us i t Speakerts galler this morai ,
              Mrs. Kalph Dunn, Ell Dunn, and sony Je       n
                                                    rry Dun .   If you please,
              be recognized.'
              vis '
    Speaker Da : 'What pur                  le ny
                          pose does the Gent ma Mr. Ebbesen, from
              DeKalb arise?l
          n   '
    Ebbese : 'Yes> Mr. Speaker, since t                      nt  re
                                       his particular Amendme we' refer-
              ring to here that just changes o letter and no one has a copy>
              is t      in      is he         he  d
                  hat... that... t letter in t wor worker> is it an
                         o lat
              1e' or an ' 1 tl 's being used bere beca      d   e     ve
                                                      use Ir hat to ha the
                      o' ed nd                      s mpensatio law.î
              letter î us a then be called a workor' co        n    '
              vis '                      e   s        he
    Speaker Da : 'I hope we can appreciat it' out of t record. Repre-
                  ati                 h o              '
              sent ve Deuster, you wis t be recognized?'
    Deuster: 'We11 1 did on the Bill t     he
                                      hat t Sponsor was anxious to have
               he                   '
              t matter considered...'
         P a e vi ' s ut
                       I        he e o d . # u a hi . '
        S e k r Da s: ' t1 o of t r c r . . o me n t s. .'
             ' . he
              He       s                         y          u
    Deuster: ' . . want it out of the record, oka . Thank yo , Mr.

                                      *      1
                         G EN E R A L . SS E 5 B L Y
                                             L po S
                                   STATL oF I L11 !
                                  l ;      L        V
                               RctSE 0 F REPRCSENTATI ES
                                                       ikN 2t 1/


              Speaker Da      1
                        vis: 1Senate Bill 1853, Mr. Clerk, that one,s o of the record
                        ll me
                     we' co baek to it when../'
'                 k Brien: 'se
              Cler O'       l nate Bill 1853. This Bill has been read a second time
                     previously. No Committee Amendments/'
              Speaker Davis; MAny Amendme       m          '
                                         nts fro the floor?'
                  k Brien: îAmendme /1. LaFleur. Amends Se
              Cler O'       î      nt /                   nate Bill 1853 on
                                                         5 nd
                     page 1 by deleting lines 9 through 1 a so fortb/'
              Speaker Davip: Hlust a minute. Just a minute. Indulge the Speaker.
                           n                              y                 y
                     In...i presenting to this House a ver distinguished lad who
                      ...she    nd
                               a her husband have been my close friends, friends of
                     my fa                       d ke
                          mily for many yearsy If li to have Mrs. Paul Randolph
                       tn    me d e / , pr s nt t v a l u        s, u t
                      s a d. A n m nt /1 Re e e a i e L F e r. Ye j s a
                     minute, what purpose does Re                           î
                                                 presentative Maragos arise?'
                       ' Speaker, T' li for you and the Parli ntarian to
              Maragos: 'Mr.        d ke                      ame
                              r he
                      look ove t Amend                  nk  s          y
                                      ment because I thi it' technicall de-
                      ficient because the- .         ri o
                                            wbat it t es t do is's got
                      the wrong lettering and wrong numberi on the line/î
              Speaker Davis: 'Just a minute, Mr. LaFleur/d
              LaFleur: H               d ke     k        on       '
                        Mr. Speaker, I1 li to as a questi on that.'
               pea         I
              S ker Davis: '      ma
                            Gentle n fromv..        '
              LaFle     '         d or                   hat n
                   ur: 'I had aske f a fiscal note. has t bee filed? NoJ'
               pea         ' he
              S ker Davis: 'Is t fiscal note filed, Mr. Clerk? Mr. Clerk, is
                       he                     1 he
                      t fiscal note there? Wi1 t Clerk make the announcement
                      on t fiscal note. What p                    le
                                              urpose does the Gent man from Dupage,
                      Represe                     e7f
                             ntative LaFleur, aris f
              LaFle                                    '
                   ur: MHas the fiscal note been filed?'
              Speaker Davis: ' 11# t               re      ..'
                                    his is what weî trying- l                           .
              Clerk O'Brien: HThere fs...           req
                                         there is... uest for a fiscal note filed,
                          fsc                      ed
                      no f al note has been submfte yet/'
                       'Per                  hes
              LaFleur: ' haps we could take t e out of the record until something../î
                              '               he                      s
              Speaker Davis: 'Take it out of t record, Mr. Clerk. Letf go back
                                       k. mend /
                      to 1853, Mr. Cler A ment /1 on Senate Bill 1853. It's
                      f            ouV
                       mproper if y ll take a look at lt because it refers to the
                      wrong page. It could be amended on its f            ntle u
                                                              ace: Sir. Ce mal ./'

         'I4 ..
          .X d
           : .
        ;%, rr.
          i                         G E N E R A L A S S E 51B L Y
      r.. ..
    Ly..- . ,
          .   .
    .   .                                   r r: r u r s
                                           s'a'e o I 1 uIyoj
    ' A ..A'.
         ' L'
         .                             HoksE oF RCPFE7ENTAT1 ES
                                          ;         49     V
                                 . .k :.
                               kbh î Q' t'

    LaFle    î
         ur: 'Mr...     pea               m rying to i
                   Mr. S ker, yes: what I' t          nquire here
                          k                 s
            and we will as for that if thatf the order of business you
            wish to go un. If the fiscal note has not bee filed then we
            can take care of this matter. Now, what      ou      l
                                                   ever y desire.'
                     We'                 he ec
     Speaker Davis: H 11 take it out of t r ord, is that a1l right.
            You..                 he
                 .tàke it out of t record.          Se          /
                                                      nate Bill /1854/'
             Bri   '
     Clerk O' en: 'Senate Bill 1854. This Bill has been read a second
              me viously. No Committ lme nts.'
            ti pre                  ee  ndme '
     Speaker Da      ' leman fro Du
               vis: 'Gent       m page, Represent        Fle '
                                                 ative La ur.'
       Fle   '       '
     La ur: 'Yes I...1
     Clerk O'        t r nd                        nds nate Bill 1854
             Brien: lFloo Ame ment #1y LaFleurs ame Se
                               ng                  ng n  u
            on pagè 1 by deleti line 12 and inserti i lle thereof
            g                o      f
             employees are' t there.'
     LaFleur: 'A req                     e       n             e ll
                    uest for a fiscal not has bee filed on Hous Bi 1854
            also. Has that been fi    '
     Speaker Davis: 'Has that been ffled? A request for ffscal note on 1854?
             oe h p n o       h o r c d o h me d e ? o o bj c
            D s t e S o s r wis t p o ee t t e A n m nt D y u o e t,
            Representative Maragos? What p                 e?'
                                          urpose do you ris '
     Maragos: '                                                    s
               uhat-- what is the procedure? What about 1854, what' he
                        ng nother Amend
            doing? Putti a                        '
                                       ment on it?'
     Spea            '
         ker Davis: 'A fiscal note was../'
                                                or             lli   s
     Maragos: HIhere is no fiscal consequences f the State of I nois.'
         ker        Ahat'
     Spea Davis: 'T s your object               n...
                                      ion? ue ca we can proceed to
                nd    /            on 8-- mend
             Ame ment /1 then on- - t A ment /1, Re/  presentative
            La            e-'
              Fleur, pleas '
               '                          ur          he
     Lapleur: 'The fiscal note, what is yo ruling on t fiscal notes
            Mr. Speaker?'
      pea          ' s ke
     s ker Davis: 'Let' ta the Amendment fi                ll ake t
                                           rst and then we' t      he
                             '                   '
             fiscal note afterwards. Would you...'
                    ld                     h he
     LaFleur; nl wou prefer to dïsagree wit t Cbair buL T would..ol
                     ke              ng   he
             would li to see the fili of t fiscal note before we handle
             the Bi11.'
               ' s
     Maragos: 'lt' not requi      '
                            red- .'
      speaker Da      '       m vtsed that you cannot file note unti t
                vis: 'The...I' ad                                   l he .
                nd    s
             Ame mentf adopt                 f he
                            ed. That rfght? I t Amendment affects the

  s.* .
   %*. .
  %tJ 'u
 e h. >e                                       11
                          G E N E R A L A SSE 5 1L Y
    .: :y
    . '
jc.- )n
                                 r.r      u p s
                                s'n'c o F $ uI4o'
  .j .
.t. ;
   J 7k
 ' :?' +
    ! '                       I )E '2 P E:' b s
                                             A ê
                             yoks oe1E nEs eT TI E
                                 N1 ï b
                               JL .Q) f-

                 physical conseque                                 he
                                  nces of the Bill it will affect t fiscal
                 note. Do you agree?l
                  l 1... respectfully disag
         LaFleur: 'Nos  1                                           ve
                                           ree, Mr. Speaker, I belie the
                 require                     e
                        ments of a fiscal not isrthat it..ethat it, a fiscal
                 note be filed and I do not think that there can be an advance-
                 ment or a hea                                      e         '
                              ring on the Bill until that fiscal not fs filed.'
         Speaker Davis: HWe        wel       ng   he
                           11, we..v re talki to t fact that we cannot move
                  it to Thir Reading, Third Readf                   e s
                                                 ng, if a fiscal not i required.
                  But we can proceed, can't we, with.-with the Amendme '
         LaFle                     me   he
              ur: the ti of t fiscal note filing then we could
                  handle t Amendment also. I thinke./'
         Speaker Davis: î               h?'
                         What do you wis î
                  '     h                   he
         LaFleur: 1I wis to take it out of t recordo./'
          a ag s: P i f r e r. p a r, u t i ut
         M r o H o nt o o d ry M S e ke j s a m n e.un
         Speaker Davis: H           he
                         What dbes-t Sponsor of the B1l1 wish-to take it out
                      he      '
                  of t record?l                           '
           r g s: l us
                   os      n e        p a e 8 4. .'
         Ma a o nl J t a mi ut . Mr. S e k r: 1 5 . 1
                         '                         '
         Speaker Davis: 'What purpose do you arisey'
                  '              xt              hi o              e
         Maragos: '1854 the conte of that has not ng t do wtth stat revenue,
                  it does not requi a fiscal note. 1853 is correct, it does and
                  t                         e
                   here will be a fiscal not shortly. But 1854 doeù not require...
                  will you please look at the cont of the Bi11J'
         Speaker Da      l
                   vis: îlust a minutej Mr. Maragos. Mr...         ati
                                                          Represent ve Marago's
                  poi is well taken, this does not affect state revenue; only
                                            e sc
                  local revenue and therefor fi al note is not required. Rep-
                  resentat            '
                          ive LaFleur.:
         LaFleur: HMr...               d ke
                        Mr. Speaker, I# li to dissent from tbats I think
                  it' based on bad informatton. If you look you will see that        .
                  it will definitely af      he
                                       fect t formula for the distrtbution for
                      e d o                 n'    w     hat  n'
                  stat at t schools and I do t kno how t does t affect
                  the...t revenue of the state/t
           S ker Davi   1                  t               ve
                     s: : That still doesnf affect state re nue does tt?u
         LaFleur: 'Iell, where are t                         t
                                    hey getting money? I can' buy the fact
                  that it comes from government and tbe t             t       '
                                                         axpayers don' pay it.'
         speaker Davis: HIt does not affect state t    io           ema
                                                   axat n. The Gentl n

- '  :.
     - . es
    J J .'
     , =-                    G E N. R A L A S S E 5 8 L .
                                   E               6    Y
7v-. '
kr' ' ' k                               '    F L -bCI
                                     FTATC C' l t1lhS
    t 2T
         ; *à
         .                            7 v :> ;         V
                                uo usu oF ! p!nE1EN TAT1 E9
                                     a jj
                                    pj j( )u

.                                                                         80.

                     from Cook: Representative Lundy, what purpose do you rise, Siryn   .
                             u,                es
             Lundy: HThank yo Mr. Speaker, Ladi and Gentlemen of the House,
                     Fis                     ry  ar
                        cal Note Act makes ve cle that if a fiscal note is required
                     and a ruling is made t               if           e
                                           hat it's not-.- a fiscal not is requested
                     and a ruling is made t       s
                                           hat it' not required then the...the per-
                                        or he
                     son who is asking f t note has one recourse and that is to
                     move that a fis             ur
                                    cal note be f nisbed. And if 89 Members agree
                                    r he                            re
                     with that Membe t n a fiscal note will be requi d. I suggest
                                 ati                            med n
                     to Represent ve LaFleur that that is his re y i the situation/'
                             Ge man so mo
             Speaker Davis: H ntle       ve? The Gentleman moves that a fiscal
                     not be req           on              4.    n
                               uired to-o- Senate Bill 185 Al1 f favor will 1et
                              wn                             he       m
                     it be kno by saying aye; opposed, nay. T nays see to have
                     it. Gentleman demands a Roll Cal        n vor wfll vot aye
                                                     l. A11 i fa           e
                          he               e            Ha
                     and t opposed will vot nay. Take..- ve a11 voted who wish?
                       ke be            ntl    ro                ati
                     Ta t record. The Ge eman f m Lake, Represent ve Pierce,
                                          e? 1    d                  d
                     what purpose you aris A1 vote wbo wish? A1l vote who wish?
                     On this question t                                     ng
                                       here are 43 yeas, and 86 nays, 1 voti present.
                                          n          re              nd    /
                     The Gentleman's motio fails. Wef baek now to Ame ment /1.
                                 ve                            we#
                     Representati LaFleur, pardon me for notm.a re back to Amend-
                           /    ocee  r.
                     ment /1. Pr d, Si n
              Pierce: HThank you, Mr. Speaker, Members of the House: 1854 is that
                     special i                                   n
                              nterest group coming back here agat to pass a Bill that
                     would all trust co                       he
                                       mpanies to get around t personal property
                      tax. Well, this...this is well and g              t
                                                          ood and I don' think that
                              worst thing but unf unatel it' in Cook Count
                      it's a...                  ort    y   s             y. In
                      c k Co                     e hat' making an appli
                            unty is tbe only plac t    s                    n
                                                                       catio of the
                                     y ax. Now t personal property ta was taken
                     personal propert t         he                   x
                      off of trust companies by the passage of the Day Bi11. And the        .
                                           n     B
                      Day Bill added Sectio 1921- to tbe Revenue Act, sbould already
                      exe            A
                         mpt tbese RI accou       w      t
                                           nts. No I don' wbat t    what the game
                               n hicago because they want t t
                      is in...i C                          o rust...the RI...IRA
                      account of trust co                        he
                                         mpanies in Chicago but t y shouldn't even
                      be levyi a personal property tax on these at this time. Now
                      I donft know why they come down for t                  e
                                                           his special purpos Bill
                      tbat would be a small group t        dn'        he
                                                   hat woul t affect t people. I

           ':- ;
            - ?,                 G E N E R A i A SSE M B L N
                                             -              .                                   .
        't. .. ,
                :                           : uuI s
                                        svAvp os 1 No d
        , y.x
            t .,                                                                                I
                          d * !i
                        JL 2 û 17

           d              hat ndment /1 to House..
       woul like to move t àme       /            .senate Bill
       1854 be adopt '
 pe k a i     ' nt m
               G          v s o d p m n me / n. . u t
S a er D v s: ' e le an mo e t a o t A e d nt /1 o . j s a
       minute...what purpose does the Gentle       m
                                            man fro Cook, Represen-
                rag        '
       tative Ma os, arise?'
Mar      ' Speake , I t k the Sponsor of t Bf should have some
   agos: 'Mr.    r     bin                he 1l
        a . o j ct o h me d n e a s h ls me d n . '
       s y. w b e t t e A n me t b c u e w at li A n me t. .'
Spea           '
    ker Davis: '                 1
                Proceed. Proceed.1
Maragos: 'Mr. speaker, the Amendment, what it does, is really takes
        t ..destroys the Bil     e
                            1. Th point is...the point is tbat these
         IA                    n he me
        II accounts should be i t sa posture as any other pension
         an                hat nd           roy          1854
       pl and if we adopt t Ame ment we dest the Bill of * .
                             ve            '
       And I ask that it a no vote.î
                '       her
Speaker Davis: 'Any furt discussio         oh. he
                                  n? Any... ..t Gentleman
         ro             ent ve  nen    1
        f m Wi11, Repres ati Lei weber.'
     nwe    '              ve               he ponsor of the
Leine ber: 'Thank you, I ha a question for t S
               ' ndicates he' yiel .1
Speaker Davis: ' i           11   d 1
Leinen       '
      weber: '                                            his
              Representative LaFleur: as I read the Bill t applies to
         intangible and pers            y x
                            onal propert ta on trust or funds created
        and mai             he                      l
               ntained for t purpose of pensions. Tlat's already in
        the 1aw for plans creat by employers for employees, is that
         ' '
LaFleur: 1Yes.'
          r  '
Leinenwebe : '                      h xtending tbat t t pension plan
              We11, what's wrong wit e               o he
                     s ay                  r    ny
        created, 1et' s q doctor or a lawye or a self-employed
          t       pe        m?'
LaFleur: 'What hap ns to the '
   nen     'No    s        what he bjection to ext ng what'
Lei weber: ' what' wrong... 's t o                endi     s
                    be w                oye     n            on    '
        already in t 1a to the self-empl d perso in his pensi plank'
LaFleur: 'Well t    s                                         o very-
                hat' what this Amendment does, it extends it t e
                                        ybo '
        body, it makes it equal for ever dy.'
Leinen                                   ri
      weber: nNo, as I read it you are st king out everything in the...
        t    s          he      '
         hat' added to t Bil1...'
LaFleur: 'T is right/'

                     G E N E R A L A SSE M l L Y
                                       LLI S
                            STATE o F I NOI
                           I h                V
                        HDLSE C F REPR ESENTATI E9
                          2h 8 6
                         d 2Q1/

              '                        he
Leinenweber: 'And so you leave only.o.t only exempt     he
                                                   ion t n is
                   n        abl                  or mployees.
       for a pensio fund est ished by employers f e
         wy                               h    ndi
       No my question isy what's wrong wit exte ng the same
       rig        he mployees of e
          hts to t e              mployers to extend those rights
       that tbat group of pe       ve
                            ople ha to those who are self-e        '
La                        m                 heo is
  Fleur: HWe11, the proble here, Harry, fs t a. the fact that
       Cook County is levying an illegal personal property tax and
          re oming down f legislation t alle
       wef c             or            o    viate themselves of
       this on the trust company. Now if t        he
                                          his is t intention of
        t Legislat                         ve
                  ure to act tbis way so we' already faced this
                                     w               ollo
       problem under the Day Bill. No if they would f w the law
       at this time and not levy personal property tax on these trusts
                     ve          m.l
       we wouldn't ha this proble '
   ne       '
Lei nweber: 'Well, Mr. Spe                 y n he mendment, 1...
                          akery very briefl o t A
                                        s ears are justified at all.
        I don't see where the Centleman' f
        It see to me t         ve
                      hat we ha in the 1aw ri      w
                                             ght no an exemption
        for int          rso         y
               angible pe nal propert belo                    nsi
                                          nging to trust or pe on
        f                           or hetr e
         unds created by employers f t                           s
                                             mployees. Now there' a
                                  r nternal Revenue Service La are
        large class of people unde I                          ws
        per        nd           o
           mitted a encouraged t establish pension plans for them-
                           he                 oye
        selves. These are t class of self-empl d people who don't
        work for so                      t    he
                   mebody else and I can' in t world see why if we're
             ng          ve            n
        willf to go to gi this exemptio to e             mpl
                                            mployees of e oyer
             ed    s           t        be me xempt
        creat trust why we cant extend t sa e            o
                                                   ions t tbe
            on        ns    who
        pers who bappe ..... unfortunately or fort      y,
                                                  unatel as the
        case may be, does not have an e        '
Speaker Davfs: HThe Chair recognizes the Gent         m
                                             leman fro Christian,
                 ati          t
        Represent ve Tipsword.'
    wor  '                es                    he        ati
Tips d: 'Mr. Speaker, Ladi and Gentlemen, what t Represent ve
        r m l o nt us a d s bs ut l i h           n bi l o
        f o Wi l C u y j t s i i a ol e y r g t. A d t s a s
        extends to those employees whose employers do not set up a pen-
                        he               y mployees of va us com-
        sion trust for t m. There are man e              rio
        panies through            e
                      out the stat who have no plan set up for them
        at all. And under t provisions of the fe            he ve
                                                deral code t y ha
        the opportu                          -e yed    on
                   nity just as does the self mplo pers to make

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M B L Y
                                    L N S
                           STATE OF I ul oI
                          l        4        V:
                       Hot5E oF REP1ESENTAT1 15
                                   ) 0/
                             UUA t t 1 ï


       arrange           hei ot r
              ments for t r.. hei own pension situation, for their
                             y hould ha the same opp unit to be
       own retirement and the s        ve           ort  y
       e mpt as those pers        -      ve    a nsio trust set
                          ons who. who ha an... pe   n
           o h m y he r mp o rs. T i i J st e e d n e u y
       up f r t e b t i e l ye    h s s u xt n i g q it
                         ns            ve
       to a11 tbose perso wbo do not ha employers or who do not
                 uat               ve      on hat is made avail-
       have a sit fon where they ha a pensi t
                 he nd                         or
       able for t m a who are trying to do it f themselves. I
       think t                                  n milar situations
              hat a11 people in the state in.o.i si
       should be treated exactly the same and t    s
                                               hat' a11 that this
              on                       4
       provisi that is suggested in 185 would do.. And I st     y
                                                           rongl urge
        that this Amend         d       ate l
                       ment woul be defe d.'
Speaker Davis: Hcentleman from Cook, Representative Mugalian: did you
       wis to be..-                        s      hat'
                   light on? Oh, his light' off, t s a11 right.
                                nd    /
       Tbe question is shall Ame meat /1 be adopt         n
                                                 ed? All i favor
       will 1et it...           yi
                     known by sa ng aye; the opposed nay. The no's
           a                be mend
        see to have it and t A                      urt
                                   ment fails. Any f her Amendments
       Mr. Clerk?'
   rk Brien: ' f her A
Cle O'        No
             ' urt    mend      '
Speaker Davis: nT Gentleman from Cook, Represe     ve
                                              ntati Maragoss you
           h o              '
        wis t be recognized7'
Maragos: n                            k                  me
          Mr. Speaker, shall we go bac to 18532 By the ti we have
         he nd        we     o
        t Ame ments... have t discués the.Amendment fi     nd
                                                      rst a then
         o n                   he
        g o to the çequest of t fiscal note/'
Speaker Da      '          o hird Reading you know/'
          vis: 91854 goes t T
Marag         '
     os: nYes.'
                '            w,                    k
Speaker Davis: 'AII right. No do you want to go bac to 1853,
        is that it?'
Maragos: 'I I may, Mr. Speaker/'

Spe            'Mr.  k,          ck
   aker Davis: ' Cler will you pl up 18../1
Clerk Oî n: 'House Bill 1853, this Bill has been read a s nd
             '                                           eco
         ime viously. Floor Amendme /1. LaFleur. Ame
        t pre                      nt /             nds Senate
          ll                    eti   ne             nd        l
        Bi 1853 on page 1 by del ng li 9 througb 15 a so forth.'
Speaker Da     1            ro oo    '
          vis: . Gentleman f m C k...'
Maragos: '    Mr. Speaker, Me
          Mr...              mbers of the House, again I raise the
         ame            cti              /
        s technical obje on to Amendment /1 bec        s
                                               ause it' not in

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M 1L Y
                              T      L .N S
                           STA. E oF I tI o1
                          l D I         :    %E
                       HoksE: F FEPnESfNTATl/ 5
                               5   rb
                             J: èQ 1?

                               nt me: as was ruled by the Chairo'
       proper form at the prese ti                              '
Speaker Davis: îRepresentative LaFleur, did you have a.e.youdre
       tbe Spo     '
 a/e r: f s b e t o o ng a k o h s, u o k t u f h
L ll u ' mu t o j c t g i b c t t i yo t o i o t o t e
       record for the purpose of t                    nt
                                  hat. My staff man we up to the
         r i me t r a o t o h b e t o n            a ae
       Pa l a n a i n t ge t t e o j c i n a d he h s t k n my
              e      n                           mend     ll
       complet file o this Bill to correct that A ment. We'
             k                                      t
       be bac ready in the half hour or so so I don' know under
                   u                                      he
       what Rule yo go back. I thought we were to follow t order
           he        î
       of t calendarp'
Speaker Da      '
          vis: 'Give hlm s      me               '
                          ome ti will you please?l
         ' rfght, 19 hol it.'
Maragos: 'A11      11 d     ?
Speaker Da      '
          vis: 'A11 ri        ll                                  '
                      ght, he' hold it. Take it out of the record.'
LaFte               '
     ur: HThank you.'
               ' ..            ll 49   be                 ndli
Speaker Davis: '. Was Senate Bi 19 on t calendar. Who's ha ng
        Bri   '                        ll                 co
Clerk O' en: 'Senate Bill 1949. This Bi has been read a se nd
        ti previously. No Committee A          î
Speaker Davis: HAny Amendme      om         î
                           nts fr the floor?'
            n: '
Clerk O'Brie lNone/'
Speaker Davis: HT                        l     :
                 hird Reading. Senate Bil 1952.1
Clezk Oe n: HSenate Bill 1952. This Bill has been read a second
                vio              ee
        time pre usly. No Committ Amendme    '
               lAn mendments f
Speaker Davis: ' y A               he            ent ve
                              rom t floor? Repres ati
   hi       '    pea    n
Was ngton: 'Mr. S kera i reference to Senate Bill :19321 I ask
           ve   be
        lea of t House to reco                o udiciary I and
                              mmit this Bill t J
         hr ee o p nei td m te '
        t e e r f r t t e I t r m S u y Co mi t e.'
                '           ks rmissio to reco
Speaker Davis: 'Gentleman as pe       n             he
                                              mmit t Bill to
         u ci r      n be in        h, p e e a i e p wo d:
        J di a y 1. A y o j ct o s? O Re r s nt t v Ti s r
         he ntle
        t Ge               '
                man from-..'
Tipsword: HMr. Speaker, before the Bill is recommitted could I bave
                     he        me
        permission, t re are so Amendments t            ed n
                                            bat are list i my
        na and I wonder if I could have permission to table those
        Amendment              l o       '
                 s? Let the Bil g back.o.'

                                         l$ '
                    G E N E R A L A SSE 5 1 L 5
                                r      L .N Q
                             9TA'E o F I tl oI;
                           ;                    V
                        H otSE OF H EPRESENYATI ES
                           l     87
                          Jth 20 1 5

 pa e a i : ' e h e t e a a e e v o a l h s m n m n s
S e k r D v s ' o s t e G n lm n h v l a e t tb e t o e A e d e t ? j
       A1l rig           he
              ht. Table t Amen     ss      rl.
                              dnent Mr. Cle c And the Bï11 w51l
                          h   ve   he      he
       be recommitted. Wit lea of t House t Bill is now recom-

        itd o.pae n h nei td aedr eae il 051
       mte t..lcdo teItrmSuyClna. Snt Bl 21.
        Bri   '        ll                      n
Clerk O' ea: 'Senate Bi 2015. This Bill has bee read a second
       time previously. No Co                   '
                             mmittee Amendments.'
Speaker Davis: 'Any Amendme       m             y
                           nts fro the floor? An Amendments from
                          hold it/'
       the floor? If not.e.
        Brie '          me /                nds
Clerk O' n: 'Floor Amend nt /1. Bruamet. Ame Senate Bill 2015
        n ae     ie y eeig Iln s d o ot
       q p g 1, l n 2 b d l t n ' l i oi ' an s f r h/'
Speaker Davts: 'The Chair recognizes Representatl Brum
                                                .ve  xet.from
       Fayette Count '
Bru      ' Speaker: Ladies and Gentleme of t House, a11 of t
   mmet: 'Mr.                          n    he              his...
                       nt           r ase nt m
       a11 this Amendme is is anothe e me fro the Department of
                at                 y;     ve
       Transport ion for Pike Count you ha the Amendment on your
                           o                                 d
       desk if you'd care L look it over. It has been approve by the
       Department of Transport on and it fits in with the Bill itself.
                 d k
       And I woul as for an okay on t     ne mendmento'
                                     his o A          '
Spe            ' discus
   aker Davis: 'Any    sion? 0h, Representative Schli                 '
                                                     ckman, pardon me.'
Schlick      'arlia
       man: fP     mentary inquiry? Aren' you goi t lea to Da '
                                         t       ng o  ve    ve?'
Speaker Davis: 'Did you have a q        '
Sc                       he
  hlickman: MI question t germaneness of this Ame    nt.'
                                                 ndme '
                ' s- let's take a look at it, Mr. Cler
speaker Dayis: 'Let' .                                k/'
   n     '                 nt                       he
Bruret: 'We11, this Amendme is exactly the same as t Bill. Each
                                      kn     nt                    l
       one of tbese, the Bill and the d endme itself. has to do wit l
       t Department of Transportation on an easement or right-of-way.
                     ppe                       nd          ne
       0ne of them ha ns to be in Pike County a the other o bap-
                   n               '
       pens to be i Madison County.'
Speaker Da      ' s           on      me   ve      nfor
          vis: fIt' an ease... an ease nt I' been i med and
       the Ame    nt                         '
              ndme is germane. I hope this.o.'
S     lman: 'I e
 chlicc      ' xpected that/'
 pea         ' 1               e              urt
S ker Davis: 1... hope you agre with me. Any f her discussion
                    I o 15? If not, the questi is, shall Ame
       on Amendment Ik t 20                   on            nd-

        e t 1 o 05 e d pe 1 n ao il e t e nw
       mn / t 21 b ao td. A 1i fvrw l lti b k on                          j
       y afg y; poe a. ys ae t mnmn'
       b syn ae opsdny Ae hv i;Actets adopted.                            l
                  G EN E 1 A L A SS EM 8 LY
                           r :) L : S
                          5'ATt CF I LI4o1
                       al '      : ;       V:
                      Hrt5E oF REPRESCNT&T1 1S
                          N 59
                        JU 2p 17
               her ndme '
       Any furt Ame nts?'
    k Brien: ' f
Cler O'       No                 '
             ' urther Amendmentsg'
Speaker Davis: HThfrd Reading, Mr. Clerk. Wel go to Senate Bills
       on Third Reading now. On the calendar is Senate Bill 1523,
       an Act to a             nue                  3.'
                  mend the Reve Act. Senate Bill 152 :
        Bri   '                      l or n
Clerk O' en: 'Senate Bill 1523. A Bil f a act to amend the
         ven                        he    1
       Re ue Act. Third Reading of t Bi11.1
Speaker Da      '
          vis: 'Representative Stubblefield, Chair recogniz    youb
                                                           es... re
                          t         re                        t    î
       handling this aren' you? You' handling this Bill, arenf you?î
Stubblefield: n                                      ke
               Letîs go ahead,Mr. Speaker, can you ta it out for just
              e,     t                  '
       a minut I can' find tbe material.'
Spea           'Can ..             ll ake it out. Wel go to
    ker Davis: ' we. a11 right, wel t                ll
       the next one. Senate Bill 1678, Represe     ve
                                              ntati Maragos. 0ut
           he ord, Mr. Clerk. Senate Bill 1739 is on the record.
       of t rec
       Read the Bil1. 0h.H
        Brie l                                    n
Clerk O' n: 'senate Bill 1739. A Bill for an act i relation to
       the i        ati
            mplement on of a p              self i urance plan
                              ublic library '     ns
        n he          he
       o t behalf of t State Department of Finance. Third Read-
       i of the Bi11J'
Spea           'Ge
    ker Davis: ' ntleman fro Cook, Repr
                            m                  ve
                                       esentati Berman.n
         '       u,                       nd             he use,
Berman: 'Thank yo Mr. Speaker and Ladies a Centlemen of t Ho
        t                     he ovisio allowing the De rt
         his Bill deals with t pr      n               pa ment of
          na                   k
        Fi nce. Division of Ris Manage            tit
                                      menty to tns ute a program
       of self                   ic bility insurance c
              -lnsurance for publ lta                 overage.
        T Department has presented facts to the I       e mmittee
                                                 nsuranc Co
       of t               he nate indicating t
           his House and t Se                 hat t     s
                                                   here' been a
        substantial i                            he
                     ncrease and that we are on t verge of perhaps
        another substantial increase in the quotes for public liability
        insurance coverage for the automobiles that the state operates.
        We have submitted a number of amendme                ll
                                             nts to Senate Bi 1739
             he                            s           o
        and t posture in which it is as it' presented t us for
        fi                             ws        ment t option,
          nal passage, as amended, allo the Depart     he
                         he  d                  ng
        and I underline t wor the option, of goi to a self-in-
        surance prog                                           d
                    ram. The option of course will be determine upon
                   cs vol               ds
        the economi in ved based upon bi that will be submitted

                               -   1      l
                   G E N E R A I A 6 S E 5 B L 5'
                                     L e s
                            sTATE oF 1 L1:o I
                       Ho uGE oF aEeRESENTATI Es
                              i z:


      by commercial companies a the evaluation of a self-insurance
          ra    '        nt                o he uestions that
      prog m. The Amendme directed itself t t q
       re n l e n ai h t r i e a) a ns h at
      a i vo v d i cl ms t a a e f l d: ( ag i t t e st e
      nd b g i st he i r h ms l e h p r t t t - w d
      a ( ) a a n t dr ve s t e e v s w o o e a e s a e o ne
      auto              ve
          mobiles. We ha addressed ours       o
                                       elves t these problems by
                  r,   n:
      providing fo agai the option of self-insurance for auto-
      mobile and ot                      ia
                   her types of general l bility eoverage. We have
             d                                             -i ura
      provide for a million dollar coverage b0th under self ns nce
      and als to a                      ms              lit
                  mend the Court of Clai Act as to liabi y for
          e ypes of suits. We have pro
      thos t                                          ed hat if
                                      vided and mandat t
      there... a driver of a state-o                   hi
                                    wned car who is wit n the
      course of his employme fs invol              de   nd
                                     ved in an acci nt a the
                       m n he                 he
      plaintiff sues hi i t circuit court or t federal court
                                he              nd
      or some other forum that t state must defe and hold him
        a m es u        f t s o e c al ns a e. n a tl
       h r l s j st as i i wa c mm r i i ur nc A d l s yy
        h t h t e t l s i h n he u s d c i n h t h y
       t a t e s at s i l wa w t i t j ri i i t o t a t e
                 olel            hi
       are sued s y, they are wit n the jurisidiction of the
       court of clai      d     ad o    nd
                    ms. I' be gl t respo to any questions
       and solicit an affirmat         '
                              ive vote.'
Speaker Da             cuss n n            ti      he
          vis: HAny dis io o 1739? The ques on is t n:
       s            ll                          e
        hall this Bi pass? A11 in favor will vot aye; opposed
                   ed           ve       d
       nay. A11 vot who wish? Ha a1l vote who wish? Take
       the recordy Mr. Cler              sti here are 135 ayes;
                           k. On this que on t
       no noRs; a 1 present. Senate Bill 1439 having received
       the constit               y...      ng         he n-
                  utional majorit 1739 havi received t co
        t u o l jrt            r b cl re a s d. pr s n-
       s it ti na ma o i y is he e y de a d p s e Re e e
        ati                           y?
       t ve Stubblefield, are y0u read Senate Bill 1523,
       Mr. Clerk/'
Clerk O'Brie         e ll
            n: NSenat Bi 1523. A Bill for an act to amend sections
       of the Revenue Act. Third Reading of t Bi11J'
Speaker Davis: HReprese     ve ubblefield.'
                       ntati St           '
St             Tha                       es
  ubblefield: H nk you, Mr. Speaker, Ladi and Centlemen of the
       House, t               hat ends t freeze of 197 equalized *
               his is a Bill t ext      he            4
             ed                                     xte
       assess value through 1977. This would be an e nsion of

                  G E N E R A L A S SE 5 B LY
                              F      ..l S
                          STA. E OF jkt N oI
                       4 s      r :      q   V:
                      :otl E oF'4EPFESEeTATI eS
                            $    a*
                          ûbj 1u ll
                           Gw .


       one year of t              ch                  es
                    hat freeze whi would enable counti that were
       above the 40Z assessed valuatf             me
                                     on, at the tf 990 was passed
        o e o n o h 3 1/ Z t o h o s             ct al a h
       t g t d w t t e 3 - 3 wi h ut t e l s os a u c s
       dollars. In passi 990, we provided a t        n
                                             ransttio period of
       three years for the counties t                o
                                     hat were below t come up to
        h 3 / e e ut nl wo e r o h se bo o e
       t e 3 -1 3 l v l b o y t y a s f r t o a ve t g t
       dowa to that level. And we have f         hin
                                        ound, I t k belatedlyy
                                         he xi
       that we put an undue burden upon t ta ng bodies
                             ve         his uld affect a1l of
       counties that were abo 40Z. And t wo
        h o nt e h t e e b ve 3 1 3      t i l e p 11 h
       t e c u i s t a w r a o 3 - / 5. I w l h l a t e
                               st cts, park districts: count and
       taxing bodies, school di ri                          y
       township governments. It doesn' cost the state anything.
        t               he                  sse ng
       I passed out of t Senate without a di nti vote and I
       woul urge a favorable vote. As far as I know it is not a
       c                     l
        ontroversial measure.l
Speaker Davfs: HThe Gentleman from Cook, Representatlve Berman.
                                    le      m            ent ve
       The Chair recognizes the Gent man fro Cooky Repres ati
   ma   '
Ber n: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, would the Sponsor yi    '
Speaker Davis: nHe indicates he will/'
         ' y,                             w, w
Berman: 'Gu if 1524 passes out, becomes la ho does this Bill
        i            h hat one?'
         nterplay wit t        '
Stubblefield: HRepresentative Benaan, this is really a part or...of
        a packag 1524 is a Bill t                   he xpe
                                 hat would require t e nditure
        of state funds to alle        me            he hool dis-
                              viate so problems in t sc
        tricts. This is a Bill which would al      me
                                             low so self-help, not
        by raising t                           ndi
                    axes for anyone but by exte ng the freeze it
        would maint n a le                or                 r hat
                          vel of payment f one additional yea t
                 ve           es
        would pre nt in counti partic              hat
                                     ularly those t uere close
         o h . t a e e o g a r m h 3 1/ o f an e h i
        t t e. . h t u r a l n w y f o t e 3 - 3 t f n c t e r
        own budget. So of t        ns          or
                           hose pla were made f a longer period
        t                                            d
         han the two-year freeze will take care of an the additional
        year will simply be a self-help provisi f
Berman: 'We1l it true that thts Bi1l is...that either
                    ls            ve
        of these Bil are alternati approaches; one self-help and

                           l     4      1
                   G E N E I A L . SSE h 8 L Y
                              T      L..N S
                           %TA. E oF 1 k1 9 I
                          l;                  V
                       HotfC OF REPRESEN TATl ES
                         & -4ei (
                        :>  Y


        he her state help. Do you reall need both?l
       t ot                            y          '
Stubblefield: H                                                  h
               Yes. I believe that the losses to the counties wft b0th
       measurers              ull
                   would not f y replace the losses. It would take
          h                     e o ome k          e
       b0t and it fs unreasonabl t c bac to le stat and ask
       for full support. We felt that the local citize hip ought to
                        he   en
       pick up part of t burd and this Bill would do t    î
Berman: HJust one more questio                             nne
                              n. Does this apply only to Wi bago
       Count or does lt applyee/'
Stûbblefield: HNo, Sir: it applies to a11 counties that are over
         -1 3 '
       33 / Z.'
Berman: HThank you/'
Spea              ntle n m   k,                       nt
    ker Davis: HGe ma fro Coo Minority Leader, Assista Min-
                   r, prese
        orfty Leade Re          ve
                           ntati Walsh/'
Walsh: HWel1y Mr. Spea                     ntle n  he
                      ker and Ladies and Ge me of t House, the
           ng              o              on  h
        thi that occurred c me ln connectf wtt thfs ;ill is that
                                      ies       n he
        it is going for 12 or 13 count what we i t suburban Cook
        County area and in t collar c                          h
                                     ounties and throughout muc of
                     he ate are tr ng to do by A
        the rest of t st          yi            mendment to 1524,
        t                            s
         hat's Representative Porter' Amendment, and that is permit
        our sc                                    re he
              hool distriets to tax at a level whe t y feel they
        can pro            e    ati
               vide adequat educ onal ser         w
                                         vices. No I donlt see
        why we should Mr. Speaker, permft Wfnnebago and 11 or 12
        other s               o    his n                 h
               mall counties t do t whe tbey together wit Chicago
                 mit                             ms
        won't per us to have the rollback. It see to me> Mr.
              r, hat ybe                    ll
        Speake t ma we ought to beat this Bi for the time
           ng               ate    le   '
        bei and maybe negoti a litt bit.'
      r        '
Speake Davis: 'Gentleman from Kankakee, Represe     ve
                                               ntati Beaupre.n
Bea       '
   upre: fuell Mr. Speyker, Ladies and Gent          be use: as
                                           lemen of t Ho
        you know an hour or s ago I got up and spoke in behalf of
                   o nnebago County.
        the grant t Wi                                d ell you that
                                             did indee t
        when we passed 990 that we knew t re would be a problem in
        re                       y.    his neral Assembl at that
          gard to Wianebago Count But t Ge              y
          me      o ke                         rade
        ti cbose t ma a trade-off and what we t d wasy we said
         n       o
        i order t achi      x uit
                      eve ta eq y throughout the st       re
                                                   ate wel going
        to have t pass this measure which would create somewhat of a

                            t             $
                    G E N E I A L A SS EM 1 LY
                                     LL1 s
                           5TATE oF I. NoI
                       4o )      ,    : I 'V
                       i tSE oF FEPRESLbTA. 1 ES
                                 JW4: o y

                n nnebago County. And i return for that: i re
       problem i Wi                    n                  n -
             or    vi              n
       turn f achie ng tax equity i assessments throughout the
       stat we recommeaded at t      me
                               hat ti that there be a grant to
       Wi bago County. If we pass this Bill, however, if we pass
       t                         ng
        bis Bill we will be setti back that effort that we made
                                  x uity. We' in eff
       last year to bring about ta eq        re     ect fore-
       stalling it f a number of years and if we continue to fore-
       stall it eve yeary e              ll nd  n
                           very year: weR e up i a situation
               re n  h      mmu
       like we' i wit the co nity colleges where we won't
       achieve what we started out to do and that is to get everyone
       in a co nity college district. This Bill will forestall
            vi                 rt axation in thfs st e a if we
       achie ng equitable prope y t                 at nd
          rt his precedent of l
       sta t                       ng
                               etti people off the hook this year
       and we continue to do tt, and we continue to do it, weîre
       going t cont                           e id
                   inue to mts-distribute stat a in this state
       and huge a                              n
                 mounts of dollars as we have i the last few years.
       And I urge fts defeat.'
                Ge   ma
Speaker Davis: H ntle n from Winnebago, Represe     ve mms.
                                               ntati Si    n
Simms: DMr. Speaker, Ladies and Ge    me                       n up-
                                  ntle n of the House, I rise i s
       port of the pass of tbis Bi11. I would disagree with my
       dfstfngufshed colleague, the Assistant Mfnority Leader. The
       co                     d
         unties that this woul help would be Adams, Bureau, Cham-
                     roq                         n,
       paign: Pope, I uois, Lee, McDonough, McLea Macon: Monroe,
       Peoriap Piatt, Saline, Stephenson, Tazewell, Vermilion, Wabash,
        a r n: f e i e n l n b g     o hl s u t 0t     l
       N r e Wh e s d a d k n e a o. S t s i j s n a B1 l
                         s                st
       for Winnebagos itl a Bi11 that assi al1 these counties that
                              o       ar
       were assessing above. S last ye we allowed those counties
                         his vel
        that were below t le tbree years to come up to the 33-1/3Z
          d               n              o
        an ft only seems i al1 fairness t allow those counties that
       were above t bave t      me me       n
                          hat sa ti period i order to bring them-
         evs on o h 313           o h n hi e i l t o            r
        s l e d w t t e 3 - / :. S I t i k t s l g s a i n is ve y
        beneficial to many count                        a ll
                                ies and it's a county- - Bi that's
              cï                        s             s
        benefi al only to Wlnnebago. It' a Bill that i beneficial
                                   s nd               avo ble yes
        to many, many other countie a I would urge a f ra
           e or
        vot f its passage.n

                           1               $
                   G E N E 1 A L A S S E A11 L Y
                              IE     kLI4 %
                          STA'':o e l..#oI
                      do l C             1 FV
                      i kSl o 6 REPa ESE1TA'1 ES
                                      /    lv
                                     Ne 4o yf:
                                    Y ..

Spea           '
    ker Davis: 'Representati S
                            ve kinner, t Gentle
                                        he                He y.'
                                               man from Mc nr '
Skfnner: H                              ntle
          Xes, Mr. Speaker, would the Ge man yield for a questton
       or t '
               'He                 '
Speaker Davis: ' indicates he willo'
Skinner: nDoes thts do anymore than say that the assessment base may
       be no lo                            ore              on
               wer than tt was the year bef with the excepti of
        the addit         w
                 ion of ne const      n?'
                                ructio '
St               I
               ' . hat a11 t Bill does is ext
  ubblefield: 'AI t ...     his                   he
                                             end t provisionu
        that fs fn 990 for tbat t                           df
                                 ransition perfod for one ad tfonal
       year. I was t on the S    =
                             ubco ittee of the Revenue which came
       up with the compromise that pro               iti
                                      vided the trans on period of
         h e a s o h e l w 3 1 3 n y wo a o h e
        t r e ye r f r t os be o 3 - / o l t ye rs f r t os
                             nd                                hi
        above. It finally wou up being part of the Bill and I t nk
        t mistakenly we tho                h be
                           ught that tbroug t inflatfoa of prop-
           y hat we would attain that level wit
        ert t                                  hout the loss of money.
               ki        hat I
        And loo ng back t ... think in more than one county appears
        not to be true a since tbe legislation but it does not do any-
         hi                à                            ati '
        t ng differently tlan what you figured Represent ve.'
Skinner: '       he wer
          We11, t ans to my q                       he '
                             uestion is yes or no, t n7f
St             '
  ubblefield: fAsk it again so I make s     m               be
                                       ure I' answering in t rfght
        p           l
         hraseology.l                                                    .
Ski       '     ght                         es      d
   nner: 'AII ri . House Bill 990 for counti assesse above
               d          he
        33Z sai that for t years named t     he
                                        hat t assessment base
        would be no lower than the...than it was the year before witb
                              '               he
        the exceptfon that new construction, t assessment on that
        new construction could be added to t assess        e
                                                   ment bas . Is
         hat at                         ne         '
        t wh this Bill does except for o more yeary'
      ef      '               1
Stubbl ield: 'That is correct.1
ski      '
   nner: '                          he
          Well, if I might address t Bill, Mr. Speaker. I would
        suggest tbat Representati     '
      r vis: 'Proceed, Represe
Speake Da     '                    ve       '
                              ntati Skinner.'
Ski       '
   nner: 'T would suggest t     he
                           hat t list of names t             ati
                                                hat Represent ve
        Simms read off, the names of counties is grossly exaggerated.
                                           l     wn    Z hat now
        That a great number of counties wil be do to 33 t
        are cryi wolf, Wi             y
                         nnebago Count howe              y
                                           ver 41 probabl not one

                    G E N E R A L A SSE M 8 1 Y
                                   h L N G
                            STATE C F I LI o1
                           l         1 4 rV '
                        HDkSEo F REPfESE:TA'I ES
                                       4ua ,

             m. nnebago Count was assessed in 1974 at 41. of
       of the Wi             y                           17Z
       fair market value. That was a single year aceounting weighted
             e                                          ut
       averag ratio. I don't know what it is this year b it's
       obvio            o       r
            usly gofng t be unde 40Z and certainly another year will
                 wn              ng at                 me
       take it do to 33Z concerni th the average new ho now
        s u p s d o os bo l 0y 0        o e ha h s e pl
       i s p o e t c t a ut $ 0 0 0. I h p t t t o e p o e
          m     les er han
       fro count oth e Winnebago don't t          re
                                        hink they' going
                  ndf     h
       to get a wi all wit this Bill if the Bill actually does what
        h p ns r a s t o . n b d ha s s e s d n r 3 1 3
       t e S o o s y i d es A y o y t t' a s s e u de 3 - / :
       has no reaso to vote for this Bi11, or against ftz'
                '              rom                     uste
Speaker Davis: 'The Gentleman f Lake, Representative De r/l
Deust                        d                  on?'
     er: HIf the Sponsor woul yield for a questi '
Speaker Da      1         es       '
          vis: 'He indicat be will.'
Deuster: H             l
          Does this Bil put any              o he.m nto the distri
                               more money int t    .i             b-
       utive f     a     s
              ormul that' going out to our sc      '
Stubblefield: HThfs Bill does not do anyt              as
                                         hing to theo.. far as state
       revenue is concerned. It s          ws    well, counties,
                                 imply allo
        o               vel
       t maintain the le assess                     ve
                               ment that they now ha for one
       a                                               ri ve         '
        dditional year. And it does nothing to the dist buti formula.'
De        '      he
  uster: 'We11, t question is, are indicated that this
                 re ney into the dis buti for
       puts no mo mo                tri  ve  mula. Now does
       this affect the way in which the extsting money is dist        '
Stubblefi                       ul
         eld: HInasmuch as it wo d maintain the level of assessment
                                  at     z
       and the freeze I believe th that kould probably be a part of
         he mula and woul affect i a decreasing amou the number
        t for            d        n                 nt
               e d ollars that would come t t
        of stat ai d                                       '
                                           o hose counties.'
De                     ns
  uster: HT guess the a wer is yesy        d obably would. I th
                                   .you sai pr                 ought

        it was indicated earlier that this would help tbe schools in some
        co                        '
          unties. Is that correct?'
               '                       he           he
Stubblefield: 'It would not only help t schools in t county but
        help otber taxing b       nd
                           odies a only schools benefit from the state
        aid f                               o me
             ormula. Tbis Bill would speak t so of the problems
        that we created for park districts and county governments and
        township governments. It would have some effect on additional
        doll                   ri
            ars for school dist cts but not a large amount. There

                   G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B LY
                               ' : 1 b( s
                               r            >
                            sTA. e oF' LL1I;I
                           l :          S ;4  V
                       HO tGE tF REPRC'P:TATI tS
                                                          k 1, t'
                                                        - / 1( //-

                          uld 1
                        wo ...'
                        lHo                                       î
               Deuster: ' w many counties are helped by this Bi11?r
               Stubblefiel    '
                          d: 'A1l counties that were assessing in addit     o. to
                                                                       ion t ..
                          r v r -1 3 o h e r f 7         pr s n a i    m .'
                         o o e 33 / f r t e y a o 19 4, Re e e t t ve Sf ms. .'
               De              ny                 e?'
                 uster: HHow ma counties were thos '
                                        ve hat t was ab
                  Stubblefield: HI belie t      hat                    î
                                                       out 20 countieso'
                  Deuster: nsov.. have l02 count                          ht
                                                tes. Mr. Speaker, if I mig address
                         the Bi11. As 1 understand it we are not putti anymore money
                         into the distribution fund to go out to our schools by this
                                                         n                    n
                         Bi11. What we will do is work, i effect, on the way i wbich
                                      ri              0                       n
                         money is dist buted so that 2 counties, the schools i 20
                         counties will probably get more mo         hat
                                                           ney and t means the schools
                                                   aril                      hin
                         in 82 counties will necess y get less money. And I t k
                         kf t                                    d,  s ne
                             here was to be more money distribute it' o thing to
                                   me ople but when youl going t t
                         help to so pe                  re               m
                                                                o ake fro the
                                  n                      o
                         schools i 82 areas and give it t the schools in 20 areas 1
                          h n hi s ae u t b e, n u t n h o g i           a be
                         t i k t s i i q i a l u j s a d t e wr n t me. M y
                         we ougbt to do this ne year or so             he
                                                          metime when t re's a whale
                                            o    hro
                         of a lot of money t be t wn around. And I urge a no vote
                          n his Bi11.
                         o t         H
                  Speaker Redmond: MAny f                          or
                                         urther dlscusslon? Ready f the questfon?
                                     ve ubblefield to close/'
                         Representati St
                  Stubblefi     l elly againy I wo
                           eld: 'f                      ke                e n
                                                  uld li to urge a yes vot o this
                                                 vi    r
                         Bill. A11 it does is pro de fo counties that are now assessing
                          bo 3 1/ Z o ai a n h i e e s s nt. I h s n
                          a ve 3 - 3 t m nt i t e r l v l as es me t a o
                                           ess nt
                          affect on the ass me practices of those that are below
                           3 1/   o h e r s nt t v n h s o s h n            re
                          3 - 3. N w t e R p e e a i es t t i H u e w e we we
                          debating 990 we certain that they wanted a three year tran-
                          sitio period for those t             w o hat the ta
                                                  hat were belo s t          xpayer
                          would not be adversely affected. I think it's onl fair that
                           o r v d or h e f sy e e e s s i g b v -1 3
                          y u p o i e f t os o u w w r as e s n a o e 33 / %
                           o a h a e g h f i o et w o 3 1/ o h t
                          t h ve t at s me l n t o t me t g do n t 3 - 3 s t a
                               axi                        y               o
                          our t ng bodies are not adversel affected. Now t answer
                             oi ep e e a t e. . y p es n a i e e st r, e' u t
                          a p nt R r s nt t v . b Re r e t t v D u e h s j s
                          on the wrong end of the trail. By then .those of us who are

             j r e-
             ) .
             . *
           ht,4.ra-.                                      1$-
                                     G E N E R A L A SSE 5 1 1 Y
           7f . :i
             = ' j
           i.. . )..                          r-'    r tulxo s
                                             s' rs o I j- e I
              p?'. v
            .    . .                         s '; pa E I r v s
                                         aous oe y E fSS PTA'l E
' -. . .          J                                                                       .
                                        s j
                                      4U 2û pu

        b v 3 1 3 a nt ni ha e e o n d i i n e
       a o e 3 - / Z m i ai ng t t l v l f r o e a d t o al y ar,
                           m        rib ve
       ue will get less fro tbe dist uti formula which will pro-
       vide more for tbose distriets that are below and if tbat was
       his reason for voting no> then I would hope the Gentleman
       would be realistic and vote yeso'
Speaker Redmond: Houestion fs> s      his
                                hall t Bill pass? Those in
       f        e          ed                     d
        avor vot aye; oppos vote no. Have a11 vote who wish7
       Ha al1 voted who wfsh? Representative Shea/f
Shea: 'We11, Mr. Speaker, Ladfes and Gentlemen of tbe House? I would
       ce          pe
         rtainly bo these two Bills would receive adequate votes
       to become la        s     ne
                   w. Here' the o district that got hurt under
       990 worse than any district fn the st       w
                                            ate. No 990 flew out of
        h s o e y ve w e mi    l r t h n ng he s e s e t
       t i H us b o r h l ng ma o i y c a gi t a s s m n
       le      hro
         vels t ughout the state of Illinois. Everybody knew full
                            o unty and parti
       well how bad Winnebag Co             cularly their schools
       would be hurt. At the ti that Bill went ouè of here I beard
       moral commft         mmit     om verybody.that t y would
                   ments, co ments fr e                he
       help alle    e he     m
                viat t proble in Winnebago County. And what do I
       hear now? Counties that have underassessed for years want to
                  n            hi
        get back i and do somet ng to help themselves; no fairness?
                    ke           nd             be
       no equity, ta care of me a forget about t kids up in
       Winnebago County. I think t      wo
                                  hese t Bflls should pass and should
        as y v r he mi g a o t e n h s o s '
       p s b o e w l n m j ri i s i t i H u e.'
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Scbraeder/'
S           '
 chraeder: 'Mr. Speaker and Members of the House, this Bill would
        certai                      ;                         hat
              nly affect my area as le were one of the areas t were
              ed                                          m ymp
        assess nearly the 50Z as Winnebago County was. I a s atbetic
        to Winnebago count units of school dtstricts and other units of
        gover                             hat
             nment as well as my own but t Bill 990 passed out of this
        Xouse a l28 practically to not ng. And 1et me say, this isn't
        ...        he                                s
           helped t units of school distrlcts, this i to help the
                         uf                             ng
        taxpayers. Now yo re talking about doing somethi for tbe
         a p e s h n f o t o hi i l o re o n u on
        t x ay r t e i y u vo e f r t s B l y uf d t g j st c -
        trary. Now 990 gave them tbree years to apply to get down to
        hen t e i i a 3 1/      a ef e o n s r i o x e d
        t . h or g n l 3 - 3. Wh t w r d i g i t y ng t e t n

                    G E N E R A L A S S E A11 L Y
                               T      LtI S
                            STA.E o F I .NoI
                           J     :        d FV
                       No LSr o& FEPRESE&TA'l C5
                                               'à :' j
                                              Jd 2Q l/

                               re             nt
                 it again. Youl digging down i o the taxpayers pocket and
                 say, well, t          t
                             hat doesn' count we want your money and we want
                 it for another year. This is a bad concept. There are other
                 means in this legislative process t                    o
                                                    hrough other Bills t do
                                                 nme                 ng
                 this deed for tbe units of gover nt. This is not goi to
                       he                                         d
                 help t taxpayers under any conditfon and we shoul defeat
                                        d                   ati
         Speaker Redmond: HHave a1l vote who wish? Represent ve Beauprey
                      u              on?l
                 do yo seek recogniti '                    .
                  ' Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of t Ho
         Beaupre: 'Mr.                                   he use, the
                   j i y e d r' p e h g e        h nt r y.   hn e
                 Ma or t L a e s s e c I a r e wit e i el I t i k h
                 posed the case ver well for aiding Winnebago County. The
                 proble is that t                       o
                                 his is the wrong Bill t do it in. It's
                 the other Bi that we have discussed that it should be done
                         rt      n                           t
                 in by vi ue of a outright grant. This doesn' just apply
                 to Winne                                  ng
                         bago County. It will delay affecti the formula under
                  0 o ho e o n i s v r 3 1/ Z or n d i i n l ea
                 99 f r t s c u t e o e 3 - 3 f a a d t o a y r.
                 There is no reason to forestall t                   o
                                                  hat. What we need t do is
                   al                     y n
                 de with the problem count i affecting equitable assessments,
                                               vi     m
                 that is to say Winnebago by gi ng the the grant that Repre-
                 sentative Stubblefi         ki
                                    eld is as ng for in 1524. This is an
                 alternate approach whi is a bad approach because it forestalls
                  a u t c n hi t t o n d i i n              a '
                 t x j s i e i t s s a e f r a a d t o al ye r.'
         S ker Red       '
                  mond: 'Have a11 voted wbo wish? Clerk will take the record.
                              io       s
                 0n this quest n there' 75 aye, 47 no. Representative Stub-
         St            ' we poll the absentees?l
           ubblefield: 'May                    l
         Speaker Redmond: HPo1l the absentees. Abse                 '
                                                   nteesy Mr. Clerk.'
                 Bri   '              '
         Clerk o' en: 'E. M. Barnes-.-'
         speaker Redmond: 'Representat            r
                                      ive Mudd, fo what purpose do you
         Barnes: '                                                    '
                  Yess Sir, would you please record me as aye, please?'
         speake Red       '       he ntle n as aye. Representative Ski
                   mond: 'Record t Ge    ma                           nner,
                 a          he
                  ye. Poll t abse      '
                 B n: 'E. M. Bar
         clerk O' rie  '        nes, Campbell: Capuzi. Carroll, Craig, Darrow,

 1% 4 '
 -.'- . 1y
 ': -
 '*( -'- '
         1i                   G E N E 1 A L A SS E5 B LY
                                      1            1
'   t/ t
    f : ' wtj'
      :                                 s
                                     v . o .u s s
                                    s xv : eIuI o'
y ..*
'..( ?cy.
 *     f
       .. .
                                 :6IEE osa e s c,x ,t
                                  $7Jl:         m s
                                          ss s . vv!                '             ë
                                             A ? yy
                                            4L qo )

                    f,   h
                 Duf Ralp Dunn, Ewell, Ewing, Fleck, Hudson: Huff, Emil
                 Jones, Kl k, LaFleur, Leverenz, Mahar, Mcpartlin: Patrick,
          Speaker Redmond: 'Representat          k,   î
                                       ive Patric aye.î
                  Brie '             y,.
          Clerk O' n: 'Pierce, Pounce ./f
          Speaker Red       ' ese     ve
                     nond: 'Repr ntati Pouncey/'
          Pounce    '                                        '
                y: 'Wi11 you please record me as aye, please?'
          Speaker Redmond: nRec     he ntle
                               ord t Ge               '
                                           man as aye.l
              k Brien: '
          Cler Ol      '       h,                      î
                        Randolp Rose, Sharp, Taylorso..'
                            '                          '
          Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Taylor: aye.'
          Clerk Of n: 'Washington, Winc er, a Yourell/'
                       '               hest  nd
          Speake Red       '        ati
                    mond: 'Represent ve St           '
          St             '                rat          '
            ubblefield: 'Postponed conside iony please.'
          Speaker Red       '
                     mond: 'Gentleman has requested postponed consideration.
                   n                      d onsi
                  O the matter of postpone c                       l
                                                deration. House Bil 1891,
                           ati         '
                  Represent ve Maragos-'
                    '    pe         k
          Maragos: 'Mr. S aker, I as leave to permit Senate Bill 1891 back
                               di    r urpose of amendment/'
                  to Second Rea ng fo p
           pae emn         ' bj c i n
                           A                ern o , 81 l e eund
          S e k r R d o d: ' ny o e t o s? H a i g n ne 1 9 wi l b r t r e
                   o he                             he  nd               '
                  t t order of Second Reading. Got t Ame ment, Mr. Clerk?'
             rk     n: '
          Cle O'Brie 'Amend     /1.  nds                  Ame me /
                           ment / Ame Senate Bill 1891 ... nd nt /1
                  a               ll 891 on page 3 by inserti bet n li 20
                   mends Senate Bi 1                         ng  wee ne
                  and 21 tbe following and so forth.'
           pe              Re   ent ve       '
          S aker Redmond: H pres ati Maragos.'
                    '         ry mbers of the House, the purpos of this Amend-
          Maragos: 'Mr. Speake Me                              e
                                                   he her
                  ment is to make it uniform with t ot Bills regarding Park
                  Di                                h he
                    strict of Chicago and it has b0t t Minority side and I ask
                  for its adoption.'
                     mo    '
          speaker Red nd: 'Any questtons? Represe     ve          '
                                                 ntati Schlickman.'
          schlic       '
                kman: 'Would the...would the S             î
                                              ponsor yield?'
           pe             'He    '
          s aker Redmond: ' wi1l.'
          schlickman: nPoes t                      h he ographic scope?'
                             bis Bill deal only wit t ge               '
          Maragos: lNo, t           a           ente   Mr.
                         his is a... Bill repres d by... Merritt, it
                         hi                            he
                  has not ng to do with the change of t Park District Act
                                           be          nde       or
                  as it is, only gives it t power of co mnation f a small

   -bbt- .
 ' .8. x'
                              G E N E R A L A SFE 5 1 L Y
                                               ; I$                              .
. '
  .   .   k r'                           7 L. ê S
                                     sT8Te OF 1 LI1O1
                                          : p g.
                                        Jp g(y?j

                                                               nt n
               area, that's al1 it does. Now I put this Amendme o to make
               sure that the pu         t hat is gi
                               blic trus t         ven to these particular
               port dfst                          d      heyr
                        rïcts shall not be violate by...t ll have an oppor-
               tunity to know one company can usurp all of theslands. This is
               an a                                                 n he
                   mendment that has been put on 3036 as it leftu .i t Senate
               after it left the House which we co                  o
                                                  ncurred in and als Amendaent
               ...1789, t                  nt hat
                         his is tbe Amendme t was put on at that time
               which you had concurred i Mr. Schlick    '
      Scblickman: HWe11, isnf this Bil as a nded by t Senate no a
                             t        l    me        he        w mended
               by us duplicative of what we pre           ed  l
                                               viously vot on?'
                                       em  m
      Maragos: GIt approaches the probl fro a different aspect. It is
               much more li       han                              t
                           mited t what we did in 1789. This doesn' change
                        nt          he                          ve
               the prese makeup of t district, al1 ft does is gi it ad-
               diti               on owers. But you can disc
                   onal condemnati p                        uss the merits of
                                    m ki
               the Bill later, a11 I' as ng for is an Ame    nt
                                                         ndme to put this
                                  oto ke
               language on which.. ma it u          h he
                                          niform wit t other languages
               on t other two Bills/'
                         '                        or he
       Speaker Redmond: fAnything further? Ready f t question? The ques-
                  n's       ntle n'                  nd nt /
               tio on the Ge ma s motion to adopt Ame me /1. A1l in
               favor say aye. Aye. Opposed, no. The ayes ba it; Amendment's
               adopted. Any further Amend      l
                                         ments?'                      -
               Brie        her nd
       Clerk O' n: HNo furt Ame ments/'
                                                  ese   ve       fma '
       Speaker Redmond: HThird Reading. 2007. Repr ntati Cene Hof n.'
       Clerk OlBrie         e                   or n
                   n: nSenat Bill 2007. A Bill f a act to amend the
               S               rd           he
                chool Code. Thi Reading of t Bi11.n
       Speaker Red       '           ve        ma '
                  mond: fRepresentati Gene Hoff n.t
      Hoffman) HMr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Houses this Bill as
                            wo           lls re
               well as the t following Bt we disc                .at
                                                 ussed in great.. great
               length last e    ng
                            veni and I appre                s     der
                                            ciated everyonel consi ation
               t                        oda
                hen so I will be brief t y. What tbese Bills doy 2007 provides
               for spreadi out the funding level for pupil transportation of
                4 0 0, 0 nt o r u rt r y a me t    y h me me
               $ 2, 0 00 i o f u q a e l p y n s. B t e A nd nt
               adopted last e           ere                     k
                             vening, off d by Representative Pol the stqte
                 l r vi e 9 5, 0 n nt re t o h c o       srcs o
               wi l p o d $ 4 0 0 i i e s t t e s h ol di t i t f r
                          he              ng         s   h
               retaining t money and helpi the state' cas flow. I urge

 tïL*.x .
 '?--. '
  .' . ,
    ?- .
     ! V'
       -.                         l .
                          G E N E j A L A :SE 5 BL Y
                                          ;    1
: '
v7.       i
          ..                        v o j so s
                                 svA. s 'p. uuI; $
  t     t
                                       N yp tt
                                     Jp; , 1?


       your support of 2007.'
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative She '
       '    pea                          ve
Shea: îMr. S ker, did the Sponsor ask lea to hear these a11 t        '
S aker Re        '         hi
         dmond: 'I didn't t nk he did. Do you ask leave, Represen-
       tatfve Hoffman?'
    ma   '        t
Hoff n: 'Yes I do.'
Speaker Redmond: HIs t      ny                ng ne
                      here a objections? Heari no 2007, 08 and 09
                he her
          read t ot Bfllsy Mr. Clerk/'

Clerk O'        ' nate Bill 2008. A Bill f an act to a
        Brien: 'Se                        or          mend the School
        C                       he
         ode. Third Reading of t Bill. Senate Bill 2009. A Bill for
       an act to amend the School Code. Third Reading of the Bill.n
 pea           '
S ker Redmond: îReprese     ve heao'
                       ntati S     '
S     ' Speaker, Ladi and Ge me of the Hous I rfse in support
 hea: 'Mr.           es     ntle n         ey
                   isl on. I discussed it with t Sec
        of this leg ati                         he retary of State
        Michael Ho                      s or his legislation. I e
                  wlett: he tells me he' f t                     x-
          aine    m                              he
        pl d to hi that what it does instead of t state borrowing
        t money it forces sc                                ng nd
                            hool districts to do the borrowi a it
        fïo dovn and will keep us ffscally sound. So I rise in support
                                he d                   y
        of tbem and would hope t y' receive the majorit of the vote
            he use.'
        in t Ho    l
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Lechowicz/l
                k                    ll he
Lechowicz: nThan you, Mr. Speaker, wi t Sponsor yield to a question?n
    ker mond: nHe wi
Spea Red            ll/'
  cho                  pres att
Le wicz: HLast night Re ent ve Ber                  ar
                                  man asked you as f as the
        breakdown bet n tbe money in Chicago, s      n
                                               uburba and the rest of
        the school dfstrfcts.    Do ve have that fnf       n vailable
                                                    ormatlo a
        t              t                        '
         oday? It wasn' part of the fiscal noteo'
    ma   '
Hoff n: îYes. Yes,              pe                        r
                       do. The s cial ed transportation fo Chicago,
        let' see the total interest is 6509 Chicago will receive
         2 0, 0    h      n y r 0 f t. p ci d e s n e e m
         $ 6 00 of t at mo e o 4 Z o i S e al e p r o n l r i -
        burseme                     5      bey
               nt, thelr share ls 2. ate..t get 30X of that, it's

          7 , 3 nt r s     p r x m t ot m u f n e e oi o
         $ 62 87 i e e t. A p o i a e t al a o nt o i t r st g ng t
         C                                                  lli '
          hicago is a million, well, itls a little over a mi on.'
 Speake Red       '            be
           mond: 'Anything furt ry Re          ve      cz?'
                                     prosentati Lechowi '
 Lechowi     '            11     k d
        cz: 'Thank you. 11 go bac an get a copy, thank you/'

                   G EN E R A L A SSE M BL Y
                                7 KL N S
                           GTATE OF 1. I ol
                          l          2      V
                       Hot&S oF %EPR*SEN TA+1 ES
                                   N   qs
                                 JU 7b lï

Speaker Re              ent ve owns, or Daniels/'
          dmond: HRepres ati D
Daniels: ' > Mr. Speaker, I move the pre             n.'
                                        vtous questio '
 p a er d n l nt e nm . e r s n at v of ma
S e k Re mo d: ' e l ma . R p e e t i e H f n/'
         ' Speaker: Ladies a Gentlemen of t Ho
Hoffman: 'Mr.               nd             he use, someone once
       said, and I forget exactly who it wass' ut what a difference a
       day makes'.
    ker        '          he
Spea Redmond: îReady for t question. Question is: shall these
       Bflls pass? Those fn favor vote aye; opposed vote no. Have
       a11 voted who wish? Represe     ve         r
                                  ntati Friedrich.'
Friedric    '
        h: 'One of our state officers has been quoted today as saying
        that the tegisl                  t
                       ators really didn' unde    nd           ng
                                              rsta what was goi on
                  he  y             rst
        and he's t onl one that unde ood state finance. Well,
        understand it well enough to know t            re
                                           hat what wel doing is putting
             til                houl
        off ' tomorrow what we s d be paying today at the expense
            he           m                      hes
        of t state. So I1 not going to support t e Bills/'
Speaker Redmond: H                                 k
                  Have a1l voted who wish? The Cler will take the
        record. Represe     ve                                  '
                       ntati Duff, for what purpose do you rise?î
       ' 1:
Duff: fWel Mr. Spea                    nt
                   kery I rise on a poi of personal privilege../l
Speaker Redmond: 'I wonder ff you might h            fl
                                         old that unt I declare the
        res     '
Duff; HSure.f
Speaker Red      ' Cler will take the record. 0n these questi
           mond: 'The  k                                     ons
        153 aye and 6 no and these Bills ha               he nstituttonal
                                           ving recetved t co

               y re   by     ed    d.           ve
        majorit a here declar passe Representati Duff/'
 Duff: D                                           he
        We11 Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Centlemen of t Houses I received
             y             er        m
        a ver pleasing lett today fro one of our state officer's
                   nd                     he
        assistant a I want to compliment t m publicly for it. Probably
                  u n'                      o
        most of yo do t know about a week ag I was rushing from com-
        mittee roo on the first floor to a co            be
                                             mmittee on t state office
        buildf and.o.and t    d uickl found that t glass was so
                          urne q     y,           he
        be                   n hose windows that I eoul t see it and
          autifully cleaned i t                        dn'
        I knocke myself a little sillier t                   n
                                          han I usually amy i fact so
        badly that I was al              ate
                           most incapacit d several days and I wrote a
        letter to the Secretary of State in which     made a comment that
        it was i                  n                     n             dn'
                mpressive how clea those wtndows had bee kept but coul t

                                  .      î 3
                     G E N E R A L A S S I 5t1 L Y
                                       L N 5
                             5TATC o F I L1 oI
                           hl        7      r. V
                        H Ck5r o F REPHEsEN' AT1 ES
                                      JUN :Q 1 6

       we please put a decal at eye leve as is done in so many places
       and literall it only t     be wo
                             ook t m t days.        ot
                                                   g this letter
                               hts            he
       back from N6rb Johnson t morning from t Secretary of State's
                                  he n
       office and he said before t su sets there will be stickers on
       those windows. As we wal     n          ng            o
                               ked i this morni I was happy t see
                           at hey are there. No that' real f
       on the north door th t                  w     s      ast
                                          he              at
       servfce, Mr. Speaker, and I think t Secretary of St e and Norb
       Jobns are to be tr      mpli ed
                         uly co ment for such quick response.
       Tha you, Mr. Spea    '
Speaker Red        he            he ntle
           mond: HT Gentleman...t Ge        s
                                        man' remarks will be
        o rn l z d. e r s n at v o t '
       j u a i e R p e e t i e C ll ns.'
Collins: '                      bi   he
          We11, Mr. Speakers I t nk t gentle     n heir wisdom
                                            men i t
       knew t         d          ve                        ati
             hat they' have to mo rapidly or else Represent ve
       Duff might kill hi      '
Spea              '
    ker Redmond: 'Represe     ve
                         ntati Catania is recognized. Represen-
           ve       ki.'
       tati Holewins '
Holewins    ' Speaker, I t nk it would have been less expensive
        ki: 'Mr.          hi
       to buy the Gentle       oot
                        man a f ball hel    f
Speaker Red       '
           mond: 'Representative Catania, do you seek rec         '
         'He    t                   s   ng o       s     bl
Catania: ' didn' say what the decal' goi t say. It' proba y
          ng                            ar              s
       goi to say courtesy of the Secret y of State who' running
       for go                        f
             vernor, Michael Bowlett.f
Spealer Re         oll               he             e
          dmond: Hl y good idea. 0n t order of Senat Bills Seeond
        Reading appears Senate Bill 1           nt ve
                                     853 Represe ati Maragos recog-
        nized ff he can be seen/'
    k .
Cler 0'        '
       Brien: 'Senate Bill 1853. T                n
                                  his Bill has bee a second time
        previously. No C                  s.'
                        ommittee Amendment '
Speaker Red      'Any
           mond: ' Amend                     '
                        ments from the floor?'
        Brie        nt /
Clerk O' n: HAmendme /2. Amends Senate Bill 1853 on page 2 by
                   ne             nd o
        deleting li 5 through 15 a s forth/'
          '   pea    '
Maragos: 'Mr S kero..'
                  '        ati          f               l
Speaker Redmond: 'Represent ve Maragos i he can be seen.'
Ma        '
  ragos: 'Mr. Speaker and Members of tbe House, I would like to state
         or he      hat
        f t record t Amend     I
                          ment Ik was ruled out of order because
        of i               w
            mperfection. No I see Mr. LaFleur has filed...filed Amend-

                          .            d
                   G E N F R A L A SSE r B L Y
                              T      L N G
                           STA. E oF 1 L1 D 1
                          l :      : S       TV
                       HQtSE OF ReeRE'ENTA. 1 ES
                                   lf 94/

                               s                  '
       #2. I cannot tell if it' in proper order.m.'
                  '      nt ve
Speaker Redmond: tReprese ati Madigan, for what purpose do you
         'Wh      he                              '
Madigan: ' at is t order of business, Mr. Speaker?l
Speaker Redmond: nSenate Bills Se       adi '
                                 cond Re ng.'
          '      ha      '
Madigan: 'okay, t nk you.'
Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Maragosmn
          As                   he
Maragos: H I said: I ...1 let t Sponsor of the Ame    nt
                                                  ndme speak
        n hn       nt o b ct o t n h r t.'
       a d t e I wa t o je t t o t e me i '
Speaker Red       ' ese ati
           mond: 'Repr nt ve LaFleur/'
  Fle  ' S ker: Me
La ur: 'Mr. pea   mbers of the House, Senate Bill 1853 is a Bill
       that addresses itself to the Internal Re nue Section 408 whfch
               he ndi                      nt
       allows t i vidual to set up retireme accounts. This would
          nd he                          h
       ame t Illinois Income Tax Act whic would allow a person who
        sets up an individual reti    nt                   he
                                  reme account to not pay t income
          x                    o he
        ta on the money put int t acc                 nt   ve
                                     ount. The Amendme I ha of-
        fered is an Amendment t                          he me
                               hat would treat everyone t sa ln this
                     he    nt me          re me
        account. At t prese ti this is a t at nt of a class
        separat and ap       a be
                      art fro t ïndivfdual who ls on a'payroll plan

                       me                          ks
       who has a retire nt plan at the place he wor that he contributes
         o. w
        t No when the Illinofs I        x
                                ncome Ta is co               ndi
                                              mputed on the i vidual
                             ax   re nt    m
        under a withholding t reti me syste his money is taxed on
        gross. This would be a s rate treatment for the people who
        wo d have an indi          ut me
                         vidual req re nt account that would go into
                 e rust t
        a separat t      hat would be nontaxable. This has two hazards
        because it appears now ft would noe only be separate and apart
        on the taxati at the front end when he takes that out of his
         nc                  o he   re
        i ome and puts it int t rett ment account but tt also Would
                              s    dra    m
        not be taxed when it i with wn fro the account. And I would
                                    ndme / :
        move for the adoption of Ame nt /2.'
Speake Red       '        ati
          mond: 'Represent ve Maragos/'
Maragos: 'Mr. Speaker,Me                          ct
                        mbers of the House: I obje to the Amendment
        l                              s       o ally emasculate ehe
        I2 because of the fact that lt' gofng t re
        purposes of t particular Bill which is tr      o ve
                                                 ying t gi justice
         o he
        t t ordinary investor. And t                    s
                                    herefore I think it' another

                   G E N E l A L A SSE M 8L Y
                            F t : LL N s
                           S'ATl fF 1 I o1
                       loksr           I
                       l l OF nEPRESEhTAYI VES
                                         s J) g
                                       4U ;( ls

           att                he
              empt to defeat t purpose of the Bi11 by surreptitious
           methods. Mr. Speaker, Me          he use. if we beli
                                   mbers of t Ho               eve in
             s i e o a a a r n h t 1 la s f c t o s f a -
           ju t c f r 'll t xp ye s a d t a a 1 c s i i a i n o t x
           payers be treate equallyy we sbould defeat this Amendment and
           pass out Se               1
                      nate Bill 1853.f
     p k r e m n An t i g u t e       u t o s n h e l ma s
    S ea e R d o d: H y b n f r h r? Q es f n' o t e G nt e n'
           motion to adopt Amend     1
                                ment 12. Th                 he ntle
                                           ose in favor of t Ge manls
           motioa...         ati
                    Represent ve Dea     '
             ' Speaker, woul the Sponsor yield t a c
    Beavers: 'Mr.           d                   o   ouple of questi    '
    Speaker Redmond: HProceed/l
    Deavers: tThe Amendment S    or.'
                             pons '
    Spea              l
        ker Redmond: 'Representative LaFleur, will you yield to Represen-
               ve avers?n
           tati De
    La        î   '
      Fteur: 'Yes.'
    Deavers: '         re         ut
              Lee, you' striking o Section 402-a; 402-c; 402-d; 403-a;
            403                        u           o n hese sections i
               -b; 4059 406. Now are yo referring t i t               n
             hee of           helt
            t .w a11 the tax s ers u             '
                                    nder the IRS?'
    LaFle                he
         ur: HNot under t IRS, the Illtnois Income Ta        s
                                                     x. That' the only
            thing wefre addressing but the..o        he
                                             one of t problems that come
            up under this is the shelter that...that co             he RS.
                                                       mes through t I
                   s        ks              be                 ppl
            Now tbi Bill pic up a piece of t IRS and makes it a y to
            t Illi              x.            t ake i
                  nois Income Ta But it doesn' t     nto consideration
             he        w          w,                   ven
            t wbole. No as you kno Gil, the Internal Re ue Service
            is the federal gove nt is mo              rtl n
                                        ving quite ale y i the direction
            of cert                             n he           ire nt.
                   ain shelters and especially i t areas of ret me
            No wbat t                                          h
                     his would do would get us out of whack wit the federal
            go                                   w       m    ng o
              vernment and also set precedent. No what I' tryi t do
               h he
            wit t Amendment is to tr     very
                                    eat e body alike. Now the...the
            Sponsor said t ' is emasc
                          his        ulation and sobett if thatys what it is.
                                                        h rso
            But after this Amendment is placed on it eac pe n would be
            treated identi    y nstead of separat
                          call i                 ing out trusts for the
                      nc     X         reat nto'
            Illinois I ome Ta special t me '
     a r     'I     et      R c o n o a h - 2 s at n o
    De ve s: ' f I s up an I A a c u t, d I p y t e 2 l/ Z' e e f c me
            tax on t    '
    LaFleur: 'Under this Bill...                        d
                                under this Bill you woul not. You do at

                        G E N E R A L A S SE 5 B L Y
                                         L N S
                                GWATE oF I LI Ol
                               l >     >     l' FV
                            Hot5E CF REfn?SEhaA'l E5
                                          .u   :.
                                         4u :o ?j:

                 this tfme. But Lf you set ft up as a self-employer where you
                would take t                                       on
                            his under the IRA and you get a deducti of up
                  o 2 00. el e t s, b n o o l e i ve o s l f
                 t $ 5 1 b i ve i i t e y u c u d r l e y ur e f o
                  lio no a p o h 20                   o ba hi o s ot
                 I l n is I c me T x u t t at $ 5 0. N w w t t s d e n
                 doy it does not treat eq    y          be ople who are on a
                                         uall tbe same t pe
                 payroll who are contribut           a
                                          ing to a... payroll deduction retire-
                ment syste    '
                '        er
      Deavers: 'Tax shelt annuity.-/'
               Q Becaus t
      LaFleur: ' ..                           he ross and not on the net.'
                       e here it is taxed on t g                         '
      Deavers: M        re ryi               uati
                And you' t ng to create a sit on wbere the IRA, the
                   A,                                               '
                 TS will a11 be treated the same under Illinois tax?'
      LaFleur: HThate..              d
                       that is right.'
      Dea       ' nk    '
         vers: 'Tha you.'
       pea            '
      S ker Redmond: 'Anything furt                          ma '
                                   her? Representative Schune n?'
      Sc         '
        huneman: 'Would the Sponsor.                                 '
                                    yield to a question. Mr. Speaker.'
      Speaker Red       '    1l.'
                 mond: 'He wi '
      Schune      '       hi   m
            man: 'Leo, I t nk I' beginning to understand what youfre trying
                 t do on thts Amend                     me     m
                                   ment. Does your Amend nt ste from any kind
                             n                       he              x
                 of concern o the part small tax on t state income ta whlch
                       ry w
                 has ve fe deduct     '
      La       lYou
        Fleur: ' are right/'
             une    'n                  re
          Sch man: 'I other uords ff we' gofng to exclude certafn income...
                     ai               he         me ax hen d
                 cert n matters from t state inco t t we' better go
                      he                                  x ws   h
                 a11 t way and adopt the federal income ta la wit a11 the
                 deductions and exclusions and loopholes and this s        l
                                                                   ort of tling?
                 Is thisv.- this fear what pro                rod
                                              mpted you to int uce this
                 A      nt?'
                  mendme '
                    '             t         n'
          LaFleur: 'Wel1, it wasn' was t fear and ic was based entirely      .
                 upon the ret     nt                  he
                             ireme plan knowtng that t federal government
                                                  ere                me
                 is working quite alertly in shelt d money for retire nt.
                 Now I think we s                       h
                                 hould be in concert wit the federal government
                 not out of step witb the federal government. Now if we pass
                       be re      o ome do with more rules and more 1aw
                 this t yf going t c      wn
                        s                             art
                 and it' going to put us out of step f her. Plus the fact,
                         on            ri
                 the reas for the requi ng of a fiscal note it would a cost

 YT 'c
,S .''
  ?                          G EN E R A L A SS EM B LY
-. '
' -  p,
iz ., -
 j .,
 'i..i i
  ' (,
r.... , '                            v v c u lop
                                     s A uo lus s
.  ?<
  , -.
 t? T * '
                                  : lEo P s:l I S
                                  #oks E FRE RE fbTATVE
 .   .-
/   ><

                                       A aqqst.
                                       '# j

                   he                  os     ax
               to t state of Illinois l s of t dollars but it would
               also make a co        d yste of filing f the Illinois
                             mplicate s    m           or
               t plus the fact that it would not treat each one equal so
               fn your origfnal assumptfon of the many deduccfons thae are
               allowed under the fe                                        dn'
                                   deral tbis would only be one but it woul t
               treat everybody e                                     ho
                                qual so there sbould be more: there s uld be
               diffe nt o    '
                 '       u.'
     Schuneman: 'Thank yo '
           r   mo    l
     Speake Red nd: 'Anything furt             her
                                  her? Any furt discussion? Repre-
               se     ve                ;
                 ntati LaFleur to close.' LaFleur/'
     LaFleur: '         n
                       his motio is a si         on hat tries to get to
                                        mple moti t
                            hi    ble
               the root of t s pro m and not take special interest in one...
               one elass but treat everybody equally and the same. And if this
               motio is adopted then everybody will have an equal opportunity
               of this sheltered money i regards to the Illi      nco
                                                            nois I me Tax
                     hei        re                     d
                and t r own reti ment plan. And it woul certainly face
                        yl       ve
                that the d a11 ha an equal opport    y o             y hat
                                                 unit t save the mone t
                     w                        l
                is no being offered in the Bil by no matter what retirement
                  an hey are whether it' a payr deduction or whether it'
                pl t                    s      oll                      s
                an IRA account by t Illinois State Income Tax. I move for
                the adopt          pea  '
                         ion, Mr. S kerv'
                   d: '          s     he
     Speaker Redmon 'Questfen' on t Gent           s        o
                                             leman' motion t adopt Amend-
             ment /2 to Senate Bill 1853. Th     n vor say aye; opposed,
                                            ose i fa
                                     he  s ve        he
                no. The Gentleman...t nol ha ft and t Gentle    s
                                                            man' motfon
                fails. Any f ber Amendments?n
             k Brien: ' f her A ments-'
         Cler O'       No
                      ' urt    mend   '
         Speake Redmond: MThird Reading. Conference Committee Reports is the
                                           onfe nce Co
                order of business. And on C re        mmittee Reports appears
                    e                       ve    no.'
                Hous Bill 3952, Representati Lauri '
                   1    pe     nd
         Laurlno: 'Mr. S aker a Ladies and Gent          he           re
                                               lemen of t House, Confe nce
                Commlttee Report #1 on House Bf 3952 was adopted unanimously
                    he mmittee. It simpl puts t judicial ballots for the
                by t Co                 y      he
                 No mber elect         e                  or
                              ion on th machines. I move f fes adopt    '
                           An                            he
         Speaker Redmond: H y questions? Question is on t Gentleman's motion
                   cent nls motion that the House a
                 ...                                     he
                                                   dopt t Pirst Conference

                           G E N E R A L A S S E 51I L Y
                                              LL1 s
                                   STATE o F 1. NoI
                                f    o CP : ? T k'
                               @oUSE' F R' #ESEf rA. l ES
                                    /l 57
                                   Utl kQ 1


                         o                            n
       Committee Report t House Bill 3952. All those i favor

        ot ye; j o d t o. av 1 o e h s              ve
       v e a o p se vo e n H e a 1 v t d w o wi h7 Ha
       a11 voted who wish? Clerk will ta the record. On this
       question there's l42 aye and no nay and t House does adopt
       the Fïrst Conference Committee Report on House B1ll 3952. 3318.
       There goes the Lone Ranger. Representative Ha      '
         ' Speaker and Members of the House, t correct Confere
Hanahan: fMr.                                 he              nce
                            s            s                  s
       Committee Report, it' on everyone' desk and 3318. It' the
       Mini           w     he
           mum Wage ta and t Conference Committee met and consfdered
        he                                             he    e
       t three Senate Amendments that vere adopted by t Senat and
        ej c e y he u e. nd   o e o o r m e o ut o
       r e t d b t Ho s A we c m t a c mp o is s l i n of
       t three Senate Amenduents. Number one: tbe Senate recede from
                 /1,                     k n îat f a empl
       Amendment / 2 and 3 but we put bac i t     or n   oyer
       e      ng
        mployf fewer t               he
                      ban four were t Pouse Bizl.o.tbc verufon the
               ll      no xe           ve
       House Bi said.oo e mption. We ba now returned up to
       fewer t                          ve               s
              han four employees exclusi of the employer' parents:
       spouse or chil or other members of his dmmediate family. That
           he         n          xe          he
       is t language i the farm e mption of t Minimum Wage and
       it is a compromise, it's not e     hi
                                     veryt ng I uanted but it isn't
       everything t                                      he
                   hat people were agatnst. And tben in t agricul-
       tural exe                            he xact kanguage of t
                mption we reverted back to t e                   he
         w              oda
       1a as it stands t y in Ill            lli
                                 inois. The I nois Agriculture
                 n      all                                n
       Associatio hadooe owed and concurred with a reductio of those
       man-day, man-days to 250 per quarter. This returns it though
       even if that compromise because of some Legislators fear that
                     ng       ur                     he
       we were coveri agricult al too closely; we.e-t Conference
       Coamïttee has returned t                         er
                               hat to the 500 man-days p quarter
        xe t o n g i u t e. n m n me 3        e e e nt r l
       e mp i n o a r c l ur O l e d nt / we r c d e i e y
             hat      he
        and t was in t area of whether the federal limltation would
       be the maxi          he         mu
                  mum tbat t state mini m vage could ever be. It
        was felt that it was an ineq y that legislation would bave to
        fncrease anyway, ft 'as a foolfsh prot            y         r h-
                                              ectfon reall because klt
        out legislative chapg and whether or not we wanted to cbange
        it ve had t 89 votes and the 30 votes in rhe Senate to change
              nsmum      .                                   he
        the mi . wage hirher tban we also had the muscle or t vote

                     ï                :1
                                       -      ï
                   G l N E R A L A S 5r 5 B L -'
                             ' : ' tt11 S
                           sl' Te oF f.-/o1
                         sk '12' ;         ' !
                      Ho tfc G F F6FHEtENTA.IvtS
                                            .: $ d/
                                           J.l kQ i u                                     '

                   to change t 1aw that would prohibit that kind of exceeding
                   bigher limttations. With that, Mr. Speakery Hembers of the
                   House, I urge and ask for a favorable Roll Call on...the First
                   Conference Co                                  :
                                mmittee Report on House Bill 3318. ' -'
            Speaker Re        '          ive
                      dmond: 'Representat Geo-Karis.n
            Geo-        '                              m,         fn onference
                Karïs: 'Sponsor yield to a question? To ln linee.- C
                   Eeport you say i lines 22 to 24 of the Bill you delete 2. 3, and
                   4 and insert thereof 3, 4, and 5. Will you tell us wbat the de-
                                         he        ve
                   letions refer to and t substanti refer to because I can't
                   quite make this out.'
            Hanahan: 'Yes. We affe             ng   he
                                  cted in setti up t Bf1l ïtself, we affected
                   Provision l on page 1 of t Bi11, on House Bill 3318, and we
                   struek the 'for the employer employing fewer than five fulltime
                   e                                        h
                    mployees'. We have now replaced that wit the laaguage en-
                        ng                             usi     he mployer's
                   ployi fewer than four employees excl ve of t e
                   parenes, spouse or chïld or other meabers of his smmedfate
                   family. By changing that section we then go down to an employee
                   engaged in agrtculture, is nu                 we'
                                                mber 1, then we.o. re reverting
                   t                        ve
                    hat back to number 2. We' changed then number 3 in domestic
                                       me          re verting t back to
                   servtce about the ho and now we' re         hat
                   number 3. And that fs vhat fe fs, st ctly eechnical and has no
                                               nt   he w.'
                   meani whatsoever to the inte of t 1a %
                        ng                                                       k    '

                        ' nk    '
            Ceo-Karis: 'Tba youv'
            Speaker Re        ' hing furt
                      dmond: 'Anyt       her?                 ve
                                                  Representati Rayson. Ready
                         he                             he       n'
                    for t question. The question is on t Gentlema s motion
                    that the House do adopt the Ffrst Conference Commfttee Repart
                    on House Bi11 331          n
                                     8. Those i favor vote aye; opposed vote no.
                                          h? ve
                    Have a11 voted who wis Ha all voted who wish? Have a11
                    voted who wish? Clerk will take t record. On thfs question
                    there's 120 aye and 13 no and t House does adopt the First
                    Conference Commïtt Report, House Bfll 3318. Speaker's table
                    appears House Resol                  ntê
                                       ution 939. Represe tive Ciglfo. Is Repre-
                                   o    be              a              e
                    sentative Gfgli on t floor? Out of t'e record. Hous Jofnt
                    Res     on                ve      '
                       oluti 108, Representati Ufller.'
            klller: '          pea
                     Yes. Mr. S ker, my Co-spons      pou ati
                                                or, Re sent ve Dyer and I

    sk, . -'..
        . .'
                               3       t
                               1 E N E l A L A S SE h B L Y
      . .
    t' .     :î
         .' 7
    ;. k  . .1
           .                           r'r    . t
                                      s A loF1L1;N
                                      '.J u.4 lI7
                                                         l $ ïö
                                                       Jkl tb 1/

                               are, we...placed t     we
                                                             his... have submitted a request
                               up t                   ll   he              ale
                                   here to put this Bi on t Interim Study C adar/'
                             dmo   î                 ut              n he
                   Speaker Re nd: 'Then you want tt o of the record i t Interim...
                               Senate Joint.n t Clerk suggests that you should table the
                               resolution if t Bill is going to a committee. As long as the
                               Bill is in Committee...                 lle
                                                      Representative Wi r/'
                            '       ve
                   Willer: îYes I mo to table the Resolutiono./f
                   S                'Any                                     ol n
                    peaker Redmond: ' objectfon? Hearfng none House Jofnt Res utfo
                               l08 is tabled. House Joint.v.          nt       on
                                                            senate Joi Resoluti 82: Repre-
                               sentative Caldwell/'
                              '                                             he
                   Caldvell: 'Thank youz Mr. Speaker, I would ask leave of t House to
                                                  ary          ve
                                suspend the necess rules and ha this Bill heard and adopted
                                immediatel                           he          î
                                          y. If the Clerk will read t Resolution.î
                    Speaker Redmond: îGentleman has asked leave for immediate consideration
                                of Senate Jot Resolution 82. A11 t      n
                                                                  hose f favor vote aye;
                                      d                      vote
                                oppose vote no. 107 votes. ... d who wish? Have a11 voted
                                who wish? Represe     ve    N
                                                 ntati Hi11. Hi11J'
                          ' Speaker: could I ha a explanation of it: it probably was
                    Hi11: 'Mr.                 ve n
                                gi              ed  '
                                  ven but I miss it.'
                                      '                               u
                    Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Caldwell, will yo please explain the
                                Senate Joi Resol    n?'
                                                utio '
                              ' Speaker and Ladie and Ge me of the Hous t
                    Caldwell: 'Mr.               s      ntle n         e, his is
                                                ki       ve
                                 a resolution as ng to ha a committee investigate the practices
                                of place           and            he   dre
                                        ment and- . practfces of t Chfl n and Famfly
                                Di           ve
                                  vision. We' had a lot of problems e      ng
                                                                     manati there that would
                                 require, I would think, a coc                         ng
                                                              %ittee of Legislators goi into this
                                                              he                   n
                                 matter to determine some of t practices that are i vogue. We've
                                 had Representative Davis, a group of us, had a hea ng witb tbe
                                                     ut                   ly nducting an i
                                 dtrector and ber dep y and she is current co             nves-
                                 tigat        ne
                                      ion of o of the providers and we have as            he
                                                                              ked a11 of t m
                                           n he
                                 to bring i t necessary credentials and records that we requested.
                                              ng ut. I will say that t director' office is
                                 Time is runni o                      he        s
                                 cooperating but we feel that this something tbat sbould be looked
                                 i                               me
                                  nto so that we could when we co back in the fall. if we do,
                                 c       ve    l e
                                  ould gi tbe ious a very thorough report as to whether or not

                 . ï
              7 % z )' .
               ), '.
                % '
              . . : yj;
                                            G EN E R A L A SSE 5 1L Y
                % -y r
           ) .': x I
          ';k>, J;l
          ':..t?.# 7
              ' .. (
                    '                              sr.'c o p I No1
                                                    'Ar ' uuI s
              ## ,
               f <. - .N
    Re s*v.
N '7 r>'. .        - - -.. .. . ...
                             . . .
                        ...-.. . . ..                          ... .. ... . . .
                                                                 .. ..      .     ...       ...
                                                                                        . --.. . .. .   .    . .>- .r -e<' .'
                                                                                                            ...     x
                                                                                                                   x-   . >*C   .
                                    1 ' ' tt
                                     1 . l
                                  J.kçk 1Ii


              he ndications are now t
       our...t i                     hat t                .s uld
                                          here should be.e ho
       be looked t               ed
                  nto and correct and I would ask that the...this
       Res ution be adopted/d
Speaker Re        l                            ese   ve        '
          dmond: 'Have a11 voted who wish? Repr ntati Grotberg.t          '

    be   ' For      er
Grot rg: '... a bett clarification: Mr. Speaker, I realize we're
                   n            he                     ol
       on the motio to suspend t rules but I see no res ution. I
           t         s             he vestigating. It doesn' ap-
       don' know who' going to do t in                      t
       point a co            ve
                 mmittee. WeA got se             ies ng
                                    veral activit goi on tn the
                              mil            re
       area of Children and Fa y Services. We' well co          .i
                                                      vered in.. n
                   ece ng               co    h        k
       plenty of pr di resolutions to ac mplis this tas but this
                     ve                    m ncerned as Minority
       fs the first I' heard about it and I' co
       Spokes n of the Human Resources Co                ve
                                         mmittee and acti on the
       Chi                   oble                 me
          ldren and Family Pr ms. And I do have so concern that
       we can address late on if you want to take it out of the record.
         d      o al
       I' like t t k about lt a littlevn
Caldwell: H... n fairness to Mr. Grot                      ot his
                                     bergy Mr. Speaker: I g t
       Res     nn                      n              he nority
          oluti this morning, I did pla to talk wtth t Mi
                         k o ve                           ll
       Party and I did as t ha the rule suspended. If youd sus-
              he ules a hold it and 1'1 se if I can talk wit hi
        pend t r       nd              1 e                  h m
        and I' pretty s     hat  '     t      ny
                       ure t we wouldn' haye a dtsagreement/'
Speaker Redmond) HRepresentat      o-K
                             fve Ge aris, what was...H
Geo-Karis: 'I wonder if I would be in order, Mr. Spea          k hat
                                                     ker, to as t
        t Resolution be a                     ore
                         bstracted or read bef we vote on it be-
                     m                    he                 n
        cause whfle I' votfng to suspend t rules 1, too, am i the
                          m   ng
        dark as to what I' doi and I want to accommodate the Gentle-
        man but I would appreci      me                 '
                               ate so abstraction of it.'
 Speaker Red      'Wh s our pleasure, Repres atf Caldwell? The
            mond: ' ac' y                   ent ve
                                 he    r               il he
        Lady has requested that t matte be deferred unt t Resolu-

        t                 '
         ion is honored...'
        l: ' 1          ee                      '
 Caldwel '1... would agr with that, Mr. Speaker.'
 S ker Redmond: H                            ve           d
                 Take it out of the record. I' been advise that
                    nt                                    ol n,
        we don't pri tbe Resolutions. How long is this Res utio
        Mr. Cald              k,
                well? Mr. Cler will you read the Resolueïon? Repre-
        se                                '
          ntative Geo-Karisy be attentive.'
                          nt          /         as merous charges
 Clerk Selcke: MSenate Joi Resolution /82. Where nu

                           t         !
                   G E N E l A L A SSt M B LY
                                 z   L N S
                            STATi oF ! L1 o l
                          l        7      F ' v'
                       H0 tSE oF RE1RQSEN'A. I E5
                                      1 # )j f
                                       !    u
                                     t*' :( -I-


              ve                                 rt              n
            ha levelled against tbe Illinois Depa ment of Childre and
            Family Servicesa alleging discri                       ng
                                            mination and the awardi of
            cont           he
                racts and t hiring, upgrading, promotion and demotion
            of personnel. And whereas it is incumbent upon state government
             t set an example ln obser                       mfn
                                      vfng fakr and nondlscrf atery prac-
            tices whether it i                               mi
                              nvolves sexual or racial discri nation or
            discriminat     n      he
                       ion i any ot r form. And whereas a thorough inves-
                                    o           he   dy           y
             tigation is necessary t determine t vali or invalidit of
             these serio allegations of discrimnation. Therefore be it
                                  e                ral
             resolved by the Senat of the 79th Gene Assembly, State of
             Illinois the House of Representatives c       ng     n hat
                                                    oncurri therei t
             tbere is hereby c              al
                              reated a speci bipartisan legi     ve m-
                                                            slati co
             mittee to investigate charges that the Department of Children
             and Fa                        ced
                   mily Services bas practi discriminat     n
                                                       ion i the awarding
                               he  at nt
             of contracts and t tre me of department personnel. That
                      al mmittee consist of four Se
             the spect co                                            pre
                                                   nators and four Re -
              e t i s; w a h p o n e y he j r t e d r n he
             s n at ve t o e c a p t t d b t Ma o i y L a e a d t
             Minority Leader in each Chamber. And that the co          po
                                                             mmittee re rt
             its fi ngs, recomme               h uses of the General
                                ndations to bot Ho
             Assembly by Dece            6.1
                             mber 15, 197 1
     Speaker Red       f
                mond: 'Any further q                    le   s
                                    uestions on the Gent man' motion for
             leave? Represe                 '
                           ntatïve Grotberg.'
      r b rg: ' e w h t e u d rs an i g t a t is J nt c mm t e i
     G ot e    Y
              ' s, it h n e t d n h t h oi o i t e s
               l n e n s n y n h u j ct            s r mi at o
             we l u d r a d i o l o t e s b e of di c i n i n. Is
             that c       '
     Caldwell: H     s
                That' correct/'
     r br      ' c d n o b r a l h l r u t e d,
               A                                               ud hn
     G ot e g: ' c or i g t t e p e mb e t e C e k j s r a I wo l t i k
              he            d
             t n that I woul withdraw my objection. We have a Joint House-    .
             Senate Child Care Committee o the subject of child care but I
                                                     ve         gat
             think we would a11 be relieved not to ha to investi e dis-
             criminati                           on             l'        '
                      on. I would move the adopti of Mr. Caldwel s motion.'
     Spea                         ll
         ker Redmond: HI think be' vote yes. Have a1l voted who wish?
             Takes 107 votes. Ha a1l voted who wish? A11 voted who wisb?
                ve      he mmediate consideratioa 107 votes. Have a11
             Lea fore..t i
             vot who wish? Clerk will take the record. Representative

     xg ,.
     .A ,
  ,''m 'v
     S 1     '           G E N E.R A 1 A SS E518 LY
                                '    -
    r... . .
     .. .
                                  .gr 'uupo s
                                 sr 'sop1 Il 1                                    .
    '( ,.r '
. ' +,. t
    F . ./-.                                                                      .
  .      .                        e            l
                                       p- s q r s
                              uous osns c c'vx've
                                      u   9
                                    4u 2c 4.


       l: Mr.
Caldwel M Speiker, by way of explai           e.
                                   ning my vot Thts is a
                               d    o he
       matter I think that woul be t t best interest of the
       entire General Assembly t          it       .
                                hat are..o could be. to misunder-
                  t oul
       standing, i c d be from a lack of mi                 but
                                           nority provtders -
            s                                  ars ve... being
       heret a situation where mtllions of doll ha      are
                  ro he vidence that ha bee su
       spent and f m t e                             o me
                                       ve n bmitted t so of
                   nvi                er
       us we are co nced tbat the matt should be looked into through
       the technic t                                               k
                    hat is suggested in tbis Resolution. A1l we see is
       f rness and...     he  y
                     and t onl way to do that is to...through the
           orft              ur o ook at the f s in thfs matt
       auth y of the Legfslat e t l           act            er
       and determine if t         ome
                         here is s hanky-panky going on. I don't
       see anything wrong vith this. I think that this is the demo-
       cratic process and I would hope that we could get a 107 votes
       to have tbis matte heard immediately../'
Speaker Re                                                      u     '
          dmond: HRepresentative Catania: for what purpose do yo rsse?'
          '     oi
catania: 'On a p nt of order, Mr. Speaker/'
           mo    '             nt-'
speaker Red nd: 'State your poi '
         ' re allowing hi to explain his vote but t board is of
catania: 'Yout           m                         be          f...H
Speaker Red       '
           mond: 'You rais         at        '
                          ing a poi of order?'
Cata     '
    nia: ' Can't do t    '
Speaker Redmond: M        nt
                  Your pof fs well taken. Clerk wfll take the
       record. On this question there's 96 aye and 7 nay and the
             man' motion is lost. Representative Cal
       Gentle s..-                                  dwell/'
Caldwell: nMr. Spea               m ost bere. I1 not...I don' think
                   ker, I guess I' l            m            t
        I' ner                  o      n             he
              vous but I asked t explai my vote and t board was locked.
        I would hope t      and  ve          hat
                      hat... I ha a feeling t we could have gotten
                                 t             o n he.-- the light
        a 107 votes and I couldn' recognize-..s i t     in
        of t                              n                   as
            hat, Mr. Speaker, would I be i order to poll theoo. k for
        a poll of the absentees?'
                 ' are in order, I belie
Speaker Redmond: 'You                                ati         '
                                        ve. Represent ve Madigan.'
Cal       L Appreciate it.'
   dwell: ' ..            '
         ' Speaker, on many occassions in the past we have exe
Madïgan: 'Mr.                                                 ended
                        es o
        the common court y t other sponsors of bills and resolutions

                    G E N E R A L A S S E 51B L W
                              T 7 LL :o 5
                           STA. 6 oF I 11 l
                          l :               TV
                       uOk5t oF REPRE;ENT%'I EG

                                             t ) 85
                                            J1 z(17,

            to take another Roll Call. I do t see that Representative
                  ll             nt ha he                   t
            Caldwe is any differe t n t rest of us, why can' we
            take another Roll Ca11?'
     Speake Red       f
               mond: 'Repres      ve
                            entati Schlickman. The only problem was a
               nt                    nd
            poi of order was raised a I had to honor the point. Repre-
            sentative Schlic     '
     Schlic       '    nt                     '
           kman: 'A poi of ordery Mr. Speaker.l
     Spea                            nt.'
         ker Redmond: HState your poi '
                                       ay                      î
     Schlickman: HI heard you clearly s tbat the motion failed.'
     Speaker Redmond: MThat's correct/f
                  '          es   he
     Schlickman: 'That dispos of t matter/'
      pea            '    s
     S ker Redmond: 'That' correct but I beli                ng
                                             eve that accordi to the
            rules I' learned so               he
                               mething since t other day. I think that
            even after declaring t res                     he
                                      ults of the poll of t absentees
            is pro    '
     Schli                    oes t         '
          ckman: HWe1l, that d n' bother me-'
     Speaker Red       '
                mond: 'okay/'
     Schlickman: '
                 ' that should be t onl proper thing at this t
                  But              he  y                          '
     Speaker Red      f
                mond: 'Representative...                         ati
                                        that's correct. Represent ve
     Caldwell: 'Just by way of...I preface my remarks: Mr. Spe       m...
                                                              aker, I' I...
                             ng                                t
             I would be willi to suggest that you perhaps didn' realize
                         he                         me             ed
             that the...t board was locked at the ti that you grant me
             per                         e.              hat
                mission to explain my vot And it was on t basis because
             this is khat I bave antici edy i    in
                                             noo. al1 fairness and when we
             realized t the board was locked, then I asked if we could have
                              ent    d
             a poll of the abs ees an you agreed. 1, of course: am not in-
              e e t d n r o g n n t f g e e; r u t nt es ed n
             t r s e i p ol n i g a y h n h r wef e J s i er t i
             having a fair assessment of this matter and I believe that it
             uould be fn order.'
      Speaker Redmondl HBelieve t     he pea s
                                 bat t S ker' bands are tied. The...
             t          t
              here wasn' any ch      n           or
                               ange f the tally f a mattcr of a mfnute
             or two and I kept asking l            ed              her
                                       have a11 vot who wish' and t e
             was no change fro the 96. Then I t               o ake Lhe
                                               old the Clerk t t
             record a     I        ed                        o xplain
                     nd... recogniz Representative Caldwell t e

                                                J '
                          G E N E R A L A SSE M I L5
                                   r       L :o S
                                  s'ATE oF I LI4 I
                                      'R           V
                             HO UsE oF fePResENTAT1 ES
                                                 l! ) S5
                                               Jtr 2t 1 i

                                  nt                ed
                   his vote. A poi of order was rais by Representative
                   Catania and it was a correct point of order. So my hands
                   were tied. I could nothing except agree wit Representative
                     t n a. n e e e a i c l c m n s bj c e h
                   Ca a i A d R pr s nt t ve S h i k a ba o e t d t at
                   thi is right within the ru1es....H
                       '                ve
            Caldwell: tThere couldn't ha been any change, Mr. Speaker, because
                   I know a couple of people atte ed t    to
                                                      o... vote and they
                   couldn' and t    s
                                hatî when we realized that the board was loc      '
            Speaker Red      'Re
                       mond: I presentative Washington. T    s
                                                         hat' an.o.incfdentally
                             p ki    ha          d
                   when I kee as ng ' ve a11 vote who wishf when I tell tbe
                          o ake t record, t s t necessary concomita
                   Clerk t t     he        hat' be                 nt. it
                   does lock t tally and that's what happened. Re       ati
                                                                 present ve
                   Washingto '
            Washingt    ' Speaker, I suggest t
                    on: 'Mr.                  hat the solution is very simple.
                         d nou                 o
                   You di an nce the verdict, s to speak, very hurrfedly and
                   Mr. Cald          ryi  o                on o
                           well was t ng t get your attenti t poll the absen-
                   t     nd
                    ees a your face was diverted toward Mr. Schlickman, In al1
                   fairness I think he's entitled to a po11...M
            Speaker Red       '                               bse
                       mond: 'He's entitled to a poll of the a ntees even after
                    he               n                  d he u1e,..J'
                   t results have bee declared, as I rea t r
            Washingto    '    '
                     n: rFine.î
            Speaker Red      ' t
                       mond: '            m         s o hange the res
                              But here-- ll powerles t c             ults even
                   if the absentees../'
               hi       '
            Was ngton: 'Wel1, t    s
                               hatî another feel                    he
                                                ing kf he can poll t absentees
                   it won't affect the results, what' the point of polling the
                   absente     '
                              '     t hink t e' an Represe
            Speaker Redmond: 'I donî t      ber s y.                       h.'
                                                          ntative Matijevic '
            Matilevi     '
                    ch: 'I just wonder bec            t      he nt
                                          ause I wasn' sure t poi of order was
                           made by Represe
                   raised...                   ve
                                          ntati Catania, and as I understood her
                   poi of order, he was explai            e;
                                              ning his vot the tally had not
                      n          he ore he had a right f t board t be open
                   bee made and t ref                   or be     o
                    to have a running t y. And.p.         nk         he
                                                 and I thi that was t point
                    of order, Mr. Speaker, and theref                     nt
                                                     ore if she... her poi of order

    .   .   %.
    '-- à
    i4'. .-                            vwvs -u eo'
                                      s o.lull s
     ç$j . '7
    l -' 'VL '
    . ' '. .                       Hous o F :E iE eNTzr uES
                                       E    4 ev s   k$
                                    . .3 x . (
                                     1. ;) .z
                                    :1b i$>!)g


        n                           ht               ati
       i order to clarify it you oug to ask Represent ve
       Catania ff t                 r               ?
                   hat was really he point of orderw'
 pe             1 Clerk, can you tell us t c
S aker Redmond: 1Mr.                                        '
                                          he hronology here?'
    k        î chronology as I understand it is that you repeate y
Cler Selcke: 'The                                               dl
       asked if a11 voted who wished. Then yo told me to take the
       record. Then Mr. Caldwell got up and as                    n
                                              ked for a recognitio to
       explain his vote; you granted hi that. And he explained his
       vote. Then Mrs. Catania got up and complained because the vote
       was..e      ys
             the ke were locked. And once you press this button up
       here there's no way to unloc it.n
Speaker Redmond: tRepres      ve
                        entatt Matijevich/'
             Mr.          n,
Matijevich: H Speaker, the lf that was the chronology, Represen-
        ati                                           o xplain his
       t ve Caldwell bas the right, under the rulesy t e
       vote until the res                             h hat rigbty
                         ult is recorded. He also, wit t
                 d         he                        ng
       has allowe to have t board open with the runnï tally. So
        hrfr         hn      o d oi s. a a i n he o n f
       t e e o e, I t i k I w ul j n Mr C t n a i t p i t o
       order t            d                    h             lon
              hat the boar had co stay open vlt that explanat of
Speaker Redmond: fYou are co                n
                            mpletely wrong i that regard. The solutfon
        to this is so              ed n           ng
                     mebody who vot o tbe prevaili side should move
        to reconsi the vote. Representative Madigan/'
         'Havi   ed   he vailing side, I mo to recons r the
Madigan: ' ng vot on t pre                 ve        ide
           6 '
        VPE . '
speaker Red       ' presentative...
           mond: 'Re                    Re                  kma '
                                   no..- presentative Schlic nol
            ' Spe
schlickman: '           m                ng       11 ve
             Mr. aker, I' on the prevaili side, 1. mo to
speaker Red      '
           mond: 'Gentla en.po prese
                              Re         ve
                                    ntati Schlickman having voted
        on t prevailing side bas mo     o consider the vot by which
                                   ved t re               e
        the Gentle    s
                  man' motion lost. Those in favor say aye. Aye.
        Opposed, no. The ayes bave it. The motion t reconsider carries.
          w   re  k
        No web bac on the Gentleman's motion for immediate leave to
        have immedlate consider n of Senate Joint Resolutlon 82.
        Represe                 '
               ntative Caldwellv'
  ald        nk
 c well: HTha you, Mr. Speaker, and all Me          he
                                          mbers of t House. 1,
        then would-- l then would ask leave to suspend al1 of the

                   G E N E R A L A SSE > B L Y
                                  )    N S
                           STATE &F 1LLI ûI
                          l    R'           V
                       Hotsf QF' ?eGrSENTATl 15
                                                ) S/
                                               z( 1 b


               y            k or he mmediate adopt
       necessar rules and as f t i                ion of this
          dmo   '     ent ve hlickman.'
Speaker Re nd: 'Repres ati Sc         '
Schlic         m ust                        hat
      kman: HI' j suggestingy Mr. Speaker, t the board be
       du            he          '
         mped until t question...'
Speaker Redmond: H               ed hat it be du
                  We11> I suggest t             mped. And he dumped
                           ve    ed       n.
       it and I guess theyR start off agai n
                                            is          ng        î
Scblickman: HWell shculdnlt we wait until... he explafni his vote?'
                     rese ati
Speaker Rednond: HRep nt ve Cald              ng
                                well, explaini your vote, is
       t            re   ng?'
        hat what youe dof '
 ad l     '
          N i        m u t ki g or o n
C l we l: î o: S r: I' j s as n f . .
                   n he
Speaker Redmond: HQ t Gentleman's motio    the
                                       n... question's on the
       Gentleman's mot     '
                      ion, ammediate consideration of Senate Joint
       Res                   n vor
          olution 82. Those i fa vote aye; opposed vote no.
        Don't get shut out. Represent              '
                                     ative Deuster.d
De        '           y xplaining my no vot a I kno itA be i
  uster: 'We11y brtefl e                   e nd    w   ll   n
          ma l n r t     hi s u e t h t s e y, r e i u
        a s l mi o i y. T s i a s bj c t a i v r ve y s r o s.
        It has not gone to Committe        ve
                                   e. We ha no idea whether there's
        any factual foundation for ït at all. It relates to allegations
              cri     n n he
        of dis minatio o t ground of b0th race and sex. We do
        have a Commission on the St          me
                                   atus of Wo n that has done an ex-
         e l n o n as e u de o 4 0 o nt n h i
        c l e t j b a d h be n f n d f r $ 5. 00 t co i ue t e r
                           nt                      on
        good work to look t o areas of discriminati against women
                 nk hat it would be a duplicatio to create some second
        and I thi t                             n
        addttional committee of the House t overlap what the Commission
        on t Status of Women is al    y                   he
                                  read doing and that is t reason
         or                   e wo
        f my no vote. There ar t reasonsy that t     s n
                                                heref bee no
        committee hea 'no facts presented t committee and it4s a
                     rd,                   o
        duplicat of a                          he
                     nother excellent unit of t Illinois General
 Speaker Re        ' ve      ed
           dmond: 'Ha a11 vot wbo wish? Representative Cr       '
 Grotbe     '
       rg: 'We11, thank you, Mr. Speaker. In explai          w
                                                   nfng my no presene
                 hi    m                 e    be
        vote on t s, I' dotng that becaus in t first whereas we
        find that tbe                           n n          ng
                     y're alleging discriminatio i the awardi of

                      G E N E R A L A SS I1IB L%'
                                      L .N S
                             STATE oF I kl o1
                            l :    7:        TV
                         MotSe oF GifREsENTA.1 ES
                                        , ) g/
                                    4Q8 t( l i

       contracts and then goes on to st                  ngy
                                       ate about tbe hiri up-
       grading and promotion of personnel. And I submit to yous
                    ntle                 d
       Ladies and Ge men of this House an Mr. Speaker, that that
       opens up the whole investigation process of the Department of
       Cbildre and Family Servic       ub                he
                                es. I s mit to you that t re is
            nt use-senate Committ wor
       a Joi Ho                              hts
                                 ee king at t matter which was
       de              all he                     he
         nied, incident y t other day by most of t proponents of
       t            on
        his Resoluti the operating money on a separate Amendment to
        he                                      h his su
       t Omnibus Committee to help us get throug t      mmer and
                       not               gati               ng
       finish up somee.. only the investi on but the reporti of
             at                                        ly
       the st us of tbe Departnent of Children and Fami Services on
        h J       o mi t e. o o l us r o o            re ul n
       t e H R 5 C m t e S I w u d j t wa n y u t be ca f o
                   t           erf   n                    dy
       this. I don' want to int ere i the process of anybo else's
                          o nfor the House the are a dozen avenues
       resolution except t i    m             re
       to get this ac                 d
                     omplished and we' be glad to hear this problem
        n              e-se                 nt mmittee of the
       i the Joint Hous nate Child Care, Joi Co
       House and Senate t    s                    h             '
                         hat' already going on wit its business.l
                                    hi n/l
Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Was ngto
             '    nk        at
Washfngton: 'I thf Represene ive Qrotberg fs fncorrect here. Thls
       Resoluti addresses i       o                      ousl
                           tself t a very narrow but obvf y
            us                                   me
       serio problem. Allegations that the Depart nt of Children
       a Family Se         ve         hems ves in discri
                  rvices ha involved t el               mination
        f etn        o r c s. t' u h i l n t a s
       o l t i g of c nt a t I s j st t at s mp e a d i s y
       no more tban t       w
                     hat. No these allegations are serious. You can't
                                 on, u mply set out t allegations
       prove a case in a resoluti yo si              he
            be                  e
       and t suspicions and wber the Co              ng
                                       mmittee is goi and what you
       expect to do. It doesn't presuppose anything. And unless it's
                        he nvestigatlon these a
       laid to rest by t i                     llegations will continue.
                     n mportant resolution. It' i
       I think itls a f                                    o nd
                                               s mportant t ft out
         tbey are tr and it' just as importa to find out if t re
       tf:          ue      s               nt               hey'
               o hey can hy this thing t rest. I think it's a good
       untrue s t                       o
          ol                                         h ur
       res ution. We should vote it up and get on wit o business/l
Spealer Red              l
           mond: HHave a1 voted who wish? Have a11 voted who wtsh?
         ve                     ve
       Ha al1 voted who wish? Ha a11 voted who wish? Clerk will
       take t record. There will be no explanatton of votes now.

                           t             1
                   G E N E I A L A SS EM 1 LY
                              AC: L .N S
                           SYA.' OF I t1 %t'
                          l:)         Sf ' *V :
                       Hotsf ce REPqE!fN T 'l fS
                                                     UN 7 C 17


                0n t          on     s 3                he ntle
                    his questi there' 9 ayes; 8 no and t Ge    man's
                motion is lost. The order of concurrence appears House Bill
                                 ive n uyne, 3411.'
                3411. Representat Va D            '
         Van Duyne: 1 Wait so long: Mr. Speaker, I f                     '
                                                    orgot where I was ato'
         Speaker Red       î
                    mond: 'springfield/'
         Van Du     ' This is on House Bi11...
               yne: '...                               k          pea
                                              Yes. Than you, Mr. S ker,
                Me                                                    re
                  mbers of tbe House, this fs House Bill 3411 and we a going
                     k           ur       e
                to as you to conc in Senat Amendments 1, 3, and 4 and if
                          o xplain t
                you'd me t e        hem I wo                                    '
                                            uld. But I now move for concurrence.f
         Speaker Red                ati  ya '
                    mond: HRepresent ve R n.'
         Ryan: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, is this the First Conference Committee
                or the seco          ent ve
                           nd, Repres ati Van Duyne?n
                     '       s
         Van Duyne: 'Wel1 it' concurre    '
         Rya   '
            n: 'Would yo explain t A
                        u         he mendments ple    '
          a y e: We 1, e a me d n / hi s s o
                                       1               45 0 0
         V n Du n ' 1 w h ve A n me t / w ch a k f r a $ 0, 0
                addition t their budget-n
                '        '
         Ryan: 'For what?l
          a uy e: F e s n l e v c f 3 0 . e i e n e it s or
         V n D n ' or p r o a s r i e o $ 7, 00 R t r me t. . ' f
                 operatio          ent ve
                         ns, Repres ati Ryany and also for four hundred and
                 some thousand dollars for the housing, part of this depart     '
                ' 1,        he          ion
         Ryan: 'Wel what's t total addit of Amend      / 1
                                                 ment /1?'
          n un     ' 5 00
                    $         3 7, 00 o he ou i g n 5 0 0 o p r ti n-'
         Va D y e: ' 4 0, 0. $ 9 0 f r t h s n a d $ 3, 0 f r o e a o '
               ' right. That' the o
         Ryan: 'A1l          s          mend  '
                                   nly A ment?'
          a uy e: '
                  N      a e me me 3, h c s he 1 1, 00 d t o
         V n D n ' o,we h v A nd nt / w i h i t $ 1 0 a di i n
                 that was cut out of NIPC and I ask for a concurrence in that.
                 This is in addition, t            ake
                                       hat it was t n out by the Senate....
                       ur      '
                 Beg yo pardon?'
         Ryan: '     s                       '
                Tbat' an additipn of 111,000?'
         Van Duyne: nYes. 800.'
         Rya   '
            n: '                1
                What is it? 8007 '
          n un     ' 11 0
         Va D y e: ' $ 1 80 /1
          Ryan: 'okay. uhat e      ve       '
                             lse ha you got?'
           n un    ' d hn
                    A          ve e u ti n n me d e t 4    3 00
         va n y e: ' n t e we ha a r d c o t A n m n / of $ 1, 0
                  n           '
                 i operations-'
                ' hat it? '
          Ryan: 'Is t    1

  . ,-
 . .
      .                      G E N E R A L A S S E 5IB L 5:
: '-.r.w
? . ' u1
,t . .
 .                                  v xr .u los
                                    s x.oe1up l
                                       t     j
   . .
zbA ..
                                    . l .
                                  <.t' d
                                  - $ t
                                  x         uv
                                          p lî
Van Duy    '
       ne: '          '
            That's it.'
       f    s he           he
Ryan: 'What' t net change t n, Representative Van Duynes do
        o no     b u 53 0 0 '
       y u k w? A o t $ 0, 0 ?'
Van Duyne: HNo this...     ny                  he  nd    /
                      liste let's get back to t Ame ment /1.
                     s      no dttion/'
       Really there i nota.. ad
       d     t
Ryan: 'I don' have that on 1, Represe     ve              my
                                     ntati Van Duyne. Myo..
       records sbow t        ve    he
                     hat you' got t Partee Amendment on heres
                      io nd hat it li
       the 50Z limitat n a t                  he
                                     nes out t Hous      nd
                                                   ing Fu and
                  0Z mitation on expenditures, for per nal services,
       it puts a 5 li                                 so
       travels c                            nti  nd kes some tec
                ontractual: commodities, pri ng a ma            h-
         c ha e       t o s t h w n dd t o f 4 0: 0 '
       ni al c ng s. I d e n' s o a y a i i n o $ 5 0 0.'
            1 11             o          ds
Van Duyne: 111 just read it t you. It ad 50Z spending obli-
       gation li                si                       o he x-
                mits to a11 divi ons and a11 line items t t e
       cl    n
         usio of EDP, teller communicati          me
                                        ons, equip nt and grants to
       local housing authorit s. Appropriates the Housing Fund whicb
       has heretofore not bee appropriated and breaks expenditures of
        Y7 u        h t n ar c o nt        d oe 4 00 o h
       F - 7 o t of t e s a d d a c u s. Ad s s m $ 50, 0 t t e
       Bill. Makes tec                        ll
                      hnical changes in the Bi by adding language
       to S     n                         ati
           ectio 5 to indicate an appropri on of...for the Federal
       Urba Planning and Assistance Fund rather t       m      ner
                                                 han fro the Ge al
       Reve                          ous                 s he
           nue Fund. It is now errone ly specified. That' t
       tec                   the
          hnical langùage of' explanat    f
Ryan: H        w   /
       Wel1, no on /3, Repre      ive n ne,
                            sentat Va Duy you said 111,800)
        I s w 148,          on
                  800 additi for NIPCJ'
Van Duyne: nWe11 t    s
                  batf rig     m     y
                          ht, If sorr about that. It returns the
                    n     he
        appropriatio for t North Eastern Illinois Planning Commission
        to t fiscal year 1976 funding level of 206,800 or an increase
        of 111:800 o                          he
                    ver the figures shown in t Bill. And the second
        part of it i          he
                    ncreàses t approprfae     or ouehern... hvester
                                         ïon f S           sout    n
         lli              u ission from 50>
        I nois Planning Conn               000 to 87,000 and Lhis
         s                          00
        i actually a decrease of 16, 0 over the > -76 funding level
        f 1 3, 0 '
       o $ 0 4 0.'
  a   ' L i ht n he
       M.                  e u t o f 3 2 0, me d n 4
Ry n: ' : r g y a d t n a r d c i n o $ 1, 6 A n me t / .
        Mr. S kers I wo                    on   he            hat
                       uld ask for a divisi on t question if t 's
             ble '
        Possi .'

                     G E N E R A L A SS EM B LY
                                       tkl: %
                            GTATE o F I..1oI
                           ;;                 V
                        Hot1E o F REeRESENTAT1 ES

      pea               s         '
     S ker Redmond: HIt' possible.'
      n un     ' ul t b e t, r. p ke       u d o e re a e,
     Va D y e: 'I wo d no o j c M S ea r,wo l y u b ag e bl
             Mr. Ryan, to asking for a concurre       /       / '
                                               nce on /l and /4?'
           ' .
            No                           me,
     Ryan: ' $let's take them one at a ti Leroy/'
     Speaker Redmond: nRepresentat       ho    '
                                  ive Lec wfcz.'                             '
                 ' 1
     Lechowicz: '1... agree with Represe     ve
                                        ntati Ryan as far as the
             di     n             on-'
               visio on the questi '
     Speaker Red       '
                mond: tReprese     ve dison/'
                              ntati Ma
     Madis    Nr. Speaker, would it be possible to ask you to t
          on: '                                                urn the
             light on so t     be hotographers will not be i violation
                          bat t p                           n
             of the House rules.î
     Speaker Redmond: O                        he '
                       khat photographers are t re?'
     Ma        '         me            '
       dïson: 'We have so on the floor.'
     Speaker Redmond: 'I thought he was finished. Thank you. Repre-
             sent ve Totten/'
     Totten: HWell is the post        he             w       de he
                              ure of t House right no to divi t
             questio f
     Speaker Red       '   '
                mond: 'Yes.'
     Totten: H            11  d
              We1l then 1: hol my re      l
     Speaker Red           hi urther? We' on Amendme /1. The
                mond: HAnyt ng f         re         nt /
             Gentleman has mo                           n nate A
                             ved that the House concur i Se     mendment
             Ik to House Bill 3411. Those in favor vote aye and opposed
             vote no. Vote. Ha a11 voted who wish? All voted who wish?
             Clerk will take t record. On this q              s 1
                                                uestion there' 12 aye
                      y                    onc n               nt /
             and no na and the House does c ur i Senate Amendme /1
              o                        nt / '
             t House Bill 3411. Amendme /3.'
                ' Speaker: t
     Van Duyne: 'Mr.                he                      y
                            his is t restoration of the mone for the
             Nort            inoi  nni
                 heastern Ill s Pla ng Co                 o
                                         mmission. And als the South
             ...S           be ut
                 WIMPAC of t So hwest Illinois Planning Commission.

              rgnly         s 2 6, 0 n t a ut 1 80 o h
             O i i a l it wa $ 0 8 0 a d i w s c 1 1, 0 f r t e
             NIPC.- NI and this is the restoration of t                  s
                                                       hat and then there'
                       n n he WIHPAC of 16,
             a reductto i t S                    o    ve
                                           400. S I mo for concurrence
             of t       nd    '
                 his Ame mento'
      pea            '                  el '
     S ker Redmond: 'Representative Tott n '
     Tott     '                              es                 be
         en: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Ladi and Centlemen of t House,

  oh' 2N .
   t ( qv
 b) z-' :
.. 5 !  :                             -
                          G E N E R A 1 A SSE M B L Y
r.. ' J
jt.. 1 t:                         T      ' LL N : S
                                 S RTC OP I .1 t 1
   t : ',
,,.F 'z.
.   :'
 +j .  .
                                l E ) 1: k S
                                        P           1 S
                             uDkF C F 4E 1E ENTAT V C
                                      l-t' U b
                                     &tt; Q 1 t
                                      ç .


                      n       son o            o onc
              I rise i opposit . t the motion t c ur on Senate Amend-
                   /                                              he ncrease
              ment /3 and let me state the reasons. First of a11 t i
              bere was not budgeted at all by the Governor and it ts above
      %        he      s
              t Agencyg request for this purpose for '77 as it appears in
              Senate Ame       1          y,           nd he
                        ndment 13. Secondl this House a t Appropriations
                 o mi t e a e e c e h s u i        r n h s e i n.
              I C m t e h v r je t d t i f nd ng du i g t i S ss o
                      he                 ve
              Third, t two Commissions ba arg                    he
                                             ued that they need t money
              t match federal grants. 0ur information indicates that exfsting
                                  ed or m
              state funds designat f the will more than meet their needs.
              NIPC, for i                ve     ed tat
                         nstance: will ha budget s e and other funds, a
               o al   5 8, 00 o r h n a c h 5 1, 0 n e e al
              t t of $ 2 0 t mo e t a n t h t e $ 0 0 0 f f d r
              f             h hey bave made an application. Furt
               unds for whic t                                  her: there's

                t l u i c t o o h d t o a u ds ee ro d d o
              li t e j st fi a i n f r t e a di i n l f n b n p vi e t
              either House. We are bef asked to increase funding for pro-
              grams and activity t                n ully spelled out t
                                  hat have not bee f                  o
              this General As                     ra             ied o
                             sembly nor these prog ms been justif t us
              or adequately debated. I t nk the Gent      s
                                                    leman' concurrence
                i n n e a e m n me 3 s o us i i d; h t h s
              mot o o S n t A e d nt / i n t J t f e t a t i
              motion s uld be defeated. And I request a no vote on Senate

                 ndme /
              âme nt /3. H
     Speaker Redmond: 'Further question? Representative Ma    '
             '                                          n    he
     Mahar: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentleme of t House,
               I rfse fn support of ehe z         !
                                         mendment i3 to House Bi1l 3411. The
                2 6, 0 h     P S s e o o 1 f h s e i s, l n
               $ 0 0 0 t at NI C' a k d f r f r a 1 o t e e ag nc e p a -
                 ng                                         t ar. No
               ni agencies is just exactly what they had las ye     w,
               over t past number of years their appropriation has been de-
                 ini       ve  n                 m
               el ng. They' bee getting money fro voluntary agencies
               and fro municipalities and count     nd
                                               ies a local government in

                h . i h l -c u t e           t u t e ms o   bt n
               t e. e n t e s x o n y ar a. I j s s e t me t a a
                          h          he               f
               agency whic is given t responsibility o planning in the area
               the responsibility of handling federal f               he s
                                                       unds and ts...t re'

                   e t e d o t. n t us e ms o e h n g n y
               a gr a n e f r i A d i j t s e t m t at a a e c
               uhich was created about 20 years ago eitber ought to be properly
                           ben        o    way         w
                funded or t we ought t do a witb it. No 1 think that
                         hi       re                       t     ny
                      I t nk they' doing a good job. I don' see a reason

 ,- .
 : . % --
   .                                     -        I, .'
                             c E x E R A 1 A ssE s i L 4
 . h m> .
  + j .
 ro.. . 6.(                           T r kL G J %
                                   5TA.C ol I. I C 1
   . 'v ) s
':! y ' ..
     - c'
      y C.
  . ; .*                         o s: ' c 1 s:v ' u.
                                     o    4 p 1
                                H u e en p s sIArv s
               - .                                                    .        .   . .-   u
                              m   bu
                             d :Q l f


                                             s   n
       in the light of a11 of the money tbat' bee spent in other
       areas for a11 kinds of commissions, committees and investi-
       gations and t                         PC   t
                    hat sort of thing that NI can' receive the
       money that t y're e                 d
                          ntitled to. And I' urge that we concur
                     dme '
       with this Amen nt.'
Speaker Redmond: H    y
                  Read for them..         ati           '
                                 Represent ve Friedrich.'
Friedri    ' Speaker, Members of t House, SWIMPAC is f t
       ch: 'Mr.                   he                  n he
       mi                                               he
         ddle of a survey on water resources in one of t fastest
            ng                      he
       growi areas in Illinois and t y need thfs support this
                               e hat oject. And so I...
       one more year to complet t pr                   therefore
       Isupport this Amend     '
S                'Read                     ese   ve
 peaker Redmond: f y for the question? Repr ntati Van Duyne.
             ent ve nner/'
       Repres ati Ski
ki n r: ' ue s he e t e a h it f e
        I                                 u t u le y
S n e ' g s t G n l m n w o s s be or me j s p l d m
       string. He said that we should efther fund the Northeastern
       Illinois Planning Commission or abolish it. Well I have a11
       these me                     o        w
               mories flowing back t me of ho the Northeastern
                      ng ommissio se out a newsletter to every-
       Illinois Planni C         n nt
                he x unty area that was any ki of a power elite
       body in t si co                        nd
       type and t    ng v
                 elli ho and why they endorsed the Regional Trans-
       portation Aut                m;    t       ng
                    hority referendu how i was goi to bring al1
       these good t ngs to a11 the outlying areas. That is outlying
             he                    he      '
       from t city of Chicago and t Loop...'
Speaker Red       '
           mond: 'You have one mi     t
         ' Also have t s me
Skinner: '...         hi mory, e              '
                                xcuse me, sfrk'
Speaker Red       '          '
           mond: 'One minute.'
Skinne    '                    w
      r: 'A1l right. Didn't kno I was explaining my vote, Mr. Speaker,
                         n nutes.'
       I thougbt I bad te mi     '
Speaker Redmond: 'Proceed. Proceed/'
Skinner: 'I also have this memory of them getting a federal grant to
           he                    or be x    y
       be t waste water planner f t si count area over the
       stre us objections of numerous pe      n          ver
                                        ople i the Fox Ri Valley
                               y dy. Yo know why the municipalities
       but not the official cit bo     u
        caved in? It was because of financial blackmail. It was federal
        grant blackmai    o                    nt
                      l. T put it in the argume of one of my opponents

                   G E N E R A L A SSE $ B L Y
                                     L H7S
                           sTATE o F 1 uI (1
                         ; o ' PFS'          V:
                       Hot5E' F #E''? SEN TATl ts
                                        J1 191'


                  n                                  e rustee fro the cit
                 i the fall election who was a villag t          m       y
                 . o ofrom    he
                             t village of Huntley who incide             he
                                                            ntally said t RTA
                                 un            al
                 buses would be r ning in Cryst Lake last Labor Day. He
                 said, if we don?    if              e
                                 t... we donlt endors NIPC as the area
                 waste wat pla                t
                              nner why we won' get our sewer grants. The
                 Northeast                               n
                          ern Illinois Planning Commissio is no longer a plan-
                                           s              s me
                 nfng commission and if it' to remain, itf na sbould be
                       d o
                 change t Northeastern Illinois Regional Covernment. Any
                 organiz                        r
                        ation has this much powe over dis               de
                                                         bursement of fe ral
                 funds is a go                         nni
                              vernment, it is not a pla ng commission. If
                 and whe it wishes to ret      o he               ng m-
                                         reat t t role of a planni co
                       n                 o ull upport it but s
                 missio I w4ll be happy t f y s               ince it has
                  us ve n o h ui i w d             h hcg n rh
                 j t mo d i t t e b ld ng o ne by t e C i a o a d No t -
                 western Railroad and have put up a b00th to promote regional
                 government on the northwest p                     s he
                                              assage, I believe it' t north-
                                    y he                 he vic Qpera
                 west passage, anywa t way you get from t Ci
                           o he
                 building t t Nort                    atf
                                  hwestern Railroad st on I would wonder
                 if the Sponsor would tell us when be conclud whetber any of
                               re                   ng o
                 the money we a appropriating is goi t promote tbis attempt
                               h                      he nfluence local gover
                 to do away wit local government and t i                     n-
                 ment have outside of the Loop of Chicago/'
                            '                    '
          Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Lundy.'
                  '                           es
          Lundv: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Ladi and Ge            he
                                                     ntlemen of t House.
                         he           sti '
                 I move t previous que on.'
                            '               ve he
          Speaker Redmond: 'Gentleman has mo d t previous question. The
                                     he mai uestion be put? Al i f
                 question is, shall t i n q                   1 n avor
                  ay ye. Aye. Opposed, no. The ayes have it. Re
                 s a                                           presentative
                   n             e.'
                 va Duyne to clos '

          Van Duyne: 'Thank youy Mr. Spea                    e ome of the
                                         ker. I can appreciat s
                 argu    s bat are gi n against this, t
                     ment t          ve                rulyw Having sat on
                                 vi                    ng
                 the Board and ha ng to vote on aceepti NIPC as a plan and
                            rt                    r oug            he deral
                 also tbe pa Representative Skinne br ht up about t fe
                 money. But it is fact that some of our local planners really
                 don't have the expertise or t budget or the manpower to even
                 know how t apply for t                              m me
                                       hese grants and they do perfor so
N > < -

                                G E N E R A L A S S E 5li L Y
                                                L N S
                                       STATE oF 1 LI o 1
                                     àl :        7 :l    V
                                   HCtSK oF REPRESrFTAT1 ES
                                       t ) s'
                                     JukJ(ii:       .

                 nd                w                             WI
               ki of a function. No the part about NIPC and the S MPAC
               is reall a matter of philosophy. If you beli     n
                                                           eve i planning
                              ve            he             E#
               at a11 why #ou' got to give t m at least an ' for effort.
               It's a matter of opinion really whether or not they do perform
                   al                   o     ve               me
               a re function. I happen t belie that there is so good
                                re        ng bout millions and millions and
               and after a11 web not talki a
               mfllions of dollars. We' talking about a million for each
                 a f 14 , 0     o t o e a o f g he o n n u he
               ye r o $ 8 0 0. S wi h ut b l b r n t p i t a y f rt r
                    u d us s o o r on ur e c '
                I wo l j t a k f r y u c c r n e.î
                                   s    he                n
        Speaker Redmond: Mouestion' on t Gentleman's motio the House concur
                fn Senate A      nt /         avo
                           mendme /3. A11 in f r...         ati
                                                   Represent ve Schlfckman.
                     n vor vote aye; opposed vot no. Represe ati Schlick-
                A11 i fa                        e           nt ve
                     o xplain his vote.'
                man t e                î
        Schlickman: OWelly Mr. Speaker: Me                     n nsidering
                                          mbers of the Housey i co
                our vote on this Amendme           re
                                        nt; if you' against effective regional
                planning vote no. If you're against the coordinating of local
                governme                 e           re
                        ntal planning vot no. If you' against local govern-
                ment getti resources that are not presently otherwise avail-
                able t                    re
                      hen vote no. If your aga                    m ocal
                                              inst application fro l
                govern                          o
                      ment for federal funding s that they can't get their
                fair share t                  f    re
                            hen vote no. 3ut i your for ef     ve
                                                          feeti regional
                planning, the coordination of l               al
                                               ocal government planning, for
                          o ocal governme a for local gove ment' fair
                resource t l             nt nd            rn    s
                share of federal f                   f
                                  unds then vote yes.'
         Speaker Redmond: nRepresentative Lechowicz/'
                      11y     ake              ntle
        Lechowicz: MWe Mr. Spe ry Ladies and Ge men of the House,
                think everyone knows that we are not against the planning concept
                nor the f ng of the planning co           n
                                               ncept but i the reviek of
                 he           '
                t appropriations of one committee both of tbese agencies did
                not substantiate the additional request t     he     l
                                                         bat t y reqtested.
                                      o                      y
                Now 1et me point out t you we asked for a cop of their budget
                both in t money that they received from the state and the
                federal governme              he vie      h affs in
                                nt. And upon t re w of bot st
                conc                        ee hfs money was deleted by the
                    urrence with the Committ t
                                              o u         s
                Committee. Let me also point t yo that thi money is above

 , w' .
  ' 'A
 ', . .<.;'
it.! .. ),.
         q                      1          1 #
                           G ENE1 A L ASSE5 BL5
,s k  .
                                     A      u
                                          .u so s
                                   sv vsoeI.Il 1
'    ., 'yk
    k.': '1                     f  7 r            r
                                             : :r 'v
                               eouse ol RceneseN'A. l cs
    # .....
       -. .
                                   IN 2 6
                                  4J dk1/


                                    he   au   he              d
              and beyond even what t Bure of t Budget allocate for
              tbes agencfes. If any Amendment should be defeated, it sbould
              be t one. I encourage a no vote/'
      Speake Red                    d
                mond: nHave al1 vote who wish? Représe     ve
                                                      ntati Mann/'
      Mann: 'Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I...when I first came in
               he                      one
              t General Assembly champi d the cause of NIPC. I would
              re              ati   n                   nt
                mind Represent ve Va Duyne who is very e husiastic about
                   ed                               PC
              elect officials and their role that NI is not a body com-
              prised of elected officials. They are appointed. They have
              no constitue          re     ed o
                          ncy. Theyf suppos t be responsive to the
              General Asse                    me          m
                          mbly but the only ti we hear fro them is around
              appropriation t          ve
                             ime. We ha no input into this organization.
              And they have no i         n
                                nterest i us except around appropriation
              tfme. I would t        ng                   PC
                             ake a lo hard look at what NI fs currently
              doing and st ng for and then think t        his
                                                  hrough t vote. If
              for no ot                                     mi     m hat
                       her reason than to single them and re nd the t
                PC                     lli
              NI is a creation of the I nois General Assembly and that
                                                                  h hem and
              ue are its stooges but we are at least on parlty wlt t
               o      me  ent   o
              t pay so att ion t us in terms of their philosophy as
              expressed in their acts/'
      S ker Red       Re
               mond: H prese     ve                ee             l
                            ntati Deuster, do you s k recognition?'
      De       '
        uster: '       o                      e, m n vor of regional
                Wel1, t briefly explatn my vot I1 i fa
                    ng    m                           m
              planni and I' in favor of planning but 1' voting no because
                     s                     hey ve un way
              what ha happened to NIPC is t ha r a with their
              aut             ve one yon
                 hority. They' g be d what was originally contemplated.
              They are now in a position, if youf discuss this with your
                                ove nt
              mayors and local g rnme leaders, they are in a position
                                   n bsol            be  ht
              where they excerise a a ute veto over t rfg of your
              people and your communities to get any funds back fron the federal
                    me        ve
              govern nt. Theyd gone way beyond what they should do. Now,
              of course many of us were concerned about their lobbying, you
                 ht   or
              mig say, advertising on behalf of the Regional Transpor-
               tation àut     y hey                  he ub bs
                         horit t were telling us in t s ur that that
              was the great       ng
                           est thi for us. And we t                    ke
                                                   hink they were mista n.

  ' jr,.
   x .,
' .. 'v'
   q                      G E N E R A L A SS EM B LY
;t. . ' . .
'. ( A
' & .)
'6.j ',ù.
   t .'
$. , 2. .                     l
                                 S A EO 1LF 1
                                 T Y F L 1cS
                                      eas N'a- :
                                              l s
                             eouscogas ss r rve
 ..     :
      . ..
                                           u p
                                         2b J;y

                  u up s hyr nild o h i iw . u h ot
                 BtIspo ete 'eette t terv es B ttem s                             l
                                                                  cup ng
                 serious defçct with them is they are rigbt now oc yi the
                 position where t               ol
                                 hey have an abs ute right being non-elected
                         o y
                 people t sa yes or no over whet        re
                                                her youd going to get your
                           y   k                wn          on
                 local mone bac that you sent do to Washingt and have
                 made a loc application for grant. And 1 urge most strongly
                 a no vote/l
         Speaker Redmond: HHa a11 voted who wis            ati
                                               h? Represent ve Ke        '
         Kempiners: HYes, Mr. Speaker, I had a couple of people raise questions
                                           ve                 ay me
                 about my no vote. Well wel had a few people s so of the
                                               he wers that NI had but Iî
                 powerss or tell you, some of t po            PC         ve
                 t           me             nd    ve  d
                  alked to so of my mayors a theyt tol me that they're
                    ng               t
                 doi things they don' necessarily want to do but they know
                 NI wants t                                     n
                           hem to do it in order to get grants i other areas
                 t           PC s oi
                  hey know NI i g ng to look at the overall picture of what
                 t    re            t           s
                  hey* doing. I don' think thatt right. I think the reason
                 we elect local peo                   he ocal people want and
                                   ple is to do what t l
                 not wbat some bureaucrat sitting in Chicago wants. And they do
                 have t al co                        ng nd
                             ntrol over federal fundi a for that reasony
                 not because I' against regional pl    ng    me
                                                   anni or so sort of plan-
                 ning, I am voting no/'
         S                 Ha         ed
          peaker Redmond: H ve a11 vot who wish? Represe            ono'
                                                        ntative Huds '
         Hudson: îWe11 Mr. Speaker.o/'
                           '          he   le
         Speaker Redmond: 'Sit down, t Gent man bet       '
                  f                        he use, i explaining my no vote,
         Hudson: 'Ladies and Gentlemen of t Ho      n
                                    o ay hat
                 I would just like t s t the district that I represent and
                 some of the municipal people are becoming i    asi y
                                                            ncre ngl restive
                 about NIPC. Now. created this originally as an advisory group
                 but as has been expressed earlier here it is wrong from the
                 role of an advisory group to one of a burea             er bat
                                                            ucratie monst t
                              ds be
                 in effect hol t municipalities and some of their budgets and
                 plans by t jug            t        y as m      in
                               ular vein. I literall h the in... its...
*                          p nd  yV         ng o               he
                 in its gri a the re beginni t wonder what in t world
                 it was that they created and where this thing is going to go.
                           d ge
                 And I woul ur , seriously, a consideration of a no vote in

      . rv. ,s
     :...ycr-                                      ï j.
                               G E N E 1 A L A S S (Njj jy
    ,- ys -e                           1
    vg - 1                                .    uulqo,
                                      sxaxs os I e s
     (jr.( :
      k ') .
       .'.                            c rer s4r vcs
                                           en    l
                                  Hous opFe cs e' T1
                               t ï' 's
                                t   :a
                               kk ujI?      .


       thfs case/'
                               d                ent ve m
Speaker Redmond: HHave a1l vote who wish? Repres ati Ji
       Houli    '
           èr.                             me
Houlihan: H f Speaker and Ladies and Centle n of the Housey I rise
        n            his                   nee /
       i support of t concurrence, Concurre /3 to House Bill
       3411. I believe t we ought to place this Bill in this shape
       and we ought to concur with the Senate Amendments and I don't
       underst      y me    hos
              and wh so of t e Ge      n                 ng
                                 ntleme up there are voti red
       or voti present. It se     o              s cme hidden
                             ems t me that tbere' s
                     s               e
       agenda; there' some lssues her that are not being dfscussed
                 h              o                            nd
       about whic will lead us t late conference committees a a
                                    ng                    wn
       lack of straightforward deali of this Bill on its o aerit.
       And I' urge some leadership maybe from our side of the aisle:
        a be u j i y a e g t a t o o me t n b           s
       m y o r Ma or t Le d r mi h w n t c m n o t ià is ue.
       He's not taken a position yet altbough I see that one of our
                       d ye.'
       leaders has vote a '
Speaker Red       î
           mond: 'Representative Geo-Karis/'
Geo-Karis: 'Mr. Spea         es
                    ker, Ladi and Gentle        he
                                        men of t House, because we
       have had such a bfg vote agalnse thfs Amendment s    d
                                                        houl lndicate
                          -     ng                      ht
       to a11 of us tbat somethi is radically wrong. I t nk the
             hi                      his          end
       best t ng to do is to reject t Amendment; s it back to
                                          PC ple ha had a t
       Conference Committee because the NI peo     ve      errible
        i                                   he    w
         dea of the complete ego that only t y kno everything and no
       one else knows anything. And I resent it as much as a taxpayer
       not only as a Legislator and I hope t                '
                                            his is defeated. '
Speaker Red       ' ve
           mond: 'Ha a11 voted whe wts    11
                                      h? A voted who wish?
        Represe     ve
               ntati Van Duyne.n
                                                   ve ard them
Van Duyne: NMr. Speaker and Members of the House, Iî he
                               n nd                   ve
        say tba the jugular vet a its monster that wef created
                    lack of int rit and responsibi y of this depart
        and a1l the '          eg y               lit              -
        me                ve                              hat
          nt. You know weA got a Department of Insuranee t we
          d          or                        nd ve ard '
        ha a budget f just the otber day here a we' he all tbe
        ...    he                               ro
              t same loud cries of disapproval f m that organization.
        And they had a much bigger budget but it was still approved.
        Represent ive Merlo stood over there and said if you want to

                                  , !       .$
                     G E N E R A t A : S E ?11 L Y
                               r ' : r LLI 7 G
                              s'A. E o l l. N(1
                             I ::f 7         1  V
                         H oLSE (,'1EPRESL5TATi Es
                                          Jt c        7

                wipe out this.o.t                         ve
                                 hat part wby go ahead. We' got a Depart-
                  n f ul       d h t a e 2, 0 0 0 0 0 f u o e ve y
                me t o P b ic Ai t a t k s $ 00 , 0 , 0 o o r m n y e r
                              all his year. And stf a a1l we funded that.
                year or especi y t                 ll nd
                            he me
                The D0T is t sa thing. We'     eac  me
                                          re... h ti that...that NIPC
                bas to be f    d   s                    y
                           unde it' got to be approved b this Body and if
                                                   y ver
                not this Body by the local or count go nment. Now we're
                 a k n bo 1 8, 0 o          4 00 0 0 nd a t e h
                t l i g a ut $ 4 0 0 n t a 1 8, 0, 0 a I c ng s e w y
                that everybody is so concerned over a small amount of money
                     ake               ty
                and t out a11 their pet gri                            m
                                           evances on these people. I a no
                friend of t rs                    he                t
                                  exactly but on t other hand I don' really
                                           e m
                see wby you should persecut the either/'
         Speaker Re       'Ha         ed
                   dmond: ' ve a1l vot who wis                    he
                                              h? Clerk will take t record.
                0n this q                        nd               ntle
                         uestion there's 80 aye a 70 no and the Ge man's
                     n                 /      nd    /
                motio fails. Amendment /4.'Ame ment /4, Representative
                  n      '
                Va Duyne.'
                    ' Speaker and Me
         Van Duyne: 'Mr.                                  m vi
                                    mbers of the House, I' gi ng, being
                given clues here that it has to go to a Conference Committee
                ny y n o o d u t ve o o o c r n'me me t 4.9
                a wa a d s I w ul j s mo t n t c n u i z nd n / '
         Speaker Red      ' Ge
                    mond: 'The ntle                         ur n
                                   man has moved to not conc i Amendment
                /         ent ve
                /4. Repres ati Shea/'
         Sbea: n           nt o me                    nd
                Would he wa t a nd that to include 3 a 4 so we have every-
                thing gone?'
                          ' ell, yeah, he amends it t i ude 3 and 4. Is
         Speaker Redmond: 'ç                         o ncl
                that right, Representative Van Duyney'
           n       'Beg ur     '
         Va Euyne: ' yo pardon7f
         Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Shea requested thato..    ed
                                                                want to know
                     u nted to include 3 and 4 i tbe motion to nonco
                if yo wa                        n                   ncur/'
         Van Duyne: n                    vi    y m
                     Well. Mr. Speaker, e dentl I' getting some false inform-           .

                   on                 m dvised that if the S
                ati here because now I' a                   enate would re-
                        m          on ben tbe Bill would sti be in order:
                cede fro a suggesti t                       ll
                 o y e a us ba g y i e t o e e nd x l i /
                s ma b I c n j t c n e m d r c i n h r a e p a n /4.
                   s         on n be                                he
                Itl a reducti i t line items here, practically a11 t way
                         hei       ng
                through t r operati budget, or at least this part of it,
                       s n he              31,             ou
                and it' i t amount of $ 260. So if y would all me      ow
                                                                       n       nt Y 1
                I will change my motion and just move for concurrence i Amendme 1 *î

 >l. .'
   yj- .
   j -,
, v, .
       -                           1            11
                           G E N E 1 A L A SSE 5 1 L Y                                      .
jk: ,:4
- ' ;y-
  ( j.;
   J '
'&-: .jj
   . r
  , ;                             s Ar o 1uN I
                                  v .c F t 1os
                                     '    .
   e .'
    = e
 . '# . w                      yotsEoFREF: s ''ATue
                                , ? ' ' : E ENF I s
                                         !                                                  '
    . .x
   4 .- .y:
                                       u g
                                     dv ,ûyy

    ker                 s    be     man'       hat
Spea Redmond: Houestion' on t Centle s motion t we concur,
        he             n          nd    /
       t House concur i Senate Ame ment f4 to House Bill 3411.
       Those fn fa       e
                  vor vot aye; opposed vote no. Have a11 voted who
       wis     ve       d
          h? Ha a11 vote who wish? Clerk will take the record.
                      n here' 118 aye and no na and the House does
       0n this questio t     s                 y
       co             e ndme /                             ent ve
         ncur in Senat Ame nt /4 to House Bill 3411. Repres ati
        '    he
Stone: 'For t purposes of an announceme                  he
                                       nt, Mr. Speaker, t Second
       Conference Co                     l                 '
                    mmittee on Senate Bil 1650 will meete-.'
Speaker Redmon    '
              d: 'Representa       '
         n            t    he
Stone: HI the hall eas of t hall of the House at 3 o'            '
                                                     clock sbarpo'
Speaker Redmond: HReprese     ve n
                         ntati Va Duyne, for what purpose do you
Van Duyne: HMr. Spe        d      o
                   aker, I' like t have some information from the
       Chair. Represe     ve                              hat
                     ntati Schlickman is telling me here t be-
                nd    /
       cause Ame ment /3 was not c                         my
                                  oncurred in that now mye.. direction
            d                      he use to not concur i à
       shoul be to make a move by t Ho                   n mendment
        1 hen               k
        l3 t it would go bac to Co                ee?'
                                  nference Committ l
Spe              '
   aker Redmond: '     s
                  Tbat' correct. Gentleman has moved that the House
       nonconcur in Se      mend  I o                       e n
                      nate A ment I3 t House Bill 3411. Thos i
        favor say aye; aye; opposed, no. Moti carries. Represen-
         ati                  f
        t ve Skinner. Skinner.'
         ' Speaker, could you tel us when the next s
Skinner: 'Mr.                    l                  upplementary
        calendar will cross our desks?n
Spe              '
   aker Redmond: '                        his nutev'
                  Just hit my desk right t mi      '
Ski       '
   nner: 'lnd could you tell us where the Conference Committee Reports
               nt           er
        that we to the print approxi        wo       o   '
                                    mately t hours ag is?'
speaker Redmond: nl haven't any ldea. Represent         ag'
                                               ative She '
       '    pea                ntle n
Shea: 'Mr. S ker, Ladies and Ce me of the House, I move to suspend
                  on                          re onference committees
        that porti of Rule 68 that would requi c
        to be on the cale      nd               ks
                         ndar a to be on our des for a perfod of three
                    ve                  h he
        hours. Now I' discussed this wit t Republican Leadership
                                         d         he
        and offered to them that if we di suspend t Rules that they
            d                   d hem for at least a half an hour
        woul be on.-we would hol t
             e     re                h
        befor theyf called. And I wis that the Members would read

                   G EN E R A L A SS EM B LY
                               ' ) L bo S
                           GTA3E CF 1 L1l 1
                        >     rR      :      V:
                       H<usC oI 1 EPReSE- rATf QS
                                         : g
                                       Jp t9yy

                             ns                        ays y
               a1l the portio of that rule because it s ver succinctly
               t                         re          ee
                hat if a bill is in confe nce committ and not acted on
                    ne  h he     bal
               by Ju 30t t bill s l be tabled. So I would now nove,
               Mr. Speaker, t suspend t                he ule that req
                                       bat portion of t r             uire
               a conference co         o             ks nd
                              mmittee t be on our des a on the calendar
                                         he mmitment t
               for three hours and make t co                          d
                                                      hat no bill woul be
                                      n n           r             ed
               called until it had bee o the calenda and distribut at
               least a half hour/l
         pea            î     ent ve     '
        S ker Redmond: 'Repres ati Walsho'
          l h: '
               M pe k r n ad e n e t e n f h o e, bj c
        Wa s ' r. S a e a d L i s a d G n l me o t e H us I o e t
                n bj c e y t e u u l o h e l m n' ot o e a s
               a d o e t v r s r n o s y t t e G nt e a s m i n b c u e
                     s                        he
               there' simply no point to it. T rule is there for precisely
                           ew        he essio and I suggest parenthetically
               these last f days of t S      n
                          ntle      he nsor of a joi r which incor-
               that tbe Ge man was t Spo            nt ule
                        his          nt
               porated t and that joi rule because of his sponsorship:
                m                         nd
               I' sure, passed the House a was not adopted by the Senate.
               We have offered the Ge    ma          n ndi
                                     ntle n that on a i vidual basis cer-
                                     o                8
               tainly we will agree t suspend Rule 68- for the consideration
               of a particular conference report. But to give this blanket
                ut r t s u n r a t d n nj t f e n               o d re
               a ho i y i j st u wa r n e a d u us i i d a d I w ul u g
               that e                '
                     veryone vote no.l                      '
                   mo    ' presentative Madig
        Speaker Red nd: 'Re                               ati            '
                                             an. Represent ve Matijevicbo'
        Mati         '         uld                         he mbers on t
            jevich: 'We11, I wo appreciate tbe support of t Me          his
               motion. The r ï made f the protecti I agree with the
                            ules     or           on
               Assfstant Mi                          be
                           nority Leader on that in t closing days. But not
               really in the closing minutes and the closing hour because we
                     o ve       me                k
               have t ha some ti to finish our wor and the strict inter-
               pret on of thi: rule could mean t                 n
                                                hat we could be i a deadlock   .
                   he                        hi   ny       nt hat. I
               in t final hours and I don't t nk a of us wa t
                hi           me             l,
               t nk tbe agree nt that no bil no conference committee reports
               will be called without at least a half hour aft being on tbe
                                               m      he
               calendar is a good agreement. I' sure t Assistant Minority
               Leader trusts the rest of his leadership and the rest of tbe
                      hi n                he       d
               Members p o b0th sides of t aisle an I think thatls a1l we
                            t      o
               need. We don' want t öbstruct tbe fi              he
                                                   nal hours of t General

 > .l ,
    . m
 s - u.
  o.                             .              ,
                           c u x r u A L A ssE 5 B L Y
:p... r6
ï7. $
.   .
   .s p !
  8u /.x j
    * $ '. .
         r                     '
                                  S ATEOF1. IC1'
                              eooss o e s
                                          LL N)S
                                        eueRcscwmxv,ves    -
                                      * 2r17

       Assembly at a11 and thts Bill could do it. It was a st ct
       fnterpret                 t
                ation so I reques an aye vote/'
Speaker Redmond: H                       '
                  Representative Telcser.'
Telcser: HMr. S ker,Members of the House.m/'
Speaker Red      '
           mond: '           ntle n
                  Wil1 the Ge me please be in their se      can'
                                                      ats... t
       see Representative Te      f
         ' 1                     n his House quest
Telcser: '... doubt that anyone i t               ions the...H
Speaker Red             ent ve mms, please be in your seato'
           mond: nRepres ati Si                            '
Telcser: '1 doubt t        ne n
                   bat anyo i this Chamber questions the stncerity
           e r s nt i     t j vf h. u   hn      ul l e m e s
       of R p e e at ve Ma i e c B t I t i k he f l we l r me b r
               s nd
       that thi ki of rule and others were adopted with the feeling
       of ref m. The Members of this Asse       ve
                                         mbly ha felt for a long time
        t                    be  ders p kes deals and we a
         hat too many times t Lea hf ma                   doptedzrules
         ke his to protect the Me
       li t                                                  he
                                 mbers. And 1et me tell you t deals
       are made in the closi mone        he
                                 nts of t Session and that is the
          me             hat nd
        ti when we need t ki of rule to protect a11 of us. And
        so...                     ve         he her side of the f
             and 1et me tell you I' been on t ot                 ence,
       on the otber si of counter, and Ie.m      rom  wn
                                           just f my o experience
                 he ime of the Session when everyone has to watch very
        this is t t
        closel at e                                           pea
                   very conference committee report. So> Mr. S ker,
        Members of the House, I hope that you oppose the Gentleman's
        moti because it will only protect your rigbts as a Legislator
         o                  houl                re fng to go home
        t vote the way you s d vote because youl go
                             ni          re      o ve
        tonighty tomorrow mor ng and you' going t ha constituents
          k               ed
        as you why you vot for one thing or another and you won't
                 o ell t m why. So vote against t Gentle
        be able t t     he                       he         s
                                                        man' motion.n
Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Hi11Jî
      ' Spea
Hi1l: 'Mr.  ker, and. Me                                 he resh
                        mbers of the House: this is for t f man
        Legislators that are here. This Ge    ma
                                          ntle n served under Speaker
            r nd                y
        Blai a he is an authorit on this s       '
Speaker Red       '        ati
           mond: 'Represent ve Houlihan/'
          ' Speake and Ladies and Gentlemen of t House, I can
Houlihan: 'Mr.    r                             he
        point out to you that t     s
                               here' really not any pr    m
                                                      oble when you
                                                   ud           er
        go back to your home district because if yo re on good t ms
                      he mbers f
        wlth some of t Me            he her side of t aisle and
                                rom t ot             he

                       4                   J
                   G E 1 r R A L A S S E :1I L Y
                             r       L .N S
                           s'ATE OF 1 k1 D 1
                          JG 7 l: 4 j4' ' M :F
                       Ho t Q oF Fee1EGFtqA. 1 ks
                                                  I. 8%
                                                 JJ 2017

l                                                                      3
                                                                       10 .

                    u        o   k ut                       no
                  yo happen t wal o of the Session and not k w what
                    u     t   e     u
                  yo didn' vot on yo can al        l
                                           ways cal up a representative
                  as Represent ive Telcser did and ask me why be didn't vote
                  on a measure and I explained to him t                 le
                                                       hat it was a litt bit
                  of the Republi          ng         le
                                can stalli and a litt bit of their pouting
                  and that they had walked out and t                        d n
                                                    hat's why he hadn't vote o my
                  good Bill.                 t
                               I said I didn' hold it agai      m;
                                                          nst hi said that I
                              d hat against him when he got back in the district
                  wouldnlt hol t
                  so I s est that if you keep a spirit of bipartisan support of
                  this Ame    nt       ll
                          ndme then we' al1 be able to run much more smoothly
                  and get t work of the House done/'
           Spea Redmond: MRepresentative Gaines/'
           Gaines: H a fresh          ai
                            man I cert nly would like to have a chance to at
                           k        s                           ng  vy
                  least loo at what' put on my desk. And not bei pri to
                                            nt                ar ng
                  some of the things that we on before I am le ni and I think
                  t                          w
                   hat those of us wbo are ne need to have a little longer time
                              hes                          use
                  to look at t e pieces of legislation beca we got a pink
                  slip and you know that may be a dismissal slip and we want to
                  make sure t       s mething else. So I urge that we oppose
                             hat it' so
                                                   o otect us newcomers if no
                  this and keep these rules so as t pr
                  one else. Thank you/'
           Speaker Redmond: 'Representative Geo-Karis/'
                r     ' Speaker and Ladies and Ge
           Geo-laris: 'Mr.                                   he
                                                 ntlemen of t House: I think
                         re mber what a mess we had with the Agree Bills list
                  we a11 ' me                                     d
                  last year and t               s
                                 his is what it' going to be this year if we
                  accept this mot                         o   w       m
                                 ion. 1, too, would like t kno what I1 voting
                      n         re                     m         ng
                  on o the confe nce reports because I' still goi to bave to
                  answer to our c                      ainl           o
                                 onstituents and I cert y Would like t speak
                  against this motion. If we spent t           me  ew
                                                    his mueh ti a f more
                  hours won't hurt us.'
           Speaker Redmond: HRepresentative Skinner/'
                                             ai y               o
           Skinner: HYes, Mr. Speaker, I cert nl see no reason t try to dlsrupt
                   this Ge                         d
                          neral Assembly but I woul like to ask those people who
                  were surprised when Re          ve
                                        presentati Sbea and his colleagues from
                  Chfcago voted for a concurrence of the Transportation Bill last

    .* à
           ''                          t
                               G E N E I A L A SS EM B LY
     ' t 7>f
      )- 1 -
       2( . ,
    ?-. --t(
       2   ),
    :'X.:. ..               o , I uo'
                                       .     - uud s
      kz -- .
    '.. r.e* '
       f y':
                                   o s e cns.v..e
                                  s ueo aessa'rw:s
                                               Jp - my
      year-last night: it seems li last year-which I consider
      a superb piece of psychol                       we
                               ogical warfare. That.oo must
          h      c
      watc every 'onference committee going that eomes in. We
         ve                   ve
       ha won a victory. We ha cut the appropriation for the
       RTA next year by about the sa amount that applies to an
       i      e n
        ncreas i CTA fare w411...                        t
                                 wi11 raise and I wouldn' want
       to lose that victory for two-and-a-half hours; assuming that the
       half                                 d
              hour holding period which woul not be a part of the
       rules would be adhered to/'
S                                          ke    '
 peaker Redmond: HAnyone else? Representati Duffg'
       ' l1,
Duff: 'We Mr. Spea                nd
                  ker and Ladies a Gentle        he use, last
                                         men of t Ho
       night the S ker demonostrated, I thinky that he has fndeed
        be      y
       t capacit to be a speaker of all the Members of this House
       uhen cert n Menbers on the other sfde of the alsle chose to
       use the time of this Chamber for long and hostile co     s o
                                                           mment t
                me                             me
       the detri nt of the whole Body. Those sa people now having
       used up a11 that time in the waning hours are asking t deprive
       the Membership and the Mi     y                w
                                norit of one of the fe protections
       it has. I would hope t     he
                             hat t Speaker would not feel the
       responsibility for havi lost that time and that the Speaker
       would continue to function as the leader of a11 this House and
       discourage this last minute attempt to arbitrarily deprive us
            he           be               ort            ull
       and t public and t media of tbe opp unity of caref y
       deliberating the last re             ume
                               mnants of arg ntative politics that's
       left here.'
Speaker Red       ' presentative Ma
           mond: fRe                     '
Madi     Nr. Speaker, I wonder if the acting chai n of the Rul
    gan: '                                       rma          es
              ee                              o he        o
       Committ would be available to explain t t Body as t how
       this provision got int the r           pea
                                   ules? Mr. S ker, I..-tbis is
       rather a c                           es n
                 urious provision in the rul i light of the logjams
       that we e                          he             d
                ncounter at this time of t Session and I1 be very
       int                ng         ed
          erested in knowi who propos this? The discussion that
       occurred. Comments on either side of the issue. Would he
        be available for that p       '
Spe               '        ati      '
   aker Redmond: 'Represent ve Duff.'

                     G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B L Y
                               T J ' kLT G
                            STA. F oF i..No I.
                           l    'R R I         V
                        Hoks?o & !EPIrsLpTAT1 ES
h   r
                                                       ) 9:

                                                   ed mber of the Le
              Duff: HWe11, Mr. Speaker, the respect Me              adership
                           he her side is wasting o ti
                     from t ot                               s
                                                   ur me. He' a Member of the
                     Rules Committee and îf he wasn't there during the deliberations
                          s                  nt
                     that' hfs fault. His pot is entirely out of order/'
              Speaker Re nd: '
                        dmo  l ready for t questio
                              You         he      n? Represent ve Madigan.î
                                                              ati          '

                         d ke                     r
              Madigan: nI' li to thank Mr. Duff fo referring to me as respected.
                     Thank you, Fran '
                        dmo   '        ati
              Speaker Re nd: IRepresent ve S    l
              Shea: H                             n
                     We11> again, I renew my motio and I find it rather ironical tbat
                       be                   no  ks            .'
                      t chief dealer from Re tal about deals.. '
              Speaker Red       '
                         mond: 'Represe     vef
                                       ntati silk' for what purpose do you rise?
                       Nr. Speaker: alt ug the Gentleman did t use my name, I
              Telcser: '               ho h                 nf
                        w         ant                                      nd
                     kno who he me but I wanted to know if he wants a comma per-
                                 ve   he vel for three more days and wel settle
                      formance gi me t ga                               ll
                      everythi '
              Speaker Redmond: 'Over Collins' dead body/'
              Shea: HI woul ask for a favorable Roll Call.H
                        dmo   '                  he
              Speaker Re nd: 'The questionls on t Gentle    s    on
                                                        manl moti that the
                                                                   hre  ur'
                      appropriate provisions of Rule 68 requiring t e ho s notice
                      on the calendar, 107: fo a co           aitt report can be
                                                   nference con   ee
                                  he     on   n hat motion. A11 i favor of t
                      considered t questi is o t                 n          he
                      motion vot aye and opposed vote no. 107 votes. Have a11 voted
                      who wish? Represe     ve               ve
                                       ntati Maragos. Aye. Ha a11 voted who
                                   nt ve        '
                      wish. Represe ati Madisono'
                d s n: è pe ke
                        r.        a e a l a e t r nq i y f ' n rd r/'
              Ma t o Hf S a ry I h v a p r i m n a y i u r i it s i o e
              Speaker Redmond: HProceed.'
              Madison: N                     bis
                        Zr. Speaker, tbis- .t vote- .this measure requires a 107
                                               nt ule, is tbat not correct?'
                      votes because it is a Joi r                          '
              Speaker Red                  o uspe
                         mond: HTakes 107 t s nd; 68...          1
                                                       Rule 68...1
              Madis     '
                   on: 'This is not a joint r    '
              Speake Red       '     -D
                        mond: 'No. 68 is the House Rules.n .
              Madiso    '
                    n: fThank you/î
               speaker Redmond: HHave a11 voted who wish? All voted who wish? Clerk

      4V' '.<
       J.c '
        t                                 1
                                  G E N E 1 A L A SSE M B L Y
      J2 f
       .- '/.l                            . s u' s
                                           w.       q
                                         sr r oe $u1 oi
    7çl e.//;
     .     .;
        . ''*
        ) .$
        ( .'                          yous: FR?P4 S NTATI e
                                       4 Eo     :E E . V ; 5
       ; us
' &
                                                        & :Q17


                           l                      dy           ai
                        wil take the record. Anybo want to expl n their vote?
                        0n t        '     her
                            his question t e's 89 aye and 59 no and the Gentleman's
                        motio lost. Represe     ve
                                           ntatf Washburn, for what purpose do
                        you rise?'
X                 a h u n: ' o l n' n e t n u r i g n e ut o f h
                 W s b r ' e c u d t u d rs a d yo r wo d n o ât o c me o t is
                                                  nd            ai                   d
                        vote. We couldn't understa whether you s d failed or prevatle s
                 Speaker Red       î       he    n                                ng
                            mond: îI said t motio failed. Senate Bills Third Readi .
                        Se                   adi              e
                          nate Bills Third Re ng appears Senat Bill 1679. Repre-
                        sentative Berman/'
                 Clerk Selcke: HSenate Bill 1679. A Bill for an act to amend the
                                         d     ng
                        School Code. Thir Readi of the Bi11.M
                 Speaker Red           ese   ve      '
                            mond: HRepr ntati Berman.'
                 Berman: HThank you, Mr. S ker, Senate Bill 1679 increases the maximum
                        amount that can be a        n       ars
                                            warded i a schol hip a           he
                                                                  ward from t Illinois
                         t t c o a hi o mi s o y 50 ro h x mu m
                        S a e S h l rs p C m s i n b $ f m t e ma i m li it of
                         1 0 o 15 f e t ve i h he or hc mi g c o l e r hi h
                        $ 5 0 t $ 50 e f c i w t t f t o n s h o y a w c
                        starts in August. So 30:      ude
                                                000 st nts enrolled in nonpublfc..mon-
                        public colleges and universities wo                 or
                                                           uld be eligible f this
                        school award le             o
                                       vel. A fund t support the increase of a million
                        and a quarter dollars, one and a quarter million dollars was
                        added into tbe F7-77 Appropr     ns         be
                                                    iatio Bill for t Scholarship
                        Commissio                       o
                                 n. This is a response t the recognition of the increase
                            be uition costs in almost e
                        of t t                         veryone nonpublic schools in
                        the state of Illinois. I solicit your aye vote.n
                  p a e e m nd: ' n d s us o Qu s i n i s a t i B l p s
                 SekrRdo         A
                                ' y i c si n? e t o s, h ll h s f l a s?
                            e n         e
                        Thos i favor vot aye; opposed vote no. Have a1l voted Who
                           h?                                         ve
                        wis Have al1 voted who wish? Kempiners: no. Ha a1l voted
                                          ll ke he
                        who wish? Clerk wi ta t record. On this question is a
                                               he                  d         it onal
                         116 aye and 5 no and t Bill having receive the const uti
                          j r t s e e y c a e a s d. 68 . p e e t i          l h.
                        ma o i y i h r b de l r d p s e 1 0 Re r s n at ve Wa s o
                        ' Speaker, on a poi of order, during t debate on the
                 Walsh: 'Mr.               nt                 he
                         s                                   ty               y
                          uspension of Rule- 68-B. The Majori Leader graciousl said
                                     d ve
                         that he woul gi us a half hour if we s          he ule.
                                                               uspended t r

          s lrxs
          V wMi
           ' ?l
         %%qX'/ ,
          x   .                                           11
                                     G E N E R A L A SSE 5 1 L Y
         îy . 1
         'î .; )
         . 1
                                               so juo j
                                           ISoX? FC E j. . s
                                            E X'
                                        HoLST'FEP4 S sxaa wu
          .. .
         *tt .. .
           .                                   F         j
    '?                                                                                 -'-   -'
                                             ' N ) gs
                                             JP :21?


                  us a      a e d r r p ed n u e k ha a e e a
              We j t h d a c l n a d o p o o r d s t t h s s v r l
              ft         and  s                      /
                ems on it' it' Supplemental Calendar /2. The time is
                    ve nutes to t
              now fi mi          hree; this calendar is date-stamped
               3     o f h j r y a e a s ay h s: h e
              1: 0. N w i t e Ma o it Le d r h d hi w t i t e it ms
               n b s al nd r u d a    e a l d us bo t n o r
              o t i c e a wo l h ve be n c l e j t a u a h u
              before we received the cale                '
                                         ndar. Thank youo'
      Clerk Selc    f nate Bill 1
                ke: 'se                           n
                                 680. A Bill for a act to amend the
                                     rd                   '
              Motor Fuel Tax Law. Thi Reading of the Bi11.'
      Speaker Red       '
                 mond: 'Representatf Washingt
                                    ve       on. Re                hi           î
                                                   presentative Was ngton, 168 .1
      Wasbington: HMr. Speaker, Members of the House, Senate Bill 1680 amends
                                   w                            me
              the Motor Fuel Tax La by changing the period of ti a user has
              to appl for a ref            ax
                               und of the t on f      ed or nhigh
                                                uel us f no      way use.
              Prese           er                m
                   ntly the us has two years fro the date of use to apply
       .      for the refund. This Bill cha              od  m
                                           nges tbat peri fro two years
              fro the date the tax is pai     w,     he
                                         d. No no.o.t Bill bas no known
              physical impact and it's ne                 nd
                                         gligible if any a in the case of
                        n               he                     or
              a change i the amount of t distributor has kept f collecting
              the tax most distribut               he
                                    ors collected t maximum 2Z anyway.
              Recently, ho        he
                          wever, t Department req               ri
                                                 uired that dist butors
               u t y h i a e. o d q a e y us i y h i us h u h
              j s if t e r c us T a e u t l j t f t e r ca e t o g
              woul cost the distributors more than 2Z they would keep. In
              s                              de hat for processing the col-
               hort, what it does is to provi t
                          he               nd
              lection of t Motor Fuel Tax a instead of being able to
              ded                                   or uld
                 uct up to 2Z for cost the distribut wo be permitted../'
      Speaker Red       Ho            n      '
                 mond: H use will be i order.'
         hf                           d          ed
      Was ngton: MTbe distributor woul be permitt to deduct a flat
              2: because most people ded                '
                                        uet that anyway.'
      Spea                   ' hat in the Senate buu not in t H
          ker Redmond: uThey do t                                    '
                                                             he ouse-'
      Washingt     '             n         e            he use.
              on: 'They do that i the Senat but not in t Ho
              But this applies pri        o he arming indust
                                  marily t t f                        gne
                                                            ry. Mr. Ri y
              raised some questio about it. I anticipate he will raise
              some more. He is of the opinion that this Bill should go farther
              and we are not at loggerheads about that but 1 gather that he
                     s his Bill in a se
              support t                nse it does minimize the bookkeeping

 -: : '.
  -G -
 LN 7AVE''
. ) ' c
. . :- ;
                          )- -
                         : :ç : l h - $ l ; : ' 1 - 1
                         ( i ? l E ?ki 2 E S i C 1 i -
                                                 -T   '
jj' ) k
j).. ' l                          T . ' Q .N S
                                 S XTC OP d t' O 1
Nh r t7
  * u
. $ #'.. .'
   - .                           c ' eIE EI I S
                             uous ogFE R N; TIY VE                                  1
                                              $ 06
                                            Jk 2017

       on t part of the dist                   ve
                            ributor and does gi the distributor
       the benefit of a doubt by giving hi a flat 2Z for processing
       for tax collection. I ask your support. This Bill passed
        he                      o
       t Senate by a vote of 4 t 3 a    l
Speake Red       '        ati
          mond: 'Represent ve Rig    '
Rl       '      he             f
  gney: 'Would t Sponsor yield?'
S ker Red      'He
         mond: ' will/l
Rigaey: 'Do you feel t       s            n he              : or
                      hat it' very clear i t Bill that the 2 f
             ng hfs tax money co
       handli t                           he
                                mes from t State of Illinois rather
        ha he              ng he or    '
       t n t individual usi t mot fuel?l
Washingt     fm
        on: 'lî satisfied that it does, Mr. Rigney. As you know,
                  d his wit Senator Carroll and you a myself:
       we discusse t       h                         nd
       we discussed t      nd
                     hisy a your questton was legitimate but I
       think as t Bill is written it makes it pretty clear in that
            on hat t
       secti t      here obviously is no increase but it simply is
       atte                y he ang                           '
           mpting to clarif t l uage for bookkeeping purposes.l
Rigney: M                                ke
         We11, Mr. Speaker, if I might ma one co          he 11.
                                                mment on t Bi ..H
Speaker Redmond: Hpr    d.'
                    ocee '
         '          ss ncey I really ha no objecti to the Bfll.
Rigney: 'Ufth that a ura               ve         on
                    t hi
       I really don' t nk the Bill does a whole lot. I think we need
           w oncept in returnfng t motor f money to farmers a
       a ne c                     hls     uel                nd
        t                       he                              d
         hose using it for off t road purposes, I think it shoul be
                                 n heir inco t but as the Bill stands
        in the form of a credit o t         me ax
         ih o        o t e l y ve ny e i u b e i n o t.
        r g t n w I d n' r a l ha a s r o s o j ct o t i I
        t nk it's basically kind of a not       nd
                                         hing ki of a Bil1Jd
                                      his ll
Speaker Redmond: HQuestion is, shall t Bi pass? Those in favor
        vote aye; opposed vote no. Have a11 voted who wish? ...A11
                              er ll ke
        voted who wish? The Cl k wi ta the record.        This question
        132 aye and 3 no. T Bill having recei     he nstitutional
                                             ved t co
               y s re                         9
        majorit i he by declared passed. 1726.1
         Brie '
 Clerk O' n: fSenate Bill 1726. A Bill for an act to amend sections
            n                 o at ina
        of a act in relation t st e f nce. Third Reading of the Bfl1J'
 Spea                pres   ve mmet. Representat Ric
     ker Redmond: HRe entati Bru                ive hmond/'
           '             ch    s                                ed o
 Brummet: 'This ts Mr. Rf mondî Bill. He came back here and want t
        whip me over t     nd  s          s st            f
                      his a it' the Clerk' mt ake I guesso'

                                        :A )
                   G E N E R A L A S S i' 11 L Y
                                        N 3l
                            5TATC oF 1LL1 (.5
                           l      , J r V:
                       HQ tSE oF FEPRIsEN'AT4 Es
                                   N ) 82
                                 JL 2(h7

Richmond: uNo      all                      ng   d
                 re y went back...l was hopi you' take my next
       one inst of this one. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and
             me     he
       Gentle n of t House.      Senate Bill 1726 amends the Finance
            o                   he neral Asse
       Act t provide that when t Ge          mbly makes appropriatlons
       payable i specified procedures f     wo              be mp-
                                       rom t or more funds t Co
       tr                     he                      ro
         oller may establish t appropriation account f m one fund
                            erl he
       and transfer it quart y t respective amounts payable from
       other funds specif        he propriation Act. A si
                         ied in t Ap                     milar pro-
       vision has been approved by the General Assembly for the last
       two years. It simplifies the account     nd ministrative
                                           ing a ad
                    ces y
       procedures ne sar to expend the appropriations approved by
       the General Assembly. The Comptr      s
                                       ollerf Office supports this
       measure. Thfs proposal dfffers slig                   ove n
                                          htly from that appr d i
                    n      he         r
       prior years i tbat t Comptrolle will transfers amounts due
        ro her funds quart y. T provision in eff
       f m ot             erl  he                    n
                                                ect i the prior
       t years ealls semf-annual tra                 ng
                                    nsfers. By changi the trans-
       fers from semi-annual to quarterly cash flow f     he
                                                     rom t various
       funds will coincide more closely with actual expenditures. Cur-
       rently the only t bills affected by this provision are tbe
       Depart          w                    ai
             ment of La Enforcement for cert n appropriations are
       desi                     om
           gnated payable 53Z fr General Revenue Fund and 47Z from
       Road F                         n vised. And tbe appropriation
             und. I think that bas bee re
        or                    or
       f the Judicial Branch f appropriations are specified payable
       75Z General Reve Fund and 25Z Road Fund. This measure is
                                   n             he neral Assembly
       noncontroversial and has bee approved by t Ge
       each of the last t years and is supported by the Comptroller's
       office.     si                        nt          or
                     mply provides an efficie mechanism f maintaining
             at s
       the st e' apprppriation accounts. I therefore urge an aye
       vote on this Bi11.$
Speaker Redmond: HAny questio     he
                             ns? T question isy shall this Bill
       pass? Those in favor vote a                       ve
                                  ye; opposed vote no. Ha a11
                     h? ve
        voted who wis Ha a11 voted who wish? Clerk will take the
                                    s                        he
        record. This question there' 146 aye and no nay and t Bill
                    ve he                      y
        havtng recei d t constitutional majorit is hereby declared
                                  ve hu man.l
        passed. 1749. Representati Sc ne    '

                   G E N E R A L A S S E 56B L Y
                                   LLI S
                          SYATC QF I HG I
                         l             r M
                      uot%Eo F R?PRESEN'AT1 ES
                                     U. 0 6
                                    J 20 17


           Brien: I nate Bill 1749. A Bill f an act to establish
    Clerk O'      lse                       or
           Worker's Co        on hrket Plan. Third Reading of the
                      mpensatt è
    S ker Red                ati
             mond: HRepresent ve Sc        '
      bu      lTha
    Sc neman: ' nk you, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen of the
           Houses Senate Bill 1749 is the Bill that we amended earlier to-
             y           n he
           da to put it i t same posture as House Bill 3604 wbich the
                                                                4 o
           House passed out of here on June 25th on a vote of 13 t nothing.
            o   re
           S we' simply amending the Senate Billy passing it out i: the
             me            wn
           sa form as our o House Bill went out of here a week or so ago.
                     d           on
           And I woul move adopti of a motion that t                 '
                                                    his Bill do pass.'
        ker          y
    Spea Redmond: HAn questions? Question isy shall this Bi11 pass?
           Those in f                                  ve      ed
                     avor vote aye; opposed vote no. Ha al1 vot who
                   ve      ed
           wish? Ha all vot who wish? Clerk will take the record.
           0n this question t     s         nd
                             here' 145 aye a no nay. The Bill having
                     he                 orit
           received t constitutional maj y is hereby declared passed.
           Brie  '                                    o mend the Down-
    Clerk O' n: 'Senate Bill 1756. A Bill for an act t a
           Stat Public Transport               d
                                ation Act. Thir Reading of the Bi11J'
                               ati                        we'
    Speaker Redmond: HRepresent ve Flinn. Messages from..m ll take
           this one o temporarily. Messages f                          '
                                             rom the Senate, Mr. Clerko'
    Clerk O'Brie               ro
                n: HA message f m the Senate by Mr. Wright, Secretary.
                           m          o nfor the Hous of Represent ves
           Mr. Speaker, I a directed t i    m        e            ati
            that the Se                  o                          or
                       nate has acceded t the request of the House f a
            seco conference co     ee
                              mmitt on Senate Bfll 1524. Actfon taken
           by the Senate June 30, 1976. Kenneth Wright, Secretary. Message
            from the Senate by Mr. Wrighty Secretary. Mr. Speaker, I am
                           or he
            directed to inf m t House of Representatives t     he
                                                          hat t Senate
                         o he           he use of Represe
            has acceded t t request of t Ho              ntatives for
            a second conference committee to consider the difference between
             be wo   s
            t t House regarding House Amendments 1, 2, 3. 5, 7, 8, 9,
            10, 14, l5> 17, 2l, 25, 29, 30, 31s 32> 35, 36> 37, 38 of Senate
                               ake                ne
            Bill 1936. Action t n by the Senate Ju 30th 1976. Kenneth
                                               he nate by Mr. Wright,
            Wright, Secretary. A message from t Se
            Secret                     m rect to inform the Ho
                  ary. Mr. Speaker, I a dt   ed               use of

  %? a
    ,                  G E N E R A L A S S E 5ii L 5.
 jî,- .(
1'.' > t
 'z '. ,
    .'                        s' 'EoeI.dol
                               r r 'k N s
                                -     u
                                        4Q8J. l i
                                            ( s/

          Representati             e
                      ves the Senat has acceded to the request of the
          House for a Mecond conference committee to consider the difference
          bet      he wo                        ndme
             ween t t Houses regardlng House Aae nts l and 3 to
           Senate :111 1956. Aceion t         he enate June 30, 1976.
                                     aken by t S
           Kenneth Wright: Secret y.      Mess                  e y
                                              age from the Senat b Mr.
                                   pe        m          o nf
           Wrfght, Secretary. Mr. S akery I a directed t f ora the
           House of Representatfves the Senate has adopted the followfng
           First Conf nce Committee Report to House Bi11 3392. Actfon
           ado                         0,
              pted by the Senate June 3 1976. Kenneth Wri               f
                                                         ght, Secretary.î
    Speaker Red      1 17
               mond: '... 56, Represe     ve
                                     ntati Monroe Flinn: is he on the
           floor? 1802, Representative Schuneman/î
    Clerk O' en: Hse                                   o
                    nate Bill 1802. à Bill for an act t amend the State
           Finance Act and State Emplo    s
                                      yeeî Group Insurance Act. Third

           Reading of t Bi11J'
              dmo   '                    ma l
    Speaker Re nd: 'Representative Schune n.'
    Schuneman: HThank you, Mr. Spea                 he
                                   kery Members of t House. Senate Bill
                  s he                                       he
            1802 i t last in a series of bills sponsored by t State
            Employee' Group Insuranee Commission. This Bill stmply provides

-                   y or he                he osr           ur
            authorit f t state to collect t c . of group ins ance for
                   mp yees who are pai f
            those e lo                d rom trust funds, federal trust funds,
            university t                                              he ost
                        rust funds and so forth, that we can collect t c
            of thefr group f            t
                            nsurance fro those same trust funds ratber than
            having to charge the group fnsurance to regular state expenses.
            Be happ to answer any questf     ut
                                        ons b in lfeu of that I would move
            for the adopt of the motfon that the Bill do pass/'
     Clerk O'        '
             Brien: 'Represe                    be     '
                            ntative Brummet in t Chafr.'
     Speaker Brummet: MYes: Sir, t                     or be
                                  hank you. You ready f t questfon?
                 er                             l nate Bill 1802 pass?
             Bett have tt. The question is, shal Se
               1 n vor                                       d
             Al i fa vote aye; a11 opposed nay. Have a1l vote who
             wish? Have all vote who wis          ed
                                        h? A11 vot voted who wish?
                 s ake t record. On this questi t
             tet' t     he                     on here are l42 ayes;
             no na                     rese
                  ys; and none voting p nt. Duff, aye. Senate Bi11 1802
              a i g e i d he o t t t o a a o t s o e l e
             h v n r ce ve t c ns i u i n l m j ri y i n w d c ar d
             passed. Okay, 1756. Senate Bill 1756.'
      Clerk o'             e
              Brien: OSenat Bill 1756. A Bill for an act to amend the

                                1             11
                        G E N E 1 A L A SS E h 1 LY
                                  ' T 7 ttl 7
                                sqA. E oF 4..NtIS
                             : ;        :         V
                            @otSE QF RePRLSENTAYl ES
                                           U8       7
             ate                ion                     he
       Downst Public Transportat Act. Third Reading of t Bt11J'
Spe               '
   aker Brummet: 'Representative Flinn. St. Clair County/'
Fli     '         Mr. Speaker. Mr. S
   nn: fThank youy'                 peaker and Ladies and Ge    ma
                                                            ntle n
       this Bill is the one that furnis     he
                                       hes t financing to the...for
       the Illinois share of the Bi-state Developing Agency which is
       the trans                     he
                portation system in t St. Louis area.            it
                                                          This... is

        o y ur i h n / 2 d         he a e a o le e n h
       d ne b f n s i g 2 3 n s of t s l s t x c l ct d i t e
              at                   d k
       area th is served and I woul as for your favora            '
                                                      ble support.'
Speaker Brummet: 'Any discussion? If not the question is shall Senate
                            n avor vote aye; al1 oppose vote no.
       Bill 1756 pass. A11 i f                         d
       Have a11 voted who wis     ve
                             h? Ha a11 voted who wish? Have a11
           d                he
       vote who wish? Take t record. Okay. On this question there
       are 125 ayes; 5 nays; a 10 voting present. And Senate Bill
       1756 ha            d he onstitutional maj y, I declared passe
              ving receive t c                  orit                d.
                       chlf                                 '
       Representative S ckman, for what purpose do you rise7'
      kma             mpl            e.
Schlic n: HI should si y like to aris Mr. Speaker, and observe
       t                  nti                    k            he
        hat you are very i midating since you too the podium t re
       has been no disc       '
Spea             '
    ker Brummet: 'We11 thank you very muc     xt
                                         h. Ne Bi11. Senate
       Bill 1853.'
Clerk O'        l nate Bill 1853. A Bill for an act t ame sections
        Brien: 'se                                   o   nd
           he    '            x                       he
       of t Illinois Income Ta Act. Third Reading of t Bill.H
Speaker Brummet: 'The Cent         m
                          leman fro Cook, Mr. Maragos. Is the Gentle-
                             ese   ve       '
       man on the floor? Repr ntati Maragos.'
         ' Speaker, Members of the House, Hous Bill.1853 deals wit
Maragos: 'Mr.                                 e                   h
         he             vi
        t question of gi ng the in          he
                                  vestorsy t people who are not With
                        ns      t             nsi
        large corporatio or don' have any exte ve pension plans like
                 he                                             d-
       we do in t Legislature and government; people who are har working
        PeOP1e and are trying t0 save their money under this new . .'
 pea            '
S ker Brummet: 'Just a minute. Just a mi                   f
                                        nute, please, Mr..q Qr
        What purpose does the Gent       ro                       '
                                  leman f m Dupage, Mr. LaFleur...'
          '                      nda /
LaFleur: 'Under Supplemental Cale r /2 and Rule 68-D, are we complying
        With Our rules?'
           ll     '
SPeaker Brulmcz: 'YeS> tbese are Se               l            '
                                   nate Bills on Tlird Reading.'        *
          '                                  he upplement Cal
LaFleur: 'Does tbat comply with the time on t S          al        '

                   G EN E R A L A SS EM B LY
                                  ' Lu N S
                           STATE oP I I ol
                           l              F V
                       H otsf oF UEPHCSEN 'A+1 fs
ë                                                     94
                                                 a jgû17

                r ummet: OThere is no ti restriction on t
          Speake Br                     me               hese. Froceed,
                 Mr. Maragoso'
          Maragos: HThank you, Mr. Spe                    ng
                                      akery as I was stati earlier, Senate
                  i l 85 s n tt m o i u i o h s e pl h re
                 B l 1 3 i a a e pt t g ve j st ce t t e e p o e w o a
                        ng   hes
                 investi in t e areas of the new approach to law by the federal
                 governme which we call the individual retirement aecounts. A11
                 the pe                              xec ves: many of the pro-
                       nsioneers, a1l the corporate e uti
                 fessfonal corporations have now plansuu              h
                                                        nder the Keoug Program
                 and others whic whfch t          ve
                                        hey are gi n this relief under the
                 Income Tax Law of the St                     ve
                                         ate of Illinois. Howe r this new class
                 of people who bave been all d by the federal go          o ake
                                                                vernment t t
                 ad                          y nd                      o
                   vantage, to save them mone a at the age of 65 go int retire-
                 ment are not gi             oac                      he nco
                                ven that appr h and not relief under t I me
                 Tax Laws of the State of Illfnois. I therefore ask, Mr. Speakers
                  mb r f h o e, h t        r n us i e o h s e p n
                 Me e s o t e H us t a we b i g j t c t t i p o le a d
                   k hi l s us s q a s he he s o r ep s t n
                 ma e t s c a s j t a e u l a t ot r wh a e d o t i g
                 and investing ino..for purposes of retirement. Therefore I ask
                 for an aye vote on House Bi 1853 whicb was disc    d
                                                                usse earlier,
                                 he        he  nd
                 more fullyy at t tfme of t ame ment st    '
          Speaker Brummet: MAny discus                     rom            Fle '
                                      sion? The Gentleman f Dupage, Mr. La ur.'
          LaFle     '
               ur: fThis Bill was just before us a few mi                he z
                                                         nutes ago when t re vas
                  an att                me ment on that would make this a bi that
                        empt to put an a nd                                 ll
                  could be accepted and be useful to a1 people. But Senate Bill
                  1853 gives employees with a new federal individual retirement
                  acc                n ver the average wage earner wit a similar
                     ount pension pla o                               h
                  pension plan. E                   y       ax
                                 mployees usually pa state t on tbeir contri-
                  butions to their pension plan since their contributions was
                           y unted in wit ot
                  orlginall co           h her Laxable wages. Employees with        '
                                                          d            e x
                  IRA accounts under Senate Bill 1853 woul not pay stat ta on
                  either t contributions or the individual retirement account or
                                     ei      m
                  on the benefits rec ved fro it once they retire. Self-employed
                   l e y n o a r e o t i ut o nd e e it n r R I
                  a r ad e j y t x f e c n r b i n a b n f s u de H - O,
                                               he neral Assembl . While Senate
                  Plans previously enacted by t Ce             y
                  Bill 1853 may bri a level of equality between self-employed

     'h: -r e
      sN u
      '' r
        : n-                 G E N E R A L A S S E M 1 L 5'
                                                     $ :
    ;. . . cu
    ',:. )                           'A. : uuN s
                                    sr .EoFI l o$                                       1
        z /
       ! .v                                                                             .
      . .
       L. .
     . $                         s sos!s n s-v ves
                                  ows . e es -v. :
                             . !
                              !!       pù

      people and those empl                      s,
                           oyed under IRA account employees under
      reg               ans                      nat
         ular penéion pl are still being discrimi ed against by
      having to pay taxes on their contributions. Now since they want
       q l t n hi h e s o y o i e t i e o a e e e e
      e ua i y f t s t er i n wa t g v i s nc y u h v r j ct d
       he mendment t
      t a                   d ve                o onfor
                    hat woul ha brought this fnt c     mity. Now
      t second point of t                            al
                         his is that there was a fisc note request
                         n                      he ureau of t Budget
      on this. It has bee filed; been filed by t B           he
       n t h w h he e s us o a f no n h m u f
      a d i s o s t at t r i j t n w y o k wi g t e a o nt o
      money that this wo          he
                        uld cost t state bec      he
                                            ause t individual re-
      tirement accounts are not available; or the amounts are not
                 n                             d n
      avaflable i Illinofs because many are hel i a trust. Now
                   ati                     o      s
      these are rel vely new accounts and s therer no way of de-
             ng he
      termini t fiscal i                                 wo hings.
                        mpact on the state. But it does t t
      It reduces state income, number one, and it also tampers with
      the formula of our st            ax nd
                           ate income t a it puts it out of whack
         h he nternal Revenue S
      wit t I                  ervice. Now I would thfnk if you want
             y               omet ng hat could be enf
      a purit of system and s hi t                   orced and col-
                                        ut           b he
      lected then you would not get us o of whack wit t Internal
      Re nue Service bec      he                  he
                        ause t y are going to be t determining body
        n                      he
       i the long run and not t Illinois Legislat     n heir way of
                                                 ure i t
                   ve quit to a special interest group. I would urge
       trying to gi e     y
       a no vote bec                      ll          k
                    ause I can assure youb only be bac here next year
               o ol                    m    re using here t
       trying t s ve this knotty proble you' ca            oday/'
 pe              'he ntle
S aker Brummet: 'T Ge           m             ne      '
                         man fro Wi11> Mr. Lei nwebero'
   nen      Wel
Lei weber: H 1 Mr. Speaker, Me          he use, I rise i s
                              mbers of t Ho             n upport
       of Senate Bill 1853 and I think there' been a 1ot of obfuscation
       going on concerning what the Bill act y does and what the pro-
           d   nd    '                 ve
       Pose Ame ment was supposed to ba done. Under exi ng Tllinois
       1aw there are certain f     l ypes of ta deferment progra which
                              edera t          x                ms
       are passed on to Illinois ta yers. In other words for certain
       t                            re   n ndividual, eit
        ypes of pension programs whe by a f              her self-employe
       or employed by a busi             m,    re
                            ness or a fir they' able to put certain
        mou              o
       a nts of money int a retire                           ax
                                  ment program and deferred t pay-
       ments until upon retire      be           d nd
                              ment t money is use a the person pays

                  G E N E R A L A SS E 5 B LY
                              : kL N s
                         sT&TK oF I. I o I
                        l 1 l 4 o
                     HOk5E CF FEP1EStaTAT1VES
                                                    J> 2


                        l                      y xtends this type of
                tax. Wel Senate Btll 1853 merel e
                           o he w
                treatment t ' t ne federal programs for individual retire-
                               nd                               he
                ment accounts a retirement bonds. So these are t programs
                that are a             he
                          vailable to t little guy wbo mtght not be covered by a
                Kçough       plan or some other employ              ax
                                                      ment plan of t deferment
                in a bust            ess    o                nt
                         ness or prof ion. S what the Amendme had proposed
                to do was as one Me                      hr               er
                                   mber said earlier so t ow the dirty wat out
                wit the baby. It atte    d
                                     mpte to get rid of every single tax defer-
                ment prog       m
                         ram fro Illi            w      t            y nted
                                     nois law. No I don' think anybod wa
                to do t                          on                      n'
                       hat, certainly the intenti of Senate Bill 1853 did t in-
                tend to do t                           y            he mall
                            hat. Senate Bill 1853 merel extends to t s
                ..p    he                 re                     s
                      t person without a g at deal of income whof not covered by a
                                  me       an                          y o
                Keough; plan or so other pl of tax deferment the abflft t
                   n                       y n
                ope up an account, put mone i it for his retirement and not
                be able t have to pay tax on that amount of money until he actually
                               b me
                retfres at whic ti presu         d                  r nco
                                        mably it' be a slightly lowe i me
                tax bracket and he would then pay taxes at that time. 1 think
                it' a good Bi11, it exte     he xisttng prog
                                        nds t e             ram to the little
                guy and I would certainly sug      n
                                             gest a aye vote/l
        Speaker Br                lema  m   k,        '
                  ummet: MThe Gent n fro Coo Mr. Duff.'
        Duff: HWel1 Mr. Spe                      eme
                           aker, Ladies and Centl n of the House, first of al1
                              hat  ve
                I should say t I ha a conflict of i            his ubject
                                                   nterest on t s
                since I happe to represent a yo                he neficiary
                                               ung man who is t be
                of a multi-million dollar trust. However, I seriously believe
                that t                    he
                      his Bill does help t little guy. It helps the big ones
                             ici                                   le
                who are benef aries of trusts but it helps the litt people
                  nd                 nco              d nder thefr h nd'
                 a the widows whose f nes are protecte u            usba s
                will and whose money is in trust primarily to protect it. On
                                         he presentative from Dupage who comme
                 the handy I think that t Re                                  nted
                 on t Illinois taxation le     n nsions was i error. I trie
                                          vel o pe           n             d
                  o     n           o                m
                 t liste carefully t what he said: I' not sure but I believe
                 he said t     lli
                          hat I nois taxes pension be               nco
                                                     nefits in tbe i me tax.
                 And the only exemptio that was ever passed the Illi      nco
                                                                    nots I me '
                 Tax t my knowledge was that one which exempted pension beneffts

     vuA .
, q: o
'* . p                                1.          1
                              G E N E 1 A L A SSE 5 B L Y
i%S .)(X
 '' ,
i L . 'Y!1
r . -.. '
                                     GTATE OF 1LL,os
 .   $. #T. .                         : H             V
                                 Ho us1 oF' EPRESENTATI ES
                                    l    /.
                                   i JQ a g


       from our income ta                       s air for me to
                         x. So I don't think it' f
                                                     d hat I could
       express mysqlf on this Bill without having sai t
       be co          o ve      li
            nsidered t ha a conf ct but I think t     he
                                                 hat t Gentleman
       f                 ng        nk
        rom Dupage is wro and I tha the Centleman from Will County
         o u    de o e x l e o n s n he 1 1
       wh j st ma s m e ce l nt p i t o t Bi l.'
Speaker Bru       '
           mmet: 'Is there any further dfscussfon? Mr. Maragos to cl    ?
          '    pea                          y
Maragos: îMr. S ker, this has been adequatel discussed. I can only
       answe one point t                              he RA n
                        hat the people who are under t I pla have
             d         y ntil they' 65 but it' not req
       to hol that mone u          re         s       uired of any
       other pe                                    ve
               nsioneer. And therefore we sbould gi them
        us i e n h    s n       s o n y o eo
       j t c i t is ca e a d I a k f r a a e v t '
Speaker Brummet) H     n
                  AlI i favor of this Billo..yeah, are you ready for
                 io            on           nat
        the quest n? The questi is, sball Se e Bill 1853? A11
        in fa       e ye; oppos no. Ha a11 voted who wtsh? S
             vor vot a         ed     ve                    ome
                      Mr. LaFle spoke in debate do you rise on a
        of them wante..        ur
        separate point?'
LaFleur: '              evl
          Explain my vot '
                  '                     n               ng
Speaker Brummet: 'I don't believe you ca do that accordi to the rules.
          ve       d            ve
        Ha a11 vote who wish? Ha al1 voted who wish? Take the
        record. That-.-       nd                          ho
                       that ki of ruined my record there t ugh we were
        going along pretty smoot up until that one. 0n this question
        there are 135 yeas; 11 nays; and 6 voti present. And Senate
                                   ve  n
        Bill 1853 is now passed. Il bee forgettlng to hit, haven't
        1? Do what? Okay. Senate Bill 1854/1
        Brie '             '
Clerk O' n: 'Senate Bi11...'
Speaker Bru           k
           mmet: HThan you/î
Clerk O'       ' 1854. A Bill for an act to a
        Brien: '...                                he
                                             mend t Illinois
        I me Tax Act. .           ng   he    '
                       Third Readi of t Bil1.'
Speaker Brummetr 'The Gentleman from C                 '
                                      ooks Mr. Maragos.l
Marag    ' Speaker, Me
     os: 1Mr.                   he                          hi
                      mbers of t Hguse, 1854 does the same t ng.
        Th                    nco
        î at 1853 did to the I me Tax Law t             he 'ersonal
                                           his does to t p
               y axes. Ie does noe have any effect on t st
        propert e                                      he ate revenue;
            n,  re                         n
        agai we# trying to put the people i this particular classi-
                     he me           he
        fication in t sa posture as t other pensioneers and we ask

                           1            1
                   G E N E 1 A L A SSE 5 BL Y
                              T      L N S
                           sTA. E DF 1 L1 o i
                        4)l ' h :        4    V'
                       *CLsE CF ateRESEeTAT1 Es
                                        N 0$
                                      Jk 2ù17

                or   ye
               f an a vote/î
        Speaker Brummett HDiscussion. The Gent         m                    '
                                              leman fro Dupage, Mr. LaFleur.'
                          u:                 rs   he
        LaFleur: HThank yo Mr. Speaker, Membe bf t House, perhaps I
                    d                 l'        y
               shoul start this offo.o m probabl speaking to 11 Members who
                n' a e R c o nt . hi i 1 e e r b bl a i f rkt
               do t h v I A a c u s T s B 1 h r p o a y h s d f e e
               fmplïcations than the first Bill. Thïs speaks only to one thing.
               The money    there and personal property tax and this probably
               o             o       unt              hi
                nly applies t Cook Co y. But I would t nk this would be
               a bad prece                           u'
                          dent to set also because yo re agreeings if you pass
               this Bill, t                    y hould be collect and under
                           hat personal propert s                ed
               tbe Day Bill that we passed in 1974 this is already exempt. I
               don't reall know the purpose of t                   y here'
                                                his Bi11. Apparentl t     s
                 re k
               mo bae of it than I can see but since this is already exempt
               by the Day Bill T see no need for this Bill whatsoe    '
        Speaker Br              re
                  ummet: Hls the any otber discussion? If noty Mr. Maragos
               to close/'
                  '    pea
        Maragos: 'Mr. S ker, Me                     he
                               mbers of the Housey t Day Bill that Mr. LaFleur
               ref                        l he nts regarding t
                  ers to does not cover a1 t poi              hese particular
               funds. Seco            rus
                          ndly these t ts and accounts are being taxed in
                  li                     y         k
                Il nois and in Cook Count and we as for relief as the same as
                                on und a we ask for an aye vote.'
                only other pensi f      nd                      '
        S ker Brummet: nIs there any more discussion? Tbe question ts, shall
                Senate Bill 1854 pass? All in favor vote aye; opposed no. Have
                a11 voted who wish? Have a11 vot who wish? Have al1 voted who
                wfsh? Take the record. On this question there are 124 ayes; 12
                nays; and 6 vot prese     nd
                                     nt. A this Bill is now passed. Senate
                Bill 1949, Mr. Palmer.n
        Cl k o'                  l                         o xtend the
               Brien: nSenate Bil 1949. A Bill for an act t e
                life and c nge the reporting dates of certain commissions.
                Thi Reading of the Bi1lJ'
                          '          '
        Speaker Brummet: 'Mr. Palmer-'
        Pal      '
           mer: 'Mr. Spea                nd ntle
                         ker and Ladies a Ge            he
                                                men of t Housey Senate
                                   he      ng         he     s
                Bill 1949 extends t reporti dates of t Statef Attorney
                           ssi                t,                  h
                study commi on to september 1s sorry September 30t 1976
                at vhich tlme there is a repealer-And lt also extends for one

    z' a -,
    r ,
 '.?( '                       .                  .
                            G c N E R A L A s s E NIB L *
    ' i!
    . . xh.                            :    L .bo 1
                                   STATE OF I L1l I
.       >
     .. .!
    ,ci rI7
     .: r
     /i. .
    '' .n'
     ' xg
                                o s: s R s e A 1e
                               H u eova e csq.'v:
                                             vr s
                                             3 3

                     he                 he     nd            ng
               year t Model School for t Deaf a Hard of Heari Study
               Commiss               s
                      ion. The State' Att         dy
                                         orney Stu Comniss     ot
                                                          ion g a late
               start, thi               s                     re oi
                         ngs that report and research that wef d ng right
                 w         hin
               no that we t k will be of be                  al
                                           nefit to the Gener Assembly
                      o he                                rme
               and als t hard of hearing: or Hearing Impai nt Commission
               I underst                     k            ll      me
                        and is doing good wor also and wet bave so recom-
               mendati                   ne
                      ons for the next Ce ral Asse          k or
                                                  mbly. I as f your vote,
               aff      ve         his   '
                  irmatf votey on t Bi11.'
        Speaker Brummet: lIs there any disc                 he uestion fs,
                                           ussion? If not: t q
               shall Senate Bill 1949 pass. A11 in favor vote aye; opposed
                     ve       d
               no. Ha a11 vote who wish? Have a11 voted wbo wisb? Have
                                     ke he           question the are
               a11 voted who wish? Ta t record. This .           re
               127 ayes; 7 nays; none voti present and Se            49
                                                         nate Bill 19 is
               declared pas                          d he
                           sed. Senate Bill 2015. Rea t Bill, Mr. Clerk/'
               Brie                                n
        Clerk O' n: nsenate Bi11 2015. A Bi11 for a act to restore access
                              rt                       d          n
               rights to prope y adjacent to Federal Ai Route 12 i Madison
               County. Thir Reading of tbe Bi1lJ'                             .
        Speaker Bru       'he     man m     on,
                   mmet: 'T Gentle fro Madis Mr. Byers/'
                '                                               o ndle this
        Byers: 'Tbank you, Mr. Speaker: it's fndeed a pleasure t ha
                     or                 l hat restores propert rights,
               Bill f you. Thfs is a Bil t                    y
               or access rights ratber, i Madison County on Federal Afd
               Highwa 12. And I would move for its passage/'
        speaker Brummet: 'Is there any discusston? The...Representative
                   l     '
            l      '
        Geo-laris: '           pons                  on?l
                    Would the S or yield for a questi '
               ' '
        Byers: ' .'                                     .

             l      '
        Geo-laris: 'Restores access rights from certain land, do these rights
                       le ede
                go to ta f ral go             o   ri           '
                                 vernment or t a p vate person?'                    .
           rs '       y      '
        Bye : 'Propert owner.'
          o-laris: 'Pardo '
        Ge l        '    n?'

        Byers: '       '
                   ' this prope y bee appraised?'
        ceo-Karis: 'Has        rt    n          f
        Byers: H                    d
                Yes, the District Ai Headquarters in East St. Louis has appraised

 - *'
     '- k                                       1
                           G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B LY
   .. ,t
 ,L' :
?t,. ).
'.7$k.( .                         v v e u Tol
                                  s x co Iu- s
' , . .,
. 4 x                                                                               I
   z' '
   lt ..J
                                        snc r-xvvc
                               soussosas scxr , s
                                       l é: :.-
                                    Q:ïr -'1.k .
                                    Dn r'    =


               et                               y
       it and s a value and he has paid the mone to the state
       of Illinoiso'
Geo-        '                                 or     n
    Karis: 'And do you know how much he paid f it whe he gave
       it up?'
Byers: HYes. Yes.'
Ceo-Karis: H                               or  '
            How much? How much did he pay f it?'
ye s: T is s u or o d n o h h ig wa n o i
B r H h i j st f a r a i t t e. f m t e h h y i t b s
       propert and the dollar amount 8700/:
           f                              ba
Geo-Karis: 'I meany what I mean is thatoo. d be given up the right
         or                    y o    n
        f a road on his propert t begf with.n
Byels: M > sever     '
        .   l                     ht 1
Geo-Karls: 'several years ago, rïg ?'
        ' veral years ago and now he's buying it bac at its fair
Byers: 'Se                                          k
         p r i e . h s a d he t t 8 0 . '
        a p a s d. . e' p i t s a e $ 7 0. .'
  o-      î
Ge Karis: '                            or             d
           We1l, did he get much less f it when he sol it to the
                    s                    l
        state, that' what I want to knowo'
        ' on?'
Byers: lPard l
Ceo-Karis: '                           y                      he
            When he gave up his propert rights: when he sold t m
        s     me                 h             hat s                 '
         ometi ago did he get muc less moneyy t ' al1 1 want to know.'
        ' '
Byers: 'ïes.'
  o-       '                   '
Ge Karis: 'How much did he get?'
        '                 k n à     s     hat s
Byers: 'We11, that was bac i tle 401 and t ' before I was
ceo-Karis: '                    w       h       '
            Yeah, but do you kno how muc he got?'
    S ' îNO
ByCT' : ' *î
            '               '
Geo-xaris: 'okay, thank you-'
Speaker Brummet: 'Is there any further discussion? If noty the
        questio is shall Se                          n avor vote aye;
                           nate Bill 2015 pass. A11 i f
        t                                                l
         hose opposed vote no. Bave al1 voted who wish? lave al1 voted
                    ve      ed               he
        who wish? Ha al1 vot who wish? Take t record, Mr . Clerk.
         ) z          on       e                          ng
        tn tlfs quesei there ar l23 ayes, 3 nos and 8 voti present.
        And senate Bill 2015 is decl                        o
                                    ared passed. Getting ont that.
                    ve                       o            l
        Representati Chapman, are you ready t go on 3068? las anyone
        else got anyt            x re eady to go on? Mr. Hart, wbat
                     hing that tley' r
        purp                 '
            ose do you arise?'

                   G E N E R A L A S S E 511 L Y
                             r          NDF
                            G'ATE oF lLLI (I;
                           l      4           V:
                       Ho kse oF FEPHEsENTATJ 1S
                                    t J Ti
                                   J N'klï

                                         s                       o     me
      Hart: HI wanted to tell you my çar' all packed and I want t go ho .u
      Speaker Bru                      k       11
                 mmet: HWel1 good: than you. 11 bet we can get enough
                             are                                  e or
             together for a f well party. The House wfll be at eas f
                        es                        nd mething to do.'
             a few minut while we see if we can fi so              '


      Speaker Houlihan: HReprese                  or
                                ntatfve Diprfma, f what purpose do you
      Dipri     '
           ma: 'Yes, Mr. Spea                     eme           e,
                             kery Ladies and Gentl n of the Hous during

              h s u n h c i n e e us n e o k                 ite
             t i 1 11 i t e a t o h r I j t wa t d t ma e a l t l
                     me              ll ve
             announce nt, I hope you' gi me your attention. I want to
             start by...'
      Speaker Houliha    '
                     n: 'Please give Representative Diprima some atte      '
                                                                     ntion.'   '
                ' nk                                    ch
      Diprima: 'Tha you, Mr. Speaker. I want to thank ea and everyone
             of you for the support yo ve gi                           era
                                            ven me in behalf of the vet n
                               ve ntrod
             legislation that I' i                       ve
                                       uced and others ha introduced.
                               o nvite you to the American Legion Conve
             And I would like t i                                      ntion
                         ng         l            e n hicago f
             which is bei held at tie Palmer Hous i C        rom the
                       y    he                    n
             7th of Jul to t 11th. Now I will be i the distinguished
             guest roo on Friday the 9th of July at 11 a.m. Now if you want
                            wn                      nd
             to mark this do I want to invite each a everyone of you; that
                       n   m           7.              he
             would be i Roo 2050 and 52 And I will be t re and Senator
  '                                      ns
             Bob Mitchler, and Phil Colli is al              h
                                               ways there wit us, and we
                                      u                       ve
             will personally escort yo up to the podium and ba the State
              C                      ke               he
               ommander Ed Brandon ma you a distinguis d guest of the
                                                   he     ve
              convention. The VFW: the AMVETS and t DAV ha already held
              their conve    n.    '
                         ntio so...'                                               .
                         ' presentative Friedri
      Speaker Houlihan: 'Re                    ch, for what purpose do
              you arise?'                                                      .

      Friedricb: 'Would the Gent       es     o           '
                                leman r pond t a question?'
      Diprima:   Go a ea .
                  '     re          ng
      Friedrich: 'If wef to be disti uished guests now, are we included
               n              ati
              i that transport on arrange            ed
                                         ment we pass around here where
              we get free t    po           '
                           rans rtation too?'

 .,. A .
   , jF;
   x 'Z
  ,o. '' .
    . O.
       I                 G E N E R A L A S S rNjj ( h
                                             ., ; .,
 i t ê .!
;'7..- .-.
 - .D> .                         s      u' s
                                  vxvcoc1ul ol                                     :
   ;/t '
.#o$ '.L,
   :* .                                            VES
                             HDUSZ D F RCPRESER YATI             .                 :
  o2* 'oe
                                   I1 1 816
                                   $J1:Q :-


Diprima: '                                  '
          Yeah, go and seey what's his name?'
Speaker Houli      '        ati
             han: 'Represent ve Diprima, would you respond to the
       Gentle    s         '
             man' question?'
         ' > whatês the q
Diprima: 'Yeah                   l
 r e ri h: f s u t s i f s i t n u s d ue t
           I                                     d e
F i d c e wa j s a k ng i a d s i g f he g s s wef b
                             ra portatio
       entitled tp tbe free t ns        no./l
Diprima: HI will personally pay for your tra               11
                                            nsportation. 1: get
                  o ke           l
       Kucharski t ta care of it.'
Speaker Houlihan: 'Repres      ve
                         entati Diprima. Re               pri
                                           presentative Dt ma.
       Represent ve Bar                               ati
                       nes wanted to know if Represent ve Telcser
       was included in that invit ion to this...n
Di ma: HYes he's i        '
    k Brien: '
Cler O'      '                     uli
              Representative Jfm Ho han in the Chair/î
Dipri    'He'
     ma: ' s back on the team/'
Speaker Houlihan: HThe Chambe will be at ease after../'
Diprima: 'Now, wait..o        no
                      let mee.. w, once again, get your pencils
                         he                  he
        ready now. July t 9th, Friday, July t 9th at 11 a.m.
         n         ng
        i the disti uished guest room, t    s m 050           '
                                        hatl roo 2 and 2052...1
      r           Rep
Speake Houlihan: H rese     ve         n ur         on
                       ntati Diprima, i yo legislati is
        there a definition of distinguished g      '
         'You'              hed uests in my book/'
Diprima: ' re a11 distinguis g
               n:             l and
Speaker Houlfha HThe House wil st at ease/'
Diprl    '0ka '
     ma: ' y.'


      r           '
Speake Houlihan: 'Messages from the Senate/'
Clerk O'Brie    A
            n: H message f     he
                          rom t Senace by Mr. Wrtghty Secretary.
        Mr. Spe         m          o nfor the House of Represent ves
               aker, I a dïrected t i    m                      atf
        the Se              he ollo
              nate adopted t f                     ere        te
                                   wing Second Conf nce Commit e
        Report on Senate Bill 1621. Adopted by the Senate June 30,
                    h                                   he
        1976. Kennet Wright, Secretary. à message from t Senate
        by Mr. Wright, Se                         m      ed
                         cretary. Mr. Speaker, I a direct to inform
        the House of Representatives the Se              he
                                           nate adopted t following
        Second Confere           ee
                      nce Committ Report on House Bill 3820. Adopted

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M B L Y
                               r       L N )5
                            ;T#. E o F I u1 C1
                        1 l       '        4 'VK
                       *o ksC oF FxPRESEêTA. I E9
I                                                       .x
                                             dQN 2Q 1 l


                                e                     h
                    by the Senat June 30, 1976. Kennet Wrfghty Secretary.
           Speaker Houlihan: HReprese                 or he
                                     ntative Daniels f t purpose of an

          Dani     lYes
              els: t , Mr. S                       le n    he
                            peaker: Ladies and Gent me of t House, on our
                             he        re               nc
                    side of t aisle weA passing out a bu h of dilly bars here
                    and we have t Legislative dilly award of the Session and we
                                          o pres
                    wanted to present it t Re         ve
                                                entati Stearney and we can't
                    find hi             '
                           m. We fee1...'
                              '           ve ear
           Speaker Houlihan: CRepresentati St ney is on a Conference Committee
                        wo f
                    of t .î
           Daniels: ' fee1 he dese      ie                    f
                                  rves t i dilly of the award.f
            pa r uia        f re e t t v t j v c o ha u p s o
           S e ke Ho l h n: ' p s n a i e Ma i e i h. f r w t p r o e d
                    you rfse?f
           Matije      'As
                 vich: ' usual Representative St                    yi 1
                                                earney is dilly dall ng.'
                             ll                                          hai
           Speaker Houlihan: 'lepresentative Shea, are you nervous? The C r
                     e o n ze e r s n a i e h a, h jo i y e d r: o he
                    r c g i s R p e e t t v S e t e Ma r t L a e f r t
                    Purpose of a motion.'
                 ' ve
           Shea: 'I ba a Senate Bill 1250 t      d      o ake and put an
                                           hat I1 like t t
                    e             e        '
                     nacting claus back in.'
                             ' Gentle
           Speaker HoulihanJ 'The           m                       he
                                     man fro Cook moves to reenact t enacting
                                                     hos n vor say aye. Re
                    clause in Senate Bill 1250. A11 t e i fa              pre-
                    sentative Bea                            u     '
                                 upre, for what purpose do yo rise?'
                     '    he
           Beaupre: 'For t purposes of an announce                   '
                                                  ment, Mr. Speaker .'
                        ha   '       1
           Speaker Houli n: 'Proceed.1
                     ' ve
                      We            ma
           Beaupre : l ' had the Cer n dinner and the Soul S              nte
                                                            oiree and I wa d
                     o nnounee that we wo
                    t a                        ve            oc           ht
                                         uld ha the French Bl dinner tonig .
                    Leo LaFleur and I will have dinner wit our wi        he nsi
                                                                 ves at t Ma on
                     t w n o r l t d o o n s or s r
                                    nv                      h an o s
                    V e a d y u' e ' i e t j i u f de e t. T e m i c ur e                '
                              la        '
                    is roast l me' duck.'
           Speaker Houli      '        ati
                        han: lRepresent ve Bluthardt, for what purpose do
                       u l
                     yo lold an ice cr                     '
                                      eam bar in your handk'
           Blut        '                        ker           ng
               hardt: 'For the purpose> Mr. Spea > to requesti that good voice
                    of ours Rollie Ti word to sing a song: something like Lavendar
                     Blue Dilly Dil '

       ' lâ o                                         1
                                 G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B LV
    ;   .- . j
      ..h yn y
     rê,(-. j
     j)-rwyy.                            v r. ruu.o s
                                        s A'toT' '4 1
       ?q p: ,
    ,-: .
      . t = '                        H u sosn p es ' 'v s
                                      os     c n s Nr r c
                                                    Al                                   ,
       v'.. ' . e
        '. -
                                     . :   0u
                                      %. :


        Speaker Houlihan: HRepr ntative Shea, for what pur              se?'
                                                          pose do you ri '
        She   ' Speakery I wonder if either the Minor y Leader or Mr. Wals
           a: 'Mr.                                   it                   h
               are on t floor? It appears to me t                 al
                                                 hat on Supplement Calendar
               I hat here are five Conference Ca
               I2 t t                                             hat
                                                mmittees Reports t are
                      o         m            ng   hey      ke
               ready t go and I' just wonderi if t would li to go along
               and s                  or hose fi or shall we just recess for
                    uspend the rules f t        ve
                             n                   '
               about a half a hour or 45 minutes?'
        Speake Houlihan: nRepresentat          r,   re         o
                                     ive Telcse youd supposed t be in your
                 at                  he
               se when you speak to t Chair. Represent          h,
                                                      ative Wals for
               what purpose do you rise?'
        Wals    f       o
            h: 'I rose t respond to the Gentleman in that it would appear on
                       ve      nce mmittees that I would bave no objection
               these fi Confere co
                       ng he w,
               to calli t m no suspending Rule 68-8 for that purpose/'
        Speaker Houli     '
                     han: '           ive
                           Representat Shea/'
               '     he
        Shea: 'Wel1 t n, I would ask unanimous c    nt
                                                onse to suspend Rule 68-8
               so we could hear the Conference Committee Reports. Do I have
               lea '
         pea             ' here lea '
        S ker Houlihan: îIs t      ve?'
               ' peaker.'
        Walsh: '...S    '
        Speaker Houli n: uRepresentative Walsh/'
               ' t
        Walsb: 'For hose specific Conference Co                '
                                               mmittee Reportso'
        Speaker Ho         '               ic nference Committee Reports, is
                  ulihan: 'For these specif Co
                t                      ent ve n.         ati      '
                 here objection? Repres ati Man Represent ve Shea.l
               '        s                                            t
        Shea: 'Then letl see if we can get a 107 votes and if we can' we can
                just recess for t 45 mi      '
        Speaker Houlihan: nThe Gentleman mo         he
                                           ves for t suspension of Rule 68-8
                i reference to Conference C                      e
                                           ommittee Report. Senat Bill 1621:
                               9.   e
                Senate Bill 199 Hous Bill 3377, House Bill 3392: and House
                Bill 3417. A11 those in favor vote aye; a1l those opposed vote
                no. This moti will take l07 votes. Representative Mann, to
                e                '
                 xplain his vote.'
         nn: H r. S e k r, 1 1 t l y u w a m o j t o i O o r s d
        Ma    M p a e 1 1 e l o h t y b ec i n s. n u i e
                    he          re
                of t aisle they' putting one man on every single Conference
                C                  re
                 ommittee and theyf not res     ve o
                                           ponsi t what the people want with
                regard to that Bill whether t    re            he
                                             beyb sponsors of t Higher Education

     s1A ' ,
     A* 3
      rz %
    kV E 9 '
    '                                                   j
                           G E N E R A L A S S E N B L A#
    v j. q
F; A'
,l. ,

        J                                           -
                          $    89
                        4k 2 û 17


       Com    ee
          mitt or a                    s
                   nything else and it' unde      ic
                                            mocrat and it's
       wrong and I' t think any Co                ee ho
                                  nference Committ s uld go
             h         s      ie f
       throug until it' rectif d.î
                   Ha                d                he
Speaker Houlihan: M ve a11 tbose vote who wish? Take t record,
       Mr. Clerk. 0n this question there are 118 ayes; 14 nos;
                        he    n
       11 present. And t motio to suspend has carried. 0n the
       order of Supple al Cale     /
                              ndar /2, Conference Committee Report,
       S                        nt ve                 n
        enate Bill 1621. Represe ati Richmond, is he i the...
       Represe                 '
              ntative Richmond.r
Richmond: HThank youy Mr. Spea                      me
                              ker, Ladies and Gentle n of the House,
                       ve              he   nd
       I mo that we adopt t Seco Conference Committee
       Report on Se             1.
                   nate Bill 162 This Conference Committee Report
                   hat                rom use mend /
       recommends t the House recede f Ho A ment f1 and
                 e                      me
       that Senat Bill 1621 be further a nded as followsy on page
                                  ns   ng        he
       1 by deleting line 25 and i erti in lieu t reof 'for grants
                 ms   lli s
       and progra to I noi art' and on page 1 by inserting immed-
        at l f e e t o       he ol o ng t e u     1 5, 0 r
       i e y a t r S c i n 2 t f l wi ' h s m of $ 2 0 0 o
         o                                      he
        s much thereof as may be necessary' is t appropriation of
        t Illinois Art Council for grants and aids to ethnic art
               atio                 l
        organiz n. Actually this Bil or this Conference Committee
        Report does nothing whats       o he
                                 oever t t original Bill except add
                   ne  m
        that one li ite which change was made in the interest of
        answe ng concerns of numer                           nt
                                  ous Legislators who represe districts
        wit many ethnic communities and organizations. Although more
        money was sought for this line item it was determined by the
        o i t e h 12 , 0 u d e h r pe mo nt s            lt
        C mm t e t at $ 5 0 0 wo l b t e p o r a u a a pf o
                     k or ur        '
        program. T as f yo aye voteo'
 pe ke o l h n: ' y f c s o
                A              e r e a i o t n.'
S a r H u i a ' n à s us i n? R p es nt t ve T t e '
Totten: HWel1, thank you, Mr. Spe      nd
                                 aker a Ladies and Gentlemen of the
        Housey this is a perfect e mple of a Conference Committee at
        work producing exact what a Conference Committee shouldnft
        produce. The First Arts Council Conference Committee was not
                      n hat First Conference C
        approved and i t                      ommittee Report this budgeL
                  hr       m      be
        bad gone t ough fro what t cove                 d
                                       rnor had requeste # the Agency

                   G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B L Y
                                     L .N S
                           GTATE o F 1 tI o1
                          l     '     : 4 TV
                       HotsE oF F EPResEeTA. I ES
                         h ï:
                       zk kki/


                                            ne  m       n ouched.
       had requested and not one grant or li ite had bee t
       Almost every ot                        w             n
                      her, in fact I donlt kno what exceptio of an
            y hat had not been reduced or a
       agenc t                             mended in some fashion
                he ll
       to show t wi of this Legislat                  t urprise
                                    ure. Now it doesn' s
       me wit the lobbyists been put t                 li
                                      ogether on the Il nois Arts
       Council that this appropriatfon comes before us without a single
       dollar cut. But what the Second Conference Committee has done
                                  ne  m         hi
       is added money and a new li ite for somet ng which not one
       Commit                  at    ad       d
             tee of this Legisl ure h discusse nor had the General
         s m l s u s d n t r i a l r ug              n he r t
       As e b y di c s e a d i wa V n l y b o ht up f t Fi s
                               n     pè eme              r
       Conference Committee whe we li it d the figure 'fo ethnic
       group ' and taken out of the exist                     w
                                         ing appropriation. No apparently
       the Arty. Council            t
                               didnî want t                ve
                                           hat and what wef done in
       the Second Confe nce Co                          y
                              mmittee Report is add mone to already
        nf t d u g .   ve d e n d i i n l 1 5, 0 o n
       i la e b d et WeX a d d a a d t o a $ 2 0 0 f r a
                      ne  m
       entfrely new li ite for an agency that probably shouldn't
       e n be in e             he
                  xistence in t first place. And 1 think that this
       Conference Committee sho                 d ven t
                               uld not be adopte e     hough it is
                                w               s       o
       the second report you kno darn well what' going t happen witb
       that o          l   n             he          s,
             mnibus bil whe we get into t last moment the Arts
       Council can be re               as         s
                        worked into a f hion that' more feasible for
       this General Asse          or he
                        mbly and f t people of Illinois and I request
       a no vote on the Second Conference Committee Report/î
      r           t               ve  m                  ve mil Jones.
Speake Houlihan: 'The Representati fro Cook: Representati E
              ha            pea          he
Jones: HYes, t nk you, Mr. S ker, would t Sponsor yi    '
Speaker Houlihan: MHe indicates he will.H
Jones: NRepresentative Richmond, will you define for me what is meant
       by etbnic as it is laid out in this Bi11?M
           '        y           ha
Richmond: 'I will tr . I think t t it would mean t           y roups,
                                                  hat minorit g
        ethnic groups of various origins that are so pre        n ur
                                                        valent i o
        urban areas.'
        ' m
Jones: 'I' quite sure t                  ed n he
                       hat you participat i t Conference. Perhaps
        you coul tell me how do the Arts Coundil describe or what is the
           ! i
       Art (outcil's       definition of et     '

                   G E N E R A L A S S E M 1 t 5*
                                 ' 2 L .N )S
                              STA. E oF i k1 G 1
                            ;    *:              V
                        Ho t5E o& FfPREsrNTA Tl Es
                     . )
                      ! )8 Y
                      )N71h' .

            m          on'
Richmond: HI' sorry I d t thlnk I have a defi       ve
                                             nite, Iî heard any
       definite definitio of the word: Represe     ve
                                              ntati Jones/'
Jones: MWe11, actuall as far as the other li ite in the budget for
                     y                      ne  m
       gr               ms
         ants and progra to Illi               dn'
                                nois Arts, coul t ethnic group be
       included in the '
Richmond: 'Wel19 it prese       me           h he
                         nted so problems wit t Agency that fn
       their dis                        ee
                cussion with the Committ it was felt it was meant
       to si                              ne m      o     nt
            ngle this one item out as a li fte and t prese it
               ot     m                                   n
       as a pil progra and because of the great interest i increasing
       this partic         .                  ng        c roups, par-
                  ular part'of the program amo the ethni g
            arl n                  her re
       ticul y i the Chicago area t efo it was set out as a sep-
       arate line item/'
Jones: 'I FY-76 was t             y          ed           s ve
                     here any mone appropriat or any grant gi n
       to ethnic groups?'
Richmondk H              '
           Yes there waso'
Jones: 'Ho much was t    l
 c m d) ' e o nt, e s
         O                n 7     ot      1 4, 5   h s
Ri h on ' n m me pl a e. I ' 6 a t al of $ 2 3 7. T is i
        r k n w s n r t s, 56 9 0. t n cs 6     n n h
       b o e do n a mi o it e $ , 9 E h i 5 7. A d f t e
'       o bi t o f h w        n ri y t n c 4 8 0/:
       c m na i n o t e t o, Mi o t E h i $ 8, 0
 o e ' r t ni l n h n o a b ut 1 0 0 b t s p r -
J n s: ' o e h c a o e t e y u h ve a o $ 8, 0 t q wa a p o
       priated last year-'
    ond: '
Ricel    'Yes thatfs../'
Jones: 'But it was not a specific line item.n
Ric        '
   hmond: fNo it was not.n
Jo      '     ref
  nes; ïSo the ore, in other words, t                       m
                                     his particular line ite is
        e l y 0 Z, p r x ma e y 0 5 nc ea e u t o h c l n
       r a l a 6 0 a p o i t l 6 0 i r s J s f r et ni a o e.
                               d ke
       But one of the things I' li to add             o,
                                         ress myself t Mr. Speaker
         nd mbers of t Housey is si
        a Me          he                        m uite sure many
                                   mply thiss I' q
        g              o   s                      m
         roups fall int thi parttcular category. If quite sure the
                  ali                        ris
        Polish, It ansy my good friends the I hmen, the Lithuanians,
         he                     w            ws
        t Czechs and I don't kno about the Je whether they fall
                     ego      I   w                       m
        into this cat ry or... kno the Germans, too. And I' quite
        sure that s      ac
                   ome bl ks e            o                m
                              ven fall int this category. a I correct?
        Af -American descent. Well, actually what we have here then is

                   G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B L Y
                                T      LLI S
                             STA.E O F I NOI
                          1 : )              V
                         botSE CC REPRESENTAT1 E5
                                 A  86
                                o 3Q17


                really a duplication of appropriations then. We really don't
                                                   use            nt his
                need this pârticular line item beca we also fall i o t
                other cat ory and that is the g
                '        eg                    rants for programs of Illinois
                Art. They will also qualif for that part    ar ne
                                                        icul li item so
                t                      ati
                 his is really a duplic on of appropriat      nd        hi
                                                        ions a I don't t nk
                we should appro this Second Co                 e
                                              nference Committe Report be-
                cause I someti         r              Sammy Davis, Jr., f
                              mes wonde how my friend '                  alls
                into this cate                   he
                              gory. I looked up t dictio              n
                                                        nary definitio of
                                   nefther Chrfst
                ethnïc and ft says '             fan nor Jev' and they don't
                           hat       l
                fall into t category.l
      Speaker Houli      '
                   han: fExcuse me, Represe     ve         or
                                           ntati Hoffmany f what purpose
                do you rise?'
        f ma  Yr. pe ke   ut a e o        e o n z d, ha s 1
      Ho f n: ' S a r, I j s w nt d t be r c g i e t t' a 1J'
      Speaker Houlihan: nContinue, Mr. J     '
      Jones: '                                   eme           e,
              Well> Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentl n of the Hous I don't
                think that we s d really therefore appropriate money for the
                            s ouncil and in part
                Illinois Art C                                     ne  m
                                                icular a special li ite for
                                                 on veryone f
                ethnic groups because in my opini e          alls into the
                cat y of a mass grant and that is.-a        r
                                                    award fo the grant for
                Illinois Art and Cultural Development. Everyone falls into
                t                  o his is really a waste of money and I don'
                 hat category and s t                                         t
                       his              000        '
                think t particular $125, is needed.'
       Spe                '
          aker Houlihan: 'The Centleman from Dupage, Represe     ve       '
                                                            ntati Hoffman.t
                For what purpose do you rise...e use me: Representative Hoffman:
                for wbat purpose do you rise, Re                  ns?'
                                                presentative Colli î
       Colli    ' Speaker: I belie I rise on a poi of order. Wo
            ns: 'Mr.              ve              nt           uld
                                k c ve
                you ask the Cler t gf us the names of ehe appofntees to thfs
                Conference Committee?'
       Speaker Houli n: n       he  rk
                         Would t Cle read the names of this Conference
                Committee Report?l
                 '    he        he    nt
       Collins: 'Not t Report: t appoi ments. Mr. Speaker: well I have
                a copy of the mess       m         e o he        r he
                                  age fro the Senat t t House ove t
                               he         he        n Brie
                 signature of t Clerk of t House Joh O' n, stating that
                 the conf                      att
                         erees to be: Represent ve Richmonds E. M. Barnes,

    1.* .
 .$7v .'
f,.. ..e a
 f ..5- r.r .
                            G E N y:R A j A g g E M j j y
                                        .           l.
    'r . t
' rs( .ta
,e. y.
  c ;                                v v .'u- '
                                    s w coru los
  6 #= *
 .:# .. .
   *                                      ss svami s
                                eoussoceae sc    vs
  #    .
                                  . 8&
                                4v 3Qh1

                  Gerald Bradley, Rya and Tot       w              le n
                                             ten. No all tbose Gent me did
                                                he ntle
                  not serve oç at least one of t Ge men was replaced by
                  anotbe signature on the Conference Committee Report which I
                  submit to you invalidates this Co                ee      '
                                                   nference Committ Report-'
         Speaker Houli      '
                      ban: 'Representativeem/'
                   '            y                n his Conference C
         Collins: 'There are onl six signatures o t                ommittee
                  Report, removing this one which does not belong on there would
                  result in five signing and therefore the Conference Committee
                  Re                        '
                    port would not be valid.'
         Speaker Ho         '
                   ulihan: 'Representative Collins: are you ref    ng
                                                               erri to the
                  call for the First Conference C             he
                                                 ommittee or t Second Conference
                  Co        '
         Colli             he
              ns: MNo no, t Second one/f
         Speaker Houlihan: n         ati                                      '
                            Represent ve Barnes, for what purpose do you rise7'
         Barnes: 'T rise, Mr. Speaker and Me       '             n upport of
                                            mbers of the House, i s
                            on                           ati
                  the questi that was raised by Represent ve Collins. I think
                  he' correct. I t                     he        hat
                                  bink if you look at t message t was sent
                  to the Senate from the House it did include E. M. Barnes as he
                  forestated. As far as E. M. Barnes is concerned E. M. Barnes
                  was willing and i          o
                                   ntending t attend this Conference Committee as
                  I ba attended a11 others t                  d
                                            hat I was appointe to. And the next
                   hi                         he
                  t ng E. M. Barnes knew was t Conference Committee Report would
                  come floating around without E. M. Barnes name attached thereof.
                  No explanation. No explanation. None whatsoever was efther asked
                            o             ng
                  or given t me for my bei taken from thts Conference Committee.
                             nt      m            m
                  Now the poi that T' making is I' not indespensible and I don't
                        he             hat
                  make t statement in t fashion but 1 think just a plain courtesy
                  should ha beenxinvol                ng
                                      ved if I was goi to be t        m
                                                              aken fro this
                      ere                   ve
                  Conf nce Committee. Now I' ser               ny
                                                ved on many, ma Conference
                  committees bere this year and last year. I did not serve on one
                  t                                            n o
                   bis year but at least tbat courtesy was give t me. the Leader-
                  s      me      nd
                   hip ca to me a informed me that another Member wished to
                  serve on tbat Conference C                              ms
                                            ommittee which I had no proble with.
                              hi          he
                  I think: I t nk I know t reasons that I was not appointed to

    b'.jv '                     G E N E R A L A SSE M B L Y
    '!'-p. y
     < '.
    j(a*..x 1 .
       : '.
     ..;/= ..
                                       'Ar: r u . s
                                      sr 'eoI9 kso,
                                            plc -mlvl :
                                   sows oeRu a ss   ves
                                Y 4 v:
                                4* q
                               411 q j2

               this Conference Co     ee      hi               on
                                 mmitt and I t nk that the reas is
                        he                      he
               is that t fact I laid out here, t fact that was lafd out
                         nt ve               utel
               by Represe ati Totten is absol y correct. The Arts
               Council is s                                       op
                           imply adding money on top of money on t of money.
               This is t only, the onlyy t         w
                                          hat I kno of Agency that came
               through Appr                     d
                           opriations 11 that df not get any cut whatsoever
               in their General Revenue Fund. 1, for oney might ha supported
               tbat Conference Co     ee
                                 mmitt Report but in the f    on
                                                          ashi that it was
                     n nd           n    h
               done i a the manner i whic it was handled with no one, no
               one. e nding at least that courtesy to me and then to bring
               out a Conference Committ Report and say this is what the con-
               fe                        ha
                 rees agreed on. It's a s m. I did not attend. I was ap-
               pointed to it and t     he
                                  hus t facts of life t    s nvolved i t
                                                       hat' i         n his
               Second Conference Co                    t o he
                                   mmittee and I sugges t t Members of the
               Ho            d eat it accordingly. It s uld be defeat '
                 use we shoul tr                       ho            ed.'
        Collins: HMr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, there was a great deal more than
               courtesy involved here. I think Mr. Barnes' removal and his
               replacement s                              t
                            hould be formalized and I don' believe that was
        Spealer Houlihan: NThe Clerk is checking on that inquiry. Representa-
               tive Ryan/l
        Ryan: HWe                     ake
                 11 thank youy Mr. Spe r../'
        Speaker Houlihan: HExcuse me, Represe     ve
                                             ntati McAuliffe: for what
                                 e? prese
               purpose do you rfs Re          ve
                                         ntati Ryan, continue/'
        Ryan: HThank youy Mr. Spe      nd adies and Centl n of the House,
                                 aker a L                eme
                I personally res     he
                                ent t action that's been pointed out here by
               Represent ve Colli       s       el          ve
                                 ns. He' absolut y right. I' been along
               With Represe     ve
                           ntati Totten on almost a11 of the Appropriations
                Committ     c
                       ee... onference Committees and bad no idea that they had
                 u l d hi r c     o hl s us       od xml          y
                p l e t s t i k. N w t s i j t a g o e a p e of wh we
                                               r he
                should not suspend the Rules fo t last three hours: rigbt hero,   '

                    es                                       hi
                Ladi and Gentlemen: an excellent example. I t nk this is a
                terri                   ai y                   s
                     ble ploy, it's cert nl a mark on somebody' integrity.
                I do t know who's done t          ve       y,
                                        his but If been ver very offended
                by it and I would suggest to the Sponsor of this Bi11 tbat he

   *1t r
    . A.
  ;%' 'z'
                                  '             1
                           G E N E R A L A SS E5 B LY
 it,. R- :.j
     '%. t
    '.g 'q e
                                   ax s .u 1, s
                                  s..v opIu?oI
.-.p yq.
j çjt. ',
 @#    .
      /' e '                            R
                              Hous7 InE: E EN ATI CS
                                  Eo r 1 S T V                     '
 ' .
  x u
 't . . -x                                                                -..
                        N 0:-
                      :k 2k11


           pull it out of the recordy get the conferees right and let's
            o a k n d h o h t e r up o e o o t,
           g b c a d 'o t e j b t a w we e s p s d t d i Mr.
           Rfchmond, I' sure: maybe you werentt a                 on'
                                                 ware of this: I d t
                      m        o       u m
           know, but I' going t tell yo I' very offended by the way
           . . .by   the actions t      re                       l
                                  hat we taken on this Committee.'
                   n: f         ive  y,                            '
    Speaker Houliha îRepresentat Lund for what purpose do you rise?'
    Lundy: H ank you, Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Cent          he
                                                  lemen of t House, I
           have t parliamentary inquiries, Mr. Speake    ne
                                                     r. o is what would
                    at                   he
           be the st us of this Bill if t House refuses to adopt that
           Conference Co               '
                        mmittee Report7'
    Speaker Houlihan: MReprese                         h
                              ntative Richmond, you wis to take this out
           of the rec                         r
                     ord so the Clerk can clea up the question as to the
       aond: H
    Ricl                '
              Yes: I do.'
                          11 ake t matter out of t record. ...
    Speaker Houlihan: HWe' t      his             he          Ihe
                nd         al                   rs
            Seco Supplement Calendar tbere appea Senate Bill 1999.
            And the Conference Commit Report, Representative Terzich/'
    Terzich: nYes, Mr. Speaker, Ladi and Gentlemen of the Rouse, I would
            urge concur               ion
                       rence and adopt of Co                ee      /
                                            nference Commïtt Report ?1
            on S                  n he nference Committ t reason for
                enate Bill 1999. I t Co                ee he
             be mmittee was t amend t Bill so that s
            t Co             o       he             ome of the sèhool
                                               he  no
            teacbers who would be involved in t eco mic layoff to apply
            for pens n benefits to purchase out of their own pocket would
              ve     xcl d   m
            ha been e ude fro tbe...parti      ng
                                         cipati in the program
                                       he ime t
            they had retired prfor to t t                 11
                                               hat this B1 went into
            effect and I would urge adoption of Conference Co                  '
                                                             mmittee Report #l.t
    Speaker Houlihan: HRepres      ve wns.'
                             entati Do    '
    Downs: '                       '
            Wil1 the Sponsor yield?'
                       '     ons
    Speaker Houliban: 'The Sp or indicates he will/'
            '         he         his
    Downs: 'What was t result- .t was just voted on in the Senate,
            what was the result there?'
              '     t             nt ve,                    he ult
    Terzfch: 'I don' know: Represe ati I have no idea what t /es
            was i tbe Senate/'
           ' use as
    Downs: 'Beca             recall seeing the vote it failed and if that was the


                           G E N E R A L A SS EM l L Y
                                             kk bo E
                                  9TATE o F I. Il I;
                                 ; 7     ::2 4 . V  r
                              HokSe o F ReF1E5E:TA'I ES
                            I 1 6.
                          JVN2Q. 7

                              d              n                '
                case what woul be the point i proceeding here?î
        Terzich: HI c                    m               he
                     ouldn't tell you. I' just handling t Bill as part
                of t Conference Co     ee         t
                                  mmitt and I don' know what aetion was
                    n n
                take i the Senate/l
        Do                '
          wns: HThank youp'
        Speaker Houli     lRe
                     han: ' presentative Hoff           ent ve
                                             man. Repres ati Hoffman,
                                             vi        e    he
                is your light on from the pre ous debat on t Illinois
                Arts Council?'
        Hoff     f '
            man: îYes.'
        Speaker Houlihan: HThere being no f her discussi             ati
                                                        on, Represent ve
                                     ve hlickman.l
                Terzich. Representati Sc         l
         Schlic                             d?'
               kman: HWould the Sponsor yiel '
          pea             l
         S ker Houlihan: tsponsor indicates he wfll.H
         Schlick     'Se                              n
                man: ' nate Bill 1999 started off as a Amendment to the
                Judges Retirement S    m            he
                                   yste Article of t Illinois Pension Code.-.u
                  '              ati
        Terzich: îWell, Represent veo..Yeso..schlice any if I may../î
         Sc          ' What was...
           blickman: î...                     e
                                 what was Hous Amend     /
                                                    ment /1 to Senate Bill
                              n                  '
                1999? That ope it up to teachers?'
                   '            y
         Terzich: 'If I may repl to you that Senate Bill 1999 originally was
                for the Judges Retirement Syste           m
                                               m. A proble was brought forward
                         h'          he achers who wer affected by t economic
                to us wit regard to t te              e             he
                layoff wit regard to their pension. This was co       y
                                                               mpletel explain-
                       he mbers of t House which I ga the complete explan-
                ed to t Me          he               ve
                ation, also the economic impact. It passed out of the House 132
                to 9 on that bas '
         schlickman: '        m orry, I may not ha been here but you have t
                      Well, I' s                  ve                     n'
                ans                               nd    /1
                   wered my questton. what dtd Ame ment / to this Bill do7
                b1d tt strike everything afte    '
                                             r...'                                .
         Terzi     '
              ch: 'Everything after the e     ng
                                         nacti clause/'
               kma  ' he               ke       '
         sdhlic n: 'So t judges were ta n out...1
                   '     '
         Terzich: 'Righto'                                    .
         Schlic                          ut n?'
               kman: nThe teacbers were p i '
                   '              l
         Terzich: 'That's correct.'
                      ha   '
         Speaker Houli n: 'Represe                   '
                                  ntative Schlickman.'
         Sc          '
           hltckman: '          '
                      Tbank you.'

    - 7-
 > . -r .
 . ; -q-c
                             G E N E R A L A S S E 51B L Y
 y :)
'c.- 1
.                                     vx   u sol
                                     s xsoslul s                                      k
 -/ :/.
  J .t
&.s ',.1
'. -
  $ -
  z .
     -                                & ' ; cE r v
                                            e       A
                                 uo us:oe Rc -ts N ' T1 Es
    .f .
    . . .. .(
                   W   si
                 4V 3Q I'.


Speaker Houlihan: M                    ch o     l
                   Representative Terzi t close.l
Terzich: HI move f adoption of Conference C                 / 6
                                           ommittee Report /1.1
 pe              ' q
S aker Houlihan: 'The uestion is shall the House adopt the First Con-
       ference Committee Report on Senat Bill 1999? A11 those in
       favor vote a                    d                 ng
                   ye; a11 those oppose vote no. The voti is open.
       Have a11 voted who wish? Have a11 voted wbo wish? Ha a11
       those voted who wish? Mr. Clerk, ta the record. 0n this
       questf there are 112 ayes; 11 no; and 16 voting present. And
       the First Conference Co                       e
                              mmfttee Report on Senat Bill 1999 is
         o t d y o t t i na j r t          n he e o d u pl me a
       ad p e b a c ns i ut o l ma o i y. O t S c n S p e nt l
                         e                                       pre
       Calendar Conferenc Committee Report is House Bill 3377. Re -
       sentatfve Byerso'
iyers: 'Thank you, Mr. Spea      m
                           ker, I' the primary Sponsor of thfs Bill
           he use and it did rec
       in t Ho                         x
                                eive si signatures and however I
                               ll     k
       would like to see the Bi go bac to Conference Committee and
          ve                  ng
       we' worked out everythi in this. This is the Mental Health
       budget e       he
               xcept t agreement for collective bargaining which is
         7: 0 0 0 n ve yt n a e n o ke ut. A d I d n' k w
        $ 7 0, 0 a d e r hi g h s b e w r d o n   o t no
                   d he
       what happene t vote was tied 5-5 and then a11 of a sudden
                     ehe heir vote and it was 6-4 but I thi it should
        somebody swit d t                                  nk
        go back t a Conference Commit                      '
                                     tee and would move so.'
Spealer Houliha             ema
               n: HThe Gentl n has moved the House do not adopt the
                           e n
        conference Committe o House Bill 3377 and he requests a Second
        Conference Committee. Is there any discussi          ent ve
                                                   on? Repres atf
Rya    '
   n: 'Thank youy Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gentle        he
                                                   men of t House,
        I certainly agree with Re     nt ve       r
                                 prese ati Byers. 'he collective bar-
         a n n g e m nt o -1 2 l i n o l rs ve e n e t ut f
        g i i g a r e e f r 7 / mi l o d l a ha b e 1 f o o
        t                         me nd
         his program. There was so ki of a compro             m
                                                 mise made, I' not

         ure                           to      k me
        s just what it was to add in..e put bac so reductions
         hat d               but re' they' cut i effect the
        t ha been made and... the s...    ve    n
                ve       ng bi
        Collecti bargaini t ng almost in half. Is that rightj Repre-
          nt ve
        se ati Byers?               he
                               nOE t Packaie that We Wanted and I Would
        concur with Repr        ve yers that this s
                        esentati B                     d         o
                                                   houl go back t a
        Second Conf nce Report.o

                   G EN E R A L A SSE M BL Y
                                     LLI S
                           STAT EO F I NOI
                          l      ' >? SCN
                       Hotsf DF IEIFE' TATIVES
                     J )q&
                    Jt 3(1).

Spea               '
    ker Boulihan: 'Representative Madi                    e            '
                                      gany for what purpos do you rise?'
è        ' d the Sponsor yfeld t a questfon?'
 Kdfgan: 'Woul                  o           '
Speaker Houl       1
            ihan: 'He indic             î
                           ates he will.î
         ' Ryers, if this represe
Madigan: fMr.                                   e          ue
                                 nts a compromis on the iss of
        f           he
         unding of t collective bargaining agreement, would you please
        pro           h ome detail as to t pro
           vide us wit s                  he             he mpro  '
                                              vision of t co mise?'
        ' 1, he mpro         h nate A
Byers: 'Wel t co mise was wit Se                 nd
                                     mendment 3 a 4. We had
         g e d re o s y o e t r 2, 0 0 0 n h n o o          d
        a r e p vi u l t r s o e $ 0 0, 0 a d t e s me ne ma e a
             n                                  h                   bo
        motio that we restore a1l the money whic was cut which was a ut
        4.1 million for new staff and vacancies and completely give up the
        collective barg ning money and t    s             he mbers
                                        hatl when one df t Me
        switched their vote to make it go f                 o
                                           rom 5 to 5 to 6 t 4. I
                 y              he nference Committ represents t
        personall do not think t Co                ee           he
        true f                             s        on               k.'
              eeling of the House and that' one reas I want to go bac '
                     pre nt ve
Speaker Houlihanl HRe se atï Madlgan/'
         ' Byers, Il heard different repo
Madigan: 'Mr.       ve                   rts regarding three of
        these Confe nce com         o e
                           mfttees t th effect there uas an attempc
        to pro                                    o
              vide a percentage increase similar t percentage increase
        as gra               mplo   n          me
              nted to other e yees f the depart nt. Is this the
        thrust of t           '
                   his report?'
        '             he
Byers: 'This report. t agree               n             en
                            ment that's bee reached betwe the
        uni represent     he ntal health workers a the manage nt
                     ing t me                     nd         me
            he ntal Health Depa ment calls for a 4Z agree
        of t Me                rt                        ment and
        this budget does not provide for t                o heir legal
                                          hem to live up t t
                    eme '
        binding agre nt-'
 Madigan: n       n
           Well> i other words, this Conference Committee Report is a
        proposal to provide part of t funding for a contract to which
         tbe Legisl e was not a party/'
         '           al
 Byers: 'It was a leg btnding agreement/'
           Bet              re he
 Madigan; N ween who, who we t parties to tbe cont     '
         '      uti         sue y                  he        a1t
 Byers: 'An Exec ve Order is d b the Governor and t Mental He h
        Depareaent and t ASCPEJ'
 Madigan: 'Wel1 who were t parties to the contract, Mr. Byers?'
           '               be                                 '
         '         me                 h
 Byers: fThe Depart nt of Mental Healt and ASCPEJ'
 Madlgan: 'And t            ed
                bey negotiat a contract.              re
                                                    We the Appropriations

                                .        1 3.
                    G E N E R A 1 A SS E p 1 1Y
                                T     L. N s
                            STA. E OF 1 LI oI
                             : 4              V s
                        HouSe 1 F $EPnE$ENTATI E5
                        JDN 7( 1 <

       Committees of either t House or the Senate consulted re-
                he ontracts and the negotiat
       garding t c                              f
Byers: 1I was not personally consultedy noon
Madfgan: f                     he
          Were any Members of t Appropriations Committee of either
       the Ho        he
             use or t Senate?n
Byers: '                        '
        You'll have to ask them.'
          l         '
Madigan: lThank you.'
Speaker Houlihan: H            ve welle
                   Representati E      u
Ewell: nMr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemeny someti              ns
                                                 mes we have si of
       commission and sometimes we have sins of o           w
                                                 mission. No once
       in a while it intri              be
                          gues me that t Sponsor oi a particular
        i l us e s p n he l o n a          e o me d h t
       B l j t g t u o t f o r a d s ys I r c m n t a it go
       back; ever            ye
                 ybody says a 1et it go bac     w
                                           k. Ho do I know that I
            ' o
             t                          ve ver been a me
       want i t go back? First of al1 I' ne             mber of
       any Conference Committee. I don't kno what they did and this
       might be the only chance I have to find out what tbey did. And
        m s n be p n o o l           u t xp ai o s h t
       I' a ki g t s o s r w u d be j s e l n t u w a it is
        that the compromise committee, or what it is that the Conference
        Co     ee
          mmitt did so that I can make up my little mind whether I
             o            h m             r
       want t go along wit hi to go back o I might want to Jsay,
                                   s    hf
        hold it rfght here and letî do t s. And I thfnk that ought
                          o m                           ai
        to be my option. S If asking the Sponsor to expl n the
        term of t compromise/'
            ih    '
Speaker Houl an: 'Represe              '
                         ntative Byers-'
         ' nks, Mr. Spea
Byers: Hlha             ker, the House agreed to accept Senate Amend-
        ment #k wbich was a 50Z provision. It's bee on many of the
        Bills that allows-.a to only spend 50Z up to the first of
        the year. Senatp Amend     /       he          m
                              ment /2 was t one that I' not in
        agreeme wlth and t                           he
                          hat was the one that made t reduction fn
                ne  ms     y           or
        three li ite for pa increases f the union employees inu
         h ep rt n f nt l e l h hi h s o al       7, 9 0 0
        t e D a me t o Me a H a t w c i a t t of $ 6 5, 0 .
         e at me d e / s e u i n 2, 7 00 . e a e m n -
        S n e A n m nt /3 wa a r d ct o $ 1 6, 0 S n t A e d
         e 4 s e uc i n           1, 1 0 0. h e a e g e d nd
        m nt / wa a r d t o of a $ 5 0. 0 T e S n t a r e a
           to put t      wo        k        e          / nd
                   hose t items bac so Senat Amendment /3 a Senate
                   /                           me
        Amendment /4, we first reacbed an agree nt that we would put

                           1            1
                   G E N E 1 A L A SSE 5 BL 5'
                                T:     LLI 3 S
                             STA. 1 DF I N(1
                         l    7 I;3          TV
                        e0 usE oF F e6REsKNTA. l Es
                                     à 86
                                   JD dQ17            .


       a k 2, 0, 0 nd    nt h a o b h r t m n
      b c $ 00 0 0 a we we a e d t t e ot e i e s a d
                                            gai          nt
      wben we got back to the collective bar ning agreeme that's
                     o he     m             de           n
      when we ran int t proble and they deci d to throw i a11
      the money that t                                                ;
                      hey had originally cut out which we had approved.
      It went over to the Senate for a total of about 4.1 million.
           e nd      /                            h hisy the Admin-
      Senat Ame ment /5 reduced, and we agreed wit t
       s r t rs t he r o s e i n f i e y 1 , 0 v e t e
      i t a o a t va i u r g o al o f c s b $2 0 0 0 ( h al h
          e ommittee agreed unanimousl to accept that
      Hous C                          y                         e
                                                           Senat Amend-
        nt /            ract              he          ic nd
      me /7 reduced cont ual services in t central off e a
       at the same time added s                        w
                               ome money that was in ne federal funds.
       Se                      b           o
         nate Amendment #8 whic we agreed t 10 - 0 redrafts language
        n         s      ds
       i the Grant and Ai Section, there was no dollar changes.
            e       nt /
       Senat Amendme /9 added some new dollars to establish a refund
                                al or verpayment. Se
       aceount to repay a hospit f o                nate Amendment
       /           ne
       /10 was ae.. w federal funds that have appropriated from CETA
       money. This was money t      d
                              hat ha been appropriated in another
                                            o his budget. S
       budget and had to be reappropriated t t             enate
       Amendment /11 was si           he
                           milar and t last A         /
                                             mendment /12 there was
          a mist                                        he ne
                ake, we agreed to correct the mistake, t li had read
           $ 0 1y 0 n t a u p e o e d 1, 19 0 0* n
          ' l, 9 0 0' a d i w s s p os d t r a : 0 , 0 a d a
            er                    n ypi  91:
          cl k had made an error i t ng : instead of '19î. So
          that' what it was a11 about. Now this, Mr. Ewe11,..n
S                 '
 peaker Houlfhan: 'Representative Tott     m
                                      en. I' sorry, excuse me,
                   ati well/'
          Represent ve E
E        l                        ntl n, ve
 well: Hèr. Speakers Ladies and Ge eme Il been listening very
                                   w w
          carefully and I don't kno bo anybody else feels about it but
           h s o n s us i o           hn     s     r o d hi g.
          t i s u d j t f ne t me. I t i k it' a ve y g o t n
          A very reasonable thf       s
                               ng. It' worked out very cell: very ef-
          fectively. It s                                        ve
                         uits al1 my needs , a11 the desires I ha and
          speaki for myself I say t     s
                                   bis i a wo         hi
                                             nderful t ng and I'm
           lad to see t      re     ng me
                       hat we' getti so kind of an agreement. I
                       l         t
          would urge tlat we don' reject this Conference committee Report.
            l e s o n n c e t h s ne          e e t h ro o i i n
          We lA 1 t' g o a d a c p t i o . I r j c t e p p s t o
          that any bill bel         he
                           ongs to t Sponsor, tbat he has any proprietary
           ï ht n t e a s us       o n s h s i l e ve h s l s
          r g s i i b c u e j t as s o a t i B l l a s t i l le

                             1             1
                     G E N E 1 A L A SS E51l LY
                                    7F L *o S
                              STATE (' 1 L$4 $
                             l        4        'M
                         HQ ks/ OF REP1ESENTA. I EG

       it binds me and eac and every other Member in the House.
                                            o hin
       And I think that if 89 of us happen t t k that this is a
       good Conference Committee Report we ought to accept it right
        he e t s n o i       d o l rg 9 m e o o n
       w r i i a d s be t. An I w u d u e 8 Me b rs t j i
       me .1

      r          'Re
Speake Houlihan: ' prese                hair
                        ntative Boyle, C man of House Appropriations I J'
        '                                   d              he
Boyle: 'Thank you: Mr. Speaker and Ladies an Gentlemen of t Housey
       the crux of this co               u at
                          mpromisep if yo wa to call it a compromisey
        s s ol o    e a e m n m nt 2 o k u 7 6 5 1 0 i h
       i a f l ws. S n t A e d e / t o o t $ , 9 , 0 wh c
                                      ai ng
       is the socalled collective barg ni money, it wiped it out inr
          o. nate A
       tot Se                / urt
                   mendment ?3 f her reduced personal services in
        he n a e e u u d n he mo n f 2 1 6, 0        e at
       t Ge er l R v n e F n i t a u t o $ , 7 1 0. S n e
          ndme /              ed
       Ame nt /4 further reduc CRF Personal Services in the
        mo nt f 1, 1 90 h e y ki g ot      d t o n me -
       a u o $ 5 0, 0 t er b ma n a t al re uc i n i A nd
        e 3 n        n h m nt f 3, 8 00 . e o o bi
       m nt / a d 4 i t e a ou o $ 6 7, 0 Wh n y u c m ne
        ha t h 7 69 , 0 ha a a e f n e a me me t
       t t wi h t e $ , 5 T 0 t t w s t k n of i S n te A nd n
        2 o a v r. . a 1 0 0, 0 ot l e u t o             o a
       / y u h d o e . we h d $ 1, 0 0 0 t a r d c i n. N w wh t
       we proposed as a compro              h    d
                              mise and T wis you' be at     ve
                                                       tenti and
       listen and may you can underst                 m   ng
                                     and it because I' goi to leave
       it up t you to make up your own mind, what we proposed was that
                                                        nd     /
       the Senate, that the Senate would recede from Ame ment /3 and
              nt /          d vide for the rest
       Amendme /4 which woul pro               oration of
        3, 8 0 0 f e s n e vi e R e e l e nu u d o y.
        $ 6 7, 0 o P r o al S r c G F G n ra R ve e F n m ne
                       opt nd    /                       n
       That we would ad Ame ment /2 which is a 7695 eut i collec-
          ve       ng unds. No this does t mean that t
        ti bargaini f         w         nê            his wipes
        out eollective bargaining, that the state will not honor these
         o t a s. he t t f l i o s a e h 3 6 7, 0 o
        c n r ct T S a e o I l n i c n us t e $ , 8 0 0 f r
        their c       ve            ree
               ollecti bargaining ag ment. This. I am told by our
        staff: will provide for t honoring of these contracts througb
        Dece               ici  d hat the Depart nt will be in f
            mber. It is ant pate t              me              or
                             ati  n
        a deficiency appropri on t December: t                k
                                              hat they will as for
        supple              n
              mental money i December and at t      me         n
                                              hat ti if it is i the
        Legislative wisdom t                 he mpletion of t
                            hey can fulfill t co             hese
        co         hr h                             o
          ntracts t oug July of 1977. As I related t you this is

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M B L N'
                               T ; L eO S
                            STA. E OF I LI: 1
                                     4 : 'V   f
                       Ho usE DF REP1ESeNTA. I ES
                             JU         :7

      a compro            m
              mise and I a neither I am neither recommending it
                              s        s met
      nor am I saying that it' bad. It' so hing thàt we tried
        o   k                   o
       t wor out but I do want t state one thing here today. I
      highly resent some of the socalled labor l    rs
                                                eade in my district
           ng              ele ne
      calli people on the t pho in Jacksonville and at the
       Sc          he         ayi  a
         hool for t Deaf and s ng tlat I am against labor, that
        m                        ai           m          he
       I' against collective barg nings that I' against t working
      man. Now t              ve                       e mployees
                hese people ha lied to some of the stat e
       in my district and I hope that they will be men enough to go
                        en his o . 'his is a half a loaf package:
       back and straight t      ut r
                   ve                  ve
       this will gi them their collecti bargaining agreements until
       December. It's t best that we c                     s
                                      ould work out. If it' the
        il     h s e s a u e o e ec h s e 11      c n r
       w l of t i L gi l t r t r j t t i w ' go ba k a d t y
        o he u 1 6 5 n o h u1 6 7 o he u l 1 0 0, 0
       f r t f l 7 9 a d f r t e f 1 3 8 f r t f l $ 1: 0 0 0
         c g     f u n h h e o h n je t h s n             1
       pa ka e. I yo wa t t e w ol h g t e re c t i a d we' 1
         y                                                hi
       tr for the whole hog. But if you end up getting not ng thea
       be man enough to go back to the people with the unions with the
       state employees unions and tell them you screwed up by trying
       to get t whole hog and you didn't want a half a hog. Be capabley
                       hf                         e    ns
       be able, be trut ul when you represent thes unio and don 't
             k                   nd        people who have al ys sup-
       go bac and 1ie to people a say that '                 wa
       Ported labor ran out of you . .'
SPeaker Houlihan: '         ati
                   Represent ve Boyle, bring your re                 '
                                                    marks to a close.'
        '                                     me
Boyle: 'And so I say to you, use your own judg nt. This is what the
              on                  z
       situati is, if you want a lalf a hog you got a half a hog here.
                                   11            ry              000
       If you want to reject it we' go back and t for the 11,000y .
                                    e o          nd
       But if we can't get the Senat t go along a you get nothing,
          w           z        e                          nd
       kno fu11 well wlat you'r doing. Make up your own mi on how
                 o                nd    :
       You Want t Vote On this M e ment.1
        l          '        ati
Speaker loulihan: lRepresent ve Byers.
        '                                             d ke
BYers: 'There's been quite a bit of talk about pork I' li to take
               .         he                  '
       this Bill out Of t record for a whfle.'
               n   îf
SPeaker Houliha : 'rhe GenLleman re             sio
                                   quests permis n to take this Bill
       out of the rec . Is there..             ve    '
                                  .Representati Duff.'
Duff: 'Wel1, why is t            y                      t      w
                     hat necessar > Mr. Speaker > doesn' he kno whicb

                   G E N E 1 A L A SSE M B L Y
                           T      > L N S
                          S.ATE tF 1 L1 o i
                         s              1 TV
                      Hokl E oF REeRESt1TA. 1 ES
                          JIN 3Q 1 '

               he      s      re?'
       end of t hog he' got be '
Speaker Houlihan: HMr. Duff, Represe     ve
                                    ntati Duff, he has asked to
       take his motton out of tbe record and...         ati
                                               Represent ve Ryan,
       for what purpose do you ri '
Ryan: Hlell, Mr. Speaker, you know I wo                  he
                                       uld suggest that t Gentleman
       lea it in the record: this is the First Conference Committee:
       at least we' get s      nd                   ll
                         ome kt of reading here. Wel have some-
        hi          iat            t   re  ng o
       t ng to negot ey if you don' wet goi t go back and
                             s nd           re   ng.'
       bump heads again. Let' fi out what web doi l
 pea             '                    '
S ker Houlihan: 'Representative Byers.'
        1      ht,      s
Byers: 1Al1 rig if that' the will..oRepresentative Ryan join me
           hi    ll
       in t s wef go/'
Speaker Houliban: HRe                       '
                     presentative Schraeder.'
Schraeder: H              m
            Mr. Speaker,l' cert        ad hat the Sponsor of this
                               ainly gl t
       Bill left this piece of legislation where we coul act on it
        i a manaer that's reasonable. First of al1 let me say that
        those of you who know the pr              ctf
                                    ocess of colle ve bargafnfng also
       kno what it me     o      n         ait   w
                     ans t bargai in good f h. No whether we
        like these ulti           me
                       mate settle nts that was reached by the State
            lli    nd
        of I nois a the union involved is a secondary matter. The
        pri                        gai ng
           nciple of collective bar ni is what it states. The State
            lli                       n n         h, hey reacbed
        of I nois and the union bargai i good fait t
                me                   y
        an agree nt on wages and I sa to you that if we in the State
        of Illi               ng               ni
               nois arenft goi to accept bargai ng in good faitb with
        these people who are e             he
                              mployees of t state then we are doing
                 rio                                   he
        a very se us disservice. And whether you like t principle
                    ve   nd
        or not we ha it a I would say that tbis Conference Committee
        Report s                     h       whel
                houl be. rejected wft an over ming vot
                    d                                 e. Send it
        bac to Committee so t                  lli
                             hat the State of I nois lives up to
        t                    he                            he
         heir commitment in t bargaining process. This is t only
         ar n u a o ra hs m o e n                       o d s ht
        f i a d J st w y t t e t t e e e pl ye s a d I w ul a k t a
        t Conference Committee Report be t                edo'
                                          horoughly reject '
      r l
Speake Ioulihan: HReprese               t
                         ntative Totten.'
Totten: HThank you: Mr. Speaker. Fi      d
                                   rst I' like to make a parlia-
        ment     nq
            ary i uiry and t       ak o
                            hen spe t it if I could. Is it my

                   G EN E R A L A SSE M B L *'
                                        bo 5
                           sTATE oF jLL1l 1
                          ,                  V
                       HDLSE GF H EeR?SEN TAT1 E5
                           m   8*
                          d 4Q 17


       unders     ng                   he           he
             tandi that the motion of t Sponsor of t Bi11 is
       to not adopt t                                l
                     his Conference Committee Report?'
S ker Houlihan: n                                      y
                 Representative Byers, would you clarif your motion
                   l                 re         tee     / 1
       on House Bil 3377 on the Confe nce Commit Report /171
        1                  t
Byers: 1Mr. Speaker, I don' know whether it makes much difference
       which way I make the motion, if I make the motion, does it
                           m           kie             t
       make a difference? I' just a roo here and I don' know
       which way 1 ha the most leverage and.o/î
S ker Houlihan: nWi11 so                       at
                        mebody advise Represent ive Byers which
                   he             '
       way be has t most leverage7'
B       '
 yers: 'Where's that fello that's ad
                          w         vising Representati     '
                                                       ve.u '
T                                 ni              ch.'
 otten: nYour best leverage is lea ng on your crut '
Byers: 'Repres      ve
              entati Jaffe../'
             ha            ati yan/'
Speaker Houli n: HRepresent ve R
Ryan: 'We11, knowing that Re          ve                     me
                            presentati Byers is not on the sa side
       in t              hi                 o
           his issue, I t nk what he wants t do is move this is do
       not adopt this Conference Committee Report so we can go back
        i                                    ng
         nto a second or at least get a readi so we got something to
                    h nd w           re hat' all. Wbat' your
       negotiate wit a kno where we a t     s          s
       motion, Harold/'
                    he           ve            o
Speaker Houlihan: HT Representati Byers moves t not adopt the
        Conference Committee #k on House Bi11 3377 and requests a Second
        Conference Committee. Represe     ve   en           onq'
                                     ntati Tott on that moti '
Totten: 'Okay, t      d
                hen I' like to req                r           me
                                  uest of the Chai on a parlia ntary
        inquir as to whether, as a Member of that Conference Committee?
           an              ute
        I c offer a substit motfon to adopt tbe Conferenee Committee
                          an hat'      o ve/'
        Report. And if I c t s what I s mo
 p a r o l h n: ' e e a i e a i e c
S e ke H u i a ' pr s nt t v M t j vi h/t
 at je c  'M pe ke     y o t e ol t h i t n h n
M i vi h: ' r. S a r,wh d n' w r l wi b t e f rs o e t e
           re      o             e   re             s
        wet going t find out wber we' at? I mean he' responsive
                                                   n' ve
        to the Bi11, roll with that one. If be does t ha the votes
        then you go with yours/'
             ba   '           ve otten, we will allo the Spo
Speaker Houli n: 'Representati T                    w       nsor the
        Privilege of making that motion first and then if that motlon is
                               he                       atl        '
        defeated you may make t second motion. Represent ve Totten.'

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M B L Y
                              .:     LLI4 )S
                           ST#Tt o F I 1C1
                          l; 1          :    V
                       H1tSe oF F EeREStN TAT1 ES
                             N N( .
                           JQ kQ1 ,


Tott     '
    en: 'Then 1et me ask the Chair thisy how many votes does it take
       to adopt a b noz a                   w
                         dopt' report and bo many votes does it
        ae o dp        u ttt        i n? s t a o t '
       t k t a o t my s bs t u e mot o I i a m j ri y?l
      r ulihan: HOn Representative Byerî motion it will take a
Speake Ho                               s
         i l j r y nd n o r ot on f e o o h t r e
        s mp e ma o it a o y u m i i w c me t t a o d r
        of business it will require 89 since it will be final action../'
Totten: '             o       nk he
         We11 then I d not tht t motion to fdo not adopt' would
        be significant necess                nd           o
                             arily to House a the motion t adopt
        would deter         he                                     '
                   mfne whet r we got 89 votes or not to passed ft.'
Speaker Houlihan: HRepres      ve
                         entati Totten, it appears as is normally
                                                     d         '
        and in most casesy in most instances you woul be right.'
        1 m            htol
Totten: 'I a always rig '
 pea                                   he nsor of t Bill the
S ker Houlihan: nBut we have accorded t Spo        he
                  y                                         he
        opportunit to make his motion first. That has been t custom
            he                                             ve
        of t House to operate in that procedure and I belie we
            d                                                       l
        woul probably facilitate things if we move along that order.'
Totten: H             w:     w                  he    e
         We11> you kno in vie of the fact that t Senat has
        us d p e h s o f re e o i t e e o t t o l e m
        j t a o t d t f C n e nc C mm t e R p r f w u d s e
        to me that ouro.that my motion is in order as a substitute
        moti and a Member of that Conference Committee and that I
        woul like to offer that motion to adopt to determine whether
        wef got 89 votes on t           '
                             his or not.'
Speake Houlihan: H           ive         '
                  Representat Matijevich.'
  t e i h: l e e e c o e r s nt ti
           l                             h p ns ry m o n
Ma ij v c ' n d f r n e t R p e e a ve, t e S o o If g i g
        to move that that s               n        he able.'
                           ubstitute motio lie on t t      '
 speaker Houlihan: MRe                  n,        ve be uire
                      presentative Totte if you ha t req d
        votes to adopc ehfs Confere           ee            ll
                                   nce committ Report you wi also
          e e t ep e e a i e ye s t o   o d     rc d t
         d f a R r sn/ t v B rf mo i n. Cul we p o ee wf h
           s            d
         hi motion? Woul you allow us t    '
          '              e hat mine has preference?'
 Totten: 'Do you recogniz t                        '
 Speaker Houlihan: 'I normal situations that would be correct.
                     he    m    be      o
         so tbis is t custo of t House t proceed with Represen-
          ati      s
         t ve Byer' mot              ati
                       ion. Represent ve Byers moves to not
         adopt the Conference Committee Report on House Bi11

                            k .
                    G E N E l A t A S S E 5IB L Y
                                        u11 l
                             STA Tr o 6 l .No'5
                            l               r V
                        H otsE oF REPRESEN'AT1 ES
                                               .    8:
                                              Jl a: 17


                        and request a Second Conference Committee and on that question
                                ve                 n vor vote aye and a11 opposed
                        we'll ha a Roll Call. A11 i fa
                        vote no. Representative Bradley/l                                '
             Bradle   '
                   y: l                      r n                   re
                       Wè11 Mr. Speaker. you' e i the Chair and you' one of
                        t Centlemen that's al          ht
                                             ways fraug for fairness. I dtdn't
                        hear the prevtous que    n ved and there we many Members
                                             stfo mo               re
                        wanted to speak on this iss     nd
                                                   ue. A you rang that bell a little
                                   ve  n own here with my light on q
                        soon and I' bee d                           uite sometime,
                        Mr. Speaker, a I think that there are other Members seeking
                                 on  ov'
                        recogniti als '
              Speaker Houlf     l
                           han: '                          me
                                 Representative Madigan. Ti for you to help out
                        your I h brot                    ver
                                     her. We will allow e ybody the luxury of
                        explaining of their vote. Represe     ve       '
                                                         ntati Hanahanm'
              Eanahan: H                            nt
                        We11 Mr. Speaker, I donît wa to explain my vote I want
                         to debate the issue/'
              S ker Ho               ent ve                    ba
                      ulihan: MRepres ati Hanahan, you will pro bly have the
                                      o bate t
                         opportunity t de                     s     n hat it will be
                                              his issue as thi motio t
              Hanahan: HThe iss before us right now, parliamentary inquiry, the
                            ue                    s     '
                         iss before us right now i what?'
              Speaker Houlihan: HThe motion by Represe               o
                                                      ntative Byers t not adopt
                         Conference Commfttee Report on Ho              1
                                                          use Bill 3377.f
              Ha        '
                nahan; 'We1l, Mr. Speaker, Me                     n
                                             mbers of the House: i explaining my
                                e n upport of a motion t do not adopt. It' base
                         yes vot i s                    o                 s    d
                         on a simple philosopby that if you enter into a contract and
                          nte nto an agree
                         e ri                        s
                                          ment wbat i more sacred than t     n
                                                                        hat i this
                         c                   lt n aws. A nation bui on contracts.
                          ounty? A nation bui o l                  lt
                         We' talking about ratification here now of contract law.
                         Now, Mr. Speaker, Members of the House, a very basic idea of our
                               y    n
                         societ is o that premise and if we viol                  ng
                                                                ate that by adopti a
                         Conf nce Co                     n
                                    mmittee Report that i its truest intent is a clear
                         i                                 d nd
                          ndicatfon that our word is no goo a a contract don't mean a
                           mn hing. I vote aye/'
                         da t
                  S                  '
                   peaker Houlihan: 'Representative..othe Chair recognizes somewhat

                                         ese   ve
                         cautiously, Repr ntati Telcser/'

    J,&'jca . .
      -': x .
        i f%                          G E N E R A L A S S E 51B L 4:
    t k':-ts
    7tt ..,;
    /.k .w
      -. f '
      1 - J.
      . (
       ;                                              ,
                                             T T F L. os
                                             S A CO Ikx ç                    .
    ..   t'?- #-
          .'. .
          t .'
             7                                    eE    A
                                            leo p: R s r V
                                         aots: FIt I:EN' T1 Es
         p   . .x
                                      N )8 6
                                    dp 7(17


       Telcser: HMr. Spe                       ve
                        aker, it seems to me weî got the wrong motion
                 re   né
              we' voti on..J'
       Speaker Houlihan: nRepresentative Telcser, Representative Geo-Karis
                             ht          e                     nd
              has had her lig on for quit a while, would you mi if I
              recognize her?n
                   '       nd
       Geo-Karis: 'Ladies a Gentlemen of the House, this union t    s n-
                                                                hat' i
                             n                  o    ke
              volved has it i its contract not t stri and if you want the
               e m e s ni n n e e u o h d t g i s ye s t o
              T a st r' U o i h r j st g a ea vo e a a n t B r' mo i n.
                m   li
              I* tel ng you right now that Mr. Ha               o
                                                 nahan happens t be right
              because t     s
                       here' 881 people tbat are going to be removed from
                      ua                 he ntally il1 and if you don'
              very val ble services for t me                          t
              give it a                             I         o
                       nother Conference Report..... suggest t you tbat we
              vote yes to not concur.'
                    ha                       er.'
       Speaker Houli n: HRepresentative Telcs '
       Telcser: HMr. Speaker, I think Represe                  ere
                                             ntative Totten off d a sub-
                  ute               ad he
              stit motion to adopt a t n Representative Matijevich moved
               t                     he able, it see to me we ought to be
                hat motion 1ie upon t t             ms
                  ng           ati     je    s        o ablee'
              voti on Represent ve Mati vich' motion t t     l
                                     ive                ati
       Speaker Houlihan: HRepresentat Telcsery Represent ve Matijevich
                   t            or hat p
              wasn' recognized f t                         n he
                                        urpose and we are i t middle of
               t Roll Ca11..J1
       Telcser: H                                         n'         o dopt
                 Ne11 then what about Representative Totte s motion t a
       Spe                Re
          aker Houlihan: H prese                     d
                                ntative Totten allowe Representative Byer
               the leave t proceed with his motion. Representative Beaupre/'
       Bea       '
          upret 'We11> Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Ge    me
                                                    ntle n of the House:
               somet        n
                    imes whe we get in     he
                                          t final days the emot       nd
                                                               ions te to
                      h nd                    o
               run hig a as a result we tend t get off the track of the
               issue. The problem here is t     he mpromise thatls being of-
                                           hat t eo
               fered tr        t          se
                       uly isnl a compromi at all. The problem is that those
               who are atte                                   h his Conference
                           mpting to compromise this issue wit t
               Commtttee Report are s       ng              nt hat they go
                                     uggesti to the Departme t
                   d                    an              he
               ahea with their normal pl of continuing t employment of those
               who now exist at the ne agreed rate and salary level and then

   < A #'
   x. - .
    v m<'
 a.(.%v                     y
                          G j x E u x I A s gE M B LY
     b                                .
' &.Z . r
 r . . 'i
 ' tV-);
l f -. t ;
' .. i r' j                        -a'c uueo'
                                  sr r oed l4 s
     . ;
     : .
     C .
    q '+
                                   l r PRCENTATVE
                                Hoksro!RE S    I S
   - * ''
                                         Nj g
                                       Jp :gys


                come back in f a supplemental appropriation. Now that
                 u     n' or    f o l ot e ve u n n me
                j st wo t w k. I y uî l n e w ha p t a Ame d nt
                in t Senate on everyone of t                 he unds,
                                            hese Bills that t f
                no more than half of the funds can be e           we
                                                       xpended bet en now
                and Ja           c
                      nuary 1st. JNere does t                  s    n
                                             hat put us? It put us i a
                      on      ng
                positi of layi off hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
                              n hese institut
                of employees i t                     w
                                             ions. No if we do that we...
                                  ng               n
                it has a snowballi effect because i order for us to get
                fe             ro                   me
                  deral funds f m the federal govern nt to help pay the
                freig in Mental Health Care we have to maintain certain
                ratios of healt care providers and t                  ng
                                                    hose who are worki in
                         in hese instit
                health..o t                    o
                                       utions t patients and those being
                cared for. If we fail to do that by laying off al1 these
                employees wef going to end up losing federal funds. So
                   re    y
                weR reall cutting off our nose to spite our face here
                                         ecti             ree
                just because of this coll ve bargaining ag ment didn't
                  ve      mp
                ha the sta of approval of this General Assembly. I think
                tbat' wrong. I t        s               n   re
                                hink it' unfortunate whe we' dealing
                                  s o             he
                with an area that' s critical to t citizens of this state
                and I would hope we get more green lights up there.î
         Speaker Houlihan: HReprese     ve       '
                                   ntati Bradley.î
         Bradley: HWe11y thank youy Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker and Ladies and
                Gentle                            ke        he
                      men of the House, I would li to call t attention to
                 he           n very Conference t
                t House that i e                       ve
                                                 hat I' been a Member of
                  ve e t i e h a n r a s o - / Z.            s i
                weR r s r ct d t e p y i c e se t 2 1 2 We al o d d
                tbat with bills...Appropriations Bills that did not appear be-
                 o e. n    he. o mi t e  o     a l h t nt o f o
                f r a # of t c m t e s. N w I c l t e at e i n o y u
                Me                         es n
                  mbers who have universiti i your area; we kept the uni-
                  r i y ys e o -l 2 . o 1 f u d n           v h e
                ve s t s t m t 2 / Z N w a 1 o a s d e we ha e t re
                depart       n
                      ments i here that are operating separately to think
                that t                hr               hro
                      hey can ramrod t ough increases t ugh the General
                       y nd
                Assembl a deny other state employees...     re
                                                       they' entitled to
                those i            o nd              ny
                       ncreases als a they want to de those people those
                increases. I think we should be consistent and also, Mr.
                                  ay  s         ra               ome
                Speaker: I might s it' rather st nge to me tbat s body

 ,''D- a-
   %- pa-
    v .
  '% N '
    c -                                         1
                           G E N E R A L A SSE 5 B L Y
i- 1 .
1.. .
'r . a. à!                           v      uuj s
                                  sxA, E og l No t
 ( ,r '
  z .x
  x?'Z '
.:' . g
     .                             co' . :
                               aous : F nEeHesENTATIvES
 x, !-   J.
          .                                                                      1
                                            l sg


                                 ng vhat a differenc a da makes'. Welly
                  said this morni '                 e    y
                  what a difference a year makes because I see the Covernorês
                              ng        wn
                  people runni up and do the aisle fighting for increases
                  this year whe last year they were f     ng
                                                     ighti for a 6Z increase
                  and what a difference a year does make. I hope that he has
                  the money/'
          Speaker Houli      '
                       ban: 'Representat         n.'
                                        ive Totte '
          Totten: f          k
                   We1l, than you: Mr. Speaker, I think there is some confusion
                     e n he             on
                  her o t vote. The moti is to do not adopt. If you don't
                  wa to adopt this C    re
                                    onfe nce Co                he
                                               mmittee Report t n you are
                  voting green. Let me point out to the Members of the General
                  Assembly there's a 310,000 operations budget t       re
                                                                hat we' dealing
                  with...310,000,000. Of that 310:000,     he
                                                      000 t Department has a
                  $6,         ra                  he                 ee
                     000,000 t nsferability. And t Conference Committ re-
                  stored i                   ion ll ome 2. million d
                          nto this Appropriat Bi s        6         ollars
                           ng m           ndme
                  by recedi fro Senate Ame nts 3 and 4. The net reduction
                  n hi i l s 4, 0, 0 ve ha i h          as n r d c d.
                  i t s B l i $ 00 0 0 o r t t wb c it w i t o u e
                                             d hat in many areas t
                  The Department has indicate t                   hey can use
                            /       h        6             rs
                  Amendment /10 whic added l. million dolla for fillfng va-
                  cancies whic is federal funds. And I see absolutely no reason
                  for us to support t            o
                                     his motion t not adopt. We should adopt
                  t     we            he
                   his.v- should use t motion to adopt and get t     ut
                                                                his o of
                r           '     ent ve       '
          Speake Houliban: 'Repres ati Madison.'
          Ma    n   '
            diso : 'We11, t            y                r   m
                           hank you ver much, Mr. Speake > I' not at a1l con-
                            he            m               ye         n
                  fusèd by t motion and I' going to vote a on a motio do
                  not adopt. This is not a compromise this is a sell-out. The
                                      ive    ni bat was done i good faith.
                   sell-out of collgct bargai ng t            n
                    w                   e
                  No Representative Boyl mentio      met                  er
                                               ned so hing about this Conf -
                   e           ee port ha
                    nce Committ Re       ving a half a hog. Well I suggest to
                   you that it's less than half a hog and worse than that it's
                             nd                                 '
                   the east e of a hog heading west. I vote aye.'
                        han '        at           '
           Speaker Houli : 'Represent ive Madiganv'
                 n  îr
           Madiga : ' f . Speaker and Ladies and Ge            he l
                                                   ntlemen of t louse, during
                   the course of t                ve       '
                                  his debate we ha heard... '

     .eh ' -
    .trA L'..                     ï     t               1
                                G j x E j A L, A s s E 5 B L Y
    >vw. n.e.
      q ...
, '. '
; . . Q,.
; 4.(' (.
7sk ' ' !
   x t                                 v. g'ue 1
                                          v   .l
                                       s , co.s Ios
'       -
    .     , -
         . ' '
        kkn - '
            '                                v s z
                                       le ''; : 4r T v :
                                    Hoks ov,e Re E''. $ Es
                                    J2N 20 17

    Speaker Houlihan: 'Representati      e
                                   ve..o. xcuse me, Representative.
                  ese            '
              Repr ntative Byers.'
    Byers: H presentattve Madigan spoke in debate.n
    Speaker H               ie            at
             oulfhan: HI bel ve, Represent ive Byers, that was on
              the other i ue before you made your motion and I will recog-
                         ent ve       '
              nize Repres ati Madigan.'
              '                           ng he
    Madigan: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, duri t course of thts debate
                 ve            aee nts.. '
              ve' heard many sc me      .l
    Speaker Ho         '                      ve digan. Representative
              ulihan: 'Excuse mey Representati Ma
              1       nt
    Madison: l0n a poi of order, Mr. Speaker, Representative Byers made
              hfs moti at the begfnnfng of his remarks/'
                                   ve             u'
    Speaker Houlihan: HRepresentati Madison: if yo ll recall he made
                                re w                          ive digan.'
              his motion and wel no on that order. Representat Ma       l
    Madi n: HThank you: Mr. Speaker, during this debate we have heard
              very strong state             ng
                               ments regardf the sanctfty of a contract
              neg              n his
                 otiated betwee t Department and a labor union. A con-
              tract requires t parties to the contract and I have always
                 n            ve
              bee 1ed to belie that the Legislature is an equal partner
              in the busf                   nme
                         ness of state gover nt wfth the Executfve. That
               the Executive prop               he
                                 oses and that t Legislature disposes.
               submit to you t     he
                              hat t concept of partners             he
                                                       hip between t Legis-
               lature and t Executive has been violated in this instance be-
               cause not one of us> not one Member of the Approprfatfons Com-
                            he be          he
               mittee in eit r t House or t Senate was a party to this
               contract or agree                  ons            he
                                ment or was even c ulted during t nego-
               tiation. That is the issue t                  o
                                           hat is presented t you today.
               Will Code Depart s of this state be allowed to go off on their
               own, negotiate contracts, now mind you tbat will bind you not
                u t o ne e r: ut o ce va l he o l i d o o h s
               j s f r o y a b c n i b y t y c u d b n y u fr t i
                      he              xt
               year, t next and the ne and who knows how long the contracts
                                  he         s        y,
               will run. That is t issue. It' your dut your soverign
               dutyy t come to this Body and vote yes or no on appropriations.
                                        o   e
               And where is your power t vot yes or no on appropriations if
               you were i a perfunctory manner ratifted actions such as

  mt, r .
    jt '
    ' 4  4                                      1
                          G E N E R A L A SS EM 1 LY
  / - ' x<
éJ4.1r:- :
        )1                         T     L1 S
                                  S ATCOCI kNO$
: . /.. '.
   i i
t.i t.. v '
  t T ;
      .                          l     P S7 TV 9
                              HotsEoFRE RE ENTA I E
I                                           ù W*
                                         àù$' ùq


                     what occurred i thts instance/'
                                 Ha         ed
              Speaker Houlihan: H ve a11 vot who wfsh? Representative Duff/'
              Duff: H           pea                            he
                     We11, Mr. S ker, Ladies and Gentlemen of t House, everybody
                     see to feel that this compromise, well many people seem to
                     say that this compromise represents acceptance or nonacceptance
                                ve                     ll   en
                     of collecti bargaining but if you' list carefully to the
                                  he       atio
                     Chairman of t Appropri ns Committee when he mentioned half
                     of his hog, he said that t half money that's been put out will
                     allow the collective bargaining agreement be met from now until
                     the first of January at which time t        d me       o
                                                         hey woul co back. S if
                     you vote not toa.. you vote no on this you are in fact accepting
                             ve             n
                     collecti bargaining eve though many people are saying they
                                                               ll        xt
                     are not. They are accepting that and whatR bappen ne year?
                           xt vernor will ha to come i a raise taxes i order
                     Tbe ne go              ve        n nd            n
                     to meet the other half of the obligation. These monies are going
                                     he rst half of t year to meet collecti
                     to be used for t fi             he                    ve
                     bargaining agreeme      w      re
                                       nt. No if youb against coll    ve
                                                                  ecti bargain-
                     ing agree                        ng               nd
                              ments you should be voti to nonconcury se it baek
                      o nference C
                     t Co                            he
                                  ommittee and dare t m to bring it out with any
                     collective bargai            n   '
                                      ning money i it.d
              Speaker Houlihan: MRepresentative Ewell, tbe clock will keep a little
                     order in t           '
                               bis debate.'
                     ' Spea
              Ewell: 'Mr.  ker, Ladies and Gentlemen: in essence I think Mr.
                     Madigan is exactly right. You cannot put yourself into the
                           on              he
                     positi where you had t obligat              he
                                                   ion to raise t money. A
                     contract between Mr. Hanahan and Mr. Byers is meaningless to
                     me whe they don't put in the mone     w
                                                      y. No anytime we sit here
                     as an Asse              ve       d             he
                               mbly and we ha a twofol dutys raise t money and
                       he        he   y              ng          u
                      t n spend t mone by appropriati it. Once yo lose your
                     ability to appropriate money, once you allow yourself to be
                     usurped and other parties, anybody else can tell you how much
                     money you must put in, youf in dire critical condition. And
                      I ask you, where will a11 those members of any union or anybody
                                      s                    ax          ve
                      else be when it' time to vote for a t increase. Il been
                                            n   ve    o
                      here several years whe we' had t vote tax increases and

         4x . ;,.
          v3 r '1;
           % .:
           L .
         :xJf'.z                 G j N r j A j A g g j Ajj L Y
                                   j ,k .             l
                                                     j j
      ?l ..
     . . k                                     k
       k. ' 'i
       x 7''
     :''.')r.                       HotsEo!Rse us I l :
                                       ls r ResIos ues
          :. . +                                                                            I
!<            i
                                                                                        .   j
I                                            'j
                                           aut k Q
                                             i          '                             '


                                    he me                          me    e
                     you don't get t sa kind of voice out of the sa peopl .
                                       ur            y     me
                     Then it bec8mes yo duty, the dut of so other responsible
                     citizens to raise taxes but not mine because it would affect
                     me adversely i my district. You can't get it b0th ways;
                               re oing to take the appropriation, do it as we ought
                     either weR g
                     to do it or else let' resort to some ot       m         me
                                                            her for of govern nt.
                           m lad
                     And I' g to vote no/î
              Spea              'Ha
                  ker Houlihan: l ve a1l voted who wis                   ki    '
                                                      h? Representative S nner.'
              Skinner: HMr. Spea                        bo
                                kery I could care less a ut this contract, there's
                     a progra change, a very signiffcant program change, that could
                     make us vote no on this do not adopt motion. And that is the
                     grants to Local 7084 dropp 6.8 million dollars while the money
                     for operations of the Me al Health Depart           wn 7
                                                              ment are do 4.
                     millio dollars. Now: if we vote no on this and yes on the
                     ne motion we can tell the Depart            al
                                                     ment of Ment Hea1th and
                     De         al
                       velopment Dis                          ot
                                    abilities that they have g to èlose insti-
                                       he                    h
                     tutfons; tbat is t way this mental healt field is going is
                      h y us a n' o t n h s a . nd f           e o r
                     t e j t h ve t g t e t e me s ge A i we vot n he e
                        ll lp ve  m            '
                     wed he gi the the message.'
              Speaker Houlihan: H                      '
                                 Representative Jacobs-'
              Jacobs: HWe11, t k you, Mr. S                        eme
                                           peaker, Ladies and Gentl n of the House:
                            w  ve
                     you kno we# been t    ng
                                       alki about contracts. A1l righty the
                                             nd  s
                     contract bas been made a ft' been signed but what about the
                     patients? Not one damn word has been said about the patient
                       n            pit       ne           n aid about 68l
                      i a mental hos al. Not o word has bee s
                      mp o e s o ng o o e h i o s. o e s e n h al
                      e l y e g i t l s t e r j b N w l t' g t o t e b l;
                          s          ut
                      letf forget abo the contract, it's signed. But those patients
                                  d     re            he
                      are there an they' waiting for t care that we promised
                      their families. They could be your mother, my father, or a
                      member of my family. Let's look at it from the standpoint of    '
                      where we should be looking../'
              Speaker Houliha    '           ng
                             n: lWil1 you bri your re                 '
                                                     marks to a close?'
                       '        s                                  '
              Jacobs: 'Jusc letf take care of the pattents, please-'
                    r           '
              speake Houlihan: 'Repres      ve
                                      entati Cata    '

      %.. L2
       ' r '%
        4 ; ;
     ,'..A'j.                                                ,
           r z.
    ck ?('pc.
    .u .    r k
                                 G EN E R A L A SSE M B L '  '                            ,
    ' r ' . , )1
        4 24 %                            T ' . uu$ s
                                         s ATEop , sol                                    ,
      . .u . . .
        w- .r '
         '.                               : es e c s4 v v s
                                    so use o . s s s r x I s                              .
       4 .- .
                                                  v   %%
                                                 J %3ûh1

     at ni ' ak o
           T               p a e n e be s f h o s           ut
    C a a: ' h n y u, Mr. S e k r a d M m r o t e H u e, I j s
                d                     aig
           wante to set the record str ht on one point. An earlier
                                         he        y
           speaker said that we limited t universit administrators to
           a sal                   Z
                ary increase of 2.5 and t                 d uit the
                                         herefore we shoul li
           employees for the Department of Mental Hea1th. Tbat simply
           is not true, the university ad      rat
                                         minist ors got their requested
           salary increase of 4. and I think that everybody here needs
           to be made aware of that/'
    Speaker Houlihan: 'Represe     ve     '
                              ntati Byers.'
            '                         d ke                      nt
    Byers: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I' li to get back to the poi that
                 ent ve
           Repres ati Jacobs >as talkfng about and they were talking
           about t patie                 al              be
                        nts in the hospit and these are t employees
           that take care of that. The pe                he
                                         ople that make t beds, theylre
           t people that clean up, t    re
                                    heyl the people tbat empty the
           ashes, theyf the people that cook the food, t    re
                                                        heyb the nurses,
           t people t        be veryday task in our me
                     hat do t e                                 h
                                                      ntal healt hos-
           pitals. Rece y we were up in Li    n
                                          ncol and they had 7 people
           feeding 70 developed mentally disa                ng
                                             bled people duri tbe noon
           hour and it was a mess. They need more people in there. And
           I t nk this is.e.                         o
                            where you have a chance t determine where
                     o        ur
           you want t place yo priorities, whether you want to give
             o l g d ni t a o s - / Z ai        e h y' e r d
            c l e e a mi s r t r a 4 1 2 r se wh n t e r al ea y
            getting 40 or 50, a year or give a state employee that's
            getting 500 or 600 dollars a mont a 4Z raisé. And I think
            t                        u an
             hib is a chance where yo c order your priorities. And I
                d                  f
            koul urge a green vote.'
    Speaker Houli             1
                 han: HHave al voted who wish? Have al1 voted who wish?
                     ati       '
            Represent ve Boyle.'
            '      ha                        ll           m             '
    Boyle: 'We11, t nk you, Mr. Speaker, youl note that I' voting green.'
     S ler Houlihan: HRepresentative Boyley...          '
                                              the Chair.'
     Boyle: H                   m    ng reen. Since I spo last I have
             You'll note tbat Iî voti g                  ke
            talked to what I consider responsible labor leaders in Illinois
                                      s hat are r
            and not some of the nitwit t                        n
                                                 unning around i my dis-
            trict and t      ve
                       hey ha advised me t     he
                                          hat t y desire, that it is
                    sh o                                  et
            their wi t go after the wbole bog, to try to g itN to

                       G E N E R A L A SS E M B LY
                                        L N S
                              STATE oF I L1 o 1
                             ,. 3 R      7 I    V:
                          HoLSE t F IEPREGE'TAT1 1S


                roll t dice and so I would urge us to reject it if this is
                their wish. I think that they're the ones who helped to set
                up t          me
                    hese agree nts, they understand the risks involved,
                  ud r      u o ot ye n e e te'
                wo l u ge yo t v e a a d r j ct i '
                            '           ve
         Speaker Houlihan: 'Representati Hoff    '
                                   pea              nd
         Hoffman: nThank you: Mr. S ker and Ladies a Gentle        he
                                                           men of t House:
                       re         re               on           oda
                what we? seefng he fn thfs discussf and debate t y ïs
                how ludicrous it is for an executive officer to set up through
                             ve                              rt
                fiat collecti bargaining. You have three depa ments of the
                          e over
                whole stat g    nment that are involved and we, as a Legis-
                lature, are atte        o reat a1l st
                                mpting t t           ate employees the same.
                We were not party to that contract therefore we should not be
                 e d s o s b e or o n o et i h t s n r n u g
                h l re p n i l f d i g s m h ng t a wa a er or i j d -
                                     he            ve             m
                ment on the part of t Chief Executi Officer. And I' voting
                no for an opportunity to vote aye on tbis motion to adopt this
                Conference C                '
                            ommittee Reportg'
          pe              '
         S aker Houlihan: '         at                  n
                           Represent ive Kelly to explai his vote/l
         Kelly: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker, Me          he
                                           mbers of t House, I agree with
                  ny            pea
                ma of the past s kers who disc               er nd
                                              ussed this matt a talked
                 a                        ic
                  bout their position part ularly when Representative Jacobs
                brought up t point that wetre not talking about collective
                       ni                           he  ds
                 bargai ng as much as we are about t nee of our c     ns
                                                                 itize in
                  h e              uti        he            re
                 t es meneal instlt ons. Now t money that wef discussing
                                                  o ney tbat will go mostly f
                 and talking about here pertains t mo                        or
                 direct care to these patie       w
                                           nts. No we know and those who that
                   ve     n           y
                 ha been i the Assembl know that if we do not accept this
                                ll                 n.            ve
                 Report that itf come back out agai Well let's gi this
                 Conference an opport                              o o
                                     unity and Mr. Byers a chance t g in and
                         he                 o
                 see kf t re is any chance t get additional f          he
                                                             unds for t citizens
                 that need the most help, t                 or
                                           hat cannot care f themselves. And I
                 vote yes ver easily because I know that this measure will come
                    k        loo '
                 bac on the f r.'
          speaker Houlihan: 'Representative Ebbesen/l
           b s n: Y s, r. p a e n xp a n n      ot     u d us nc u -
          E be e H e M S e k r, i e l i i g my v e I wo l J t e o r
                              ke           nd         h he
                 a&e you to ta the record a get on wit t final phase of

   4 j.;ï.
        z                                             a/
                            G E N E R A L A S S E h1B j4,
. - ..
 jl : f:t
. 'g - x',
      . j                             r
                                    'A' , uu s s o
                                   sr . c of j I l j
 &o ' p.
r.z/. ,
   , r
 , k .. *                          l:    e El . V S
                                Hot$EoFRC RE5 bYAT1 E
   : t'
   ' .**
                                                 i K%
                                               ::l öp l


                     '   î
             Speaker Houli      Ha         ed
                          han: H ve a11 vot who wi      ve      ed
                                                  sh? Ha al1 vot who
                    wish? Have a11 voted who wish? Mr. Clerky take the record.
                    On this question there are 79 aye votes; 83 no votes; and 1
                    vot      ese
                       ing pr nt. And the Gentlemanîs motion is defeated.
                    Represent ve Totten/f
             Totten: nThank you, Mr. Speaker, now I woul like to...
                                                        d          H
             Speaker Houli      '
                          han: 'Representative Tott                        or
                                                   en, do you rise to ask f a
                          al                f
                    revers of the Roll Callk'
                      '                         x                       '
             Totten: 'No not unless I can get si more red votes on here.'
             Speaker Houli     IAII
                          han: ' right, proceed/'
             Totten: HMr. Speaker, now as a Me         he
                                              mber of t Conference Committee I
                            ke      w       on
                    would li to rene my moti which was a substitute motion:
                       gi y,
                    ori nall to adopt Conference C                /
                                                  ommittee Report f1 on House
                    Bill 3377.f
             Speaker Ho         '
                       ullhan: 'Is there discussion? Representative Totten moves
                    to adopt the Conference Co                /      use
                                              mmittee Report f1 on Ho Bill 3377
                                           pe                  e ye; a11 those
                    and the voting is now o n. A11 in favor vot a
                               e                            es o
                    opposed vot no. This will require 89 vot t adopt the First
                    Conference Committee Report on House Bi 3377 and on that ques-
                    tion Repres      ve                      e.'
                               entati Mudd to explain his vot '
                    èr.          d ke                        nfor
             Mudd: H l Speaker, I' li to rise to a point of i mation. If
                    we vot red and do not accept this C    re
                                                       onfe nce Report does this
                             n he me
                    make it i t sa status as other Bills that do not proceed?
                                                  ee rom where it came?
                    Does it go back to the Committ f                          Okayy
                    tbank you/'
             Speaker Houliban: HRepresentative Mudd, I would presume that somebody
                    wo                   ion   o
                      uld renew their mot not t accept kf this was not approved
                      nd                           nd
                     a then we would request a Seco conference committee, if
                     the House would adopt t                     ati
                                            hat motion. Represent ve Telcser.
                       ve      ed
                     Ha all vot who wis     ve
                                       h? Ha al1 voted who wish? Represen-
                     tative Hanahan/'
             Ha         l
               nahan: Hsr. Speakery Me                        w              n
                                      mbers of the House, a fe months ago whe a
                     contraet was e     d                ag         s
                                   ntere into by the Chic o Teacber' Union and
                            y   cag                    ber
                     the Cit Chi o Board of Education t e was a 1ot of green

             ,                                           p
  k% )- k
  g:1 ;                         G E N E R A L A ssE M B L5
' . -' '
k î<':/ k
        LJ                                        -
                                         '-'c r tt Nol
                                        sr r o! I- l s
   h? œ .
   ' .
.. ;!n < :                         HG USE o .. e s c d sr c
                                        : er n s e .1 s
                                             s       v 'u                 '
  ,s' '  -   .+
             .                                                                        j
                                                 ï ïb
                                               Jki öQ lIL

                        light up there that their vot   would have been voting red
                        in tbe sa kind of cont           ms
                                              est. It see odd that a1l of a sudden
                        when a diffe              ng ore
                                    rent ox is bei g d that some people see things
                        through different eyes. Well 1et me tell you, Mr. Speaker, the
                           nci s
                        yri ple' the same. The identical principle is involved bere.
                        Either a contract is valid or it isn'    f
                                                             t. I you believe in
                        thi                     hat u         er nto an agreeme
                           ngs that are rfght: t yo freely ent i               nt
                        and that a11 the taxpayers will honor t      ree
                                                               hat ag ment in repre-
                        se                nt  n
                          ntative governme the we will vote no on this motion and
                        1et the Conference Co                     ut
                                             mmittee come up and c out other expen-
                                       y                            ve   o he m-
                        ditures tbat ma not be valid but at least li up t t co
                        mitment t                        ere nto by the emplo
                                 hat was made, freely ent d i                yees
                        and representati                   n
                                        ves of the people i the Department that nego-
                        tiated this contract. It's sheer st      y
                                                           upidit to have the Legis-
                        lature negate a freely ente      '
              Speaker Houli     î
                           han: '            ng
                                 Wi11 you bri your remarks to a elose, Represen-
                            ve       y
                        tati Hanahan?y
                        1           ati
              Hanahan: 1I urge a neg ve vote so that in a sensible manner that the
                        Legislature may address itself to a questio that is truly per-
                                 o                         me
                        plexing t a1l of us but at least co up with a reasonable
                        answer and not to hide behi a sham that somehow our candidate
                        f gover                   hi
                               nor is saying one t ng and our Democratic leaders are
                        doi another in this Ho    '
              Speake Houlihan: HRepresentative Totten/'
              Tott                                           nd
                  en: nWe11, thank you, Mr. Speaker: Ladies a Gentlemen of the
                        House. Let me re                     he
                                        mind the Members of t House those of you
                        '      d'                      he
                         afeere of what may happen in t collective bargaining agree-
                                      t            y                 be
                        ment, you donl know what ma be bappening in t Second Confer-
                        ence Co                                     h verything t 1
                               mmittee Report. I bappen to agree wit e           hat s
                         n his Conference C
                        i t                                       hin   s
                                           ommittee Report but I t k it' best for
                        the people of t State of I         n    wn
                                                  llinois i my o mind at least
                                       ve                                 n
                        that what we ha is the best and what we may have i a Second
                        Conf nce Co                                   ons
                                   mmittee could be worse on a1l fashi . Let me
                        also poi out to the Gentle
                                nt                       m   l
                                                  man fro Mclenry, that the third        *
                         P y was not invol     n
                                          ved i that negotiation that go on in collective

          ' .
        >- ,q..
               g .
                                            t              .1 .
                                    G E N E I A L A s s E )1I L Y
        . .5 . T- . .
     (. ,
     - ,
    j;... N j                                      ru a s
                                           sTATE o y j uj oj
    ' ; ' )(.
     j '
    , &-n. .'
    .                                             :          V
                                       HousE oe'ReeREsENTATI ts
         !..-                                                                                1
                                                 N ' 0:
                                               JU J2 17 .


                  bargaining and that the people of Illinois, the taxpayers of
                  Illinois: who are represented by you and I in this General
                  As mbly. What has happened is that a contract has been entered
                  int between two parties and almost eleven million people in
                  this state have bee left out and I think t    s
                                                            hat' a sham. I
                     nk  s                            e              o
                  thi it' blackmail. I tbink the cours we're taking t adopt
                                     e       I
                  Conference Committe Report Ik and it is the best one for the
                  people of the St                 nd                   '
                                  ate of Illfnois a I urge q green vote.'
           Speaker Houlihaa: 'Have a11 voted who wis     ve      ed
                                                    h? Ha a11 vot wbo wish?
                  Representative Frie               n         l
                                     drich to explai his vote.'
           Friedrich: N             nd           he
                       Mr. Speaker a Members of t House, I think this vote is
                  one of those if you stop beati your wife kind of things. If
                      re          n           owi
                  you# voting gree you are all ng tbe contract raise for six
                  mo                             h
                    nthsy as I understand it, wit the underst    ng    re
                                                             andi they' going
                  to co in here for a deficienc           ly      re
                                               y. Apparent if you' voting
                  red you don't belie in the raise in the first place. I'm
                  s              me                                    m
                   ure there's so confusion around here and possibly I' one of
                            us        s he      s
                  those conf ed. Thatî t way ft' been e             his
                                                       xplained on t floor/l
           S                 '
            peaker Houlihan: '             d
                              Have all vote who wish? Have al1 voted who wish?
                           ati        o xplain his vote/'
                  Represent ve Epton t e
           Epto            u,
               n: HThank yo Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen,
                     s en              n       ve otte to debate or disagree-
                  it' be a rare occasio when I' g     n
                  ment with To Hanahan and I do so reluctantly now. No one
                         ns           y,
                  questio his sincerit his desire, his zeal and hfs devotion
                  to l          he ame token 1, to bave a dedication to labor
                      abor. By t s                o,
                  but I a also confused by some of the remarks that have been
                  made concerning wbat my dut is as a Legislator. My job is to
                  determine how funds are utilized. When Tommy Hanaban suggests       .
                                he vernor ma a edict and allowed cert n con-
                  tbat because t Go         de n                     ai
                  tracts to be e                  m                      aso
                                ntered into that I' bound by that, his re ning
                  goes a bit beyond me. I perhaps would be very willing to see
                  collective bargaining but if the issue of collective bargaining
                  is decide it will be decided by tbts Ho           ese
                                                         use of Repr ntatives
                  and not by the Governor and not by the labor unions. I say in..J'

         < ''
        < A &'.

     #la '- .
      x ..n '.
      t& e
    . î. '- ;
    7. t
          .                  G ENE RA L AssEM BLY
                                      T T 77'Q NtI
                                     S A Ete'ul 7S
         .. . -
    ' ' ijX t .
        '. ' *                    1'lE 7 E 'C E 1 T V
                                 +CkS CF R PR 5 bYA I eS
       ,  .
                                             ) $) z b
                                            JtI t t l i'

                                                    o        '
    Speaker Houlihan: HWi11 you bring your remarks t a closey'
    Epton: ' nk you, Mr. Speakery I certainly wil      m
                                                 l. I a very unhqppy
                    ng findingmys i this positi but I do thi
           that voti k..         elf n         on           nk
            this is the first opport    y
                                    untt I have had as a Mewber of this
           House to show t Gover                     y?
                                nor that unfortunatel or fortunately?
                                   ur   y
           we still determine how o mone will be utilized, And I
           necess y must vote green/f
                       Ha                   h? ve      ed
    Speaker Houlihan: H ve a11 voted who wis Ha @11 vot who wfsby
                    ke he          his               he
           Clerks ta t record. On t motion to adopt t Ftrst Con-
           ference Committee Report? 3377, there are 84 ayes; 78 nos; and

                 ng                        ve
           5 voti present. And Representatf Totten/'
    Totte    fl
         n: 'hr. Speaker, c                       he                 '
                           ould I have a poll of t absentees, please?'
    Spea              '
        ker Houlihan: 'Po11 of the absentees. Deuster. Representatfve
                      ll ve
           Totten, we' ha to wait until the machine gives us the
           Roll Cal1.H
    Clerk Selcke: nBrandt, Ca             i,           er
                             mpbell, Capuz Craig, Deust : Fleck,
                                  w,                   s   '
           Hirschfeld, Huff, McGre Mcpartlin: and that' it.'
    Speaker Houlihan: nReprese                '
                              ntative Deuster.'
    De                   m
      uster: NI believe I' recorded as not voting; I pushed a little
              e:   d
           lat woul you please record me as voting aye?u
    Speaker Houli                      ati                ng
                 han: HRecord Represent ve Deuster as voti aye.
           On this questiony Mr. Clerk. There are 85 ayes; 78 nos; and
           5 voti present. Representat         '
                                      ive Duff.'
           '                                         '
    Duff: 'Mr. Speaker, please change my vote to aye.'
    Speaker Houlihan: 'Representative Duff is recorded as aye. That's
                                   on o            st onference Com-
           86 ayes and on this moti t adopt the Fir C
           mittee Reporto..Repres      ve     '
                                 entati Fleck.'
    Fleck: '            '
            Vote me aye.'
    Speaker Houliha    '           nt ive Fleck, aye. On t
                   n: 'Vote Represe at                    his question
             her                 he   on            ent ve    n.l
            t e are 87 ayes and t moti fails. Repres ati Totte '
    Totte   '
         n: '            ed cog
             We11, I want re nition before and I wo           her
                                                   ndered whet we
            could put a Conf ence Committee Report on postponed consideration
                           d ke    '
            and if we can 11 li to.'
                             ent ve, I don' believe that request was
    Speaker Houlihan: MRepres ati          t
            ti            ent ve     l
              mely. Repres ati Walsho'

                         G E N E R A L A SSE M B L Y
                                    TE    LLI S
                                 FTA. D F I NOI
                               l :               V
                            uo t5E OF REPRESENTAT1 Es
                                                  t   w;
                                                uviJc l

                     èr.          hat                aso          mel
             Walsh: H l Speakerx t was a perfectly re nable and ti y request../'
             Speaker Ho        '
                       ulihan: 'Represe            h,
                                       ntative Wals it was certainly very reason-
             Wals     nd
                 h: nA timelyy Mr. Speaker, this should be put on post    d
                                                                      pone con-
                    sideratfon t                                             '
                                hat is what bas been done and should be doneo'
             Spea              '
                 ker Houliban: 'Represe              î
                                       ntative Lundy.'
             Lundy: HWe11, thank yo Mr. Speaker: Ladies and Gentlemen of the House,
                         m         ke    s       nt ve          s be
                    if I' not mista n itg Represe ati Byers who' t Sponsor
                    of this Bf                   d                    ry
                              ll. I think ft woul be quite extraordina for some-
                    one ot     ba          or o
                          her t n the Spons t be able to put the Bill on post-
                    poned consideration/'
                                            ve               on
             Speaker Houlihan: NRepresentati Lundy, this moti was put by
                    Represe     ve
                           ntati Totten. Represe            jevi '
                                                ntative Mati ch.'
               tjvc      '1
                         W          p a er ' e n e e hi e n . n
             Ma i e i h: ' e 1,Mr. S e k , I ve b e h r a w l a d I. . ot
                                      be      nt      y
                    quite as long as t Assista Minorit Lea           ve
                                                          der, but I' yet
                     o                n
                    t see the time whe a motfon to adopt a Conference Committee
                    Report failed t         s
                                   hat that' not automati                  h
                                                         cally followed wit a
                                o opt and it' always bee a void vote too be-
                    motion not t ad          s          n
                              re  ng           ot      me
                    cause you' goi to waste a 1 more ti by putting- -if
                    you even had the right to put it o postponed consideration
                    tban by creating a Second C                tee
                                               onference Commit and coming
                    bac bere/'
             Speaker Houliha    '        ati
                            n: 'Represent ve D    '
             Duff: '                   n he             he           de ng
                    We1l Mr. Speaker, i t first placey t motion consi ri
                     t action by the Se             '
                                       nate was a...'
                   r           ' prese
             Speake Houlihan: 'Re     ntative Duff, Representative Scbraeder,
                     for what purpose do you rise?'
             Sc          '
               hraeder: 'Mr. Spea            h
                                 kery I thoug I heard you declare that that motion
                     lost an therefore he's out of order/'
                          ba   '           ve
             Speaker Houli n: 'Representati Schraeder. your point is well taken.
                     Representative Duff.n
             Duff: '                      n?
                    uell Mr. Speaker, I do t know that Representative Schraeder
                      ven          m
                     e knows what I' going to say but he may be prescient/'
             Speaker Houlihan: ORepresentative Duff, he was making a point of order
                                                  e     n
                     on the procedures of the Hous not o what you were saying.

   . .'
   (A k '
   . ..
    ?.-. a<.
     1- -
      j a. r                     G E N E R A t A s s E sf1 L Y
                                             .           $
7e A j
' tp 2 i                                v v v u los
                                        s A so Iue I
. . J ug
l $tn/.l
     /. a
      '  .
                                        s r. en s r '
                                    uous o!,s r cs- .vcs
     f .. , .t
       .- *
     .. J

       Proceed: Mr. Duff.l
       1                               ng he
Duff: 'My point. Sir, is that consideri t action of the Senate on
       this Conferénce Committee Report this is final passage and the
           e ules allow the maker of a motion or a Bill Sponsor on
       Hous r
       fi             o
         nal passage t ask for postponed consideration. Now, Sir,
        pr s n a i o t n s o a u t af s h a er
       Re e e t t ve T t e a y u h ve J s s d wa t e m k of
                       he                              ht
       the motton; furt rmore, Sir, he did have his lfg on. He
       was seeking your recogniti      u
                                 on. Yo saw him and for whatever
       reason, perhaps you forg be was the ma        he
                                             ker of t motion: you
       di not acknovledge hfm. Frecedent ln t              d
                                             hfs House woul allo.
                ati         o ut
       Represent ve Totten t p his motion on postponed co            '
Spea               '        ati
    ker Houlihan: 'Represent ve Byers/'
B      Qell: Mr. Speaker, this mot clearly lost, yo announce
 yers: '                          ion              u        d
       so I urge youg..                 nt         co
                       request you appoi another Se nd Conference
Spea               '        ati
    ker Houlihan: 'Represent ve Byers has moved for a...
             ent ve    no.'
       Repres ati Lauri '
Lauri    '
     no: 'Mr. S              ms
               peaker, it see to me that t            e
                                          here is quit a 1ot of
       confusi on this. Is there a possibility of dumping this Roll
                    ng                nk
       Call and taki a new Roll? I thi be gave it...H
    ke                     ati         '
Spea r Houlihan: HRepresent ve Madisono'
Lauri    ' Spea
     no: 'Mr.  ker. Mr. Spea    '
S ker Houlihan: HReprese     ve
                        ntati Madison on a point of order. On a
          nt                     '
       poi of order, Mr. Laurino.'
Madison: 'On a point of order, Mr. Spea                w
                                       kery I don't kno where Repre-
           ati                    he ules and ma
       sent ve Duff read that in t r            ybe he can tell me
       where postpo                n xtends t a motion/'
                   ned consideratio e        o
 p a r o li a   ' p es nt t ve u f
                 R                   u' l o d n us o
S e ke H u h n: î e r e a i D f if yo l h l e j t f r
        a minute. Represe     ve    no                     '
                         ntati Lauri to continue his Point.'
Laurino: 'Mr. Speakera I t           he
                          hink that t announcement of the Roll Call
        was qutte abrupt and I believe that there were other people that
                 ng                                     ll
        were tryi to be recognized to get on the Roll Ca when you
        announced it. I would ask that it be...this Roll Call be dumped
        and a ne one be ta    '
  p a e o i n: ' p s n a i e at j vi h.'
 S e k r H ul ha ' e re e t t v M i e c '

                     G E N E R A L A S S E 51B L Y
                                T     L. N 5
                            ST#. E oF 1 u1 O1
                           l       ,'     N   V
                        -Qt5E o e FEeREsQ: TATI E5
                                              uv àt

     at j v c      a o k h on h                  o i o nt ha
    M i e i h: HI w nt t ma e t e p i t t at as t h s p i t t
           that is not ti                     ati        s
                         mely. As to Represent ve Totten' request to
           put ft on p                         he              o
                      ostponed consideration, t rule relative t post-
           poned consideration under 35-8, I believe, is only on Third
           Readi             t        hi
                ng. It doesn' say anyt ng about passage stage, it says
                    di         s
           Third Rea ng. There' no         re
                                  where whe you can tell me under
           our rules where a matter on Confe nce Co    tee
                                                   mmit Reports can be
            u n otoe osdrto                   o t a e o nt u e e a
           p t o p s p n d c n i e a i n. We d n' h v j i r l s r l -
             ve o bat Representat
           ti t t                         n nd                 t
                                 ive Totte a as long as we don' yœu
           can't do it. So: Mr. S            ke
                                 peaker, I ma the point of order tbat
            he  y                                  he
           t onl thing yQu can do now is to honor t request or motion
                          ve          he       do                '
           by Representati Byers for t motion ' not adopt' agafn.'
    Speaker Ho         '        ati
              ulihan: lRepresent ve Duff/'
    Duff: HMr. Speakery Represe     ve                rgi
                               ntati Madison can be fo ven for his
           ig         TN           n
             norance. T en he's bee around a little longer and recalls
           pre                 y                         in      l
              vious years be ma recall tbat there are.... this...'
    S                 'Re         ve        l
     peaker Houlihan: ' presentati Duff, wil you refrain from person-
           alities and ma your point/'
    Duff: 'Repres      ve                     n
                 entati Madison used my name i debate, Sir. And Repre-
           se     ve
             ntati Matijevieh../l
    Speaker Ho         '            pre ntative...
              ulihan: 'Excuse mey Re se           Represe           neq
                                                         ntative Bar y
           for a point of order.'
          ' Speaker, let me fi h my point ple .'
    Duff: 'Mr.                nis            ase '
     pea            'Repr ntati Barnes on a poi of order.'
    S ker Houlihan: ' ese      ve              nt        '
             '            d   m               ve t
    Barnes: 'We11, it woul see to me, and I ba n' been around here too
           long myselfy but it seems t me that someone that bas been around
           a little while tbat woul or s       no       nd
                                        hould k w the ki of courtesy
            xte                       d meone t
           e nded eacb Member here. An so      hat I understand is
            0                      nch              .       '
           8 ing on to a higher bra of government.m. more...'
    Spe               '
       aker Houlihan: 'Will you amend t             r
                                       hat to a lowe branch, Represe        '
       nes ' should more especially know t
    Bar : '...                                 he             h
                                          hat t manner in whic to
                          w mber is not in t
           address a fello Me                        '
                                            hat veinm'
                   n   '                   t
    SPeaker Houliha : 'Representative Duff.'
          Ve11 Mr. Speaker, thank you but I do not consider any braneh
    Duff: '
           Of govern             han
                    ment higber t Lhis One. Different Perhaps/'

                       G E N E R A L A SSE A B LY
                                 5F     LL 1 s
                              STA.' o F I 11oI
                            J o           ':    %f
                          HoI5E' F HEPRE5E# TATl? S
                                                 3 99
                                             JU: 1 2 17

      Speaker Houlihan: 'Your point is well t     î
      Duff: HNow 1et me finish my poi please, Mr. Speaker. Everybody's
                     err               nts
                  int upting me for poi of order, 1et me finish mine, if I
                         w      ent ve                 hat
                  may. No Repres ati Matijevich knows t there is precedent
                  for these motions being put on postponed consideration. If you
                                                rno s           s
                  wfll recall a vote on the Gove r' veto whfch f not Thfrd
                  Readf <as put on postp                    n
                                        oned consideraefon i prfor years. If
                  you wfll recall in the closing hours of t 78th Ceneral Assembly
                  such a mot n was put on postponed eonsideration. I would further
                     nt ut          ame                    ma
                  poi o to the Parli ntarian and the Gentle n in this House
                   hat                on'                             ed
                  t when House Bills d t pertain, as was so ably point out
                      e r s n at ve t j v c r ce nt n o e t u s e -
                  by R p e e t i Ma i e i hy p e de a d R b r s R le p r
                  tained. There is no reason in the world: Siry that Representative
                      en'     n
                  Tott s motio should not be accepted. And I will say further
                  that I up until this last Roll Call have been supporting the
                  position of t peo                          he
                                   ple on the other side of t atsle on their
                  first nonco                         t
                             nference and if they don' 1et Repre       ve
                                                                sentati Totten
                                              be re      o ose
                  have his fair day in court t yf gofng t l my support and
                                 he '
                   I hope many ot rs.'
         S                  '          fve
          peaker Houliban: 'Representat Ewell on a polnt of or    '
         E      'My  nt
          well: ' pof of order fs very sf               ow
                                         mple. We have n voted on whetber
                   we should concur w1th thls Conference Committee Report and it's
                                  t      he quisite number of votes. Prior t
                   obvious we don' have t re                                o
                   that we got ours       n   may I fi h please? Pri to
                                   elves i a...       nis           or
                   that t we got o               he redica
                                  urselves into t p              ca
                                                          ment be use tbe Chair
                         ed n        he
                   insist o letting t Sponsor do it the way he wanted to do it.
                   We t                    on hat particul motion when it was
                       hen voted that we.w. t             ar
                   voted tbat we nonco                  ady
                                      ncur, we have alre voted that we.-we already
                      ed   he                   he mber of Members voting t
                   vot on t nonconcurrence and t nu                        o
                     he ntrary were t l
                    t co                                      w w
                                     he arger. So 1 ask you no ho can we possibly
                    go back and reco                      h          o nconcur
                                    nsider his motion whic would be t no
                              he                  re            nt
                    vhich is t necessary step befo you can appoi a Conference

                 Co        '
         Speaker Boulfhan: Hlf the Rouse would stand a: ease and I u1ll consult
                           lf                   ng          d
                    the Par amentarfan. And duri that time I' like to introduce

     * . .'. .
    0 .., ''. .
       4 '
       .     )
                               G E N E R A L A SS EM B LY
ï' J1*'.
 7w *21.
 t : .)
z.?**'*e )
       i                               T    'L I S
                                      S ATCCF1 LNGl
. -  & :/
     : .t
    #.    .*
I                                                  g
                                           JUN z g pu


           S                  '     ent ve
            peaker Houlihan: 'Repres ati Madigan/'
           Madigan: 'point of orderx Mr. Speaker. Mr. Kuc               d
                                                         harski has move for
                   reconsideration and Mr. Schraeder has raised a point of order
                   as to the propriety of that motion. Is the rule on Mr.
                             s      '
                   Schraeder' point?'
           Speaker Houli      l
                        han: 10n that poi             ati
                                         nt: Represent ve Totten/'
                    '                                                    ng d
           Totten: 'We11> Mr. Speakery as soon as you determine that rult 1'
                         o           ed.'
                   like t be recogniz '
           Speaker Houli      '        ati
                        han: îRepresent ve Kuchars             ati
                                                  ki, Represent ve Byers             '
                                                     ve           ke
                   had moved to not adopt and 1 belie we should ta that order
                   of business first. And on that motion, Represe     ve      î
                                                                 ntati Iotten.'
           Totten: 'We11y Mr. Speakery parliament              d
                                                 ary inquiry. I1 like to make
                   either one or t mottons. One either a substitute motion again
                   which you ruled had prefe                 y              ati
                                            rence. Or secondl that Represent ve
                   Byer' mot              he able.'
                            ion 1fe upon t t      '
                              Me         he
           Speaker Houlihan: H mbers of t General Ass    y,
                                                     embl Representative
                   Byers has moved that we not adopt the First Conference Committee
                   Report. Represent ve Totten has moved that that motion lie
                         he           n
                   upon t table. And o that, a11 t               ay
                                                  hose in favor s aye; and
                   all opposed say no. On that question it appears we need a Roll
                   Call. On this motion is Represe     ve   en'
                                                  ntati Tott s motfon to table
                               ve                                      l
                   Representati Byers' request that we nonconcur with louse Bill
                   3377 and ask for a Second Conference Committee. 0n that motion....
                            ati            oi         r-'
                   Represent ve Kane on a p nt of orde '
           Ka     '                                     o
             ne: 'Since Mr. Byers' motion is identical t the motion that he made
                   several mi                                        re mebody
                             nutes ago and it lost, does it not requi so
                   wbo voted on the pr                   ve
                                      evailing side to mo to reconsider the motion
                   rat                                        '
                      her than a simple renewal of tbe motion?'
            Speaker Houlihan: 'The Parlia       an
                                         mentari bas advised me that this is a
                   rene          on
                       wable moti and Represe                    ne
                                             ntative Byers has re wed his motion
                                            n aken-'
                   after some action has bee t     '
            Ka     '
              ne: '0n the same point then is Mr. Totten's motion a renewa           l
                                                                         ble motion?'
                         ha  '
            speaker Houli n: '                 ve      s
                              Yes, Representati Totten' motion is. Represen-
                    t ve Duff/'
            Duff: HMr. Speaker, you never gave me a ruling that 1 asked for when I

     .    A
         r ':
         < Y;k
      / : y.
     uc -7:-<
     ,. ' -.<                         t
                              G E N E I A L A S S E h1B L Y
    , j''
     j Jw - (1
    ) '. . . , '
             =                         Y : L N7S
                                      S AYC OF 1 L1 Cl
    .-* . k-
    . i' . .                          c    enrs - v i
                                  aous oeac r TATI ct
      , .. -..s
                                       l      g/
                                      Jth 2 g l's


                                 he                  ve mke
             a fon er Member of t Housey Representati Le . The
              or                ve mke Senator La ke. Leroy, that
                mer Representati Le
             was better than last time. The Chair has ruled that thfs
             motion has failed. Represe           l
                                       ntative Emi Jones/'
            l               pea
    Jones: lThank you, Mr. S ker, may I have leave to be recorded as
             no since it will not change the outcome of this.o/'
      p a r o l h n: T re s e n b e t o      peettv
     S e ke H u i a ' he ha b e o j c i n. Re r s n a i e
     K          ' Spea
      ucharski: ïMr.        '
     Speaker Houli       xc             ent ve. Represent ve Boyle,
                  han: HE use mes Repres ati             ati
             for what purpose did you erupt?u
             ' I                       hi             ent ve
     Boyle: 1AI right. Mr. Speaker, I t nk that Repres ati Byers
             has made a motion. I t nk that motion is very clear even to
              he           d k      o                n'        we'
             t Chair and I' as you t vote on it. I do t what..p ve
                n                                                    rs
             bee on this thing now for an hour and I'd urge the Membe hip
                             he                     nt
             to get on with t businessy let us appoi another Conference
             Co     ee nd ry                  re
               mmitt a t to work out the diffe nces that we have.
             Now letfs get a Roll Call vote on Re          ve
                                                 presentati Byer's motion
             ' not adopt'.
     Speaker Houli      '
                  han: 'Representative Kucharski, for what purpose do you
            ki '                      ker '
     Kuchars : 'For a motion, Mr. Spea .'
     S ker Ho        'Stat         no'
             ulihan: ' e your motio '
     Kuc         ll        ed n
        harski: llaving vot o the pre          de . ve
                                     vailing si , T mo to reconsider
                             h bis motion lost.'
             the vote by whic t                '
         c              '                    der '
     Spealer Houliban: 'Representative Schrae .1
                ' Speaker, that moti is out of order. Represe
     Scbraeder: 'Mr.                on                       ntative
                    z                k or
             Byers las a motion to as f a Conference C      ee
                                                      ommitt and I think
             his motion t          de   nd
                         akes prece nt a I t               o
                                            hink we ought t send it back
                                         n          '
             so we can bave some action o this Bill.1
      SPe      l        'Rep
         aker loulihan: ' resentati Laurino. f what purpose do yo rise?'
                                   ve         or                 u     '
               '                                 ent ve      s
     Laurino: 'Mr. Speaker, that motion by Repres ati Byers i not correct.
                                                        mp his
              I renew my request for a new Roll Call, du t Roll Call and
              t        w                  11 oba       nat
               ake a ne Roll Call and you' pr bly elimi e 95Z of your
                   ms         '
             proble right now.'

     '' .
     j. .
      :,                                                                     j
.)'Jr q.
   X, .
 r%. - o !
    .ja                       4            1
                           G E1ERA L ASSEM lLY
l C' .
 i .'
J' :: .t;                        .a.: 'uuN s
                                sr.eog1 loI
 ï VLi
' V#* '
  ; .
. $ c .                          s    es E-'avl :
                             uous osRs es r vts
                                         y $) bb
                                       Jbl tt l/


               reminded you that this Ho                     s
                                        use put the Governor' veto on
               Aid to Education on postp d consideration last year on a
                   on           ati
               moti of Represent ve Daniels. That was a precedent, Sir.
               I was poi               he ules don' apply..
                        nted out that t r          t       .no, it wasn't
               Daniels, excuse me, it was pointed out by Representatfve
                     vic hat                nl           n
               Matije h t the House rules do t apply. Whe House rules
               don' apply precedent does. And you: Sir, didn' gi us a
                                                             t ve
               ruling and I' given you prece     '
        Speaker Houliha    '                                  nt
                       n: îRepresentative Duffy you made a poi and a very
               good point and the Speaker took that under consideration as
                                      er                 k or
               he considered this matt and you did not as f a ruling on
               that point.             oo hat into the eq
                               merely t k t                  on
                                                         uati to get us
                o                                    o hat we will get t
               t where we are now. And if we return t t                 o
               t                    his
                hat ruling. Now on t question a11 t      n vor vot aye;
                                                   hose i fa      e
               a11 those opposed vote no. Mr. Clerk have a11 voted who wish?
               Have a11 voted who wish? Ta the record. On this question
               t               s;                 ng             :e
                here are 85 aye 55 nos; and 1 voti present. And t motion
                o                  w
               t table prevails. No Representative Kucbarski. Record
                                nn            ent ve
               Representative Ma as no. Repres ati Kucharski/'
        Kurchars                                  er              ch
                ki: MI renew my motion to reconsid the vote by whi this
               motion lost.'
        Spea               'n
            ker Houlihan; 'O the motion, Represe     ve
                                                ntati Kucharski, bas moved
               to reconsider tbe vote by whicb Representative Totten' motion
               on House Bill 3377 lost and Representative Byers on that motio '
        Byers: HMr. Speaker, I move that t                     he     '
                                          hat motion 1ie upon t table.'
                     ha            ati
        Speaker Houli n: HRepresent ve Byers has moved t             ati
                                                        hat Represent ve
                      ki'                                         ti
               Kuchars s motion lie on the table. And on that ques on a11
               those in favor vote aye and a11 opposed vote no. Representative
        Fleck: HParliamentary inquiry. I think the Members ought to really
                           ng bout this. It seems to me that there were
               start thinki a
                         de                                 he
               motions ma to not adopt the report. This is t second attempt
               being made to adopt the report. No ff this motion to table
                             ve            re
               prevails we ba a First Confe nce Committee Report that is
                          e                     n'
               sitting her going nowhere. It bas t been adopted and has not

  +     ''
  % ...
     .    ..                                      l
                             G E N E R A L A SSE h B L Y
 zkh. -: è
 . .. -
   ' f à
':.. ,'> ..
 7 .L.;; )
    . ,
. tx,; yv
    .    ,                           vx  r u ao'
                                    s vso.lul s
'.     Fr
     $' '. .                    el usE or n Een?sEbl A'l ES
                                 o      .
                                        '        . T rv
     t* .
                                                  ) 86
                                             JUN 7( 17


                                      s n mbo.'
                     been adopted. It' i Li   '
              Spea                        ati
                  ker Houlthan: HRepresent ve Fleck if t                  e
                                                        his motion to tabl is
                     adopted that will in effect kill the First Conference Committee.
                     A11 those i favor vote aye; a11 tbose opposed vote no. Have
                                      h? ve                           k,
                     a11 voted who wis Ha a1l voted who wish? Mr. Cler take
                                        nt ve         to      n         '
                     the record. Represe ati Hanahan, ' explai his vote.'
              Hanahan: nNo Mr. Speaker, not to explain my vote but as long as people
                     li to take the t     n
                                     ime i foolish met                o   w
                                                      hods of trying t slo things
                       wn                                          full
                     do might as well start right now and I respect y request a
                     poll of t absentees and a verification. And, Mr. Speaker,
                       d                             o w
                     I' like to point out we intend t slo it down past midnight/'
              S ker Houli            s                              he mbers.'
                         han: HThat i not very good news to a11 of t Me      l
              Hanahan: 'If we can't have a Second conference Committee Report on this
                     thatr the only method to prot               y
                                                  ect the minorit in this House.
                           o    t   ng                    '
                     Chicag isn' goi to run us over today.f
                                 '                           ati
              Speaker Houlihan: 'I understand that. Represent ve Riccolo requests
                      to be recorded as aye. Repr ntative Barnes wishes to be recorded
                     as aye; Representatfve Jane Barnes. Representative Totten/'
              Tott    '
                  en: '                    he ntle
                       We11, Mr. Speaker, t Ge    man has requested a poll of the
                      absentees has indicat by his re              s   ng
                                                     marks that hel goi to be
                                           red                      uc
                      dflatory. And I wohde whether you would rule s h and rule
                        m             '
                      hi out of order.'
              S ker Houli             rk          he
                         han: HThe Cle will call t Roll of the Absentees.
                      Representative Pierce/'
              Pierce: 1                re
                       Mr. Speaker, we' wasting t                hin      yo
                                                 ime here and I t k the... ur
                          ng        ve             n        on
                      ruli should ha been this. Whe the moti to adopt the
                      Conference Committee Report failed then you should say it goes
                      to a second confvrence Committee automatically. That's always
                      been the r                             ur
                                ule here. If a motion to conc falls it's automatically
                                          on                 s
                      nonconcurrence. Moti to adopt fails it' automatically goes
                       o e on a er nc q i t e. n o h u d u t u e ha
                      t a sc d o nf e e cmm t e A d y u s o l j s r l t t
                            he             s                   o
                      from t Chair and let' go ahead. Send it t tbe Second Con-
                      ference Co     ee.'
                                mmitt '
               Speaker Houlihan: M                  ije
                                  Representative Mat vich/'
                          'Mr.    r, d      o
              Matfjevich: ' Speake I# like t echo wbat my colleague from

          è -? '
           ) +
          oY;.'o                                       1 -
                                 G E N E R A L A S SE 5 B 1 Y
        f, .> -
          ' - .
       ' k (lx%.
                                                ul s
                                              sI uao4
        '..: /-t'
       !.,+ ;.''                         GoFEE S
                                         EA R P
                                     HousT T ORC ENTATI C
            , '
            t r
           w ..                                        VS
.. .      '   *'                                   -.
                                    u k1 8 6
                                   J l kâ 17


         ke             ca
       La County said be use really if you don't do that what
         u'                                              ve
       yo re going to do on any matter where you donêt ha 89
         . f o o t a e he j i y o o d pt o i
          i y u d nî h v t ma or t t n t a o y u t e
       everything up. So that has always been the case where the
       motion to adopt does not carr      s
                                    y. It' been automatic. The
               in                   t ven, in fact we di it to-
       Chair... many instances hasnî e                  d
         y              r dn' ve
       da where the Chai di t e n call for a voice vote and
       t    s                 de         s               u
        hat' the way we procee d. And it' the oaly way yo can
                              h                       rom he
       operate and I plead wit you Mr. Speakerx just f t podium
       say that a second conference committee shall be convened and
 pea                        nt,
S ker Houlihan: H0n that poi Representative Telcser/î
Telcser: HMr. Speaker, Me          he              o mi
                         mbers of t House, I want t re nd you
       that t      ry ame point ca up when this year' Session
             his ve s             me                 s
                  h presentati Kozubowski' Bi11. S ker Red-
       started wit Re         ve          s       pea
       mond ruled t                           aile
                   bat if a motion to concur f d, or a motion to
       adopt a Conference Co                                   t
                            mmittee and the reverse motion isn' put
       or f       he                            he
           ailed t Bill or the matter stays on t calendar and it
       does not a matically go to a Conference Committee. Now I
                   ve                     ati
       happen to ha felt the way Represent ve Matijevich and Repre-
       sent ve Pierce feel but Speaker Redmond ruled otherwise.
       And t                   he
            hat happens to be t rule right now. And your Parlia-
                    ws  '
       mentarlan kno so.'
             ha   '                         11          h he
Speaker Houli n: 'Representative Telcser, 11 consult wit t
       Farlfa                                             '
             mentarian. The Clerk will poll the absentees.'
Clerk Selc     '
          ke: 'Gene Barnes, Brandt, Brummet.-/l
                   '        ati
Speaker Houlihan: 'Represent ve Geo-Karis, for what purpose do you
Ge          'w                      ke                o    '
  o-Karis: lHo many votes does it ta for this motion t win?'
 p a r o l h n: A i pl j r t
S e ke H u i a H s m e ma o i y/'
                        ms       ve
ceo-Karis: HWell, it see to me weA been horsing around for two hours
              hi     y on'             o    s ac
       for not ng. Wh d t we get down t bras t ks and try to
       finish up t                                e
                  bis Session bonorably. The Senat is wasting the
       taxpayer's ti               s          s en
                    me. For heaven' sakes let' s d it back to a
        second c                                     '
                onference so they may be bound by it-'                 '

                                      $ 'b $ '
                     G E N E R A L A S:E l l L 5
                            T         Lu
                           S. ATE OF I.1NoIs
                          l 2         2      V
                        HQksE QF REPReSENTATl ES
                                      p .a; ys


      Spe               '
         aker Houlihan: '                       so'
                         Representative Geo-Kari '
       ler          amp                 e, afg, Deustery Duff,
      C k Selcke: HC bell, Capuzl, Choat Cr
             Epton, Friedla                be
                           nd, Gaines, Grot rgy Hirsc               ma
                                                     hfeld, Ron Hoff n:
             La ur: Macdonald: Mann: Mar                    w,
                                        ovitz, McAvoy, McGre Mcpartlin,
             Merlo, Pal                d,
                       mer, Forter, Ree Rose: Schisler, Sevcik, Tuerk,
             Vitek, Wall, Was    n:                   '
                             hbur Younge, Mr. Speaker.î
                         '     ent ve na
      Speaker Houlihan: 'Repres ati Ha han/'
        na     '    pea
      Ha han: 'Mr. S ker, I respectfully request a verification of the
             Negative Roll Ca11J'
                        ' Gentleman has req
      Speaker Houlihan: 'The                    d
                                           ueste a verification of the
              Negatf Roll Call. Proceed, Mr. Clerk. The count at thls
              time is 63 ayes and 79 nays. Represe     ve        or
                                                  ntati Palmer, f what
              purpose do you rise?'
               Ho m          d?'
      Palmer: n w a I recorde '
       pea            '
      S ker Houlihan: 'How is the Gentle           d?'
                                        man recorde l
        er                ntle                   ng      '
      Cl k Selcke: nThe Ge man is recorded as bei absent.'
               '           l
      Palmer: 'Vote me aye.'
                         '        m
      Speaker Houlihan: 'Record hi as aye. Represe             î
                                                  ntative Reedoî
             Ho m          d:
      Reed: n w a I recorde Mr. Spea    '
                        ' fs th Lad recorded?'
      Speaker Houlihan: 'How   e   y         '
                     '                                    t
      Clerk Selcke: 'The Lady is recorded as being absent.'
      Reed: MVot me a           '
                     yey please.l
      Speaker Houlihan: 'Record the Lady as being aye. Representative
              Von Boeckman wishes to vote no. I' sorry, Representative
              Grot                  e        be            ati
                  berg wishes to vot no. Grot rg. Represent ve Mann,
              for what purpose do you rise?l
      Mann: M                 se                       '
             Mr. Speaker: plea record me as votina ayeo'
                     'Man    '
       Clerk Selcke: ' n aye.'
                    ha   '
       Speaker Houli n: CRepresentatfve Deuster. Represe     ve
                                                        ntatf Deuster:
              is no. Representative Sc       '
                 ' Speaker, ple
       Schisler; 'Mr.                                      l
                               ase record me as voting aye.'
       Clerk Selc     '
                 ke: 'The Gent                                  l
                              leman is recorded as being absent.l
       Schisler: MMr. Spe                              ng ye.'
                         aker, please record me as voti a '
       S ker Houlihan: MRecord Represe               r
                                      ntative Schisle as voting aye.
               Proceed with the verificat        he
                                         ion of t Negative Roll Call.

 : z %.
' '   .                              .     j
                                           l j
                         G E N E R A j A ggj M j L Y
  ? - e'
:- < v I                                     N 5
                                 sTATE o F1LLI oI
  ..T *
   . 7 ,
   ,' .
 tf .(.
* $ .'
   *                          *6 F C F S M AY C
                               5              L
                             - J*O R P E E M 'W N
 , ..1*
                                        / ' sy
                                       dl: kû I g


                 Representative Hanahan/l
                   ' Speaker, be use of the proxi y of where I sit a
          Hanahan: 'Mr.         ca               mit                nd
                   ve      ed
                 ha request the verificat         nd       sar
                                         ion: I fi it neces y to suspend
                           si                         ng              ng
                  the provi ons of the rule of not bei in my seat duri the
                          io n               y he                 ve
                 verificat n i order to verif t Roll Call. Do I ha leave
                       ff                 ll                     at nd
                  to... anyone objects wee have a Roll Call on th a you
                    w      d k
                 kno I coul as for the verifi                  o:
                                             cation of that als but I'd
                        o us nd
                  like t s pe the provisions of the necessary rules that I
                                           y he                ve
                 may leave my seat to verif t Roll Call so I ha visual
                        y           hos
                  abilit to verify t e Members in this Ge               '
                                                         neral Assembly.l
          Speaker Ho han: nReprese     ve
                                  ntati Hanahany proceed with a11 haste.
                  Representative Gai    '
                               or              l
          Caines: HHow am I rec ded, Mr. Clerk?l
          Speaker Ho         '       he
                    ulihan: 'How is t Gentleman recorded?n
              k         '         man
          Cler Selcke: 'The Gentle is reeorded as being absent/l
          Gaines: nPlease vote me aye.'
           p ke o l h n: Re o d m s ot ng ye. R p e nt t ve Ma i e i h.'
           S ea r H u i a ' c r hi a v i a     e r se a i     tjvc '
          Mati        f
              jevich: '               ng              d nd
                       We1l I was tryi to be recognize a you dfdn't recog-
                  nize me. What Representative Hanahan as            he uspe
                                                         ked for is t s     nsion
                      he                          o bject to that but you didn'
                  of t rules because I was going t o                           t
                   i      . ac or    ht rv e n           be o           a
                  g ve me. v c d me t a p i il ge a d 1 o j ct n w. He c n
                     y            us nding the rules. We don' grant t
                  onl do that by s pe                        t       hat to
                  e                 y
                   verybody.n anybod elsey Represe     ve
                                                  ntati Ranahan, you know that.
                             o       med
                  You ought t be asha of you/self. You ought to stand there.
                  You chose t              dnl ve
                             hat seats I di t gi it to you. You took that
                                                                s        u nt
                  seat: if you are there out in left field that' where yo wa
                   o             o o                                   w
                  t be, you can g t rest, nobody will notice it. But no you
                                  ng                                  t...bject
                  want to be roami a11 over the aisles here and I donl o
                  to that Tom/'
           Speaker Houlihan: 'Representative Brummet wishes to be recorded as aye.
                  Representat                                            '
                             ive Friedrich, for what purpose do you rise?'
           Friedrich: MA poi of order/'
           Speaker Houlihan: HState your poi '
                                  ive nahan has by his o ad
           Friedrich: HRepresentat Ha                           on
                                                        wn missi said he's
                  going to use every t             o   w wn   s use. Now
                                      atic he can t slo do thi Ho

'x .
         . .e
      8j.w '
         i '
         >                                          1
                              G E N E R A L A SS E 5 B L X'
 'V .
t. ( X .
I2 . y
l& r' 'J
                                      r y s u- os
                                      s x so ,s- '
    .     ?
        $ .= *                         E R P E AT V
                                  Ho uS DF I E RES NT 1 E$
                                    JU. Je 17

               that is on its face dilato     he
                                         ry. T rules provide you cannot
               be dilatory and Represe                      rea
                                      ntative Hanahan has al dy confessed
               t                o            '
                hat he tntends t be dilatoryo'
       Spea               ' presentative Ebbesen.l
           ker Houlihan: 'Re                     '
                 ' s,              '
       Ebbesen: 'Ye Mr. Speakeryw..'
       Speaker Houlihan: ME                               ns        ati
                           xcuse me: Representative Ebbese Represent ve
               Ha han: underneath the light/'
       Hanahan: MMr. Speaker, there are also ot                     ou
                                               her rules we honor ar nd here
                ne                   le            me          nd
               o is mentioning a Gent man by his na in debate a I feel
               very strongly that the previous speaker wants to admonish some-
               body around here better read the rule book hfmself and quit
               using Gentl ngs na            s       n bate.'
                                 mes or Lady' names i de    '
       Speaker Houli                 ive
                    han: HRepresentat Ebbesen/'
       Ebbesen: M                                  be
                 Yes: Mr. Speaker, 1, too: sit in t back of the Chambers
               and did select this seat a I cannot see the clock. Can you
                              me     '
               tell me what ti it is?'
        pea            ' hfs ti it' 20 minutes afte 5. Represe
       S ker Houlihan: ' t     me  s               r          ntative
                   ns                  s        es
               Kosi ki corrects me> it' 24 minut after 5. Representative
             fple                          '
       Duff: ' ase vote me no, Mr. Speaker.'
         pea             Rec
        S ker Houlihan: H ord Represe     ve
                                     ntati Duff as no. Representative
                l ': '
              ' ve
       Hart: 'I' got more i      nt
                           mporta business to att                      ie
                                                 end to. Can I be verif d
               at t      me?'
                   his ti '
                     ha   ?
        Speaker Houli n: ?The Gentleman asks leave to be veriffed. Repre-
               se     ve
                 ntati Hanahan, Members/'
          naha '             ke
        Ha n: 'Wel1, Mr. Spea r, if an                         no
                                      yone that would be, you k w, voting

                p o i e y ie po nt d e u s s   s e l ma o n h
               o p s t m v w i an r q e t me, a a c nt e n t a ot er
               Gent man, I agree that if that somebody bas legtslattve business
               of utmost importance t          s      ve
                                     hat he doe not ha to be here. Yes, I
                                           ive   n
               will verify now. Representat Totte requested the same thing
                      11          ese   ve
                and 11 verify Repr ntati Totten also. And a woman also,
                  m       se     n hat/'
                I1 very bi xual o t
        Speaker Houlihan: '     se    ve
                           Repre ntati Macdonald/'
                   ' am I recorded, Mr. Speaker?'
        Macdonald: 'How                         '

: ' %
(j'.-(. x%j
 - . p '.
  f) tf
                                    x v s u los
                                    s s eo tun '
     f. ' .w                                                        .
     :* '.                       ll       Fc :T I':
                                eotscoFace?sEl AT ves
                                .                               .
                                                               ..                ...         G
                                                                                       - - =. D
                                       4   55

S ker Houlihan: H        he
                 How is t woman recor    '
    k        ' Lady is reeorded as bei a
Cler Selcke: 'The                              '
                                      ng bsent.'
Macdonald: ' e me no/'
Speaker Houli      '                s, he
             ban: 'Record the womanî t Lady: excuse me, Repre-
       sent ve Macdonald. I apologize. Record the Lady as voting
       no. Representative Leine       '
                                   nt                 he mbers
Leïnenceber: HWe11 Mr. Speaker. pof of order. Teo of t Me
       have raised the point of order that the Gentleman's actions
                               he hair has not ruled. I thi the
       are being dilatory and t C                          nk
                     h      m
       Gentlemen, b0t of who raised the poiat, are entitled to a
 pea            l Ge
S ker Houlihan: 'The ntle                 o
                         man has a right t a verification. Will
                 d                                 nt
       you procee with the verification? Let me poi out for the
       Members of the House t         ve
                             hat we ha taken two votes on this and
        he                  o
       t Hcuse has decfded t go nefther way. Repr     at
                                                 esent ive
 aaa     ' c us f h bj c i n
         B                         e r s n a i e at je c n
H n h n: ' e a e o t e o e t o of R p e e t t v M i vi h: a d
       there is a r                         e
                   ule specified in the Hous Rules, that a Member
       must be under decoru ln hfs seaes I nou aove to suspend that
                hat  y ve                r        y
       rule so t I ma lea my seat in orde to verff the Roll Ca11J'
Speaker Houlihan: HRepresentative Simms.u
Sn     '
  mms: 'We11y Mr. Speaker, if yo        ng            l all on tbat
                                u're goi to take a Rol C
       Is                       l all or else the vote of the board
         uggest ft be a oral Rol C
       will be du          be here' be co
                 mped and t n t    ll         e    usio n
                                         mplet conf n.
 p a e ul h n: R p e e at ve t j vi h n oi f r e
s e k r Ho i a n e r s nt i Ma i e c o a p nt o o d r/'
  t j vi h: ' oi
            A       re     s h ot o e u e o r ti g?
Ma i e c ' p nt of o d r. I t at m i n r d c d t w i n
         don't know         s         o e
                       that' reduced t T lting yet and I think that
              he ules that any motion where a Me
       under t r                                mber asks for it to
       be writte in motion if...H
      r ulihan: HReprese
speake Ho                    ve nahan, are you requesting a motfon
                        ntati Ha
         o                                                     '
        t leave your seat. Wïll you please remaïn ln your seat?'
   ije h:          rst                          ha
Mat vic uAnd I unde and that Representative Hana n is busily
                     m                 s    ing
       writing and I' not sure what he' writ about but if he's
        writ                  s                     s     ng
            ing a motion that' al1 right. But if he' writi a letter

                           1            1
                   G E N E 1 A L A SSE 5 B L Y
                                      L .N > s
                          sTATE OF 1 kl (I
                        3l          '          V
                      H (ksE QF n EPRCSENTATl E9
                                        JU& : g 17

                to the Clerk then that's bad. And I make the point of order
                that t                d    n          c d
                      hat motion shoul be i writing... oul you rule on
                that pofnt?f
          p a r o l h n: l p e e at v t j v c o d o e t e o
         S e ke H u i a f e r s nt i e Ma i e i h, c ul y u r s at y u
         at j vi h: I ul ?
        M ie c Hn f ln
          pea             Iell no, t t
         S ker Houlihan: Hê         ry o..Jî
         at j vi h: ' h g t h t ot o    e r s nt i e a a a n e
        M i e c 'I t ou h t a m i n by R p e e at v H n h n u d r
                our rules ought to be i writing. And I wanted to check with
                the Speaker if it is i writing/'
         p k r o l h n: l e f v ha ot o s n ri i             lr
         S ea e H u i a n b l e e t t m i n i i w t ng. Mr, C e k/'
         at j vi h: '
                    A  g t.  p og z /'
        M i e c ' 1l ri h I a ol i e
          pea                        h he            '
         S ker Houlihan: HProceed wit t verificationo'
            k         '            y, ut               y,
        Cler Selcke: lArnelly Beatt Bl hardt, B. Bradle Jerry Bradl    a.'
                                                                   eyz. '
          pea             '        ati
         S ker Houlihan: 'Represent ve Hana      or                        l
                                           han, f wbat purposè do you rise?'
                  '                                     n
        Hanahan: 'On a point of order. Has my motion bee acted upon?'

                                        de    n       or   o ve
                I belfeve it takes prece nce i order f me t ha the oppor-
                 uiy o rf         e d he t o o e ef        j r y ot
                t n t t ve i y I n e t mo i n t r c ve a ma o it v e
                                          n'    w        d
                to suspend the rules. I do t kno if I nee 89. Maybe the
                Parliame                    n
                        ntarian would explai whether or not I need 89 votes
                to suspend the appropriate r               '
                                            ule on decorum.'
         S                  '
          peaker Houlihan: 'Repres      ve
                                  entati Hanahan, t                   io
                                                   here is another mot n
                                      rit             u neak around..
                pending which has prio y. I suggest yo s             .
                Would t Clerk conti                                   ati
                                   nue with the verfication of the Neg ve
                Roll C            rk.'
                      all? Mr. Cle l
                        f                            dle
         Clerk Selcke: 'Blutbardt, B. Bradley, G. Bra y: Capparelli? Carroll,
                Coffey, Collins, Cunningham, Danielsy Davis, Deavers, Deuster:
                Dipri                    '
                     ma, Domicoy Duff....'
         speaker Houliha   ' il ose mbers remai in their seats and raise
                        n: '4 1 th Me          n
                    r          he
                thei hands as t Roll is called? Pr               k.l
                                                  oceeds Mr. Cler '
                        '                                            y,
         Clerk Selcke: 'John Dunn, Dyery Ebbeseny Ewell, Ewing, Farle Fleck?
                Fri                                 he
                   edrichs Garmisa, this is one on t board? Giglio, Grotberg,
                lart, Gene Hoffman, Dan Houlthan ,Hudson, Huff, Emil Jones,
                Kane, Keller, Ke                    k,
                                mpiners, Kent, Klosa Kornowic zy Kosinski.
                Koz          '

<s n   '
 , s -r v
 <.,.-. .
    # w                                 .            .
                           G E N E R A t A s s E :IB i v
  ;.t. .'
    s 'i
     ., v
st.. '. . .                              . r uul s
                                     sv.vs ol S -o '
. ( ?')
 .A 7 L
,...' *.
      .                             I            4 1 rV
                                 HoLSr o F RLPRE$E1TA'I ES
  .A*                                                                            '
                                        2h Q 6
                                       J 12: 17

       Speaker Houli n: nRepresentative Si       r
                                          mms, fo what purpose do you rise?u
       Si     '
         mms: '                               o            '
               Mr. Speaker: may I have leave t be verified?'
       Speaker Houli                                            y
                    han: HRepresentative Hanahan, will you verif Representative
       Simms: ' nk you very much/'
           ker                    h he
       Spea Houlihan: HProceed wit t Roll Ca11J1
          rk        '
       Cle Selcke: 'Kucharski, La                l
                                 uer, Laurfnoy...'
       pe ke o l h n: ' pr s n a i a d l b/ro ha u p s o o s ?'
       S a r H u i a ' e e e t t ve R n o p f r w t p r o e d y u ri e î
           olp ' Speake may I have lea to be verified, please?î
       Rand h: 'Mr.    r,             ve                      '
        pea            '
       S ker Houlihan: '      he
                        Does t Gentleman have leave, Representative Hanahan,
                            y                      b?î
              will you verif Representative Randolp î
                'Ho              '
       Hanahan: ' w is he voting?'
              elc   '         '
       Clerk S ke: 'Voting no.'
       Hanahan: HOkay, if you' got s    hi        '
                                    omet ng to do.'
       Speaker Ho                  ati
                 ulihan: HRepresent ve Ra    ph           '
                                         ndol is verified.'
       Clerk Selc     '
                 ke: 'Lechowicza../l
        pea            'Re         ve                                    l
       S ker Houlihan: ' presentati Porter, for what purpose do you rise?'
       Forter: nHow am I recordedy please?n
       Speaker Ro         îw
                 ulihan: 'Ho is the Gent               '
                                        leman recorded?'
       Clerk Selcke: HThe Gentleman is recorded as being absent/l
       Port    '
           er: 'Please vote me no/l
        pea                     he ntle n as voting no. Represe
       S ker Houliban: HRecord t Ge    ma                      ntative
               Lauer, for what purpose do you rise?'
       Lauer: 'How am I recor                 '
                             ded, Mr. Speaker?'
       Clerk Se       '
               lcke: 'The Gentleman is re                    '
                                         corded as voting no.'
               ' nge that to aye, please.'
       Lauer: 'Cha                       î
       Speaker Roulihan: HRecord the Gentleman as voefng aye. Proceed wfth
                he        ion  he     ve
               t verificat of t Nezati Roll Ca11J'
          rk        '
       Cle Selcke: 'Leinenwe        n, verenz, Macdonald, Madigan, Mahar,
                            ber, Leo Le
               McAulif      co
                      fe, Mc urty McLendon, McMaster, Meyery Millery Molloy,
               Nardulli, Neff, Patricky Peters, Pierce, Porter, Pouncey:
                                  chli n. hoe
               Randolph, Rigney, S ckma Sc berleiny Schuneman, Shea,
               Sïmms, Skinner, St     y, ylory Telcser, Te
                                 earne Ta                 rzichy Totten,
                                   e,     ms,
               Waddell, Walsh, Whit Willia Yourell/'
                          ' esentati Ha
       Speaker Houlihan: 'Repr      ve nahan, do you have any questions

 K' mio
 .T J k                           k .
                          c E x E i A t A ss E N B LY
/b,..(-' '.
 ., ; )
 '.. .' k
    ? .
j? ..-( Ah
       >                          S AYC GF 1 L NO1
                                   T'      L1 S                                   ,
 f. :
.-/' ',
'., h
  ç %                                   4
                                   ; r !1 s .1
                              uouseofRE* E E-TATVES
     ' ' '
     t.' .                                                                        l
                                              N 88
                                            J2 2017

                  of the negative vote?'
         Hanahan: l                   pr ntative Brandt-'
                   Yes Mr. Speaker. Re ese              '
         Speaker Ho         l     ent ve nahan, if you can hold for a
                   ulihan: 'Repres ati Ha
                                  ve              e
                  second I wfll gi you tbe accurat count. Representative
                  Hanahan and other Members of the House we are starting this
                  Roll Call wit 70 ayes and 83 nays. Represe     ve
                                                            ntati Hanahan
                  on a verification of the Negati Roll Ca1l.H
                  f                            y                       n          '
         Hanahan: 'I had a parliamentary inquir I was askfng recognitio earliere..'
         Spea Houli      '
                   ban: 'Proceed with your parliamentary inquiry/î
         Ha       ' right. And that i t
           nahan: 'A11                          ng        fi    ve
                                     s hat as lo as the Af rmati Roll
                  Call was not requeste for verification, do they get a shot if
                  I reduce 13 names off this Roll Call?' Under what rule? I
                  t ught the rules specifically said that if they wanted they
                    s e u st t i l n         u . .'
                  mu t r q e i t me y a d I j st . '
         S ker Houlïhan) HRepresentative Hanahan, their request would not
                  be ti                          m    r nd
                       mely until you brought the unde a therefore they
                  would have the opport    y o                    ve
                                       unit t verify the Affirmati Roll Call.
                  Proceed with the verificatio '
         Hanahan: H n they would have t    '
         Speaker Houliha                                      d
                        n: HThey have that opportunity. Procee with that
                  verification. O a point of order, Represe             no.î
                                                           ntative Lauri '
                  Represent ve Laurinozf
         Lauri     '
              no: 'As long as Representative Hanahan is ba           e eei
                                                          ving troubl s ng
                  the Me                    ke bat I take the verification for him.'
                        mbership would he li t                                     '
          Speaker Houliha    '        at
                         n: 'Represent ive Ha              nt ve
                                             nahan: Represe ati Laurino
                  has vol                he rification for you.'
                         unteered to do t ve                   '
                   'He         ve                  rst
          Hanahan: ' doesn't ha 20-20 vision I unde and and he wears
                  glasses and I' be fearful t         y verlook a few.'
                                             hat he ma o              '
          Laurt     '
               no: 'Wel1, Represe     ve nahan can't see through wood.n
                                 ntati Ha
          Spea               ' oceed with the verific
              ker Houlihan: 'Pr                      ation of tbe Negative
                  Roll Cal1J'
                    ' presentaefve Blut dt.'
          Hanahan: 'Re                 har '
          Speaker Houli      '           ve uthardt fs in his seat.'
                       han: 'Representati Bl                       '
                n: '       ati
          Hanaba 'Represent ve Ben             '
                                  nett Bradley-'
          Speaker loulihan: HReprese                                       '
                                    ntative Bennett Bradley is in his seat.'

       x1. '-
     z--* ,-.                  : : ç : t h - 1 ; ; ! : 1 -f
                                 - ' k       k
                              (;I l I l / 1 ? ! h 1 ll1 : r
     p.' - ,7 .
     -. r
    ' :. . qy
        . J;
       .. ft J
        . '                           S   c
                                       v a o.u Ioj
                                        w. pIu: s
       uk - '
        - ..
        f F
     . ,< n *
           .                       4 ;     e4 s: v v s
                                  yous*oeac rs p. avI c
                                           u 3s
                                         dô 2û3:


        Hanahan: HRepresent ve Carroll/î
         pea            '
        S ker Houlfhan: 'Representative Carroll. Is Representative Carroll
                                        be                  '
               in the Chambers? How is t Gentleman recorded?'
          er         î Gentle
        Cl k Selcke: 'The                           ng  '
                             man is recorded as voti no.'
        Spea Houlihan: HRe       m om
                          move hi fr the Roll CallJ1
        Ha        î
          nahan: 'Representative Roscoe Cun        l
         p a e o li an: ' e r s nt i C n i g a i j s a o t i hi s a
        SekrHu b         R
                        ' p e e at ve u n n h m s u t b u n s e t/'
        Hanahan: H                or          '
                  Representative C neal Davis.f
        Speaker Houlihan: HReprese     ve         n         '
                                  ntati Davis is i his seat.î
        Hanahan: H         ati
                  Represent ve Dea        1 avers.'
                                  vers. Gi De     l
        Speaker Ho         '
                  ulihan: 'Representative Deavers. Is Repres      ve
                                                            entati Deavers
                n                w
               i the Chambers? Ho is the Gentle             f
                                               man recorded?'
        Clerk Selcke: 'NO.H
         pea             f mo        ntle                    '
        S ker Houlihan: îRe ve the Ge man from the Roll Ca11.'
        Hanahan: HReprese                   m          y.'
                         ntative Deuster fro Lake Count '
                     ha            ati             n         l
        Speaker Houli n: MRepresent ve Deuster fs i his seat.'
        Hanahan: 'Representative Domico/'
        Speaker Houlfhan: 'Represe            co    wn
                                  ntative Domi is do here in the front/l
                  îot        at.'
        Hanahan: 'N in his se '
                           He                              owar
        Speaker Houlihan: H is in tbe Chambers and moving t d his seat/b
        Hanahan: HReprese     ve         '
                         ntati John Dunnol
        Speaker Houlihan: HRepresentat                  n he  k    he
                                      ive John Dunn is i t bac of t Chambers.
        Hanahan: HReprese              no'
                         ntative Ebbese '
                     ha   '           ve
        Speaker Houli n: 'Representati Ebbesen is in his seat/'
        Hanahan: MRepresentative C              f
                                  harlie Fleck. '
        Speaker Houlihan: HRepr ntative Fleck. Representative Fleck. How
                is the Gentleman recorded?'
        Clerk Selcke: 'NO.O
        Sp                   mo        ntle
          eaker Houlihan: MRe ve the Ge man from the Roll Cal1.H
        Ha         ' ese      ve
          nahan: 'Repr ntati Garmis    a/'
        Speaker Houliha                ve        s                           '
                       n: HRepresentati Garmisa i standing right by his desk.'
                  Re                         '
        Hanaban: H presentative Dan Houlihan.'
        Speaker Houli      '
                     han: 'Representative Houli              ati
                                               han. Represent ve D. L.
                                  he                  '
                Houlihan. How is t Centleman recorded?'

   ..J .
  A+'7 ..E                 G E N E R A L A ss r ) j j Y
                                              . . ).
 ' < rwp
 :7?1 r                       .
   6t n
:'2 1- t
' .s - t1k
     t ' .                          vx r u so'
                                   s vco'Iul s
    : #rv
  . K% . '                      o z .o . e s . v s
                               s ks: , na nc s,v.v' s
    -   J
                                       # T (j.
                                      A'G j . t '.

         Clerk Selc     ' H
                   ke: 'No.
         Speaker Ho         l        m ro
                   uliban: lRemove hi f m the Roll Cal1.H
          na n: R p e e é i mi o e '
         Ha ha H e r s n at ve E l J n sv'
         Speaker Houlihan: H rese                       n
                                 ntative Emil Jones is i his seat next to
                 his son.'
         Hanahan: nReprese     ve mpiners.'
                          ntati Ke        '
         Spea              fRe
             ker Houlihan: ' prese     ve mil Jones: for what p
                                  ntati E                      urpose do you rise?'
                Nr. Spe r, I belie the Gentleman is acti dilatorys he'
         Jones: '      ake        ve                    ng           s
                             he                       ng
                 going down t list and he saw me sitti here. I waved at him,
                      o       ve
                 and s I belie his actfons are dil    y
                                                  ator and I wish you would
                 act                his
                    ually deay him t verification/'
         Spea                      nt ve    k
             ker Houlihan: MReprese ati Flec has returned. Representative
                 E              nt        ake            h he oll Call.
                  mil Jones' poi is well t n. Proceed wit t R
                 Represent ve Bra                                  '
                                 ndty for what purpose do you rise?'
         Brandt: H...Recorded?n
          pea             Ho     he
         S ker Houlihan: M w is t Gentle             '
                                        man recorded?'
             k        ' nto'
         Cler Selcke; 'Abse l
                  Vot   f
         Brandt: H e no.î
         Speaker Ho                                     ng       ese
                   ulihan: HRecord the Gentleman as voti no. Repr native
         Choate: 'Would you rec                      '
                               ord me as aye, please?'
         S                  Rec   he ntle
          peaker Houlihan: M ord t Ge    man as voting aye. Representative
                 Hanahan woul    '
                             he      me nd m           lat y,          '
         Hanaban: HWhat was t last na a I' not being di or Mr. Speaker.'
         Speaker Houlihan: HEmil Jones. Would you...Repre    ati
                                                         sent ve Hanahan, would
                 you ve y Represe                '
                                 ntative Bradley?'
         Hanahan: HMr. Speaker, I have a list here of namesn .Yesy I will, Sir.'
                  r d e e u st d a l e s h t e r d y, n t r d e
                 B a l y r q e e e r i r wa t e o h r B a le Be ne t B a l y/'
          Speaker Houlihan: H                                  he
                             Proceed with the verification of t Negative Roll Ca11.'
         Ha        ïe
           nahan: Nf were on Emfl Jones. Representaeïve Kempï     '
          Speaker Houlihan: HReprese                                 '
                                    ntative Kempiners ts fn his seat.'
          Hanahan: HReprese     ve         '
                           ntati Leehowicz.'
          Speaker Houli n: MRepresentative Lechowi                      ho
                                                  cz. Representative Lec wicz

                 is in the aisle/'
          Ha        '        at     on.'
            nahan: 'Represeat ive Le '

  'L , ,
   :) '
    J %
 *.' ï. '',
 ,                                            ï
                             G E N ER A L A SSI M B L Y
 .   j
 j !lt .e,
    '- (
f t'- , te
  $. . -
,w j . , j
     :/:                              'A E L hoS
                                     sr T oFIL1l1
 ' #     U
       1'...>*                       lE         -
                                           e Es I ArV
                                  uokS oFRE R EPr '1 ES
 .l      J

       Speaker Houlihan: MReprese     ve           he            '
                                 ntati Leon is in t center atsle.'
       Hanahan: 'Representative McAuliffe/'
       Speaker Houlihan: HRepresentative Roger McAuliffe is sitttng in
              his seatw'
       Ha       l
         nahan: 'Represe     ve         '
                        ntati Ted Meyer.'
       S ker Houlihan: HRepresentative Meyer. Representative Meyery how
               is t Gentle         de '
                          man recor d7'
       Clerk Selcke: n '
       Speaker Houlihan: '        he     man
                          Remove t Gentle from the Roll Ca11Jî
       Hanahan: HRepresentative Dan Pierce.'
        pe              '
       S aker Houlihan: îReprese                       n         '
                                ntative Dan Pierce is i his seat.'
       Hanaban:                         1
                    Represent ve Rigney.,
                             ati                       '           .
                    ha   '
       Speaker Houli n: lRepresentat                             gne
                                    ive Rigney. Representative Ri y is
                     ng   nd     he'
               standi behi the... s in his s    '
                ' Represent ve Stea yw'
       Hanahan: 'And       ati     rne '
       Speaker Houlihan: HRepresent ive Ron Stea                     '
                                                rney is in the aisle.'
       Hanaha             ati         '
             n: MRepresent ve Terzich.'
       Speaker Houlihan: 'Represe          b            n
                                 ntative Bo Terzich is i his seat/'
       Hanaban: HReprese     ve
                        ntati Walsh, I see him rig     l     t      œ
                                                  ht..o didn' see hi before.
                           ve        f
               Representati Williams.'
        Speaker Houli             ntat
                     han: MReprese fve Willia            he ntle
                                             ms: how is t Ge man....
                 ntle n'   he     '
               Ge ma s fn t afsle.'
        Hanahan: 'Representative Fri     h.'
                                    edric l
        Speaker Houlfhan: nRepresentatfve Frfedrlch. Representative Frfedrich
                        al ng o
               is over t ki t Represe               '
                                     ntative Brandt.l
                 ' I ha no other questïons, Mr. Speaker.'
        Hanaban: 'And  ve                               î
                     ha t
        Speaker Houli n: 'There being no further q                   he
                                                  uestions, what is t Roll Call?
                  There being 71 ayes and 80 naysa the Gentleman's motion to...
                             ive Gre
                  Representat Mc w/l
        McGrew: HThank you, Mr. Speaker, please rec              '
                                                   ord me as aye.'
        S ker Houlihan: H                                           s
                         Record the Gentleman as aye. The Centleman' motion
                   o ble fails and we a bac to Represent ive Kucharski on
                  t ta                 re  k            at
                  his motion to reconsider. Rep         ve
                                               resentati Kucharski/'
        Kuchars     '
               ki: 'Tbank you, Mr. Speaker, 1 renew my motion.n
                 ' Speaker, poi of order/'
        Hanahan: 'Mr.          nt

  .'j m,
' .
     a.,                     G E N E R A L A S SE M B LY
Jf * rl.'
''.,'''. i,
 : ( t
  C                                   Y'     L 1# S
                                     S ATCQC1 LêG1
  k. '
  f #k *?
 ' ' m                              sE
                                    l       RE NY VD
                                 Hot oFHEP SE ATl E  S                             '
  ,.  ' .:
      C                                                                            j
                                              k   9&
                                             k $2û17


          ker         '        atf an             ne
      Spea Roulihan: 'Represent ve H ahan on a poi of order/'
                   fî        -
      Hanahan:      Es the motion reduced to wrfting?yl

            r          'Re              Mr.
      Speake Roulfhan: ' presentative... Clerk, fs the Representative's
                 motfon in writf           ion                ng
                                ng? His mot not befng fn wrfti we wfll move
                 to anot r order of bust               ati          d
                                        ness. Represent ve Duff youf better
                          re       o
                 burry we' moving t another order of business. The Centleman
                   ne          on               on
                 re ws his moti and on tbis moti Representative Kucharski
                 mo                                        e
                   ves to reconsider the vote by which Hous Bill 3377 was adopted,
                                   ed   he
                 failed to be adopt on t First Conference Committee Report.
                 We' have a Roll Call on this motion. A1l those tn favor vote
                 aye. A11 t                e                ve
                           hose opposed vot no. Representati Hanahan/'
      Ha                            ve he ules clearly s t
        nahan: HMr. Speaker, I belie t r                ay hat the Clerk
                 should read the motio                 hat
                                      n. You know, so t we kaow. A written
                            he     s
                 motion is t Clerk' res       lit              Ruli
                                       ponsibi y to read it. ... ng if
                         lia          ul ke            '
                  tbe Par mentarian wo d li to read it.:
       Speaker Houli     Yl       k,                                 '
                    han: ' r. Cler would you like to read the motion?'
        l r e c e: ' n o e n h re i i g i e
                    Ha                                 ve o e o s d r
       C e k S l k l vi g v t d o t e p va l n s d I Yo t r c n i e
                  the vote by which C      nce mmittee #k on House Bill 3377 lost.
                                     onfere Co
              Ed Kucharski/l
             r uliban: HRepresentat Jacobs/'
       Speake Ho                   ive
       Jacobs: MMr. Spea           er                       me         '
                        kery the Cl k read that but wbo's na was on itk'
           Clerk Selcke: nEdmund undecipherable middle i                 '
                                                        nitial Kucharski.f
           Jacobs: '        houg          es ati
                    We1l I t ht I saw Repr ent ve Dunn take it up there.

                  Or Duff.'
           Speaker Houlf              k,              he
                        han: HMr. Cler wfll you take t Roll Call. A11 those
                              e                                   atï       s
                  fn favor voe aye; all opposed vote no. Represent ve Lauer.f
               r: Mr.
           Laue M Spea                 e o             e
                      ker,not belng abl t follow all th convolutions rhat
                     ve              re n            le
                  weê gone through he f the last coup of hours, would you
                                y or             n vor a S
                   please clarif f me kf we are f fa      econd Conference Com-
                             ng                               '
                   mittee bei appointed. Do we vote aye or no?'
           Speaker Houliha                   n vor of appof ng a S
                          n: NThose Members i fa           ntf    eeond Conf-
                   ere           ee              ing                 n
                      nce Cammitt ought to be vot no. Those Members f favor
                   of a First Co                ee
                                nference Committ Report should vote aye. Have a11
                   voted who wish? Represent ve Matijevich/'

    x Gz     .
            '.                             -
                               c E x E R A i A ss E51B L Y
-.q: ><
i1. .. -,i
 75 R' :
 .. '
'                                     s      uusol
                                       vwvsosl l s
, . ..).)
  m .4.;
       .                                 r    s y
                                             . .a
                                             j j s ,.
                                    N 56
                                  Jk 7û17

Matijevich: M Speaker: one other day of the Session the Parlia-
       ment    n                             nk
           aria under Roberts Rules and I thi it may be on page
       291 makes a point of order that a motion is out of order if
                           call he me        hat   ust
       it deals with practi y t sa question t has j been
                      ay          by         ng     he
       decided and I s that thiso.. your ruli that t other
                                          he ame
       matter was declared that tbis was t s motion that has a1-
       ready been decided and therefore is out of o     '
             ha              ive   evic
Speaker Houli n: nRepresentat Matij hs this is an order to re-
                  d                 es     ve       l
       consfder an is fn order. Repr entatf Madlgan.'
Madigan: H                           ame
          Mr. Speaker: point of parli ntary inquiry. How many votes
                      or his uotio '
        are required f t          n?'
S                  f prese ati Madigan, since his mot n, i
 peaker Houlihan: 'Re     nt ve                      io nitial
                        be                        d
       motion had lost t motion to reconsider woul require a simple
         j ri y f h s t n      n h t o nt, p e e t t v at j vi h.'
       ma o t o t o e vo i g. 0 t a p i Re r s n a i e M i e c
Matijevich: f nt of order. Any motion that takes 89 or more also
        ta 89 to recons           he     me
                       ider. Now t Parlia ntarian, I know, knows
        that one/'
    ker         '        ati
Spea Houlihan: 'Represent ve Matije               ame
                                   vich, the Parli ntarfan advises
        me if we were reconsidering the vote by which the report was adopted
        ft vould r uire 89. But we are reconsidering the fact that this
        motion has f                           d   y
                    ailed and therefore it woul onl consider a simple
         aj r t f h s ot ng a 1 t d o is             lr ae
        m o i y o t o e v i . H ve a l vo e wh w h? C e k, t k
         he                   on he
        t record. On this moti t re are 79 ayes, 61 nos and 2
        voting present. Represe     ve
                               ntati Hanahan, for what purpose do you
Ha          d ke o                            y he
  nahan: nI' li t poll the absentees and verif t Roll Call.
        It's not dilatoryy                        he
                              have a right under t rules. Anyone want
        to move to suspend t    '
 Speaker Ho         '        ati                    he  ht
           ulihan: 'Represent ve Hanahan, you have t rig to verify
        but now you have to poll the absentees.'
          ' Pol1 the absentees. So I move t n, Mr. Speaker, t poll
 Hanahan: '...                             he                o
        the abs               ve             on
               entees. Do I ha to make a moti to do that or could
            ve      o         h he                     '
        I ha leave t go throug t list of the absentees?'
 Speaker Houlfhan: HThe mot           ar
                           ion has app ently prevailed and the maker
        of t motion: Represe     ve ucharski, has t right to poll
                            ntati K                he

                           ft          î 1
                     G E N l l A L A SSI M I L Y
                                  7 L N S
                             STATE oF 1 LI o l
                            l!       P '4 r v'
                        Ho t5â oF &fPIE5EtTA'l ES
                                               u ) gu
                                             4Q 3( 1

                        absentees. Representative Kuchars     n his vote t re are
                                                         ki. 0 t          he
                        79 ayes; 61 nos and 2 votes present. And Representative Hanahan
                        bas requested a verification of t Affirmative Roll Call.
                                   h he            f
                        Proceed wit t verification.'
                  k         '
              Cler Selcke: 'Arne11,...H
              S ker Houlihan: MReprese               '
                                      ntative Darrow.î
                   w: '     ake witch my vote to aye/'
              Darro 'Mr. Spe r, s
               pea            '
              S ker Houlihan: '                at        w              d
                               Record Represent ive Darro as aye. Procee with
                        the verifi       '
              Clerk Selcke: '     ys                dle
                             Beatt Bluthardt, B. Bra y, G. Bradley, Brandt, Capparell ,
                                  un     m,
                        Collins, C ningha Dani          w, vis,..J'
                                              els, Darro Da
              Speaker Houliha    '           ve     n.l
                             n: 'Representati Hanaha f
                       Yr. Speaker, some people ma accuse me of being dilatory but
              Hanahan: f                          y
                                   11       hi he ules. The rules clearly say that
                        at least 1' work wit n t r
                        whe a Me                  n
                                mber is called upo on a verification that he should
                           nd                                                       lat
                        sta or rise in order to be recognized so we do uot have a di ory
                        practice of calling names of Me               rul
                                                       mbers who are t y here and present.
                                             n'                   e
                        Now I first of a1l ca t see a 1ot of peopl with a1l the walking
                        a               he                       at'
                         round and a11 t unnecessary personnel th s on the floor during
                        the verification. And secondly, Members na                   d
                                                                  mes have been calle in
                        this verificatf that have not risen or raised their hand. Now
                        if I have to call their nazes of and so               er
                                                               mebody says lat it's
                                                              nd              ng
                        dilatory because I called thefr name a they were sitti t ere.
                                 he                  de
                        I think t rules clearly provi for the decorum of this House
                              he mber either rais their hand or show../'
                        that t Me                e
                      c       ha   '
                 Spealer Houli n: 'Representat      na
                                              ive Ha han, your point is very well
                        t n but this is the f    h
                                             ourt Roll Call on this Conference Com-
                                              ng                 lat
                        mittee and we ar: comi very close to a di ory actton. And
                            k           o                                      h      '
                        I as the Clerk t continue with the Roll and proceed wit haste-'       '
                 Clerk Selcke: HDeust      pri    î
                                     er, Di maso.o'
                       r           '
                 speake Houlihan: 'Represe     ve          '
                                          ntati Kozubowski.'
                    ubo ki: HMr. S ker a Ladies and Gentl n of t House: I would
                 Koz ws           pea   nd               eme    be
                                    he                  pea
                        suggest by t words of the last s ker that his intentions were
                        dilatory, S              ry
                                   aid he Would t t0 keep us here a11 night, and I would
                        SUZZCSE V                     his
                                 hat iS dilatory and t verification should not be made/'

          'jl x
                                                        11 y
          ,-, - :
           .. ( .
              .. .
                                   G E N E 1 A L A SS E5 1 LX
        ; .k p j
           .r k
        .î; :..,                             s ..oejus 1
                                             ' x u jos
                                              r.c    l
          b. .                                                                                      j
' ...
   ..         '
              *                                                                              .. .   !
                                       lN 96
                                      Jt 2217


Cler Selc                          '
         ke: HDuff Dyer, Ebbesea...'
 pea            Xeprese
S ker Houlthan: '           ve
                       ntati Kozubows     ve
                                     ki, Il ruled that that
                                   h he                  '
       is not dilatory. Proceed wit t Negative Roll Ca11.1
Clerk Selcke: HEpt Ewell, Ewing, Farl                  ch: misa,
                                     ey, Fleck, Friedri Gar
                   o,          on
       Getty, Gigli Grotberg, R Hoffman, Hudson, Huff, Emil Jones,
       Kane Kempi        l
 pea            ' Spea
S ker Houlihan: 'Mr.  ker...record Repres      ve
                                         entati Dan Houlihan as aye.
    k         Ke                   k,
Cler Selcke: H mpiners, Kent, Klosa Kornowiczo./'
Speaker Houli      ' presentative Yourel f what purpos do yo rise?
             han: îRe                   l, or         e     u
       Recor the Centleman as voting ay              fve    al
                                       e. Represeneae Macdon d
       record the Lady as voting aye. Re                 r, ecord the
                                        presentative Laue r
         ntle                                   l a1l.'
       Ge man as voting no. Proceed with the Rol C    '
Clerk Selc     ' os               osi            kiy hars
          ke: 'Kl ak: Kornowicz, K nski, Kozubows Kuc ki, Laurino:
        Lechowicz. Leinenwe                 nz,
                           ber, Leon, Levere Macdonald, Madigan, Mahar,
       McAuliffe, Mccourt, Mc              er: yer, Miller, Molloy,
                             Lendon: McMast Me
        Nardulli, Neff, Patrick, Peters, Pierce: Porter, Pouncy: Rigney,
        Schlickman, Schoeberlein, S       n,
                                   chunema Shea, Si        nne
                                                   mmss Skf r, Stearney,
                         '      lcs   l
        E. G. Steele: Taylor, Te er...'
 pea             l        ati
S ker Houlihan: 'Represent ve Mann, for what p                se?'
                                              urpose do you ri l
 a n: ' a k o
      T             pe ke , l a e e o d      tn y
M n ' h n y u, Mr. S a r p e s r c r me as vo i g a e/'
Houli               ati
     han: MRepresent ve Londri      or                     se?'
                              gan, f what purpose do you ri '
Lo         'Wo
  ndrigan: ' uld you please record me as no but if be doesnlt stop his
        dilatory t         s   ng o                 y.'
                  atics he' goi t lose me permanentl '
Speaker Houlihan: ' ur point is well taken. Represe     ve
                                                   ntati Hanahan,
        did you hear Repres      ve
                           entati Londrigan? Representative Royle,
        for what purpose do you rfse?n
Bo      '       11                      r,
  yle: 'We11, 1: wait a little bit longe Mr. Speaker, but ft sure fs
        ta            ng me o      k                  '
          king us a lo ti t get bac to that whole hog.'
 Clerk Selc           ma
           ke: HSchune n, Shea, Simmsy Skinner, Stearney, E. G. Steeley
        Taylor, Telcser, Te                          k,
                           rzich, Totten. Tuerky Vite Waddell, Walsh,
            e,               '
        uhit Younge, Yourell.'
 Speaker Houli      '                       n            on
              han: 'Representative Hanahan o a verificati of the
        Roll Call. Representac Ufnchester, for uhae purpose do you rise?'
              'w                     pea  '
 Winchester: 'Ho am I recorded, Mr. S ker?'

                    G E N E R A L A SSE 5 BL Y
                            ; T       L e S
                           ETA. E o F 1 LI4oI
                          l    - EPR :1 ' %E
                       HotsC o& R' /5t> TATl? 5
                                 i Jw:
                               vv':(i ,


Clerk Selcke: t       '
Winchester: 'Vote me no, please/'
Speaker Houli      '       he ntle
             ban: 'Record t Ge    man as voting no. Representative
         t j v c o ha u p s o o s l
       Ma i e i h, f r w t p r o e d y u ri e?l
 at le c  'M p a r, w m e o d d?
M i vi h: ' r. S e ke ho a I r c r e n
              fAbse '
Clerk Selcke: ' nt.'
Matijevich: 'Vote me no/'
Speaker Ho         '       be nt ma
          ulihan: lRecord t Ge le n as voting no. On this vote
       t                                                   nwl
        here are 84 ayes and 63 nays. Representative Hanaha '
Hanahan: HThe count ri      w        '
                      ght no is what?'
 pea            :84    nd       '
S ker Houlihan: : aye a 63 nays.'
Hanahan: nOkay, Mr. Speaker. Deuste      s                '
                                   r. He' not in hts seat.'
Speaker Houli      Ho
             han: H w is the Gentleman rec          s
                                          orded? He' right there
         n          '
        i the aisle.'
Hanahan: n                    ng m/'
          Representative Cunni ha
Speaker Houlihan: H                                     s
                   Representative Cunningham? Where? He' up in
        the galle '
          f      s
Hanahan: foh: he' not in his seat. Representative John Dunn/'
Speaker Ho         '        ati
          ulihan: 'Represent ve John Duna is in the aisle/'
Hana      '               '
    han: 'Not in his seat.'
  er          '
Cl k Selcke: 'Hels rec            ng
                      orded as bei present/'
          Re ese        l           k here. Represent ve Me r/'
Hanahan: n pr ntative... see him bac t               ati   ye
spealer Hoult      '                        n         '
             han: 'Representative Meyer is i his seate'
                   ati     r.'
Hanahan: HRepresent ve Maha '
speaker Houlihan: HRepres      ve har. He' in the aisle/î
                         entati Ma        s
Ha       '
  nahan: 'Represe     ve      '
                 ntati Rigney.l
 Spea               '                                    '
     ker Houlihan: 'Representative Rigney is in his seat.l
 Banaban: 'Representativp Si    '
                                ve mms. Representat Si
 speaker Houlihan: MRepresentati Si                           w
                                                   ive mms, ho is
        the Gent         or   '
                leman rec ded?'
     k         '   '
 Cler Selcke: 'Aye.'
                    ' mo              n rom the Roll Call. Pr d,
 speaker Houlihan: 'Re ve tbe Gentlema f                     ocee
                ha '
        Mr. Hana n.'
 Hanahan) 'Representat              '
                      lve Schuneman-'
 Speaker H          '        ati' hune
          oulihan: 'Represent ve Sc man is in his s    '

                           1            1
                   G E N E 1 A L A SSE 5 8 L 5'
                                  7     tt1 S
                             5TATE o F I..ND!
                         f       '# e         V
                        bo uSC QF !E'RCS<NTATl E5
                                 < ) 86
                               J0 s ( 17
Ha       ï       t      m
  nahan: 'I didn' see hi before. Re               '
Spea               l        ati
    ker Houlihan: lRepresent ve Si                  o he
                                  mms has returned t t Chambers,
       ret      m                 '
          urn hi fo the Roll Ca11.1
         ' ese
Hanahan: 'Repr ntative Wall, no, exc           s    he
                                    use me> he' on t right side.
           ese   ve        '
       Repr ntati Williams.1
Speaker Houlihan: 'Repres      ve     ms       s eat '
                         entati Willia is by hi s .'
          ' ve
Hanahan: 'I ha no ot           ns             '
                    her questio , Mr. Speaker.'
                   ' ng
Speaker Houlihan: 'Havi no other questions, final Roll Call is...
                   ve                                  '
       Representati Mann: for what purpose do you rise?'
       '                             '
Mann: 'Please record me as voting no.'
Spe               l re recorded as aye, Represe
   aker Houlihan: 'You'                             ve
                                               ntati Leverenz.
             ent ve                           u     '
       Repres ati Mudd: for what purpose do yo rise?l
   d '
Mud : lWould you please record me as no: ple    '
             ha   f            ent ve          '
Speaker Houli n: fRecord Repres ati Mudd as nog'
              ' s
               Who     î
Clerk Selcke: ' ' that?'
                  Yudd. 0n t motio there are 83 ayes a 65 nays
Speaker Houlihan: f         his   n                   nd
       and t Centleman's mot                  he
                            ion carries. And t vote by which the
        First Conference Co= ittee Report on House Bill 3377 lost is
       no reconsi               w            l
                 dered and is no before the louse. Representative
        Totten, do yo wish to renew your mot    '
     n ' Mr       r nd               eme                   h o
Totte : ' . Speake a Ladies and Gentl n of the House, I wis t
        renew my motion to adopt Conference Co                /
                                              mmittee Report ?1 on House
        Bill 3377.f
             ha   '
Speaker Houli n: 'Is there discussi      w
                                   on? No Gentleman I have a bad
        announce           1
                ment for al of you Members. I wish there would be some
        orde in the House. I wo                    h
                               uld wish to stay wit you on this vote
                ve       nt nt
        but I ha an appoi me at six o1           m
                                      clock and Iî going to have
        to leave t Chair. I appreciate your consideration. And I
        would ask s one to relieve me f     he hair because I ha
                                       rom t C                  ve
                mpo                at                      ke
        a very i rtant... Represent ive Walsh, would you li to
        Put your request to assume the Chair to a vote? M 1 right.'
         he    '
Speaker S a : 'The Gentleman from Cooky Mr. Totten, moves to adopt
               nce    tee port /1 o louse Bf11 3377. And on that
        Confere Commit Re      / n l
        is there discussi     be ntle
                         on? T Ge                l y               '
                                     man from Mcienr p Mr. Hanahan.'
    ln   ' Speaker and Me
Hanala : 'Mr.            mbers of the Hotse, s t
                                         l    o hat every Member

                   G E N E R A L A SSE M 8L 5'
                                     kL N S
                           ST8TE 0F 1. l ot
                          li            ë   V
                       Hot5E OF REPRESEê TAT1 ES
                              a   ï:
                             Jt ùul/


       knows what I was ref    ng
                           erri to earlier when we were talking
                             n                 o
       about what this deal i effect is going t do if we concur,
          s       o        he emocratic candidate for go
       it' gofng t negate t D                           vernor's
       posit             ur                   n ddressing t
            ion as of Sat day: June 26, when i a           he
       Illinois State Emplo    s
                           yee' Associat                  d nd
                                        ion he clearly sai a
         11     worki me and wo
       1' quote g    ng n                d
                               men covere by collective bar-
          ni               ve               w          ra
       gai ng agreements ha the right to kno their cont ct will
       be bonored'. Ho             l
                      wlett said..e'
              Nr. Ha
Speaker Shea: '     nahan. Mr. Hanahan. For what purpose does the
       Gentleman f                 te
                  rom Cook, Mr. Tot n, arise?n
Totte    '        nt
     n: lFor a poi of order, Mr. Speaker. What Mr. Howlett's
             on                          or
       positi is on this Bill is not up f discussion right here.
                ur     on n his Bill is up for discussion.
       What is o posfti o t
          h he
       wis t Gentleman would confine hfs remarks to the merits
       of the Bi11.'
Speaker S      '               re
         hea: 'Mr. Hanahan, we' disc               ere
                                    ussing the Conf nce Committee
       Report and under the rul please confine your remarks to that
       report, Sir.'
Hanahan) HYes, Sir, your r                                  ng
                          equest wf1l be honored and fn comï to the
       concl                m
            usion of why I a speaking on this issue is because many
                 er                  nd
       people ent into my frame of mi and into my heart on why
        I stand f or against various pieces of legislation. But par-
        ticularly so on this piece of this legis on, not only positions
        of other Legislators or e               he
                                 xpediency but t position of our can-
        didates for Governor. Michael Howlett, co            nd
                                                 mes to my mi on why
        It                n                    ng         re
          ake a position i opposition of adopti this Confe nce Com-
                                      o y            d hat i
        mittee Report. I might go on t sa what he sai t     nflueneed
                                                   ni             d hat
        me so well in the area of collective bargai ng when he sai t
        if t                  gai
            his collecttve bar ning program of the present Governor he
             as                                    n       ed
        said' Governor until appropriate legislatio is pass I will
        conti            uti         '
             nue the Exec ve Order...'
speaker Shea: 'Mr. Hanahan.v-/'
         ' That has brought about this problem that weAre discussing
Hanahan: l...
          W 1
        nO .1
              ' Hanahan. Mr. Ha
Speaker Shea: 'Mr.             nahan. Bef            o,
                                         ore I have t you knowy'*'

                           l             f
                   G E N E I A L A S SE 5 B L Y
                                : r L eo s
                           $TATb oI 1 L14 1
                          l        4    l TV
                       HOtSE oF RrPFESEhTA. I ES
                              f 86,
                            pkikk 1/


           m most through with ity I me you...
Hanahan: HI' al                        an     H
Spea          '
    ker Shea: '                           o he
               Just confine your remarks t t Bi11.M
Hanahan: HYes, I a    m
                  m. I' explaining, Mr. S ker, if you lfste
                                         pea               ned
       t                      m ppose to this Conference Co
        hat the reason why I a o     d                     mmittee
       Report is not onl because of Michael Howlett and his position
                        lli       he
       but because of Wi am Lee, t President of the Chicago Feder-
                              use                   he
       ation of Labor and beca of Stanley Johnson, t President
           he                                    n
       of t AFL-CIO, and because of Robert Johnso of the UAW.
       And beea                     nki     n
               use of every well-thi ng unio man and union woéan
       in t                                               ve
           his state that does not like to have a collecti bargaining
       agreement negated by a mot       h
                                 ion suc as t            re
                                             his that weî voting
       on. It' pure and simple fact tbat this is a labor issue, this
       is a l           nd        ve
             abor vote a if you ha any doubts about it read how
       you vote later on it. The facts remain...'
Speaker Shea: H d you confine your re          he         '
                                     marks to t Bill, Sir.'
          ' m
Hanahan: 'I a confining them completely. The fact of the matter is
                   e    his l, he
       that the vot on t Bil t vote on this motion, defikitely
       mandates how you t                   ve
                         hink about collecti bargai           s ro-
                                                   ning and it p
       cess in Illi            o
                   nois. It als makes...                   w
                                        brings to mind a fe points.
       In t past t                              sse
                  his General Assembly has addre d itself to other
          ble                   ive    ni nd
       pro ms concerning collect bargai ng a agreements that
       have bee entered into such as the Cbicago Tea     s
                                                    cber' Contract
           h his General Assembly' ove de motion and the rest.
       whic t                     s   tri
        Now if those contracts ca                         he
                                 used as much eoncern to t Chicago
                s hat ha voted opposite to my posit
        Democrat t      ve                         ion on this issue
        I' sure t     we       t                      he nference
                 hat... wouldn' be in worrying about t Co
                         /      d
        Committee Report /1, we' already be addressing ourselves to
                           e /
        Conference Committe /2. Tbe f       maf hat Conf
                                     acts re n t        erence Com-
               /              es egal bin
        mïttee ?1 Report negat a l                   ive gai ng
                                         dlng collect bar ni
        agree                   oi his        he
             ment. And I might p nt t out to t Centleman from
        Cook and a ute lawyer that under tbis present statute of Illinois
               he                atut    ed n
        under t Personnel Code St e adopt i 1959 that Section
        9. clearly mandates the Director of Pers              iat
                                                onnel to negot e
        wages, hours and conditions. Now t      w             he
                                          hat 1a has been on t books

                       k                ,
                   G E ! E R A L A SSE 5 B L %'
                                  o L N S
                           STATE: F 1 uI O1
                          l           S    'V
                       HQtSE O F REPRE7ENTA. I E9
                                                          q j 'b
                                                        gg kQil.


                          a long ti and that is part of their province. Forget about
                               xec ve
                          the E uti Ordery t    s he part
                                            hatî t De    ment of Personnelîs
                          responsi                            o       t     bi
                                  bility. I might point out, s it isn' somet ng new;
                             s omethi very sacred to t hea
                          it' s      ng               he           n        n o
                                                          rts of me and wome wh
                                or                                      s
                          work f a living and serve us as public servant various
                                             he                     s onfere
                          categories around t state. If we adopt thi C      nce Com-
                                          ai o hose e
                          mittee we have s d t t     mployees that our word and the
                                   hei mpl
                          word of t r e oyers, Representatives: are no good. And
                          it' pure and simple fact t                        rt
                                                    hat the word of the Depa ment of
                                      he  d    he                 ve
                          Personnel, t wor of t Office of Collecti Bargaining,
                          should be uphel by t                         ho
                                              his legislature. And we s uld not
                          adopt t                     te
                                 his Conference Commit e Report because ff that happens:
                          Mr. Speaker and Members of this Ho         re      o
                                                            use, you' going t cause
                           he                      ht
                          t greatest chaos: you mtg as well order a 1ot of tennis
                                 or             e n hose prisons and a lot of pe
                          shoes f a lot of peopl i t                            ople
                          t                   at
                           hat work in this st e bec       u'                 be
                                                    ause yo re going to open t doors
                                             n his state if you adopt t
                          to a lot of chaos i t                        his Conference
                          Committ                                    nk hese are idle
                                 ee. And I might potnt out if you thi t
                          words look around the country and see what is happened when
                          leg      ve
                             islati bodies have turned t        ks n
                                                        heir bac o working men and
                                    ds                             u
                          womeas nee and rfghts. So I plead ufth yo fn behalf of those
                          people who aren' elected; in behalf of those people who work
                           or       t             k    he    n'              k n
                          f us. Don' turn your bac on t m, do t turn your bac o
                           he w
                          t m no by adopting a C      nce ommittee Report /1 whe we
                                                onfere C                  /     n
                          have the opport                          o      k
                                         unity, easy opportunity, t go bac to the bar-
                          gaining ta                        o he
                                    ble; address ourselves t t real problems that beset
                          this Legislature and adopt a true conference committee report
                           h    l ot j t        o t a t h t e re l nt r d n o
                          t at wi l n ne a e a c n r e t a w f e y e e e i t
                          represe          w       he     me               s
                                 nted by la under t Depart nt of Personnel' Code that      '
                                                  h o
                          we honor and took an oat t uphol                     ve    '
                                                          d. I ask for a negati vote.'
                   S              l           om  k,
                    peaker Shea: 'Gentleman fr Coo Mr. La      l
                   Laurino: HMr. Speaker, Ladies and Ge            he       he
                                                       ntlemen of t House, t Bill has
                           e n e at d on no g el p n - 2 o s n;           v
                          b e d b e l g e u h, w ve s e t 2 1/ h ur o I mo e
                          the previous questio '
                    pe           '          n                          n
                   S aker shea) 'The questio is, shall the main questio be put. A1l

            x * t?,'
            : .
            t ,à
            q J'  'e .
                                      : ï ç ï 1 h . 1 ;; !k wi
                                      ( I l I 1 : 1 2 !E i! 1 I?
                                                 k :       1 '
           it z.
          .'.. '      .
                     ,;                        vxxs ruusol
                                              s o'l l s
           o.: .,
          , $ .pv'
             . J*
            V: . '
' '. ..
' : -
' w                                                                    -..                     . . 1
                                                                                               .- . .
                                                    1tt 1 0h


                          t                                            ll ay
                           hose in favor will say aye. Those opposed wi s nay.
                           n         on             he                    e
                          I the opini of the Chair t motion carries and th Gentle-
                                                 ny o
                         man from Cook, Mr. Totte t close. Totten/'
                Totte    '                                         le
                     n: 'Thank you, Mr. Speaker and Ladies and Gent men of the House:
                          I don' know whether you recei                    nti
                                                       ved that report of i midation
                          fro the Gentleman from McHenry as I did but of c         s
                                                                          ourse it' the
                          sa blac           s   ng                     ure
                                 këail that' bei put upon this Legislat when we
                          face these collective bargai                        re
                                                      ning agreements that we# facing
                                 y n his Bill but i t others t
                          not onl i t              n wo       hat will be before us.
                          But in addressing myself specifically to this Conference Com-
                              ee                               he mbers of the Gen-
                          mitt Report, I want