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MynameXyz Mb Res.No Email (+91) 0000000005 +91-0000-0000000 aASIHH@nnfdni.com

Objective Seeking for a position as Systems Engineer to provide value addition to organization’s products and services that will provide exposure to a broad range of responsibilities, in the field of software development and maintenance. Technical Exposure Operating System Back End Front End Tools Web Technologies Package Tools & Utilities : : : : : : DOS, UNIX, WINDOWS NT Oracle 8i , MS-SQL SERVER Developer 2000, VB 6.0, VB.NET ASP.NET,IIS, HTML,XML, FoxPro 2.6 Crystal Report, ActiveXReport

Summary of Relevant Experience      3 years of IT experience in Application Development, Design, Testing and Implementation. Exposure to E-Commerce Technologies. Programming Knowledge in VB.NET, ASP.NET, PL/SQL and Developer 2000. Excellent Communicator with peoples of all level. Hardware servicing comprising of Machines & Printers.

Experience Summary   As a Team Member - Systems to till date. in Xyz Company #1 (P) LTD. since July’2004

As a Trainee – Systems in Xyz Company #2 (P) LTD from Aug’2002 to June’2004

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Project Summary 1) Project Organisation Environment Role Synopsis This is a package developed specifically for a Manufacturing Unit where all the major processes or modules are organized in an integrated fashion. The modules present cover the processes ranging from Material receipt to Finished Goods dispatches including all the intermediate processes like inventory transactions, Subcontracting, Tooling contracts etc. with complete integration with Finance processes. My role in this project is to create master screens like vendor, vendor parts ,payment terms, delivery terms and reports like generation of Automatic Scheduling based on Marketing plan and Shortage report. : : : : “MyProjectTitleXyz” XYZ (P) Ltd. Oracle 8i with Developer 2000 Design, Development and Implementation


Project Organisation Environment Role

: : : :

“MyProjectTitleXyz” XYZ (P) Ltd., MS-SQL Server, VB 6.0 Design, Development, Testing and Implementation

Synopsis This system has been developed to coordinate branch activities like Informing Despatch details from Factory to the respective depots, Goods receipt acknowledgement by depots, Branch Invoice preparations (to depot, to dealers, for demo tractor), Debit or Credit note preparation, Sales Information, Collection details, Customer details, Restricting depot from raising invoices to dealers, if there is an outstanding. Sending or Receiving Depot & Dealer information through mail from Factory. My role in this project is to develop Project Details, Role Management & Project Listing, Designed Stored Procedures and Relationship Diagrams Manual Testing & Implementation.


Project Organisation Environment Role

: “MyProjectTitleXyz” : XYZ (P) Ltd., : ASP.NET, VB.NET, WIN-NT : Development

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Synopsis This is designed to maintain basic activities like Book Details, Membership details and reports such as Books issued and received during a period and search based on grouping. My role in this project is to develop Project Details, Role Management & Project Listing, Designed Stored Procedures and Relationship Diagrams Manual Testing & Implementation. Education      Bachelor of Computer Application University Of XYZ India. Master of Science In Information Technology University Of XYZ Advance Diploma in Computer Programming A.D.C.P (1 Year) Diploma in .NET ARCHITECTURE Diploma course in Oracle 9i and Developer 2000 from XYZ.

Personal Information Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Passport Number Date of Expiry Cost to the Company Rs. 1,44,000 per annum Expected Salary : Negotiable Reference 1) Mr. XYZ ( Manager – IT ),XYZ India, Chennai. Phone – 044-00000000 : : : : : Date –Month -Year XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ


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