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					                                        Elizabeth Payne Tofte

644 East 600 North #19                                                                   1.435.787.4616
Logan, Utah 84321                                                     

      Candidate, Doctor of Philosophy School of Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art,
       University of Edinburgh, Scotland, thesis defense summer 2011
      Master of Philosophy School of Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, 2007
      Master of Regional Planning, College of Agriculture, Washington State University, Pullman,
       Washington, 1986
      Bachelor of Architecture, College of Art & Architecture, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 1987
      Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, cum laude, College of Agriculture, Washington State
       University, Pullman, Washington, 1979

Landscape Architect License
    Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards:
      States of Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon
Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises Certification
     State of Washington: Landscape Architecture, Environmental Consulting, and Planning

Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Utah State University, Logan,
Utah 2010-2011
   Construction II LAEP 3610
    Will contribute knowledge of construction detailing through a team taught course for juniors
    Will introduce students’ to landscape construction materials, pavements, walls and wood construction

   Site Planning and Design LAEP 2720
    Will assist course instructors with lower-division capstone landscape architecture project
    Will support creative problem solving, design methodology, site planning and circulation modules

   Construction Documents Preparation LAEP 4110
    Conducted interactive lecture and studio for seniors based on individual learning experiences within a
      collaborative setting
    Provided hands-on learning opportunities using Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) materials
    Introduced students to Green Format and CSI’s new sustainable products division
    Integrated student’s previous course knowledge in design theory, planting design, and irrigation with
      new knowledge of construction drawings and specifications
    Encouraged peer-review and self-evaluation of progress using innovative critique methods
    Welcomed professional landscape architects and planners into studio to discuss their projects

   Professional Practice LAEP 4910 and LAEP 6160
    Conducted concurrent lecture course for juniors and second year graduate students
    Assisted students in preparing Intern Acquisition Packets: cover letter, resume and portfolio for
      summer internships
    Invited alumni to participate in mock job interviews
    Introduced students to administrative office procedures
    Coached students’ to develop robust presentation styles

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                    Curriculum Vitae 2010                                          i

    Professional Practice LAEP 4920 and LAEP 6170
     Conducted concurrent lecture courses for seniors and third year graduate students
     Introduced students to AIA document preparation and reviewed administration office procedures
     Assisted students in preparing for the job market and/or higher education opportunities
     Discussed salary negotiations with career counselors
     Instructed student teams in preparing a detailed response to a Request for Proposal
     Familiarized students with L.A.R.E. procedures, sample questions and design problems

Assistant Instructor, School of Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland 2006
    Design Studio, Grading Module MLA1
     Tutored first year graduate students learning basic earth works projects
     Introduced ecologically sound studio learning experiences based on R. Untermann texts
     Presented 3-D solutions to grading problems using modeling clay and hands-on learning exercises
     Conducted field trip to Landform Ueda by C. Jencks at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

    Regional Planning Module MLA2
     Provided collaborative learning opportunities for second year graduate students
     Focused instruction on topographic mapping techniques using maps, photography, and computers
     Used brownfield and infill sites throughout the City of Edinburgh as outdoor learning laboratories

Tutor, Architecture Department, University of Edinburgh, Scotland 2005-2006
    Architectural Design ARCH 100
     Facilitated the major professor’s goal of establishing protocol for collaborative projects
     Helped successfully integrate 80 first year students from Mainland China into this course
     Assisted with desk critiques, mid-term, and final examinations

External Grader, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland 2006-2007
   Tapestry, Landscape Architecture, OPENspace and Architecture courses
    Marked final projects using grading rubrics derived from guidelines establishing by the Scottish Higher
       Education Authority
    Provided written critiques for viva voca examinations based on the Royal Institute of British Architects
       standardized rubric

Adjunct Professor, Interdisciplinary Design Institute, Washington State University Riverpoint, Spokane,
Washington 2000-2005
    Senior Landscape Design Studio LA 470
     Provided learning opportunities for fourth and fifth year landscape architect students and graduate
       design students
     Taught design development level skills using major service-learning projects throughout the City of
       Spokane and Spokane County
     Utilized topical lectures, field trips, peer-review critiques, one-on-one desk critiques, and formal
       presentations to the local community
     Offered tutoring to foreign students from countries including Bosnia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong,
       Mainland China, Japan, and the Philippine Islands
     Promoted award winning students’ submissions for the Wayne Grace Memorial Design Competition
       sponsored by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

    Professional Practice LA 480
     Used lectures and practicums to enhance students’ understanding of typical office procedures
     Coordinated field trips to a variety of professional offices and governmental agencies
     Hosted guest speakers including Mike Lin from Mike Lin Graphics Workshop, 2000
     Conducted a series of mock office management problems, ethics issues and scheduling conflicts
       requiring solutions to be acted out by students in three or four member teams
     Required students develop a business plan or grant application reviewed by SCORE executives

  Elizabeth Payne Tofte                   Curriculum Vitae 2010                                           ii

Director, Summer Design Camp for Youth at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute, Washington State
University Riverpoint, Spokane, Washington 2000-2004
      Coordinated interdisciplinary and service-learning experiences and field trips for youth ages 10-15
      Involved community leaders, government officials, architects, planners and landscape architects
      Orchestrated publicity: Inter Press Service, local television, radio, newspaper and school’s website
      Highlighted career opportunities in landscape architecture, architecture, interior design and
       construction management

Guest Lecturer, Department of Planning, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington 2001
      Site Planning EWU-WSU Interdisciplinary Course
      Addressed sustainability issues common to urban areas in the Inland Northwest

Teaching Assistant, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington 1978-1981
      Architectural Drafting 101 and Architectural Drafting 102 - tutored 80 students studio
      Grading and Drainage - graded 300 level assignments in landscape architecture
      Woody Plant Identification I and II - conducted small group study tours around campus

Instructor, Architects-in-the-Schools Program, Spokane Community, Washington 1991-1999
      Instigated the Architects-in-the-Schools Program, Spokane County School District 81, 1991-1997
                                                                                                     th       th
       This self-sustaining program provides 40 volunteer architects with curricula tailored for 4 and 5
       grade students and culminates in a spring outing in Spokane’s Historic Browne’s Addition.
      Taught Architects-in-the-Schools Program to Plus 10 Home School Group, 1994-1999
       Instructed parents and youth, coordinated public exhibits, led field trips to historically significant homes
       and commercial buildings in the region
      Trained architects and parents to continue the Architects-in-the-Schools Program

      NW Regional Design Award for Urban Storm Water On-site Treatment $3,000 First Place
       $1,000 Second Place granted by the Washington State Department of Ecology Division of Water
       Quality and the WSU Extension Service to WSU LA 470 students, spring 2001
      Hospice of Spokane, Healing Garden Design Competition held during the spring 2000
       Monetary award won by interdisciplinary team of landscape architecture and interior design students at
       WSU’s Institute of Design, project constructed 2001
      Spokane Builders Association Landscape Design Award, The Ridge at Hangman, Spokane,
       Washington. Fourth year design students won 2 place for innovative design scheme with native
       water-wise plant materials, 2003

      Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Conference, Design Education and Pedagogy Track,
       Peer reviewer, fall 2010
      Utah State University Alumni Advisory Board Meeting, participant, fall 2010-11
      Premise on-line design journal, peer reviewer, winter 2009
      IDP Coordinator, prepared Mock Exam for over 300 Oregon IDP interns, 1989-1991

      Postgraduate Studies Committee Research Board, student representative, Edinburgh College of Art,
       University of Edinburgh, Scotland 2005-2006

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                     Curriculum Vitae 2010                                            iii

     $7 million plus Federal Urban Renewal Grant awarded to the City of Spokane, Washington
      Award secured using conceptual graphics and research provided by Washington State University.
      This community service project involved the Mayor and city council in design process. In addition,
      students generated 300 logo suggestions for the newly designated redevelopment area. Students’
      Project titled, "University District Conceptual Design Plan", spring 2003
     Children's Universal Playground, Mirabeau Point, Spokane Valley, Washington
      Coordinated WSU landscape architecture students’ preparation of preliminary promotional graphics for
      a $450,000 fund raising package submitted to the Washington State legislature by the Spokane Valley
      Rotary Club, 2000
     Mirabeau Point Children's Universal Park and Playground, Master Plan and Narrative submittal
      Mirabeau Point, Phase II, Spokane Valley, Washington
      Prepared funding proposal on behalf of Spokane Valley Rotary Club, 1999
      Washington State Legislature approved funding for $800,000, 2000
     Rural Resources Housing Agency, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Ferry Counties, Washington
      Wrote $435,000 weatherization grant for the Town of Marcus providing insulation and furnaces for
      Town of Marcus’ entire housing stock. Wrote grants for a rural airport on the reservation at Inchelium,
      Washington, and leveraged matching HUD funds for low-income housing projects in Ferry County and
      a state outdoor recreation grant for a tennis court for Colville, Washington, 1980-1983


     The Nature of Teaching Professional Practice: Identifying trends in landscape architecture through a
      survey of Professional Practice course offerings in US and Canadian schools of landscape
      architecture, Utah State University, 2010
     Thesis Working Title: Testing Boyer’s Model of Scholarship in the landscape architecture design
      studio, 2010
     A Census of Teaching and Learning Content in Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape
      Architecture Journals, 2008-2009, co-authored article submitted to Design Studies for review, 2010
     Dissertation research: Problem-solving Tools used in Interdisciplinary Design Studio Pedagogy, peer-
      review by Architectural Humanities Research fellows, 2007
     Sunlight and Sight-Impairment: Research toward Moderating Glare in Outdoor Living Spaces, 2007-
     A Survey of Economic, Social and Environmental Change Shaping the Scottish Countryside,
      Manderston, Edwardian-era Manor House, Stables and Village, 2009-2010
     Places in Cumbria for Wildlife and People, OPENspace Research Institute, Edinburgh College of Art,
      Edinburgh, Scotland, Dr. Cathy Findlay, research coordinator. Surveyed and compiled results from
      local authorities in the Cumbria region, England, on behalf of English Nature, 2006.
     Bio-infiltration Swales Demonstration Project, for Storm Water Utility Manager, Brenda Sims, project
      Coordinator, Spokane County, Washington 2006.
      The research aims of this project were to find alternatives to turf grasses for bio-infiltration swales in
      residential neighborhoods, design them to be aesthetically pleasing, provide educational training
      sessions to all parties involved in swale design, construction, planting and maintenance, increase
      public awareness of swale functions, and benefit the public by publishing results and disseminate
      information to the construction industry through the Cooperative Extension Service.

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                     Curriculum Vitae 2010                                            iv
     Critical reflective practice and the accreditation of experiential learning, 2nd International Conference
      on Professional Doctorates, abstract submission due to the University of Edinburgh, April 20-21, 2011
     Assessing scholarly design studio activities using Boyer’s Model of Scholarship, 2011 CELA
      Conference Paper Submission, paper accepted for presentation at Conference March 30-April 1, 2011
     The Nature of Teaching Professional Practice: Identifying trends in course offerings in Schools in the
      US and Canada, 2011 CELA Conference Poster Submission, poster accepted for presentation at
      conference March 30-April 1, 2011
     Managing Your Thesis: A timeline for reducing uncertainty, Elizabeth Payne, Premise, a peer-reviewed
      on-line design journal, Spring 2010
     Boyer’s Model of Scholarship: Assessing the nature of design studio activities, Premise Journal, fall
     “A Critique of Design Pedagogy: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Design”, research prepared
      by Blossom, N., I. Oygur, and E. Payne Tofte, Academic Showcase poster completion, 2010
     “Enhancing Design Studio Pedagogy: Understanding differences between academic practitioners’ and
      design students’ preferences for problem-solving tools”, Peer-reviewed Graduate Research Seminar,
      College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, poster and podium presenter, January, 2010
     “Assessing Students’ Problem-solving Preparedness: Toward Politic Interdisciplinary Collaboration”,
      6 Annual Juried Research Student Symposium, Architectural Humanities Research Association
      Conference, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff, Wales, podium presenter December 12, 2009
     “Play as a Creative Problem-solving Tool: Linking Play and Architecture Education,” Interview with Dr.
      R. Parnell, University of Sheffield, joint presentation, 2009
     “Illuminating Glaucoma-Altered Vision through Light Box Images”, The 2008 Inland Northwest Health
      Sciences Research Symposium, juried sessions, poster and podium presenter, runner up, April 24-25,
     “Developing Tactile Diagnostics for design students with learning differences”, Dyslexia Scotland,
      Higher Education Association Annual Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland, Roundtable Participant, 2006
     “Transmogrification: a Pedagogic Tool for Teaching Creativity, Architectural Humanities Research
      Association Juried Research Student Symposium, Presentation, School of Architecture, University of
      Edinburgh, 2005
     Children's Universal Playground, Master Plan and Narrative, Spokane Valley, Washington, 1999
     Mirabeau Point, Phase II, Spokane Valley, Washington
      Prepared funding proposal on behalf of Spokane Valley Rotary Club, 2000
     Poster Presentation and delegate from NE Washington, National Watershed Conference, Baltimore,
      Maryland, 1996
     “Being a Landscape Architect”, Speaker for the Inland Northwest Career Camp for Youth, sponsored
      by Mensa for high school girls interested in professional fields requiring strong math and science
      backgrounds, 1992-2000, 2002
     Annual Presenter, Expanding Horizons Youth Conference, Spokane, Washington, sponsored by the
      Association of University Women, Speaker, 1992-1999
     Architecture in the Schools Program Manual for Browne’s Addition, AIA Spokane,1991
     Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 Workshop, Boise, Idaho, coordinator, 1991
     Roundtable participant, Bill Holm: Art and Legend of the Pacific NW Indian, School of Arts & Crafts,
      Beaverton, Oregon, 1989

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                    Curriculum Vitae 2010                                          v

     E. Payne Tofte, and N. Blossom, “Differentiating Pedagogical Scholarship in Design Journal Articles”,
      article submitted to Design Studies for peer-review, spring 2010
     Fitzgerald, T. and E. Payne, eds., "Landscaping with Native Plants in the Inland Northwest."
      Washington State University County Cooperative Extension publication revision M ISC0267, 2005
     Payne, E., D. Wenchell, and J. Waverly. "Site Planning with Pattern Blocks" Pamphlet for urban
      planning lecture series held at Eastern Washington University and sponsored by the Department of
      Planning and the Department of Ecology, spring 2001
     INCA Engineers Inc. "Mount Spokane State Park Roads, Engineering Improvement Report." Draft
      report prepared for the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, May, 2000
     Publications, surveys, graphics, and newsletters for Spokane County Watersheds: Chester Creek,
      Glenrose, and Central Park, 1996-1998
     Payne, E., "The Rose Garden Children's Park at the Elephant House." Oregon Land Publication,
      article on the new accessible playground and tree house on the grounds of the Old Elephant House at
      the Portland Zoo. Submitted to Oregon Land Publication, Spring 1995
     "ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan" written in compliance with The 1990 Americans with
      Disabilities Act covering 56 facilities owned by Boise Parks & Recreation Department, City of Boise,
      Idaho, 1993-1995
     Payne, E., F. Steiner, N. Lovrich, and G. Young. "A Reorganization Plan for Voting Precincts in
      Whitman County, Washington." Master of Regional Planning Thesis, Washington State University,
      Pullman, Washington, December, 1986
     Reisinger, R. and E. Payne. "A Community Tree Program, Colfax, Washington." Washington State
      University Cooperative Extension, em4497, 1979

     “Illuminating Glaucoma-Altered Vision through Light Box Images”, The 2008 Inland Northwest Health
      Sciences Research Symposium, runner up podium presentation, April 24-25, 2008
     Bio-infiltration Swales Demonstration Project for Spokane County Storm Water Utility Manager,
      Spokane, Washington, recognized by state for innovation in water-wise management strategies, 2006
     Showcase of Homes Landscape Award, presented by the Spokane Home Builders Association for an
      entry featuring native plants in residential construction above $4 million, Hangman Valley, WA,
      September, 2003
     Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Award for Extended Living and Outdoor Space, Roof Top
      Garden, Parson's Assisted Living Apartments, (designed for adult special needs population) Spokane,
      Washington, 1999-2000
     Award for Courtyard and Streetscape Design presented by the City of Spokane Urban Renewal
      Committee, Kempis Executive Suites, European-style Hotel & Restaurant, Spokane, Washington,
     Award for creative outdoor classroom training facilities, Hewlett-Packard Amphitheater, Liberty Lake,
      Washington, 1996
     AIA National Mentor Award for Intern Development Program Coordinator, Awarded for creating and
      implementing a study program for over 300 interns in conjunction with a complementary firm award
      given to LUEY Architects by Portland AlA Chapter, Portland, Oregon, 1992

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                   Curriculum Vitae 2010                                        vi

Landscape Architecture
    USU Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, member, 2010
    Landscape Institute, United Kingdom, member, 2005-2007
    American Society of Landscape Architects, member, 1979-2004
    Washington State University, Design Awards Competition sponsored by the American Society of
      Landscape Architects, juror, Pullman, Washington, 1995
    National Landscape Architect Registration Examination Committee, for United States and Canada
      CLARB exam, examination writer and grader, 1995-1998
    National Landscape Architect Registration Examination Committee, member, Council of Landscape
      Architectural Registration Boards, Section 4 - Design Synthesis, 1995-1996
    American Society of Landscape Architects Student Chapter, member, 1976-1979
Land Use Planning
    American Planning Association, member, 1981-2004
    Women in Planning and Design, program coordinator, 1990-1993
    American Institute of Architects (AIA), associate member, 1991-2004
    Board of Directors and Education Commissioner, Northwest & Pacific Region Conference, member,
    Board of Directors and Education Commissioner, Spokane Chapter of the American Institute of
       Architects, program coordinator and member at large,1991-1994
    AIA Intern Development Program Coordinator (IDP), Spokane, Washington, 1992-1994
    AIA Intern Development Program Coordinator, Portland, Oregon, 1989-1991

Principal, Elizabeth Payne Landscape Architect, 1994-2005

Public Project Descriptions: E.P.L.A.
      MWBE consultant to architectural and engineering firms, educational institutions, the Washington
       Department of Transportation, and local, state and federal governmental agencies
      Was lead designer for the Colfax Main Street Enhancement Project, Mt. Spokane Road right-of-way
       extension, and landscaping along the I-90 freeway between Ritzville and Cheney, Washington
      Provided landscape architecture, architectural design, master planning and environmental consulting
       services throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana and on select international projects
      Landscape architect consultant for shoreline restorations, public utilities, parks, and destination resorts
      Practiced environmentally sensitive land use planning with an emphasis on using natural terrain,
       native plant materials and practical erosion control measures
      Supported Native American Indian Nations master planning efforts in the wake of casino revenue
      Specialized in public participation, team work and educational workshops addressing important
       elements of rural, land use and environmental planning projects
      Delivered innovative outdoor living and recreating solutions to special needs populations in the form of
       roof top, shade and sensory gardens
      Developed protocols for designing secure courtyards and safe facilities for people with dementia
       located in the Inland Northwest
      Advanced accessible playground design to include natural materials as part of children’s’ sensory
       exploration and experience
      Worked to amend the City of Spokane’s ordinance restricting roof top gardens in the urban core

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                     Curriculum Vitae 2010                                          vii
Selected Public/Commercial Project List: E.P.L.A.
2004         Rings and Things International Wholesale Bead Company corporate office, renovation designed
             to meet (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver LEED Certification, Spokane,
2004         Coffee Craze Espresso Bar, parking lot, drive-thru and streetscape, Deer Park, Washington
2002-2003    The Charles Memorial Rooftop Garden at the LEED Certified Community Building, part of the
             East Downtown Historic District Redevelopment Complex, Spokane, Washington
2003         Senske Landscape Headquarters and Equipment Yard, Kennewick, Washington
2002         Child Care Courtyard with water play and vegetable garden space located in LEED Certified
             Community Building, Spokane, Washington
2001         Qwest Neighborhood Substations, landscape security, Spokane, Washington
2001         Chattaroy Elementary Playground, Elk, Washington
2000         Commercial Annex Health Care Offices Interior Architecture Plan, Spokane, Washington
1999-2000    Parson's Assisted Living Apartments Roof Top Garden, Spokane, Washington
1999         Salem Lutheran Church Master Plan and ADA Assessment, Spokane, Washington
1998-1999    Rotary International Universally Accessible Park, model, Spokane Valley, Washington
1998-1999    Temple Beth Shalom Meditation Garden Master and Security Plan, Spokane, Washington
1998         Heritage Senior Housing Project Courtyard Gentlecare Design Program, Ritzville, Washington
1998         West Terrace Home Owner's Association, entry and signage, Medical Lake, Washington
1998         Palm Harbor Homes Landscape Plan, Medford, Oregon
1997         Davenport Hospital and Assisted living Facility, Dementia Courtyard, Davenport, Washington
1997         Hewlett-Packard Pavilion and Water Features, Liberty Lake, Washington
1997         Kempis Executive Suites, European-style Hotel and Restaurant, Spokane, Washington
1997         Wilbur Assisted living Facility and Alzheimer's Courtyard, Wilbur, Washington
1996-1997    Universal Accessible Children's Park at Mirabeau Point, for specially challenged children,
             Spokane Valley, Washington
1996-1997    Garfield Hospital Gentle Care Facility, using Moyra Jones therapeutic model, Pomeroy,
1996-1997    PAX, Gym Annex, Recycle Center, and Flight Command Headquarters Building, Planting
             Plans for McChord Air Force Base, Washington
1996-1997    WSDOT-13 Block Main Street Enhancement Project, signage, trees and paving, Colfax,
1996-1997    Ella Road Pump Station, Water District No.3, Spokane Co., Washington
1996         Moran Vista Assisted Living Facility, landscape and ADA walkways, Spokane, Washington
1996         Valley Bible Church, landscape and play fields, Greenacres, Washington
1995         FAFB Repair & Construct Hospital Parking Area, Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington
1995         Public Utility District No.1 Landscape Plans, Douglas County, Washington
1994-1995    Two Rivers Resort Construction Drawings for Day Use Area, RV Park and Marina, Marina
             Parking Lot, Spokane Tribe of Indians, Wellpinit, Washington
1994         Crescent Bay Resort Preliminary Master Plan, Colville Confederated Tribes, Nespelem,

Private Project Descriptions: E.P.L.A
      Designed primary residences and resort homes for clients including Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Prairie,
       Greek revival and Ranch styles; designed auxiliary buildings and barns
      Consulted on gardens historic restorations
      Provided interior architecture drawings for church sanctuary remodels and other small projects
      Served private clients on projects ranging from estate master planning to specifying play equipment for
       special needs children
      Planned new residential subdivisions and landscape amenities

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                    Curriculum Vitae 2010                                         viii
Private Project Descriptions: E.P.L.A continued

       Rohrmann Cabin, Twin Lakes, Idaho. Collaborated closely with client to design a recreational cabin
        suitable for hosting weekend retreats. Living areas on three stories take full advantage of lakefront
        views and are connected by an elevator and stairs. Two kitchens with long buffet counters anticipate
        that eating will be a social event. The cabin sleeps approximately 20 people. Project was consigned to
        a local architect and contractor in July, 2010
       Garlick Residence, Freeman, Washington. Designed 4,000 square foot home and horse barn on 10
        acre pasture land. Worked to assure that the Tuscan-style custom home was sited to maximize 360
        degree views of the Palouse hills, Freeman, Washington. 2004-2005
       McCann Home Show, The Ridge at Hangman, Spokane, Washington. Worked closely with the
        architectural designer, builder and landscape contractor to design and installed an award winning yard
        in under three weeks. Used 1550 plants, 740 of them native or naturalized to the area. 2003
       Joel E. Ferris Estate, Spokane, Washington. Update of 1929 Master Plan and tree inventory for
        grounds including the Bass residence (formerly the Myer-Cowles residence), the Helmbrecht
        residence, and the Jewett-Coombs residence all on Spokane’s lower south hill. Some of the city's
        largest Gingko, Beech and Hackberry trees are to be found on these adjoining properties. The last
        surviving American Elm trees had to be removed in 2001. New planting and gardens have been
        suggested in keeping with the historic context of these properties. 2000-2004, 2009-2011
       Petropoulos Estate, Cheney, Washington. Architectural designer for 11,000 square foot residence,
        barns and site amenities, worked with client and contractor from Programming through Construction.
        Greek revival style home is sited within a new 2,200 acre private preserve located in the scab-land
        near Turnbull Wildlife Refuge, Cheney, Washington. 1999-2001
       Curry Residence, Hayden Lake, Idaho. Structural geo-tech retaining walls were specified to
        aesthetically stabilize this extensive shoreline residence and its three acre lawn high above the lake
        shore. Multiple staircases take visitors to the boat dock, the beach and the guest houses. Amenities
        include; a gardener's shed, fire pit, hot tub, terraced patios, boat dock, parking for twelve vehicles
        along a circular drive, and golf cart access to the club house next door. 1995-2001

Selected Private Project list: E.P.L.A.
2004          Dr. Martz and family, deck and pool, Spokane, Washington
2004          Mikklesen Estate, 2 acres a new gardens on recent burn site, Hangman Hills, Washington
2004          Dr. Korkeamaka accessible patio deck, backyard thicket and special needs play area for an
              autistic child, Spokane, Washington
2003-2004     Dr. and Mrs. Cook, Pavilion: The Doc’s accessible retirement retreat, Spokane, Washington
2003-2011     Helmbrecht Estate, Historic Garden, Spokane, Washington
2003          Bass Estate, Historic Garden, Spokane, Washington
2003          Dr. and Dr. Guthrie Residence, special needs garden for autistic child, Mead, Washington
2002          Chris Senske Residence, Kennewick, Washington
2002          Dr. Deb Harper, Patio Terrace and Bog Pond, Spokane, Washington
2001-2004     Grobe Residence, site planning, road alignment, residential architecture, and landscaping for 10
              acres, Mead, Washington
2000          Stanton-Poutiantine Landscape Master Plan, Spokane, Washington
2000          Jewett-Coombs Water Feature with Bronze Crane Statutes, Spokane, Washington
1998          Brown Residence Historic Garden, Spokane, Washington
1997-2000     Coombs Terrace and Garden Additions, Spokane, Washington
1996          Hamacher Residence Pool, Patio and Cabana, Spokane, Washington
1995-2003     Mikklesen Resort Home, native landscape, dock and cabin remodel, Hayden Lake, Idaho

  Elizabeth Payne Tofte                    Curriculum Vitae 2010                                          ix
Landscape Architect and Land Use Planner, The Office of Robert Perron Landscape Architects and
Planners in Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon, 1992-1994
      Provided Landscape Architect and Planning services to architecture and engineering firms in Spokane,
       Washington and Portland, Oregon
      Selected plant materials for educational institutions’ landscape plans
      Delivered recreation master plans for Native American Indian Nations interested in capitalizing on
       casino revenue
      Managed Washington Department of Transportation’s Main Street Enhancement Projects
      Marketed the firm throughout northwest: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada
      Actively participated in local professional groups as the firm’s representative
      Designed large-scale recreational master plans and athletic parks
      Conducted Environmental Impact Statements for urban brownfields

Architect Intern, Integrus Architects, Spokane, Washington 1991-1992
1992   Intermodal Transportation Center, prepared architectural as-built drawings for public bus and Amtrac
       rail facility, Spokane, Washington
1992   Designed heliport pad and secure grounds for the United State Embassy in Bogotá, Bogotá, Columbia
1992   Davenport Hotel Remodel, prepared architectural as-built drawings for historic grand hotel, Spokane,
1991   Oregon State Penitentiary, Maximum Security Courtyard Design, Pendleton, Oregon

Architect Intern and Landscape Architect, LUEY Architects & Planners, Tigard, Oregon, 1989-1991
      Assisted during planning and schematic design development phases on all projects
      Prepared construction drawings for school renovations, remodels and re-roofing projects
      Learned excellent hand drafting skills, specification writing and responsible office procedures
      Chaired Intern Development Program for over 300 interns in the greater Portland-Salem metro area
      Cultivated principal’s orchid collection

Selected Project List: LUEY
1991   Lee Residence, Lake Oswego, Oregon
1991   New Hump’s Restaurant, redesigned a larger facility within the footprint of the original fire-damaged
       pier pilings over the river, Clatskanie, Oregon
1991   Burkhardt’s European Flower Shoppe, Ltd., Tanasbourne Village Mall Tenant Space, interior
       renovations, Beaverton, Oregon
1991   Library Addition and remodel, School District 91, Hubbard, Oregon
1991   Salem Junior High, remodel, Salem, Oregon
1990   Tigard Plaza remodel, Tigard, Oregon
1990   Sisters’ Residence and Parish Center Addition, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Canby, Oregon
1990   Hubbard High School, addition to gymnasium, Hubbard, Oregon
1990   Baseball and Football Field Master Plan, New Toledo Middle School, Lincoln County School District,
       Toledo, Oregon
1989   Phase II Planting Plan, Valley View Evangelical Church, Sunnyside, Oregon
1989   Beaverton High School, reproofing, Beaverton, Oregon
1989   Hubbard Middle School, Hubbard, classroom addition, Oregon
1989   Chang Residence, Lake Oswego, Oregon
1989   Music Barn Renovation, Knight School, Canby, Oregon

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                    Curriculum Vitae 2010                                         x
Intern Landscape Architect and Landscape Architect, Fred Glick Associates, Portland,
Oregon, 1987-1989

   Firm specialized in corporate office complexes, business parks, light rail system, and serving regional
   Indian Nations.
    Drafted and rendered landscape plans
    Prepared Requests for Proposals
    Designed large-scale master plans for corporations, regional governments and Indian Nations

Selected Project List: FGA

1989   Columbia River Gorge Commission Interpretive Center, Site Selection Study for the City of Cascade
       Locks with Cogan Sharpe Cogan Planners, Cascade Locks, Oregon
1989   Visual Resource Assessment for Revised Environmental Impact Statement, Mount Hood Meadows Ski
       Resort, Mount Hood, Oregon
1989   Oregon State University Eye Clinic Campus Master Plan, Site Plan, Hardscape Layout and Preliminary
       Planting Plan, Portland, Oregon
1988   Port Business Planning Project, Port of Siuslaw, Florence, Oregon
1988   Main Street Streetscape Master Plan, Bend, Oregon
1988   Whitney Residence, National Historic Register Nomination, Garden Design, James and Anne Whitney,
       Salem, Oregon
1988   Seventh Major Amendment to the Newport Urban Renewal Plan, City of Newport, Oregon
1987   Burger King Drive-ins, site and landscape plans, Portland Metro area, Oregon
1987   Makah Air Force Station Re-Use Plan: Master Plan for the Makah Indian Reservation Community
       Center sponsored by the Office of Economic Adjustment Defense Supply Service Department, Neah
       Bay, Washington
1987   Dezendorf Property Planned Unit Development and Type III Land Development Application for Crown
       Pacific, Ltd. Tillamook County, Oregon
1987   HOPE Retirement Center, Site Plan and Urban Growth Boundary Change, Hubbard, Oregon

Planner, Netarts Place, Oregon, 1986

      On-site consultant to the developer, Woodwinds Realty, Inc., Milwaukie, Oregon, for Netarts Place,
       Land Division, Blue Ribbons Foods, Inc.
      Provided environmentally responsive design for 56.8 acre recreational housing development
       overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Netarts Bay, Oregon
      Assisted owner with permits, preliminary site plans and presentation drawings during rezone and
       approval of recreational planned unit development

Land Use Planner, Washington State University Political Science Department, Pullman, Washington

      Graduate student project: Redistricted Voting Precincts in Whitman County, Washington

      Consolidated original county voting precincts into precincts exhibiting equitable distribution of voters by
       party preference, geographic distance to polling booth, and building accessibility.

      Prepared 99 new precinct maps for the Whitman County Assessor and submitted all information to be
       entered into a new computer-based data system. This project became the prototype for mail in voting
       ballets across the United States and was promoted by WSU Political Science department.
      Whitman County Office of the Auditor, Colfax,, Washington, 1985-1986
       Conducted the first computerized redistricting/mail voting in the nation

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                     Curriculum Vitae 2010                                           xi
Planner I, Yakima Valley Conference of Governments. Yakima, Washington, 1983-1984

      As YCOG representative, attended all Chamber of Commerce, Planning Commission and City Council
       meetings and recorded all pertinent information for: Mabton, Selah, Zillah, Union Gap, Grandview,
       Sunnyside, Toppenish and Wapato. Initiated area-wide conference tailored to farmers’ concerns about
       the consequences of selling mineral rights to their lands to natural gas companies.
      Provided liaison services for nine local governments and the YVCOG

Selected Project List: YVCOG
1984         Small-head Hydro-electric Site Study, Sunnyside Irrigation District, sub-consultant to Sato and
             Associated Engineering, Denver, Colorado
1894         Natural Gas Exploration Environmental Impact and Socio-economic Study, Yakima and Kittitas
             Counties, Washington
1983         Fulbright Park IAC Grant Application, wrote and was awarded construction grant from the
             Washington Recreation and Conservation Office for $382,000 a 265 acre park, Union Gap,
1983         Downtown Revitalization Project, Zillah, Washington

Land Use Planner, Tri-County Economic Development Agency. Colville, Washington, 1980-1983
      Census Taker, U.S. Census Bureau 1980, Stevens County, WA
      TRIGO Planner, provided local planning, zoning ordinances, and grant writing services to local
       communities, the Town of Colville, the Spokane Indian Nation; and Stevens, Pend d' Oreille and Ferry
      Kettle Falls Area Planner, assisted area planning commission in preparing a comprehensive plan and
       in reviewing the socio-economic and environmental impacts accompanying the construction of two
       wood-waste electricity generating plants and an industrial park near the town.

Selected Project List: TRICO
1983         Comprehensive Plan, Kettle Falls Area Planning Commission, Town of Kettle Falls, Washington
1982         Urban Development Assistance Grant for Rehabilitation of abandon mine facilities, Stevens
             County, Addey, Washington
1982         Annexation Feasibility Study, Stevens County Planning Department and City of Chewelah,
             Chewelah, Washington
1981         Single Purpose Small Cities Block Grant, Mayor and Citizens’ Advisory Board, Town of Marcus,
1981         Wrote Weatherization Grant for Old Marcus and the Town of Marcus through the Tri-County
             Economic Development Agency. Awarded $350,000 to rehabilitate all 43 homes, Marcus,
1980         Prepared preliminary Environmental Impact Statement for Colville Confederated Tribes Airport,
             Nespelem, Washington

Architectural Designer and Landscape Architect, Ernst & Payne, Inc. Boise, Idaho and Spokane,
1996         Pavilion, Hewlett-Packard, Liberty Lake, Washington
1994         Payne Cottage and grounds, Spokane, Washington
1985         U-save Storage Units, Greenacres, Washington
1979         Faith Lutheran Church Sanctuary Addition
1978         Caldwell Public Library landscape design and street tree selection, Caldwell, Idaho
1978-2008    Provided architectural design for Ernst and Payne Construction, Inc., Spokane, Washington
             Other projects listed under E.P.L.A.

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                   Curriculum Vitae 2010                                        xii
      Active Member, Rotary International
            Musselburgh Club, King’s Inn, Portobello, Scotland, 2006-2008
            Spokane Valley Club, Spokane, Washington, 1994-2004
            International Youth Exchange Coordinator to Finland, 2001 to 2004
            Auction Contributor, garnered $275,000 in donations,1996-2001
      Active Member, Spokane County Landscape Ordinance Committee, 2000-2002
      Botany Field Trip Leader, Camp Cook, Montessori Elementary School Program,1998-99
      Member, Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, 1994-2004

      Coordinated “Indigenous Dwellings of the Plains, Plateau and Coastal United States” youth
       presentation to the county commissioners, Cheney Cowles Museum of Art, Spokane, Washington,
       December 1999
      Coordinated exhibit and lecture with Plus 10 Home School students, “A Model City.” Chase Gallery,
       Spokane City Hall, Spokane, Washington, August 1997
      Fine Artist, First Thursday Gallery, Portland, Oregon, Solo Show, exhibited forty-five pieces of art
       inspired by Tlingit, Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, and Haida collections, myths, coppers and regalia. Ink on
       leather, canvas and watercolor paper, April-May 1991

 Elizabeth Payne Tofte                    Curriculum Vitae 2010                                         xiii

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