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									                                  The Husky Horizon
                                              Brigade Support Medical Company, 25th
                                               Brigade Support Battalion, 1-25 SBCT
                                               RHQ-04 Alder Ave, Fort Wainwright, Alaska
                                                                99703                              SPRING 2008

         COMMANDERS CORNER                                  FIRST SERGEANT’S CORNER
                       BALTO 6                                                  BALTO 7
      Warm greetings to the Husky family as the                As CPT Medley stated, our Soldiers are doing an
  spring break-up commences and we move into              awesome job, weather performing maintenance,
  the summer months. Its hard to believe six              loading containers, taking the APFT, attending
  months has passed since I took the guide-on             promotion boards, teaching CLS or providing daily
  last December.                                          health care, they constantly perform well above the
                                                          standards. Because of their dedication, we have met
      As you know, the pace has been increasing           every deadline and suspense tasked to us so far.
  daily due to the tremendous amount of work                   Our recent APFT (the always dreaded event)
  to posture this company for the future                  showed that the HUSKIES definitely Never Quit! We
  deployment to the National Training Center in           finished with a company average of 252, improving
                                                          our score by 13 points. It may not sound like a lot, but
  July and Iraq in September. Despite the                 it took a lot of effort from everyone to do it. It also
  adversity bestowed upon us, the Soldiers                made us the company with the highest PT average.
  continue to amaze me every day with                          I am extremely proud to say that our company
  continuous enthusiasm and resilience while              only 24 days away from achieving our second
                                                          consecutive quarter DUI free. This is a direct result of
  enduring the many challenges of being a field           the high level of self discipline that our Soldiers
  unit.                                                   display. You should be proud of them as well.
      The #1 tenant in my command philosophy                   I know that we have been working long hours,
  is personal fitness. The reason why this team           maintaining very unpredictable schedules which
                                                          keeps us away from the family. So, I want to say
  has been and will be successful in the present          thanks to all our family members for your support,
  and future is by “you” the strong support from          understanding and encouragement on those trying
  our families and friends whether in Alaska or           days.
  from afar in the lower 48/around the globe.                                   Never Quit!
                                                                                BALTO 7
      The upcoming schedule will continue to be
  tedious as the Soldiers have been outfitted with
                                                           Change of Command Ceremony -21 DEC 07
  new weapons and equipment. Our company
  just finished a reset of over 2 million in
  supplies which was just loaded into containers
  for the upcoming deployments.           What a
  tremendous       job    our    Soldiers     have
  accomplished in such a relatively short time.
      Some of our Soldiers just completed world
  class training in the operational and medical
  skills course nested with the defense medical
  operators course valued at over half a million
  dollars. Needless to say our Army and the
  command team is ensuring that our Soldiers
  have the best equipment and training available
  to fight the global war on terror any time,
      This marks the first newsletter from the
  company and we will continue to make strides
  to provide the information you need to keep
  the families informed. I‟m proud to be the
  commander for this company of America‟s
  finest. BSMC Soldiers no matter what comes
  our way- “ HUSKIES NEVER QUIT!”
                                                                                         BSMC, 25th BSB
Volume 1 Issue 1                                 Page 1                               “Huskies- Never Quit ”
                                     THE HUSKY HORIZON                                  SPRING 2008
        HEADQUARTERS PLT NOTES                                             TREATMENT PLT NOTES
                                                  BALTO 5                                             “Lead Dogs”
    The Soldiers in Headquarters platoon have
demonstrated an overwhelming amount of
dedication and hard work over the last six
                                                              Below: Treatment PLT Hard at work during the
                                                              Batallion Field Training Exercise from 12-28 MAR 08
    When I think of our soldiers, the only thing
that comes to my mind is „Quiet Professionalism‟.
These are Soldiers that are at work hours before
the rest of the company and stay hours after the
rest of the company has gone home for the day.
The majority of my Soldiers are not combat
medics, but without their specific areas of
expertise, the combat medics would not be able to
accomplish their mission.
    My platoon never fails to step up and
accomplish a mission. Along with everyday
Soldiering, they support the brigade by
maintaining all medical equipment, medical
supplies and equipment, field sanitation
education, and mental health assistance. To say
the least!
   The XO’s Notable Soldier Award goes to
SPC Easterling for working hard and always
keeping positive.
   The ultimate credit goes to the family
members who support these Soldiers. I
personally thank you for your patience and
understanding. Your sacrifice never goes
unnoticed in my eyes. Thank you. BALTO 5!
  Below: BSMC Soldier pose for a photo. A local                 Below: Treatment PLT Hard at work during the
  elementary school created cards for our Soldiers.             Batallion Field Training Exercise from 12-28 MAR 08

                                                            Page 2
                                                                                                BSMC, 25th BSB
                                                                                             “Huskies- Never Quit ”
                                   THE HUSKY HORIZON                                      SPRING 2008

              EVACUATION PLT NOTES                               Promotions, Retention, Awards
                                            “War Dogs”
      For the past six months, the Evacuation Platoon has
been tasked out to many different locations in medical
support for the many ranges of the 25th Stryker Brigade.
     In addition to the medical taksings, they have been
working non-stop in support of our many other                  • Promotions            to    SSG-                SSG
missions of updating medical equipment, packing                McDaniel, SSG Jessee, SSG Williams
equipment and preparing for our next big step. They
have never ceased to amaze me with their constant hard         • Promotions to SGT- SGT Raymundo,
work, no matter how small of a platoon we were for             SGT Girard, SGT Cope, SGT Johnson,
that mission. I appreciate everything that they have
done and their constant dedication to our many                 • Promotions to SPC- SPC Stellar, SPC
                                                               Vivencio, SPC Rediker, SPC Carter
     We have had quite the number of new Soldiers
come in and EVAC has welcomed them into the family.
On the very sad opposite end of the spectrum, I have to        • Promotions to PFC Rodriguez,                    PFC
say goodbye to one of my NCO‟s that has been with me           Santillan, PFC Durham, PFC Basinger,
for a very long time, SSG Jessee. I am happy to say that
I was able to watch her re-enlistment and I am able to
send her off with her new promotion. Good luck in all
your future endeavors.                                         • Retention-         SSG Jesse, SGT
     I would like to send out a congratulations to the         Lecount, SGT Cherry, SPC Giraud, SSG
many other in EVAC that have been promoted,                    Tallis.
especially those that have moved up into the NCO side
and have added another rocker; SGT Raymundo, SGT               • Awards- To many to put on paper.            Our
Girard and SSG McDaniel.                                       Soldier are doing awesome. The Company did
     I would like to extend my thanks to all of EVAC for       receive the Safety award for no DUIs and also will
their hard work and to SSG Eakes, whom is constantly           receive the Retention Streamer for exceeding
running around to allow EVAC to function the way it            retention goals for FY08.
does. The greatest thanks goes to the family members.
Have a family myself I truly know how little time we           • Bn Soldier of th e Month for June – SPC
get to see of our families. Without your support, we           Drawdy      Great Job
would not work as effectively as we do. Thank you is
just not enough.
                                                                     Below: Sergeant LeCount re-enlists on the
     Below: SSG Adrienne Jessee and her husband pose
                                                                     landing zone.
     after her re-enlistment.

                                                            Page 3
                                                                                                 BSMC, 25th BSB
                                                                                              “Huskies- Never Quit ”
                           THE HUSKY HORIZON                             SPRING 2008

                  FRG INFORMATION                    HAILS
                                                     • PVT Seal, PVT Smith, PVT Alacatarez, SGT
                                                     Meaux, SGT Venturino, SGT Rosado, SGT
Our FRG has been working hard to develop a
                                                     Dove, PVT Matheny, PVT Fink, SSG Woods,
strong network of volunteers to help support
                                                     1LT Fink, CPT Cheney
the Husky families during the upcoming
deployment. We‟re currently planning a
variety of social opportunities as well as           FAREWELLS
meetings to help families stay informed and
get to know each other. If you have ideas for        • CPT Myers, SSG Jessee, SSG Tallis, SGT
activities, please let us know! – Erin Medley        Cherry, PFC Vivenzio, SPC Tonn, SPC Pief,
                                                     CPL Lee-Stewart
              Upcoming Events

Deployment Training: Casualty Notification           BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS
and Legal – June 10 at Northern Lights
Chapel at 6:30 PM. Please DO NOT bring
                                                     • Winter Sophie Hayden (CPT Hayden)
children to this meeting.

Children’s Deployment Workshop – June 21
at Battalion Headquarters. We will be
recording the deploying parent reading a
story to DVD and making „handprint‟                  CLASSIFIEDS
pillowcases. Please bring a favorite book!
                                                     •Please email if you
Battalion Cookbook – The 25th BSB is                 would like to have an ad here.
creating a cookbook! You can submit your
recipes for our cookbook (up to 4 per person),
by June 15th, one of the following ways:             LONG RANGE DATES
1.Go to
•Click the “login” button                            • Month of July: NTC in California
•Contributor: Your name as you want it to            • Early September: Deployment
appear in the book. Please include your
relationship to the soldier (ex: Jane Smith,
mother of SGT. Joe Smith)
•Group Login: opahey
•Password: 5gkya
•Begin entering your recipe
2.E-mail it to
3.Mail it to:
Lisa Lawson
25th BSB
Building 3424 Luzon
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703
Attn: Cookbook

                                                 Page 4
                                                                                 BSMC, 25th BSB
                                                                              “Huskies- Never Quit ”

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