Dreamweaver site settings and passwords

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					Dreamweaver site settings

          Chris Dillon
   FISO for Arts & Humanities
            Setting up a site
• Go to Site | Manage Sites | New | Site.
        Setting up a site cont.
• Select the Advanced (NOT the Basic) tab.
     Local Info tab (in left pane)

•   Site Name: [whatever you like]
•   Local Root Folder: e.g. N:\Website\
•   Cache: uncheck
•   Leave other settings as defaults.
              Remote Info

• Access – change None to FTP.
• FTP Host: ftp.ucl.ac.uk
• Host Directory: www (usually!)
  Leave blank if not sure!
• Login: e.g. uclfwww
• Password:
Lastly, click Test to check your password.
   Changing the site password

• Web sites have IS accounts like people.
• When the password is about to expire you
  need to go to:
  and change it.
• Then go to Site | Edit Sites
  in Dreamweaver.
• Double-click on the site and change the
  password in Remote Info. Click Test.