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					                          This project was funded by
                                                                                                 Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation
         The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
                                                                                                           Community Directory
           Every effort has been made to ensure that the information              The Directory is a resource of information about healthy, active living and personal
        displayed is correct at the time of publishing. The Dunn & Lewis         wellbeing; the ‘how, what, when, and where ...’ in a practical, informative magazine.
         Foundation takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.                     Find new activities and access the best facilities in our region.

               There is an information form on the previous page                 As part of ongoing development a ‘hub’ of support will be accessible on our website.
                  for organisations that would like to be listed                                It will be a centre of interactive tools designed to make
                        in future editions of the directory.                                        access to organised activities easy and effective.

                                                                                 Put the Directory on your computer desktop; available to download as a PDF from
                phone: 4455 2895 email:                  and
                                                                                                  PRE-SCHOOLERS                              2
                        Thank you to all who contributed to
                                                                                                  CHILDREN                                   3
                  this project and participated in our programs.
                                                                                                  YOUTH / JUNIORS                            4
             Klarissa Anderson, Megan Ashmore, Dylan Ashworth,                                    ADULTS / SENIORS                           6
           Tori Elder-Bush, Lloyd Cooper, Alicia Hands, Josh Kellam,
        Blake Graham, Cameron Lander, Chris Macallef, Tahlia Pennisi,                             TUITION /MARTIAL ARTS                      8
       Kate Hickenbotham, Cindel Rehmie, Jessica Smith, Renae Webb,                               FITNESS                                    9
                  Gayle Dunn, Denise Riddell, Cheryl Hobson
                                                                                                  BALL SPORTS                               11

         The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing                                TEN PIN BOWLING                           13
         TAFE Illawarra (Tracey Williams, Joy Sharpe, Sally Wallace)                              ACTIVITIES                                14
                                                                                                  ARTS & CRAFTS                             16
                                                                                                  GROUPS / HOBBIES                          18

                            INVITATION TO SPONSOR                                                 PERFORMING ARTS                           20
                                                                                                  WATER SPORTS                              22
     This is an opportunity for your organisation to support the Dunn & Lewis
     Youth Development Foundation’s Community Directory Project through                           EDUCATION                                 23
     business and corporate sponsorship. Over 10,000 copies will go into to                       SUPPORT GROUPS                            24
     every home, information and tourist centre in our district. The Directory                    EMERGENCY SERVICES                        26
      will highlight our local resources and activities that encourage healthy
      active living and engage our young people in a worthwhile skilling and                      COMMUNITY SERVICES                        27
         training program. Your support is encouraged and appreciated.                            THE HUB                                   28
                                                                                                  COMMUNITY & LOCAL SERVICES                29
               To find out more or register your interest contact
                       Gayle Dunn or Cheryl Hobson at                                             FEEDBACK FORM                             30
              The Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation                                       INFORMATION RENEWAL FORM                  31
          phone: 4455 4626 4455 2895 email:

                      PRE-SCHOOL / CHILD CARE CENTRES                                                      New and Updated Information
157 Green St Ulladulla opposite TAFE        254 Green St Ulladulla                           Complete the Information Form on-line
8:30am to 5:30pm                            Qualified and caring staff                                  or email to
Children 2-5 years $52 per day              Small class size (12 Children to 2 staff)                            post or deliver to
Fun, caring and qualified staff             CCB approved subsidy                                 Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation
Large, homely natural environment           8:30am-$:30pm Mon - Friday                                 141 St Vincent Street Ulladulla 2539
Occasional care and CCB available           Pre-School program implemented includ-
Contact Tracey and Haylee                   ing school readiness
Ph/fax 4455 5597                            For bookings and enquiries phone Rhonda                              Live Your Best Life
                                            4454 1006                                                           Community Directory
PRESCHOOL                                    MYRTLE STREET KIDS R US
44 Play Centre
                                             46 Myrtle Street Milton 2539                Organisation Name: _____________________________________
Long Day Care, qualified staff, CCB          8am – 6pm Age Groups 0 – 5 years
6 weeks to 6 years                           3 Rooms:                                    Meeting Place:       _____________________________________
Contact Jo Church 44552891                   0 – 2 years – 8 children                       2 – 3 years – 14 Children                   Meeting Times:       _____________________________________
MILTON ULLADLLA PRESCHOOL                    3 – 5 years – 17 children
Preschool Monday - Friday                    Provide developmentally appropriate early   Age Groups:          _____________________________________
2 - 5 Yrs Phone 44551768                     childhood education. Provide all meals,
                                             nappies and sheets.                         Contact Name:        _____________________________________
Long Day Care Centre                          Fees 0 - 2 years: $62,
                                                    2 – 3 years: $60                         Phone:           _____________________________________
20 River Road Lake Tabourie
6 weeks - 5 yrs CCB approved                        3 – 5 years: $56
Fees range from $52 - $58 per day            Contact Stacey O’Sullivan 44552894              Email:           _____________________________________
Implementing the new National Early Years
Learning Framework                                                                           Website:         _____________________________________
Sharon Clear—Director Ph/Fax44573288         BABES N BUBS                Preschoolers with mum or dad in a relaxed   Details of Activities: _____________________________________
ULLADULLA CHILDRENS’ CENTRE                  environment, songs, craft, books
Community based high quality childcare       Anglican Church Hall Thurs 10am - 12noon                         _____________________________________
For children 6 weeks to six years            0 - 5 Yrs. $2 plus a piece of fruit
8am-6pm Mon - Fri                            Phone 4454 2030                                                  _____________________________________
31 Hollywood Ave Ulladulla
CCB approved. Accredited high quality        FRIDAY KID’S JAM
                                             3:30pm to 5:30pm Kid’s club K-6
with trained and experienced staff
Nutrious hot meals provided                  St. Martin's Hall
Margie Reed 44 551006                        Contact Debbie Pollett 4454 2030
                                                                                         Schedules:           _____________________________________
5 Croobyar Road Milton 8am-6pm               Craft, cooking, games and life skills
                                                                                         Registrations:       _____________________________________
ages 2-6 eligible for CCB Phone 4455 3993 Baptist Church Hall Tues 5 - 6.30pm
                                             Kindergarten - 6 Yrs
ANGEL’S MOLLYMOOK                            Contact Pastor Justin Ratcliffe 44555322    Fees:                _____________________________________
Phone 44553066                               MORE MUSIC SCHOOL                           Other:               _____________________________________
                                             Group classes for Tiny Tots
 eat at least 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves For more information call 0450152849
 of vegetables and 2 litres of water a day

2                                                                                                                                                            31
                                   Feedback                                   PRE-SCHOOL / CHILD CARE CENTRES                                  CHILDREN
      It would very useful to have your comments and suggestion for the       MILTON ULLADULLA PRE-SCHOOL                          HOUSE OF JULES ART STUDIO
                              Community Directory                              24 Dowling Street Ulladulla NSW 2539                     12 Myrtle Street, Milton
                                                                              9am to 3pm (outside these hours by prior                      Children to Adult
             Complete the Feedback Form on-line       arrangement)                                              Various classes weekly
               or email to or phone 4455 2895          Monday to Friday                                          More information can be
                                 post or deliver to                           Closed School Holidays & Public holidays                    found on the website.
                                                                              2 – 5 years                                          Contact Julie Sydenham 44545993
                 Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation
                                                                              Kim Louise – Director 02 4455 1768            
                      141 St Vincent Street Ulladulla 2539                                  
                                                                              The Milton Ulladulla Pre-School is a
                                                                                                                                        KRYSTLE’S HAPPY FEET
                                                                              community based and operated centre. It
                                                                                                                                           SCHOOL OF DANCE
                                                                              is licensed and partly funded by the
                                                                                                                               Milton Primary School Hall
     Did you find the Community Directory easy to read and use?               Department of Community Services, and is
                                                                                                                               Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop
                                                                              managed by a dedicated team of parents
                                                                                                                               Krystle Thomas E.D.T.A. Qualified
                                                                              and community members who enjoy having
                                                                                                                               Teacher & Choreographer
                                                                              an active input into their child’s early
                                                                                                                               Education in Dance and Theatre Arts
                                                                              education. It is a not for profit organisation
     Has the Community Directory been useful for you?                                                                          syllabus Exam given
                                                                              which means that all monies raised are
                                                                                                                               Boys and Girls
                                                                              directed back into the Pre-School for all of
                                                                                                                               If you love dance come share the dream
                                                                              the children to benefit. Our Pre-School
                                                                                                                               New Dancers Always Welcome
                                                                              staff is exceptionally dedicated and
                                                                                                                               Tiny-tots $65 per term
     Have you contacted a listed organisation?                                experienced and provide quality
                                                                                                                               45 min classes $85 per term
                                                                              educational programs in a pleasant and
                                                                                                                               1 hour classes $90 per term
                                                                              caring learning environment.
                                                                                                                               enquiries 44540145
                                                                              $28.50 per day
                                                                              $15.00 per day Healthcare and Pension            STREETFEET PREFORMING ARTS
     Have you visited the Live Your Best Life website?                        concession Card Holders                          SCHOOL
                                                                                                                               60 Princes Hwy, Ulladulla
                                                                              LAKE CONJOLA PONY CLUB
                                                                                                                               Preschool expressive theatrical
                                                                              Every 2nd Sat 10am                               Ages 3-100
                                                                              2 - 24 yrs Lake Conjola Recreation Ground        Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop,
     Would you use the website to register with organisations?                Can go into various competitions and Pony        drama. Exam classes or just fun & fitness
                                                                              Club Championships. Regularly host State         Weekdays from 4pm , please call for
                                                                              Championships. Part of Zone 28                   Timetable and fees 0409541287
                                                                              $45 yearly Elaine Caswell 44564141

     If you have a listing has the Community Directory been useful for you?   FIRST BURRILL LAKE SEA SCOUTS INC
                                                                              World wide youth organisation for boys and         You probably already know that it’s
                                                                              girls, team work and leadership                    important to drink enough water.
                                                                              Joey 6 - 8 yrs Wed 5.45 - 6.45pm                   A minimum of eight glasses of water a
                                                                              Cubs 8 -11 yrs Thurs 6 - 7.30pm                    day is recommended. You should aim
     Have you any suggestions for the Directory?                              $20 membership $65 per term                        for more if it is really hot, or you are
                                                                              Scout Hall St Vincent St Ulladulla                 working out and sweating a lot.
                                                                              Contact Tracey Dell 44556252                       Hints -
                                                                                                                                 Keep a Log
                                                                              MILTON PONY CLUB                                   Add Some Lemon Juice
     Other                                                                    Keith Cooper 4454 5599                             Try Some Club Soda
                                                                              Thursdays children up to school age
                                                                                                                                 Drink Some Water When You Feel
                                                                              8.30am-12pm 44555322 
                                                                                                                                 Carry A Water Bottle
                                                                                         Be a sport, join a sport
                                                                                                                                 Drink More If You Are Working Out

30                                                                                                                                                                          3
                CHILDREN                              YOUTH and JUNIORS                                             COMMUNITY SERVICES
GYMNASTICS                                  THE DANCE FACTORY ACADEMY                 ULLADULLA & DISTRICTS COMMUNITY           APEX CLUB
Kids Monday       10 - 11am                 Tues, Wed and Thurs 9.30 - 10.30am        RESOURCES CENTRE                          Dinner meeting at Milton Chinese
Wednesday         10 - 11am                 Tiny Tots 3 - 5 yrs                       Information, Referrals, Groups            1st & 3rd Monday of each month $10
1 - 5 yrs                                   TDFA Studio Contact Tess 44553972         meeting room available for hire           Artfest, Bike Ride and Charity Golf Day
Milton Basketball Stadium                                                             Maria Mitchell 4454 0477                  Matt Dell 0400 353 030
                                            CIRCUS 35 SOUTH
Contact Sue Whitford 44555925                                                           
                                            6/217 Princes Hwy Ulladulla
AUSKICK                                     Opposite Ex-servo’s
Good fun, ball skill, teamwork              Tuition in circus skills and              ROTARY CLUB                               ULLADULLA & DISTRICTS COMMUNITY
Runs 2 terms of the Year                    performance opportunities.                Meets Tuesday 6:00 for 6.30pm             RESOURCES CENTRE
Friday Afternoon 4 - 5pm                    Registration form online                  Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club             78 St Vincent Street, Ulladulla
Boys & Girls 4 - 11                         Classes range from $90 to                 Phone 44555444                            Community Information, Referrals and
$65 Registration plus insurance and a bag   $120 for a 10 week term            Groups. Meeting room available for hire.
of goodies - Lighthouse Oval                Contact Sharon 0405596172                                                           Phone Maria Mitchell 44540477
                                                                                      LIONS CLUB
Contact Kathy 44553636                                                            
                                                                                      Dinner Meetings                                                              
                                                                                      First and Third Wednesday each month at
MILTON GIRL GUIDES                          MILTON-ULLADULLA JUNIOR RLFC              7.00 for 7.30 pm                          WORKER FOR THE UNEMPLOYED
Enabling girls and young women to grow      Sat mornings March-Sept                   Please telephone 02 4454 4886 for venue   Ulladulla Community Resource Centre
into responsible self confident young       Ulladulla Sporting Complex                and other details                         Mon & Tues 9am—2pm or by appointment
women. Mon 4.30 - 6pm 6 - 14 Yrs                                                                                                Any age looking for paid or voluntary work
                                            Kevin Whitford 44555925                   LEGACY
Camden St Hall                                                                                                                  Korina Booth 4454 0477
                                                       Twenty active members to look after our
Contact Jenny 44545822                                                                                                
                                                                                      widows. Contact Max Owens 44564505
                                       GYMNASTICS                                                                               Help with interviews, selection criteria.
ULLADULLA CHESS CLUB                                                                                                            Assistance for the unemployed or those
                                       High School Hall                               EVENING VIEW CLUB
Thursday Afternoon 3.30pm                                                                                                       seeking a career change. Information,
                                                                                      Contact Sue Mcmann 44552739
Open to all ages                       Recreational gymnastics classes                                                          support, advocacy. Outreach available for
Ulladulla Library                      Mon                   4 - 6pm                  MOLLYMOOL VIEW CLUB                       those outside Ulladulla. Free service
Phone 44551269                         Tues                  4 - 5pm                  Contact Faye Kastelein 44556425
FIRST BURRILL LAKE SEA SCOUTS INC 5 - 10 Yrs                                          MILTON ULLADULLA VIEW CLUB                Practical tips for healthy eating
World wide youth organisation for boys Mon Recreational Trampoline 5-6pm              Contact 44541535
and girls, team work and leadership    Level Trampoline 6-8pm, Boys Gym 6-8pm                                                    Add extra vegetables to each meal
                                                                                      PROBUS CLUB ULLADULLA &
Joey 6 - 8 yrs Wed 5.45 - 6.45pm       Girls pre levels Tue 5-7pm                                                               At home keep fresh fruit in a bowl
Cubs 8 -11 yrs Thurs 6 - 7.30pm                                                                                                 Grow fresh herbs
                                       Wed Fri Girls levels 4-630                     Contact Johanna Callaghan 44542797
$20 membership $65 per term                                                                                                     Puree fruit and pour into ice-block moulds
Scout Hall St Vincent St Ulladulla     Contact Sue Whitford 44555925
                                                                                      MILTON DISTRICT CWA                         to add to drinks.
Contact Tracey Dell 44556252           REV 21                                         All Women welcome                         Opt for the healthy food options – whether
                                       Youth group years 11-13                        3rd Wednesday of the Month 1 - 3pm          you are at a café, in a food court, at work
KUMIAI-RYU Martial Arts System
                                       Marty’s Room St Martins 7.30 to 9.30pm         CWA Hall Milton                             or just at home!
Milton Ulladulla Mixed Martial Arts
Milton Showground                      Contact: Jake De Salis 4454 2030               THE SOUTHERN BRANCH OF THE                Keep healthy cookbooks close by
Mon & Wed                                   YOUNG TEXTILES & FIBRE GROUP              NATIONAL SERVICEMEN’S ASS.                Clean out your pantry and fridge – remove
Mini-Little Ninjas 3 to 6 5pm-5:40pm        Learn variety of stitch techniques,       4th Sunday of the month                     anything bad for your healthy eating plan.
Little Ninjas 7 to 11 5:40pm-6:20pm         textiles projects, learning hand craft.   Contact Rick Gallagher 44540412             Replace foods such as wholegrain
Sempai Jason O’Leary 0424651323             2nd Saturday 10am - 12 noon                                                           crackers, yoghurt, nuts and fresh fruit.                                                          DHARMIK TRADING                           Serve food on smaller plates and avoid
                                            Boys & Girls 5 - 18 yrs                                                                         Fair trading products from Nepal.           going back for seconds.
                                            Milton Public School Hall
Times subject to change                                                               Contact Mary-Louise Parkinson 44554772    Throw out takeaway/delivery menus to
                                            Contact Julie Wicks 44561215
                                                                                                  discourage yourself from eating out.
SALT YOUTH GROUP                            Sakura Bana Budo Institute
                                            Junior Aikido Mon 4-5pm Milton Anglican                                             If you tend to snack on unhealthy foods
years 7-10 6pm - 8pm                                                                          A sneeze can travel as fast
                                            Church Hall                                                                           after dinner, distract yourself by keeping
St Martin’s Hall Contact: Jake De Salis                                                         as 100 miles per hour.
                                            Sensei Mick 0416291943 or 0438544538                                                  busy. Go for a walk.

4                                                                                                                                                                         29
                            EMERGENCY SERVICES                                                                       YOUTH and JUNIORS
              Fire, Police, Ambulance 000 Mobile 112                                       ULLADULLA YOUTH CENTRE                FIRST BURRILL LAKE SEA SCOUTS INC
                                                                                     We provide a variety of services, events    World wide youth organisation for boys and
                   Hearing & Speech Impaired 106                                    and programs including a drop in service,    girls, team work and leadership
Ambulance 131233 Police 4454 2542 Fire Station 44551020 SES 132 500                 referral, information and advocacy, school   Joey 6 - 8 yrs Wed 5.45 - 6.45pm
                    BUSH FIRE BRIGADE 4424 4424                                     holiday programs and excursions, band        Cubs 8 -11 yrs Thurs 6 - 7.30pm
  Kioloa, Tabourie, Bendalong, Conjola, Milton, Fisherman’s Paradise                nights, and recreational and educational     $20 membership $65 per term
                     MILTON HOSPITAL 44551333                                       training programs for young people           Scout Hall St Vincent St Ulladulla
POISONS INFORMATION LINE 13 11 26 RURAL BUSH FIRE SERVICE 4454 1666                 aged 12 to 24 years.                         Contact Tracey Dell 44556252
                                                                                    Opening hours: Tuesday 3-5pm
MARINE RESCUE NSW                      Suicide Prevention Hotline 1300 360980       Wednesday: 12-5pm Thursday: 12-5pm
Ulladulla 4455 3430 Kioloa 4457 1109   Poison Information 131126                    Friday: 12-5pm
Shoalhaven City Council 4429 3111      Pregnancy Support Line 44555607              80 St Vincent St Ulladulla                      Green tea can boost your health in
Shoalhaven Council Water 44298999      Life Line 44215333                           Phone: 4454 1761                                     some pretty amazing ways
INTEGRAL ENERGY                        Children’s Helpline 1800 551800              Email:                Weight loss -Drinking this beverage
Emergency Service 131003General        Beyond Blue 1300 224636
                                                                                    MAD - MAKE A DIFFERENCE                       helps you feel full, so it can curb your
Enquiries 131081                       Sexual Assault 44239211
                                                                                    FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP                      appetite.
                                                                                    12 - 18 Yrs Friday 7.30 - 9pm                 Anti-Aging properties, green tea is rich in
                                                                                    Baptist Church Hall                           the antioxidants vitamin E and C. Anti-
                                       CENTRELINK                                   Contact Pastor Justin Ratcliffe 4455 5322     oxidants destroy free radicals that dam-
                                       Appointments 131021                          FUEL YOUTH BIBLE STUDY                        age cell membranes. Damaged cell
Department of Community Services
                                       Employment Services 132850                   Wednesday, Thursday 3pm-6pm                   membranes lead to diseases such as
                                       Family Payments 131305                                                                     cancer, heart attacks and diabetes.
Alcoholics Anonymous 44551333                                                       STREETFEET PREFORMING ARTS
                                       Retirement Payments 132300                                                                 Drinking it may help relieve the suffering
School Counseling 44551799                                                          SCHOOL
                                       WILDLIFE RESCUE                                                                            caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
Community Health Centre 44555366                                                    60 Princes Hwy, Ulladulla
                                       0418427214                                                                                 Asthma relief - green tea contains a sub-
Home Care Service 44553445                                                          Preschool expressive theatrical
                                       COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY CENTRE                                                                stance called theophylline. It’s a muscle
Medicare 132011                                                                     Ages 3-100
                                       Monday to Friday Any Age                                                                   relaxant, so it can cause the muscles
St Vincent De Paul 44555666                                                         Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop,
                                       3A - 82 St Vincent Street Ulladulla                                                        supporting the bronchial tubes to relax
Shoalhaven Community Transport                                                      drama. Exam classes or just fun & fitness
                                       Sue Porton 4455 1292                                                                       Lowers blood pressure and may lower
44540840                                                                            Weekdays from 4pm , please call for
                                       Internet café, courses, photo copy and any                                                 cholesterol.
Sarah Clayton Retirement Village                                                    Timetable and fees 0409541287
                                       office needs                                                                               Guards against infections.
                                             ULLADULLA BOXING GYM INC                      Green tea treats sunburn, strained eyes,
Motor Registry 132213
                                                   13 - 17 Yrs                                   blemishes, rashes and minor cuts be-
Milton Ulladulla Community
                                       RSPCA                                        Harbour Life Community Church                 cause of its antiseptic properties.
Cancer Centre 44551333
                                       Animal welfare, re-homing and fostering.     St Vincent St Ulladulla                       Try gargling with it when you feel a cold
Milton Courthouse 44552116
                                       Meets 3rd Saturday of the month at 2pm       Contact Warren 0418429902                     or the flu coming on. Soak your feet in it
National Parks & Wildlife 44553826                                                                                                for athlete’s foot or just as a refreshing
Fisheries Inspector 44551725           Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club
                                                                                    ULLADULLA UNITED JUNIOR CRICKET               foot bath.
Milton Ulladulla Community Cancer      Contact Phil Testaz 0414749490
                                                                                    Play Saturday Morning 8.30 - 11.30 all
Centre 44551333                        Email:
                                                                                    ages and abilities
Milton Courthouse 44552116             ACTS CAFÉ
                                                                                    Registration September:
                                       Cappuccinos, quality lunches, all proceeds
National Parks & Wildlife 44553826                                                  Contact Robbie Gilkes
                                       go to Foodbank providing free food for the
Fisheries Inspector 44551725                                                        0418541177
                                       needy. $5 for lunch & cappuccino (or soft
LIBRARY                                                                             SOUTHERN SHOALHAVEN DISTRICT
                                       drink) Wed 10am - 2pm
Milton 44298916                                                                     DARTS ASSOCIATION
                                       Sunday after Church 11.30am - 1.30pm
Ulladulla 44551269                                                                  Ladies’ comp Mon nights 7pm
                                       Highway Christian Church
AUSTRALIA POST                                                                      Men’s Tues nights 7.30pm
                                       Contact Mario Fajardo 0434151900
Milton 44551548                                                                     Mixed Thurs nights 7.30pm
Ulladulla 44299900                                                                  various venues
ULLADULLA Tourist Information Centre                                                Registration $10 & $5 per game
                                                                                    Contact Rose Silver 44573055                                            Klarissa
28                                                                                                                                     5
                                 ADULTS / SENIORS                                                                       SUPORT GROUPS
ELDERBERRIES                                STRETCH & TONE                              THE ULLADULLA AUTISM SPECTRUM
Social Group, Friendship and Outings, BBQ   Gentle exercise mainly senior ladies and    SUPPORT GROUP
                                                                                                                               MILTON ULLADULLA CANCER
and more. Highway Christian Church          social coffee                                st
                                                                                        1 Monday of the month 10am-12noon
                                                                                                                               SUPPORT GROUP
240 Princes Hwy Ulladulla                   Wednesday 9.30 -10.30                                                              Meets 3rd Thurs of the Month 10:am
                                                                                        Community Resource Centre
Contact Jan Youens 44541750                 $6 class, $5 concession,                    Contact Annette Neilson 44540885       At the Cancer Service Cottage next to                        Masonic Hall Milton                                                                         Milton Hospital           Contact Elaine 44555362                     MEALS ON WHEELS SERVICE                         Co-ordinators Janet 4454 0244
                                            WALK GROUP                                  Producing meals from our own purpose            Margaret Wilford 4455 552551
THE MILTON ULLADULLA FAMILY                                                             kitchen enabling us to cater for the greater
                                            Walk at your own pace                                                                       Margaret Bourke 4455 3358
HISTORY SOCIETY                             Winter Thurs 2pm,                           need of our community. Volunteers are
Helps people find family history            Summer Thurs 9.30am                         wanted for social support and meals on wheels
                                                                                                                                  CCC CLUB
$30 Joining Fee $5 Attendance Fee           Meet at Mollymook Park                      services. Contact Virginia 44552861       Cancer support group 
2nd Sun of the month 10am - 5pm             opposite Breakers                                                                     Milton Ulladulla Community Cancer Centre
CTC Rooms 82 St Vincent St Ulladulla                                                                 MEALS ON WHEELS              (next to the Milton Ulladulla Hospital) 
                                            Contact Elaine 44555362
Contact Michael 44552739                                                                FRIENDS SOCIAL SUPPORT GROUPS             1pm – 3pm on the fourth Thursday of the          MILTON ULLADULLA HISTORICAL                 For men & women who are lonely, isolated, month. All age groups welcome. 
                                            SOCIETY INC                                 frail, aged or disabled.                  Lynn Cockerill, Margaret Sommerin,
COMBINED PENSIONERS                         Come along and study local history          Community bus will pick you up at your
& SUPERANNUANTS ASSOC                                                                                                             Pauline Proctor 
                                            3rd Tues of the month except January        home and return you home.                 Kim Thompson, Community Health 
We have small trips once a month, friendly  7.30pm Old Manse Milton Uniting Church      10am - 2pm Morning tea, cooked lunch,     Lynn 4455 3583, m: 0414 999 963.
lunch and enjoy a game of indoor bowls. If  Contact Joanne Ewin 44551473                activities, outings and entertainment.    Margaret 44561915 Pauline 4544494
staying for the day please bring your own                        MILTON GROUP                               Kim 4455 5366. 
lunch. $1 to join (includes Insurance) $2 .50                                           Wednesday Fortnightly Pick up Ulladulla,
                                              ULLADULLA & DISTRICT                                                      
a day Tues & Thurs                                                            Mollymook, Narrawallee and Milton.
                                              LAPIDARY CLUB
Lower Floor Civic Centre Ulladulla            The craft of polishing stones             BURRILL GROUP
                                                                                        Monday Fortnightly Pick up Kioloa,        ARTHRITIS GROUP
Peg 4455 2418                                 Tuesdays 57 Parson St Ulladulla                                                     3rd Wednesday 9.30am
Carpet Bowls Tues & Thurs10-3pm               Contact Beryl Dove 44551384               Tabourie, Burrill and Ulladulla
                                                                                                                                  Community Resource Centre
Contact Leo Floyd 44565894                                                              CONJOLA GROUP                             Contact Trish Moon or Charles Long
                                                                                        Thursday Fortnightly
Manyana Hall
                                                                                        Pick up Manyana, Bendalong, Conjola       ULLADULLA DIY SUPPORT
2nd Monday of the month
                                                                                        Fishermens Paradise                       GROUP 2 COPE
Contact Jo Marris 4456 1621
                                             Eat plenty of healthy foods                all enquiries 44552861                    Non-denominational and caters for all ages.
ULLADULLA & DISTRICT SENIOR                   Green and brightly colored              SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS                   Tuesday 1pm
CITZENS SOCIAL & WELFARE CLUB                   vegetables                              CRAFT 4th Mon Thurs of the month          Hall next to St Vinnies Green St
Come along for friendly game of carpet        Dark leafy greens and lettuce           MEN’S GROUP 4th Thurs of the month        Contact Wal 44564174
bowls. $2.50 a day covers play & morning                                                Phone for time & venue
tea. Mon & Wed Lower Civic Centre             Fresh fruits and berries                Contact Virginia 44552861
Contact Robert Haynes 44556025                Lean turkey and chicken                 VISION IMPAIRED GROUP
                                              Nuts, dried fruits and healthy snacks   Last Friday of the Month 10.30am - 12
                                              Whole grain breads and pasta            Meals on Wheels Centre Phone 44552861
Providing therapy for the aged                Healthy cooking oils                    ULLADULLA UNITED CRICKET
Mon - Thursday 11am - 3pm                       e.g. canola and olive oils              Welcomes people with disabilities
Next to Milton Hospital                       Grass fed beef                          Play Saturday Registration September
Contact Naomi Hankey 44549113                 Cold water oily ocean fish              Juniors Phone 0418541177
                                              Low fat milk or soy beverages           Seniors Phone 44555112
CARPET BOWLS - Baptist Church Hall
Mons 9.00am to 12pm 44544337                  Nuts, seeds, and legumes                ENCORE                                                           Blake
                                                                                        Exercise and networking for women
                                                                                        recovering from breast cancer.                  Gardening is said to be one of the best
                                                                                        Co-ordinator Janet 44540244                     exercises for maintaining healthy bones.

6                                                                                                                                                                                  27
                                    SUPORT GROUPS                                                                              ADULTS / SENIORS
ULLADULLA MEN’S SHED                             ULLADULLA COMMUNITY HEALTH                            U3A MILTON ULLADULLA               HAPPY FEET HEART FOUNDATION
Cnr Matron Porter & Leo Drives Mollymook         CENTRE                                                       CAMPUS INC                  WALKING GROUP
Mon-Thurs 8am-3pm 18 years and above             Cnr South St & Princes Hwy                    Over 55                                    Various locations, Milton, Ulladulla,
Woodworking, gardening, community pro-           Various Support Groups, Programs              Contact Helen Reeson 44552805
                                                                                                                                          Mollymook & Burrill Lake, contact
jects, Friendship, addresses on men’s            Aged                                          FITNESS
health issues.                                   Asthma                                        BODY STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY                Organiser for program.
Contact Barrie Wilford or Bob Larson             Diabetes                                      Level 2                                    8.20 for 8.30am walk (in winter, contact
4455 6055                  Cardiac Rehabilitation                        USING WEIGHTS                              organiser for other times)
                                                 Children & Baby                               YOGA FOR BEGINNERS                         open to all
                                                 Continence                                    Contact Helen Reeson 44552805              Ronda Lyons 4454 2884 or Kim Thompson
Meets Quarterly                                                                                SHIBASHI
                                                 Community Nursing                                                                        4455 5366
Phone 1300 136588
                                                 Counselling, Support and Psychology           Contact Irene Mitchell 44540747                                                                                                          
                                                 Health Promotion                              MUSIC
                                                                                                                                          Happy Feet walk on Tuesday, Wednesday,
MILTON ULLADULLA FAMILY                          Hearing                                       Contact David Evans 44543039
                                                 Methadone                                     FOLK DANCING                               Thursday and Friday mornings in a variety
Contact Laurece 44555428                         Needle & Syringe Programs                     Contact Monica Mulcahy 44722121            of locations.
                                                 Stomal therapy                                HOBBIES                                    Please contact Ronda or Kim
ULLADULLA & DISTRICT                             Women’s health                                MAH-JONG
WAR WIDOWS GUILD                                 All services are free and confidential        Contact Bill & Sharyn Lampard 44557740     OPEN DOORS CRAFT GROUP
Meets at Kendall Cottage                         Telephone 44555366                            CURRENT AFFAIRS                            Meet new people while learning craft,
Cnr Crescent St & Princes Hwy                                                                  Contact Noel Souten 44542254               playing board games and outings.
4th Thursday of the month at 1.30pm              MILTON ULLADULLA FAMILY                       TUITION                                    Tuesdays at 10am - 12pm
Jocelyn McGirr—Hon. Secretary                    SUPPORT SERVICE                               ADVANCED ITALIAN                           St Martins Church Hall
Friendship, Support, Guest Speakers at           Provides flexible, high quality services to   Contact Elana Sevcik 44573187              Contact Gwen Rogers 44542030
meetings and outings                             children with special needs and caring        INTRODUCTION TO RUSSIAN                    ORCHID SOCIETY
ACTS CAFÉ                                        support to their families.                    Contact Val Barnes 44555796                2nd Monday of the month 1pm
Cappuccinos, quality lunches, all proceeds       158 Green Street Ulladulla                    SPANISH BY EAR                             Orchid show first Saturday September
go to Foodbank providing free food for the       Contact Laurece 44555428                      Contact Val Barnes 44555796                CWA Hall Milton
needy. $5 for lunch & cappuccino (or soft                        BEGINNING ITALIAN                          Contact Irene or John 44413553
drink) Wed 10am - 2pm                                                                          Contact Sam Sanguiliano 44564052
                                                 THE ULLADULLA AUTISM                          ELEMENTARY FRENCH
Sunday after Church 11.30am - 1.30pm             SPECTRUM SUPPORT GROUP
Highway Christian Church                                                                       Contact Judith Emery 44551539
                                                 1st Mon of the month 10am - 12pm
Contact Mario Fajardo 0434151900                 Community Resource Centre                     HEART MOVES                               Contact Annette Neilson 44540885              Low moderate intensity exercise designed                                                                    for people over 50.
                                                 ULLADULLA STROKE RECOVERY                     Catholic Church Hall Ulladulla
FOODBANK                                         GROUP
Free parcels to the needy / in crisis. Health-                                                 Men & women $5 a class
                                                 The Ulladulla stroke recovery group is        Mon & Wed 8.45 - 9.30am
care card required. (Fortnightly)                affiliated with NSW Stroke Recovery
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 1pm                                                                    Contact Patti Bartlett 44561394
                                                 Association Inc and conducts meetings to      Kioloa Community Hall
Highway Christian Church                         support stroke survivors and their carers.
240 Princes Hwy Ulladulla                                                                      Men & women $5 a class
                                                 Activities, guest speakers and outings.       Tues 8 - 9am Friday 8.30 - 9.30am               Tahlia
Contact Mario Fajardo 0434151900                 3rd Friday of the month (Feb–Dec)                                                                             Contact Anita Ashby 44573552
                                                 10am - 12pm                Catholic Hall Green Street Ulladulla
COMMUNITY TRANSPORT                              Contact Colin Cameron 44540371                     Motorists who talk on mobile phones
Phone 44540840                                   AUTISM SUPPORT GROUP                                  are more impaired than drunk
AUTISM SUPPORT GROUP                             1st Mon of the month                                drivers with blood-alcohol levels
1st Monday of the month 10am - 12 noon           Community Resource Centre                                     exceeding .08!
Community Resource Centre                        Contact Noël Boycott 0402058899

26                                                                                                                                                                                7
                                TUITION / MARTIAL ARTS                                               EDUCATION & SCHOOLS                                  CHURCHES
DRUM LESSONS                                    ULLADULLA BOXING GYM INC                          TAFE ILLAWARRA INSTITUTE                      St Martins Anglican Ulladulla
Contact Wade Henry 0412258858                   Boxing Gym                                    Your choice, Your future, find out where a     Cnr Green St & Princes Hwy Ulladulla
                                                Women Only Sessions                               TAFE qualification can take you.         8:30am Holy Communion 5:30pm Informal
PIANO LESSONS                                   Monday 5:00 to 6:30 and 6:30 to 7:30 pm                  Ulladulla Campus                        St Peters & St Paul Milton
Contact Vicki Peachman 44540255                 Wednesday 5:00 to 6:00 pm                        156 Green St. Ulladulla 4455 3866                 Princes Highway Milton
GUITAR STUDIO                                   Open Sessions -Tuesdays 4:30 to 6:00 and                     11:00 AAPB services
Contact Dave Nolan 44543746                     6:00 to 8:00 pm                                                                                PO Box 475 Ulladulla 4454 2030
                                                                                                 BUDAWANG SPECIAL SCHOOL
                                                Thursday 4:30 to 6:00 and 6:00 to 8:00 pm                                             
                                                                                                   Budawang Special School
PIANO KEYBOARD                                  Sparring -Wednesday 5:00 to 6:00 pm
                                                                                                  Cnr Narrawallee & Camden St                             Baptist Church
Double Bass, Flute & Theory                              Sakura Bana Budo Institute                    Ulladulla 4455 1491                       Matron Porter Drive Mollymook
Contact Maryanne Balbi 44553763                 Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Art of                                                         Ps Justin Ratciffe 4455 5322
                                                                                                    MILTON PUBLIC SCHOOL
                                                    self defence. Aikido does not involve                                        
MORE MUSIC SCHOOL                                                                                      Milton Public School
                                                    kicking or punching, it offers a unique
Music is a gift for life that we can give our                                                           Thomas St Milton                          Highway Christian church
                                                       approach to handling an attack.
children and to ourselves.                                                                                  4455 1504                      240 Princes Highway Ulladulla 4454 0092
                                                     Kaeshi Jodo is the art of short staff
    It is never to late to begin learning ...                                                                                                Service Times - 10am & 6pm Sunday
                                                   techniques. Jodo can be practised by        SHOALHAVEN ANGLICAN SCHOOL
“More Music” School caters for groups or                                                                                          
                                                               people of all ages.                Croobyar Rd Milton (K – 12)
individuals of varying ages and abilities.                                                                                          
                                                  Tai Chi (Chinese) Aiki (Japanese) both            PO Box 32 Milton 2538
Private lessons for singing, keyboard,                 aim to achieve harmony of body                    4454 0688.                                  Presbyterian Church
piano and organ. Group lessons for                movements and develop inner strength.                                                    Meets weekly at the Shoalhaven Anglican
singing, keyboards, choir or band. Youth          Bujutsu Includes a variety of Japanese               ST MARY’S SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                           School, Milton and services, which include
groups, Churches, community groups, pre-        Martial Arts, including Karate, Judo, Kendo              Corks Lane Milton
                                                                                                                                             Sunday School, commence at 10am.
schools etc. Mob: 0450 152 849                                     and Aikido.                              4455 2328
                                                                                                                                            Everyone welcome Phone 4455 1149.
KUMIAI-RYU Martial Arts System                                      Venues                       ULLADULLA PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                                     Aikido Milton Anglican Church Hall                                                            Roman Catholic Church
Milton Ulladulla                                                                                      Green St Ulladulla
                                                        Judo & Bujutsu Tai Chi Aiki                                                          Holy Family Church: Green St Ulladulla
Milton Showground                                                                                        4455 1649
                                                           Milton Basketball Stadium                                                               St Marys Star of the Sea:
Mixed Martial Arts                                                                                  ULLADULLA HIGH SCHOOL                         Corks Lane Milton 4455 1313
Mon & Wed                                               Monday Junior Aikido 4-5pm
                                                          Milton Anglican Church Hall                   St Vincent St Ulladulla
Mini-Little Ninjas 3 to 6 5pm-5:40pm                                                                                                                     Uniting Church
                                                 Senior Beginners, Senior Aikido Mon                Camden Street, ULLADULLA
Little Ninjas 7 to 11 5:40pm-6:20pm                                                                                                          Ulladulla: Cnr North St & Princes H’way
                                                5:30 – 6:30pm Milton Anglican Church Hall          PO Box 132, ULLADULLA 2539
12 years up Adult Karate 6:30pm-7:30pm                                                                                                           Milton: Croobyar Rd 4454 2404
                                                          Tues Tai Chi Aiki 10-11am                           4455 1799
Men's Fitness/Muay Thai7:30pm-8:30                                                                  Seventh-day Adventist Church
Women's Fitness/Muay Thai 7:30pm-8:30           Fri 6-7pm Beginners and advanced Jodo
                                                 Sensei Mick 0416291943 or 0438544538                                                                    Kendall Cottage
Friday                                                                                                                                        Cnr Crescent St & Princes Highway
Women's Fitness/Muay 9:15am-10:15am          
Saturday                                                                                                                                   Service times: (Saturday) Worship 9:45am
Adult Sparring Class 2pm-3:30pm                                                                                                               Minister: Pr Robert Cook 4443 5396
Contact Dojo Manager about this class
Sempai Jason O’Leary 0424651323                                                                                                                Harbourlife Community Church                                                                                                                               Salza and Rock and Roll Classes - every
Times subject to change                                                                                                                            Friday Night from 7:00 pm.
                                                                                                                                           Women's Group - Wednesdays 11:00 am
ULLADULLA JUDO CLUB                                                                                                                                      Youth Outreach
Monday & Wednesday                                                                                                                         Rosie's Youth Bible Study - Tues 4:00 pm
10’s 4.30pm - 5.30pm                                                                                       Certificate II in               NITRO Youth Saturday night from 7:00 pm
16’s 5.30pm - 7pm Adults 7pm onwards                                                               Skills for Work and Training             0418429902 (Was) 0419436918 (Rosie)
Contact Matt Holmes 0405030185 or                                                               Some of the students, Tahlia Pennisi,    
Michael Clare 44544230                                                                           Chris Macallef and Tara McDonald       
                                                         Josh             Jessica
                                                                                                     with teacher Sally Wallace

8                                                                                                                                                                                  25
                                      WATER SPORTS                                                                                 FITNESS
ULLADULLA CHRISTIAN SURFERS                    ULLADULLA SPORTS & GAME FISHING                          GENTLY DOES IT                   Yoga Pilates Massage for everyone . . .
108 Marton Porter Drive, Narrawalle            CLUB Inc                                      A passive exercise system for ladies and                      Monday
Annual Surf Comp (in June), Afternoon          All new members 10 years and over are         men to relax and unwind while exercising.         10-11am Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
surfing, day road trips, surfing road trips,   welcome. Fee $75 yearly                               Build strength and health.                11.30am-12.30pm Gentle Yoga/
bible talks and camps.                         Contact Don Goswell 0412654527                      Contact Val Brady 44554888                          Pilates Ulladulla
Contact Steve Campbell 0416204232                                                                          1.30-3pm Pre-natal Yoga Ulladulla                                                                                      CURVES                         6.30-7.30pm Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
                                               MUBC FISHING CLUB                              Circuit training with customized fitness                                                                                                                                Tuesday
                                               We hold a fishing comp once a year and        goals. Programmed with your bodies’ own           10-11am Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
ULLADULLA BODYBOARDERS                         family days throughout the year.                        information. 44557029                 4.30-5.30pm Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
Friendly competitions, 10 years and over of    Members of Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club
                                                                                                MANJUSHRI BUDDHIST CENTRE                  6.30-8pm Intermediate Yoga Ulladulla
all abilities.                                 plus $10 a yr
                                                                                                       morning meditation                                Wednesday
Meet 2nd Sunday of the month 7.30am at         Cheryl Jarvis 44551428
                                                                                                Mon, Tues, Wed 8:30am - 9:30am                 10-11am Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
Rennies Beach. Cost $70 for membership
                                               ULLADULLA SKI CLUB                                  Meditation Tuesday 7 - 8pm                 4.30-6pm General Yoga Ulladulla
& insurance
                                               Full member-all ramp fee $70                            40 Wason St Milton                       6.30-8pm Core Yoga Ulladulla
Contact Karen Glass 4455 4382
                                               Pia Farmilo 0413995360                            Ben 44573111 mob 0415931204                               Thursday
                                                                                                      manjshribc@hotmail                      9.30-11am General Yoga MSLC
                                               EXSERVO’S FISHING CLUB                                                                          6-7.30pm Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
                                               Meets 2nd Tues of the month at 7pm                     DRU YOGA CLASSES                                       Friday
Monthly competitions, venue and times
                                               Tuesday Night Raffles                                     Yoga of the heart                     10-11am Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
may vary. More information phone Sharon
                                               Weigh in at club on weekends of                        Friday 10am - 11.30am               11.30am-12.30pm Gentle Yoga/Pilates
Mawson 4456182 $20pa
                                               competition Call Dick Vye 44571551                $15 per Class or $12 Concession                            Ulladulla
$2 per comp
                                                                                                          CWA Hall Milton                                   Saturday
                                               LAKE CONJOLA BOWLO FISHING CLUB
MOLLY MAKO’S SWIM CLUB                                                                          Instructor Zahle Jensen 44555828            9.30-10.30am Yoga/Pilates Ulladulla
                                               2nd weekend of the month $5
Contact Cheryl Hill 44540797                                                                                                              • This schedule is subject to changes •
                                               Contact Brendon Wood 0427404103                   BUDAWANG YOGA RETREAT                                                                                                                A selection of classes run during school
                                                                                               Near Pigeon House Mountain, monthly
                                               MANYANA FISHING CLUB                                                                                         holidays
PAM BURRIDGE SURF SCHOOL                                                                      weekend retreats. Contact Mary Louise
                                               Competitions 2nd Sat of the month                                                              Please phone Kerri Wild for more
Contact Pam Burridge 44564038                                                                        44573682 or 0418865402
                                               Meets 1st Wed of the month 6.30pm                                                                    information 4455 6600
ULLADULLA SURF SCHOOL                          Manyana Soccer Club                                                                   
1300 660904                                    Contact Keith McBride 44561091                 PRE-NATAL / NATURAL CHILD BIRTH               
                                                                                                Workshops for expectant parents
                                                                                                Contact Mary- Louise 0418865402                                NIA
Meeting Wed 5pm & Sat 4pm at the               Operating Hours
reserve on the corner of Lakeview Drive &      Monday - Thursday 6am - 8pm                           MOLLYMOOK YOGA                        NIA is a fun and fitness class that blends
Moore St Burrill Lake.                         Friday             6am - 7pm                     Weekly classes Mollymook Beach              dance, martial arts and yoga. It is for all
Contact Sue Rouchfuss 44571131                 Saturday           9am - 4pm                    Monday 10am & Wednesday 6.45am            fitness levels and no experience is needed.                             Sunday10am - 2pm                                 Contact Mary Louise 0418865402                           KIOLOA NIA
                                               Extended Weekend Summer Hours                                   Mon 6pm Kioloa Community Hall
ULLADULLA SWIM CLUB                                                                                                                                     Noël 44572496
                                               4455 3132
Wednesday 6 - 8pm                                                                                                                                        MILLTON NIA
2yrs to Veterans                               ULLADULLA BOARDRIDERS                                                                         Tuesday 10 - 11am CWA Hall Milton
Family oriented club with fun nights and       Surfing events held 1st Sunday every                                                                     Noël 44572496
outings. Leisure Centre                        month, Meet 7.30am at Rennies Beach.
Contact Barry Immer 44553461                   Divisions start from                         under 12yrs to over 41yrs with point scores                                                                            towards yearly age champions.                                                             ULLADULLA SQUASH & FITNESS GYM
                                               Contact Mark Galton 44540981                                                              Advanced isometric system
                                               Fees from $40 per year, covers insurance                                                  Class available at competitive rates
All ages meet 7.30am Golfies car park
                                               and presentation                                                                          Contact Geoff Rudd 44541218 or
3rd Sun of the month
Ken Greenhaigh 0427541562                                                                             Renae             Dylan            0431400033

24                                                                                                                                                                                    9
                                         FITNESS                                                                                PERFORMING ARTS
                           HEALTHFIT EXERCISE CENTRE                                        MILTON FOLLIES is a community group run by volunteers.
                              8 CROOBYAR RD MILTON                                          It promotes and develops skills in drama, music and theatre for
                          ph 44553063                                  people of all ages.
                                                                                            Each year since 2002 an all ages production has been performed at
At Healthfit Exercise Centre we have a discreet, well equipped gym for people of all ages   the Milton Theatre the shows have been Wizard of Oz, Alice in
and abilities. Following assessment your exercise program is designed and supervised        Wonderland, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, Jungle Fantasy, The
by Gregg Orphin who is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. People can choose to ex-        Perfect Prince, Bats and Peter Pan and next Dazzle. For the last
ercise at Healthfit or can do a home based / other facility program. Jude Orphin is a       three years an additional show has been performed with an adult only cast. This has
Registered Nurse who assists with assessment and supervision. We also run a Day-            enabled more mature performers to develop or refresh their theatrical skills.
break circuit exercise class which is a combination of cardiovascular and strength exer-    This September brings two more shows to Milton Theatre, 'Parade' a one off event
cise for maximum benefit.                                                                   written by Max and Kate Conyngham and 'No Limits' a performance of six shows, written
 Exercise regularly in a discreet exercise centre with supervision for safety             by Di Falloon and others. In between productions work shops are held to develop
 Exercise programs designed by Accredited Exercise Physiologist                           singing, drama and other threatre skills such as sound and lighting.
 Great for general exercise needs                                                                              For more information please contact our secretary:
 Centre or home / other gym based programs                                                                     Andrea Bewley 44556227
 Improve your fitness, strength and endurance                                                                               Schedules / Timetables 
 Enhance your well being and mental health                                                       'Dazzle' all ages show commences Fri 18th 7pm, 19th 6pm, 20th 2pm
 Specifically designed centre for management of chronic conditions and injuries                  and 25th 7pm 26th 6pm 27th 2pm June 2010 
 Reasonable rates                                                                                'Parade' 19th Sept 2010 
 Private Health Fund rebates for programs                                                        'No Limits' Fri 8th, 9th,10th and 15th,16th and 17th October 2010
 Check out our website –                                             ‘No Limits' - In keeping with the theme of 2010, the 150th Anniversary of Milton we are
              HOURS OF OPERATION - MON, WED, FRI 7.45am – 6.30pm                            presenting a creative and fun look at Milton’s history. An original and quirky look at
       DAYBREAK exercise class – 7am -7.45am TUES, THURS 8.30am -6.30pm                     Milton’s past as you have never heard it before. So you think you know the history of
                                                                                            Milton. Well, think again. Our history includes The original White Shoe Brigade, The
                                                                                            Teetotalers and On Going Rivalries. We have not let the truth get in the way of a good
NIA                                                        HATHA YOGA
                                                                                            story. So whether you think of yourself as a local or are considered by others to be a
Ulladulla Primary School Hall                        Tabourie Childcare Centre
                                                                                            blow in this is the show to end all shows about Milton.
6:15pm Thursdays Children to Adults                     Tuesday 6.30pm- 8pm
Lisa Silverstone 0401 423 102                          Kioloa Community Hall                    Registrations - Next AGM will be held in December 2010. Date and venue to be
NIA is a fun fitness class that blends dance,          Thursday 10 - 11.30am                                       advertised in The Times 2 weeks ahead
martial arts and yoga. It is for all fitness                KID’S YOGA
levels and no experience is needed. $10         Every Thursday School Holidays 3-4pm        MUD MUSIC COUNCIL                                 THE GLORIOUS MUDSINGERS                                Burrill Lake                    MUD Music Council is a community, not-for         “Hellishly good gospel.”                                     Community Hall                   -profit initiative, aiming to: “create more       Wed 4.30pm gold coin donation
                                                         Thurs 4:30pm - 6pm                 opportunities for people of all ages and          35 Bannister Head Rd Mollymook
BOXING GYM                                                                                  abilities to learn about, listen to, create and   Contact Tina Broad or
                                                          Dianne 44571533
Harbourlife Community Church                                                                perform music in the Milton Ulladulla             Hamish Richardson 44543887
Cnr St Vincent & Deering Sts                EXERCISE CLASSES                                District, in collaboration with local and
Women Only Sessions - Mondays               Milton CWA Hall 10am                            visiting musicians.                     
5:00 to 6:30 and 6:30 to 7:30 pm            Tuesdays                                        Contact Tina Broad or
Wed 5:00 to 6:00 pm                         Kioloa Community Hall                           Hamish Richardson 44543887                        CHOOKS ON A HOT TIN ROOF
Open Sessions -Tuesdays 4:30 to 6:00 and 6pm Mondays                                                            Ukulele for Women
6:00 to 8:00 pm                             Noël Boycott                                                         Meets once a month for open sessions
Thurs 4:30 to 6:00 and 6:00 to 8:00 pm      0402 058 899                                                                                      Old Church on Croobyar Rd Milton
Sparring -Wed 5:00 to 6:00 pm                                 MUDbrothers
                                                                                            Bagpipes, didgeridoo, guitar, vocals              Contact Kate 44544152
0418-429902 (Was) 0419-436918 (Rosie)
                                                                                            Contact Hamish 44555499                                 Every hour one billion cells in                                           the body must be replaced.               Chris

10                                                                                                                                                                                   23
                                 PERFORMING ARTS                                                                        FAMILY BALL SPORTS
                                             ULLADULLA PHYSICAL CULTURE                MILTON ULLADULLA FOOTBALL CLUB                MILTON ULADULLA BOWLING CLUB
ADVANCED WOMENS AFRICAN                                                                                     44551555
                                                 Robyne Phillips 44552704
DRUMMING GROUP                                                                         We are happy to take enrolments at any-       Bowls programme as follows:
Must have prior drumming with Desiree                                                  time throughout the season. The cost of       Tuesday & Thursday 10.00am Ladies
Sheldrake to join.                        MILTON DANCE ASSOCIATION
                                                                                       registration varies from grade to grade,      Wednesday 1.00pm Men’s Triples
Friday 7:30pm Uniting Church Outreach     Every Thurs 7.30pm - 10pm
                                                                                       please enquire.                               Fri 9.30am Mixed Pairs
Centre Contact Jan Guest 44545032         Old time and new vogue
                                          Contact Marie 4455 5938                                                                    Sat Men's Pairs – Random Draw
                                                                                       MILTON ULLADULLA UNITED CRICKET
WOMEN AFRICAN DRUMMING GROUP                                                                                                         Sunday 9.30am Turkey Trots
                                          MILTON-ULLADULLA                                                                           Sunday 1.30pm Mixed
Tuesday 2 - 3pm beginners                                                    
                                          ENTERTAINERS INC
drums supplied                                                                                    MOLLYMOOK GOLF CLUB 
                                          4455 1816 or 0414429733
Contact Desiree 44554258 44542989         PO Box 994, Ulladulla 2539                                                                 Hilltop Golf Club and Beachside Golf Club -
                                                                                       ULLADULLA & DISTRICT NETBALL AS-
                                                                                                                                     All Ages Welcome 4455 1911 
BELLY DANCE Workshop &                                                                 SOCIATION INC
                                          CIRCUS 35 SOUTH                                                                   
Performances, Soft Gentle exercises for                                                Netball complex Ulladulla Sports Park
                                          6/217 Princes Hwy Ulladulla                                                      
women & girls of all ages                                                              Phone 4455 2280 or 458050278
                                          Opposite Ex-servo’s                                                                        Mollymook Golf Club boasts two
Monday 5.30pm - 6.30pm                                                       
                                          Tuition in circus skills and performance                                                   magnificent golf courses and two modern
Contact Desiree 44554258 44542989                                            
                                          opportunities. Registration form online                                                    clubhouses. Visitors and social guests are
                                          Classes range from $90 to $120 for a 10      MOLLYMOOK BEACH BOWLO                         welcome all year. 
                                          week term Contact Sharon 0405596172                   The Beachside Golf Course sits atop the
Tuesday 7.15pm - 10.15pm
                                                   Forest Way, Mollymook, NSW 2539. Ph           southern tip of the beautiful Mollymook
Thursday 7.15pm - 10.15pm
                                                        (02) 4455 5222 Fax (02) 44555980              Beach and ambles around the stunning
Friday Morning 9am - 12pm
                                                                                       Visiting Bowling members welcome              Collers Beach Inlet. After your round, relax
Anglican Church Hall Milton $6            THE DANCE FACTORY ACADEMY
                                                                                       Ladies bowls Tues & Thurs 10am                in the modern clubhouse which offers
Contact Bev Andriski 44551406             Monday - Thursday
                                                                                       Men's bowls Wed & Sat 12.15pm                 something for the whole family to enjoy. 
                                          All ages and all Styles of dance
LINE DANCE FOR BEGINNERS                                                               Mixed Friday 8.30am                           The Hilltop Golf Course is affectionately
                                          Contact Tess, Marissa or Kriselle 44553972
Monday and Friday 1.30 - 4pm                                                           Sunday Roadrunners Social 9am                 known as ‘The Ultimate Challenge’ with
Monday Nights 6.30 - 8.30pm                                                            Barefoot Bowling available                    meandering tree-lined fairways and
$2 Donation Outreach Centre                                                                                                          undulating greens, Hilltop provides a stern
Cnr Princess Hwy & North St                                                            ULLADULLA OZTAG                               test for any golfer. 
                                          STREETFEET PREFORMING ARTS
Contact Helen 4455 2805                                                                Ulladulla Oztag is played ever Monday         The Beachside Club House is open from
                                                                                       night at Frogs Holla Sporting Complex in      9.30am until Late 
                                          60 Princes Hwy, Ulladulla
KRYSTLE’S HAPPY FEET                                                                   Milton. The winter competition is a mixed
                                          Preschool expressive theatrical                                                            Golf Bookings from Sunrise to Sunset,
SCHOOL OF DANCE                                                                        group with 6 boys and 2 girls on the field.
                                          Ages 3-100                                                                                 subject to availability
Milton Primary School Hall                                                             New players are welcome , always after        Beachside Golf Course: 9 Holes $17.00  
                                          Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop,
Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop                                                  players.                                      Hilltop Golf Course: 18 Holes $40.00
                                          drama. Exam classes or just fun & fitness
Krystle Thomas E.D.T.A. Qualified
                                          Weekdays from 4pm , please call for          Frogs Holla Milton
Teacher & Choreographer
                                          Timetable and fees 0409541287                5:30pm-8:30pm
Education in Dance and Theatre Arts
syllabus Exam given                                                                    Seniors Comp– must be 15 years old
Boys and Girls                            ULLADULLA & DISTRICT DANCE GROUP             Mixed Competition
If you love dance come share the dream    Tues: Beginners 6.30pm - 7.30pm              Renee Byrne 0419 215 898 or 4455 2752
New Dancers Always Welcome                Advanced 7.30 - 9.30pm $4          
Tiny-tots $65 per term                    Cabarets 1st & 3rd Fri 7.30 - 10.30pm
45 min classes $85 per term               bring a Plate $5                             MANYANA TENNIS COURTS
1 hour classes $90 per term               Social Dance                                 Social Bookings and Keys
enquiries 44540145                        2nd&4th Fri 7.30 - 10.30 $4                  Phone Cunjurong Shops 44561136
                                          Milton Masonic Hall
MILTON SOCIAL GROUP LINE                  Contact Lloyd & Betty Akers                  MANYANA SOCCER CLUB
DANCING                                   44555186                                     Contact Keith McBride 44561091
Wed 12 - 3pm $6 Anglican Church Hall
Milton Yvonne Shardlow 44555351                                                                                                                 Kate              Tara

22                                                                                                                                                                             11
                                FAMILY BALL SPORTS                                                                              GROUPS / HOBBIES
AFL                                            GLEN STAUNTON’S TENNIS CAMP                     SHUFFLEBOARD EXSERVO’S                     MULLIGRUBS COMPUTER CLUB
Fun active game that everyone can              Over 30 Years experience                        Monday Nights 7pm                          Help, advice and tutorials on Computers
participate in.                                Modified tennis programs for children for all   Contact Shirley Vaughan 44555934           and Technology.
Juniors under 12 & under 14 train Tuesday      ages. Coaching skills, tournaments              EUCHRE EXSERVO’S                           Last Thursday evening of each month
& Friday 5 - 6pm                               Milton Tennis courts                            Monday Nights 7pm                          All ages, Small fee for tea and coffee
17’s and Reserve Grade train Tuesday &         80 Croobyar Rd Milton Phone 44542888            Contact Bev Fitzpatrick 4454 0749          Contact Ross Johnson
Friday 6 - 7pm Lighthouse Oval                                                                 BINGO                            
Contact Shane 0448820798                       MILTON-ULLADULLA JUNIOR RLFC                    Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club    
                                               Sat mornings March-Sept                         Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri 10am
LAKE CONJOLA BOWLING CLUB                      Ulladulla Sporting Complex                                                                 COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY CENTRE
                                                                                               Mon & Tues Nights 7pm
Ladies bowls Tues & Thurs 10am                 Kevin Whitford 44555925                                                                    Public internet access, printing, laminating,
                                                                                               Cards available for visually impaired.
Men bowls Wed & Sat 12.30pm                                                                                facsimile, projector hire and computer
                                                                                               Phone 44551555
Mixed bowls 1st Sunday 10am                                                                    BINGO MOLLYMOOK GOLF CLUB                  courses.
Contact club for barefoot bowls                ULLADULLA SQUASH                                                                           Open from 10:00 to 4:00 / Mon-Fri
                                               Adult Mixed Thursday 7pm                        Mon 1.30 - 7pm, Tues 7pm
Phone 44561272                                                                                                                            Internet Charges - 15min $1.00
                                               Under 16 Friday 4 - 6pm                         Wed 7pm, Thurs 11am & 1.30pm
                                                                                               Phone 44551911                                                    30min $2.50
MILTON RUGBY UNION FOOTBALL                    Social Squash and Racquet Ball
                                                                                               BINGO                                                             60min $5.00
CLUB 44540592                                  Squash Courts Booking 7 Days 8am - 9pm
                                                                                               Lake Conjola Bowling Club                  3A / 82 St. Vincent Street, Ulladulla
ULLADULLA CROQUET CLUB                         Contact Geoff Rudd 44541218 or                                                             Phone 4455 1292
                                               0431400033                                      Friday 1pm Phone 44561272
A friendly oriented club open daily and                                                        EUCHRE                           
welcoming all age groups .                                                                         
                                                                                               Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club
Held at the Milton Showground                  MILTON ULLADULLA DISTRICT TENNIS                Thursday 6.30pm Ph 44551555                ULLADULLA MEN’S SHED
Annual subscription of $150                    ASSOCIATION INC.                                TRIVIA                                     Cnr Matron Porter & Leo Drives Mollymook
and $6 per game. Jean Pack 4455 5640           Tennis Complex                                  Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club              Mon-Thurs 8am-3pm 18 years and above
LAKE CONJOLA TENNIS COURTS                     Cnr Green & Warden Sts Ulladulla                Wednesday 7pm $3                           Woodworking, gardening, community
Court bookings 44561163                        Meetings 2nd Tuesday of the month               Phone 44551555                             projects, Friendship, addresses on men’s
                                               Ages 7-85 Competition, Coaching, Social         INDOOR BOWLS                               health issues.
MANYANA SOCCER                                 Ladies’ Comp Monday                             Lake Conjola Bowling Club                  Contact Barrie Wilford or Bob Larson
Thursday 5 - 6pm                               Junior Comp Saturday morning                    2nd Thursday 44561272                      4455 6055
Under 8s Under 11s                             Mixed Comp Monday night                         POOL COMPETITION
44561568                                       Ladies’ Comp Thursday night                     Lake Conjola Bowling Club                  ULLADULLA & DISTRICT GARDEN
                                               Adults $51 per year                             Monday 5.30pm $3 Phone 44561272            CLUB
MILTON ULLADULLA TOUCH ASSOC                                                                                                              Last Monday of the month 9.30am
                                               Adult concession $41 per year                   POKER MOJLYMOOK GOLF CLUB
Wednesday Nights at Frogs Hollow                                                                                                          January-November
                                               Junior $30 per year                             Monday 7pm 44551911
Contact Col Stevenson 0410532289                                                                                                          Mollymook Surf Club 44555050
                                               Tennis NSW Fee included in annual fee                                                                           MILTON ULLADULLA
                                               Val Crook 4455 4160 m 0408 322 354
                                                                                               MODEL RAILWAY CLUB                         TABOURIE LAKE RADIO YATCH CLUB
                                                                                               Anyone interested in trains is more than   we race Soling 1 metre model yachts
                                                                                               welcome to come along.                     Wed and Sat weather permitting Tabourie
Croobyar Road, Milton Ph 44551575                                                                                                         Entrance or Portland Way
Tuesdays from 4pm - High school hoops,                                                         2nd and 4th Saturday of the month 11am
                                                                                               Open to all ages                           Contact Peter Maddison 44573250
6pm onwards Women's competition
Thursdays from 4pm - Aussie Hoops                                                              $25 membership & $2 per meeting
                                                                                               Contact Bob Goodwin 4455 5918              ETHERIEAL RESONANCE
(Kinder to year 2) learn to play sessions $3                                                                                              Remedial massage and more..
per week. 4.30pm - Miniball (Year 3 to 6,                                                      MILTON ULLADULLA                           Mon - Fri 4pm-7pm Sat - Sun 10am-6pm
under 10's and under 12's) training skills                                                     VIDEO CLUB INC                             Loretta Brook 4454 4028
and games $4 per week. 6pm onwards                                                             1st Thursday of the month                  0423537924
Menes competition. Great all year round                                                        9.30am - 12.30pm Mollymook Golf Club
                                                                                               Tony Mann 44565050               
  The average person who stops smoking
   requires one hour less sleep a night.              Cameron              Lloyd                      The average human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap

12                                                                                                                                                                                   21
                                  GROUPS / HOBBIES
ULLADULLA SCRABBLE CLUB                        MILTON ULLADULLA BOWLING CLUB                                LET’S BOWL
Meets Mondays at the Exservo's                 WOODWORKERS
1pm-5pm Contact Gary Pollard 44565139          1st Monday 7pm                                         Opening soon
$5 yearly                                      Club President, Mark Stokes
                                               4454 0394, mob 0401 800 989                    DUNN LEWIS BOWLING CENTRE
Every Sat 11.30am 18+                          Club Secretary, Doug Broad
at 4/19 Croobyar Road Milton.                  4456 4074, mob 0414 799 781                 Fun and exciting recreation and entertainment
Club rifles available or bring your own. Fee   BINGO
$190 yearly for membership pensioner                                                                      for all the family
                                               Mollymook Beach Bowling Club
concessions, which allows you to shoot         Wednesday 1pm $3.50
anywhere in Australia, insurance and                                                          social games, leagues and tournaments
                                               18 and over Phone 44555222
monthly magazine.                                                                                    Sponsorship opportunities
$8 range fee for every shoot.                  EUREKA EUCHRE
Secretary Ken Fitzpatrick 44571713             Mollymook Beach Bowling Club
Club captain Peter Makin 4456 4600             Sunday 12.15pm
                                                                                                          Bowling Specials                         18 and over Phone 44555222                               School Holiday Offers
                                               POKER LEAGUE                                          Functions, parties, gift cards
                                               Mollymook Beach Bowling Club                                   Pro shop
                                               Wednesday and Saturday nights 7pm
Come along any Sunday morning to watch
                                               18 and over Phone 44555222
the aerial display.                                                                Get your teams ready now for a great new way to enjoy
Tues, Thurs, Sun at 9am to 12noon              TRIVIA                                                 yourselves ...
Ulladulla Sporting Complex                     Mollymook Beach Bowling Club
Club membership                                Tuesday 7pm $3 Phone 44555222
Contact Andrew Carsten 44551383                                                                    Bowling Leagues and Tournaments                        BINGO
                                               Milton Ulladulla Exservo’s Club
MOLLYMOOK BRIDGE CLUB                          Monday & Thursday 10am                 There will be weekly competitive and social bowling leagues.
If your keen on a challenge bridge is the      Friday 10am & 1.30pm                League bowling is a great way to get the most out of ten pin bowling
game for you. We are eager to help and         Wednesday Nights 7pm
advise new players. Mon, Fri & Sat 1.30pm      Phone 44551444                              and there's nothing quite like a bit of competition
Wed 9.30am, Mon & Thur 7pm                                                                          to turn those spares into strikes.
St Vincent St Ulladulla                        APL POKER
Maureen Bromfield 44541477                     Milton Ulladulla Exservo’s Club
                                               Tuesday & Thursday Nights 7pm                      FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT
KYB Know Your Bible                            Contact Matthew Snook 44557257 or            
Baptist Church                                 0414797844
Women’s Bible Study 10am -12 noon                                                           
                                               MILTON ULLADULLA STAMP CLUB                              4455 4626 4455 2895
SARAH CLAYDON VILLAGE AUXILLARY                4th Monday of the month
Raise money to benefit the residents of        Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club
Sarah Claydon Village via the Trash and        Contact Mike Spicar 44545411
Treasure Shop, Settlement Arcade, Milton.
There are also other fundraising events.       VINTAGE CLASSIC CAR CLUB
Hilda Frost Room, Sarah Claydon Village        2nd Wednesday of the month 7.30pm
Every 4th Friday $2 per year                   Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club
Contact Robyn Oak 4455 2546                    Contact Roger Guest 44545032                              ULLADULLA CHESS CLUB
BUSH POETS                                     Thursday Afternoon 3.30pm
Sunday 2 - 4pm Exservo’s 44551444              Open to all ages
                                               Ulladulla Library Phone 44551269

20                                                                                                                                                        13
                                       ACTIVITIES                                                                                 ARTS & CRAFTS
MILBREE PARK RIDING SCHOOL                    LITTLE ATHLETICS                               MILTON ULLADULLA                                MOLLYMOOK WRITERS
Private & group lessons                       Keeping kids active in track and field,        CAMERA CLUB                                     2nd & 4th Wednesday
Contact Milea Woods 44541903 or               throwing, and jumping events.                  Learn and experiment with your                  10.30am - 2.30pm
0447655873                                    Tuesday 4.30pm                                 photography with friendly groups and all        Contact Jenny Cantrill 4454 1185                       Starts September - October                     abilities . Third Monday 7pm
                                                                                                                                             NULLADOLLA POTTERY GROUP
                                              Ages 3 - 17 yrs                                Upstairs Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club
BANGALAY FOOD GROWERS                                                                                                                        Members have use of Wheels and Kilns -
                                              Contact Milea 44541903                         Contact Annette 44541123
Community based organic food growers                                                                                                         Clay and Gazes available. Workshops and
group.                                        ULLADULLA CHESS CLUB                           MILTON QUILTERS                                 outings.
Contact Louise Tucker 44555363                Thursday Afternoon 3.30pm                      2nd and 4th Thursday -Bannister Lodge           2nd Friday of the month at 10am                    Open to all ages                               Mitchell Parade Mollymook.                      Courtyard Studios Opp Post Office Milton.
                                              Ulladulla Library                              Pat Martyn 4454 0308                            Open Friday - Sunday and every day during
                                              Phone 44551269                                                                                 school holidays
ASSOCIATION                                                                                  MILTON ULLADULLA WEAVERS
                                                                                                                                             Contact Barbara Smith 44555214
Bushwalking, Camping Trips, Bike Riding,      ORCHID SOCIETY                                 4th Mon of the month 10am to 2pm
Conservation and many other activities.       2nd Monday of the month 1pm                    Sue Maples 4455 3934                            NARRAWILLY PROGGY RUGGERS
Sheila Brooks on 4455 3431 or                 CWA Hall Milton                                                                                35 Stony Hill Lane Milton
                                                                                             EMBROIDERERS GUILD NSW
Ron Doughton on 4454 1358                     Orchid show Saturday 5th September                                                             All ages. Teaching workshops on dates as
                                                                                             MOLLYMOOK GROUP INC                             Contact Irene or John 44413553
                                                                                             Open to all ages                                arranged, social days twice a month
SOUTHERN SHOALHAVEN DISTRICT                  ULLADULLA PISTOL CLUB                          1st and 3rd Friday of the month 10am            Ring for information 44556870
DARTS ASSOCIATION                             Great sport for all ages men & women and       Uniting Church Milton                 
Ladies’ comp Mon nights 7pm                   people with disabilities.                      Contact Leslie Lockwood 44417284
Men’s Tues nights 7.30pm                      Wednesday 1pm & Sunday 10am                                                                    Baptist Church
                                                                                             ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE MILTON                    Wednesdays - Art Class 9am-12
Mixed Thurs nights 7.30pm                     The Range Wheelbarrow Rd
                                                                                             ULLADULLA INC                                   Craft Group - 9.30am -12pm
various venues                                Burrill Lake Contact Sarah 44552810
                                                                                             French Lessons                                  NEED TO BOOK Contact Liz Karacsony
Registration $10 & $5 per game
                                              MILTON ULLADULLA POLOCROSS                     Contact Murielle Atkins 44540356                Fridays Chat-a-Chino’s (women's craft,
Contact Rose Silver 44573055
                                              CLUB                                                             coffee & chat) 1:30—3:30pm
BUSH POETS                                    4456 4604
                                                                                             MURRAMARANG SPINNERS &                          MARILYN’S CRAFT CORNER
Sunday 2 - 4pm Exservo’s 44551444
                                                                                             WEAVERS                                         Classes Monday to Friday
                                                                                             We all enjoy the spinners and weavers and        from 10.30am to 3pm
                      MILTON ULLADULLA DOG TRAINING INC.                                     welcome new members                             Open to all ages
                                                                                             1st & 3rd Mon of the month at 9.30am            20 Wason St Ulladulla
Meeting Place Milton Showground                                                              Miriam Millers Craft Room                       Contact Marilyn 44554229 $20
Meeting Times 9am Sundays                                                                    $25 Membership and $1 a week
Age Groups 12 years to whatever
                                                               Let your dog take
                                                                                             Contact Deb Benson 44541723
Contact Name, Chief Instructor Diane ( Before 4pm)
                                                                you for a walk
Phone 44540171                                                               Practical tips for healthy living
                                                                                             Make up a physical activity pack to keep in your car. Include frisbees, cricket set,
Details of Activities
                                                                                               skipping rope and other favourite activities. you can be active anywhere your car goes!
Dog Obedience Clicker Training, Flyball, Agility, Dog Dancing.
                                                                                             Try a new activity. Join a team sport, go bowling or have a go at yoga.
The Club was formed in 1979 and held Special 30th Anniversary Celebrations in 2009.
The Club's demonstration team gives performance at Public Events. The newly formed           Train for & participate in a fun run or bike ride. It acts as a motivator to keep on track.
MUDD ON THE PAWS FLYBALL TEAM competes regularly in competition and hosted a                 Walk or cycle instead of driving to the local shops. If you must drive, park furthest away
successful Flyball Competition at Burrill Lake on May 2,2010.                                  in the car park to get more physical activity into your day.
Registrations Baby Puppies up to 16 weeks can join any Sunday. Dogs four months of           Enjoy shopping? Walk around a large shopping centre.
age and over Joining Day is the first Sunday in every month. Please be at the rear of        If you have an exercise bike, why not cycle while watching TV?
Milton Showground by 8.30am to fill out your registration form, which is also available on   Try to include active chores in your day like active gardening.
the Club's website.                                                                          Motivate yourself: Plan your activity ahead of time.
Fees. Cost $30 Joining Fee, which includes special treats, clicker, joining fee, annual      Set limits on the amount of TV and computer time you are allowed.
subs. For each Sunday that you attend thereafter cost is $2 per dog.                         Make a regular time each week to meet with a friend and do some physical activity.

                                   ARTS & CRAFTS                                                                                   ACTIVITIES
ULLADULLA Inc                                      Mondays Carpet Bowls 9am-12 noon MOUNTAIN BIKERS INC.
Permanent exhibition all year at Milton     Tai Chi                                       44555322
Courtyard Gallery, Easter and Christmas                                                                                                 MUDMTB club started in mid 2008.
exhibitions at Ulladulla Civic Centre,      Jon Travers 4455 2999                         CIRCUS 35 SOUTH                               Catering for Cross country, Down Hill
monthly meetings and weekly painting        Explore your Digital Camera                   6/217 Princes Hwy Ulladulla                   and social riders. XC racing once a
groups at Milton Courtyard Gallery,         Paul Allan 4455 4465                          Opposite Ex-servo’s                           month. For non affiliated MTBA
                                            International Folk Dancing                    Tuition in circus skills and performance
workshops during the year                                                                                                               members their is a small cost involved
Fee $30 yearly                              Monica Mulcahy 4472 2121                      opportunities. Registration form online
                                                                                          Classes range from $90 to $120 for a 10
                                                                                                                                        to participate. For more information
Contact the Gallery 44557211The             Elementary French                                                                           See Bart at Mountain Cycles located
Secretary PO Box 200 Milton 2538                                                          week term
                                            Judith Emery 4455 1539                        Contact Sharon 0405596172                     next to Subway 159 Princes Hwy                   Russian                                                 Ulladulla. Ph 44541177.
CREATIVE WRITERS OF MILTON                  Irene Mitchell 4454 0747                           
ULLADULLA                                   Computing for Beginners
                                            Margaret Morgan 4454 2624                     THE RATS RUNNERS AND                          BLESSING OF THE FLEET ULLADULLA
Offers encouragement to those who write
                                            Studia Latina                                 TRIATHLON CLUB                                Every Easter. Annual festival held every
or want to write.
                                                                                          All abilities welcome from walking up to      Easter—Main street parade, Blessing
Monday 9.30am Kendall Cottage               Ross Wade 4455 4185
                                                                                          competition level. 12 years upwards           Ceremony, Fireworks, Expo and Stalls
Contact Wilga Seaton 44564271               Film Appreciation
                                                                                          Meet every Tues & Fri 6.15am at the corner    Phil Brown                           Ted Gordon 4455 2313                          of Village Drive & North St         
HOUSE OF JULES ART STUDIO                   Movie Musicals                                Wed at Narrawallee IAZnlet 6.15am
                                            John Lovell 4455 3295                                                                       BIRD WATCHING GROUP
Adult Painting & Drawing Classes                                                          Handicap events once a month
                                            Advanced Italian                                                                            Meets every second Friday at different
Adult Open Workshop                                                                       Sunday bush run in local paper
                                                                                                                                        locations. Aligned with U3A
Adult Folk and Decorative art classes       Elena Sevcik 4457 3187                        $5 per yr and handicap events $1entry
                                                                                                                                        Bob Black 44564005 or
All classes held on various days & evenings Leadlighting Brian Brown 4457 1260            Contact Ken Saunders 44556005
                                                                                                                                        Marg Hamon 44571129
12 Myrtle St Milton                         Shibashi Irene Mitchell 4454 0747   
Contact Julie Sydenham 44545993             Beginning French 1 Beginning French 2                                                                 UNITING CHURCH FELLOWSHIP
                                            Pauline McAdam 4454 4120                                                                    MILTON PONY CLUB
                                                                                          GROUP                     Philosophy Forum                                                                            1st Monday of the month
                                                                                          Social activities for all ages
                                            Val Barnes 4455 5796                                                                        Rallies 2nd and 4th Saturday
ARTS, PAINTING AND CRAFT                                                                  1st Wed of the month at 1.30pm
                                            Current Affairs                                                                             Matron Porter Dr Mollymook
Wednesday 9am - 12pm                                                                      Outreach Centre
                                            Noel Souter 4454 2254                                                                       Contact Gordon Case 44556791
Ladies Group                                                                              Pre-loved clothes and items
Baptist Church Hall                         German Conversation                           10am-4pm Mon-Fri                              MOLLYMOOK PONY CLUB
Contact Evnice Tatchell (Arts)               Di Boland 4455 2720                          Uniting Church Hall North St Ulladulla        All riders welcome 2-24 yrs
or Liz Karacsoniy (Craft) 44555322          Continuing French                             more information 44541694                     All levels catered for
                                            Judith Emery 4455 1539                                                                      Matron Porter Drive Mollymook
CRAFT GROUP                                 Learning the Recorder                         INDOOR CARPET BOWLS
                                                                                                                                        Regular Sunday Rallies
Enjoy paper craft, Card Making,             Margo Lester 4457 2810                        Enjoy a social evening of carpet bowls
                                                                                                                                        Julie Warn 4454 3080
3D paper crafts                             Associated Courses                            Tues 7pm Open for all ages
Once a month Mon & Thurs 1 - 4pm            The following courses are self-funding,       Outreach Centre                               KIOLOA & BAWLEY POINT WAMINDA
Meals on Wheels Premises                    but run under the auspices of M-U U3A:        Cnr Princess Hwy & North St                   CLUB
Contact Virginia 44552861                   Body Strength and Flexibility                 Jean Erwin 44556731                           Activities, Craft and Outings
                                            Yoga for Beginners                                                                          2nd Mon of the month 10am - 4pm
MILTON EMBROIDERERS                                                                       KIOLOA & BAWLEY POINT WAMINDA
                                            - Helen Reeson 4455 2805                                                                    Kioloa Community Hall
1st and 3rd Thursday, 7pm – 9 pm                                                          GROUP
                                            Birdwatching - Bob Black 4456 4005                                                          Marie O’Connell 44571187
Beverley Howes Ph: 4455 3192                                                              Indoor Bowls
                                            Mah Jong - Buzz Tucker 4455 2987              3rd Monday of the month 1 - 4pm
LIFE DRAWING GROUP                                                                        Kioloa Community Hall                                  Deep Breathing gives
Thursday evenings 7pm                                                                     Contact Marie O’Connell 44571187                        you health benefits
Green House Gallery Milton Contact Robert    Apples are more efficient than caffeine in                                                           similar to aerobics.
Newberry 44545409                             keeping people awake in the mornings!

18                                                                                                                                                                               15
                                THE WINTER FESTIVAL
                                                                                               First Aid Course with Margaret
                                 Fantastic Winter Sport
                                                                                                 Reeves from the St John’s
                                                                                              Ambulance and her attentive class
The last Saturday of May is the BIG DAY for Snowboarders, Tobogganers and all fun-
loving snow bunnies - it’s THE ULLADULLA WINTER FESTIVAL. A time when the Civic
Centre grounds are transformed into a winter playground, where professional
snowboarders and local talent challenge the man-made snow jump.
         An all day and night event with first class bands, DJ’s, entertainers and
         celebrities, great food, craft stalls, exhibitions, displays and plenty of action.
         Wet and wild.
         Safe and secure surroundings with contracted Security, St Johns First Aid and
         plenty of volunteers to assist with all the snow packed action. Loads of fun for
         children with a toboggan run and plenty of snow for building snowmen and
         throwing snowballs. Parents and grandparents can afford a trip to the snow
         with the kids at the best winter venue in the district.

                                                                                               Links to -
                                                                                               Sports              Download Directory PDF
                                                                                               Hobbies...         for your computer desktop
                                                                                               and much more


         The Winter Festival is a fund raising initiative of the Dunn & Lewis Youth
         Development Foundation. This exciting project engages the talents and skills
         of our local youth in the planning, construction and promotion of the event.
         Supporting the Foundation in this enterprising project are the Shoalhaven City
         Council, Banisters' Lodge, the Ulladulla Fisherman’s Cooperative, akwa surf,
         with many more community spirited individuals and organisations who
         contribute their resources, expertise and precious time.

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