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                        BUSINESS PROPOSAL

                                    By Ample Manpower (P) Ltd
                                         Ample Manpower (P) Ltd.

                        1.   Ample Manpower is professional to its core
                             and understand the need to not only match
                             individual aspiration, and business goals of
                             an organization but also provide value added
                             HR services in pan India for executive
                             search, Campus Recruitment, job
                             outsourcing, training & development, with the
                             full spectrum of management expertise.
                                        Ample Manpower (P) Ltd.

                        1.   Through a unique combination of skills,
                             competencies, knowledge and favorable
                             experience, Ample Manpower is at present
                             among the top 10 Consultant in Delhi/NCR

                        2.   AM is able to offer Manpower services ranging
                             from consultancy to turn-key project
                             implementation and operation. The company
                             recognizes and caters for the special personal
                             needs of clients in the various industries
                                    HRMS Modules


                                 HRIS                               Recruitment

                        Career Planning &
                            Tracking                                     Workplace

                                     Employee                 Performance
                                    Relationship              Management
                                       Executive Search

                        1.   Existing database / resume to be integrated
                        2.   Candidate registration on company website
                        3.   Job websites
                        4.   From advertisements / via email / snail mail
                        5.   Campus recruitment
                        6.   Employee referrals
                        7.   Recruitment vendors
                        8.   Job Fairs
                        Some of our esteemed clients
                        Some of our esteemed clients
                                    Our Popular Training Domain

                        1.   Corporate Training on different HR Vertical.
                        2.   Also providing the training on soft skill development
                        3.   Payroll management
                        4.   Statutory Management
                        5.   Resume Processing
                        6.   Complete Automation of Recruitment Workflow
                        7.   Enables quick Search & Short-listing of Resumes
                        8.   Web-enabled System for handling high volume of resumes
                        9.   Supports resumes of different formats (e.g. doc, txt, pdf, etc)
                                    Training and Development Advantage

                        1.   Thorough understanding of client’s business, organization structure &

                        2.   Work-out customized modules in consultation with student and provide
                             need-based training.

                        3.   We understand that in the wake of delivering quality education with the
                             number of players, the only factor that distinguishes institutions is quality
                             education offered to the students.
                                    Training and Development Advantage

                        1.   As a proactive effort, the management of the college would like their
                             students to be well equipped with skills essential for a transition to a work
                             world and making the education of Engineering & Business
                             administration more meaningful.

                        2.   In continuation to the training and development initiative conducted with
                             various colleges, Ample Manpower proposes to enhance students overall
                             personality for better absorption in the corporate market.
                                   Our Core Expertise

                        1.   Corporate Training
                        2.   Skill Development
                        3.   Productivity/Efficiency Enhancement
                        4.   Quality Management System
                        5.   Commitment to Work
                        6.   Team Effectiveness
                        7.   Induction Session


                              Staffing                          Training

                        Org Structure                             HR Audit

                                          HR Policies/Manuals
                                           HR Systems                                Compensation

                        A.   Organizational Hardware                   A. Compensation and Benefits Studies
                             1.   HR Strategy & Systems Development
                                                                            1. Sponsored Studies
                             2.   Organizational structure Design /
                                  Redesign                                  2. Syndicated Studies

                             3.   Roles & Responsibilities Mapping         3. Job Pricing Reports/Ready
                             4.   Competency Assessment & Profiling
                                                                       B. Compensation Structuring / Restructuring
                             5.   Employee Policies Documentation
                                                                       C. Design of Variable Pay Systems/Sales
                             6    HR Audit & Manpower Assessment
                                  Studies                              D. Incentive Plans, Broad Banding
                        B.   Organizational Software
                             1.   Competencies and Skills assessment
                             2.   Value and organization culture
                                            Our Support

                        1.    Its an exclusive contact centre reachable from
                              9am to 6 pm, 6 days a week, is a one-stop
                              solutions hub to address queries and provide
                              solutions to both, our customers as well as

                         2.   The ceaseless focus of AM Support Centre will be to add smiles to our customers &
                              associates, in our endeavor to become a proactive solutions provider.

                         3.   With this initiative, we aims to ensure total customer and associate
                         4.   satisfaction.

                         5.   To know more about us please
                         6.   Visit us at:
                                    Contact Us

                        REGISTERED OFFICE                     CORPORATE OFFICE :-
                        DELHI                                 NOIDA
                        •   295,Pocket                         • B-63,Sec-2
                        •   Sector – 2, Rohini,                • Noida – 201301
                        •   New delhi-110085                   • Tel: +91-120-3060606/7/8/9

                        • E-mail:,
                        • Visit US:
                        Ample Manpower (P) Ltd.

                        Ample Manpower (P) Ltd.

                             Thank You..

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