ToolBox by liwenting



                                                                        The ToolBox consists of five tabsheets. Input-,
                                                                        Tools- and Output tabsheets are always visible.
                                                                        The two remaining tabsheets holds contents of
                                                                        optional input- and output files.
                                                                        The Input tabsheet holds various strings, values,
                                                                        and settings concerning your current AXE / EMG.
                                                                        You can enter values to the fields, for use with the
                                                                        various tools. Field contents can be saved to a
                                                                        .INP file for later use and of cause retrieved, using
                                                                        the Load and Save option.

The 80+ tools are available from the Tools tabsheet. Click on the tool you want to use. Press the Help button to get
online help for the selected tool. The required input fields - if any - are now visible in the Mandatory Input Box, and
these are mirrors of the values from the Input tabsheet. If a logfile is needed for input, both the command to generate the
                                                                          logfile and a suggested filename is ready to use. If
                                                                          the logfile exists, it is loaded into an input file
                                                                          viewer, where you can watch and edit the
                                                                          contents prior to execution of the tool. If the tool
                                                                          generates one or two outputfiles, they are
                                                                          prenamed too. When you send the predefined
                                                                          print command with the autolog character added
                                                                          (> after a command), a logfile will be generated
                                                                          in the ToolBox Folder with the suggested logfile
                                                                          name, and is ready for use when you return to the
                                                                          ToolBox. If a logfile with a predefined name does
                                                                          not exist , you can browse for it. A green check
                                                                          icon tells, if filenames and input values are valid.
                                                                          Certain tools opens it’s own dialog for
                                                                          customization of output. All output generated, is
                                                                          saved in files with the Suggested Initiate / End
                                                                          names, and appended the Output tabsheet list,
                                                                          from where it can be transmitted, edited or
                                                                          transferred to other managers for modification. If
                                                                          more than one output file is selected (checked),
the transfer is restricted to editor windows, because only one manager at a time can be open. You can also examine the
command files prior to transmission from the build in file viewer by pressing the View button.
Toolbox Tool Survey

EMG             SAE                  APT      APZ              REGEN.       CONVERT   MAINTENANCE          EAR
EMRP…           SAACP →              SLOCI    Deblock EMG…     EXRPP…       EXEGP     Command Log…         EXCGP
EMTS…           SAAEP → C1           EXDEP    Block EMG…       EXRUP        EXEGP     Select / Unselect…   EXMCP
SULII /         Incl. / excl. Step   STBSP    Delete EMG…      EXEMP…       EXNRP     Find NOT ACC…        EXPUP
SLOCI           Split C1 File        SLFAP    Define EMG…      C7SPP        SLPBP                          EXTGP
SULIE /         Step SAE…            SLOMI    EXEGP            C7STP        SULCP                          EXTCP
RODEI           Find SAE Fault       DTSTP    EXHMP…           C7SDP        SULGP                          NNUPP
SEPRM           Calculate NIU…       NTSTP    AT…              C7LDP…       SURSP
EXALO                                ALLIP    Ethernet Port…   C7RSP
IUDCI / LIBAE                        SUACP                     C7SUP
IUPBI /                              SUSPP…                    C7RUP
IUSCC /                              EXROP…                    EXSCP
IUDCE /                              BLURP…                    EXCLP…
IUPBE /                              SEQAP…                    NSDAP
                                     BLORP                     NTCOP…
                                     TPSTP                     GNACP

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