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					Rikvin - Free Singapore Company Name Check

A company name is one of the basic preliminary requirements when registering a Singapore
company. It is one of the basic concerns of entrepreneurs. Rikvin, a leading Singapore
business registration firm and corporate solutions provider, recognized the need for
assistance on company name and therefore offered free Singapore company name check for
a limited time period only.

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to register a Singapore company should be
able to choose the right company name and domain. Given the importance of online
commerce in today world, it is important to choose a name where both the business name
and the website domain name are same, where possible.

“Your company name helps customers find you, understand what you do and remember
your company. It is important that the company name you choose has the domain name
available to be registered,” Rikvin said.

Moreover, Rikvin emphasized the significance of obtaining a unique business name. That
means it cannot be similar to a business name already existing in Singapore. If the name is
not unique or is already in use, the company registration authority will not allow the
company name registration to proceed.

The free offer for a company name check was discussed in detail. Rikvin’s free company
name check includes checking of name availability where Rikvin will check if the proposed
company name is available, two name choices where Rikvin will ask for two name choices,
and if your first choice is not available, Rikvin will check your second choice and a
notification where will provide a form to be filled out for a preliminary check to
see if your preferred name choice is available and revert the result to you shortly. Rikvin
assures that all information is kept confidential.

About the Publisher:

Rikvin has successfully provided foreign and local entrepreneurs assistance to form a
Singapore company. The firm provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof
for Singapore company registration, Singapore company name check, Singapore permanent
residence, accounting, tax, and related compliance services for individuals and companies

Our office is located at Raffles Place, in the heart of the Singapore business district. ("CBD")
If you are in our neighborhood and want to discuss any aspect of our service then feel free
to come in to our offices during business hours. Appointments are welcome but definitely
not necessary.

Rikvin PTE LTD
20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705
Main Lines: (65) 6438 8887
Fax (65) 6438 2436

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