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					                      The Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach, Inc.

                         The Oscillator
        Published monthly by the ARALB, P. O. Box 7493, Long Beach, CA 90807

Volume LXXIX, Issue 3                      www.aralb.org                                 March 2006
              Presidents Message                      There are a lot of ways YOU can become involved
            by George Apt, KF6THT                     and make a difference. Don’t feel intimidated.
                                                      Look in the Oscillator for a name of one of the
If you were not at the February meeting you           directors and call them and ask how you might
missed a very interesting talk given by our very      become more involved and help out your club.
own Martin D. LaRocque N6NTH on DARPA
and the 2005 Grand Challenge. I subscribe to a        At the February meeting I asked for a couple of
magazine called Discover that is a science- ori-      volunteers to audit the club’s books. Donna
ented magazine. Guess what is one of the topics in    Barker and Ed Koran nicely volunteered to help.
the February magazine-- the 2005 Grand Chal-          Thank you both for getting involved and helping
lenge!                                                your club.

I would like to welcome new members Kim De-           See you all March third at 7:00 at the Signal Hill
Celles KI6CER, David Akins N6HEV, Matt Stafle         Community Center for our next meeting. *
KI6BLY and Tom Robinson KG6NKW. Welcome
aboard.                                                            March 3rd Meeting
                                                                          7:00 PM
The theme for this year is going to be “GET IN-               Signal Hill Community Center
VOLVED”. The ARALB is one of the best radio
clubs in the USA. W6RO is known all over the                 K7C DXPEDITION, KURE ATOLL
world. This is your club. You are the club, and the   Where is Kure Atoll? Why would anyone go there?
club becomes what you want it to be.                  What do you have to do to gain access to this unique
                                                      location? To get the answers to these questions and
The club has many varied activities that it does on
                                                      find out the unpublished secrets of the K7C DXpedi-
a regular basis. It helps the Signal Hill Parks and
                                                      tion, don’t miss the March meeting when a presenta-
Recreation Dept four times a year and in return,
we get to use the Community Center for our            tion will be given by one of the members of the ra-
meetings free of charge. ARALB participates in        dio team...N6HC.
Field Day one weekend in June. This involves set-     Our speaker, Arnie Shatz, was license 1957,
ting up emergency communications and partici-         KN3ANU, as a teenager and now holds an Extra
pating in contesting and camaraderie (more on         calss ticket. He resides in Lemon Heights with his
this at a later date), The club also helps the Boy    wife, Sherry, KA6DOW. He is an avid Contester
Scouts with some of their activities. ARALB has
                                                      and DXer. Arnie is an active member of the South-
our W6RO station on board the Queen Mary. The
station can always use a few more operators. This     ern California Contest Club and Southern California
involves a four-hour commitment once a month          DX Club. He is a member of the ARRL and serves
and is a lot of fun speaking to hams throughout       as a DX Field Card Checker. Arnie Shatz has
the world and entertaining guests who stop by the     earned many amateur radio awards, and he has oper-
radio room. ARALB also runs ham testing one           ated in contests. This is his first experience at
Saturday a month and some additional sessions         DXpeditioning. Now that he is retired from a full
when needed. You can help future hams and the         time medical practice, he is looking forward to many
club by volunteering and becoming a VE                more ham radio adventures in exotic and far away
(amateur test helper).                                places. *
Page 2                                             THE OSCILLATOR                          VOLUME LXXIX ISSUE 3

         Board of Directors and Officers
                                                              Robert Dalley Honored
 George Apt, KF6THT
 President                                 Robert Dalley, KF6YGY, was honored recently by the Long
                                           Beach Area Boy Scouts, Los Fierros District. He was awarded
                                           the Superstar Award and the District Award of Merit.
 Rick Silva, WA6ES
 Vice President                            Robert graduated from Millikan High School in 2002 and now
 562-233-0418                              attends LBCC where he is majoring in Emergency Manage-
 Ken Lister ,KG6TOC
                                           Robert achieved Eagle Scout in 2001. He is an advisor for Ven-
 562-426-9544                              ture Crew 126 and a member of the Tribe of Tahquitz.
 Rick Adams,KD6ODU                         He has served the ARALB as a Director for the past two years.
                                           Be sure to congratulate him next time you see him! *
 Carina Lister, KF6ZYY
 Past President

 Dennis Kidder, WA6NIA

 John Rogers, KF6TTR
 Director & W6RO Asst. Mgr.

 Jeff Potter, KG6DKJ
 Director & Standing Comm. Chair

 Thomas Gibbons, W9EYB
 Director/Testing Chair

 John Klanchnik, KG6POB

 Michael Fox, W6MJF

 Nate Brightman, K6OSC
 W6RO Mgr.
                                                               Membership Renewal
 nehtan@juno.com                                                 by Rick Adams, KD6ODU
                                           Membership renewals are due now and delinquent after March
 John Rogers, KF6TTR                       2. You can bring your completed renewal Membership Applica-
 greyghost1934@yahoo.com                   tion to the March 3 meeting or mail it to PO BOX 7493, LONG
                                           BEACH, CA 90807-0493.
 Lonnie Bingham, K6CBN
 W6RO Trustee                              Please submit a completed Membership Application with your re-
 k6cbn@aol.com                             newal since it is the only way we can maintain and insure your in-
 562-630-4249                              formation is correct in our data base. *
VOLUME LXXIX ISSUE 3                         THE OSCILLATOR                                         Page 3

                                       SuitSat, Phone Home!
                                         by Bob Grubic, NC6Q

 They heard the Space Station but not the space suit. Yep, that’s right. On Saturday morning, February
 04, 2006, a group of hams, lead by Michael Fox, W6MJF, went up to Hilltop Park in Signal Hill to see if
 they could hear the weak signal transmitted to Earth from a space suit stuffed with trash and other ob-
 jects including a ham radio transmitter. This hastily assembled “satellite” was dubbed SuitSat-1 and
 was supposed to send recorded messages in six languages to amateur radio operators world wide until it
 eventually burned up on re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Read more at:
 http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2006/02/03/103/?nc=1 and http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11162380/)

 Michael used a hand-held, 2 meter/440 beam antenna pointed at the low orbiting “satellite” together
 with his dual-band radio to pick up a signal from SuitSat-1 on 145.990 MHz. They located the Space
 Station and heard chatter about SuitSat on the 440 band, but nothing from SuitSat itself on the 2 meter
 band. They even heard an astronaut on the Space Station say, “Don’t transmit here.” As a warning to
 someone transmitting on a frequency the Space Station was transmitting on, and not observing the split
 frequency operation.

 Then on Sunday morning, Michael came out to the same park with 11-year old, Wyatt, and his mom,
 Kim, to listen for SuitSat again. Kim and Wyatt hope to be the first mother-son team to ride sub-
 orbitally above the Earth when that opportunity becomes available. Again, the Space Station was
 heard, but nothing from SuitSat. They heard a male voice and a female voice say, “Hold on,” appar-
 ently in communications between the Space Station and ground control. Michael explained the tracking
 of satellites and their orbits to Wyatt who seemed very enthused about the subject.


                                                              Action photo, 1-r: Wyatt; Kim; Richard
                                                              Sherwood, KF6UVE and Michael Fox,
 Seen posed in the photo are, l-r back row: Karl Turner,       W6MJF
 KF6HKB: Hank Burwash, KQ6RG; Bob Grubic,
 NC6Q: George Apt, KF6THT; Richard Sherwood,
 KF6UVE; front row: Michael Fox, W6MJF; Carol Apt,
 KF6THS; and Sandi Sherwood.
Page 4                                          THE OSCILLATOR                             VOLUME LXXIX, ISSUE 3

                                                                            In the Log
                                                                       by Rick Silva, WA6ES
                                                         Logging has come a long way. When I started, I
                                                         used to use the “Yaesu Log Book”. A logbook is
                                  W6RO                   a great reminder of what I went through and the
                                                         fun that I had. Looking back through my log-
                                                         book notes, I can remember the certain QSO’s
                                                         and I think a little longer. I can smile about them.
 W6RO, is the most famous wireless room in the           Since many of you are getting into the HF por-
Country, where you can become an operator on             tion of the bands, I thought I would mention log-
the Queen Mary.                                          ging programs. Now through many trials, I set-
                                                         tled on the program that suits me. Logging soft-
                                                         wares are numerous. The software that you use
If you haven’t operated W6RO, come and visit.            depends on what you want to accomplish and
It’s a great place to try out new rigs.                  how in-depth you want to go. Through the years I
                                                         have tried many programs, from FREE to those I
                                                         paid many $$$ for.
You may become a permanent operator if you
are a licensed amateur and are willing to work           There are quite a few free ones out there to get
one 4-hour shift per month for a year.                   you started in logging. Here are a couple of good
                                                         programs to use: Logger32 and DX Keeper. Both
                                                         programs track the QSO’s you’ve had and keep
To learn more about this opportunity, call Henry         track for the awards whether it be HF or VHF/
Lulli, W6OLZ, at 714-963-2986, or email him at           UHF.
w6olz@socal.rr.com .                                     I am not saying that you have to use computer
                                                         logging but it makes it easy. I know a fellow ham
If you’re already an operator and have schedul-          who uses the Graphite 2000 logging system. Yup,
                                                         he still uses the good old pencil and paper log-
ing issues, call Nate Brightman, K6OSC, at 562-          ging; actually he uses index cards in his filing
427-5123. If you have any questions regarding            layout.
equipment, please contact John Rogers,                   So when I am on the bands and hear WA4MTZ
KF6TTR, at 562-626-1755 pager/voice. *                   out there I can go back to him , chat with him,
                                                         and talk about my first CW contact and how he
                                                         walked me through it at 5 words per minute.
         Local License Study Courses                     Talk about a memorable event to remember.
         by Thomas R Gibbons, W9EYB                      Ahhh yes--the memories that a logbook can give
ARALB members, families and friends are in-
vited to register for the local Technician and           Logger32 can be found at:
General license study courses offered by the             http://www.kc4elo.com/
Shoreline Yacht Club at Long Beach, with a
qualified General Class instructor.                      Dxkeeper can be found at:
General Element 3 is 18-19 March. Morse code
Element 1 training is not offered.
                                                         I wish you all good DX.
Each course is 0800 to 1700 hrs., 2 days. Fee $90
each, including the ARRL study guide, 2 conti-           de Rick, WA6ES              *
nental breakfasts and lunches. The $14 ARRL-
VEC testing fee is extra, by the ARALB club
Testing Committee.                                                       Baker to Vegas
Advanced registration and payment are required          The Baker to Vegas race is April 1 & 2, 2006.
thru the Yacht Club office at 562-435-4093.             Once again, it’s time to show our support, for the
Class limit is 30. Register early and get the class     Long Beach Police teams.
reading assignments!
                                                        Volunteers are very welcomed and needed for
Call Monday thru Saturday 0900 to 1800 hrs. *           this event. To volunteer please contact Jon E.
                                                        Chel, jon.e.chel@boeing.com , 562 797-2553. *
VOLUME LXXIX, ISSUE 3                          THE OSCILLATOR                                          Page 5

                VHF/UHF Contesting For Fun, with the Equipment You’ve Got Now
                                         by Fred Wagner, KQ6Q

There are four ARRL VHF/UHF contests – January, April, June & September. You don’t have to be a
serious Moonbounce or Microwave type to have fun. If your multiband radio covers any VHF / UHF
bands, and you’ve got antennas that will radiate on those bands, (beams are nice, but you can have fun
without them!), and a couple of hours to spare, you’ve got what it takes to participate. You should use
SSB if you have it – longer range, but if you’ve got FM, there are FM simplex contacts to be had. The
point of getting into the contest is to see what YOU can do with YOUR equipment and antennas, with-
out using repeaters. You may surprise yourself! You can read about the details in the VHF/UHF con-
test area on ARRL’s website. This is for the rest of us! You can get fancier later, if you choose to.

Here’s how I did the contest. My main home rig is an IC-746 Pro, 100 watts on 6 and 2, and I have
smallish beams on 6m and 2m, with a crazy combination of coax switches at the station end and a di-
plexer above the rotator (the wife has said NO MORE coax runs coming into the house.... there are only
six!). I made some contacts on 6M SSB (nobody on CW this time), and also on 2M SSB and FM (on
146.55) Most activity was on the ‘calling frequencies -50.125 and 144.200. Moving off was nice, but if
the band was quiet, the calling frequency is the place to listen (or call!). 2m FM activity was on 146.550.
Some folks were working the contests from their dual band mobile rigs – and I heard there was some
simplex on 223.500 FM

I decided to try some UHF contacts - brought in my T-81A HT, took the cable from my discone off the
coax switch panel, adapted it to the SMA connector on the T81A, and connected it to the charger.
446.000 simplex is where the 70cm FM contest contacts were being arranged – I had it already in mem-
ory. Idea - then somebody mentioned 1294.500 simplex! I don't use that very often, so I set it to VFO,
and input 1294.500 on the keypad. Cool. N6KN and K6JEY offered to meet me on that freq. 5 point
contacts up there! I can hear them, but they can't hear me - odd! Take a closer look - I've been holding
the HT funny because of the RG-8 coax going into it, so now I take a closer look while I press PTT - it
goes to 1272.5! It has automatic repeater offset - they didn't hear me because I was TX on the wrong
frequency! Now I know I've got 1294.5 simplex in one of the 100 memories, so I start dialing through
the memories until I find it - memory 31! Finally, I run across N6KN (who has 1.2 Gig capability) again,
and we try it - bingo! I'll set up right, sooner, and make more 1.2 Gig contacts next contest. The really
funny part - this radio only puts out ONE WATT on 1.2 ghz, and I've got about 60 feet of RG-8 foam
running up to the discone. Amazing that I make contacts, but line of sight is line of sight! Radio is at
least one part magic, even on VHF and UHF.

No fancy propagation all weekend, so only nearby grid squares (5 total). What was weirdest though – I
worked K6UCI, about 15 miles down the road at U of Cal Irvine, on 2m and 440 just fine, loud and
clear. We tried it on 6m SSB, and though we did make the contact, it sounded like we were going long
path around the planet. This was with 100 watts and the beam pointed his way! Sometimes VHF acts
like HF!

Next weekend is the 160m contest - I'm a real optimist there -with my Valor 160 Mobile whip on my
metal roof. The ERP is about like my 1.2ghz rig - but each contact I do make is a thrill - and that's what
hamming is all about!         *

     Annual Eggstravanza Egg Hunt: Saturday, April 15, 8 AM @ Signal Hill Park, 2175 Cherry Ave.
 Ages 2-9 years. Pre-egg hunt will begin at 9 AM, followed by an egg hunt @ 10 AM SHARP! For more
 information call 562 989-7330.
 We need to arrive 1 hr and a half before the time given to the public. *
  Page 6                                              THE OSCILLATOR                               VOLUME LXXIX, ISSUE 3

      Report of the Testing Committee                             HAM RADIO OPERATORS "TRUE HEROES”,
     Thomas R. Gibbons, W9EYB, Chair                                    REP MIKE ROSS, WD5DVR
                                                                               From : “Salute”
      ARRL-VEC Special Testing Session
  1600 hrs @ Shoreline Yacht Club; 12 February 2006          US Rep Mike Ross, WD5DVR (D-AR), this week offered "A
                                                             Salute to Ham Radio Operators" on the floor of the US
New Tech Licences                                            House. Ross, one of two Amateur Radio licensees in the
Albert R Lopez                  San Dimas                    House of Representatives (the other is Rep Greg Walden,
Dale G Hoppock                  Hacienda Heights
Craig R Schroeder               Downey                       W7EQI, R-OR), addressed his colleagues February 8 to rec-
Debbie H Schroeder              Downey                       ognize the contributions of the Amateur Radio community
Sarah J Heller                  Temple City                  in the wake of last year's devastating hurricane season.
Anita J Russell                 Long Beach                   "Citizens throughout America dedicated to this hobby--a
Melinda A Young                Long Beach                    hobby that some people consider old fashioned or obsolete--
George E Salley                Newport Beach                 were true heroes in the after math of Hurricane Katrina as
Raymond B Quinsey              San Pedro                     they were often the only line of communication available
Mariah L Heller                Temple City                   into the storm ravaged areas," Ross said He noted that
Ronnie I Cheng                 Monterey Park                 while ham radio is often overlooked "in favor of flashier
Robert J Moberg                Long Beach                    means of communication," Gulf Coast communities learned
Armida Y Johnson               La Habra Hts                  after the 2005 hurricanes that technology can be "highly
Richard I Johnson              La Habra Hts                  vulnerable" to storm damage. "Ham radios, entirely self-
Axel C Heller                  Temple City
                                                             contained transmitters, require no cell towers or satellites,
                                                             simply a battery and a strip of wire as an antenna," Ross
Tech Lic, Element-3:                                         explained. Because of the "critical intervention" of radio
Rodney M Goodman                K3ROD                        amateurs across the US, Ross said, many lives were saved
                                                             following Hurricane Katrina.
Special Session Volunteer Examiners:
Thomas R Gibbons, W9EYB            Liason                    "The dedication displayed by ham radio operators in the
Lonnie G Bingham, K6CBN                                      aftermath of Hurricane Katrina sets a tremendous example
Louise Chapman,      N6ELK                                   for us all," Ross concluded, noting that "now more than
Michael Fox,         W6MJF                                   ever" he's proud to be an Amateur Radio operator. "The
Dennis Kidder,       WA6NIA                                  people whose lives were rescued as a result of the tireless
Robert Selkeld,      N1HE                                    dedication of ham radio operators will forever be grateful to
Alfred H Wendelbo, KK6O          *                           these selfless public servants."     *

                                            Brew Your Own QSL Cards
                                             By Mario Rubio, W6OH

Are you looking for some QSL cards? How about super inexpensive QSL cards? How about custom cards with your
own design? If all these things sound attractive, then you need to brew your own QSL cards.

You can start with Word or Publisher, but here is something must easier, and you are bound to be pleased with the re-
sults. QSL Maker. Here is a program developed by John McDonough, WB8RCR, that is remarkably easy to use, and
it’s FREE! This nifty little program runs on any version of Windows, from 95 up. Your QSL card will include your
name, call sign, and address, and a complete info block for QSL number, date, signal report and so forth. You can cus-
tomize the font and the colors. What’s even neater is that you can use any JPG or BMP file for your background. In
other words, you can take any photo you like and have it on your QSL card. It’s a well-behaved program, and you can
uninstall it if you don’t like it. But I suspect that’s a rare event.

The author of QSL Maker, John McDonough, WB8RCR, is a chemical engineer who has been a licensed ham for about
30 years. Besides hamming and a little homebrewing, he also is interested in computers and photography. Put this all
together and you have the best little QSL Maker ever.

Give it a try. Download the freeware at www.qsl.net/wb8rcr. Click on the QSL MAKER button, and fire up your imagi-
nation. You’re going to like this!         *
VOLUME LXXIX ISSUE 3                           THE OSCILLATOR                                           Page 7

                                 2006 ARRL International DX Contest

It’s that time of year – time for the 2006 ARRL International DX Contest! Everyone who is into phone
DX will be on the air. Work as many amateur stations in as many DXCC countries of the world as pos-
sible on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands.

When? It’s March 4-5, the first full weekend, starting at 0000 UTC Saturday and ending at 2400 UTC

You can enter as a single operator, all band, QRP, low power, high power, or single band. There is
something for everyone. You may submit no more than one single band entry, and your Cabrillo file
must state clearly that these are single band entries.

You may enter as a single operator assisted, multioperator, single transmitter, two transmitter, or

For each contact note the send signal report, state or province (for QSOs in U.S. and Canada), and the
power (number indicating approximate transmitter output power). There are multipliers that apply to
your total score. Your final score will be your QSO points times your multipliers.

Entries for the phone competition must be emailed or postmarked by April 4, 2006. They must be in
Cabrillo file format and must include the log file. You can email them to DXPhone@arrl.org.

There are a few plaques that will be awarded, and they are rare indeed. For those of us that don’t fly
with that flock, there is a certificate available for anyone who makes more than 500 QSOs. Even if you
don’t earn a certificate you can buy a cool four-color 2006 DX Contest pin for completing 100 QSOs.
The cost is $7.00, postage included. Your pin will be shipped once all the logs for the contest have been
processed. To purchase your pin, send a copy of the first page of your Cabrillo log file along with your
payment to: DX Contest Pins, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington CT 06111.

For more information, see "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" and "General Rules for ARRL Con-
tests on bands below 30 MHz (HF)" on the ARRL Website at http://www.arrl.org/contests/forms/ . *

                                  Silent Key, Elvin Lytle, N6DYZ
                                          from Fred B. McCarty
In the Daily Breeze: “Passed away suddenly January 23. He was born on July 1, 1919, in San Bernar-
dino, Ca. He retired from the Garrett Corporation after 25 years where he was employed as an aero-
space engineer. His specialty was electric motor design; he designed some of the motors used in early
manned spacecraft. Elvin lived for 25 years in Harbor City”

                                “He was an avid amateur radio operator, N6DYZ and an active mem-
                                 ber of the United Radio Amateur Club of Los Angeles Harbor, K6AA,
                                 located at the L. A. Maritime Museum.

                                  Notice sent by Fred B. McCarty who took this photo of Elvin Lytle
                                  in 1998 at his home in Harbor City.

                                  Elvin’s Family and friends met at the San Pedro Maritime Museum
                                  January 30 for a gathering. *
Page 8                                             THE OSCILLATOR                               VOLUME LXXIX ISSUE 3

         Report of the Testing Committee                                        Sew Call!
         Thomas R. Gibbons, W9EYB, Chair
              GLAARG-VEC Session #2426
          0900 hrs @ CSULB; 18 February 2006

  Tech lic, EL 1 CSCE, & EL 3                               Denim Factory Store, at 2551 California Ave,
  Joshua E Madison      KCORLD        Santa Ana             Signal Hill, (located just off Willow St., between
                                                            Atlantic and Orange Ave.) is willing to embroider
  Tech lic, EL 2 & EL 3                                     your name and callsign on your shirt or jacket for
  David J Shechter                    New York, NY          $5.00! You bring them your clothing and they do
                                                            the rest. They are open M - F, 10 AM - 6 PM, and
  Tech Lic, EL 2                                            Sat.,.10 AM - 2 PM. Their number is (562)424-8480, sew
  Charles Lee                         Santa Ana             give them a call!
  Jeanne L Martin                     Whittier
  David H Lyon                        Long Beach

  Tech Lic, EL 3
  Kim D DeCelles          Kl6CER      Long Beach
  Nikki G McClain         KE7EXA      Henderson, NV

  Gen Lic, EL 4, Extra Lic
  George R Wheatley ll KG6YNI         La Mirada

  Session Volunteer Examiners:
  Louise Chapman        N6ELK
  Harvey Cresey         WB6PQA
  Michael Fox           W6MJF
  Thomas R Gibbons      W9EYB         VE-in-Charge
  Bruce G Martin        WA6BDV
  Jack Orr              W6LOH          *

                  Upcoming Events
 03      ARALB General Meeting                 7:00 PM
 06      ARALB BOD @ ECOC                      7:00 PM
 18      ARALB Testing. CSULB                  9:00 AM
 19      L A Marathon
 21      LB Repeater Associates - Spire’s      6:30 PM
 25      Best Place Café Breakfast             8:00 AM

 01 & 02        Baker to Vegas
 07     ARALB General Meeting                  7:00PM
 10     ARALB BOD @ ECOC                       7:00PM
 15     ARALB Testing, CSULB                   9:00AM
 15     Annual Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt         8:00 AM
 18     L B Repeater Associates-Spires         6:30PM
 22     Best Place Café, Breakfast             8:00AM
 28-30 BSA Spring Camporee                     event site

 05      ARALB General Meeting                 7:00 PM
 08      ARALB BOD @ ECOC                      7:00 PM
 16      LB Repeater Associates - Spires       6:30 PM         Empty spacesuit pushed from space station to
 20      ARALB Testing, CSULB                  9:00 AM         become unusual satellite.   *
 27      Best Place Café Breakfast             8:00 AM
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                                                                                              Important Nets
                                                                                ARALB Net:
                                                                                Fridays at 7:00PM
                                                                                         145.520 SIMPLEX            (no PL)
                                                                                ARES/RACES Nets:
                                                                                Thursdays at 6:30 PM
                                                                                        449.780 (–)       131.8 PL
                                                                                        223.800 (–)       156.7 PL
                                                                                Thursdays at 6:45 PM
                                                                                        1282.2 (–)        156.7 PL
                                                                                Thursdays around 7:00 PM
                                                                                        145.520 SIMPLEX            (no PL)
                                                                                Thursdays (at a time to be announced)
                                                                                        146.745 (-)       156.7 PL *NEW!*

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Our March 3, meeting will be held at Signal Hill Community Center, 1780 E. Hill St.
Program, “K7C                  DxPedition, Kure Atoll” Speaker,                                       “Arnie Shatz,

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