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                                         Temple Reflections
                                          A TSDBT Monthly Publication
                                   volume XXXI    May 2011          Issue                                             fIve

 In this issue!                                                     WHAT IS IT?
Rev. Fujii’’s message        1     This is the fourth month for me in Denver. I know people are curiously looking at me:
Arigato Gozaimasu            1   So am I. It’s exciting to feel something fresh and tense in relation just like a newly wedded
                                 couple. And imagine a few years later. I would take you for granted; so would you.
Rev’’s Japanese article     2
Japan Relief Donors         3      Although we would lose tension and freshness in relation within a few years, I know
                                 something wonderful would happen to us later: Questions without hesitation. We recite
Temple Condolences          5    Namo-Amida-Butsu. What is it? Why do we do it? It sounds like a magic word but why
Dharma School             4, 5   Nembutsu alone is perfect enough in life? Why does it open a deep world to us?

Sangha Offerings            6       When I hear questions like these, I am quite happy; so is Shinran Shonin. We
Japanese Service dates      7    celebrate his Birthday, Go-Tan-Ye on May 15. Do come and join.
                                                                                                        In Gassho,
CBF Volunteer List        8-13                                                                    Rev. E. D. Fujii
CBF Wish List              14
Temple Office              14
Temple Happenings          15                     Arigato Gozaimasu!!
June Calendar              16    Thank you to the many Sangha members who used their after service, Bake Sale
May Calendar               17    time to fold the April newsletter. Thank you to the following people who came to
                                 temple on the following day to finish up with stuffing and sealing: Ed Nakagawa,
Taiko Comm. Thanks         18    Grace Kiyotake, Herb & Dorothy Inouye, Robin Burchardt, Dennis Flodeen, Steve
                                 Koga, Chris Holland & Risa Kakinoki.

                                 Thank you to all the individuals and groups who worked to make a successful day
                                 of Hanamatsuri – service, lunch and program. Thank you to Cindy Horiuchi for
                                 making certain our “little ones” were able to perform their annual ‘cute’ odori. And
                                 thank you to Kent and Wayne for making certain we were able to hear all the

                                 Thank you to Mr. John Conley for donating about 40 foam tatami mats to the
    This Month’’s                Temple. These mats will be gratefully utilized by our affiliated martial arts
     Holiday. . .                Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Clean Up Sunday. Whether
                                 you attended as an individual, family and/or organization, your help is greatly
                                 appreciated. As in most endeavors – the more, the merrier!
     Gotan E
    Birthday of                  Thank you to Craig and Leanne Shibata, who volunteered themselves and their
                                 family members to mail out the 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Raffle and Food
  Shinran Shonin                 Tickets. This mass mailing involves A LOT of folding, counting, licking and sticking.
                                 Thank you for taking on this huge task.
May 2011                               Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                                        Page 1
                                                           Unless you have been living under a rock during
                                                           the winter months, you have probably heard
                                                           rumors, speculation or some tin can phone
                                                           gossip version of what is brewing and/or about
                                                           to become in/with Tamai Towers, Sakura
                                                           Square, Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple (or
                                                           any combination, thereof) in the near and far
Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                          future.
1947 Lawrence Street                     (303)295-1844     Please come learn the real story (information) so
Denver CO. 80202                    FAX (303)295-1952      that you will be able to participate and help
                              Email: dinouye@tsdbt.org     create the vision of the future for our Temple and
For newsletter contributions, submit your article by the   the community.
10th of each month for publication in the next month’s
                                                           Special Meeting: Sunday, May 1, 2011;
For additional information, or to read the newsletter      11 a.m. at the Denver Buddhist Temple.
online, go to our website at www.tsdbt.org                 Your attendance is requested.
  Page 2                                  Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                       May 2011
        Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Donors
Thank you to the many who contributed money to the Japan Relief Fund. To date, April 14th, we have
collected $14,062.00; we will forward this amount to BCA who will give all temple offerings to the
Hongwanji Central Emergency Disaster Relief Office in Kyoto, Japan where efforts to provide assistance
to Sendai survivors are already in motion. Please note that we will continue to collect and forward
offerings for Japan Relief for at least the remainder of this year as recovery will be a long-term
SIDE NOTE: TS/DBT will be holding a special Memorial Service for tsunami and earthquake families on
Sunday, May 22nd. Please plan to attend.

Kiyoko Aigaki                   Vicki Lee Johnson              Stacey Umemoto Ospina
Anonymous                       Richard & Sharon               Charles & Teri Ozaki
Erica Arakawa                           Kagiyama               Joe & Jill Ozaki
Glenn & Michelle Asakawa        Kaiser Wheatridge              Greg & Janice Ramos
Andrew & Jill Barwig                    Pharmacy               Thom Sakata & Jennifer
Sarah Bender                    Kent & Jane Kano                        Trompeter
Robin Burchardt                 Calvin Kato                    Christopher & Tia Sekera
Robert & Vicky Case             Linda Kato                     Amy Shaw
Orrion Changrey                 Fusako Kawahara                Hank & Irene Shibao
Michiko Chikuma                 Keiko Kawahara                 Dora Shibata
Edna Chung                      Kenzo & Irene Kawanabe         Yo & Betty Shimamoto
Jacqueline Easton               Ayako Kimura                   Yuriko Shimoda
Mary Eisel                      Jack & Alice Kimura            Chuck Smaldone
Craig & Haron Farr              Kishiyama Family               Louise & Donald Takemura
James & Bernice Fox             Douglas & Sueko Klein          Sumiye Tanaka
Eijiro & Michiko Fujii          Rene Komoda                    Michio & Hisae Taniwaki
Robert & Kiyo Fujimoto          Jack & Jeanine Kuge            Noel & Denise Terao
David & Gayle Goto              Kathy Kuge                     Bill & Wendy Thompson
Emiko & Joseph Graham           Marilynn Livingston            Meliss Trompeter
Ine Hanatani                    Junko & Michael Manley         Shirley Tsuchimoto
Takuko Hawkins                  Tatsuo Matsuda                 Unmarked envelope
Frank & Gladys Hiraoka          Dick & Yoshie Matsushita       Marie Wang
Sawaye Hirokawa                 Sherrie McGee                  Andrew Wong
Gloria Hisamoto                 Jose Lloyd Medina              Herbert & Judy Wong
Lorraine Hisamoto               Sumie & Nobuo Miyake           John Wong
Sachiko Hisamoto                Lydia Montero &                Jason Wong & Sameerah
Kirk Horiuchi                           AH Albataa                   Albataa de Montero
Donald & Betty Hull             John & Yoko Mooney             Edna Yamada
DJ Ida                          Kim & Clint Morehouse          Bill & Louise Yamaguchi
Gail & Robert Ida               Anna Murahata                  Haruhisa & Michiko
Geoffrey, Kathryn & Jon Ida     Edward Nakagawa                         Yamamoto
Yoshi Igata                     Kuniko Nakamoto                Harry & Phyllis Yamamoto
Chiko Inouye                    Michael & Ann Nakamura         Fujiko Yamashita
Herbert & Dorothy Inouye        Chiyo Nakayama                 Jean Yien
Ken & Amy Inouye                Eddie & Jeanne Nozawa          Mas Yonekura
Eddie & Jennie Ito              O.E.S. Products Group          Harlan & Emi Yoshida
Tetsuo & Sadako Iwahiro         Kanya & Judy Okamoto           Michiko & Richard Yoshida
John Iwakiri                    Myrna Orlando                  Sonny Zwierkowski
Mieko Johnson                   F.&V. Ortega

May 2011                        Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           Page 3
                                      Dharma School Pages
                                      Valuable Information and News
                                      from Your Dharma School Co-Superintendents
                                                       Stacey Umemoto Ospina (303) 683-4144
                                                       Lesli Hirokawa (303) 921-6386

    Wrapping Things Up Time of Year
                  by Lesli Hirokawa                                  Annual TSDBT Family Picnic

Wow! Time is flying! Before we know it, Sakura            Come one and all! Bring your friends and relatives!
Matsuri will be here!
                                                                       Sunday, June 5th, 2011
What a wonderful time we had at Hanamatsuri!
Thank you to all the performers that made the                                11 am- 2 pm
afternoon program a success! It was so much fun
to watch! I still can’’t believe how fast these kids             City of Cuernavaca Park and Shelters
grow up. It seem like it was a few days ago, the                    Located at I-25 and 20th Street
high school students were only in preschool! Thank                            Denver, CO
you to everyone who brought food. As usual, it was
delicious and it went fast!                               Situated very close to the Denver Buddhist Temple,
                                                                  with ample parking and access to t
Thank you to everyone who came out and helped                         he Denver City Skate Park
clean up the Temple. It is not one of my favorite
things to do, but it sure does feel good after it is                     -Potluck Luncheon-
cleaned. Believe me, I didn’’t plan the fire drill!     with Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Beverages supplied by
But just as a reminder, please exit the Temple when                      our Dharma School
the fire alarm goes off. You never know if the
alarm was set off on accident or if it is for real.                    BINGO will follow lunch.
So exit the Temple just to be safe and meet at
Sakura Square courtyard.                                 More details will be provided during Sunday services.
                                                            Please contact Stacey Umemoto Ospina with
Now, for the fun part, we now have a park for our                     questions: (303)683-4144
Picnic Sunday. Picnic Sunday is scheduled for
June 5th at The City of Cuernavaca Park from 11-2.
The park is close to the temple (a couple blocks
away). Again, Dharma School will provide the
hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks.

Due to Clean Up Sunday, the Bake Sale schedule
got shifted again. So here is the revised schedule
for the rest of the year:
April 17th –– Kindergarten and 1st grade
April 24th –– 2nd grade
May 1st –– 3rd grade
May 8th –– 4th grade
May 15th –– Kitchen

Stacey and my term as Co-Superintendents is just
about up. We will keep you posted on who the new
Superintendent will be for next year (hopefully in
next month’’s newsletter).

  Page 4                               Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           May 2011
        2nd Grade Dharma School
                    by Shelly Tanaka
                                                              Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples’’ membership
Shirley (Horiuchi) and I are the 2nd grade Dharma              offers condolences to the family and friends of:
School Teacher’s; we are having a lot of fun with our
class. We have a very energetic class which includes:                       Susumu Jack Suzuki
Tara Case, Isaac Sarles, Kai Sakata, Lula DeMers.,
                                                                      March 24, 1914 to March 21, 2011
Sara Towsend, Maile Kilen, Blake Parvin, and Anasia
They each wrote their feelings about the Temple and
what they would do if they could be the Minister:

Isaac Sarles: I am in the 2nd grade. The name of my
Temple is The Tri- State Denver Buddhist Temple. My
teacher’s names are Shirley Horiuchi and Shelly
Tanaka. The best day I had at the Temple was the
Halloween Party. The worst day I had at the Temple
was - I don’t have one. If I could be the Minister…. I
would teach all about peace. I would always eat. I
would never kill. I would let all the Sangha leave for a

Lula DeMers: I am in the 2nd grade. The name of my
Temple is The Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple. My
teacher’s names are Shirley Horiuchi and Shelly
Tanaka. The best day I had at the Temple was - I just           A BIG CLEAN THANK YOU!!!
like being here. The worst day I had at the Temple                             by Merrily Stewart
was - I have never had a worst day. If I could be the
Minister…. I would teach all about Buddha and his           Thank you to everyone who participated in Clean up
life. I would always tell the truth and never lie. I
                                                            Sunday. It was wonderful to see everyone smiling
would never lie. I would let the Sangha have a good
                                                            and working side by side.
                                                            I would like to thank those that contributed extra
Kai Sakata: I am in the 2nd grade. The name of my           coordinating effort, Joanne Adair, Lorraine
Temple is The Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple. My          Hisamoto, Gail Ida, Joni Sakaguchi, Donna Inouye,
In the Dharma
teacher’s names are Shirley Horicuhi and Shelly
Tanaka. The best day I had at the Temple was every
                                                            Sue Yoshimura and Wayne Berve.
                                                            Thank you to the members of Denver Buddhist
time I am here. The worst day at the Temple was -
                                                            Temple Judo Dojo for sponsoring the Clean Up
NEVER. I would not have had this bad day if I did not
come. If I could be the Minister….I would teach all
                                                            Sunday lunch. I noticed that some of your members
about Buddha. I would always help people. I would           also brought in extra food items-The Sangha is very
never hate someone. I would let all the Sangha have a       grateful for the effort and generosity put forth by the
good time.                                                  Judo group.
                                                            Thank you Kirk Horiuchi for purchasing the caps for
Tara Case: I am in the 2nd grade. The name of my            the chairs and bringing in the extra mallets needed to
Temple is The Tri-State Buddhist Temple. My
                                                            punch the caps onto the chairs. Thank you Wendy
teacher’s names are Shirley and Shelly. The best day I
had at the Temple was when we were practicing
                                                            Westwood for donating a vacuum cleaner. It will
dancing. The worst day at the Temple was when we            come in handy!
had a fire drill. I would not have had this bad day if      It has been brought to my attention that this event
there was not fire drill. If I could be the Minister …..I   has not been held for over two years. It is my hope
would teach all about Amida Buddha. I would always          to have this become an annual event. With
be kind. I would never hurt someone. I would let all        everyone’s enthusiasm and participation this can be
the Sangha sing.
                                                            achieved. Thank you once again!
May 2011                            Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                                 Page 5
Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples gratefully acknowledges donations and offerings received
from March 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011:
Ohigan Service                                                      Hanamatsuri
Don Akiyama                Grover & Rose Takamoto                   Frances Furukawa
Glenn & Michelle Asakawa   Brit & Jean Takara                       Warren & Marge Fukuhara
Junko Asakawa              Hiroshi Takeda                           Frank Higa
Sadao & Shizue Asano       Michio & Hisae Taniwaki                  Eddie & Jennie Ito
William Betzner            Daryl Tawara                             Tetsuo & Sadako Iwahiro
Robin Burchardt            Elaine & Ted Tsumura                     Linda Kato
Michiko Chikuma            Bill & Louise Yamaguchi                  Tom Koshio
Billie Corrigan            Youko Yamasaki                           La Jara/Alamosa Buddhist Sangha
Frances Furukawa           Fumiko Yamashita                         Chiyo Nakayama
Alice Hara                 Steve & Judy Yasuzawa                    Mary Omoto & family
Kay Hatanaka               Harlan & Emi Yoshida                     Elaine & Ted Tsumura
Frank Higa                 Richard & Michiko Yoshida                Henry & Reiko Urano
Ryoko Hirakawa             Sue Yoshimura                            Haruhisa & Michiko Yamamoto
Frank & Gladys Hiraoka
Sawaye Hirokawa            Osaisen                                  In memory of Chikako Nakagawa
Kirk Horiuchi              1st Grade Dharma Class                   Timothy & Anna Anderson
Dorothy & Herb Inouye      2nd Grade Dharma Class                   Kent Nagakawa
Kenichi & Amy Inouye       4th Grade Dharma Class                   Grayce Nakagawa
Chiko Inouye               5/6th Grade Dharma Class                 Jay Nakagawa
Tetsuo & Sadako Iwahiro    Sumiko Chihara                           Ed Nakagawa
Ruth Kamibayashi           Craig & Sharon Farr                      Mark & Mary Ann Suhr
Harue Kelly                Kindergarten Dharma Class
Jack & Alice Kimura        Preschool Dharma Class                   In memory of Mary Chikuma – 49th day
Ayako Kimura               Unmarked baggie                          Family of Mary Chikuma
Manabu & Junko Kimura      Kristopher Venema                        Betty Coddington
Grace Kiyotake                                                      Warren, Marge & Rod Fukuhara
Tom Koshio                 Visitation
Randy & Faye Koto          Castle View High School                  In memory of Matsuye Yago – 1 yr
Art & Tamiko Koyano        D & G Hall                               Suyeko Mayemura
Tatsuo Matsuda             Kent Denver School                       Family of Matsy Yago
Tamaki Matsuo                                                       Katie Yago
Dick & Yoshie Matsushita   Donation
Lillian & Phil Miyazawa    Sumiko Chihara             In memory of Susumu & Misao Kagiyama – 25 yr
Frank Miyazawa             Ryoko Hirakawa             Michiko Chikuma
Yoko Mooney                Kiyoko Aigaki; newsletter  Faye Chikuma              G. Matsuda Family
Kim Morehouse                                         Walt & Sharon Chikuma     Michael Matsuda
Ed Nakagawa                Facilities usage           Richard & Sharon Kagiyama Laren & Marc Naiman
Chiyo Nakayama             DBT Craft Class            Charles Kagiyama          Cal & Donna Noguchi
Alice Nishimoto            Denver Bonsai Club         Larry Kagiyama            Quakenbush
Sandra Noguchi                                        Steve Kagiyama            Jo & Walt Tokunaga
Eddie & Jeanne Nozawa      In memory of Alyce Matsuda Fusako Kawahara           Unmarked envelope
Takeshi & Kumiko Ohtake    Mary Matsuda               Michael&Junko Manley      Herbert & Judy Wong
Ted Okuno                  G. Matsuda Family          Tatsuo Matsuda            Richard & Michiko Yoshida
Stacey Umemoto Ospina                                 Wayne Matsuda             Mike & Sharon
Charles & Teri Ozaki                                  Kenji & Connie Matsuda    Karyn, Ed, Kaley & Conner
Sally Sakamoto                                        Mary Matsuda
Patricia Sato
Hank & Irene Shibao        Lenard Nobuta ......................     convalescence visit to sister, Arlene
Rose Shibao                Family of Jack Suzuki ............       funeral; Jack Suzuki
James Shimada              Ted Okuno ............................   in memory of Ann Okuno
Yuriko Shimoda             Zachary Umetani ..................       in memory of Errol Umetani
Ethel Shinsato             Kay Takako Hatanaka ...........          in memory of Joe Hatanaka – 49th day
May Shuto                  Hamano Family .....................      in memory of Mary Hamano – 1 yr
Utako Swarts               Chiyo Yoshida ......................     in memory of Tosh & Lisa Yoshida – 14 yr
Kenneth & June Tagawa      Nakamura Family ..................       in memory of Yayeko Nakamura – 7 yr

  Page 6                                  Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                                    May 2011
May 2011   Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples   Page 7
                                                                                                                                                   Saturday, June 25th
                                                                                                                                                    Sunday, June 26th

                                                                 Beef Teriyaki Bowls – Cookers
                                                                       Saturday Chair: Harry Harada         303.451.0492 OR      hmjharada@juno.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Dat Nguyen           Dick Chikuma         Stacey Harada          Jason Pettis
2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Toban List; Volunteer Assignments
                                                                                        Steve Pisano        Craig Shibata        Bruce Tawara           Efren Barela
                                                                        Sunday Chair: Rich Kagiyama         303.932.1177 OR      richyk@aol.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Dat Nguyen           Walt Chikuma         Kenzo Kawanabe         Troy Kilen
                                                                                        Randy Koto          Sean Koto            Steve Shigaya          Walt Tokunaga
                                                                                        Joanne Tokunaga     Jim Matsuda          Jeanne Matsuda         Joe Anderson

                                                                 Beef Teriyaki Bowls – Sales
                                                                      Saturday Chairs: Susan Inouye         susan@delectablepalate.com
                                                                                        Kelly Yamasaki      303.433.4596
                                                                           Volunteers: Mami Finke           Karen Tawara Jones    Gwen Kawashima       Kathy Fuchigami
                                                                                        Clarence Low        Hiroko Tagawa         Ashley Yoshimura     Tom Finke
                                                                                        Charlene Yoshimura Jan Marshall           Junko Kagiyama-Manley
                                                                       Sunday Chairs: Joyce Nakata-Kim 303.693.9597 OR joycenkim@hotmail.com
                                                                                        Becky Hardman       303.220.2544 OR       denbeckikemi@att.net
                                                                           Volunteers: Lianne Baessler      Bill Fukutomi         Chikako Fukutomi     Pat Hiraoka
                                                                                        Sharon Inouye       Michael Jones         Irene Kawanabe       Aiko Kimura
                                                                                        Erma Sampson        Emi Shimura           Wendy Thompson       Eri Asano-Herlinger

                                                                 Beer Garden – Beverages
                                                                       Saturday Chair: RonAbo               303.202.3537
                                                                           Volunteers: Aikido
                                                                        Sunday Chair: Thom Sakata           thom.sakata@co.usda.gov
                                                                           Volunteers: Judo

                                                                 Beer Sales – Gym
                                                                       Saturday Chair: Bob Fujimoto         303.422.0274 OR      rifujimoto@comcast.net
                                                                           Volunteers: Ted Fukumoto         Sam Bungo            Ken Inouye            Tom Doizaki, Jr.
                                                                                       Kenso Kagiyama       Phil Miyazawa        Junji Shimada         Richard Yoshida
                                                                                       Tom Tabuchi
                                                                        Sunday Chair: Haru Yamamoto         303.466.4067 OR      hy@denvertofu.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Ted Fukumoto         Beaver Asano         Warren Fukuhara        Frank Higa
                                                                                       Art Koyano           Sage Nishimoto       Hank Shibao            Emmy Yamamoto
                                                                                       Lisa Yamamoto        Brian Levitt

                                                                 Beer Garden – Food
                                                                      Saturday Chairs: Carrie Ann Aoki      303.770.4209 OR     caaoki&yahoo.com
                                                                                       Harriett Sakamoto   303.770.4209 OR hsakamoto@srsinc.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Janet Kajiwara       Phyllis Kajiwara    Jason Aoki              Roland Aoki
                                                                                       Jeremy Barton        Stephanie Barton    Daniel Goss             Sharon Ioka
                                                                                       Cal Kato             Shigefumi Murata    Olivia Rebolledo        Wes Sakamoto
                                                                                       Sharon Shin          Julie Yamasaki      Scott Yamasaki          Shelley Yost
                                                                                       Steve Yost
                                                                        Sunday Chair: Carrol Tsutsui        303.457.1810 OR      mountainpacific@msn.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Joes Cruz            Jeff Fujiki          Steve Hiratsuka      Rich Ida
                                                                                       Dave Kato            Linda Kato           Kit Mura-Smith       Amanda Reeves
                                                                                       Patrick Reeves       Don Takemura         Louise Takemura      Dean Tsutsui
                                                                                       Julie Yamasaki       Scott Yamasaki       Jay Yoshimura        Amy Yoshimura

                                                                         Chairperson: Cynthia Kiyotake 303.773.9052 OR ckiyotake@mac.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Billie Corrigan   Cameo Hadden          Shieko Uno               Anne Hyde

                                                  Page 8                                        Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           May 2011
Saturday, June 25th
Sunday, June 26th

                                                                                                        2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Toban List; Volunteer Assignments
         Chairperson: Chiyo Nakayama 303.295.3763
          Volunteers: Junko Asakawa    Ine Hanatani           Sawaye Hirokawa      Sadako Iwahiro
                      Hisako Sasamoto

Chicken Teriyaki – Sales
     Saturday Chair: Naomi Miyazawa        303.840.8690 naomi1228@comcast.net
         Volunteers: Shelley Tanaka       Julianna Barnes      Rebekah Jeremy      Cindy Chipman-Iida
                      Mitzi Gaudio        Craig Gaudio         Lisa Kanayama       Julie Kimura
                      Dawn Koshio         Jill Mayemura        Lauren Miyazawa     Lil Miyazawa
                      Alix Mizoue         JoDell Mizoue        Crystal Nitta       Sherri Nitta
                      Pat Sato            Whisper Smith        Erik Watada         Jeremy Watada
                      Kara Watada
      Sunday Chairs: Sue Yoshimura        303.427.7085 OR     suetheboob@aol.com
                      Janice Ramos        720.977.9460 OR     atjg@comcast.net
         Volunteers: Shelley Tanaka       Sharon Akiyama      Brian Asano          Cindy Chipman-Iida
                      Jan Asano           Elsa Burchinow      Janice Campbell      Keith Chipman
                      Becky Furuta        Roy Hishimura       Mark Herlinger       Ann Hyde
                      Marie Mayemura      Jo Miyake-Kennedy   Harry Shigeno        Nancy Shigeno
                      Ruby Tanaka         David Tanigawa      Donna Miller         Robert Miller
                      Wendy Nishida

Chicken Teriyaki – Cookers
     Saturday Chair: Wayne Berve          303.450.9742 OR     dwberve@juno.com
         Volunteers: Phillip Hodgden      Billy Nowell        Merrily Stewart      Erica Arakawa
                      Gary Horiuchi       Dick Matsushita     Ken Nakamura         Jerry Nakashima
                      Renee Oya           Steve Shigaya       Brendan Stewart      Colin Stewart
                      Bill Thompson       David Valenciano    Scott Kanayama       Kevin Yoshida
      Sunday Chair: Doug Stewart          720.217.5157 OR     doug@orange42.com
         Volunteers: Phillip Hodgden      Billy Nowell        Merrily Stewart      Kirk Horiuchi

                      Troy Mayemura       Rokha Na            Mark Ozawa           Thom Sakata
                      Terry Squibbs       Terry Yamashita     Don Yoshimura        Judo & Parents
                      Brian Levitt        Mitch Mollard       Donnie Emeson

Chicken Teriyaki – Marinating
    Thursday Chairs: Bill & Wendy Thompson 303.278.3954

DBT Dancers
         In Charge: Cindy Horiuchi
        Volunteers: dancers and Parents

Entertainment MCs
           Saturday: Kathy Ajisaka        Glenn Asakawa
                     Mark Ozawa           Kent Yamasaki

Entertainment Program – Scheduling & Facilitation
         Chairperson: Kathy Kuge          303.426.8172 OR     mlkuge@msn.com
          Volunteers: Alyssa Kuge         Amy Kuge            Joyce Nakata-Kim

Festival Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance
          Volunteers: Eric Sasano          Myron Kiyotake     David Sakaguchi      Gary Tagawa

May 2011                         Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           Page 9
                                                                                                                                                       Saturday, June 25th
                                                                                                                                                        Sunday, June 26th

                                                                      Weekend Chairs: Carole Eshima          303.404.3393 OR     ceshima@medamorph.com
2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Toban List; Volunteer Assignments
                                                                                      Tepper Koga            303.926.1721 OR     tepperk@infionline.net
                                                                          Volunteers: Linda Akiyama          Duane Eshima        Sharon Eshima          Stan Eshima
                                                                                      Mabel Googins

                                                                            Volunteers: Mitsuru Adair        Kellye Goto         Cindy Matsuda         Nicole Matsuda
                                                                                        Doug Stewart         Katie Ozawa         Mieko Ospina          Paul Crooks
                                                                                        Joe Molina           Jolene Molina       Patricia Cameron      Luke Cissell
                                                                                        Brett Brucklacher    Jan Brucklacher     Bruce Thompson        Levi Thompson
                                                                                        Anthony Daniels      Andrew Barwig       Jill Barwig           Anthony Hodes

                                                                 General Food
                                                                           Volunteers: Gail Ida              JoAnne Adair        Joanne Knight         Joni Sakaguchi

                                                                 Gym – Prep/Clean-up
                                                                          Volunteers: Wayne Berve            Kirk Horiuchi       Al Kawakami           Frank Miyazawa
                                                                                      Charles Ozaki          Greg Ramos          Randy Sasaki          Rob Tanaka
                                                                                      Everett Watada         Gary Yamashita

                                                                 Hamburgers – outside bistro
                                                                               Chairs: Debbie Tanigawa        303.465.3367 OR debby95@aol.com
                                                                                       Kiyoshi Koga          303.926.1721
                                                                           Volunteers: Dominic Dimarco       Masaki Kawafune     Li Duyet              Jeff Tran
                                                                                       Eric Chan             Joon Kim            Josh Libid            Derrick Nguyen
                                                                                       Alex Phung            Andy Tran           Nicholas Siauw
                                                                 Hot Dogs & Pop
                                                                         Chairperson: Lorraine Hisamoto     303.288.6083 OR lorhisamoto@hotmail.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Carrie Furusho        Aaron Hisamoto        Jr. YBA students    Karen Matsushima
                                                                                       Ron Matsushima        Joyce Mizunaga        Naomi Tamura        Barb Tashiro
                                                                                       Dave Tashiro          Christina Ybarra      Ron Inouye          Wendy Inouye
                                                                                       Kellye Tamura         Nina Meyers           Jennifer Meyers

                                                                 Information Booth
                                                                        Chairpersons: Glenn Asakawa          303.666.5104 OR asakawa29@gmail.com
                                                                                       Michelle Asakawa      303.666.5104 OR asakawa29@gmail.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Greg Ramos            Sue Mollard          Linda Ozawa          Samantha Mollard

                                                                 Kitchen Help
                                                                         Chairpersons: JoAnne Adair          303.333.8155 OR     jadair551@aol.com
                                                                                       Joanne Knight
                                                                                       Gayle Goto            303.238.1040 OR     ggoto@comcast.net
                                                                                       Dennis Hardman        303.220.2544 OR     denbeckikemi@att.net
                                                                  Saturday Volunteers: Aaron Chikuma         Scott Chikuma       Harold Sampson
                                                                                       Kyle Tawara           Anthony Daniels     Sam Davis            Ed Hiraoka
                                                                                       Steve Hiraoka         Dave Kato           Myron Kuge           Michael Manley
                                                                                       Dan Moskowitz         Edward Nance        Eddie Seo            Isidore Nsabimana
                                                                                       Everett Watada
                                                                    Sunday Volunteers: Aaron Chikuma         Scott Chikuma       Harold Sampson        Kyle Tawara
                                                                                       Dale Chikuma          Amanda Cook         Leonard Ito           Toney Kim
                                                                                       Alan Noguchi          Dennis Sienko       Clifford Sogi         Alex Tagawa
                                                                                       Ken Tagawa            Doug Tamura         Wendy Westwood        Gary Yamashita
                                                                                       Robin Burchardt       Daryl Tawara

                                             Page 10                                                Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                        May 2011
Saturday, June 25th
Sunday, June 26th

Manju/Sushi – Sales

                                                                                                        2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Toban List; Volunteer Assignments
    Saturday Chairs: Deb Omoto-Berve 303.450.9742 OR dwberve@juno.com
                     Teri Ozaki        303.465.9121 OR      terioza@aol.com
         Volunteers: Jaclyn Nakamura   Sandy Brookman       Peggy Bungo            Frances Enomoto
                     Gladys Konishi    Tamiko Koyano        Frances Marfia         Sue Mayemura
                     Ruby Miyazawa     Alice Nishimoto      Kiyo Omoto             Katie Sakaguchi
                     Jane Sasaki       Stacey Shigaya       Erin Yoshimura         Marian Yoshimura
                     Steve Yasuzawa    Judy Yasuzawa
      Sunday Chair: Ann Nakamura       303.431.1338 OR      macj@comcast.net
         Volunteers: Jaclyn Nakamura   Deb Berve            Michiko Fujii          Marge Fukuhara
                     Andi Heath        Eileen Heath         Jennifer Heath         Helene Ioka
                     Jane Iwahashi     Beulah Kagiyama      Tom Kagiyama           Hiroko Marshall

                      JoAnn Marshall    Aileen Okimoto       Irene Shibao          Theresa Shibao
                      Tomiko Takeda     Mary Taoka           Ron Taoka             Rebecca Steinebrey
                      Kathy Watada      Louise Yamaguchi     Mallory Mayeda

Market Set-Up
        Chairperson: Emiko Koga         303.554.9630 OR      emikog8030@infionline.net
   Friday Volunteers: Ian Berve         Matt Kawakami        Ben Kiyotake         Kiyoshi Koga
                      Craig Matsuda     Chris Nakamura       Aki Okamoto          Mark Sakaguchi
                      Brett Shibao      Kyle Tawara          Shannon Umetani      Zach Umetani
                      Gary Koga

Medical Services
        Chairperson: Joni Sakaguchi     303.921.4064 OR      jsakaguchi@interfold.com
          Volunteers: Jane Kano         Velda Nance          Pat Sato

Obon – Food Sales
        Chairperson: Debby Tanigawa     303.465.3367 OR debby95@aol.com
          Volunteers: Mami Finke        Tom Finke            Matt Kawakami         Gwen Kawashima
                      Ann Shimamoto     David Tanigawa       Leanne Shibata        Kayla Hamada
                      Craig Matsuda     Brett Shibao         Lauren Shinsato

PA System/Lighting
        Chairpersons: Kevin Kutsuma     303.368.8075 OR      Emilie@autoscansi.com
                      Kent Yamasaki     303.433.4596 OR      kk.yamasaki@juno.com
          Volunteers: Kenbo Takahashi   Rex Yoshimura        Kyle Inouye           Steve Nakata

Parking Attendants
        Chairperson: Brian Tamura
          Volunteers: Sarah Morehouse   Emma Steinebrey      KC Stewart

         Chairperson: Gene Watada       303.857.4882 OR      gene_kathywatada@yahoo.com
          Volunteers: Herb Inouye       Kent Kano            Tom Kobayashi       Kiyo Kobayashi
                      Frank Konishi     Oki Matsushima       Bob Miller          Donna Miller
                      Joe Sasaki        Jane Sasaki          Ken Tagawa          Glenice Tani

                      Doug Uyemura      Dorothy Uyemura      Bill Watada           Ed Nakagawa
                      Dan Podell        Linda Reiter         Sherry Watada         Gladys Konishi
                      Alley Watada      Yoshimi Watada       Bernice Fox           David Takeda
                      Kanya Okamoto

May 2011                         Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           Page 11
                                                                                                                                                 Saturday, June 25th
                                                                                                                                                  Sunday, June 26th
                                                                 Rice Cookers
                                                                       Saturday Chair: Randy Sasaki         303.917.5939 OR    rasasaki@consultant.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Kurt Tsumura (Friday)Randy Matsushima   Don Akiyama
2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Toban List; Volunteer Assignments

                                                                                       George Cameron       Michael Dorsey     Dan Fukushima         Ron Hikida
                                                                                       Steve Kawashima      Eric Miyazawa      Kyle Mizoue           Paul Mizoue
                                                                                       John Nitta           Tyler Nitta        Gayle Rahe            Stan Shibao
                                                                                       John Stevens         Scott Takeda       Robert Wong
                                                                        Sunday Chair: Mike Nakamura         303.431.1338 OR    macjnak@comcast.net
                                                                           Volunteers: Frank Kim            Paul Kimura        Yuji Kimura           Richard Masaki
                                                                                       Brian Matsumoto      David Matsushima   Matt Mayeda           Matt Mayeda
                                                                                       Frank Miyazawa       Marty Nishida      Frank Shimamoto       Marvin Mayemura
                                                                                       Donald Suekama       Etsu Tagawa

                                                                 Spam Musubi
                                                                      Saturday Chair: Carolyn Takeshita 303.455.4987 OR ctak2@comcast.net
                                                                          Volunteers: Stacey Umemoto Ospina                   Tim Takeshita          Tom Bove
                                                                                      Sharon Brooks       Andy Hamano         Lesli Hirokawa         Tomoyoe Kumagai
                                                                                      D’Ann Masaki        Rhonda Matsuno      April Okubo            Regina Squibbs
                                                                                      Mickey Takeshita
                                                                       Sunday Chair: Sandy Noguchi        303.429.2964
                                                                          Volunteers: Kenji Kamibayashi Lani Kamibayashi      Lisa Kamibayashi
                                                                                      Kimi Kano           Deeyan Matsumoto    Monica Nagai           Amber Noguchi
                                                                                      Gayle Shibao        Pam Shibao

                                                                 Sushi – Cut/Pack
                                                                       Saturday Chair: Naomi Nguyen         970.785.0836 OR    naomijn@hotmail.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Sheryl Mosbarger     Sami Nakazono      Kathy Peterson       June Inuzuka
                                                                                       Velda Nance          Kay Kuroda         Kimi Kuroda          Nina Cerenna
                                                                                       Nancy Domoto         Lisa Gallagher     Linda Hardesty       Faye Koto
                                                                                       Haru Koto            Karen Koto         Lisa Leafgreen       Fuji Mangaka
                                                                                       Cheryl Need          Dora Need          Lisa Need            Steve Need
                                                                                       Lynn Noguchi         Tara Ryan          Aggie Ryan           Yuri Shimoda
                                                                                       Autumn Stevens       Debbie Tono        Elaine Tsumura       Ted Tsumura
                                                                         Sunday Chair: Shirley Horiuchi     303.252.7885 OR    gandshoiruchi@aol.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Diane Kiyota         Carol Mayeda       Kathy Mayeda         Sumi Mayeda
                                                                                       Dora Shibata         Elaine Sugihara    Frank Sugihara       Jon Takata
                                                                                       Elaine Sugihara      Frank Sugihara     Jon Takata           Sayoko Takata
                                                                                       Eileen Tanaka        Nancy Tanaka       Sumi Tanaka          Mia Tsuchimoto
                                                                                       Shirley Tsuchimoto

                                                                 Sushi – Eggs
                                                                          Chairperson:   Judy Okamoto       303.426.0252 OR    jokamoto77@yahoo.com
                                                                               Friday:   Sumi Yamane
                                                                            Saturday:    Chiz Momii         Terry Shoji
                                                                              Sunday:    Sumi Saito

                                                                 Sushi – Inari Sushi
                                                                       Saturday Chair: Judy Wong            303.933.2088 OR    bobjudywong@yahoo.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Keiko Yoshida        Vicki Case         Frances Furukawa      Dorothy Inouye
                                                                                       Yas Oda              Charmaine Palmer   Brett Parvin          Kristine Parvin
                                                                                       Cameo Pettis         Toshiko Shuto      Jeri Tagawa           Pat Umetani
                                                                                       Stevie Umetani       Jason Wong         Sameerah Wong         Debbie Yamashita
                                                                         Sunday Chair: Emilie Kutsuma       303.368.8075 OR    Emilie@autoscansi.com
                                                                           Volunteers: Sachiko Eto          Takako Hatanaka    Ryoko Hirakawa        Terri Iwahashi
                                                                                       Jean Miyamoto        Min Nakayama       Mits Nitta            Doris Taniguchi
                                                                                       Kelly Yamasaki       Miko Yamashita
                                                Page 12                                           Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                      May 2011
Saturday, June 25th
Sunday, June 26th
Sushi – Maki Sushi

                                                                                                       2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Toban List; Volunteer Assignments
      Saturday Chair: Susie Asano         303.234.0376
          Volunteers: Ayako Kimura        Junko Kimura       Donna Noguchi        Michi Chikuma
                      Yoshie Matsushita   Hisae Taniwaki
        Sunday Chair: DJ Ida              303.744.6494 OR    djnaapimha@cs.com
          Volunteers: Ayako Kimura        Junko Kimura       Donna Noguchi        Atsuko Kagiyama
                      Tami Kimura         Janet Nakata       Emi Sandoval         Mary Wu

Sushi Rice
   Saturday/Sunday: Ruth Kamibayashi      Jane Kano          Alice Kimura         Kim Morehouse
                     Rose Shibao          Kay Takahashi
           Saturday: Kimi Kano            Betty Yamashita
            Sunday: Jene Kajiwara         Tara Kishiyama     Rene Komoda          Rhonda Watada
                     Jane Yoshimura

Tea Servers/Table Bussers
      Saturday Chair: Hiroko Hung        303.979.4127 OR     opiro39@hotmail.com
          Volunteers: 5th graders        6th graders         Jr. YBA             Jr. Taiko
                      Maya Davis         Rachel Davis
       Sunday Chair: Naomi Nguyen        970.785.0836 OR     naomijn@hotmail.com
                      Michelle Asakawa 303.666.5104 OR asakawa29@gmail.com
          Volunteers: 5th graders        6th graders         Jr. YBA             Jr. Taiko
                      June Kurobane      Keiko Ozaki

Temple Merchandise Sales
       Chairpersons: Dennis Flodeen       303.227.9609 OR    dnvrdj@yahoo.com
                     Robert Abad          303.227.9609 OR    a4_robert@hotmail.com
         Volunteers: Teresa Akiyama       Gail Fukushima     Kim Horiuchi         Pauline Kamite
                     Jackie Shimamoto     Karen Shimamoto    Erica Tanaka         LaurenYamashita
                     Stephanie Iwahashi

Volunteer Check-in
        Chairperson: Jaime Chikuma        303.425.5794
          Volunteers: Jennifer Chikuma    Nob Hattori        Grace Kiyotake       Yo Yamasaki
                      Michi Yoshida       Jeanne Nozawa      Chiyo Takamoto       Millie Ito

YBA – Gym Setup & Pop Sales
       Chairperson: Matthew Kimura
                    Kari Koga
        Volunteers: Shannon Umetani       Keiko Ozaki        Darren Kim           EmikoKiyotake
                    Sarah Pettis          Joe Yoshimura      Evan Shigaya         Josh Mollard
                    Kenji Holmes          Chris Horiuchi     Alex Ramos           Michelle Akiyama
                    Azaria Eshima         Eric Berve         Alec Douglas         McKenna Asakawa
                    Nicole Manley         Kelli Nagai        Addison Squibbs      Scott Kanayama

As always, if you cannot find your name on this list (or you cannot fit your assignment), please
take the initiative to contact the chairperson of your choice and arrange a work shift to fit your
schedule. Cherry Blossom Festival is THE fundraising effort of the year . . . its success depends
on your volunteer efforts. The CBF planning committee appreciates your cooperative participation.
Please show your appreciation of ‘‘everything Temple’’ by enthusiastically volunteering. Thank you.

May 2011                         Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           Page 13
               2011 Cherry Blossom Festival Wish List
The Cherry Blossom Committee is again asking for your in-kind donations in preparation for the festival on June 25 &
25, 2011. In addition to your time, these donations help offset the ever increasing costs associated with this event. Every
little bit helps in our efforts to raise funds to operate the Temple. There is a table in the auditorium for your donations.
We also welcome cash donations, if you would prefer us to make purchases on your behalf for specific items. For cash
donations, please submit these to the Temple office in an envelope marked “Cherry Blossom Donation” and let us know
which items you’d like us to purchase.

                    Items needed for the Temple and Cherry Blossom Festival
Description                                   Qty              Description                                  Qty
plastic forks                                 5000   ea        plastic wrap                                   20 rolls
wooden chopsticks                             4000   ea        regular cans of SPAM                          600 cans
dinner napkins                                5000   ea        flour for manju (lbs)                         200 lbs
cocktail napkins                              2000   ea        mochiko                                       200 boxes
55 gal trash bags                             1000   ea        canola oil                                      5 gal
rolls of clear packing tape                     25   ea        white vinegar                                  20 gals
rolls of masking tape                           20   ea        mirin for sushi/teriyaki sauce                 30 gal
rolls of duct tape                              10   ea        shoyu for teriyaki sauce                      100 gal
reams of white copy paper                       10   ea        nori for sushi/SPAM musubi                   1500 sheets
reams of white card stock paper                  5   ea        Memmi                                          13 gal
kitty litter (absorb grease from grills)        50   lbs       somen                                          75 lbs
PAM spray cans                                  10   cans      Sesame oil                                      1 gal
postage stamps                                1000   ea        soybean oil (for cooking eggrolls)             10 gal
green tea bags                                1000   ea        sesame seeds – white roasted                    5 lbs
coffee                                          20   lbs       minced garlic                                  20 jars
latex plastic gloves                           500   ea        hoagie containers                            3000 containers
dishsoap                                         5   quarts    Ziplock snack size bags                       500 bags
2 mil clear plastic sheeting                     1   roll      Ziplock freezer – gallon bags                 500 bags
bleach                                           5   gal       Ziplock quart bags                            500 bags
laundry detergent                               10   boxes     Business size white envelopes                1000 envelopes
wax paper                                       20   rolls     Carpet remnants – used by the chicken grills
aluminum foil                                   10   rolls

                                           A Word From the Temple Office
                                                      by Donna Inouye
  A weather forecaster’’s job calls for accurate                  Generally, I have always been attracted to
prediction of a non-human directed/controlled                  people who are strong in their convictions and
condition; many livlihoods depend upon an                      outspoken about their beliefs. I admire persons
understanding and/or expectation of upcoming                   who are verbally confident and can state their
weather. So, it seems, a weather forecaster is                 position (on any number of issues) with clarity and
asked to perform an impossible task under an                   confidence.
inordinate amount of pressure. Still, have you ever               So, you can see my fascination with the TV news
seen a less than happy weather person on any TV                weather person - here is someone who must speak
news program?                                                  with certainty about something that is unstable and,
  Perhaps that’’s because, even when that happy                well, weather-like. As a generally wishy-washy
weather person fails to forsee a 12”” snow dump or             person who would love the gift of speaking with
does not call a five-day span of 100+ degree                   authority, I was highly amused when the local
weather, he/she can still report to work the next              weather person predicted a very windy day for the
day assured of maintaining his position in the news            Rockie’’s baseball opening game in early April. One
program (because one no can be blamed for the                  of her fellow newscasters asked if the wind might
weather’’s unpredictability). And, when that same              be blowing during the game. She responded, ““It
weather person correctly identifies a stellar                  absolutely could be.””
weather day, he is greeted and congratulated as if                And there it dawned on me - maybe I will never
he created the weather simply by announcing it.                achieve that level of confidence that I so admire in
  Generally, weather forecasters can be vague of               others, but if I ever need to express an idea with
speech while still capturing an audience’’s attention.         conviction, I simply need to use the word,
                                                               ““absolutely””. I am absolutely almost positive.
  Page 14                                     Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                                May 2011
 Religious Services                                     Dharma School Events

 SUN     May 1   9:30 DBT DS                            SUN     May 15 Award Sunday
                 1 pm Ft. Lupton

 TUES May 3      6 pm Sedgwick

 SAT     May 7   10 am Hoji
                 5:30 pm Hoji - offsite                 Special Events
 SUN     May 8   DBT DS                                 Sakura Square/Tamai Towers/TSDBT future
                 3 pm Brighton
                                                               Sunday, May1st
 FRI     May 13 11 am Shinran’s Day                            11 am; Sangha-wide meeting
                (Japanese Language Service)                    at the Temple

 SAT     May 14 2 pm Hoji - offsite                     Cherry Blossom Festival Manju Making
                                                               Saturday mornings, 9 am
 SUN     May 15 9:30 DBT Gotan E                               May 7th
                     DS Award Sunday                           May 14th
                3 pm Hoji - offsite
                                                        TSDBT College Scholarship Interviews
 WED     May 18 6 pm LaJara/Alamosa                           Sunday, May 8th; 9 am - 3 pm
                                                              upstairs Temple library
 SAT     May 21 1 pm Greeley

 SUN     May 22 Earthquake/Tsunami Memorial             Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Memorial Service
                                                               Sunday, May 22nd; 9:30 am
 SUN     May 29 9:30 am Crown Hill Ohakamairi
                11 am Lafayette Ohakamairi

 MON     May 30 9:30 am Fairmount Ohakamairi
                10 am Brighton                            Gym Schedule
                11 am Fairmount Community Service
                11 am Ft. Lupton Ohakamairi               SUNDAY
                12 noon Platteville Ohakamairi
                1 pm Riverside Ohakamairi                 MONDAY         5-7 pm Aikido
                2 pm Olinger Highland; TSDBT                             6:30 - 8 pm Judo
                        Memorial Service
                                                          TUESDAY        7 pm Volleyball
                                                          WEDNESDAY 7:30 pm Basketball
           61st ANNUAL FOOD BAZAAR
           SATURDAY, MAY 7th, 2011
           11:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.                         THURSDAY       5-7 pm Aikido
                                                                         6:30 - 8 pm Judo
                                                          FRIDAY         6:30 pm-7:30 pm Family Aikido
          CHILDREN $5.00
BAKED GOODS                                               SATURDAY

May 2011                           Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                           Page 15
                                Sunday    Monday                    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday                    Saturday

 Page 16
                                                                                1        2          3                    4

                                                                                                   5 pm Hoji - offsite
                                                                                                                                              June 2011

5                                        6                          7               8    9         10                    11
8:30 am Japanese service                                                                           11 am Shinran’s Day
10 am Dharma School Picnic                                                                            Japanese Service   11 am Hoji

1 pm Hoji

                                                                                                                         6 pm JACGP Banquet
                                                                6 pm Sedgwick

12                                       13                         14              15   16        17                    18
9:30 am DBT Family Service

1 pm Ft. Lupton                                                                                                          1 pm Greeleyn
3 pm Brighton

 Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples
19                                       20                     21                  22        23   24                    25
8:30 am Japanese Service                                                                                                 Sakura Matsuri
9:30 am DBT Family Service

2 pm Hoji - offsite

                                         7 pm Obon Odori Practice

26                                       27                         28              29   30
Sakura Matsuri

 May 2011
                                                                                                                                              SEE: Updated calendar on website - www.tsdbt.org
                                     Sunday     Monday                        Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday                                   Saturday
 1                                              2                             3                 4                  5        6                     7    9am CBF Manju making

 May 2011
9:30 am DBT
                                                                                                                                                   10 am Hoji
11am sangha mtg for
Sakura Square/Tamai                                                                                                                                5:330 pm Hoji - offsite
Tower/TSDBT update

1 pm Ft. Lupton                                                              6 pm Sedgwick

8                                              9                              10               11                      12   13                    14
      8:30 am Japanese service                                                                                                                    9 am CBF Manju making
      9:30 am DBT                                                                                                           11 am Shinran’s Day
                                                                                                                               Japanese Service
      9 am - 3 pm Scholarship                                                                                                                     2 pm Hoji - offsite

      3 pm Brighton

15                                            16                             17               18                       19   20                    21
 9:30 am DBT Gotan E                                                                          9 am Visitors
    DS Award Sunday
                                                                                                                                                                         May 2011

 11:30 TSDBT Board mtg                                                                                                                            1 pm Greeley

 3 pm Hoji - offsite

 Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples
                                                                                             6 pm LaJara/Alamosa

22                                            23                             24               25                       26   27                    28
 8:30 am Japanese service
 9:30 am DBT; special
    Memorial Service
    (no Dharma School)

                           9:30 Fairmont Ohakamairi
29                         11 Fairmont Community Service                           31
                           1 pm Riverside Ohakamairi
9:30 Crown Hill Ohakamairi 2 pm Olinger Highland; TSDBT

 Page 17
11 am Lafayette Ohakamairi    Memorial Service

NO services at the Temple                     10 am Brighton
                                              11 Ft. Lupton Ohakamairi
                                              12 Platteville Ohakamairi
                                              2 pm Olinger Highland; TSDBT
                                                 Memorial Service
Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                                               NON PROFIT ORG.
1947 Lawrence Street                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Denver, CO 80202                                                                DENVER, COLO.
                                                                                PERMIT NO. 521
Return Ser vice Requested
       Service Requested

March 29, 2011

Dear Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples,

On behalf of Denver Taiko, Mirai Daiko and Taiko with Toni, we would like to express our deepest gratitude
for your help in making our benefit concert, “Heartbeat for Japan” a huge success.

With only a week to plan, the event would not have been nearly as successful without the resources, publicity,
and donations your organization helped provide.

The concert raised over $21,000 and all of the money will be deposited into the Northern Japan Earthquake
Relief Fund.

Again, thank you so much for your efforts in making the concert a highly successful event. Kokoryori kansha
itashimasu (We appreciate your support from our hearts).

Heartbeat for Japan Organizing Committee (Carole Eshima, Joyce Nakata Kim, Aiko Kimura, Emiko Koga,
  Page 18                           Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temples                       May 2011
Courtney Ozaki, Karen Shimamoto, Kia Silverman, Toni Yagami)

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