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					                                      SHANTI BHUSHAN
                                            Senior Advocate

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Press statement on allotment of plots

The report in the Indian Express this morning mischeveously suggests that Jayant Bhushan and I
have taken two farm plots from Mayawati from her discretionary quota. This is also a part of the
malicious campaign by those corrupt, influential people who are afraid that my presence in the
drafting committee may result in a tough law against corruption in the form of a Lokpal bill.
These are not allotment from any discretionary quota. In January 2009 a scheme was advertised
by NOIDA authorities which was described as an open-ended scheme for allotment of farmhouse
plots in NOIDA with size of plots 10,000 square meters or above. The rate of allotment was
mentioned as 3,100 rupees per square meter plus location charges as applicable. Eligibility
criteria and other details were mentioned in the brochure. A soft copy of the application form for
allotment of farmhouse plots was also included in the brochure.
An amount of Rs 31,00,000 was payable with the application, which was paid along with the
application in March 2009. Intimation about reservation of one plot was recieved on 18/1/2010.
After identification of the plot numbers, a communication was received by NOIDA authorities
on 5/1/2011 allotting plot number FH19 in sector 165 measuring 10,000 square meters which
intimated that the total premium on the plots was 3,67,50,000 and registration money was
31,00,000 and the annual lease rent was to be 9,18,750 per year.
So far, possession has not been delivered, nor the lease deal executed. It is only after the plot has
been made approachable by construction of roads that possession would be delivered and lease
To suggest that the allotment has been obtained from any discretionary quota is totally false and
misleading. In fact, when we applied in March 2009, and as required attached the project report
prepared by an architect and a statement on the means and finance, showing that the entire
amount would be available from our bank deposits, we also expected that if the number of
applicants was more than the number of plots planned there would be a draw of lots and we were
surprised when an intimation in January 2010 was received that without any draw of lots a plot
was being offered to us. We assumed that probably fewer persons might have applied for the
plots than the number of plots planned by the NOIDA authority and therefore all applicants
might have been offered plots. This belief was due to the fact that the financial terms were very
stringent particularly as in addition to the premium of 3 and a half crores, there was to be an
annual rent of more than 9 lacs per year. If there has been any arbitrariness in the allotment of the
plots, the allotments should be cancelled and we would certainly not challenge the cancellation.
It is also to be noted that both myself and my son Jayant Bhushan have been fighting cases
against Mayawati in courts and the question of obtaining favours from her or her govt does not
arise at all. Jayant was fighting the case against the Mayawati government on the Mayawati
statues along the Noida bird sanctuary. I, and Prashant Bhushan have been regularly appearing in
PILs against Mayawati in the Taj corridor case even as recently as last week. These cases are still

(Shanti Bhushan)

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