Time by xiaohuicaicai


									         Time                     Gallery                                      Exhibit
5-7pm           Arts Council (Gallery Sponsored by Miller    Agnes Hughes, “Greece and rivers”,
                Johnson)                                     watercolor
5-7pm           Black Arts & Cultural Center                 Multicultural Art Exhibit
5-7pm           Education for the Arts, Epic Center, Lower   Advanced 2-D and Design for Digital
                Level                                        Media Student Show
5-7pm           Kalamazoo Central High School, Epic          Dinosaurs, cardboard, student works
                Center Atrium, Second Floor

6-8pm           Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers            6pm, Fall Concert of Dance Open
                                                             Rehearsal, 7pm, International Dance Day
                                                             Film Series: “The Birth of a Dance”
5-8pm           Carver Gallery                               New Work by Norm Carver, Joan Carver
                                                             and Maryellen Haines
5-7pm           Kalamazoo City Center Lobby                  Portage Central High School Graduating
                                                             International Baccalaureate students Grete
                                                             Grubelich, Brad Linder, Sarah Thompson,
                                                             Alaina Dely
5-7pm           KVCC Center for New media                    2009 Center for new media Graduate Show
5-7pm           Bronson Hospital, main floor                 “Promising Artists”, Artwork from KPS,
                                                             grades 1-12
5-7:30pm        Fire Studio and Gallery                      Re-Fashion from Fire’s Style Studio,
                                                             highlighting recycled garments made by
                                                             Fire Teens, Photography by Fire Teens
5-8pm           Gallery 344                                  “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!”, by Christi
                                                             Chew Wallace and Joe Brown
5-8pm           Henderson Castle                             Student works, mixed media, live music by
                                                             Larry bailey
6-8pm           Kingscott                                    Tom O. Howes, “Hope for the Best,”
                                                             drawings and paintings
6-11pm          Smartshop                                    Smartshop’s seventh anniversary with Liz
                                                             Faust, Alex Drummer, Kara Oberg, Jennifer
                                                             Ellis and Nikky Kelly (laser-cut jewelry).
                                                             Live demonstrations by Holly Fisher,
                                                             entertainment by Blue dahlia.
5-7pm           Woodard School, and Environmental            Student art show and student garden
                Sustainability Magnet School,                artwork. Entertainment by student bands,
                                                             drum and vocal choirs. Other displays by
                                                             Victorian Bakery, Fair Food matters
7-9pm           Tromblay                                     Patrick Smith “Woodworks 2009”, wood
5-8pm           Vandersalm’s-Flipse Flower Shop &            “Glass Environments”, glass art by Ann
                Garden Center                                Wittenkeller
5:30-7:30pm     City of Kalamazoo Youth Development          Variety of media highlighting nature, youth
                Center                                       programs
5-7pm           KPS Public School Administration Building    KPS Secondary Art Show, “Invest in Art”
                (1220 Howard)                                multi media show by KPS students
5-9pm           Park trades Center Studio Tour (multiple     Artist Studio Tour
5-9pm           Saniwax Gallery                              Artist Association Group Show
5-9pm           West Michigan Glass Society                  “Inspired Garden Art” featuring outdoor
                                                             themed glass art near the Hot Shop and
                                                             plants by the Bonsai Society. Live
                                                             demonstrations in the studio and hot shop.

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