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					CTSA Informatics Key Function
     Committee Update

             Brian D. Athey, PhD
    Co-chair, CTSA Informatics Key Function Committee
            Professor of Biomedical Informatics
                  University of Michigan

   Director, Biomedical Informatics Program (BIP), Michigan
  Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR)/Clinical
           and Translational Science Awards (CTSA)
• Who we are: the CTSA Informatics community
• How we work: Project „buckets‟ and project
• Current high priority CTSA Informatics projects
• Newly-awarded Informatics enhancement efforts
  (focus on Volunteer Recruitment Registry – Paul
• Newly-awarded informatics pilot projects –
  Elaine Collier, NCRR
          38 CTSA Informatics Leads:
    A who‟s who of US biomedical informatics
                    18 Fellows of American College of Medical Informatics
                  + CTSA, NCBC, CaBIG, Standards Organizations leaders
                IKFC Operations Subcommittee elected members in Bold

•    UAB - Eta Berner                         •   UCSF - Michael Kamerick
•    Boston -Robert Friedman                  •   U-Chicago - Jonathan Silverstein
•    Case Western-Bob DiLaura                 •   U-Colorado - Michael Kahn
•    Columbia -Stephen Johnson                •   U-Iowa - David Eichmann
•    Duke - James Tcheng                      •   U-Michigan - Brian Athey
•    Einstein -Tom Karson                     •   UNC - Jose-Marie Griffiths
•    Emory - Joel Saltz                       •   U-Pennsylvania - J. Richard Landis
•    Harvard - Isaac Kohane/Shawn Murphy      •   U-Pittsburgh - Michael Becich
•    Indiana - Marc Overhage                  •   U-Rochester - David Krusch
•    Johns Hopkins - Harold Lehmann           •   U-Utah - Joyce Mitchell
•    Mayo - Christopher Chute                 •   UT-Houston - Elmer Bernstam
•    Northwestern - Rex Chisholm              •   UT-Southwestern - Richard Scheuermann
•    OHSU - Bill Hersh                        •   UT-San Antonio - Brad Pollock
•    Ohio State - Phillip Payne               •   U-Washington - Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
•    Rockefeller - Edward Barbour             •   U-Wisconsin - Justin Starren
•    Scripps - Nicholas Schork                •   Vanderbilt - Dan Masys
•    Stanford - Henry Lowe                    •   Washington U. - Rakesh Nagarajan
•    Tufts - Steve Pauker                     •   Weill Cornell - Curtis Cole
•    UC-Davis - Kent Anderson                 •   Yale - Perry Miller
        Categories of IFKC projects

    Bucket 1                       Bucket 2                   Bucket 3
  PI -approved     - Candidates for launch as cross - IKFC Interest Groups
cross-consortium     consortium projects.            - “informatics-only” activities
     projects      - Involve other key function      - Informal „Birds of a feather‟
                      and strategic goal committees. - On the drawing board
                   - Leaders create concept sheet
                      with deliverables, timelines
                      that is understandable CTSA-wide
                                                                   IKFC Ops Committee; Dec, 2008
                                            CTSA Consortium
                                       Steering Committee (CCSC)

              Informatics Key Function Committee and Operations subcommittee

CTSA PI Priorities                                                 IKFC Prioritized Projects,
                                                                   Special Interest Groups (SIGS),
• National Clinical and                                            Projects
Translational Research Capability           CTSA Strategic Goal
      •Clinical Research Management            Committees          • Human Study Database
      •Research Infrastructure                                      Project group (Sim and Team)
      •Phenotyping-human and pre-clinical                          • Data Repositories (Kamerick)
       models                                                      • Standards & Interoperability (Chute)
                                             CTSA PI Liaisons
•Training & Career Development
                                                                   • Education (Klee, Hersh)
of Clinical/Translational Scientists

• Enhancing Consortium-Wide
Collaborations Members                       Other Key Function    • Collaboration Facilitation (Kahlon)
      •Social Networking                        Committees         • Resource Inventory (Becich, Athey &
      •Inventory of Resources                                        Team)
      •Data sharing                                                • Data Sharing (Silverstein, Anderson)
•Enhancing the Health of Our                   Prioritization
Communities and the Nation                       Process
                                                                   •Nat‟l Human Subject Volunteer
     •Community Engagement
                                                                   Registry (Harris)
     •Public Health Policy
    Standard Elements of Online Concept
         Sheets for Project Tracking

• Title                     • Expected Deliverables &
• Leader                      Outcomes
• Project Description       • Project Timeline &
• CTSA Strategic Goals        Milestones
  Addressed                 • Participating Institutions
• Background/significance   • Institution roles in
• Project Goals               project
                            • Institution contact for
Using the CTSA Informatics Wiki for communication
and project tracking: a model for other CTSA KFCs?
Current high priority informatics
   (cross-network) projects
        aligned with Strategic Goal Committees

These were evaluated by a survey instrument,
prioritized by IKFC in a vote, and aligned to PI

• Informatics infrastructure for Research (Social)
• Data Sharing Prototype Projects
• “Basic Informatics Competencies” curriculum
  content for Masters and PhD Clinical
  Investigator training programs
  Recently-funded Informatics
   Enhancement Projects as
  Administrative Supplements
• CTSA Inventory Resource Web Presence
  (CIRWP) – Pittsburgh/Michigan
• National web portal for research
  volunteers – Vanderbilt
• Both projects are engaging more than ½ of
  the CTSA sites actively

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