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Published every month • Vol. 1 • Issue 3                                                                           September 2010

                                                                                                          MESSAGE FROM
                                                MESSAGE FROM KVOSS
                                                                                                           CORE TEAM
                                           NEED BASE EDUCATION LOANS AND
                                           CAREER GUIDANCE
                                           Shree KVO Seva Samaj has been and is giving
                                           Interest free educational loans since 1987. The
                                           loans are given for all streams of Education such
                                           as Arts, Science and Commerce and fine arts The
                                           loans are also given for career oriented and
                                           advanced courses such as Engineering,
                                           Medicine, CA, MBA and other postgraduate
                                           diplomas in commerce, arts and science
                                           category. We also give loans to certified non-
                                           degree courses such as animation, aircraft
                                                                                                      Whether bookish or non
                                           maintenance, tours and travels.                            bookish, educating ourselves
                                           During evaluation of loan applications we also             and passing on knowledge to
                                           consider tutoring class fees, entrance exam                others is important. Education
                                           tutoring fees for CET, CAT, CA ,IITJEE, AIEEE              alone should help make world a
                                           and other similar classes.                                 better place. We have received
                                                                                                      a great         response      for
                                           Basic idea behind these is to see that no one is           educational write ups, which
                                           deprived of further study for lack of money.               shows the concern and thought
                                           Before the academic year starting and during loan          process going on amongst
                                           disbursement experts committee is constituted              youth today. We all have seen 3
                                           for guidance to students and parents based on              Idiots!! It clearly show how the
                                           various criteria such as aptitude, job scenario,           system works and how we can
                                                                                                      change it.
                                           family background and resource availability.
                                           Besides the student is also guided with respect to         Our young thinkers have turned
                                                                                                      writers and shared great write
                                           standing of college, various college cutoff                ups on education in this
                                           employment and entrepreneurship status in the              EDUCATION themed ENL.
                                           field etc.                                                 Read on.
                                           The entire exercise of career and loan sanction is
                                           carried out in cooperation with other leading
                                           academic loan/ scholarship institutes of our
                                           community such as Dhanji Devshi Kelavani fund
                                           and Matushree Manibai Shivji Devji Kanya
                                           Kelavani Fund so as to optimize amount
                                           sanctioned to each students and to avoid
                                           cumbersome and expensive trips by the student
                                           and parents to fill up, submit forms and face
                                           interviews in three different organizations.
                                           Our loans are need based and not merit based as
                                           is misunderstood by community. Due to funds
                                           availability there is always a limit to the funds
                                           sanctioned individually but students are guided to
                                           various other resources such as bank loan, JITO,
                                           Jain Jagruti Mandal etc for the shortfall.
                                           Forms for loan from KVOSS
                                           Shri K.V.O Deravasi
                                           Jain Mahajanwadi,3rd Floor,
                                           99-101, Keshavji
                                           Naik Road,
                                           Mumbai - 400 009.
                                           E mail
                                           Website :
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                              FIRST RANK ........................................................................................................................03
                              (Nikita Shah)
                              MY TEACHING EXPERIENCE ........................................................................................04
                              (Manek Sangoi)
                              BOOK REVIEW ...................................................................................................................05
                              YOGA AND PUZZLE ..........................................................................................................06
                              (Lax Kenia)
                              ROAD TO FREEDOM ........................................................................................................07
                              (Parth Khimsariya)
                              INTERVIEW - Dhanji Devji KVO Kelavani Trust ...........................................................07
                              BRING REVOLUTION IN EDUCATION - Gujarati ......................................................10
                              (Nayan Dedhia)
                              MY ILLUSTRATION............................................................................................................11
                              (Prerna Gala)
                              KNEE PROBLEM ............................................................................................................... 12
                              (Lax Kenia)
                              KVO SCITATION ................................................................................................................ 13
                              TELECON INTERVIEW - Dami Uncle .............................................................................14
                              CA Komal Maru
                              FOOD CORNER ..................................................................................................................15
                              (Minal Chheda)
                              WORD TWIST - Game ....................................................................................................... 15
                              THEME AND FEEDBACK................................................................................................ 16

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                               FIRST RANK
The other day I was walking on the road, on my way to            something new, but to give it interest to learn something on
college. I saw a young boy in his school uniform with a          its own. Its like saying, give a hungry man a fish, you feed
heavy bag, books falling out of it waiting at the bus stop for   him for a day. Show him how to catch fish, you feed him for
his bus. The boy had a mathematics text-book in his hand         life. The curiosity to learn something new should come from
and he was trying to by heart algebraic formulae.                one's heart, not from the fear of exams, marks or
(A + B)^2 = A^2 + B^2 + 2AB
                                                                 “What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge,
A^2 B^2 = (A + B) (A B)
                                                                 and not knowledge in pursuit of the child”
 I went to that boy and asked him what he was doing? The
                                                                 - George Bernard Shaw
boy replied that he had a unit test today so he was
“studying” math's for it. I asked him whether he knew how to     The government says that education is the birthright of
solve the sums given in his exercise book? He replied that       every child. But what use is this education which doesn't
the teacher didn't show them how to do those sums and that       teach you anything other than mugging up formulae? To
they won't come in the exam, so it was not necessary to          quote Mahatma Gandhi
learn them. The boy then showed me a list that his teacher
                                                                 “The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what
had given him, of all the sums that were going to come in the
                                                                 education truly is. We assess the value of education in the
exam. The boy proudly showed me that he could solve all
                                                                 same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in
those sums in the list.
                                                                 the stock exchange market.”
I took the list, changed the variables in the sum leaving the
                                                                 Another question that education today brings up is whether
concept unchanged and asked that boy to solve the sum.
                                                                 students are becoming socially aloof due to education?
The boy was lost. He said that his teacher hadn't taught him
                                                                 How many students do we see taking part in social
this so he didn't know how to solve the sum. Till then the
                                                                 programmes or any other extra curricular activity? The
boy's bus came and left. All I had done was change (A + B)
                                                                 students are covered from head to toe in homework is the
to (C + D).
                                                                 excuse for this.
This is not an unusual scenario. We see small children
                                                                 An educational institution where we learn only to make a
carrying tons of books to school everyday but ask them
                                                                 living is of no use, until it doesn't teach us how to make a life.
something aside from the books, they are at a loss. All they
                                                                 'CHANGE' is the only remedy for all the methods. Changing
want is to pass their exams so that their parents are happy.
                                                                 of the orthodox teaching methods, changing of the patterns
They are not interested in learning new things or new
                                                                 and routines of education is the only solution to make India
concepts or ideas. All they want is to get some degree so
                                                                 a more literate place.
that their parents are happy.
                                                                 “The only person who is educated is the one who has
Education in the largest sense is any act or expression that
                                                                 learned how to learn and change.”
has a formative effect on the mind or physical ability of an
individual. The oxford dictionary defines education as “train    - Carl Rogers
the mind, character and abilities of a person.” But train the                                                  - By Nikita Shah
person for what? To pass an exam with 99% or to pass your
Education has somehow lost its meaning. These days it just
means standing first in class. How you do is not important.
The fact that you have done it by hook or by crook is more
 than enough. Going to school has become nothing more
    than a mechanical activity where your brain is trained to
       by heart a series of text books. Whatever happened
           to the all round development of a child?
                           Education is not teaching the mind

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                                   My teaching experience

“The task of education is not to cut down jungles but to         morning for teaching orthopedics. What a zeal and
irrigate deserts,” wrote Prof. Lewis who taught at Oxford        dedication for teaching!
University and Cambridge University for over 35 years.           True teacher also ends up being like parent, confidante,
I was also motivated to think about irrigating the deserts. I    healer, law enforcer, psychiatrist and social worker. It is
started teaching Occupational Therapy in 1960, about 50          true that mode of teacher changes from nursery teacher
years ago when the subject was very new in Asia. I               to the professor of a college. However, a teacher is
pursued it interminnetnly as a visiting lecturer and a           always a well wisher, touching to the soul and psyche of
clinical teacher in a large hospital in the national capital,    own students. Teaching is not a simple job: each class,
Delhi. This is followed by a 2 year assignment as an Asst.       each session is a challenge. A well known American
Professor at Rural Rehabilitation Training centre in small       Novelist, Gail Godwin, in light humor wrote, “Good
village of Orissa. The teaching experience in the mega           teaching is one fourth preparation and three fourth
urban and mini rural environment enriched my life. I             theatres." And you know that an art of theatre is not easy,
realised how little I know. We never stop learning. Do we?       it is of human relationship. A rampant commercialization
Having education is quite rewarding, but to teach is             of Education is very painful for the conscientious
perhaps much more rewarding. You get much more than              teachers.
what you give, Be it respect or love or feeling of gratitude     The teachers have to work hard. It is not a 10-5 job. They
from your students. That is perhaps an Indian tradition.         must be rewarded by the society equally. They are
Teacher has a power to inspire and enthuse. It was a little      helping in building our new generation, true aspiration of
opposite in my case. One of my past students inspired            our country. Please wake up!
and enthused me. She was kind enough to arrange a job
for me at a senior level in England. Gratefulness is                                                - by Manek Sangoi
reciprocal. Teaching has also affable infectious influence.                                             (London , U.K)
Many of my students have moved to the USA, Canada,
UK, Australia, Switzerland Norway etc. It is unimaginable,
inexpressible joy to receive their happy messages,
greetings and warm invitations. It is very gratifying to see
their personal progress, their contribution to the
profession and they helping enhance the lives of people
abroad and in the country. Teaching has also given me lot
of opportunities to travel which was a tremendous
learning experience in life.
It was very heart warming when I came to know that a
primary school teacher Shri Kanji Master of my village
Nagalpur Kutch was profusely felicitated by our Mahajan
for his long service in the village. During my education in
Songad, a well known Jain Scholar and author Puj.Shri
Ratilal Deepchand Desai used to take classes in the
subject of Sanskrit at 5 o'clock in the early morning just for
the love of teaching. In Delhi, from our hospital, a well
known orthopedic surgeon Prof. Dr, B. Sankaran used to
call a batch of M.S. students at his home at early five
o'clock in the

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                          BOOK REVIEW
                                                                               - By Greg Mortenson and David Relin

                                                                           his village, he promises to return and build a school for
 A little brief about Greg Mortenson                                       the village.
 Greg or Dr.Greg, as he is widely known, is the co-founder                 He returns to USA, works as a nurse, and lives in meager
 with Dr. Jean Hooreni and first executive director of non-                ways to collect money for building the school. After his failed
 profit Central Asia Institute (CAI). The web address to the               attempt at collecting money, after dispersing 580 letters to
 same is CAI was established in 1996 Dr.                      various people and institutes, a friend suggests him Dr. Jean
 Greg was born on December 27, 1957 Greg was an                            Hooreni. Dr.Jean accepts his request and donates the amount
 occasional climber and a nurse by profession. Greg is also a              required to build this school.
 founder of Pennies for Peace –
                                                                           Later he establishes Central Asia institute and makes Greg
 He is a co author of “Three cups of tea” a New York Times                 Mortenson its first executive director. On returning to Pakistan,
 best seller“Stones in school….promoting peace with books                  he realizes that school cannot be build, as there is no bridge to
 not bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan”.Young adult version                carry essentials to the village and uses up his resources to
 of “Three cups of tea” Children version of the same book                  build the bridge. After three years, great lessons by Haji Ali,
 as “Listen to the Wind” Greg is a military veteran and when               giving away 12 rams that are said to be the life of small village
 not overseas lives in Montana USA with two children and                   the school is finally built.
 Wife Tara Bishop. In year 2008, Dr.Greg Mortenson has
 received Pakistan’s highest civilian award Sitara-e-Pakistan              The most important part of building the school is when Greg
 for his dedicated humanitarian effort to promote education                carries wood planks to Korphe his journey is interrupted by a
 and literacy in remote and rural areas of Pakistan for                    landslide. Than the men of Korphe walk down hill 18 miles and
 15years. During his work span, he has received many                       carry the supplies on their backs to the village. The first person
 awards and records could be found in                    to carry the essentials on his back in the village is Mullaha
                                                                           Sher Takhi who has polio. The holy man or religious leaders
 His name has been sent for Noble Peace Prize in years                                                                     are not supposed
 2008 and 2009 to be                                                                                                       to endure any
 announced in October.                                                                                                     kind of labor but it
 The book starts with                                                                                                      was a
 Mortenson’s early life and                                                                                                conservative
 his failed attempt to climb                                                                                               Mullaha’s way of
 K2, the second highest                                                                                                    showing his
 peak, in year 1993. While                                                                                                 support for
 returning from the failed                                                                                                 educating village
 climbing expedition he                                                                                                    children of
 loses his way on the peaks                                                                                                Korphe even girls
 of K2 and wonders into a                                                                                                  With Haji Ali who
 small village Korphe where                                                                                                is a old man full
 his life takes a complete                                                                                                 of....
 turn. He was saved by the                                                                  Bhavini Dedhia
 villagers and given a warm
 caring stay On knowing the
 difficulties of the people of Korphe and Its Nurmadhar
 (village headman) Haji Ali’s wish to educate the children of

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                  all the data and list of government offices. So here we have given related
                  links which may be helpful to you in some way. So kindly save this mail.

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                                              Chakki Chalanasana
                                              (Churning The Mill)

      Step by Step                                                       Breathing
      Sit with the legs stretched out in front of the body about one     Inhale while leaning back. Exhale while moving forward.
      foot apart. Interlock the fingers of both hands and hold the       Modifications
      arms out straight in front of your chest. Keep your arms
                                                                         Keeping same sitting position, separate the legs as wide as
      straight and horizontal throughout the practice; do not bend
                                                                         possible keeping them straight. Make large, circular
      t your elbows.
                                                                         movements over both feet, again trying to take your hands
      Bend forward as much as possible. Imagine the action of            over the toes on the forward rotation and coming as far back
      churning a mill with an old-fashioned stone grinder. Rotate        as possible on the backward rotation. Practice 10 times in
      to the right so that the hands pass over the right toes and        each direction.
      stretch as far to the right as possible. Lean to the back as far
      as possible on the backward swing.
                                                                         On the breath, movement and lower back, hips and pelvic
      Only move the body from the waist. On the forward swing,
      bring the arms and hands to the left side, over the left toes
      and then back to the centre position. This completes one           Benefits
      round.                                                             This asana is excellent for toning the nerves and organs of
      Repeat it for 5 to 10 rounds clockwise and then the same           the pelvis and abdomen. It is very useful for regulating the
      number of rounds anti-clockwise.                                   menstrual cycle.

                                                        Puzzle Any One?

   1)                   Rearrange the letters to give one word. YACHT + SPIRITS = ?
   2)                   Rearrange THE HOT PLAN to give an athletics event. What is it?
   3)                   SUN, SALAD, HAND, HORN and TEA can all be connected by one word.
                         What is it?
   4                    Use numbers in this order. 6 ? 2 ? 9 ? 7 ? 1
                        Use + ,- ,x, / once only. What's the highest score?

                                                               Compiled by Lax Kenia

                                4. 91 using -,+, x, /
                                3. CREAM
                                2. Heptathlon
                                1. Psychiatrist

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                                 The Road to Freedom
                                                            Young blood boiling, the volcano stirring,
      Today broke the bonds of slavery,                     Patience vaporized, all in red – coloring.
   Today was paid service, to the bravery.                  The road to freedom - not laid with flowers,
   Today were the usurpers thrown,                          Full of thorns; worse – the enemy had powers.
   Today did India stand on her own.                        Sometimes Lathi-charged, sometimes in prison,
   Long was endured, the unjust pain,                       Always ready to sacrifice, to continue the mission.
   Long was plundered, the thinning wane.                   Exploitation exceeded beyond the fracture point,
   Long kept silent, the silent voice,                      Once again united, religions disjoint.
   Before long, we spoke up, a thundering noise.            Proof showcased – We children of the almighty,
   Enough had we played: The Idol of Tolerance,             Doubts uprooted, clouds giving way to destiny.
   Time for results, no more nursing Florence.              Hand-in-hand, every soul connected to other,
   Enough on stand by, being the spectator,                 Each one united, embracing all as brother.
   Time to change, become the dictator.                     Together, standing up for the same reason,
   “Divide and Rule” – the policy in employ,                Under their leadership, lets free the nation.
   Diversify the united – a clever deploy.                  Against the bundled Indians, their might fell apart,
   Creating differences, under the name of religion,        They had to give way, victory to the brave heart.
   Planting seeds of doubt, engulfing the nation.           The whole nation shed tears, now of rejoice,
   A century passed, before the Lord showed pity,           As they welcomed Azad-Hind, all in one voice.
   “The evil never wins” – he had to prove worthy.          Today, will the martyr's soul rest in amity,
   Finally heeding to the prayers of his children           Today, will our flag flutter with dignity.
    Sent angels to free them, off their burden.             Today, will begin India' s new odyssey,
   The angels showed in the face our leaders,               And inspire coming generations, a pride of memory.
   Who stood against their mothers tears.                   And inspire coming generations, a pride of memory.
   The ray of hope, the light of inspiration,
   The ones who'd relieve the onslaught of Depression.                                     - by Parth Khimsaria
   Processions, rallies, satyagrahas launched,
   Trespassers beware, the war-cries conched.

                 Shri Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelvani Trust
The oldest KVO organization, which soon will be completing hundred years of existence,provides with
interest free loans to KVO students to fulfill their education dreams and uplift our Samaj in the education
Velji Lakhamshi Napoo, son of Lakhamshi Napoo, obtained Bachelor of Arts (BA)and Bachelor of Law
(LLB) in 1909 and 1912 respectively thereby becoming the first member of the KVO community to
graduate and pursue post graduation. To honor his accomplishment, his father donated an initial sum of
Rs 5,000 to create a fund/trust for educational assistance.
  During that period, many people were relocating to Mumbai from Kutch for the sole purpose of
    education. Trust conceptualized the need of boarding as well as educational facilities for these
       students, which resulted in to formation of Matunga Boarding. The boarding formation was a
           responsibility of a separate committee
                The trust was also involved in giving grants for Girls school in Kutch before India got
                     Independence. Post 1947, these schools were managed by the government.

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                                                              Till 1950, around 100 people benefited
                                                    through the educational aid from this trust and with
                                            passage of time, this number increased significantly.
                                    In 1950 trust was renamed to Shri Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelvani Trust, as Shri
                               Dhanji Devshi contributed significantly. Alumni too were found to be contributing
                          from the year 1950 onwards.
                      Insight of the trust:
                   Lax Jain is the current President of the trust. It is managed by a enthusiastic team of 7
                trustees and 18 committee members.Following is the extract of interview with the trustees – Dr.
                Ajay K. Vishrani, Sanjay Shah, Lax Kenia & Dr. Nitin Dedhia.

  Q. Apart from providing financial assistance, what are
  the other activities Trust is involved into.                    Q. What profession is the most popular amongst
  A. Apart from financial assistance, we provide personal         students these days?
  counseling, guidance and motivate the students for              A. These days’ students are found to be keen on pursuing
  constant improvement in studies and a better future. For        Engineering and MBA.
  the last six years, we have been conducting career
  aptitude tests. Based on the aptitude                           Q. Can you share one of your most memorable
  test performance, students are advised about the career         experiences you have had with alumni?
  path suited to them. We conduct personal career                 A. One of our alumni Mr. Dami Rambhia, currently based in
  counseling of students along with their parents / guardian      the USA, has set a good
  so                                                              example by taking loan in Indian rupees and paying the
  that the student can have a clear vision of what career         amount by converting the same digits in dollars. The loan
  path should be chosen and plan accordingly for his/her          amount of Rs 3000 was repaid by $3000. He is also involved
  future. We also follow up with the students on a regular        in helping students in the USA
  We have invited Teachers, Head of Departments and               Q. Are there any cases where loan is not repaid?
  Principals from various colleges and various disciplines for    A. There are very few such cases primarily because the
  seminars. This year about 300 students appeared for the         student forgets about the loan as time passes by. In such
  aptitude test and career counseling. Of the 300, 231            cases we write a letter, which serves as an open
  students applied for educational loan.                          communication and a reminder.

  Q. What are the criteria for obtaining the educational          Q. Are the funds adequate?
  loan?                                                           A. Every year we face acute shortage of funds as the
  A. We consider student’s academic record based on the           number of students pursuing higher education has increased
  field he/she wants to pursue career in. However, priority is    and the cost of education is rising too. We try to bridge
  given to the economic status, need and performance.             the gap with the help of funds from private donors

  Q. What is the tenure of loan repayment?                        Q. How do you expect the society to help you?
  A. Normally, students have to repay the amount in               A. Society can help us financially, by volunteering or by
  installments, once they are successful in obtaining a job       joining as mentors for counseling.
  (mutually decided).
                                                                  Q. Can you throw a light on your upcoming activities?
  We have also implemented a new system wherein the               A. We are planning to felicitate the toppers from various
  student can quarterly repay the loan amount in small            disciplines, give scholarships
  installments as per his/ her convenience. This not only         and form an active alumni network. We are also planning a
  helps us in keeping touch with the students, but also helps     celebration, as our organization completes 100 years of
  keeping a track of their educational performance, also          existence.
  providing them with guidance and motivation, when                                                      - Interview taken by
  required.                                                                                                 CA Komal Maru
  Q. How have students evolved over the period of                                                         Sejal V Bheda
  time?                                                                                                  Prerna Gala
  A. “As per my experience of 27 years, I have seen lot of
  awareness and alertness in students regarding what they
  want to be in their life,” says Dr Ajay Vishrani. However,
  some students follow the crowd.

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L To R Sanjay Shah, Dr. Niteen Dedhia, Dr. Ajay Vishrani & Lax Kenia

                                                                       Students waiting to be interviewed

   No KVO student should be deprived of education due to financial reasons. The trust also
   requests all students to update their contact information, incase if it has changed.

   Feedback received from student availing Loan facility
   “The organization has been very helpful to us by not only providing fund, but
   also boosting our moral and providing guidance,” says a beneficiary student.

   “I would like to join such KVO organization to repay community sand and help financially
   once get settled” – says another student seeking benefit from organization.


                                                                                The Interview Desk

                                 LAX JAIN taking interview

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                        By Nayan Dedhia

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                                      Knee Problem.............
                                   No problem with Iyengar Yoga
                                                                           evaluate nerve systems involvement. Blood test revealed
I have been practicing Yoga since past 40 Years. I have practiced          deficiency of Vitamin D-3.
with various yoga systems until I had a privilege to participate in
Iyengar yoga at Matunga and Lower Parel. Since past four years I           I explored internet and visited sites like Knee guru and similar other
have been practicing with increased interest and I must say I have         ones. After consultation with few other doctors 'Arthroscopy” and
found it to be the best yoga system suitable to me because of its          possible clean up work of knee joint was been suggested, with
methodical, scientific and ever expanding source of knowledge              possibility of bringing my status to prepain regime. I read more books
about self.                                                                like Knee pain –No pain by Dr.Dilip Nadkarni and detail of Light of Yoga
                                                                           by B.K.S.Iyangar.
Recently at the age of 62, I developed a problem with my right leg. The
calf muscle started paining. Gradually the pain shifted to Thigh area      Finally when I reviewed my plan with My Iyengar Yoga Teacher, she
and then in the right inside knee, all with in one month time frame. My    said NO….No……No surgery for you.
walk of4 to 5 KM per session was truncated with no walk. Some
exercise helped and pain had gone. It came back again. I started           She reviewed my reports, my walk style, my pain locations and told me
limping with one leg. I started experiencing problem with balance and      follow her program and in few month you will be able to sit in
had to sit down to change my cloths. Orthopaedic doctors said your         “Padmasana”!
walk is ok, do not worry, such pain comes and it will automatically go
away when body readjusts. Take some pain killers and wait for six          The confidence was radiating from her voice suggested she was very
weeks.                                                                     sure.

  Unfortunately it got worst and my walk became very limited. Finally      I reminded her that I want to be able to walk for 7KM in Marathon too
MRI confirmed three fold problems.Namely                                   and told her that I will give her two months and will do whatever you
        1) Loss of thigh muscle (Atrophy) App 10% Muscle Mass              suggest very religiously.
        2) Herniated disc L-4/L5 and L5-S1 and
        3) Lateral Meniscus wear.                                          Yoga approach: My treatment with different asanas, sitting in straight
        4) Austio Arthritis                                                legs with belt around thigh, calf muscles and ropes to activate knee
                                                                           terminations from various sides was started.
The revelation baffled doctors and me more. The question was which         Gradually after straighten and extensions work we moved to
of the first three was first or starting point? Can this be corrected or   Correction of angle of patella….an axial correction. Mean time my
reversed?                                                                  nature cure interests helped me reduce 5 kg of weight by visit at
                                                                           Ratanveer Nature cure institute at Bidada, Kutch .In addition correction
More tests were ordered. Muscle mass test, Neurological test to            of Vitamin D-3 deficiency by sun bathing and Vitamin D-3 powder along
                                                                           with Calcium supplement.

                                                                           The slowly but surely progress was made. The pain areas and
                                                                           frequencies started reducing, now completely gone. I started walking
                                                                           Limpfree.Could balance my self better. My Muscle mass moved
                                                                           towards inside signalling shift in axis of load bearing.

                                                                           Seeing progress I challenged my Yoga Teacher further and extended
                                                                           time frame by one more month. Today I can sit in “Vajrasana” and
                                                                           "Virasana." Its process of reversal…..Reversal of aging too. With more
                                                                           flexing work I am sure I will sit in Padmasana in coming 2/3 months. I
                                                                           also aspire to walk in dream run of 6 KM at Marathon in Mumbai!!

                                                                           Structure of Knee: The knee is Largest and most complex joint of body.
                                                                           It's flexible yet bears the weight of body across its surfaces. In fact, they
                                                                           are two distinct joints called tibiofemoral and Patellofemoral joint. The
                                                                           joint and surfaces bind, secure and align knee with cartilages,
                                                                           ligaments and meniscus. It also has small fluid sacks called BURSA
                                                                           which help lubricating joint surfaces.

                                                                           Function of the knee: Knee is a hinge joint but has 3 different
                                                                           movements like Hinge, Glide and Rotation. The collateral ligaments
                                                                           support the knee from either side and are tight when leg is straight.

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                                                  Each time knee bends
                                            meniscus, crusiates and bones           Ardha Halasana
                                      must relocate in exact position for the       Supta Padangusthasana
                                joint to function smoothly. Vastus Medialis         Viparita karni
                            balances the angle pull of quadriceps so that           Urdhva Prasaritta Padasana
                        the knee aligns evenly.
                                                                                    Iyengar yoga has developed many props like Belt, Blocks,
             Treatment: Basic treatments are exercise and ASANAS
                                                                                    Weights, Rods, and Rolled Blankets & Pillows etc to help
           Following asanas are being recommended:
                                                                                    achieve desired actions.
           For straightening and alignment                                          As such people with different age/conditions can perform
           Supta Padangusthasana                                                    aashnas and benefit from the same.
           Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana
           Dandasana                                                                I recommend those who have previous interest in Yoga or
                                                                                    have confidence in doing regular exercises should explore
            For Knee streatches                                                     yogic aashnas and treatment to obtain relief from pain
                                                                                    and restore health of knee joint.
           1. Baddhakonasana
           2. Bhekasana
           3. Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana                                          More information can be obtained from
           For Non weight bearing pressure Changes and                              Mumbai Lower parel centre:
           strengtheners for the knee                                               Institute, Iyengar Yogashraya.
            Utkatasana with back against the wall                                   126 Senapati Bapat Marg,
            Virabhadrasana                                                          Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400 013.
            Trikonaasana                                                             Phone, 91-22-2494 8416
            Setubandha Sarvangasana                                                 Light on Yoga by B.K.S.Iyengar
           Sirsana                                                                  Knee problem-No Problem By Dr.Dilip Kulkarni
                                                                                                                                   - by Lax Kenia

                                                             KVOSS SCITATION
 In this world many things are created, developed and modified with every blink of eye. Like the basic requisite of food, clothing
 and shelter, a man in this generation just cannot live without technology. People are totally dependent on technology and it has
 gone to become the 4th necessity of life. All activities of life, right from brushing teeth to sleeping on the bed involves technology.
 The development of hi-tech devices gears up and accelerates lifestyle, thinking etc. In order to be in touch with this fast growing
 technology, we need to keep ourselves updated.
 A technical festival named “SCITATION” is organized by KVO Seva Samaj to provide a nice platform for KVO researchers,
 engineers and others to show their attitude, thinking, talent and their development in technical field.
 The various events in this festival are listed below:
                           1) Project exhibition                       9) Technical quiz
                           2) Paper Presentation                       10) Extempore event
                           3) Logo Event                               11) Group Debate
                           4) Integrate robot race                     12) Science fiction for school students
                           5) LAN gaming                               13) Chart Exhibition
                           6) Logic gates                              14) Treasure hunt
                           7) PPT enterprise                           15) Guest lecture
                           8) Html Challenge                           16) Workshops
        The success of this event will depend on active participation by all age groups. *ALL THE PARTICIPANTS WILL BE
            For further details visit:
                                      Contact :

                                                                            Lax Kenia:    Rahul Gala:
                                                                           9869036900     9833366559

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                        Telecon with Dami Uncle

                              While taking interview of Shri Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelvani Trust, we came across
                              interesting fact of Mr. Dami Rambhia and which inspired us to take his interview too. Though
                              staying at USA, the distance was not the barrier for this interview and like us, he was also
                              equally excited about the interview and here I share some facts from telephonic interview with
                              Dami Uncle taken on 13th Aug 2010.

Dami Rambhia, fondly known as Dami Uncle by all students, has an inspiring background during his student years. He is from
Undoth gaam, in Mandvi taluka, Kachchh.. He passed his SSC in 1954 at the age of 18, from Bai Kabibai High School
in Mumbai. After his matriculation, (11th std at that time,) he could not continue his studies for lack of funds. He had to find a
job. He found a job first as a primary teacher in Madhapar, in Kachchh, and six months later found a clerical job in a semi-
government body in Bhuj. He joined Lalan College in Bhuj in June of 1955 and completed his BA in economics in 1959. Later
he joined K C College in Mumbai for his Law degree in June of 1959 but again had to quit for lack of funds. With a job
offer in hand, he went to Ahmedabad in 1960. While in Ahmedabad, he met his wife, Prabha, who was then visiting
Ahmedabad. He married her in Ahmedabad in 1962. Sanjay, their son, was born in 1964. In August of 1968, Dami Uncle left
Ahmedabad for the USA for his MBA, with a loan of Rs. 3,000/- from Shri Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelvani Trust fund (in those days,
loans for foreign-bound students were limited to partial Air-Fare expenses only) - leaving his wife and son behind.
(They joined him in the USA in May of 1970.) Dami Uncle joined Aetna Insurance Company in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1970
and retired in March of 1995 after 25- years of service.

Current Scenario:
Today when any KVO student goes to USA for higher studies, the first person with whom he gets connected is Dami Uncle.
He is even in touch with Divin Visariya who has gone for higher studies in USA and whose interview was published in Aug
2010 ENL.

  Q. First of all Dami Uncle you are fondly called                        amount of figure but in dollars?
  by all as “Dami Uncle” not refered as “Mr.                              A. The original loan amount of Rs. 3,000/- was repaid
  Rambhia” or “Dami Sir”, why so?                                         in equal amount of Rs. 3,000 sometime in 1970. The
  A. Ya, actually initially all would address me as “Sir”,                additional payment of US $3,000.00 was for a sort of
  but then I would ask them to call me Dami Uncle.                        my social "roon-mukti", an expression of an
                                                                          acknowledgement of social indebtedness to Dhanji
  Q. What is the concept of Host family?                                  Devshi Kelavani Trust Fund.
  A. Every year lot of KVO students come to US for
  studies. Host Family Host Families are spread                           Q. What is your message to all especially with
  through out US who are willing to help students                         respect to Shri Dhanji Devshi KVO Kelvani Trust?
  coming from India to study in a University near                         A. When one is in need of finance, a portion of loan
  them. I personally call many of these students after                    received is everything as with that one can do
  they land here; get them in touch with Host Families                    something and you also know that that is going to
  and other students in the area.                                         decide your future too. Remember that GRATITUTE is
                                                                          important. You may repay the loan financially, but
  Q. Since when the concept of Host family is                             more important is that you have to even repay the
  started?                                                                debt. Our heartiest congratulations to all those who
  A. Host family concept is started since 1999. I get                     have achieved success after completing their studies
  list of students coming to US for studies from KVO,                     but it is important to remember what KVO Seva Samaj
  then I send them emails asking them certain                             and Dhanji Devshi Trust Fund and other such trust
  questions like Name,                                                    funds did for us in time of our need. Funding these
     Father’ name, Mother’ name, Name of School, etc.                     institutions that helped us in our time of need - and
        After getting their response we connect them to                   helped us brighten our future - should also be equally
            network of Kucchi families.                                   important to us so that many more like us can be
                                                                          helped in their time of need through these institutions.
                          Q. Dami Uncle, we heard that you took           When you help somebody through KVO Seva Samaj
                              loan of Rs. 3000/- from Shri Dhanji         or other Trust Funds, you will be helping them do for
                                  Devshi KVO Kelvani Trust and
                                        repaid in 3000$, what
                                                                          others what they did for you.
                                              lead you to repay                                                       Interview taken by:
                                                      the same                                                        CA Komal Maru

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                                                                Green crispy
                Beans - ½ kg, Toor dal 1 cup cooked, Green chillies 2 or to taste, Turmeric powder ½ tsp, Curry leaves, Mustard
               seeds- ½ tsp, Urad dal ½ tsp, Garlic flakes - 2 (optional), Oil ½ tbsp, Salt to taste
                Cut the beans into small pieces (At a time cut 6, 7 beans to save time).
                Now boil the chopped beans till they are cooked and drain the excess water.
                Cut the green chilies into two or three pieces and keep it aside.
                Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds to it.
                When it starts crackling add urad dal and curry leaves.
                Then add the cooked and drained beans pieces, green chilies,
               turmeric powder and salt. Combine well and sauté for 2 or 3 mins.
                Then add the cooked toor dal and sauté for few more mins.
                Finally add salt as per taste and remove from heat.
                Beans poriyal is ready to eat.
                Serve with plain white rice, sambar rice, etc…
               Proteins, Iodine and Iron are the soul of the dishes prescribed to relish and savour this season. Being all green,
               beans, peas and drumstick are the chosen vegetables that will support you work on your immune system and stand
               healthy and strong while your taste buds enjoy the crispy. The cabbage crisps, adding fibre is a slight twist to the
               selection of greens just to keep you cooking different, tasty and healthy. So put on your apron and get started on
               these, if not... get ready to eat!!
                                                                                                                   - By Minal Chheda

                                            WORD TWIST
•                 How many words do you know? Improve your vocabulary as you solve this puzzle!
•                 You will have to think of as many words as you can with the 6 letters given below.
•                 One six letters word is compulsory.
•                 Archaic words (thou), foreign forms of currency, proper names, obscenities, slang, 1 or
                  2 letter words, words with foreign characters, hyphenated words, foreign words (i.e.
                  siesta), plural forms of color (grays, azules), and words will not be included in the list.
•                 Common American words, including plurals and conjugated forms can be included.
•                 This can include alternate spellings (buses or busses).

For Example :              ERTSCE
                           T   E   E    T   R   E   E
                           R   E   C    T   E   E   S   T   R   E   E   S
                           R   E   E    S   E   C   T                         THIS ISSUE WORD IS
                                                        E   R   E   C   T
                           S   E   T    R   E   C   S
                           S   E   E    R   E   E   S
                                                        R   E   S   E   T
                                                        S   T   E   E   R
                           R   E   T    R   E   T   S   E   R   E   C   T S
                           E   R   E    R   E   S   T   S   E   C   R   E T

                            Answers will be published in next issue.

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                       OCTOBER THEME                                                                                      evolve narrate learn

 When it comes to sports, what usually strikes is “cricket.”
                                                                             Feedbac k
                                                                             F edback
 Sport is lot more than cricket. Though we say cricket is the
 most followed sport in India, hardly few know about the                                             rn) was
                                                                                           rrate Lea
 invention and origin of this game. If you think you know                        volve Na read whole &
                                                                      “ENL (E good. I
 something about any sport that is unlikely known, share it                       ry                     took by
 with ENL.                                                             really ve fforts which were effects
                                                                                    e             good &
                                                                                         was very
 If your thoughts, experiences, knowledge or views on
                                                                        al l the team on is best part.”
 SPORTS are untold, here is yet another chance for you.                             tati
 Send in all your write ups for SPORTS theme October ENL                 n presen                bai)
                                                                                        du (Mum
 on or before September 30th 2010 to                                     R   inkal Nan
 You can also send write-ups on                                                                                           st
                                                                                                     y to read the Augu
     1. Education                                                              “I got an opportunit ally very impressed
                                                                                                    s re
                                                                               2010 ENL and I wa                   the entire
     2. Personality development topics
                                                                                with it. Man y congratulations to
                                                                                                     nt wo rk done.”
     3. Career Oriented topics                                                  team for the excelle
     4. Relevant social topics                                                   Bhanik Shah (Califo
     5. Health
     6. Spiritual
     7. Entertainment – Movies Reviews , Book Reviews ,
        Tour Reviews
     8. Poems , Story
                                                                        “Delighted to see the August Issue of ENL
                                                                        and it was so interesting that I had to go thru
     9. Motivational Story of Achievers                                 it in one sitting. The team is time bound and
     10. Any informative piece                                          dedicated. ENL has very good writers,
                                                                        journalists, photographers, cartoonist,
     11. Share your experiences
                                                                        graphic designer, poets and all the creative
 Send in your articles quickly to                   talents! ENL has given real impetus to unite
 •     While sending the articles, please confirm that the              and develop these shining stars.”
       same is not published elsewhere. No correspondence
                                                                        Manek Sangoi (London)
       shall be made in respect of articles that are not
       accepted for publication.
 •     Article world limit 500 words
 •     We do not necessarily concur with the opinions / views
       expressed in the newsletter.                                                        “ENL is becoming platform for
 •     Any reproduction of the articles, in full or part, should be                        many to show the hidden
       done only after obtaining written permission from
       author or ENL team.                                                                 talent.
 •     Any content that is found to be offensive, abusive or                               I owe to ENL and team to
       morally incorrect for our community (as decided by the                              motivate me to showcase my
       moderators) will not be accepted.                                                   talent here”
 •     Based on the situation moderators have the right to
       block, delete content as per their sole judgment.                                   Nayan Dedhia (Mumbai)
 •     This is your e-newsletter. Please give your feedback /
       suggestions etc on
       This Paryushan Parva ask for forgiveness. If you have                        by its design.
                                                                      “I am amazed
       knowingly / unknowingly hurt anyone's feelings                                  clean
       through words, behavior or deeds, there could be no            proper neat and aterial and
                                                                       arrange ment of m
       better occasion that Paryushan to ask for forgiveness.
       “Micchami Dukkadam” to all from ENL Team members!!
                                                                        Paresh Gosar

                                                                                   “I want to congratulate
                                                                                   ENL TEAM for launching
                                                                                   of KVOSS ENL”
                                                                                   Piyush Nagda (Mumbai)

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