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					           Social Worker

Kayla - Social Worker
♥ Work in a variety of setting from school to hospitals to
♥ Help seriously ill patients and there families locate the
  help the need when thy leave the hospital
♥ Manage substance abuse and mental health problems.
♥ Child welfare social workers work to ensure the safety
  and health of children.
♥ Make sure low-income and pregnant mothers receive
  enough food
♥ Sometimes place children in foster care
♥ Identify students’ problems in school such as
  misbehavior, too many absences, and teen pregnancy

                        Kayla - Social Worker
Task List
♥ Interview client and family members to determine needs.
♥ Collect information from school records, medical tests, or
  employment records.
♥ Prepare a treatment plan for care, rehabilitation, or treatment of
♥ Counsel client and family members.
♥ Monitor process toward goals set in a treatment plan.
♥ Modify treatment plan if necessary.
♥ Maintain case records and write records.
♥ Assess foster and adoptive homes for children.
♥ Supervise social and human services assistants.
♥ Conduct social research.

                             Kayla - Social Worker
Programs of study
   Social work
   Addiction counseling
   Child development
   Community services
   Corrections
   Family studies and Human Development
   Gerontology
   Human Services
   Marriage and family counseling
   Mental health and counseling
   Rehabilitation counseling

                             Kayla - Social Worker
Working Conditions
♥ Work with clients, families,
  and other social workers.
♥ Write letters and memos on
  a daily basis.
♥ Often deal with unpleasant,
  angry, or discourteous
♥ Sometimes deal with
  physical aggression of
  violent clients or their family
♥ Are responsible for the
  health and safety of clients
♥ Work in a group or as part of
  a team.                     Kayla - Social Worker
Physical Demands
♥ Sit when meeting with
  clients and writing reports.
♥ See details of objects that
  are more than a few feet
♥ Focus on one source of
  sound and ignore others.
♥ Use fingers to grasp, move,
  or assemble very small
♥ Hear sounds and recognize
  the difference between them.
♥ See differences between
  colors, shades, and
  brightness.               Kayla - Social Worker
Skills and Abilities
♥ Listen to others, understand,
  and ask questions.
♥ Express ideas clearly when
  speaking or writing.
♥ Read and understand written
♥ Notice when something is
  wrong or is likely to go wrong.
♥ Use reasoning to discover
  answers to problems.
♥ Be aware of others’ reactions
  and change in behavior in
  relation to them.
♥ Look for ways to help people.
♥ Teach other ways to so
  something using several      Kayla - Social Worker
♥ Therapy and
♥ Psychology
♥ Customer and Personal
♥ Sociology and
♥ English Language
♥ Law, Government, and
♥ Education and Training
♥ Philosophy

                     Kayla - Social Worker
Helpful High School Courses and
♥ Anthropology                    ♥ High school diploma
♥ Computer Applications             or GED
♥ Ethnic and Gender               ♥ At least a bachelors
  Studies                           degree in social
♥ Psychology                        work
♥ Sociology                       ♥ A strong interest in
                                    helping others
                                  ♥ Excellent
                                    skills and a license

                     Kayla - Social Worker
Hiring Practices
♥ Usually require a bachelor’s
  or master’s degree
♥ Prefer applicants who have
  work experience
♥ Dedicated and willing to put
  in extra effort when required

                            Kayla - Social Worker
Licensing and Certification
♥ Have a bachelor’s,            ♥ Have a masters degree
  master’s, Doctoral              in social work
  (Ph.D.) in social             ♥ Be recommended by
                                  the dean or head of
  work or a related
                                  teacher education at
  field                           their school
♥ Pass and exam                 ♥ Pass teachers’ exam
                                ♥ Complete a year of
                                  teaching under a
                                  professional licenses
                                ♥ Have a current license
                                  to practice social work
                   Kayla - Social Worker
 Ohio-yearly-34000
 Wages vary by the social
  worker’s level of education
  and responsibility
 Social workers who work full
  time usually receive

                          Kayla - Social Worker
Employment and Certification
  State and local government
  Social services agencies.
  Schools, collages, and
  Outpatient care centers.
  Social workers will be
   needed to help elderly with

                          Kayla - Social Worker
 Consider relationships
 Consider achievement
 Consider independence
 Consider good working
  conditions important
 Consider support from their
  employer important
 Have social interest
 Have investigative interest
 Have enterprising interest

                          Kayla - Social Worker
Advancement Opportunities
 Experienced social workers
  can advance to working as
  program managers or
  assistant directors
 Usually need master’s
  degree for these positions
 Experienced social workers
  can also teach or consult s
 Some social workers go into
  private practice

                          Kayla - Social Worker
Personal Summary
 After learning about social work I think that it is a great job that
  I want to do
 I also learned that to be a social worker you have to pay
  attention to a lot of sounds and things going on around you
 You also have to go to collage to get some big things like
  masters and bachelors.
 I cant wait till I'm a social worker!

                              Kayla - Social Worker

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