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September, 2010 Issue
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September, 2010 Issue                                        Pg. 02
An important factor to getting into shape is to understand
that it isn’t all just about lifting weights and grunting.

In fact some of the best fitness activity comes forth from
more grounded, gentle and spiritual practices. Massage,
yoga, meditation, a walk with our thoughts, or with the
thoughts of a 4 year old fascinated by a simple world.

Health and fitness can seem to be a very complicated activity,
especially for those unfamiliar to it. It doesn’t have to be.

This issue we have focused on getting connected with
ourselves and, in the process, improving a number of
important health factors. We’ve got a great mix of original
articles as well as the wealth of knowledge from many other
contributors, including authors published on Bodybuilding.

Also this issue, we’re featuring a KickStart fitness and fat
loss article and a Diabetes and Me story.

Letters to the editor & more contributors are also now being
sought for future issues. If you have a question for us, or
would like to submit an article, please email us at:

Remember, the decision to start exercising, eating well
and moving towards a healthier, better you is your choice
alone....but once you’ve decided to start, you’ll be joining
millions of others across the globe all wanting to be better
You’ll be joining us!


September, 2010 Issue                                                    Pg. 03
 Now Available Online

September, 2010 Issue   Pg. 04
Regular massage therapy is much more than
a mere luxury or a whimsical extravagance.

Rather, it is an investment, an investment in yourself... in your health.
Learn why!

Massage    therapy is often regarded as              Immediately, you get your hands on the
an extravagance, a luxury, or an expense             muscle and feverishly rub! These very
awaiting justification. Few actually regard          natural, genetically programmed reactions
a massage as a viable form of medical                comprise the very core of massage therapy
treatment. But it is. Massage therapy is             itself. An appreciation for the simple notion
actually the simplest and oldest form of             that human touch promotes healing.
medicine. There are references to massage
in Chinese medical literature dating back to         The Origin Of The Pain!
2,700 B.C.
                                                     It is a little known fact that most pain
Indeed, Hippocrates, the father of Western           originates in the soft tissues of the body. For
medicine wrote in the fifth century B.C., that       instance, headache pain often originates
“the physician must be experienced in many           in the subscapularis (upper region of the
things, but most assuredly in rubbing... for         back) and in the muscles of the head and
rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose,          neck. Lower back pain and sciatica typically
and loosen a joint that is too rigid.” I, for one,   originate in the muscles as opposed to
think that Hippocrates was on to something           signifying a problem in the vertebral disk.
                                                                 Article supplied with
Think for one moment, your very first                                  thanks to:
reaction when you stub your toe, hit your
funny bone, or bump your head. Instinctively,
you place your hand over the injured area.
Likewise, what is your first reaction when a
cramp in your calf muscle jolts you out of an
otherwise sound sleep in the dead of night?
September, 2010 Issue                                                                      Pg. 05
                                                Aside from feeling good, research indicates
                                                that massage reduces stress, lowers heart rate,
                                                lowers blood pressure, increases circulation,
                                                increases lymph flow, aids in elimination of
                                                toxins and increases endorphins, the body’s
                                                natural pain killers.

                                                What Can Massage Therapy Do For You?

                                                So, what can regular massage therapy do
                                                for those of us dedicated to living a fitness
                                                lifestyle. In this arena, massage therapy is
                                                much more than a mere luxury. It should
                                                be regarded as part and parcel of your
For some conditions, regular massage            dedication to living a healthy life. Research
therapy can even obviate the need for           establishes that regular massage therapy
surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome, for            improves range of motion, reduces recovery
instance, a condition routinely treated with    time, increases muscle tone, and increases
invasive surgery, is one ailment that regular   flexibility.
massage therapy may actually correct.
                                                Since massage acts as an “auxiliary heart” by
A person that suffers from carpel tunnel        increasing circulation, it thus facilitates the
feels pain and experiences numbness in          elimination of toxins and other metabolic
the hands and fingers. The genesis of the       wastes generated as a by-product of
problem, however, may very well be in the       resistance training. Additionally, massage
muscles of the head and neck!                   therapy reduces the time that it takes the
                                                body to heal an injury.
Whatever the ailment, or condition,
massage therapy embodies the elementary         An unbelievable case in point is one of my
concept that the body’s soft tissues, muscle,   personal training clients. During an incline
fascia, tendons and ligaments respond to        dumbbell press, she over-extended her
touch. Hence, the definition of “therapeutic    shoulder. Not only did the weights come
massage” as the manipulation of the soft
tissue structures of the body to prevent and
alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm,
and stress to promote overall health and
well being.

The benefits of massage therapy are
incalculable considering that massage
literally affects every system in one’s body.
September, 2010 Issue                                                                 Pg. 06
crashing to the ground, worse yet, when she    returned to the gym and resumed her
got up off of the bench, she literally could   training without incident. So, I suppose that
not move her arm. Soreness and pain in her     Hippocrates was right way back in the fifth
shoulder arrived the very next day putting     century B.C. when he said that massage will
her training on hold indefinitely.             “loosen a joint that is too tight.”

When she phoned me and explained               Why You Should Get Regular Messages!
the injury, I surmised that she probably
overextended the connective tissue in her      I do not mean to suggest that three weeks will
shoulder, causing trauma to that area. I was   cure any ailment. I am, however, suggesting
absolutely right.                              that an investment in regular massage
                                               therapy will ensure that all bodily systems
During a session of deep tissue massage I      function at an optimal level. And, for those
could feel the tightness in the shoulder joint of us dedicated to our training sessions
itself, which not only caused pain, but also   in the gym, regular massage therapy will
limited the joint’s normal range of motion.    enhance performance, maximize gains, and
By frictioning the connective tissue in that   reduce your risk for injury.
area, I increased circulation, which naturally
promotes the healing process.                  So, regular massage therapy is much
                                               more than a mere luxury or a whimsical
After only about three sessions over a three- extravagance. Rather, it is an investment, an
week period, the range of motion at that investment in yourself... in your health.
joint returned to normal and my client

                       Did You Know?
       Stretching regularly can reduce the chances
       that you’ll injure yourself during activity?

                Stretch daily to stay limber!

September, 2010 Issue                                                               Pg. 07
                           Top 10 foods
                            to improve
Dark Chocolate              Blueberries
>Triggers endorphins        >Stress busting
>High Antioxidant           >Antioxidants and
>Serotonin trigger          >Vitamin C
Walnuts                     Turkey
>Tryptophan source          >Phenylalanine-
>Omega-3 source             >Converts to
>(same as fish)             >Dopamine
Fish                        Banana
>Aids depression,           >Tryptophan source
>moodiness and              >Vitamin B6
>impulsivity                >Regulates blood glucose
Avocado                     Low-Fat Milk
>Vitamin B6                 >Tryptophan source
>Sensitises to serotonin    >Decreases anxiety
>Lowers blood pressure      >and frustration
Coffee                      Oats
>Contains Caffeine          >Serotonin Trigger
>Ups metabolism             >Feel full for longer
>Makes you alert            >Complex Carb

September, 2010 Issue                                  Pg. 08
Author Profile         Jennifer nicole lee
Fitness expert and author,                                  and was crowned Miss Bikini
Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), has                              America 2004, realizing her goal
become an icon for women and                                and proving that mothers can still
fellow moms across the world                                be sexy, fun and fit!
with her amazing 70-pound plus
weight loss success story.                                  This empowering experience
                                                            catapulted Jennifer Nicole Lee into
To ultimately improve her                                   the health and fitness industry and
physical and mental health and                              gained her the respect of countless
become more active with her                                 professionals. She has shared her
children, JNL began a regimen of                            compelling weight loss story on
exercise drills and performance                             national talk shows including
nutrition. Training as an                                   Oprah and Inside Edition, and has
athlete, JNL’s goal was to lose                             proudly graced the covers of over
weight, with the ultimate goal             Source:          15 fitness magazines.
of entering a bikini contest. Less
than one year later, JNL entered                            Visit
the ultimate figure competition                             for more information.

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September, 2010 Issue                                                                 Pg. 09
Commercial diets, infomercial fitness and 12 week fitness plans! Has it
helped you get in shape? If not, then read on to kick start your fat loss!

  Fat Loss Kick Start
                                                        to head home. You can always come
                                                        back in tomorrow night, can’t you?
                                                        Tomorrow night comes and goes then
                                                        the next night and the next. Before
                                                        you know it two weeks have passed
                                                        and while you have a great collection
                                                        of new excuses why you can’t exercise,
                                                        you’re no closer to being fit and trim
                                                        for summer.

                                                        This pattern is common and, in
                                    By Damian Fleming

                                                        honesty, even the fittest of people
                                                        experience it from time to time. The
                                                        hardest part of getting into shape is
                                                        ACTING on the impulse you have to
                                                        get fit and healthy.

                                                        Sure, trying to find the time to do it
You’ve decided “enough is enough!”                      when you have a busy lifestyle, finding
and committed yourself, mentally, to                    money to pay for gym fees & healthy
get into shape before summer! “I’ll hit                 lean foods and existing injuries can be
the gym five times a week, eat totally                  factors, but all can be accommodated
clean and every day I’ll do an hour on                  if you are resolved to get into shape.
that bike I bought last year!”
                                                        Kick starting your fitness doesn’t have
You get to the gym that night, spend                    to be hard work or complicated. In
30 minutes on a treadmill, do a bit                     fact, the easier you make it, the more
of stretching and, puffed, you decide                   likely you’ll find yourself in excellent
                                                        shape in the many years to come!

September, 2010 Issue                                                                     Pg. 10
                                            heading to bed early for a full night of
                                            sleep and recovery.

                                            While you still require discipline to
                                            make the right choices, having a plan
                                            helps to make the journey, especially
                                            the start, much easier to kick off.

                                            Step Two - Plan it out
                                            If you drive somewhere you haven’t
                                            been before, do you guess where you’re
                                            going or grab a map and make a plan?
                                            The theory behind getting back into
                                            a healthy lifestyle is the same. If you
                                            know what you have to do, you are far
                                            more likely to stay on the right track.
Step One - Make the decision
Deciding to get fit is the easy bit,     Making your plan realistic is important.
fighting off your inner, voice who will  You don’t get in your car, plan your
make excuses, is not. I’ve often argued  route, see that it is 300 kilometres and
that fit people make a choice to get fit decide an hour is enough time to get
and unfit people make the choice to be   there. You have to decide how often
unfit. In fact, this isn’t entirely’ll stop for breaks, allow for slower
                                         speed zones and decide that 4 hours,
An unfit person is entirely capable of give or take, is more reasonable.
making an initial decision to get into
shape, however it’s often the choices
that have to be made after this that
causes an unfit person to fall away from
their goals.

The choice to stay in bed for an extra
20 minutes instead of going for a quick
walk, the choice to eat quick foods
instead of preparing nutritious, low fat,
healthy meals and snacks, or deciding
between a favourite television show or
September, 2010 Issue                                                          Pg. 11
Is wanting to lose 20 kilos of body fat
in three months realistic? Not really, at
least not for the average person. You
will also risk losing motivation because
it would be next to impossible to meet
that goal. And if you don’t hit your goal,
you’re more likely to give up.

Let’s break this one down a little. It’s
okay to want to lose 20 kilos. The
time frame is the problem here. Do
you think you would feel pretty good
about yourself if you lost 12 kilos in the
same time frame instead? A common
standard recommended by many This is where our arsenal of excuses will
fitness professionals is about 1 kilo of be born! And the more excuses we have,
body weight lost per week.                  the more likely it is we will not reach our
                                            health and fitness goals. Taking action
Don’t forget you also have to allow for requires you to not only take physical
the occasional slow zone, where you action to perform the exercise you’ve
may not be as disciplined as you need planned for and eat the food you’ve
to be, possible injuries and adaptation chosen to eat, it also requires you to
to exercise and diet times, including take action on the way you think about
plateaus. These factors will impact how being fit and healthy. It requires you to
long it will take you to reach your goal. get rid of, or manage, your excuses to
The best plan for people new to exercise allow you to meet the “realistic” health
is usually the simplest. Start off slow, and fitness plan you’ve built.
concentrate on fitness activities that will
build your habits first, then you can re- Let’s KickStart it!
plan and focus on specific fitness goals. Are we ready to get a kick start on
                                            our health, fitness and fat loss? You
Step Three - Take Action                    can check the end of this article for a
Now it’s time to take action! It’s here “Quicklist” of things you need to do.
that many lose their motivation. “It’s It includes a rough guide on nutrition
too hard”, “I get out of breath”, and, “I and spaces for you to put in your own
feel like I look silly”.                    exercise ideas too!

September, 2010 Issue                                                           Pg. 12
                                                out of bed and straight into your gear.
                                                Then you just have to crawl out the
                                                door or into your workout space and
                                                make the choice to exercise.

                                                Tip: If you’re going for a morning walk,
                                                don’t let interruptions be your excuse.
                                                “The kids woke up, so I had to make
                                                them breakfast instead of going for a
                                                walk”. This is where your pre-exercise
                                                preparation is needed. Set a regular
                                                schedule and arrange for your partner
                                                to take care of things while you’re gone.

What You’ll Need                                Exercise
Here’s what you’ll need to know and do          Keep it simple, this is, after all, a
BEFORE you start your plan:                     kickstart to fat loss. Decide how many
- Where are you exercising? Is the              sessions you can manage in the week.
environment safe, will you trip on              If you’re very new to exercise, just start
something, will you be exposed to               with one or two and increase this by
hazards or be out of contact if you need        one session, or 10-15 minutes, per week
help? Is your walking/running track             until you reach what is comfortable for
known to others? Are you exercising             your lifestyle. One session equals:
alone? Plan to be safe first and foremost.      - 15 to 30 minutes walking (treadmill
- Keep track of everything! Get a               or outside)
notebook and start logging. Food you            - 15 to 30 minutes of any other
eat, exercise and activity you do, how
you feel. It might feel a bit silly at first,
but when you think you’re not making
much progress, check back to see
where you’ve come from. You might be
- Make sure your training gear is ready!
The last thing you want to do is make
an excuse not to exercise because you
can find a shoe! Have it organised the
night before so that you can almost fall
September, 2010 Issue                                                              Pg. 13
moderate activity, such as mowing,             - Favour complex carbohydrates like
gardening, playing with kids, riding a         oats and sweet potato
stationary bike, etc. This is also known       - Eat lean meats, tofu, eggs and nuts
as incidental activity.                        - Eat about 1.5gms of protein per kg of
- 30 minutes of strength/weight training       body weight
(go for workouts that has one exercise         - Avoid added fat and sugar
per body part or group)                        - Reduce caffeine intake
- 10 to 20 minutes body weight strength        - Drink plenty of water
training, such as push ups, star jumps
and crunches

Tip: Plan for what you CAN do, not for
what you’d like to do.

Again, keep this simple. Restricting
too much too soon will certainly help
you to lose weight, but not for very
long time. Rule of thumb is to drop
refined (junk) foods first, then high fat      Tips: Clear out all the temptations from
and high added sugar foods. Stick with         your cupboard on day one and don’t
more natural, clean foods. Eating clean        put any of it back in!
means eating foods that are closer to
their natural state.                           Keeping It Going
The guidelines we prefer are by no             Where do you go from here? Funnily
means definitive. Choose just a couple         enough, it’s all about choice. If you
that will fit into your lifestyle to get you   maintain regular exercise and a
started. Our favourite beginners guides        nutrition schedule that fits well into
to start with are 6 meals per day and          your lifestyle, you will improve your
drop the processed foods. Some of our          health and decrease body fat. If this
others are:                                    is as far as you’d like to go, then keep
- Eat 6 meals per day (it’s worth              it up. Others will choose to go a little
mentioning twice!)                             further, or even a lot further, and pick
- Eat plenty of leafy greens                   up the gym and clean eating on a strict
- Eat a few different pieces of fruit each     schedule. This will involve much more
day                                            in depth knowledge and experience,

September, 2010 Issue                                                           Pg. 14
all of which we can all gain through
exercising regularly and talking with        Off The Rack KickStart
                                           Before You Start:
The kickstart you are looking for starts   Get a Training journal
with you. Make the choice to be fit,       Know Your Training locations
make a simple, achievable plan to follow   Prep your Shoes, clothes and iPod
and then act on your plan to reach your
goal. Seek support and guidance of         Exercise Plan: Big Week
friends and those that are experienced     Mon - 30 min Walk
and prevent or beat the excuses that we    Tues - 30 min full body weights
all try to make to avoid exercise.         Wed - 60 mins Take kids to the park
                                           Thur - 30 min full body weights
This is how we kickstart our fat loss      Fri - 30 min walk
journey. This is how we can begin to be    Sat - Rest day
fitter, healthier and happier.             Sun - 30 min walk & 30 min mowing

                                           Exercise Plan: Easy Week
                                           Mon - 30 min walk
           [Editor’s Note:]                Tues - 30 min gardening
Need a top resource for weight             Wed - Rest Day
                                           Thur - 30 min games with kids
programs? offer
                                           Fri - 30 min walk
fantastic articles on weight training,     Sat - Rest day
including an incredible library of         Sun - Picnic in the park/games
exercises with illustrated and video
instruction. Check them out to find
  out more on health & wellbeing.      Nutrition Guidelines:             No refined/processed foods
                                           Eat six times per day
       For their support, we thank
                                           No added sugar or fat
             & recommend:                  Lots of leafy greens
                                           Approx 20-30gms protein per meal
                                           8 glasses of water per day

September, 2010 Issue                                                       Pg. 15
Want to eat clean? Here’s what to plant out this month in your garden!

Your Garden in Pictures!

Does it feel like hard work? Just remember that incidental activity, such as gardening, can
have a great impact on your fitness, especially burning calories! In fact, about one hour of
general gardening for an 85kg person can burn more than 350 calories!
Make sure you prune off any dead bits and trim & fertilise herbs this month!
Calculator Source:

September, 2010 Issue                                                               Pg. 16
By: Neesha Bukht Choksy
Ask ten different people to describe         religion, but it is a philosophy that has
yoga, and you’re likely to get ten           endured 5,000 years.
distinct, differing responses. Attend
ten different yoga classes, and you’ll       Yoga refers to the practice of physical
emerge with ten unique experiences.          postures or poses called “asana’s”. Asana
                                             is only one type of yoga.
Given its popularity today, this should
give you a little insight into what yoga     Today, however, the words ‘asana’ and
is and its relation to health and fitness,   ‘yoga’ have become almost synonymous.
so that you don’t inadvertently end up       With increased awareness, the poses
with a teacher or style of yoga that is      become meditation-in-action with
ill-matched to your needs, abilities,        awareness of the breath flowing through
and preferences.                             the body.

Yoga And Asana                               Each of the poses has specific physical
                                             benefits. Physical tension and
The word yoga means “union” in               imbalances are brought to attention
Sanskrit, the language of ancient India      and begin to release. The poses can be
where yoga originated. We can think          done quickly in succession, creating
of it as the union occurring between         heat in the body through movement
mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is not a        or more slowly to increase stamina

September, 2010 Issue                                                          Pg. 17
and perfect the alignment of the pose. This is your practice; only you have the
There is an ideal way that each pose wisdom to dictate where your practice
should be performed.                      goes. Although the poses themselves
                                          do not change, your relationship to
Many people think that yoga is them will.
stretching. But while stretching is
certainly involved, yoga is really about Anyone can start a yoga practice,
creating balance in the body through even if you don’t feel like you are very
developing both strength and flexibility. flexible or very strong. These things
Most types of yoga are more concerned will develop over time.
with mental and spiritual well-being
than physical activity.                   Another great thing about thinking
                                          of yoga as “your practice” is that it
Your Practice                             encourages the noncompetitive spirit
Yoga teachers will often refer to “your of yoga. One of the most difficult,
practice,” which means your individual but ultimately most liberating things
experience with yoga as it develops about yoga is letting go of the ego and
over time. Yoga, first and foremost, accepting that no one is better than
must be approached in accordance to anyone else.
your comfort zone. No pose, technique,
or instructor behavior will instil any Everyone is just doing their best on any
benefit if you are at all uncomfortable. given day. The amazing thing about
                                          yoga is that your practice is always
Because yoga is so diverse, there is evolving and changing so it never gets
plenty of room for interpretation from boring.
one person to the next, even within
the same classroom. You need to work Yoga Components
at your own pace; not mine, not the Yoga classes may also include
neighbour’s, not even your own of a instruction on breathing, call and
week ago.                                 response chanting, meditation, or an
                                          inspirational reading by the teacher.
 Don’t ever let anyone physically push The variety and amount of this will
your body into a position beyond depend on the individual teacher
that which you are able to assume by and the tradition in which they have
yourself; don’t let anyone coax you to trained.
go further than you wish to go.

September, 2010 Issue                                                   Pg. 18
Typically, a yoga class                                    A set series of poses is
at a gym will be more                                      performed, always in the
focused on the purely                                      same order. Ashtanga
physical benefits of yoga,                                 practice is very physically
while one at a yoga centre                                 demanding, because of
may delve more into the                                    the constant movement
spiritual side.                                            from one pose to the next.

Some people find that the                                  Ashtanga        is     the
physical practice of yoga                                  inspiration for what is
becomes a gateway into                                     often called ‘Power Yoga’.
a spiritual exploration                                    If a class is described as
while others just enjoy      Hatha                         Power Yoga, it will be
a wonderful low-impact       Hatha is a very general       based on the flowing
workout that makes them      term for slow-paced           style of Ashtanga, but not
feel great. Whatever your    and gentle yoga, and          necessarily keep strictly
tendency, you will be able   can provide a good            to the set Ashtanga series
to find a yoga class that    introduction to the basic     of poses.
suits your style.            yoga poses.
Styles Of Yoga               Vinyasa                       This style of practice is
There are many different     Vinyasa, which means          most concerned with
styles of yoga being         bre at h-sy nchronize d       bodily alignment, which
taught and practiced         movement, tends to be a       is the precise way in
today. Although all of the   more vigorous style based     which your body should
styles are based on the      on the performance of a       be positioned in each
same physical postures       series of poses called ‘Sun   pose in order to obtain
(called poses), each has     Salutations’ in which         the maximum benefits of
a particular emphasis.       movement is matched to        the pose and avoid injury.
Here is a quick guide to     the breath.
the most popular types                                Iyengar practice usually
of yoga that can help you    Ashtanga/Power Yoga      emphasizes holding poses
decode the schedule at       Ashtanga, which means over long periods versus
your gym and figure out      eight limbs in Sanskrit, moving quickly from one
which class is right for     is a fast-paced, intense pose to the next.
you.                         style of yoga practice.

September, 2010 Issue                                                          Pg. 19
Kundalini                      Doing any type of yoga      risk of injury. And while
The      emphasis        in    will build strength, but    there are many great
Kundalini is on the breath     some types may not raise    yoga books and videos
in conjunction with            your heart rate enough to   available, there is no
physical movement, with        constitute the only form    substitute from learning
the purpose of freeing         of exercise necessary to    directly from a good
energy in the lower body       a weight loss regime.       teacher in a yoga class.
and allowing it to move        So don’t use this as a
upwards.        Kundalini      substitute to weights and   Anyone may practice
uses rapid, repetitive         cardio.                     yoga to keep their bodies
movements rather than                                      fit and supple or for relief
holding poses for a long       If you are brand new to     from back or joint pain,
time, and the teacher will     yoga, you may want to       injuries or stress. Others
often lead the class in call   take a few Hatha classes    want to feel the joy and
and response chanting.         to learn the basic poses.   energy yoga imparts.
                                                           Hatha Yoga helps free
Bikram/Hot Yoga                However, Hatha is usually   people from limiting
Pioneered by Bikram            slow-paced, so if you are   beliefs, even those who
Choudhury, this style is       the kind of person who      feel they are too old, too
more generally referred        likes to move around        stiff, or too out of shape.
to as Hot Yoga. It is          more, Hatha may turn
practiced in a 95-100          you off.
degree room, which                                         Health Benefits Of Yoga
allows for a loosening         Even if you are already There are many benefits
of tight muscles and           in great shape, take a few of practicing yoga. Here
profuse sweating, which        beginners’ classes to learn are a few:
is thought to be cleansing.    the poses and avoid the
                                                           You’ll feel more relaxed
Strength And Cardio                                        and learn to stay relaxed.
Very vigorous types of                                     Your overall muscle
yoga practice such as                                      tone improves as well as
Ashtanga and ‘Power                                        alignment.
Yoga’ are cardiovascular                                   You’ll add vitality to
exercise and may help                                      your spine, improving
you lose weight, if done                                   all systems of the body,
regularly, along with a                                    especially the glands and
diet plan.                                                 nerves.
September, 2010 Issue                                                         Pg. 20
Digestion improves; gas and bloating           Conclusion
lessens.                                       This is not a “10 days to complete
Your lungs expand, increasing oxygen           fitness” kind of activity. Part of what
intake.                                        makes yoga so beneficial is its power in
You’ll sleep better.                           influencing vast changes in your body
You’ll be less tired during the day with       and health over time.
higher energy.
Your immune system will strengthen.     So, keep your expectations realistic, and
You’ll learn to set aside time for yourself.
                                        give yourself a sufficient time frame - at
You’ll learn to trust yourself more.    least 8-12 weeks - with which to assess
                                        your progress, and you will be much
Performed properly with a qualified more likely stick it out long enough to
teacher, the therapy of yoga movement see those wonderful results materialize!
often benefits physical conditions.
Health improves as a result of improved
alignment, flexibility or strength.
Remember to discuss any issues of
health with your medical professional
and your teacher prior to starting your

And just too simply set the record
straight: Your chances of achieving
an ultra-fit “celebrity body” just by
practicing yoga are - no pun intended
- slim. This is certainly not to say that
yoga can’t help deliver impressive
fitness results. But it takes other forms
of exercise - such as cardiovascular
training - to help round out the fitness
benefits of any yoga practice.                           Article supplied with
                                                               thanks to:
Furthermore, many of yoga’s numerous
benefits - for example, increased
flexibility, postural alignment, low-
back strength, abdominal tone, stress
reduction - are far from instantaneous.
September, 2010 Issue                                                            Pg. 21
      Now available
        online at

September, 2010 Issue   Pg. 22
We as moms and modern day women are
forced to do more in less time. Here are
my top rules and MUST DO’s for looking
better, feeling stronger, and getting glam
in little to no time flat!
We as moms and modern day
women are forced to do more in
less time. The demands of our jobs,
homes, families, and friends forces
us sometimes to put ourselves last.
I urge all moms to “put themselves
back on their to do lists!”             Article supplied with
                                              thanks to:
Here are my top rules and MUST
DO’s for looking better, feeling
stronger, and getting glam in little
to no time flat!

September, 2010 Issue                                           Pg. 23
                                        candle, Epsom bath salts and some
1. Look Clean, Put Together, And relaxing music are all you need for the
Classic!                                ultimate at home spa experience to
                                        help recharge and relax you!
There is nothing quicker than a
slicked back clean pony tail when 4. Pick Out A Classic Easy To Expand
you are trying to look polished in On Wardrobe:
less than 5 minutes. Simply brush
hair back completely off of face, and When you are in a rush and have
place in a chic pony tail at the nape to build a look instantly, make sure
of the back of your neck. Be aware of you stock your closet with must have
stray hairs, keeping them clean and in staples. These classic essentials are a
place with a touch of hair spray. Add pair of black pants, a knee length black
a small pearl earring and you are set! skirt, a crisp clean white shirt, a sharp
Clean, classic, and polished never was looking belt and a matching jacket.
so easy!
                                        Pick out a pair of contemporary shoes
2. Make Up In 3 Minutes!                that will go with everything so that you
                                        take the guess work out of it all! Getting
All you need is under eye concealer to dressed in the morning will be a cinch!
wash away the tired look, foundation
to even out skin tone, and also a loose 5. Get Your Rest!
powder to set it all into place.
                                        Nothing looks better on you than rest!
In addition, a quick sweep of a peachy Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable
or pink blush with mascara and a fresh time, and you get ample sleep so you
application of lip gloss will take you
from looking sleepy to sensational!

3. Have A Hot Bath!

Spa time may be expensive to do at
a resort, but it isn’t when you bring
the spa home! Simply shut all phones
off, and make sure you place a note at
the door not to ring the bell. A cheap

September, 2010 Issue                                                     Pg. 24
                                            No Gym?
are more alert, function better, and
also are in a better mood! Aim to get
at least 8 hours a night!

6. Treat Your Workouts As Important
Business Meetings That You Can’t           No Worries!
                                           Grab a FitDeck and try some
Treat your workouts as important           of these awesome workout
business meetings that you cannot                 ideas NOW!!
be late to, cancel with THE most At Home:
important person in the world-YOU! “Commercial Breaks” - No excuses while
                                           your watching TV to skip exercise!
That’s right! Give yourself and your
workouts the proper respect that they      Grab your FitDeck and do 3 exercise cards
deserve, and your body will thank you.     during each ad break!
Your body needs to be challenged,
                                           Try it now: From the “Bodyweight” deck
and when it is, it grows stronger, and     20 x Jumping Jacks
you feel better. It’s a win-win!           12 x Squats
                                           10 x Abdominal Crunches
Stop lying to yourself claiming that you
will actually get more done if you skip    Parents:
your workout, just to “free up time.”      “Card for Card” - Want to be a role model
But your body will not be as efficient     to your kids for good health and exercise?
                                           What better way than to challenge them
and effective if you forgo training all
                                           and then let them challenge you?
together! Put your workouts on your
priority list, and you will get more       Try it now: From the “Junior” deck
done, quicker in less time.


With my Fat to Fab Fast tips, you are Get your FitDeck fitness cards from
sure to gain the energy, strength, and the TalkingFitness online store today!
endurance that you need to look and
feel your best! Smile and be well!

September, 2010 Issue                                                           Pg. 25
                                  Green Tea:
                                  Secrets of an
                                  Ancient Culture

                                  By Katrina Zaslavsky
Inspired Wellness                
Drinking tea is one of the biggest health       croissants and get away with it!!
trends from the hottest spas, fitness centres   Green tea can boost the immune system;
and cafes around the country and there is a     Research by the Pace University found that
good reason for it. The funny thing about       Green Tea deactivates viruses and research
tea is that it is nothing new.                  from Harvard has confirmed this, finding
                                                that tea chemicals stimulated T-cells that
The Chinese have been drinking it for boost immunity against bacteria and viruses.
thousands of years. Only now, western
science is rediscovering what we already
knew - that drinking tea is extremely Drinking Green Tea reduced the risk of
good for us! Green tea is made from the oesophageal cancer by almost sixty percent
Camellia Sinensis plant - as is black tea. The in an epidemiological study published in
difference is that Green Tea is unfermented,
which means that it still retains its potent
antioxidant properties.
It is the Catechin Polyphenols in green
tea that gives them their power, especially
epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is
a powerful anti-oxidant. The University of
Kansas in September 1997 found out that it
is 100 times more effective than Vitamin C.
It is also twice as powerful as the antioxidant
in red wine, famous for giving the French
people license to eat rich fatty foods and
September, 2010 Issue                                                            Pg. 26
1994 by the Journal of the National Cancer        a Food Formula especially formulated by
Institute. The growth of cancer cells is          the temple priest to help stimulate mental
inhibited by a compound in Green Tea              clarity. It was traditionally used to help
according to University of Purdue. Not only       enhance meditation and concentration.
does it inhibit the growth of tumours, it kills
cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.    Calli tea is the most wonderful and powerful
                                                beverage for supporting the body’s natural
Good news for the weight conscious; elimination processes with all the benefits
drinking tea regularly assists in weight loss.
Only a few cups of tea per day have been
found to suppress excessive accumulation
of body and liver fat. According to a study
conducted at the University of Geneva
in Switzerland in 1999, published by the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,
green tea helps the body burn more calories,
preventing sharp rises in blood sugar.
Tea is effective in regulating blood sugar, of green tea plus much more!
cholesterol and fat. Please note that this is
only true for green and black teas, not for What is Calli Tea?
the common herbal teas.                         Calli tea is a unique, highly concentrated
                                                blend of exquisite tea leaves and extracts,
With so many health benefits in a cup it is that naturally assist the body’s own cleansing
a wonder why we all haven’t switched to process. Made without chemical additives,
drinking Green Tea already?                     artificial flavours or preservatives, this all
                                                natural delicious tea contains powerful
If you’re like me, it’s because the Green Tea antioxidants to protect the body from free
you have tried tastes terrible and tends to radicals. Calli tea makes a delicious and
have a bitter aftertaste. I’ve personally tried healthy replacement for regular teas or
many brands on the market. My favourite coffee.
green tea is called Calli tea.                  Unlike many other beverages, Calli is alkaline
                                                in nature. In an alkaline environment,
Nothing compares to it in taste or quality. impurities are less likely to be absorbed into
Not only does it taste so much better but one our bodies’ systems during digestion.
cup of Calli tea contains the same amount And while Calli is neither a diuretic nor
of antioxidants as 4-6 cups of normal green a laxative, it does enhance the removal
tea! The uniqueness of Calli tea is thanks to of wastes and by-products that result
Dr. Tei Fu Chen, a Master Herbalist with from normal digestion and metabolism.
knowledge of over 4000 herbs.                   Calli therefore assists our body’s natural
                                                purification and elimination processes.
The history of Calli in Chinese culture was All Calli products are formulated to help

September, 2010 Issue                                                                Pg. 27
the body’s natural cleansing process. In a       “My mom and dad sent me some Calli tea
world of environmental pollution as well as      and some Fortune Delight, they mentioned
chemical by product residues in our food         that it would help me lose weight but I am
supply, calli is an important addition to even   a skeptic and didn’t believe them, so I just
the most basic effort to cleanse and improve     drank it to be drinking tea, and within 4
overall health and longevity.                    days of starting this drink, I lost 3 whole
Camellia sinensis, a major herb in Calli tea,    pounds! I did not change what I ate or
is known to reduce fat and cholesterol in the    anything just added the tea to my daily
body by improving function of the liver. It      drinking, and I am no longer sceptical about
is a rich source of antioxidants with many       this WONDERFUL product!! Thank you so
beneficial catechins present.                    much!!! Bekka E./Springdale, Arkansas
Flavours include regular, mint, cinnamon
and night.                                      “I have been very pleasantly surprised how
                                                well the Fortune Delight and Calli Tea has
How to Order                                    worked for me. Using the drinks has helped
We invite you to contact us with any me lose that extra layer of fat that has plagued
questions regarding this article or find out me for some years now” Barta/Mesa, AZ
prices & shipping details of Calli Tea in
small or large size packs.                      “When I began my Sunrider journey, I was
                                                broke and could only afford to drink Fortune
Want to receive more healthy living Delight and Calli. I found they were even
updates like this one directly in your inbox cheaper than the lifeless drinks I was already
each month plus a FREE health audio on consuming. After 3 weeks of changing
Maximum Immunity with our compliments? absolutely nothing in my life but drinking
Subscribe to our F R E E Healthy e-News sunrider teas, my body had dumped 15kgs
here.                                           of fat and waste. I phoned my friend who
                                                introduced me to sunrider to tell him how
What Others Say about Calli...                  wonderful I was feeling. My self esteem had
                                                returned, my anger and negative emotions
”With the Calli tea we easily switched from were gone and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I
unhealthy drinks, like coffee. My wife drinks now eat LOTS of the Sunrider products!” -
it every day, and she drinks Calli Night to Michael Pan, Adelaide SA
help her sleep. She’s lost a little weight, and
we’ve both noticed that it makes us feel great!                Cheers to your good health!
Now our daughter is drinking Calli, too.”
G. Henderson/Crystal River, FL

        Article with thanks to:
      Inspired Wellness
September, 2010 Issue                                                               Pg. 28
                                                                    Tuna Balls served with Salad
                                                                                                   Recipe of the Month
                       Makes: 10-12 Balls
                       1-2 balls per serve

1kg Tinned Tuna             Herbs & Spices:
4 Egg whites                2 tablespoons ground Dill
1 cup rolled oats (ground   1 tablespoon Mexican Chilli
into oat flour)             1 tablespoon Cumin
                            1 tablespoon Coriander
Grate or dice:              2 tablespoon ground Pepper
1 large onion               Salt to taste
1 small carrot
1 med zucchini
What To Do:
1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and get a nonstick muffin tray to fit
10-12 balls ready to go
1. After draining the tuna, mix all ingredients together in a big bowl
2. Using your hands, make up 10-12 tennis ball sized balls and place
each one into a muffin tray
3. Place in the middle shelf of your oven and cook for 30 mins (45
mins if using raw chicken, beef or turkey)
4. Remove from the oven once cooked and leave to sit for 15 mins
before serving with your favourite salad or vegetables.

NB: If using a fan forced oven, turn the tray around after 15mins to
prevent one side of the tuna balls from getting burnt.
Tuna can be replaced with minced chicken, turkey or beef. Remember
to cook raw meats for 45 minutes.
September, 2010 Issue                                                                              Pg. 29
               Special Feature

   Diabetes and Me
                        By Damian Fleming

According to Diabetes Australia, in
excess of 1 million Australian’s already
have diabetes and half of those people
don’t even know it! Diabetes costs the
Australian health system over $1 billion
a year and, as the disease increases, so
too does the personal cost.
September, 2010 Issue                 Pg. 30
What is diabetes?
                                          This type of diabetes occurs when the
Diabetes is a                             pancreas gland no longer produces the
chronic      disease                      insulin our bodies need to function and
characterised                             requires insulin to be injected into the
by high blood                             body to compensate.
glucose levels. This
is the result of the                      Symptoms of Type 1 diabetes can
sufferer’s     body                       include excessive thirst and urination,
not       producing                       unexplained weight loss, weakness,
sufficient insulin, or not using the      fatigue and irritability.
insulin it does produce efficiently.
                                          Type 2 diabetes – Non-insulin
Insulin is a hormone needed by our Dependent
body to covert the glucose contained
in the food we eat into energy.           Type 2 diabetes is by far the most
                                          common form of diabetes, representing
Because it is unable to convert the approximately 85 to 90% of all diabetes
glucose into energy, a disproportionately cases.
high amount of glucose remains in our
bloodstream, which causes our arteries, Type 2 diabetes also involves our
veins and capillaries to become sticky pancreas however, unlike Type 1
and clogged, inhibiting the flow of diabetes, the development of Type
blood, oxygen and nutrients to all the 2 diabetes is directly affected by
parts of our body.                        lifestyle factors as well as a genetic
                                          predisposition to the disease. Of all the
Type 1 diabetes – Insulin Dependent risk factors associated with the onset of
                                          Type 2 diabetes, being overweight or
About 10 to 15% of all cases of diabetes obese is believed to be among the most
in Australia are Type 1 diabetes.         significant and is most typical with the
                                          over 45’s age group.
It is one of the most common chronic
childhood diseases in Australia. Usually Type 2 diabetes develops gradually and
it affects children and young adults, but its symptoms sometimes go completely
it can occur at any age and without any unnoticed. These symptoms may be the
apparent warning or reason.               same as those with Type 1 diabetes with

September, 2010 Issue                                                       Pg. 31
added blurred vision, skin infections,       What does this equate to in weight
slow healing, tingling and numbness in       loss terms? Simply aim to lose between
the feet.                                    0.5kg and 1kg for every 10kgs of body
Health problems associated with              weight! So if you weight 100kgs, aim to
diabetes                                     lose between 5kgs and 10kgs.

Type 2 diabetes has a number of health       What if you’ve found yourself in the
problems associated with it, including       very early stages of diabetes? Well if
kidney failure, blindness, nerve disease,    you have prediabetes (impaired fasting
loss of limbs, heart disease, stroke, male   glucose or impaired glucose tolerance),
and female reproductive problems or          almost 60% of sufferers avoided diabetes
even premature death.                        by losing 5-10% of their body weight!

Living with Diabetes                         Another great way to keep an eye on
                                             your risk for the disease is to measure
The good news about Type 2 diabetes          your waistline. Generally speaking,
is that it can often be managed, or          women should aim for a circumference
avoided altogether, by adopting healthy      of less than 80cm and men should aim
and active lifestyle habits, possibly in     for less than 94cm. Diabetes Australia
conjunction with medical intervention.       specify that this is for those “of
Type 1 diabetes, although not directly       Caucasian origin” and that “Appropriate
lifestyle related, does require a healthy    measurements for other ethnic groups
eating plan and regular physical             can be checked with your doctor”.
activity in addition to the daily insulin
injections and regular blood glucose
level tests.

Being overweight, especially around
your waistline, makes it more difficult
for you to manage your diabetes and
increases your risk of heart disease. In
fact, by dropping just 5-10% of your
body weight you can reduce your risk
of developing complications, such as
heart disease and stroke, and make
managing diabetes much easier.

September, 2010 Issue                                                        Pg. 32
Getting it Together

Getting your lifestyle under control can
be difficult, especially in the beginning.
Focus on the health risks and consider
how your disease will impact others,
such as your friends and family,
especially children.

Take a very simple approach to get
things started and leave the complicated
exercise and diet plans for another day.
Start out with a plan to get moving.         If you struggle with this, don’t give
Walk around your house, your yard,           up altogether! Just adjust your goal
the block, do whatever you can to get        to something more achievable, for
moving. Start small and work your way        example, only allow yourself to eat
up to doing 30 mins a day every single       foods that have less than 10% fat.
day. It might take days or even weeks,
but just don’t give up. Every step counts!   Once you’ve gotten yourself moving,
                                             cut out junk food and reduced or
Cut the junk! We all have cravings for       eliminated bad fat from your diet, you
sweet and fatty foods, it’s part of our      should find yourself slowing losing
modern day programming. Focus first          weight. If this doesn’t happen, or if it
on getting rid of fat out of your diet,      happens very well and you hit your
especially saturated and trans fats.         goal quickly, it’s recommended that you
                                             seek professional services, including a
                                             visit to your doctor, to further develop
                                             a health and fitness management plan.

                                             Diabetes Australia:


September, 2010 Issue                                                        Pg. 33
                 Next Month in


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                        your work out!

                        Man Up for Ab-tober!

                        Protein Supplements

                        Plus regulars & more!

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