Riddle of Penncroft Farm by liuhongmei


									Riddle of Penncroft Farm – Page 1

 What did Lars think Valley Forge was?         An amusement park like Valley Fair
 What had Lars been studying in school in      Minnesota history
 What was Lars full name?                      Lars George Olafson
 What is a latchstring?                        A cord which you pull through a hole in the door to
                                               open the door from outside.
 What was the name of the road that went       Seek-No-Further-Pike
 past Penncroft farm?
 How old was Aunt Cass?                        90 years of age
 What was Lars’s father’s name?                Erik Olafson
 For what purpose had Aunt Cass told Mr. and   To be used as a museum of the First American Civil
 Mrs. Olafson she was leaving her farm?        War
 How did Mrs. Olafson’s brother George die?    He was killed in Vietnam.
 What did Sandra Olafson bring Aunt Cass?      A wooden toy-a sort of cup on a stick with a ball
                                               connected to it by a leather cord.
 What was the name of Lars’s brother?          Peter
 What was the name of Lars’s Revolutionary     George Hargreaves
 War ancestor?
 What did Aunt Cass mean when she said the     It means they were also members of the Society of
 Hargreaves were “Friends with a capital F?    Friends, a religious sometimes called Quakers.
 What grade was Lars in?                       Grade 6
 Who was Lars’s new teacher?                   Mrs. Hettrick
 What kind of name is Lars Olafson?            Norwegian
 The study of Minnesota history started with                                                       1830
 what year?
 When was Pennsylvania settled?                                                                    1682
 What is buzzlecap?                            A game where you try to pitch a farthing into a
 What were ducks and drakes?                   George’s name for skipping rocks
 Why was the fence around the orchard?         The law said that all farms had to be fenced.
 What was the name of the boy Lars met on      Geordie
 the covered bridge?
 What was perry?                               Cider made from pears instead of apples-a hard cider
                                               fermented into alcohol
 When Geordie used the word “dear” what did    Too expensive or too costly
 he mean?
 What did Geordie’s father think of King       He believed the King and Parliament had the right to
 George lll?                                   tax the colonists.
 Was Geordie’s father ever a soldier?          Yes, he fought against the French for the king.
 Why was Geordie’s mother upset when Will      She was a Quaker and a pacifist , and she believed
 went off to be a soldier?                     that killing was wrong even in war.
 What did Geordie call himself?                A shade-he said it was more amiable than ghost.
 Where did Geordie haunt?                      The barn
Riddle of Penncroft Farm – Page 2

 What did the meeting house look like?             A simple stone house with a slate roof
 What song did Patience sing at Aunt Cass’s        The Riddle Song
 memorial service?
 What kind of car did Judge Banks drive?           Model T
 What did Lars discover in the box in the          The cockade of Geordie’s brother Will
 window seat in his room?
 Why did Washington like the soldiers to wear      The British thought anyone with a hunting shirt was a
 hunting shirts according to Geordie?              sharpshooter.
 What made Geordie’s father angry in               The Continental Congress passed a law forbidding the
 September 1777?                                   sale of apples to England.
 What was Geordie’s father’s name?                 Laban
 Where did Geordie get the lead toy soldier?       His father bought it for him in Philadelphia.
 The day Geordie’s father gave Geordie the         A signet ring
 toy soldier, he also gave will a present.What
 was it?
 What was inscribed on the ring?                   In Latin “Ibi Volunas Via Ibi Est,” translated means
                                                   “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
 Since the Hargreaves couldn’t sell apples to      Geordie was to peddle the apples, cider and perry to
 England in 1777, how were they going to get       country inns and to taverns in Philadelphia.
 What were vedettes?                               Mounted sentries
 When Geordie got up in the morning, who did       A patrol of American mounted sentries
 he find in the tavern?
 What were the names of Geordie’s horses?          Daisy and Buttercup
 What happened to Geordie’s toy soldier?           He left it on the Brandywine Battlefield after meeting a
                                                   real Hessian Soldier.
 Where did Lar’s class go the day after Aunt       To Brandywine
 Cass’s memorial service
 When the British were camped at Kennett           Brandywine Creek and the Schuylkill River
 Square, what two natural barriers lay
 between them and Philadelphia?
 Why did Washington try to stop the British at     The Schuykill River was at the very doors of the city.
 Brandywine Creek rather than the Schuykill
 When Will went to rejoin Washington in 1777,      At White Marsh
 where was the Continental Army encamped?
 Why did Geordie and his mother think Will         His leg had not healed properly.
 should not go back?
 What did Will give Geordie as he left to rejoin   His cockade
 Washington at White Marsh?
 Who told Geordie about Saratoga?                  Mistress Derry
 Name two American Generals at Saratoga.           General Gates and Benedict Arnold
 Who was the British commanding officer at         General Burgoyne
Riddle of Penncroft Farm – Page 3

 For what did the British use the State House      A prison for wounded Continental soldiers captured at
 in Philadelphia?                                  Brandywine and Germantown.
 Where was the Liberty Bell?                       It had been moved to Allentown so the British couldn’t
                                                   melt it down for bullets.
 Who was the manager of the City Tavern?           Daniel Smith
 Who helped Geordie unload the wagon?              His brother Will
 What was Will doing in Philadelphia?              He was a spy in Washington.
 Why was Will at the City Tavern?                  He listened to what the officers had to say about
                                                   military plans while they were drinking.
 What was so important that Will needed to         A British Orderly book containing General Howe’s plans
 get to Washington?                                to attack the Americans at White Marsh.
 What was the name of the boy who would            Sandy
 guide Geordie to Washington?
 What was the password?                            Where there’s a Will there’s a way.
 How would Geordie know for sure it was            Sandy had Will’s signet ring.
 What signal would Geordie have to use in the      Whistle “The Riddle Song”
 What was White Marsh called in Lars’s day?        Fort Washington State Park
 What was the new name for the State House?        Independence Hall

 Where did Lars want to go to lunch when he        City Tavern
 and his parents went to Philadelphia
 What did John Adams say about City                “The most genteel tavern in America”
 What did Lars ask for lunch at the City           The Tavern pasty and perry to drink
 Who was waiting for Lars and his parents          Judge Banks
 when they returned from Philadelphia?
 Since no one knew where Aunt Cass’s new           Ellen Hargreaves remembered seeing Mr. Owens name
 will was hidden, why did Eddie Owens think        in the new will and Mr. Owens was to receive the farm
 he could win Penncroft Farm in Probate            under the terms of the old will.
 After the Philadelphia trip, why didn’t Lars go   He had scarlet fever.
 to school for a couple of days?
 Who told Geordie about the Battle at White        Squire Cheney
 Where did the British spend the winter of         In Philadelphia
 Where did Washington and his troops spend         Valley Forge
 the winter of 1777-1778?
 Why was Washington at Valley Forge?               The merchants in Philadelphia wanted him close to the
                                                   city, and Valley Forge was between the British in
                                                   Philadelphia and the American supplies at Reading.
Riddle of Penncroft Farm – Page 4

 What happened to Geordie’s father the day      He fell while pruning one of the old peach trees and
 Geordie spoke to Squire Cheyney about          struck his head.
 White Marsh?
 What did the doctor do for Geordie’s father?   The doctor leeched him.
 Who helped Geordie’s mother get his father     Mistress Derry and her husband
 home after he fell?
 Why did Sandy come to Penncroft Farm in        To get someone to come to Valley Forge to nurse Will,
 February 1778?                                 who had putrid fever
 What did Geordie take with him to Valley       The copper kettle, some apples, food, and Will’s old
 Forge?                                         comforter
 Who came to show Geordie around Valley         Ned Owens
 Why was Ned Owens not starving like most       He knew Inspector General Conway.
 of the soldiers at Valley Forge?
 What was Ned Owens’s father doing that         Sold the army weevilly food and shoddy uniforms for
 made the soldiers mad.                         gold coin
 What was the name of the farm where Pat        Blackberry Hill
 Who was Geordie?                               George Hargreaves, Lars’s ancestor.
 When did Lars find out that Geordie was a      On the way home from Valley Forge, when Pat was
 nickname for George?                           singing her folk song.
 Who was Sandy Cassandra Hargreaves?            George Hargreaves’s wife
 How did Lars know it was Will’s ring?          From the Latin inscription
 What did Pat remember that helped Lars find    When she and Aunt Cass played hide and seek, Pat
 the new will?                                  peeked and saw Aunt Cass go into the barn, but when
                                                she looked for her there, Aunt Cass was nowhere to
                                                be found.
 After hearing Pat’s story, where did Lars      Grampa’s Folly
 think the will would be hidden?
 What did his mom say the message was?          Something about a riddle and taking you (Lars) down
                                                a peg.
 What did Lars interpret that to mean?          That he was to put down the peg where the riddle was
 What did they find in the Folly?               The cup and ball and the new will
 To whom did Aunt Cass leave Penncroft          L. George Olafson (Lars)
 What did Edward Owens IX receive in Aunt       The right to use the memoirs that now belonged to
 Cass’s will?                                   Lars.
 What name did Lars choose for Colonial         Geordie
 Who did Mrs. Hettrick dress as for Colonial    Martha Washington
 Lars was going to set up his own museum.       The Museum of the First American Civil War
 What was he going to call it.
 Who did Lars see at the Colonial Day dance?    Geordie and Cassandra

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