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					                   New Hope News
SEAGROVE           V O L U M E     3   I S S U E    8                                A U G U S T   2 0 1 1

                      PASTOR’S CORNER
               Greetings in the name of our        fake Rolex purchase I knew        promise to grant wisdom.
               risen Lord.                         going into the purchase it        And secondly, we must get
                                                   was a fake, so I didn’t ex-       angry at sin. Every one of us
               Not long ago I was in an Ap-        perience being cheated. I can     has the ability to choose.
               ple store when to my surprise       only imagine what that man        Aren’t we tired of unrighte-
               I witnessed a wardrobe mal-         felt knowing he had spent         ous and phony behavior?
               function (it’s all I know to        several hundreds of dollars       Are we growing to the point
               call it). The store was             for a fake. As my discomfort      where we hate the sin in our
               packed, could we all just site      for this kind of behavior         lives? Sin destroys. Sin
               idle and say nothing? The           grew within me it brought to      wreaks havoc. It’s a dupe!
               next time I was at this same        my mind and heart, my own         John Wesley said, “Give me
               store a man came up to the          past experiences of being         100 preachers who fear
               counter where I was standing        duped and two reflections I       nothing but sin and desire
               and asked for service on his        would like to share.              nothing but God, and I care
               brand new IPad. The Apple                                             not a straw whether they be
               technician took a look and          First, I remembered G.K.          clergy or layman; such alone
               quickly said, ―This is a            Chesterton once saying, ―evil     will shake the gates of hell,
               fake.‖ The owner was furi-          dupes.‖ And second, in Mat-       and set up the kingdom of
               ous; he had just made this          thew 6:33a the Scripture          Heaven on earth.”
    NEW        purchase off Craigslist as the      says, ―But strive first for the
               reality that he had just been       kingdom of God and his            Exciting times at New Hope
   HOPE        cheated began to set in.            righteousness.” We must be        continue. I am thrilled to be
     4                                             aware that evil dupes, so that    walking and serving with
               Just today (7/26) I read a          we are not duped. Look at         you for another year! May
   JESUS       story of fake Apple stores in       things more closely. Pray         we be the 100 that fear sin
               China and the amount of             before you just say anything.     and desire nothing but God.
               fraud that is occurring on the      And we must seek the King-        May we seek the Kingdom
               Internet today (billions). The      dom of God and HIS                of God and His righteous-
               phony Apple stores were a           RIGHTEOUSNESS.                    ness. As God continues to
               very detailed copy right                                              teach and direct us and show
               down to the shirt color the         Matthew 10:16 says, “See, I       Himself and His work to us
               staff wears. And I couldn’t         am sending you out like           let us be the salt and light
               help but think of the amount        sheep into the midst of           within the community, your
               of fraud that occurs period         wolves; so be wise as ser-        place of employment or fam-
               on a daily basis (from tax to       pents and innocent as doves.      ily, or wherever God places
               business and everything in          We need to be wise and alert      you! This is my prayer for
               between) and what I have            and make the investment to        each of us.
               witnessed or participated in        learn and to seek the truth,
               (if I am honest).                   always seeking the Father,        Stay centered on the cross,
                                                   through the Son and by the        Greg
               I thought back to the time I        Holy Spirit. We have His
               bought the fake Rolex watch         written word, which is the
               in NYC. At least with the           very bread of life and His
PAGE   2
                                                                                            NEED ARTICLES
              THANK YOU                                                                             FOR
                                                                                      If you want to submit some-
           Betty A, Louise H, Jerry                                                   thing for the newsletter it
           T, James K, Dianne and                                                     must be submitted by Aug
           Jerry L. for taking meals                                                  21st Items can be emailed
           to the shut-ins on Wednes-                                                 to:
           day night.                                                                 If there is something that
                                                                                      you would like to read about
           The Methodist Men who                                                      in the newsletter, please let
           worked on cleaning                         Whoever has my commands         us know. If there is some-
           church grounds.                            and obeys them, he is the       thing that you don’t like
                                                      one who loves me, and I         about the newsletter let us
           Wednesday night team                       am in you. He who loves         know that too.
           would like to thanks eve-                  me will be loved by my          Or better yet!!! If you want
           ryone who has donated                      Father and I too will love      to HELP with the newslet-
           money and food for this                    him and show myself to          ter, let us know. It’s the
           ministry.                                  him.                            church’s newsletter and if
                                                      John 14:21                      you want to become in-
                                                                                      volved , please do.

                                                                                               WNCC Calendar
                  Children's Church
                                                                                     Aug. 12-14 - Gathering of the Laity,
                  Ministry                                                           Lake Junaluska

                  The Schedule for Teachers
                                                     WE NEED VOLUNTEERS              Aug. 13-15 - SpiritUs, Ft. Caswell

                   Aug. 7th Laura Myers &            New Hope UMC is looking         Aug. 19-21 - SpiritUs, Ft. Caswell
                   Nicole Loftis                     for the following volunteers.
                   Aug 14th Diane Luck &                                             Aug. 28 - Disciple Bible Outreach
                   Donna Gardner                                                     Ministry Sunday, Conference-wide
                                                     1. Van Drivers
                   Aug 21st Dee Bourgeois &
                                                     2. Sanctuary Steward
                                                                                     Aug. 31 - Deadline to Submit Clergy
                   Aug 28th April Hedge & Arri-
                                                     3. Friendship Ministry help-    Evaluations
                   ana Hedge                         ers
                                                     4. Small group leaders          Sept. 2-5 - WNCC Labor Day Trail
                   We are looking for teachers for   5. Web page administrator       Hike Weekend
                   children’s church see Cindy       If God is calling you, please
                   Carlyle if you are interested.    contact Greg                    Sept. 8 - Final Clergy Ethics Seminar,

                  Power of 3 Youth News
                       We will be meeting August 7 at David and
                       Betty Von Cannon's pond for a cookout for our
                       college bound students.
                       We will meet Aug 14 at Tot Hill Farm Pool for
                       a back to school pool party and cook
                       out. Please let Cindy Meyers know if you plan
                       to attend so we can plan for food.
                       Regular meeting at West Bend on Aug 21 and
                       Aug 28 at New Union.

  NEW      HOPE   NEWS
VOLUME         3   ISSUE     8                                                                                          PAGE     3

                                          N.O.W. News
                                 Nurture, Outreach, and Witness
  Please continue to give us your    the folks are so inspiring to and     would like to ask for us all to
 ideas and thoughts on ways to       appreciated by the people             help the students going back to
 Nurture, Outreach and Witness       helped– as well as their families     school soon who may not be
 by writing any ideas or needs in    and friends. Please continue to       able to afford to buy the things
 the book in the front vestibule     support the mission of N.O.W.         that are needed to use in classes
 or let James King or Deb Wise       as more workdays come up, and         they have this year. We are
 know about it. With the help of     if you haven’t yet been on a          sponsoring the annual School
 our other groups in the church      team, try to make an effort to do     Supply Drive again and hope all
 we want to reach out to, nurture    so. It will be a tiring but fun and   who can do so will buy pencils,
 and bear witness of our love of     fulfilling blessing of a day!         pens, erasers, glue, crayons,
 God and of His Love to every        The N in N.O.W. means nurture         composition books, notebook
 one of his children. Thank you      and we need to nurture each           paper, colored pencils, kleenex,
 to all who have participated in     other in prayer before our Father     hand sanitizer, ect. Please bring
 the workdays for those who          for our spiritual wellbeing as        in by August 2. Thank You!
 could use the extra help. The       well as nurturing our physical
 time, effort and love shown by      bodies. The O for outreach we

   Thoughts from the New
 Hope United Methodist Men
In July the men met at the church    The men have started planning         door prizes.
for a business meeting and Ray’s     for the fall car and truck show.      The mission of the men is to          “All Men are
team served Pizza for Supper. If     The car/truck show will be Sept       maintain the church facilities,
you would like to be part of a                                                                                   welcome at
                                     24 from 7AM to 2 PM. Break-           and help our community, and
group of men that is working to
                                     fast from 7 to 9 AM and Lunch         put God first in our lives.           the Methodist
improve our church, join us at our
next meeting on Aug 8th at 6 pm.     from 11 AM to 1 PM. There
                                                                                                                 Men Meeting”
                                     will be a raffle for a rifle and
We will be working with the P3       Ladies Necklace, 50/50 drawing
Youth this month to help mem-        and a silent auction. We are
bers of our church and our com-      asking each member of the
munity so plan to come out next      church to donate $20 for the
month and help.

                                                                                                               Relay for Life will
                                                                                                               be kicking off their
                     NEW HOPE 4 CANCER NEWS                                                                    2011-2012 cam-
                                                                                                               paign on Septem-
                                     New Hope 4 Cancer will meet           try dedicated to sharing the love   ber 13, 2011. If you
                                     on Wednesday Night Aug 17th           of Jesus Christ with cancer pa-     would like to be the
                                     and 31st to make treat bags.          tients, and it is open to every-
                                                                           one! If you would like more
                                                                                                               Team Captain
                                     Our candy for the treat bags
                                     is getting low so the next time       information, please go to our       please let Doug
                                     you are out pick up a bag of          website -                           Wise know as soon
                                     your favorite candy for the  If          as possible.
                                     treat bags. We are collecting         you would like to join our email
                                     fleece blankets to make into          list, please send an email to
                                     shawls for the cancer patients. to be
                                     New Hope 4 Cancer is a minis-         added.
   PAGE    4
                                                          Choir News
                 The choir has begun singing the songs you chose as your favorites during the food drive "Sing for
                    Their Supper." We sincerely hope you enjoy hearing your favorite Christian hymns and songs.
                  Beginning in September, the choir will begin rehearsing for our Christmas cantata. If you've ever
                   felt like you'd like to join in and sing with us, this is a great opportunity. The choir rehearses on
                                                            Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.
                 If you'd like to sing and/or play an instrument during worship service, either occasionally or regu-
                                                   larly, please let Mancia Walker know.

                                                                                     Psalm 98:4-6:

                                                                  Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth,
                                                                     burst into jubilant song with music;
                                                                  make music to the LORD with the harp,
                                                                   with the harp and the sound of singing,
                                                              with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn—
                                                                 shout for joy before the LORD, the King.

                                          COUNTRY KID’S                                    Sunday School Attendance
                                        CONSIGNMENT SALE                                     Through July 24, 2011
WANTED                                                                                     Average Year-To-
                                           Infant to Pre-teens
 The sen-                                      Maternity                                   Year-To-Date
 iors are
                                     August 12th 6:00 to 8:00 PM                           Status:                  -9
collecting                           August 13th 8:00 to 11:00 AM
Magazines                                                                                      Worship Attendance
and books                                                                                     Through July 24, 2011
                                                                                           Average Year-To-
to take to                                                                                 Date:
  the VA                                                                                   Year-To-Date
 Hospital                                                                                  Status:             -10
and Local
  Homes                                                 Visitation Teams
Need both men
 and women               Visitation Teams               Oct. 2 - Oct. 16 Diane and           We invite any others to volun-
 magazines.              July 24 - Aug. 7 Diane and     Jerry Luck, Henry Free               teer with our teams.
                         Jerry Luck, Henry Free                                              Thank you,
                         Aug. 7 - Aug. 21 Cindy Myers   Thank you to all who prepare         Diane Farlow-Luck
                         and Dee B.                     meals, deliver meals, send
                         Aug. 21 - Sept. 4 Ann Auman,   cards, phone calls
                         Betty and Jane Treece          and visits.
                         Sept. 4- Sept 18 James King,   God bless you all for helping
                         Jerry Trotter , Deb Wise and   in this ministry.
                         Patsy Ferguson                 If you are not able to deliver
                         Sept. 18- Oct. 2 Louise Han-   meals on Wed. please contact
                         cock and Betty Auman           Diane Luck cell # 318-5959 or
                                                        home 626-7323.

       NEW      HOPE     NEWS
                      NEW HOPE UMC CALENDAR FOR AUGUST

   Sunday                   Monday             Tuesday               Wednesday Thursday                              Friday       Saturday

                        1                    2                       3                        4                 5             6
                                             Praise Band Practices   Wednesday Night Sup-     Choir Practices
                                             7 PM                    per 5:45 PM              6:30 PM
                                                                     Bible Study 7 PM

7.                      8                    9                       10                       11                12            13
Youth meet at Von-      Methodist Men 6 PM   Willing Workers          No Wednesday Night      Choir Practices
Cannon’s                                     6 PM                    Supper                   6:30 PM
Bible Study 3 & 6                            Praise Band Practices   Bible Study 7 PM
PM                                           7 PM

14                      15                   16                      17                       18                19            20
Youth Tot Hill Farm                          Senior Lunch 11:30      Wednesday Night Sup-     Choir Practices
Pool Party                                   Praise Band Practices   per 5:45 PM              6:30 PM
Christian’s United                           7 PM                    Class on Religion 6 PM
Meeting 4 PM                                                         Make Treat Bags
Bible Study 3 & 6                                                    Bible Study 7 PM

21                      22                   23                      24                       25                26            27
Final Day to bring in                        Praise Band Practices   Wednesday Night Sup-     Back to School
school supplies                              7 PM                    per 5:45 PM              Choir Practices
Youth 3 PM                                                           Bible Study 7 PM          630 PM
Bible Study 3 and 6

28                      29                   30                      31.
Youth 3 PM NU-                               Praise Band Practices   Wednesday Night Sup-
UMC.                                         7 PM                    per 5:45 PM
Bible Study 3 and 6                                                  Class on Religion 6 PM
PM                                                                   Bible Study 7 PM
                                                                     Make Treat Bags

                                        Collecting School Supplies
 PAGE   6

                                     TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL

                           This month we will talk about the 8th son of Jacob and the
                   second son of Zilpah. Asher was the father of the tribe noted for its
                   beautiful women. The people settled in the western area of Galilee
                   between Mount Carmel and Phoenicia and was an area known for
                   its rich fertile land and supplied much of Israel’s needs particularly
                   from oil from the olive trees. Interesting to note that the town of
                   Mount Carmel in California is of similar natured and must have
                   been named from this biblical town.
   GAD                     Equating the Hebrew name of Asher with fortune or happi-
                   ness, the allusion to the prosperity is emphasized in Jacob’s bless-
EIGHTH                     Asher’s bread shall be rich and he shall yield royal dainties.
                   GENESIS 49:20
   SON             And in the blessing of Moses;
                           Most blessed be the sons of Asher;
    OF                     May he be the favorite of his brothers, may he dip his foot in
                           May your door bolts be iron and copper, and your security
 JACOB             last all your days.
                           DEUTERONOMY 33:24
                   Going back to the High Priest’s breastplate…the tribal gemstone is
                   the Agate, and the flag color is violet with the symbol of an olive
                   tree on it.
                   The tribal area was developed in comparative tranquility and peace.
                   Asher became part of the northern kingdom and in 732 B.C.E., was
                   conquered along with the other northern tribes of Israel. Legends of
                   the remnants of the tribe of Asher were supposedly found in the
                   northwest part of Kabul in Afghanistan and descended into the In-
                   dus valley of India as late as the middle of the last century.

                   Submitted by Ron Sandritter

   NEW      HOPE
VOLUME           3   ISSUE        8                                                                                                         PAGE    7
                                                        THE GIFT OF MUSIC

 "Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees. Time can break your heart, have you begging please. Beyond the door there's
 peace I'm sure, And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven."
 These lyrics were penned in response to tragedy, when guitarist Eric Clapton's son Conor fell to his death from a New York high-
 rise window. The music helped him heal.
 In 1994 the city of Sarajevo was daily under siege. Mortars and artillery fire instantly transformed once beautiful buildings into
 rubble. Sarajevo's citizens were frightened, weary and increasingly
 despondent. Then, one February day, a mortar shell exploded in the market killing 68 civilians. Many more were wounded and
 maimed from the blast.
 A cellist with the Sarajevo symphony could no longer stand the chaos. He took his cello to the market, sat down amidst the rubble
 and played a concert. When he finished, he simply took up his instrument and left.
 Every day, for 67 days, he came to the market. Every day he played a concert. It was his gift to the city. He did it because he felt his
 community must find a way to survive, and music can bring hope.
 Music is a great gift. When I need to start my day in the right frame of mind, sometimes I'll sing. Music aligns my thoughts and
 emotions; my mind and spirit. When I awake in the middle of the night, I go back to sleep best if I sing in my head. Music calms
 and centers. When I find myself experiencing a moment of happiness, I'll sometimes sing out loud. (It works best when others are
 not present.) Music expresses joy like nothing else can.
 One of the greatest cellists of all time was Pablo Casals. He exiled himself from his native Spain during the regime of Francisco
 Franco and became a world citizen and a great humanitarian. Casals passionately desired that the world exist in peace and harmony.         PRAY
 He said once that if all the orchestras in the world were to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony simultaneously, then peace would come
 to the world.                                                                                                                              FOR
 I wonder if that is true. But if not peace, then perhaps joy might come. Or hope. Or healing.
 It's the gift of music.
 Steve Goodier

                                        Send a Card


Brighten a day by send-                   Rita Presnell                                      Charlie Harrelson
                                          3538 New Hope Church Rd                            1509 Burney Road
ing a card to our church                  Asheboro, NC 27205                                 Asheboro, NC. 27205
members that can not
be with us. If you have                   E-4 Alexander Wise
                                          333rd 58th Signal BN
a name to add please let                  Unit 35152 Box 295
Douglas Wise know.                        APO AP 96376-5152

Linda Richardson                          Tom Dow
Autumn Care                               6109 New Hope Church Road
401 Lambert Drive                         Asheboro, 27205
Room 410
Biscoe, NC 27209

Happy Birthday & Anniversary
Happy Birthday for August                            Arianna Hedge Aug 18

Hannah Myers Aug 1                                   Greg Poole Aug 20

Diane Luck Aug 3                                     Jerry Trotter Aug 20

Brianna Rouse Aug 5                                  Bobby Williams Aug 22

Ben Bourgeois Aug 7                                  Deb Wise Aug 26

Destry Gardner Aug 8                                 Happy Anniversary for August
JC Sutherin Aug 11                                   April and Patrick Hedge Aug 7
Betty Padrock Aug 16                                 Sandra and Tom Curtis Aug 19
                                                     Mancia and Tim Walker Aug 31
Patrick Hedge Aug 16
                                                     Betty and Robert Shaw Aug 31
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                      June 2011 Expenses & Offerings
                      We will be giving you a            Pianist, and Janitorial         6/26           $ 985.00
                      monthly summary of expenses                           $3,503.00    Total          $ 5,987.00
                      and offerings in the newsletter    Pastor Health Benefit
                      each month. If you have any                            $ 955.33    Total Offering year to
                      questions please contact           Pastor Pension      $ 766.75    date           $45,701.25
                      Mickey York, Finance Chair or      Supplies            $ 254.55    Total Expenses year to
                      Louise Hancock, Treasurer.         Advertisement       $ 112.75    date.          $45,075.44
                      June Expenses
                                                         Terminix            $ 200.00
                                                         Song Select Ren $ 109.00
                      Utilities                          Worship Expenses $ 512.19
                        Water            $ 35.17         Total Expenses $ 7,084.86
                        Electric        $ 487.74
                        Church Phone $ 111.40            June Offerings
                        Parsonage Phone $ 37.02          6/5            $ 2,128.00
                      Staff Salaries                     6/12           $ 1,537.00
                        Pastor, Music Dir.,              6/19           $ 1,337.00

                          PRAY FOR OUR STUDENTS RETURNING TO
                            SCHOOL AND PRAY FOR OUT NATION!
                           Usage of church or                                       The NOW committee is
                             fellowship hall                                        asking everyone to bring
                                                                                    school supplies. These
 God gives            If you would like to schedule
                                                                                    supplies go to assist stu-
  us 100%             the use of the church or fellow-
                      ship hall you will need to con-                               dent at Seagrove Elemen-
 and all He           tact James King to schedule                                   tary and Southmont Ele-
                      times and dates that you need                                 mentary. We are asking
 asks back            the church or fellowship hall.                                you to bring all items in
in return is          You will also need to fill out a
                      request form. You may pick-
                                                                                    by August 21st.
  10% for             up a form in the hallway.
 His work
through the           Preacher’s recommendation of books
  church.             to read in August
                      .Billy Graham in Quotes by        - When Worlds Collide by RC
                      Franklin Graham - Thomas          Sproul - Crossway (2002).       We are hoping that our
                      Nelson Publishers (2011).                                         church will grow not only
                                                        - Am I Really a Christian? by   Spirituality but in mem-
                      - Don't Waste Your Life by        Mike McKinley - Crossway
                      John Piper - Crossway             (2011).                         bers also. We are asking
                      (2010).                                                           everyone in the church
                      - The Imitation of Christ by
                                                                                        family to invite a friend
                      Thomas a Kempis - Cre-                                            to Sunday School and
                      atespace (2011).                                                  Morning Worship Ser-
      NEW      HOPE   NEWS
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                                   New Hope United Methodist Church Willing Workers.

                    The Willing Workers is open to                             We have a lot of fun and fellowship to-
               all women. We meet every month on                               gether & try to accomplish helpful things
               the 2nd Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the                               for our church members and others in the
               fellowship hall. Please come, bring a                           community. In July we didn’t meet be-
               covered dish and enjoy the Christian                            cause so many folks were vacationing but
               fellowship. Our purpose is to know                              we will be having a speaker from the
               God’s Will and to experience Jesus                              Randolph county Community in Schools
               Christ as Lord of our lives, help oth-                          on Aug.9. There are many different pro-
               ers find eternal life and fulfillment in                        grams covered under this group so this
               God and grow in faith and to serve                              will be very interesting! J.C.& Peggy are
               where we are needed.                                            cooking fish so we will have a treat!

Website - Have you checked out our website? We have completed rev 1. We are now ready for
your recommendations on how to improve the site. Please check the site out and send or share your recommendations with
Doug or Greg. And now you can begin telling all your friends about our site.

Discernment Process - Where [there is] no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy [is] he. Proverbs
29:18 (KJV) God is leading New Hope UMC. We have asked Him and given Him back His church. We are seeing Him lead
in teachings, direction, people we meet and contact. It is so exciting! The church council approved our Friendship Ministry
and we will let you know the launch date as the plans come together. In addition we have a volunteer ministry at Hospice House and area nursing homes,
plans to launch some new small groups and we hope to conduct a revival at New Hope in September. 3 musical groups are interested along with several
guest speakers. If you feel God is leading you to share some ideas or areas where you feel as though New Hope should explore, please let us know. It's
exciting times at New Hope as we Share the Hope and Truth of Jesus.

Evangelism Month - July was marked as evangelism month. We have witnessed several people attend our church for the first time or in a very long
time. Praise God for answering our prayers! There is nothing special about July. May we continue inviting and asking others all the time, as Jesus com-
manded to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew
28:19 (NRSV).

Methodist Update                                                            It is my only desire to work for Him and to obey Him in His requests of me.
It is the goal of the Western Carolina conference of the United             I have found myself studying world religions, speaking about God wherever
Methodist church to keep pastors in place for 4 years. The trend has        I am, continuing to read and participating in some part time work. Lisa is
been to keep them in place for longer periods of time. Each May/June        not employed during the summer, yet she also picked up some part time
the discussion of whether your pastor is staying or will be departing       work. I am taking my family away (vacation) mid August. It has been
to another church should occur and be communicated. Additionally the        5 or 6 years since I have been with them for any length of time away.
conference has just created a new Pastor evaluation process. Your PPR       Upon return it is my desire to increase myself in ministry and devote
will be conducting an evaluation, along with the Pastor on his or her       part of my time to writing and studying. Hence, I plan to begin a
development and how the individual and church are doing.                    writing project. Additionally, I will begin work on the Methodist
What's Up with Greg, now that he is out of school?                          Ordination to do's and preparation between now and January. Board
Sisters and Brothers, I thought I would share a few comments on what        reviews will occur in May 2012. And possibly take another class or
I have been up to and my plans since concluding school. First, I am         two. I am learning to live a day at a time, for today has enough
so thankful to God for leading me.                                          worries of its own.

                New Hope News
VOLUME         3   ISSUE     8                                                                             PAGE   10

Christian’s United
of Southern Randolph County
 Our item in Aug is                Randolph County. The next                         SENIOR’S
                                   meeting for Christian’s United
Hamburger Helper for                                                                LUNCHEON
the Food Pantry. They              is scheduled for Aug 14th at 4
are low on all items so if         PM located at the 1st Baptist                 The Senior’s Lunch-
you can, pick up some of           Church of Seagrove.                         eon will be on Aug 16th
the other items on the                                                         2011 at 11:30 AM. The
list in the hall. We need                                                       Senior’s staff is asking
to help our community                                                             everyone to bring a
by giving to this great                                                         friend or neighbor this
organization. The dona-
tions you give go to help
persons in Southern

                    Wanted                                                   Needed
                                                                      We are asking for all mem-
                                                                      bers to help us build up the
Want cuttings to root of any       leaves produce seeds around        supply of 2 liter and diet
kind of indoor vines. Example      the edges that fall off and al-    sodas and fruit drinks.
Wandering Jew, Boston ivy,         most immediately start grow-       Wed night, group meetings
Golden Pothos, etc. Also an        ing. Ornamental Pepper the         and Sunday School refresh-
indoor plant called? Burros        kind that changes color several    ments that we use them dur-
Tail? it may also be called        times during the ripening stage,   ing. Please keep New Hope
Rope Plant.                        it only get about 3/4 inch long,   in mind if you see a sale on
Two more this is an old, old       I’ll even take seeds from this.    drinks or as you are able to
house plant, it is in the succu-   If you have any of these items     buy extra during a grocery
lent family (cactus) family        see Henry Free                     store trip! Thanks!!
called Widows Tears, and the

                                                                               HELP SOUTHMONT
Wednesday Night Supper                                                       ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Wednesday Night Suppers                                               Southmont Elementary is collecting the follow-
are at 5:45 PM. We also                                               ing items to help raise money for their school.
feed over 20 shut-ins from                                            If you have any questions contact Joyce Metters
our church and community.                                              Box Tops
If you would like to help, or                                          Campbell Soup labels
have someone in need of a                                              Printer ink cartridges
meal, contact Doug Wise.                                               Old cell phones
Will not serve supper on                                               Soda bottle tops
Aug 10th.                                                             Please bring them to church and give to Joyce
                                                                      Metters or you can take them by Southmont
                                                                      Elementary School.

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