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									 DW I G H T L O O K C O L L E G E O F E N G I N E E R I N G

Enrollment Fall 2010
Texas A&M Office of Institutional Studies and Planning

                                                                                                    Graduate Students               302
                            Undergraduate Students                   628                            Ph.D.                            94
                                                                                                    Master's                        208

Quality Indicators
Total Faculty                                      31        U.S. News & World Report Rankings                      Endowed Chair Holders                     7
Professors                                         13        Rankings Among Public Institutions                     Endowed Professorship Holders             3
Associate Professors                                6                                    1 Undergraduate            Development Professorship Holders         4
Assistant Professors                                3                                    2 Graduate                 National Academy
Non-tenured/Non-tenure Track                        9                                                                of Engineering Members               3

Centers and Laboratories                                 High-Pressure/High-Temperature Fluid                      Productivity Enhancement Laboratory
Acid Stimulation Laboratory                                  Property Measurement Laboratory                       Ramey Thermal Recovery Laboratory
Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research                 Integrated Reservoir Investigations Laboratory            Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids
Engineering Imaging Laboratory                           Mobil Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory                   Riverside Field-Scale Production Test Facility
Evaluation of Oilfield Chemicals Laboratory                  for Core Analysis                                     Rock Mechanics Laboratory
Fracture Conductivity Laboratory                         Model Calibration and Efficient Reservoir                 Texaco Drilling Fluids Laboratory
Gas Hydrates Laboratory                                    Imaging (MCERI)                                         Tommie E. Lohman Fluid Measurement Laboratory
Global Petroleum Research Institute (TEES)               Oilfield Brine Processing Laboratory

Research Areas
Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research
   Center for Energy, Environment, and Transportation Innovation
   • Energy
   • Environmental and Water Issues
   • Transportation Innovation
   ChevronTexaco Center for Well Construction and Production
   • Advanced Drilling Technology
   • Advanced Production Technology
   • Deep Gas Well Construction
   • Well Construction
   • Well Stimulation
   Halliburton Center for Unconventional Resources
   • Coalbed-Methane Reservoirs
   • Heavy Oil Recovery
   • Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoirs
   • Resource Assessments and Uncertainty
   • Shale Gas
   • Tight Gas
   Schlumberger Center for Reservoir Description and Dynamics
   • Analysis of Reservoir Performance
   • Enhanced Recovery
   • Formation Evaluation
   • Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
   • Reservoir Simulation
   • Reservoir Visualization


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