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       Personal Information
Height:                     Weight:
Sports played:
Specialist subject: GCSE PE
Identified Sports Activity:
Level played at:
Identified Components of fitness:
“The development of a personal
exercise programme is central to the
development of an individuals
knowledge and understanding
relating to the relationship between
exercising and training to improve
The aim of this project is to develop
an understanding of exercise,
training and health that is related to
a specific sport.
Plan and research a Personal Exercise
Show a clear understanding of the
principles of training and training
Choose appropriate testing and measuring
procedures for general and specific
sporting activities.
Monitor and record the programme,
including any improvement of
    Background Information:
Write about-
 How you started in the sport
 How you developed through school
 What position you play and what it
 How long you’ve been doing it for
 Any other experiences…
 How to plan a Personal Exercise Programme:
  How often you train – Should be a minimum of 3 20
  minute sessions per week, but this will differ
  depending on the sport.
  Aerobic training should last longer
  Also needs to be rest periods between each session to
  allow body and muscle groups to recover.
  How hard you train – Should be at an intensity that
  will improve certain aspects of fitness.
  Each session you Heart Rate must be worked to
  between 60 and 80% of your maximum heart rate,
  which is calculated as 220 – age.
  The intensity should increase over the 6 weeks as
  fitness should have improved. Use overload principle.
How to plan a Personal Exercise Programme:
  How long you train for – Should be for a minimum of 20
  Again this should be on average for anaerobic work.
  Aerobic training should last for longer.
  The time you spend exercising should increase over the
  period of 6 weeks to ensure progression
  Training to suit the activity – Make sure the training you
  do is specific to the sport or component of fitness you wish
  to improve in, i.e. gymnastics is not going to help with
  football etc.
  You would include some specific training (e.g. football),
  then some general fitness training to improve components
  such as stamina, speed etc (e.g. work in the gym,
  swimming, running etc.)
  Some variety needed so as to prevent boredom (tedium).
  NB Relate each of these FITT principles to your own sport,
  give examples
How to plan an Individual Session:
4 sections to a session:
1) Warm-up: What it includes and why
2) Fitness: What type and why
3) Skills session: Individual skills –
   what and why, linking into Team
   skills (game).
4) Cool down: What it includes and
    Suitable Training Methods:
  CONTINUOUS – Explain what it is, why you use
  it, how you use it, what it improves etc.
  CIRCUIT - Explain what it is, why you use it,
  how you use it, what it improves etc.
  Draw out a circuit that you might use for your
  Make sure stations use different muscle groups
  next to one another.
  INTERVAL - Explain what it is, why you use it,
  how you use it, what it improves etc.
NB Plus any others: i.e. fartlek, flexibility, weight
6 Week Personal Exercise Plan:
Day         Session        Details                   Comments
Monday      Football       5 min warm-up,            I found the session
            training 1hr   10 min continuous         tiring and definitely
                           training to improve       need to improve
                           stamina, skills session   my stamina over
                           on passing, 20 game,      the next few weeks
                           cool down
Wednesday   Gym 1hr        5 min warm-up on          Trying to improve
                           bike. 20 mins on          stamina, so found
                           treadmill L5. weights     it quite hard.
                           on upper body only        Working on upper
                                                     body as need more
                                                     strength in arms
Friday      Swimming 1hr

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