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Online Library Management System

                     IT Collaborators

    Submitted By:                       Guided By:
      Tej Kumar

   Ramdev Choudhary                     Mrs. Nupur Jain

     Rahul Sharma

     Pankaj Middha

 We are extremely grateful and remain indebted to our guide Mrs. Nupur Jain for being a source of
    inspiration and for his constant support in the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the
   project. The satisfaction that accompanies that the successful completion of any task would be
  incomplete without the mention of people whose ceaseless cooperation made it possible, whose
 constant guidance and encouragement crown all efforts with success. We are thankful to them for
   their constant constructive criticism and invaluable suggestions, which benefited us a lot while
developing the project on “ONLINE LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. He has been a constant
 source of inspiration and motivation for hard work. He has been very co-operative throughout this
project work. Through this column, it would be our utmost pleasure to express our warm thanks to
    him for their encouragement, co-operation and consent without which we mightn‟t be able to
                                        accomplish this project.

        We also express our gratitude to Mrs. Nupur Jain for providing us the infrastructure to carry
out the project and to all staff members who were directly and indirectly instrument in enabling us
to stay committed for the project.

This project is aimed at developing an “ONLINE LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” (OLMS) for
the college library and gives us the complete information about the library. This is an Intranet
based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. We can enter the record of new
books and retrieve the details of books available in the library. This system can be used to search
for books/magazines, reserve books, find out who is having a particular book, put in requests to
buy a new book etc. We can issue the books to the students and maintain their records and can
also check how many books are issued and stock available in the library. This is one integrated
system that contains both the user component and the librarian component. In this project we can
maintain the late fine of students who returns the issued books after the due date. There are
features like email notifications/reminders, report generators etc in this system.

Throughout the project the focus has been on presenting information and comments in an easy and
intelligible manner. The project is very useful for those who want to know about Library
Management System.

      In the last, we gratefully acknowledge and express our gratitude to our project guide Mrs.
Nupur Jain for the guidance, inspiration and constructive suggestions that helpful us in the
preparation of this project.

We also thank our colleagues who have helped in successful completion of the project.

Table of Contents
1. Synopsis                      5

2. Feasibility Study             9

3. Data Tables                   11

4. Data Flow Diagrams            14

5. Entity Relationship Diagram   15

6. Screen Shots of Form          17

7. Future Scope                  22

8. Conclusion                    24

9. Bibliography                  25

Online Library Management System
1. Introduction:-
      1.1 Purpose:-
            The purpose of this application is as follows:

                   The software is for automation of library.

                   It provides following facilities to

                   Can enter details related to a particular book.

                   Can provide membership to members.

                   Can read and write information about any member.

                   Can update, create, and delete the record of membership as per
                    requirement and implementation plants.

2. Scope:
The different areas where we can use this application are :
     Any education institute can make use of it for providing information about author,
      content of the available books.

     It can be used in offices and modifications can be easily done according to

3. Technology Used:
      UML, J2EE, XML, e-Forms, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA.

      Eclipse/ RAD / Lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory

      DB2 Express – „C‟ or DB2 UDB.

4. Assumptions:
  •   This application is used to convert the manual application to the online application.

  •   Customized data will be used in this application.

  •   User does not have right to enter information about books.

5. Overview:
      The Online Library Management System is designed & developed for a receipt and
      issuance of books in the library along with the student‟s details. The books received
      in the library are entered in Books Entry form and the new student is entered in the
      student entry form. When the student wants to get the desired book the same is
      issued on the availability basis to the student. The issuance and due date for the
      returning of the book is also entered into the Book Issue form under third menu
      Book Issue. The student has to pay the fine if any on the basis of no. of days
      delayed deposit of the book in the library. Project is related to library management
      which provides reading services to its members. Any person can become a member
      of the library by filling a prescribed form.

      They can get the book issued, so that they cab take home and return them.

6. Functionality:
  •   Online membership.

  •   Keeps the track of issues and submission of books.

Feasibility Study
     In feasibility study phase we had undergone through various Steps which are
     describe as under:

  1. Identify the origin of the information at different level.

  2. Identify the expectation of user from computerized System.

  3. Analyze the drawback of existing system (manual) System.

     The staffs of library are involved in the following tasks.

  1. Membership process: person have to fill membership Form and they are provided
     with member id.

     Some of the problems being faced in manual system are as follows:

  1. Fast report generation is not possible.

  2. Tracing a book is difficult.

  3. Information about issue/return of the books are not properly maintained.

  4. No central database can be created as information is not available in database.

     There will be three major components:

  1. Stock maintenance.

  2. Transaction entry.

  3. Reports.

Proposed system provides with following solutions:
  1. It provides "better and efficient" service to members.

  2. Reduce the workload of employee.

  3. Faster retrieval of information about the desired book.

  4. Provide facility for proper monitoring reduce paper work and provide data security.

  5. All details will be available on a click.


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