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Spotlight on The Vintage Rose Boutique _ Botanicals


									                                                                                                                   May 2010

                                 Spotlight on: The Vintage Rose Boutique & Botanicals
                                                                         by Sue Lyle
                               When	Jessica	VanDerKern	found	herself	in	            	paid	off,	and	in	Fitzwilliam,	she	learned	
                               a	position	to	open	a	business	five	years	ago	      not	only	about	managing	a	flower	shop	but	
                               in	Fitzwilliam,	she	did	so	with	great	care	        also	about	the	antique	market	and	the	Mo-
                               and	awareness	of	these	challenging	finan-                                      nadnock	region.		
                               cial	times.		Last	year,	when	it	was	obvious	      The	Vintage	Rose	blends	an	appreciation	of	
                               to	her	that	many	Fitzwilliam	businesses	          antiques	with	Jessica’s	floral	design	knowl-
                               were	closing	their	                                       edge.		For	example,	Jessica	worked	
                               doors	for	good,	Jessi-                                   with	a	bride	to	create	centerpieces	in	
                               ca	made	another	bold	                                    heirloom	teacups.		Currently,	Jessica	
                               choice	and	decided	to	                                  is	preparing	ideas	for	a	summer	wed-
  The Swap Shop is more        move	to	Main	Street	
organized than ever! Thanks                                                             ding	where	the	arrangements	will	be	
                               in	Jaffrey.                                                                   made	in	antique,	
   in part to a generous
donation, new shelving units   Originally	from	Man-                                                                            	
                                                                                                                blue	Ball	jars.	
    have been installed.       chester,	VT,	Jessica	                                                                 The	Vintage	
                               attended	Chester	College	of	New	England	
Inside This Issue              (formerly	White	Pines)	for	photography	
                                                                                                               Rose’s	mission	is	
                                                                                                              well-defined:	“Re-
•	 President’s	Message         and	began	working	in	a	flower	shop	where	                                        gional,	good-for-
	 Page	2                       one	day	she	realized,	“Yes!	                                                      the-planet,	prac-
                               This	is	what	I	am	supposed	                                                     tical-but-fun	gifts	
•		Ron	Despres		    	          to	be	doing.		My	boss,	                                and	accessories	for	the	home	&	garden.”	     	
	 Memorial	Golf	Classic        recently	out	of	floral	design	                        Jeremy	and	Jessica	acquire	some	of	their	
	 Coming	June	11               college,	taught	me	every-                                   vintage	inventory	by	attending	estate	
                               thing	she	knew	and	paid	                                sales	or	by	taking	Sunday	drives	to	look	
	 Page	3
                               me	while	I	learned.”	Jessica	                             for	unique	containers	for	dish	gardens	
                               found	using	her	knowledge	                              or	floral	arrangements.		They	often	peek	
•	 Volunteer	Corner
                               of	color	and	texture	with	                             into	gift	shops	along	the	way,	but	mostly	
	 Page	5
                               plants	and	flowers	to	be	                              to	get	ideas	of	what	not	to	sell.		They	are	
                               more	fulfilling	than	just	taking	photographs.       always	looking	for	gifts	that	you	just	don’t	
•	 MCELC	Hosts	a		 	
	 Chair	Affair                 Five	years	later,	she	and	her	husband,	             see	everywhere	else.		Sometimes,	custom-
	 Page	7                       Jeremy,	moved	to	the	Keene	area.		Jessica	             ers	even	contribute	to	her	inventory.		It’s	
                               began	working	at	In	the	Company	of	Flow-              not	uncommon	for	Jessica	to	arrive	at	the	
                               ers.		Jessica	and	Jeremy	live	in	a	renovated	         shop	and	find	a	box	full	of	glass	vases	on	
•	 Monadnock	Chorus		
                               Fitzwilliam	farmhouse	with	two	rescued	           the	stoop.		Did	you	know	that	the	glass	used	
	 Awarded	$5,000	Grant
                               dogs,	three	rescued	parrots,	and	a	flock	of	         in	vases	cannot	be	recycled?	So,	she	takes	
	 Page	8
                               free-range	chickens	(yes,	fresh	eggs	are	               in	all	the	strays	and	reuses	them,	saving	
                               available	in	the	shop).	One	hectic	day,	she	                               them	from	the	landfill.
•	 FPU	Welcomes	Dr.			         was	excited	to	hear	that	another	local	florist	
	 James	Birge	as	Fourth		                                                         With	a	lifetime	concern	about	our	environ-
                               was	opening	a	branch	in	Fitzwilliam	a	mere	         ment,	Jessica	and	her	husband	Jeremy,	an	
	 President                    four	minutes	from	her	home.		She	ap-
	 Page	9                                                                             English	teacher	at	Keene	High	School,	
                               proached	the	owner	and	said,	“I	would	like	
                               to	run	your	new	store.”		Her	bold	act                                   Vintage Rose turn to pg. 9
Page	2

From the President
               Global              designed	to	“take	back”	the	     that	are	key	to	the	vitality	of	   Year	round,	the	Jaffrey	
               Economy?            local	economy	–	to	bring	it	     the	system,	then	how	does	         Chamber	puts	great	effort	
               Bring it            back	home.                       a	healthy	community	make	          into	doing	our	part	to	con-
               Home!	                                               these	important	exchanges?			      tribute	to	the	enhancement	of	
                                   It	isn’t	news	that	national	and	
                                                                    Relationships.		All	kinds	of	      community	relationships.	A	
                In	the	last	few	   international	corporations	are	
                                                                    relationships:	between	fam-        member	of	the	board	recently	
                decades,	two	      having	an	increasing	effect	
                                                                    ily	members,	friends,	col-         said,	“I	had	no	idea	how	
major	and	related	develop-         on	the	vibrancy	and	viability	
                                                                    leagues,	businesses,	organi-       much	the	Chamber	did	until	
ments	have	enveloped	the	          of	local	businesses.		A	study	
                                                                    zations,	between	government	       I	joined	the	board.”	If	you	
globe	–	the	reality	of	a	truly	    a	research	and	planning	firm	
                                                                    and	its	people,	the	old	and	       don’t	already	volunteer	for	
global	economy	and	a	truly	        conducted	recently	in	Michi-
                                                                    young,	the	rich	and	poor,	         the	Chamber,	consider	the	
horrific	global	economic	          gan	shows	that	out	of	$100	
                                                                    all	of	this	and	more.				We	       benefits	to	you,	your	busi-
collapse.		Whether	we	see	         spent	at	a	non-locally	owned	
                                                                    need	relationships	to	survive.		   ness,	and	the	community.		
these	events	as	evolutionary,	     business,	$43	dollars	stays	
                                                                    Medical	studies	have	shown	        There	are	plenty	of	opportu-
de-evolutionary	or	revolu-         in	the	community.	However,	
                                                                    that	a	person	lives	longer	        nities	to	join	others	to	create	
tionary,	the	fact	is	the	world	    that	amount	increases	by	
                                                                    when	she	or	he	has	multiple	       opportunities	to	have	fun,	
is	a	different	place	than	it	      58%	to	$68	when	that	same	
                                                                    friendships.		The	importance	      exchange	ideas,	and	distrib-
was	not	so	long	ago.		One	of	      $100	is	spent	at	a	locally	
                                                                    of	relationships	to	businesses	    ute	information,	all	of	which	
the	aspects	of	these	changes	      owned	business.	But,	there’s	
                                                                    and	nonprofits	is	undeniable.		    are	part	of	our	community’s	
I	find	both	fascinating	and	       more	to	this	than	the	process	
                                                                                                       circulatory	system.
exciting	is	a	whole	host	of	       of	circulating	dollars	through	 What	is	it	that	gets	trans-
activities	and	efforts	that	       the	community.                   ferred	through	these	relation-     In	this	global	economy,	we	
might	be	captured	in	the	                                           ships?		Numerous	important	        urge	you	to	support	your	
                                   Consider	the	premise	that	no	
phrase	“buy	locally.”	These	                                        things	are	exchanged	in	a	         fellow	Chamber	members	
                                   organism	can	maintain	health	
efforts	and	activities	com-                                         community	circulatory	sys-         and	buy	locally.		Ensure	the	
                                   without	a	circulatory	system.	
prise	the	fabric	of	an	increas-                                     tem.		Power	and	influence,	        health	of	our	community;	get	
                                   If	the	purpose	of	circula-
ingly	powerful	force	that	is	                                       emotional	support,	informa-        out	and	walk	around	town,	
                                   tion	is	to	exchange	things	
                                                                    tion,	mentoring	and	guid-          volunteer,	circulate,	Bring	it	
                                                                    ance,	resources	and	access	        home!		It’ll	do	you	good	and	
                                                                    to	them	-	there	are	prob-          will	do	good	for	others.		
                                                                    ably	hundreds	of	important	
                                                “things”	that	are	exchanged	
                                                                    between	us	every	day.		
                                                                                                                     Lee Bruder

                                                                    Bellows-Nichols Agency to Acquire
                                                                    Contoocook Valley Insurance Agency
                                                                                                       30	years,	is	retiring.	Clients	
                                                                                                       will	be	serviced	out	of	our	
                                                                                                       Antrim	office	at	26	Main	
                                                                                                       Street	or	from	any	one	of	our	
                                                                                                       other	offices	in	Peterborough,	
                                                                                                       Hancock,	New	Ipswich	and	
                                                                       Contookcook	Valley	Insurance	   Jaffrey.
                                                                              Antrim	Office
                                                                                                       Co-Operative	Insurance,	
                                                                    Bellows-Nichols	Agency	is	         headquartered	in	Middlebury,	
                                                                    acquiring	the	Contoocook	          VT,	specializes	in	farm	busi-
                                                                    Valley	Insurance	Agency	in	        ness	-	insuring	everything	
    Thank you, Jean and Don Nelson, for your steadfast
 support of The Park Theatre and for everything you have
                                                                    Antrim	as	of	May	1.                from	large	horse	and	dairy	
  done to move the project forward. You may be heading              John	Robertson,	agent	for	         farms	to	maple	sugar	and
 south, but your panel will forever be in Jaffrey, part of the      Farm	Family	Insurance	and	         U-pick	farms,	as	well	as	
 5th Mountain Mural & reminder of our happy association.            the	Co-Operative	Insur-            home,	auto	and	business	
                                                                    ance	Companies	for	over	           insurance.
                                                                                                                                 Page	3

 Coming Events                        New Date for the Ron Despres Golf Classic
           Need	a	few	helpful	
           hints	when	it	comes	       Mark	your	calendar	for	
           to	gardening?	Coll’s       Friday, June 11.	That’s	
           Garden Center &            when	the	Jaffrey	Chamber	
           Florist of Jaffrey	will	   of	Commerce	will	present	
be	offering	a	series	of	Basic         the	Ron	Despres	Memorial	
Gardening Classes	with	Bon-           Golf	Classic	at	the	Shattuck	
nie	Coll	Cutter.	All	classes	will	    Golf	Club	in	Jaffrey,	NH.	
be	held	at	the	Garden	Center	at	      Registration	begins	at	8	am	
63	North	Street	in	Jaffrey	from	
                                      with	donuts	and	coffee	and	
6:15	-	7:15	pm.
                                      the	opportunity	to	buy	mul-
May 3: What, when, where to           ligans	and	raffle	tickets	for	
plant                                 great	items.	At	8:45	am,	one	     to	the	coveted	Ron	Despres	      ever-popular	raffle	board,	to	
May 10: Dividing, pruning,            lucky	golfer	will	get	a	chance	   Memorial	Cup	in	recognition	     $100	for	being	a	hole	spon-
feeding and dead heading              to	putt	for	$2,500,	and	at	9	     of	their	achievement.	The	       sor	and	just	$1,000	for	a	full	
May 17: Harvesting, grading           am,	the	tournament	begins	        day	will	wind	down	with	a	       corporate	sponsorship.	Cor-
crop success, putting beds to         with	a	shotgun-start	scramble	    cash	bar,	delicious	barbeque	    porate	sponsorship	at	$1,000	
bed                                   format.                           and	an	award	presentation.       includes	a	foursome	in	the	
The	cost	is	$10	per	class,	per	       Throughout	the	course	there	     So	get	your	foursome	to-          tournament.	Or	you	can	pro-
person.	Bring	a	notebook	if	you	      will	be	contests	offering	       gether	and	get	ready	for	a	       vide	a	company	promotional	
wish!	To	register	for	classes,	       participants	a	chance	to	win	    great	day	of	golf.	The	price	     item	for	the	gift	bag	given	to	
call	532-7516	•                                                                                          each	golfer.	Webber	Energy	
                                      cash,	trips,	golf	equipment,	    is	the	same	as	it	has	been	for	
Coming	soon	to	the	Peterbor-          pro	shop	credit,	and	more.	      the	past	three	years--	$100	      Fuels	will	once	again	be	a	
ough Players: National The-                                                                              corporate	sponsor.
atre: Live - The Habit of Art.        There	will	be	long	drive	and	 for	an	individual	and	$400	
                                      closest	to	the	pin	contests	     for	a	foursome.		Each	year	       To	find	out	about	sponsorship	
May	8,	2:00	pm	London’s	                                               a	portion	of	the	proceeds	is	     opportunities	or	if	you	need	
                                      for	men	and	women.	Back	
National	Theatre	will	film	Alan	                                       donated	to	an	area	charity	or	    a	registration	form	for	your	
Bennett’s	The	Habit	of	Art	live	      by	popular	demand	will	be	
                                      the	“zinger	box”	on	the	third	 non-profit	organization.	Re-        foursome,	call	the	Jaffrey	
and	broadcast	it	via	satellite.	
                                      hole	with	proceeds	to	ben-       cent	beneficiaries	have	been	     Chamber	office	at	532-4549,	
Nicholas	Hytner	directs	this	
                                      efit	the	Jaffrey	Food	Pantry.		 The	Community	Center	and	          and	we’ll	send	the	informa-
new	play	about	a	fictional	
meeting	between	the	poet	W.H.	        And,	if	there	is	enough	inter- Meals	on	Wheels.	This	year’s	       tion	to	you.
Auden	and	the	composer	Benja-         est,	we	will	create	a	women’s	 recipient	will	be	Shelter	          Remember	the	date	is	June	
min	Britten.	Tickets:	$22	adults,	    division	with	individual	        From	the	Storm.                   11.	We	hope	to	see	you	at	the	
$18	students.	Box	Office:	924-        awards	based	on	the	number	 Can’t	attend	but	would	still	          Shattuck!
7585	or	online:	www.peterbor-
                                      of	foursomes	entered.	Teams	 like	to	be	involved?	Oppor-	•                                                                                                    Sponsored By:
                                      finishing	in	the	top	five	spots	 tunities	are	available	ranging	
On	May	11	at	12	noon,	the	            will	receive	pro	shop	cred-      from	a	gift	certificate	from	
Jaffrey Woman’s Club	will	            its,	and	the	first	place	team	   your	business,	which	gets	
hold	its	Annual Meeting	with	a	
                                      will	have	their	names	added	 your	company	name	on	the	
               Events turn to pg. 8
Page	4

             April Chamber Events                                          Budget Blinds Establishes Relationship
                      Breakfast                                            with Syd’s Carpet And Snooze Room
              Franklin Pierce University                                   Budget	Blinds,	the	largest	         of	Survey.	While	Syd’s	has	
                                                                           and	fastest	growing	window	         offered	its	customers	Hunter	
                                                                           covering	company	of	its	kind	       Douglas	window	treatments	
                                                                           in	the	United	States,	and	Syd’s	    for	many	years,	it	has	never	
                                                                           Carpet	And	Snooze	Room	of	          been	a	primary	focus	of	our	
                                                                           Keene	announce	their	new	           business	as	it	is	for	Budget	
                                                                           integrated	relationship.            Blinds,	evidenced	by	their	
                                                                           Budget	Blinds	of	Keene	has	         diversity	of	offering	and	level	
                                                                           installed	a	selection	of	window	    of	customer	satisfaction.		This	
                                                                           treatments	at	Syd’s	Carpet	         relationship	will	allow	us	to	
                                                                           And	Snooze	Room,	including	         provide	our	customers	with	an	
  Dr. James Birge                                                          cellular,	pleated,	Roman	and	       even	broader	range	of	options,	
                          Photos courtesy of Marilyn Weir Photography.                                         including	Hunter	Douglas,	for	
                                                                           solar	shades,	as	well	as	blinds,	
                                                                           to	provide	customers	with	          a	complete	home	decor	experi-
                                                                           a	familiarity	of	their	unique	      ence.”
                                                                           and	diverse	range	of	window	        Larry	Sportello,	Owner/Opera-
                                                                           coverings.                          tor	of	the	area	Budget	Blinds	
                                                                           Syd’s	Carpet	And	Snooze	            franchise,	noted	that	“As	win-
                                                                           Room,	located	on	Saint	James	       dow	treatments	are	furniture	
                                                                           St.	in	Keene,	one	of	the	area’s	    for	your	windows,	it	is	only	a	
                                                                           leading	furniture	and	floor-        natural	correlation	to	co-locate	
   Sequoya Technolo-                                                       ing	stores	with	over	89	years	      our	displays	with	a	store	and	a	
gies was our breakfast                                                     in	business,	has	teamed	up	         businessman	that	are	synony-
  sponsor. Tom Strick-      Eric Lorimer, Chub Whitten, Ben Wheeler
                                          & Jay Eason.                     with	Budget	Blinds	to	provide	      mous	with	furniture	and	floor-
 land owner, spoke on
  their Sequoya Seeds                                                      their	customers	with	a	more	        ing	in	the	greater	Monadnock	
   donation program.                                                       complete	and	comprehensive	         region.”		Syd’s	can	be	seen	at	
                  Chamber After Hours                                      shopping	experience.                http://sydscarpetandsnoozeroom.
                                                                           According	to	store	owner	John	      com	and	budget	blinds	at	
                                                                           Croteau,	“We	were	very	im-
                                                                           pressed	with	the	rapid	growth	      While	Budget	Blinds	will	
                                                                           Budget	Blinds	has	experienced	      continue	to	provide	a	complete	
                                                                           in	the	less	than	18	months	         in-home	(or	business)	shop-
                                                                           they	have	been	in	business,	        ping	experience,	customers	
                                                                           having	also	been	voted	#1	by	       will	have	an	opportunity	to	see	
                                                                           readers	of	the	Monadnock	           a	sampling	of	products	in	this	
                                                                           Shopper	in	their	2010	Best	         storefront	setting.

   Linda Harris, Bonnie                                                    New Drop-In Bereavement Support Group
  Benner, Ann Chamber-
  lain, Frank Mieso and    Charlie Palmer, Bruce Pelletier, Lisa Murray,   Hospice	at	HCS	announced	           and	ways	to	cope	with	loss.	
        Jeff Crocker.       Audrey Cass, Melanie McDonald, Suzanne         its	new	drop-in	bereavement	        They	also	will	be	able	to	share	
                                      Mieso and Roy Stone.                 support	and	grief	education	        support	and	understanding	by	
                                                                           sessions	now	available	at	the	      talking	with	others	about	cop-
                                                                           Bond	Wellness	Center	at	Mo-         ing	with	grief.
                                                                           nadnock	Community	Hospital.	        For	more	information	call	
                                                                           Beginning	Thurs.,	May	6	and	        Lynn	Anne	Palmer,	bereave-
                                                                           20,	then	continuing	every	first	    ment	coordinator	with	Hospice	
                                                                           and	third	Thurs.	through	De-        at	HCS,	at	532-8353	or	1-800-
                                                                           cember,	Hospice	at	HCS	will	        541-4145.
                                                                           provide	drop-in	bereavement	
                                                                           support	and	grief	resources	        Hospice	at	HCS	provides	
                                                                           from	10	to	11	a.m.	at	the	Well-     end-of-life	care	at	home	and	
  Our host, Sunflowers owner          It was standing room only at the     ness	Center	Conference	Room.	       in	assisted	living	and	in	long-	
 Carolyn Edwards with Chamber                April After Hours!                                                term	care	facilities	throughout	
     President Lee Bruder.                                                 Participants	will	learn	more	       southwestern	New	Hampshire.
                                                                           about	the	grieving	process	
                                                                                                                                  Page	5

  Member News
The	MSPAlliance	(MSPA),	          of	The	River	Center.		
the	International	Association	  “Our	staff	is	an	amazing	
of	Managed	Service	Provid-      group	of	individuals,	and	we	         SHOP, SHOP,
ers	(,	     have	a	unique	opportunity	
today	announced	that	Se-                                              SHOP….                             of	charge	and	open	to	the	
                                with	the	merger	to	emerge	a	          LOCALLY ON
quoya Technologies Group,       stronger	organization.”		Her	                                            public.
LLC	has	become	a	member	        initial	focus	areas	are	staff	        SATURDAY, MAY 15!                  The	Expo	will	also	feature	a	
of	the	MSPAlliance.             team-building,	outreach	into	         The	Jaffrey	Chamber	of	            few	demonstrations	through-
The	MSPAlliance	is	the	old-     surrounding	towns	supported	          Commerce	announces	its	            out	the	day,	which	include:	
est	Managed	Services	group	     by	River	Center	programs,	            6th	annual	Business	Expo	to	
and	the	only	Accrediting	and	 and	expanding	volunteer	sup-            showcase	local	businesses.	        	 10:30	am:	Container Gar-
Standards	based	body	for	the	 port	for	the	River	Center.		“I	         Themed	“Shop	locally,”	this	         dening presented	by
Managed	Services	Industry.	     am	excited	to	visit	communi-          event	has	grown	exponen-           	 Coll’s	Garden	Center;	
With	over	9,000	members	        ties	and	explain	our	programs	        tially	over	the	years	and	it	is	   	 11:30	am:	Egg Cookery
world-wide,	the	MSPAlliance	 and	volunteer	opportunities.		           now	your	chance	to	see	what	         with Linda Stavely
is	a	very	powerful	and	influ-   Volunteers	make	the	expan-            the	local	businesses	have	to	      	 presented	by	Bentley
ential	global	organization,	    sion	of	our	programs	pos-             offer	you!	                        	 Commons	at	Keene
working	to	promote	the	man- sible.”
aged	services	industry	to	the	 Margaret	has	served	as	a	              You	would	be	surprised	at	         	 12:30	pm:	Resume Magic:
business	consumer.	MSPAll-                                            how	many	places	you	didn’t	          10 tips for a better resume		
                                Teaching	Director	of	the	Mo-
iance	member	companies’	are	 nadnock	Community	Bible	                 even	know	exist	in	the	local	      	 presented	by
able	to	achieve	Green	IT	Cer- Study.		She	is	a	resident	of	           area	or	what	some	of	these	        	 The	River	Center.
tifications,	Disaster	Recovery	 Dublin	and	volunteered	for	           businesses	do;	some	have	
Certifications,	and	ultimately	 local	organizations	such	as	          expanded	services	that	you	        A	new	addition	joining	us	
achieve	MSPAlliance	Ac-                                               may	not	have	realized.             this	year	is	Gold	Party	New	
                                the	ConVal	district,	Trinity	
credited	Provider	Status.                                                                                England	so	bring	your	old	
                                Evangelical	Church	and	Girl	          Some	of	the	exhibitors	in	
“It’s	a	great	resource	for	       Scouts.                                                                and	unwanted	gold,	and	a	
                                                                      years	past	have	heard	com-
us,”	said	Tom	Strickland,	                                                                               gold	party	specialist	will	be	
                                  On	March	1,	The	River	              ments	such	as	“I	didn’t	even	
President	of	Sequoya	Tech-                                                                               on	hand	to	test	and	weigh	
                                  Center	and	Family	Center	of	        know	you	were	here”	or	
nologies.	“Membership	in	                                                                                your	gold,	handing	you	a	
                                  Greater	Peterborough	com-           “Oh	I	didn’t	know	you	did	
MSPAlliance	will	help	our	                                                                               check	right	on	the	spot!		
                                  pleted	the	legal	aspects	of	a	      that”;	that	is	why	this	is	not	
ongoing	efforts	to	provide	       merger,	which	formed	The	           only	their	chance	to	show-         Good	Shepherd	Rehabilita-
the	highest	possible	level	of	    River	Center:	A	Family	and	         case	their	business,	it	is	your	   tion	&	Nursing	Center	and	
service	to	our	clients.”          Community	Resource	Center.          chance	to	learn	about	them.        TEAM	Jaffrey	will	be	selling	
“We	are	honored	to	have	                                                                                 breakfast	and	lunch	choices	
                                  The	River	Center	is	located	        Local	businesses	are	part	of	
Sequoya	Technologies	as	a	        at	46	Concord	Street.		It	is	                                          for	your	pleasure,	and	there	
                                                                      the	backbone	of	our	econo-
member	of	our	association,”	      a	Monadnock	United	Way	                                                will	be	hourly	door	prizes	
                                                                      my,	and	it	is	more	important	
said	Charles	Weaver,	MS-          agency	and	is	supported	by	                                            donated	by	local	businesses.	
                                                                      now	then	ever	to	give	them	
PAlliance	president.	“By	up-      the	A.	Erland	and	Hazel	N.	                                            So	make	sure	you	come	
holding	the	Managed	Service	                                          our	support.
                                  Goyette	Memorial	Fund	of	                                              support	our	local	businesses.	
Provider’s	Code	of	Ethics	        the	New	Hampshire	Chari-            The	Business	Expo	is	a	great	
                                                                                                         It’s	a	great	day	for	every-
and	high	technical	standards,	    table	Foundation,	the	Fin-          way	to	experience	the	su-
                                                                                                         body	to	enjoy.	And	while	
Sequoya	will	help	ensure	the	     lay	Foundation,	and	many	           preme	services	and	products	
integrity	of	our	profession.”	•                                                                          you’re	there,	check	out	the	
                                  local	donors.		River	Center	        of	your	local	community!		
                                                                                                         emergency	equipment	of	the	
The River Center	is	pleased	 programs	include:		Assisted	             And	statistics	show	that	for	
                                                                                                         Jaffrey	Fire	Department	and	
to	announce	our	new	Ex-           Information	and	Referral,	          every	$100	spent	at	a	local	
                                                                                                         Jaffrey-Rindge	Memorial	
ecutive	Director,	Margaret	       the	Employment	Resource	            independent	business,	ap-
                                                                                                         Ambulance	Service.		
Nelson.		Margaret	has	experi- Center,	Family	Education	               proximately	$68	stays	in	the	
ence	in	healthcare	Human	         Programs	and	Money	Mat-             community.                                  Sponsored By:
Resources	and	organizing	         ters.		For	more	information	        The	“Shop	Locally”	Busi-
and	leading	nonprofit	volun-      or	to	assist	with	any	of	these	     ness	Expo	will	be	held	at	
teer	activities.		She	is	looking	 programs,	please	call:		924-        Conant	High	School’s	Pratt	
forward	to	applying	her	expe- 2159.	•
                                                                      Auditorium	from	9	am	to	2	
rience	to	advance	the	mission	            Member News turn to pg. 6   pm	on	May	15th	and	is	free	
Page	6

April Showers Bring May Flowers; It’s Time to Landscape!                                              Member News cont.
May	is	a	great	time	to	add	                                        you	want	it	to	be.	Whether	a	    Home Healthcare, Hospice
plants	to	your	landscape.	                                         formal	evergreen	garden,	a	      and Community Services	
Whether	it	is	a	large	shade	                                       lively	butterfly	garden,	or	an	                    (HCS)	has	
tree	or	a	small	shrub,	new	                                        abundance	of	aromatic	won-                         announced	
plants	will	add	beauty	and	                                        ders,	you	can	create	it.	                          the	pro-
value	to	your	home.	How-                                           My	favorite	area	at	our	home	                      motion	of	
ever,	there	are	several	things	   provide	food	for	our	wildlife.	                                                     Donna	Joyal,	
                                                                   in	Jaffrey	is	our	back	porch.	
to	consider	when	selecting	       A	couple	of	native	trees	are	                                                       BSN,	to	
                                                                   As	we	spend	much	time	out	
plants	for	your	landscape.        the	American	Hornbeam	                                                              team	leader	
                                                                   there,	it	is	surrounded	by	
•Size	–	Proper	size	selection	    Carpinus	caroliniana	and	                                         for	Hospice	at	HCS.		Joyal	
                                                                   fragrant	blossoms.	We	have	
is	very	critical	when	choos-      Black	Gum	Nyssa	sylvatica.	                                       will	provide	field	supervision	
                                                                   a	cluster	of	Koreanspice	
ing	a	plant.                      Serviceberry	Amelanchier	ar-                                      for	the	hospice	nursing	staff	
                                                                   Viburnum	Viburnum	carlesii	
•Sun	Exposure	–	Some	plants	      borea,	Common	Witchhazel	                                         serving	Jaffrey	and	the	18	
                                                                   offering	an	amazing	scent	
prefer	full	sun,	partial	shade	   Hamamelis	virginiana,	and	                                        towns	that	are	served	by	the	
                                                                   from	its	spring	flowers.	We	
or	full	shade.                    Winterberry	Ilex	verticillata	                                    HCS	Peterborough	Office,	
                                                                   also	have	a	Fringetree	Chion- located	on	Community	Lane.		
•Moisture	–	Some	plants	pre-      are	some	great	shrubs	to	add	
                                                                   anthus	virginicus	which	is	a	    She	also	will	be	responsible	
fer	dry	and	others	prefer	wet.    to	your	landscape.
                                                                   beautiful	native	plant	with	its	 for	orienting	new	hospice	
•Soil	–	This	is	the	“food”	for	   Some	other	points	to	con-        softly	fragrant	white	flowers	 staff	and	will	maintain	a	case	
your	new	plant.	Some	plants	      sider	when	choosing	a	plant	     in	spring.	After	the	spring	
require	few	nutrients	and	can	                                                                      management	position,	over-
                                  would	be	the	landscape	value	 aromas	pass,	we	wait	for	the	 seeing	all	facets	of	a	patient’s	
survive	anywhere	while	other	     to	you.	Some	plants	have	        late	summer	amazing	fra-         care.	
plants	have	high	fertility	       beautiful	flowers,	interest-     grance	of	the	Summersweet	
requirements.                     ing	foliage,	exfoliating	bark,	 Clethra	Clethra	alnifolia.	We	 Joyal	has	been	with	HCS	
•Hardiness	–	This	is	the	plant	                                                                     for	25	years	working	in	all	
                                  fragrant	blossoms,	or	edible	    have	the	“Ruby	Spice”	cul-
zoned	for	New	Hampshire.                                                                            aspects	of	visiting	nurse	ser-
                                  fruit.	You	must	also	consider	 tivar	which	provides	us	with	
Most	plants	are	tagged	with	                                                                        vices	and	hospice	care.		She	
                                  the	seasons.	A	beautiful	gar-    pink	flowers	that	is	a	haven	
this	information.	If	no	tag	is	                                                                     has	a	bachelor’s	degree	in	
                                  den	is	one	that	is	colorful	all	 for	bees	to	play	in.	This	is	    social	services	and	a	bach-
present,	ask	the	nursery	when	    year.	Even	though	it	is	May,	 also	a	great	plant	for	shade	
you	are	purchasing	the	plant.                                                                       elor’s	degree	in	nursing—	
                                  try	to	consider	what	your	       and	wet	areas.	                  both	from	the	University	of	
When	you	decide	to	add	           landscape	will	look	like	in	                                      New	Hampshire.	Prior	to	
plants,	there	are	so	many	to	     January.                         As	I	write	this,	I	can	see	the	  joining	HCS,	Joyal	worked	at	
choose	from.	Choosing	na-         Non-native	plants	also	add	      Viburnum	buds	swelling	and	 the	Cheshire	Medical	Center	
tive	plants	can	be	the	easiest	   beauty	and	have	a	place	in	      look	forward	to	the	sweet	       in	Keene.	
and	most	rewarding.	Us-           your	landscape.	As	in	the	       smells	that	will	be	here	soon.	 Joyal	is	a	resident	of	New	
ing	native	plants	has	many	       name	of	our	company,	the	        Enjoy	your	landscape	and	        Boston	and	volunteers	for	
advantages	including	winter	      Katsuratree	Cercidiphyllum	      make	of	it	what	you	like.        the	Community	Church	of	
hardiness,	pest	resistance,	      japonicum	is	a	beautiful	tree	                                    New	Boston.	Hospice	at	HCS	
and	low	maintenance	needs.	       with	an	apricot	orange	fall	     For	over	10	years,	Katsura	      is	a	non-profit	organization	
Many	of	the	native	plants	        color.	                          Landscaping	has	provided	        providing	end-of-life	care	at	
not	only	add	beauty	but	also	                                      lawn	care	and	landscap-          home	and	in	assisted	living	
                                  Your	landscape	is	whatever	      ing	services	including	plant	    and	in	long-term	care	facili-
                                                                   maintenance	and	installation	 ties	throughout	southwestern	
                                                                   to	private	homes	as	well	as	     New	Hampshire.	•
                                                                   commercial	and	municipal-        The	Park	Theatre	inaugu-
                                                                   ity	properties.	Our	company	 rated	its	event	volunteer	
                                                                   is	focused	on	quality	work	      program,	The	Usher	Club,	
                                                                   and	great	customer	relation-     on	the	evening	of	the	Rock	
                                                                   ships.	We	pride	ourselves	on	 The	Park	concert	at	Wood-
                                                                   our	unparalleled	customer	       bound	Inn	in	April.		The	
                                                                   service.		Please	feel	free	to	   event,	given	as	a	benefit	for	
                                                                   contact	Aaron	Abitz	at	(603)	 the	Theatre,	featured	two	
                                                                   831-1322	or	katsura@my-          local	bands,	Northern	Stone	
                                                                                   Member News turn to pg. 7
                                                                                                                                          Page	7

MCELC Hosts a Chair Affair Benefit June 17
                The	Mo-              Carleton	at	924-1090.              to	a	parent’s	ability	to	pay	
                nadnock	             The	MCELC,	a	non-profit	           based	on	their	income.	To	
                Commu-               organization,	was	founded	         support	such	a	scholarship	
                nity	Early	          in	1970	by	Margaret	Bean	          program,	the	Center	must	
                Learning	            and	friends.	It	provides	a	        seek	financial	assistance	
Center’s	main	fundraising	           safe	and	nurturing	envi-           beyond	monies	received	
event	this	year	is	the	sec-          ronment	for	children	rang-         from	the	State	and	Monad-
ond	“Chair	Affair.”	Local	           ing	in	age	from	six	weeks	         nock	United	Way	through	                 A little rain didn’t dampen the
artists	will	be	decorating	          to	twelve	years.		It	offers	       community	events	and	an	              enthusiasm of those who helped out
40	adult	and	child-size	Ad-          a	sliding	fee	tuition	scaled	      annual	contribution	appeal.              with downtown and roadside
                                                                                                                  clean-up efforts on April 24.
irondack	chairs	purchased	
by	the	Center.	Local	busi-             Member News continued
nesses	and	individuals	
will	sponsor	the	chairs	to	          and	Sheepdip.	Nearly	150	          donate	to	the	Theatre	through	        to	the	State	Committee	on	
                                     fans	danced	the	night	away,	       this	program	should	contact	          Aging	and	has	set	a	high	
help	with	their	cost.	There	         Project	Shakespeare	Players	       Don	Upton	at	876-3626.	•              standard	for	its	members.	A	
will	be	a	Kick-off	Party	            performed	scenes	from	this	                                              strong	advocate	for	outreach	
                                                                        Congratulations	to	Dr.	Owen
on	Thurs.,	June	17	after	            year’s	production,	“Twelfth	                                             to	seniors	in	their	commu-
which	the	chairs	will	be	on	         Night,”	and	door	prizes	and	                         who	was	            nities,	Dr.	Houghton	has	
display	at	local	business	           raffles	were	given	away.		A	                         honored	with	       promoted	Area	Committee	
establishments	through-              dozen	Charter	Members	of	                            a	citation	         on	Aging	in	a	partnership	to	
out	Peterborough,	Jaffrey,	          The	Usher	Club	attended	a	                           from	Gov-           promote	needed	support	in	
                                     dinner	in	their	honor	and	then	                      ernor	John	         physical,	mental	and	spiritual	
Dublin	and	area	towns.		
                                     the	concert.		Tuesday	Wright	                        Lynch.	The	         well-being.	The	State	of	NH	
These	unique	works	of	               is	the	Volunteer	Coordina-                                               is	fortunate	to	have	you	as	a	
art	will	be	auctioned	on	                                               citation	reads:	Dr.	Owen	
                                     tor	for	the	Theatre	and	will	      Houghton,	who	has	honor-              citizen.	On	behalf	of	the	citi-
Sunday,	July	25	at	Noone	            provide	information	about	the	     ably	served	as	the	Chair	             zens	of	NH,	I	commend	you	
Falls.                               program	to	interested	resi-        of	the	State	Committee	on	            for	your	commitment	to	your	
                                     dents.		The	Theatre	will	have	     Aging.	Through	his	tire-              state	and	the	community,	and	
Tickets	are	$30	each	or	             another	series	of	“Popcorn	                                              wish	you	all	the	best	in	the	
$50	per	couple	if	reserved,	                                            less	efforts,	Dr.	Houghton	
                                     Chats”	this	Spring	and	the	        has	brought	a	high	level	of	          future.
$35	and	$60	if	purchased	            Summer	Movie	Nights	series	                                                 Signed Governor John H. Lynch.
                                                                        professionalism	and	respect	
at	the	door.	All	proceeds	           opens	on	July	8	with	“Harry	
will	go	to	supporting	the	           Potter	and	the	Goblet	of	
Center’s	children	and	               Fire”	at	7	pm	at	the	Jaffrey	                  Welcome New Members
families.	Come	join	us	on	           Woman’s	Club.	The	first	step	          The Vintage Rose                    Wellness Education
                                     of	the	Capital	Campaign	con-         Boutique & Botanicals               for Monadnock Seniors
July	25	and	celebrate	the	
                                     tinues	with	the	sale	of	all	the	        27	Main	Street,	Jaffrey          31	Winter	St.,	Peterborough
Early	Learning	Center’s	             CDFA	tax	credits	allotted	for	               Ph.	593-3553                 Ph.	620-1527	or	924-7370
40th	birthday.	For	more	             2010.	Any	businesses	with	a	            Look	for	us	on	Facebook!        Email:
information,	call	Kitty	             NH	tax	liability	who	wish	to
                                                                                      Thank You for Renewing
                                                                                           Business & Non-Profit Members
                                                                        Artisans	Online	Mall	•	Belletete’s	Inc.	•	Coll’s	Farm	•	Daffodils	Flowers	
                                                                        &	Gifts	•	Hill	Family	Insurance	Agency,	Inc.	•	Jaffrey-Rindge	Memorial	
                                                                           Ambulance	•	Kimball	Farm	•	Knights	of	Columbus	•	Monadnock	
                                                                        Community	Hospital	•	Monadnock	Family	Services	•	Monadnock	Music	
                             Residential – Lake – Country Properties      •	Mr.	Mike’s	-	Alliance	Energy	•	New	England	Wood	Pellet,	LLC	•	
                            Two Mountain Road – Rindge, NH 03461             Pelletiers	Sports	•	Peterborough	Players	•	Petersons,	Inc.•	SBC	
                                                                         Consulting	•	SCM	Associates	•	Sterling	Golf	Management	•	TD	Bank	
  Joanne Buck • Broker • Notary Public • Real Estate Consultant                       North	•	Time	To	Ride,	LLC	•	Woodbound	Inn	
   Phone: 603-899-5552                         Cell: 603-731-9555
    Fax: 603-899-2884                         Home: 603-532-8442                          Individual & Family Members
  E-mail: cstar@candicest                             Charles	&	Ann	Royce	•	Kenneth	Geraghty
Page	8

Monadnock Chorus Receives $5,000 Grant                                  Coming Events continued
The	New	Hampshire	Chari-            member	information,	in	addi-
table	Foundation,	Monadnock	        tion	to	donation	and	fundrais-catered	luncheon.	The	program	          the	corner	of	Main	and	School	
Region,	awarded	a	$5000	            ing	information.	You	can	find	will	include	three	students	read-       Streets	in	Jaffrey.		•
Express	Grant	to	the	Monad-         out	more	about	eTapestry	at	  ing	their	prize-winning	essays	         Eve	Kodiak	to	Perform	on	
nock	Chorus.	Chorus	Presi-        about	women.	These	awards	              Mother’s	Day
                                                                  have	been	given	out	each	year	
dent	Amy	Knight	and	Chorus	         The	Chorus	needs	to	raise	an	 for	15	years.	Also,	community	          First Church	will	launch	its	
Treasurer	Leslie	McLean	            additional	$3000	to	com-                                              2010 concert series on	May	
                                                                  women	who	have	received	our	
made	the	announcement	              plete	this	update.	Please	go	 Adult	Continuing	Education	             9	at	3	pm	with	a	very	special	
on	April	2.	The	grant	will	         to	the	Chorus	website,	www.   awards	will	give	an	update	on	          performance	by	pianist	Eve
partially	fund	upgrades	to	the	                                                                           Kodiak, “Love	Songs	and	Lulla-
                          ,	if	you	 their	advancements.	•
Chorus’s	website	to	make	it	                                                                              bies	for	Mother’s	Day.”	This	is	
                                    would	like	to	make	a	dona-         Tuesdays,	May	25,	June	8	and	
more	efficient	and	easier	to	                                                                             an	all-new	program	of	the	songs	
                                    tion.                              June	22,	5:30	-7:30	pm	Pop-
use.                                                                                                      that	rocked	you	to	sleep,	scored	
                                    The	New	Hampshire	Chari-           corn	Chat	Tours	of	The Park        your	love	life,	and	inspired	your	
McLean	explained	how	the	           table	Foundation	has	been	         Theatre	with	complimentary	        dreams.		Eve	Kodiak	spins	a	
grant	will	improve	the	site:	                                          wine	&	cheese	tasting	afterward	   seamless	stream	of	melodies.
                                    improving	the	quality	of	life	
“The	grant	will	allow	us	to	                                           at	Sunflowers.	Featured	wine	
                                    in	our	communities	since	                                             Come,	listen,	be	enveloped	in	
have	eTapestry	redesign	the	                                           will	be	from	LaBelle	Winery	in	
                                    1962.	It	builds	and	manages	a	     Amherst	NH!	•                      beautiful	memories	-	and	par-
website,	allow	us	to	purchase	      collection	of	charitable	funds,	                                      ticipate	in	the	making	of	a	new	
eTapestry’s	Ecommerce	pack-         totaling	nearly	$490	million,	     “The Nurse Is In”	Thursday,	       CD!		The	Sleep	Like	A	Baby	
age	and	eTapestry’s	Shopping	       created	by	individuals,	fami-      May	20.	A	wellness	nurse	from	     CD	will	be	recorded	Mother’s	
Cart.		These	features	will	         lies	and	corporations.	The	        Home Healthcare, Hospice &         Day	weekend	at	First	Church	
enable	us	to	take	registrations	                                       Community Services	will	be	        in	Jaffrey,	and	available	later	in	
                                    Foundation	is	non-partisan,	
on	line	and	have	them	process	                                         available	at	the	Jaffrey	VFW,	     the	summer.	For	a	preview,	go	
                                    frequently	playing	the	role	
right	into	our	membership	                                             22	Hathorn	Road,	from	11	a.m.	     to	
                                    of	convener	and	catalyst	on	a	     -	1:00	p.m.	You	can	have	your	
and	fundraising	program.	We	        broad	spectrum	of	issues	that	                                        and	click	once	to	hear	selections	
will	be	able	to	offer	a	much	                                          blood	pressure	checked	and	ask	    from	the	concert	program.
                                    affect	our	state.	                 health	questions.	No	appoint-
better	ticket	sale	page	and	sell	                                                                         This	is	the	first	in	the	2010		se-
                                    The	Foundation	awarded	            ment	is	necessary;	the	service	
ancillaries	like	concert	CDs	                                                                             ries	of	Sunday	afternoon	musi-
                                    more	than	$33	million	in	          is	provided	free	of	charge	to	
and	any	other	fundraising	                                                                                cal	performances	sponsored	by	
                                    grants,	scholarships	and	          residents	of	all	ages.	For	more	
items.	                                                                information,	call	352-2253	or	
                                                                                                          the	First	Church	in	Jaffrey	and		
                                    initiatives	in	2007;	more	than	                                       planned	under	the	artistic	direc-
Our	donations	page	will	be	                                            1-800-541-4145	or	visit	www.
                                    $125	million	in	just	the	past	                                        tion	of	Gene	Faxon,	its	Minister	
improved	and	will	integrate	                                 •	
                                    five	years.	Based	in	Concord,	                                        of	Music.		No	reservations	are	
with	eTapestry,	saving	more	        the	Foundation	roots	itself	       May	22	from	8-1	pm	The Jaf-        necessary,	and	the	suggested	
time	for	the	Treasurer	and	         in	communities	across	the	         frey Woman’s Club	will	hold	       donation	per	adult	is	$10.	First	
ensuring	that	our	donor	data-                                          its	annual	Everybody Needs         Church	is	located	off	Rte.	124	
                                    state	through	seven	regions	
base	is	updated	in	real	time.	                                         More Plants Sale!	Available	       on	Laban	Ainsworth	Way	in	
                                    including	Lakes,	Manchester,	
Gift	acknowledgements	will	                                            for	purchase	are	shrubs,	herbs,	   Jaffrey	Center,	2	miles	west	of	
                                    Monadnock,	Nashua,	North	
be	sent	immediately	using	the	                                         annuals,	perennials	and	house	     downtown	Jaffrey.	Free	parking	
                                    Country,	Piscataqua	and	Up-        plants.	Something	for	everyone!	
new	software.”                      per	Valley.	For	more	informa-                                         is	available	along	the	common	
eTapestry	is	the	program	that	                                         The	Woman’s	Club	is	located	in	    and	in	front	of	the	Meeting-
                                    tion,	visit,	or	      the	Cutler	Memorial	Building	at	
the	Chorus	uses	to	manage	its	                                                                            house.	•
                                    call	603-225-6641.

                                                                                                    Specialists Dedicated to
                                                                                                         Business and
                                                                                                      Nonprofit Success
                                                                                                          (603) 313-3000

                                                                         Strategic	Planning	 	Team	Building	 	Management	Coaching
                                                                               	Change	Management	 	Leadership	Development	
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Vintage Rose from pg. 1
strive	earnestly	to	keep	their	    a	frequent	tea	and	coffee	         ment	as	a	unique	work	of	
products	“green”	and	re-           buyer’s	card	so	that	you	can	      art.”		I	noticed	a	beautiful	set	
cycled.			As	a	fun	example,	       enjoy	her	many	flavors	of	         of	vintage	cabbage-leaf	tea	
they	offer	windowsill	seed	        coffee,	Republic	of	Tea,	and	      cups	that	she	believes	will	
gardens	that	grow	in	contain-      Portsmouth	loose	Tea.	There	       work	well	for	Mother’s	Day	
ers	made	from	biodegradable	       are	two	custom	coffee	blends	      floral	arrangements.		I	would	
rice	hulls.		Toss	the	container	   that	are	especially	popular,	      have	to	agree.
out	that	same	window,	and	it	      “Mornings	on	Monadnock”	           The	Vintage	Rose,	located	at	
will	decompose.	Jessica	and	       and	“Moon	over	Monadnock.”	        27	Main	St,	Jaffrey	(593-
Jeremy	search	for	products	        “We	do	not	want	to	be	a	           3553)	will	be	participating	
where	there	is	little	waste,	      traditional	flower	shop.”	         in	The	Spring	Round	Robin	
and	do	not	even	use	plastic	       Noting	that	there	are	already	     Gift	Shop	Tour	from	April	
to	wrap	their	flowers.	Jessica	    good	florists	in	the	area,	the	    29-May	2	along	with	four	
states	that	“one	of	our	main	                                                                             for	a	visit	and	to	meet	Jes-
                                   Vintage	Rose’s	niche	is	to	        other	locally-owned	shops.		        sica’s	singing	canary,	Apol-
goals	is	to	reduce	our	carbon	     provide	“earth-friendly	gifts	     There	will	be	free	refresh-
footprint	as	much	as	possible	                                                                            lo?		And	do	be	sure	to	ask	
                                   for	the	home	and	garden	and	       ments,	a	free	gift,	and	free	       questions;	you’re	bound	to	
by	working	with	environ-           to	treat	each	floral	arrange-      raffles.	So,	why	not	stop	in	
mentally-minded	companies	                                                                                learn	something	surprising.
and	individuals.”                  Dr. James Birge Becomes the Fourth President of FPU
The	Vintage	Rose	offers	a	
                                   James	F.	Birge	was	ap-             enrollment,	and	implemented	        tion	topic	was	“Academic	
variety	of	seasonal	merchan-
                                   pointed	the	fourth	President	      the	restructuring	of	the	uni-       Presidents	as	Public	Lead-
dise	such	as	cards,	jewelry,	
                                   of	Franklin	Pierce	University	     versity’s	long-term	debt.           ers.”
candles,	soaps,	gourmet	
                                   by	the	Board	of	Trustees	on	       Prior	to	arriving	at	Wheel-         “The	board	was	impressed	
foods,	and	home	decor	
                                   April	7,	2009	and	assumed	         ing	Jesuit,	Dr.	Birge	served	       with	Dr.	Birge’s	potential	to	
that	reflects	their	mission	
                                   his	official	duties	on	June	15,	   as	Executive	Director	of	           bring	strong	and	collegial	
of	environmental	sound-
                                   2009.                              Pennsylvania	Campus	                leadership	to	the	univer-
ness.		Jessica	states	she	“can	
help	the	environment	more	         Dr.	Birge	most	recently	           Compact	and	was	Coordina-           sity	in	this	time	of	national	
through	the	shop	than	I	can	       served	as	the	Executive	Vice	      tor	for	Service	Learning	at	        economic	stress,”	said	Dr.	
do	on	my	own.		That’s	why	         President	-	Chief	Operating	       Regis	University	in	Denver,	        Zeddie	Bowen,	Chair,	Frank-
we	offer	products	such	as	         Officer	at	Wheeling	Jesuit	        Colorado.                           lin	Pierce	Board	of	Trustees.	
organic,	fairly-traded	coffee	     University	in	Wheeling,	West	      Dr.	Birge	holds	a	Ph.D.	in	         “Dr.	Birge	also	has	a	strong	
that	is	grown	in	the	shade	        Virginia,	where	he	also	           Leadership	Studies	from	            commitment	to	mission-driv-
without	the	need	to	defor-         served	as	Interim	President	       Gonzaga	University,	an	             en	programs	like	our	Indi-
est	the	land.”		The	beans	are	     from	2006	to	2007.	In	addi-        M.Ed.	in	Guidance	and	              vidual	and	Community	cur-
imported	by	Dean’s	Beans	          tion	to	overseeing	academic	       Counseling	from	Plymouth	           riculum,	our	goal	to	graduate	
Organic	Coffee	of	Orange,	         affairs,	Dr.	Birge	managed	        State	University	in	New	            Leaders	of	Conscience	and	
MA	where	“social	activism,	        the	strategic	planning	pro-        Hampshire,	and	a	B.S.	in	           the	role	our	three	academic	
ecological	responsibility	and	     cess,	implemented	an	enroll-       Elementary	Education	from	          institutes	can	play	in	creating	
great	coffee	meet.”		Jes-          ment	management	model	             Westfield	State	College	in	         a	strong	sense	of	community	
sica	will	gladly	give	you	         for	stabilizing	and	growing	       Massachusetts.	His	disserta-        responsibility.”

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JAFFREY C HAMBER OF C OMMERCE                                                                             PERMIT 9
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                            PO Box 2
                       Jaffrey, NH 03452

                                                                                     Joint Chambers
The Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce presents the 2009
                                                                                   Education Breakfast
                                             ly!                                         Wed., May 12
                                 S hop Local                                           Conant	High	School
                     Saturday, May 15                                                     After Hours
                        9:00 - 2:00                                                      Wed., May 26
                     Conant High School’s                                               Woodmore	Family	
                       Pratt Auditorium                                                   Campground

                                                                        Thank you to our friends at
                                             May Events
       Joint Chambers Education Breakfast
                                 with the Rindge Chamber
                                       Conant High School
                                          Wednesday, May 12
                                             7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
                                               Cost: $9 per person
                       Please R.S.V.P by May 7
       The Education Breakfast has long been a member favorite.
       The agenda will include an update from the Superintendent
        of Schools Jim O’Neill, presentation of the Pride Awards
                       and student performances.

                                                    After Hours
                    Woodmore Family Campground
                                          Wednesday, May 26
                                          5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
                                          21 Woodmore Drive
                                     (off Woodbound Rd.), Rindge
                                                                     for sponsoring the May Newsletter

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