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					                       BY-LAWS OF THE

Whereas, the parents and patrons of the Brier Creek Elementary School who are desirous
of promoting the activities of the Brier Creek Cheerleaders of the District have felt the
need of an Organization to promote interest in cheerleading and to defer the cost of
camps, competitions and equipment, which will support the Brier Creek Cheerleaders of
the school. This Organization shall be a non-profit non-paying membership to provide
athletic instruction and recreational facilities to any child who is eligible under league

                                 ARTICLE I – Name

The name of this Organization shall be the Brier Creek Cheerleading Association.
Hereinafter refer to as BCCA. Location of this organization is 175 Watford Rd.
Thomasville NC 27360.

                               ARTICLE II – Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this Organization shall be to promote Cheerleading at
Brier Creek Elementary School in Davidson County, NC District.

Section 2. To acquire by purchase, gift, devise, promotion or other fund raising
activities that may be necessary and useful in supporting and improving the
association commitment to cheerleading as well as the facilities and supplies
needed for the program.

Section 3. This association will operate in full support of the school principal and
administration of Brier Creek Elementary School and E. Lawson Brown Middle
School. At no time will the association become involved with the operations of
either schools athletic programs. At no time will the association’s purpose be to
interfere with the policies, methods and other practices of the administration of
either school.

                          ARTICLE III – Functional Year

Section 1. The Brier Creek Cheerleaders shall function on a yearly basis concurrent with
the school year, beginning in April/May after tryouts and ending after tryouts.

Section 2. All financial records will be completed and closed by April 30th or before
tryouts are started for next year for auditing purposes.

                             ARTICLE IV – Membership

Section 1.Parents of all Brier Creek Cheerleaders shall automatically be considered
members of this Cheerleading Association.

Section 2. All cheer coaches and cheer coordinators shall automatically be considered
members of this Cheerleading Association.

                    ARTICLE V – Officers and Their Election

Section 1. The officers of this Organization shall be a President, a Vice President, a
Secretary, and Treasurer(s).
Section 2. The Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President shall be elected by the
Organization at the 1st parent meeting after tryouts.

Section 3. Election to the offices of the Organization shall be by majority vote.

Section 4. Each officer shall perform the duties customary to such office.

Section 5. The officers and coach(es) of this Organization shall constitute an Executive
Committee for the transaction of such business as is necessary and for which provision
has not otherwise been made in the regular or special
meetings of the Organization.

Section 6. Order of the Agenda for Regular Meetings:

Section 7. Any person nominated for President must have been a previous board member
in good standings with the association.

Section 8. No position on the board may be held by person or persons from the same

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting
IV. Reading and approval of Treasurer’s Report
V. Standing Committee Reports
VI. Old Business
VII. New Business
VIII. Coaches Reports
IX. Adjournment

                   ARTICLE VI – Officers and Terms of Office

Section 1. The term of each office shall be for one year beginning at the 1st parents
meeting following tryouts.

Section 2. The Board Members shall preside at the General Membership and Executive
Committee meetings of the organization shall appoint all committees not elected, and
shall be a member of all standing committees.

Section 3. In absence of the President, or his/her inability to serve for any reason, the
Vice President shall perform his/her functions. The order of succession would continue
with the Secretary and Treasurer. In the event that all
offices are vacated, a new election would be held to fill the offices. If any
office other than that of the President or Vice President is open for any
reason, the President shall appoint a replacement to complete the
fragmentary term of office.

Section 4. The Vice President shall lead meetings in the absence of the President.

Section 5. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Organization,
shall conduct necessary correspondence of the Organization, and shall perform such other
duties as the Organization may direct. All notes,
transcripts, etc., either official or unofficial, are the sole property of the
Brier Creek Cheerleading Association and must be forwarded to the President
within five (5) days of the expired or vacated position.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all income to the Brier Creek
Cheerleading Association and shall pay all bills authorized for payment by the Brier
Creek Cheerleading Association. The Treasurer shall complete a Check
Request Form for each check issued. All receipts, bank statements, checks, etc., either
official or unofficial, are the sole property of the Brier Creek Cheerleading Association
and must be forwarded to the President within five (5) days of the expired or vacated

            ARTICLE VII – Committees and Their Responsibilities

Section 1.     A. Fundraising: There are several Committees throughout the year, such
as Fundraising Chairman, and will be appointed as needed.

Section 2. The President shall appoint the following committees:
               A. Auditing Committee consisting of a minimum of two members who
               shall audit the financial records of the Organization by May 15th of each

Section 3. Other committees may be appointed at the discretion of the board members.

              ARTICLE VIII – Method of Amending the By-Laws

 The By-Laws may be amended by presentation at a meeting and by a vote of two-thirds
    (2/3) at the following regular or special meeting of the eligible membership present.

                          ARTICLE IX – Membership Dues

 All membership dues will be included in the regular sign up fees prior to tryouts. There
shall not be any other dues assessed in the Brier Creek Cheerleading Association.
                                ARTICLE X – Meetings

Section 1. The regular meeting of the Organization shall be held on September 28, 2010
at 7:30PM,And will meet quarterly there after, provided that the Executive Committee
shall be empowered to change the day and time of the meeting when necessary to avoid

Section 2. The Executive Committee may call special meetings of the Organization.

Section 3. Five members shall constitute a quorum, which is necessary to do business at
any meeting of the Organization.

Section 4. In order to participate in a vote, a parent/guardian must be present for at least
four (4) of the meetings through out the year. The secretary will record
attendance at each meeting.

                         ARTICLE XI – PROCEDURE
Section 1. The order of business shall be conducted according to basic
parliamentary law as set in Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.

Section 2. All business of this association shall be governed by these By-Laws.

Acceptance of above By-Laws for Brier Creek Cheerleading Association approved
on September 28, 2010.

These By-Laws were adopted on September 28 in the year two thousand ten at the first
meeting of the Brier Creek Cheerleading Association in the Thomasville North Carolina.

President:                     Treasurer:

V-President:                   Secretary:

Parent Advisor:


A copy of the By-Laws and the Policies and Procedures of the Brier Creek Cheerleading
Association shall be given to all members of the Executive Committee and all members
of the Cheerleading Organization at the first parent meeting after tryouts.
                                GENERAL ACCOUNT

Procedure: Purpose of Association
This account is to be used for the sole purpose to help defray some the cost to the Brier
Creek Cheerleaders, i.e., pay purchasing of cheerleader related items, tumbling mats, end
of year banquet and trophy, etc.

Coaches and members shall not be reimbursed for personal monies spent without prior
approval of the Organization.

If a financial emergency should arise between regular Brier Creek Cheerleading
Association meetings that need an immediate decision, the Executive Board will have the
authority to make this decision.

Procedure: End of Year Banquet
A. parents or guest(s) may attend but may be responsible for their own meal cost.
B. Invitations shall be given to: Cheerleaders from their coaches.
C. All Cheerleaders will be recognized with a trophy at the banquet.

Brier Creek Cheerleading Association shall sponsor activities, fundraisers, etc., only with
the approval of the majority of the votes cast in a regular meeting or by agreement of the
majority of the Executive Committee.

Fundraising: Fundraising is a large part of cheerleading and all cheerleaders are
expected to participate. Any fundraising profit raised by the cheerleader is placed in the
general account to help defray costs, i.e., of cheer camps, help at competitions held at the
school (food, selling tickets, etc.) Parents are encouraged to help with all fund raising and
any competitions we host at our school.

Uniforms: The parent/guardian and cheerleader are responsible for all uniforms
and/or equipment, related to cheerleading. Uniforms are to be worn ONLY for
cheerleading events. They are not recommended to be worn at any other times, i.e.,
Uniforms are to be laundered according to the instructions given, after every game or
competition. Cheerleading shoes are to be kept clean and only worn for games and
practice. Remember the cheerleader represents the school and we want them to look their
best. Parents/guardians and cheerleaders are responsible to pay in full for any and all
uniforms, wind suits, pom - poms and shoes, socks, under amour, and bloomers. If they
are misplaced, stolen, or damaged it will be the parents/guardians responsibility to cover
the cost to replace. The cheerleader or their parent/guardian will pay any fees incurred
for repairs or alterations of their uniform.


                                     I. ELIGIBILITY
A. The student must be a member of the Brier Creek Elementary school district or listed
eligible school that does not have a squad. This includes all students who are approved or
accepted as students by the school principle at Brier Creek Elementary School.

B. The student must have a completed permission and participation
agreement signed by parent or guardian on file with the Brier Creek Cheerleading
Association. This must be renewed annually.

C. All individual records from previous years must be showing all balances paid in full
before tryouts.

D. The student must keep attendance and grades at a passing level in order to be able to
tryout. The student will represent Brier Creek Elementary School and must keep this in
mind when trying out for a squad.

                              II. APPROVED EXPENSES

A. The cost to have cheerleading summer camps, tumbling classes, or any extra training
the coaches may submit to the board for review and approval for each squad.

B. For purchase of accessories such as hair bows, etc. Receipts must be submitted within
45 days of purchase.

C. The cost to supply each squad with portable CD players to use during game
performances. These portable CD players are to remain the property of Brier Creek
Cheerleading Association and are to be turned in at the end of every season. This is to
include the cost of batteries, blank recordable CD’s, ect.

D. Some cheer camps or class training may be optional for the cheerleaders and
will be a fee to the parents. Not all training and camps will be paid for by the
cheerleading association.

                             III. ACCOUNT OPERATION

A. The Treasurers handles General Account.

B. Only the Treasurer and President will access it, with disbursement requiring two

C. Interest earned by the account will be credited to the Brier Creek Cheerleading

D. All large purchase over $500.00 shall be voted on and must be approved by the board.
(2/3 majority vote)

                           IV. ACCOUNT INFORMATION

A. Parents will receive updates of accounts at each meeting or as soon as possibly
       1. By written request directly to the Treasurer or President.
       2. By personal inquiry at any regular Brier Creek Cheerleading meeting that will
be held quarterly at the school or other place determined when the school may not be

                         V. COLLECTION AND TRACKING

A. All money earned from fundraising must be turned into the Chairperson, coach
or Treasurer.

B. All payments must be in the form of a check, cash or money order.

C. Written notification will be given to families with delinquent accounts.

D. Processing fees for the collection of non-sufficient fund checks will be the
responsibility of the person writing the check. All returned checks to the
associations are subject to a $25.00 fee. After two (2) returned checks, no
personal checks will be accepted; certified check or a money order only.

E. If a cheerleader owes money to the boosters at the end of the year, the
amount must be paid in full prior to the cheerleader trying out again. If
there is any outstanding debt, the cheerleader will not be permitted to
tryout for any squad.

F. Any money left in the account at the end of the season can be
rolled over to the next year continuing on as Brier Creek Cheerleading Association.

G. If a cheerleader quits or is removed permanently from the squad(s) for
any reason; all money from fundraising will still need to be turned in. No
fundraising funds can be refunded.

                          VI. CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS

A. Process of each year for tryouts:

1. The parent/guardian will attend one parent meeting and complete a permission slip and
agreement contract to state they understand the process. By signing this they agree they
fully understand this process and agree once the payments have been made NO
REFUNDS will be made. No exceptions to this rule.

2. Tryouts will be held in the school gym starting on a Friday and running through that
Sunday. Each child will be assigned a number the day of tryouts.

3. Each child must attend all days of tryout camp in order to be eligible to participate in
the tryout process.

4. They must not have a previous balance from any other year before tryouts. All fee’s
owed must be paid in full.

5. Each child will be taught a dance routine, chant and a cheer to perform the
day of tryouts. They will be scored accordingly. They will also be judged on sprit,
attitude, effort and respect.
6. The Association agrees to use judges who are not affiliated to our program. (No
coaches or coordinators will be on the panel)Judges will have cheerleading backgrounds.
They will not be affiliated with this school, but they will be from the surrounding area.

7. All cheerleaders will be assigned to squads according to the total score’s at the end of

8. All decision’s are final and will not be over turned.

9. No squad will consist of more then 20 cheerleaders.

10. K-1 squad will be exempt from tryouts and only be required to sign up and pay the
registration fee.
11. Solid Shirts and Shorts must be worn for tryouts. No Cheerleading shoes will be
allowed without removing the color inserts.

                           VII. COMPOSITION OF SQUADS

1. The Varsity Squads will consist of rising 4th, 5th and 6th graders and they will cheer for
football and basketball season.

2. The JV Squad will consist of rising 2nd and 3rd graders and they will cheer during
football and basketball season.

3. The K-1 Squad will consist of rising kindergarten and 1st graders and will cheer for
basketball season.

4. If we have a large turn out for tryouts we will offer a pom squad if there is enough to
have a squad. This squad will consist of the students not making the cut off score for
varsity or the grade requirement for JV. They will practice and prepare for cheering only
during basketball season.

5. The judges’ scores, coaches and coordinator(s) will determine the chiefs and co-chiefs
of each squad after tryouts.

                     VIII. RULES ONCE PLACED ON A TEAM

1. Scheduled practices are mandatory. Cheerleaders will be expected to be on time and
remain the entire practice. Anyone who misses 10 minutes of a scheduled practice will be
counted as an unexcused absence. Coaches set practice times based on facility

2. All cheerleaders are expected to attend any additional practices. This may be due to
the need for working on things for special events.

3. Practice sessions are expected to go uninterrupted. Parents are not permitted to attend
practice. Parents may arrive 15 minutes early before practice ends to watch. When
parents sit in on practices the coaches tend to loose the attention of the cheerleaders.

4. Cheerleaders are expected to listen and pay attention so practice runs smoothly. A
coach may ask a cheerleader who is not listening or misbehaving to sit out while others
continue to practice.

5. Attendance at every game scheduled is mandatory. Cheerleaders may be requested to
arrive up to one hour prior to a game for warm up and extra practice. They are expected
to stay throughout the entire game. If the cheerleader arrives 15 minutes or more late to
any game they will have to sit out the first half of that ball game. Two late arrivals will be
considered an unexcused absence.

6. If a cheerleader arrives to a ball game not appropriately dressed, she will have to set
out the entire game.

                          VIIII. SAFTEY CONSIDERATIONS

1. No one is allowed to chew gum during practice or during games.

2. No one should eat during practices or during games. Food cannot stay on the bench
with them. Parents should hold both food and drink for the cheerleader until they have a

3. No JEWELRY of any kind worn during a game or practice. This includes all pierced
body parts. (Band-aids cannot be used to cover stud earrings) All must be removed. No
exception to this rule.
4. All cheerleaders must wear their cheer shoes to all practices. Street shoes, tennis shoes,
sandals, or bare feet will not be acceptable. This is needed for their safety.

5. All hair must be pulled away from the face and up off the shoulders. This is for games
and practices. Hair devices should be soft (no bobby pins) and hold the hair up.

6. No cheerleader should wear nail polish, this includes any type of artificial nails, while
in uniform and finger nails need to be clipped short. This is for their safety. No
cheerleader should wear makeup, glitter or temporary tattoos while in uniform.

7. Smoking, using drugs, or alcohol, expulsion from school and using profanity are
immediate grounds for suspension from the squad. No exception to this rule.


1. Cheerleaders participation in other activities should understand that cheerleading
should always come first. The coach or coordinators should be notified of this at sign
ups. We will do our best to work with schedules but sometime conflicts can not be
avoided. Please keep this in mind when choosing to sign up.

2. Cheerleaders who deliberately miss a scheduled practice or a game in favor of other
activities will incur an unexcused absence. If teams reach championship games will be
the only exception to this rule. They are however encouraged to take this into
consideration when trying out.

3. Our coaches do their best to allow a student time to do other activities, but do to
limited time and having so many girls on each squad, please keep in mind that it is not
always possible to accommodate different scheduling conflicts. Coaches will schedule
practices and may change the time and day according to the availability of facilities.

                            XI. MISCONDUCT / ABSENCES

Section 1. Misconduct

     1. First Offense: Warning

     2. Second Offense: coach will ask cheerleader to sit down while practice continues
        and parents will be notified.

     3. Third Offense: Full game suspension (unexcused absence) cheerleader will not be
        allowed to perform at the next ball game, but she must attend, be dressed in
        uniform and sit with the coach.

     4. If a cheerleader has a continuous problem with following directions and
        respecting their coaches a phone call will be placed to the parents from the
        cheerleading coordinator. If the problem continues they will be dismissed from
        the squad.

Section 2. Absences

        1. All cheerleaders will receive one absence per sporting season and or practice
           to be used at their discretion. All other absences may be excused by supplying
           documented proof. Cheerleaders who are going to be absent must notify the
           coach prior to the game or practice. If the parent fails to notify the coach
           concerning a child’s absence, the child will get a half game suspension at the
           next game.

        2. During basketball season, squads may cheer for 2 games in one day. If she is
           absent on a day with 2 games she will only incur 1 absence. Please keep this
           in mind when signing up. You are required to be there for all scheduled

        3. Unexcused absences will result in the following:
              a. First offense: half game suspension
              b. Second offense and thereafter: full game suspension

        4. Cheerleaders must attend and be dressed out for the games during their
           suspensions. A cheerleader who has been absent or suspended from 2 full
           games may be dismissed from the squad.




     1. Cheerleaders will be charged a $50.00 sign-up fee in order to participate in the
     cheerleading program. This covers the fees for try outs.

     2. Cheer parents will be responsible for paying for uniforms, briefs, poms, shoes,
     socks, wind suits, hair bows, and other items at the time the order is placed.

Article I Name 1
Article II Purpose 1
Article III Functional Year 1
Article IV Membership 2
Article V Officers and Their Election 2
Article VI Officers and Terms of Office 2
Article VII Committees and Their Responsibilities 3
Article VIII Method of Amending the By-Laws 3
Article IX Membership Dues 4
Article X Meetings 4
Article XI Procedure 4

General Account 5
Policy 6
Eligibility 6
Approved Expenses 6
Account Operation 7
Account Information 7
Collection and Tracking 7
Cheerleading Tryouts 8
Composition of Squads 9
Safety Consideration 10
Cheerleading and other activities 10
Misconduct / Absences 11
Uniforms and other Expenses 12


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