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									                                   Bruce Calvin Payne
                                 13530 B Francisquito Ave.
                                 Baldwin Park, Calif. 91706
                           626 960-8933 bus. 626 960-2662 home
Personal data:
             Born:                          Pasadena, California. 1951
             Marital Status:                Married, two children

              Claremont Graduate School of Education, Claremont, California.
                    Preliminary Administration Credential 1992
                    MA Education 1990
                    Ryan Clear Professional Credential 1990

              University of Southern California, School of Medicine
              Los Angeles, California
                     MSD Experimental Human Pathology 1983

              California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, California.
                     MS Life Sciences 1978
                     BA Life Sciences/Chemistry 1976

              Apple Professional Development Certified Trainer
              Curriculum Development, Science and Math Specialist.
              Apple Computers, Cupertino, Ca.

              Research /Assessment and Staff Development Specialist
              Educational Support Systems
              Hillsborough, Calif.

              Instructor, Claremont Graduate School of Educaton
                      Elementary Science Methods
                      Technology Level I
                      Secondary Math and Technology II
                      Education 304A 304B
                      Education 306A 306B
                      Education314 Methods
                      TLP II
                      Faculty Advisor
              Claremont Graduate School of Education
              Claremont, Calif.

               Leadership Committee. Technology in Higher Education
               State of Calif.

Past Consultant Contracts.
              Balboa Computers
              Paramount Studios
              Publeo Science Program. Cesar Chavaz Communtiy Center. Los Angeles
              Project ASCEND, California State University Los Angeles
              Virtual Tech High School TICG Project
              San Bernardeno County Office of Education
              Technology in Nature, TICG Project.
              Sanger Unified School District, Sanger, California
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Office of Educational Affairs
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cassini Mission
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Space Station, Applied Physics
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Office of Educational Affairs
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Space Station, Applied Physics
              NASA Headquarters, Code FE. Washington DC
              Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens Children’s Program
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, School Partnership Program, Bassett Unified
              Mt. View Unified School District, El Monte, Calif.
              Bassett Unified School District, La Puente, Calif.
              Campbell County Office of Education, Wyoming
              Kepple Unified School District, Calif.
              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NSCAT Mission
              California State Department of Education, Science division
              Riverside County Office of Education, Riverside, Calif.
              Mt. St. Helen Science Institute. US Forest Service
              Window Rock School District, Navajo Nation, Window Rock, Arizona
              San Bernardino Institute for Science Education
              Texas Education Agency, State of Texas

Teaching and
               Instructor, 1996-Current
               Teacher Education Program
               Claremont Graduate School

               Instructor, Summer Science and Technology 1994-1996
               Teacher Education Program
               University of Wyoming

               Instructor, Technology and Science Inservice Program 1993-1996
               Campbell County Office of Education,Wyoming

          Co-Principal Investigator
          Eisenhower Staff Development Project #33690410
          Coordinated thematic science II (CTSII)
          Texas Education Agency, State of Texas

          Administrative Internship 1991-1992
          Hillside High School, Upland, California

          8th Grade Earth and Physical Sciences 1990-1992
          Upland Junior High School, Upland Unified School District
          Upland, California

          7th grade Life Sciences 1988-1990
          Sierra Vista Junior High School, Baldwin Park Unified School District
          Baldwin Park, California

          Field Biology 1988
          Gladstone High School, Azusa Unified School District
          Azusa, California

          2nd Year Medicine: Introduction to Pathology 1984-86
          Laboratory Instructor
          USC School of Medicine

          2003 Congressional Recognition Award.
          2001 Group Achievement Award, NASA, JPL Educational Affairs
          1998 Group Achievement Award, NASA, JPL Cassini Mission
          1998 Group Achievement Award, NASA, JPL, Educational Affairs
          1997 Finalist NASA Distinguished Service Medal
          1989 Finalist Peter Spencer Fellowship
          1981 National Medical Student Clinical Research Award
          1980 Western Regional Medical Student Clinical Research Award

Grants:   Co-Principal Investigator
          Learning Technology Projects: Project Space
          NASA CANS 2000-2005

          Co-Principal Investigator
          NASA Educational Partnerships
          Model School Program 1995-1996

          Wyoming State Dept. of Education,
          Dwight D. Eisenhower Competitive
          Science Staff Development Program 1995

              Co-Principal Investigator
              Texas Thematic Science Model
              Dwight D. Eisenhower Science Staff Development Project #33690410

              Co-Principal Investigator
              Teracorps Thematic Science
              Materials Development, National Science Foundation 1990-1992

              Co-Principal Investigator
              Technology Applied to Science Classrooms II
              California State Model Technology AB803 1991-1993

             American Society of Supervision and Curriculum Development
             National Science Teachers Association
             International Technology Educators Association
             California Computer Using Educators
             California Technology Corps
             1997-2000      Assessment of the President’s Technology Initiative
                            Department of Defense Educational Activities
                            Educational Support Systems

              2000          Technology Applications Staff Development Program
                            Department of Defense Educational Activities
                            Educational Support Systems

              1997          Assessment of Electronic Schools Programs Hawaii DOE
                            Educational Support Systems

              1997          Member, Communicating Knowledge Committee
                            NASA HQ, Washington DC

              1997          Electronic Information Interface Design
                            Jet Propulsion Laboratories/ NASA HQ
                            Washington DC.

              1993          Instructor, Science Connection
                            Southern Calif. Edison, JPL, NASA

              1993          Instructor, International Rain Forest Expeditions
                            Teacher Rain Forest Workshops, Costa Rica

              1992          Senior Research Associate
                            Far West Regional Educational Laboratory
                            San Francisco, California

              1990-92       Principal Investigator, Terracorps Curriculum Project
                            National Science Foundation

              1991-93       Assistant Director, TASC II
                            California State Model Technology Program

              1983-88       Clinical Laboratory Pathology Assistant
                            Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Research Hospital
                            Los Angeles, California

              1984          Member, United States Olympic Committee Medical Unit
                            Drug testing Unit

              1979-83       Supervisor, Electron Microscopy Laboratory
                            Leukemia/lymphoma Group, Dept. of Pathology
                            USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California
2006 Probes and Data. Calif Cue Conference
2005 California Science Teachers Association. New Technologies and Methods
2005 Calif Cue Conference. Probes and Science
2004 NECC National Confernce, New Orleans, Louisana.
2004 Tech Info Conference, Los Angeles, Calif.
2004 Computer User Educator Conference, Palm Springs, Calif.
2003 CUE conference, Anaheim, Calif.
2002 Technology advancements, Calaveras County Office of Education.
2002 Technology in the Inner City, First year report. NSF advisory
2001 Learning Technology Applictions Conference, NASA, Cape Kennedy, Florida
Applications Conference, JPL, Pasadena, Calif.
2001Learning Technology Applications Conference, Cape Kennedy, Florida.
1999 California State Junior College Association, Technology in Education Conference,
Ontario, California
1998 Learning Technology Applications Conference, Maine
1998 Learning Technology Applications Review, AIMS Research Center, Calif.
1998 California State Junior College Association, Technology in Education Conference, San
Jose, California
1998 NECC National Conference. San Diego, Calif.
1998 Department of Defense Educational Activities, San Diego, Calif.
1998 Department of Defense Educational Activities. Heidleberg, Germany.
1997 Department of Defense Educational Activities , Washington DC
1997 Computer Using Educators, Palm Springs, Ca.
1997 NCTM National Conference, Minneapolis ,MN

1997 ASCD National Conference, Baltimore, Md.
1997 NSTA National Conference, New Orleans, La.
1997 NSTA/NASA NEWMAST Conference. JPL Pasadena, California
1996 NSTA/NASA NEWMAST Conference. JPL Pasadena, California
1996 Missouri State Teachers Convention. Osage Beach Missouri
1996 ITTA National Summary Conference Aims Research Center. Baltimore My.
1995 MCREL Regional Educational Lab. Assessments for the 21st Century Denver, Co.
1995 MCREL Regional Educational Summit, Denver, Co.
1995 NSTA National Conference, Philadelphia, PA.
1995 JPL California State Educational Summit Pasadena, Calif.
1995 Inland Science Coalition, UC Riverside
1994 NSTA National Conference, Anaheim Ca.
1994 NSTA/NASA NEWEST Conference. JPL, Pasadena, Calif.
1993 International Rain Forest Workshops, Costa Rica
1993 Texas State Coordinated Thematic Science Training. Dallas , Texas
1993 National Scope, Sequence and Coordination conference. San Diego, Calif.
1993 Mt. St. Helen Institute for Science Education. Van Cover, WA
1992 National Scope, Sequence and Coordination conference San Diego, Calif.
1992 Inland Science Coalition, UC Riverside, Calif.
1992 Principal Investigators Summit, NSF,Washington DC
1991 US Forest Service National Regional Directors Conference, Mt. Baldy Calif.
1991 Conference Director, Terracorps National Advisory Conference. Upland Calif.
1986 International Conference on AIDS. Paris, France
1981 National Medical Student Clinical Research Conference,
     American Society of Clinical Research, Galveston, Texas.


               Payne and et al.
               CSI Investigation Series
               Unit 1
               Managing Editor.
               Apple Inc, Bodeling Industries and Vernier Inc. 2005

               Stuessy C., Payne B.C.
               Coordinated Thematic Science II.
               Texas Education Agency 1993

               Payne B.C., et al.
               The Detection of HTLV-III Associated Antigens in Human Blood Lymphocytes
               by Flow Cytometry.
               Proceedings, International conference on AIDS, Paris, France 1986

            Payne B.C., Parker, J.W.
            Determination of T-Cell Lymphocytes by Demonstration of Ultrastructural Non-
            Specific Esterases.
            Clinical Research. 1980.

            Payne B.C., Parker, J.W.
            2-Naphthythiol Acetate Esterase as a Marker of T-Cells for Human Lymphomas
            and leukemia.
            Federation Proceedings Vol. 40.3 1981

            Kim H., Gerrassimos P., Payne B.C.
            Ultrastructural identification of Neoplastic Histiocytes-Momocytes.
            American J. of Pathology 1982, 106.2; 204

            Payne B.C. et al. A Method for the Ultrastructural Demonstration of Non-
            Specific Esterases in Human blood and Lymphoid Tissue. Histochemical
            Journal. 1980, 12; 71-76

            Payne B.C. et al. NSCAT Educational Global Climate Winds of Change
            “Weather”. NASA/JPL 1996

            Payne B.C., Stuessy C. Integrated Curriculum Prototype
            Coordinated Thematic Science II, Staff Development Program
            Texas Education Agency, State of Texas

            Payne B.C., Keopke C. Earth/Life Science Independent Study Guide
            Chapter 10. Supplement/ RISOM, California State Department of
            Payne B.C. , Rigby J. et al. Terracorps Manuals: Unit 1 Plants
            National Science Foundation 1992

            Payne B.C., Rigby J. et al. Terracorps Manuals: Unit 2 Weather
            National Science Foundation 1992


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