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HP NonStop
Real-Time Process Monitor
New Product Overview
NonStop RPM - Overview
• What is NonStop RPM?

  – Real-time Process Monitor (RPM)

  – Displays busiest process by Cpu, node, cluster

  – Very low-cost operational point-product
NonStop RPM – Feature Summary
• Continuous-updating, color-coded displays
• Low-cost and efficient discovery algorithm
• Displays busiest processes by Cpu, node,
  segment, and/or expand super-cluster.
• Fast-sampling timing clear down to 1 second
• Sync-sampling for intra-node time-sync views
• Options to sort, filter, and color-encode data
• Natively supports many device interfaces
  including VT100, T6530, TTY, Fat, Thin clients.
• Critical, Warning, Info thresholds allow users to
  color-encode “offending” busy process displays.
NonStop RPM – Example VT100
                    • Example - Busy
                      Process display
                      across multi-nodes
                    • Support of VT100
                      allows Microsoft
                      Windows Telnet
                      session with no
                      emulator required
                    • Also supports other
                      device types, such
                      as TTY, T6530,
                      VT100, thin, fat, ...

                    • Threshold example:
                        – Red > 50% busy
                        – Yellow > 10% busy
                        – Cyan > 1% busy
 NonStop RPM – Example T6530
• Also works with T6530 emulators
• Supports various device types, including:
  T6530, VT100, TTY, thin, fat clients
NonStop RPM – more info...
• White Paper
  – ES.doc
• For more information about RPM go to...
• Questions - send an email to...

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