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					  NT Urban Design Advisory Panel Meeting
                        Thursday 25 November 2010
                              8.30am to 4.30pm
                      Department of Lands and Planning
             5th Floor Conference Room, Energy House, Darwin


1. Introduction and apologies

Panel Attendance: Steve Thorne (Chairman), Mark Meldrum, Simon Scally,
Ross Finocchiaro, Leonard Lynch, Luccio Cercarelli, Kerry Osborne and June

Department of Lands and Planning Support: Sharron Noske, Brendan
Lawson, Linda Henning

Apologies: Colin Browne, Mark Doonar and Vicki O’Hallaran

Proxies: Simon Scally is proxy for Colin Browne, Australian Institute of

Steve Thorne welcomed all members.

Sharron Noske thanked members for attending the Weddell Outcomes forum
on Wednesday 24 November 2010 and encouraged questions to the

Steve Thorne asked about the timing of UDAP’s reporting to the Minister for
Lands and Planning and Sharron Noske said that the Department of Lands
and Planning will be briefing Minster and Cabinet by the end of January 2011
on the outcomes of Weddell and the way forward with the design competition.
Sharron Noske said ideally the Department would appreciate UDAP’s
response to the Weddell outcomes by the end of December 2010.

2. Terms of Reference and meeting rules

Steve Thorne explained that the NT Land Development Corporation’s Code of
Conduct will be used as a benchmark for a draft document for discussion at
the next meeting.

Key matters addressed in the code will be confidentiality and disclosure of

Mark Meldrum suggested that expert advice could be provided at the next
meeting to finalise the code.
Luccio Cercarelli outlined the importance of reporting back to Council on key
projects and issues. He said that without that freedom, Council would
seriously reconsider its role on UDAP.

Ross Finocchiaro questioned the need for a code given that UDAP operated
successfully without one and that there were no known breaches of
confidentiality to his knowledge.

Mark Meldrum agreed to ensure all groups’ interests were accommodated in
the code.

Action: Mark Meldrum to circulate draft UDAP Code of Conduct prior to the
next face to face meeting.

3. Weddell Presentation

Stephen Bowers (Novus Urban Pty Ltd) and Wendy Morris (Ecologically
Sustainable Design Pty Ltd) presented the Weddell Outcomes through a
Power Point Presentation. Members noted that this presentation is available
on the web.

The members raised a number of issues around the need and timing of
Weddell, growth projections, infill options in Darwin and Palmerston, cost of
developing Weddell and the infrastructure needed to support Weddell
including transport options.

June D’Rozario raised the need to question the underlying assumptions for
the design team scenarios including employment and transport.

Ross Finocchiaro asked why Noonamah wasn’t considered as the first stage
of developing Weddell.

Simon Scally questioned the why the brief to UDAP on Weddell was so limited
and why UDAP couldn’t comment on regional issues.

It was agreed that the recommendations made by the consultants in the
outcomes report included regional issues such as infill and brownfields
redevelopment and transport.

Action: Steve Thorne to draft a response to the brief on Weddell after
receiving comments from members by 3 December 2010.

4. Briefings

Population and economic growth

Ross Muir from the Territory Growth Planning Unit, Department of Lands and
Planning outlined key indicators of population and economic growth in the
Darwin Region and referred to a number of graphs and charts.
Ross Muir showed members the draft Darwin Region Land Use Framework
from the Darwin and Palmerston Region Land Use Plan – Towards 2030.

Darwin & Palmerston Region Land Use Plan

Mark Meldrum outlined the history of land use planning in the Darwin Region
through the current Darwin Region Land Use Framework in the NT Planning

Mark Meldrum explained that the draft Darwin and Palmerston Region Land
Use Plan – Towards 2030 is currently being considered by Cabinet for public
release as a discussion paper.

Top End Neighbourhood Design Principles

UDAP noted the written brief.

Darwin and Palmerston Medium Density Strategy

UDAP noted the written brief.

Mark Meldrum showed some of sieve mapping produced by Tract Consulting
as part of the strategy.

Ross Finocchiaro suggested that the strategy should also investigate
underutilised neighbourhood shopping centres for residential infill sites.

Simon Scally suggested that dual occupancy should be a priority of the

Luccio Cercarelli suggested that parkland should also be evaluated in the
strategy for higher order uses.

Mark Meldrum explained that the Tract Consulting work will be used in a
Darwin and Palmerston Metropolitan Plan. UDAP will be asked to comment
on a draft metro plan in 2011.

Energy Efficiency in Subdivision Design

UDAP noted the written brief.

My 0800 project and Cavenagh Street upgrade

Luccio Cercarelli outlined Darwin City Council’s intention to seek a consultant
to advise Council on development options for the Cavenagh Street car park
site (next to Darwin General Post Office).

Luccio Cercarelli also explained Council’s process for landscaping Cavenagh
Frances Bay Area Plan

Mark Meldrum outlined the progress with the Frances Bay Area Plan including
discussions with Paspaley and Department of Defence.

Alice Springs Town Centre reports and revitalisation project

Steve Thorne outlined the Alice Springs Town Centre Revitalisation Project
and “the Meeting Place”. A public meeting was held on 22 November 2010 in
Alice Springs to provide information on the various studies and programs
commenced for the town centre.

Mark Meldrum provided a background to planning for land release south of
Heavitree Gap, including the Arid Zone Research Institute site and part of the
Alice Springs Airport land. A inquiry by design workshop and public forum will
be held in early 2011 in Alice Springs for masterplanning the future suburb of

5. Other Business


6. Next meeting

Steve Thorne suggested that he will coordinate the timing of the next meeting
in Darwin with the Department of Lands and Planning.

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