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									Spring 2009
                             DENTISTRY                                             ...In General!
                                                                     A Publication of the Iowa Academy of General Dentistry

                                               Terry T. Tanaka, DDS
                                                                        Presented by
                                                                           Terry T. Tanaka, D.D.S.,
                                                                        Presented on April 24, 2009
                                                                          The Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites
                                                                          West Des Moines, IA
                                                                          Registration/Check-in: 7:30 – 8 a.m.
                                                                          Morning Session: 8 a.m. – Noon
                                                                          Lunch (Pre-Registrants only): Noon – 1 p.m.
                                                                          Afternoon Session: 1 – 4 p.m.
                                                                          7 Hours FAGD/MAGD credit
                                                                          7 Hours Iowa relicensure credit

                                                        Sponsored by:               Iowa Academy of General Dentistry • 3M ESPE
                                                                                       Dental Prosthetic Services • Straumann
                                                                                               Sullivan-Schein Dental

                        Terry T. Tanaka, DDS, Clinical                lesions? There are definite guidelines for these questions and
                        Professor, Advanced Education in              many more that will be addressed throughout the program.
                        Prosthodontics and Endodontics                A new concept developed by Dr. Tanaka, “Cross Training” for
                        University of Southern California,            restorative dentists” will be presented with new and advanced
                        School of Dentistry                           guidelines for restorative dentists. This is also a must attend
                                                                      program for the dental hygienist and dental auxiliaries.
                         Course Synopsis:                             You will learn:
                         Recent innovations in dentistry and tech-    • “Cross Training” with the restorative dentist as the “quarterback”
                         nology have changed the way dentistry
is being presented to patients in this modern era of dentistry.       • Advanced principles of problem solving and decision trees
Are these current trends science driven or the result of market-      • What’s new in occlusion that isn’t taught in dental schools?
ing hype? When restorations fail, the question should not be,         • Modern science and the etiology of tooth wear and abfractions
“who is responsible,” but “why did the restoration fail?” Was         • Guidelines to determine anterior tooth length in worn dentitions
there a breakdown in the decision process of case (patient)
selection, site selection, or material selection?                     • Guidelines in restoring the decreased vertical dimension
                                                                      • Guidelines for the management of tooth pain and muscle
In this program, a series of “decision trees” are used to               pain (TMD)
explain how treatment decisions are made. Patient problems
are broken down into questions such as: how does one know             • What’s new in splint therapy and what’s hype?
that a problem exists, what are the identifying signs and symp-       • How can the hygienist and staff be a more effective part of
toms; e.g. tooth wear, tooth mobility or non-carious cervical           the team.
        Inside                                2008-2009 IAGD Officers and Board of Directors

    AGD Board of Trustees Report
                                              President                          Immediate Past President
                                              Stephen Forrest, DDS, FAGD         Tim Menke, DDS

    Legislative Report on
                                              2375 Berkshire Parkway             1217 N. 2nd St. #2

    Provisional Appliances
                                              Clive, Iowa 50325                  Cherokee, Iowa 51012-1201
                                              Work: 515/987-7670                 Work: 712/225-4812

    Treatment Planning:
                                              Email: forrest6700@msn.com         Email: drmenkedds@iowatelecom.net

    Dr. Tanaka Registration
                                                                                 Constitution and Bylaws Chairperson
                                              Ted Murray, DDS, MAGD
                                                                                 John Arend, DDS, FAGD

    Iowa Academy of General
                                              4200 Asbury Road
                                              Dubuque, Iowa 52002                206 3rd Ave. NE

    Dentistry Heartland Summit
                                              Work: 563/556-2711                 Independence, Iowa 50644-1950

    Mastership Tracking Program
                                              Email: tedm102063@aol.com          Work: 319/334-3342
                                                                                 Email: jarend@indytel.com
                                              Vice President

    Carrots from Carrot Seeds
                                              Kristopher Kelly, DDS, FAGD        Mastership Tracking Program
                                              2400 N. Shore Drive                Coordinator
    AGD 2009 Application
                                              Clear Lake, Iowa 50428-1066        Stephen Burds, DDS
                                              Work: 641/430-7025

    Membership Recognition
                                                                                 1540 High St., Ste 201
                                              Email: kjk110@netins.net           Des Moines, IA 50309-3112
                                              Secretary                          Work: 515/244-9565
                                              Laila Bollinger, DDS               Email: stephenburds@hotmail.com
                                              132 East J Street
        The IAGD                              Forest City, Iowa 50436
                                              Work: 641/585-4636
                                                                                 National Trustee, Region 10
                                                                                 Patricia Meredith, DDS, FAGD
    Official Website!                         Email: UI2th@hotmail.com           51371 PFP UIHC
                                                                                 Iowa City, Iowa 52240
        http://www.agd.org/constituent/       Treasurer
                                                                                 Work: 319/384-7282
               main/?CHAP_ID=IA               Dr. William Grask, FAGD
                                                                                 Email: partricia-meredith@uiowa.edu
                                              1601 NW 114th Street; Suite 351
        Features you won’t want to miss       Clive, Iowa 50325-7046             Regional Director, Region 10
             on the IAGD Website!
         Register your continuing education
                                              Work: 515/221-0381                 Cassandra Pietrok, DDS

         courses online.
    I                                         Email: w.grask@mchsi.com           1202 Shamrock Plaza

         Keep track of your Iowa Board of
                                              Editor                             Omaha, Nebraska 68154

         Dentistry’s continuing education
                                              Jon L. Hardinger, DDS, MAGD        Work: 402/330-2243

                                              1339 6th St. SW                    Email: cass@pacifichillsdental.com

         Calendar of continuing education
                                              Mason City, IA 50401
                                                                                 Student Representative
                                              Work: 641/423-6172
                                                                                 Katy Denhartog
         Contact information for your IAGD
                                              E-mail: jlhdds@netconx.net
                                                                                 5901 Muirfield Dr SW Apt 1
                                              Continuing Education Chairperson   Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404-7396
         Membership Directory.
                                              Craig Driver, DDS, MAGD            Email: Katy-denhartog@uiowa.edu
         Read past issues of the newsletter
                                              3308 Kimball Avenue
         under reports of “Dentistry in
                                              Waterloo, Iowa 50702-5758          Student Representative Elect
                                              Work: 319/232-6804                 Roberto Moreno
         AGD Foundation information.
                                              Email: cwdriver@mchsi.com          30 Lincoln Ave Apt 13
         AGD membership benefits.
                                              Dental Care Chairperson            Iowa City, Iowa 52246-2264
         Register online for the AGD
                                              Philip Andersen, DDS               Work: 319/627-2612
         National Meeting in San Diego.
                                              907 Bank Ct.                       Email: roberto-moreno@uiowa.edu
         Consumer information.                Center Point, Iowa 52213
         News Releases.
    I                                                                            Executive Director
                                              Work: 319/849-1171
         Advocacy with National Legislative
                                              Email: aphig@fmtcs.com             Valerie Preston

    I                                                                            133 Brentwood Drive NE
                                              Legislative Chairperson
         AGD Library with archives of “AGD
                                                                                 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                                              Stephen R. Thies, DDS
         Impact” and “General Dentistry.”
    I                                                                            Work: 319/373-2145
                                              7506 Hickman Rd.
         Constituent Quick Facts.
                                                                                 Email: valerie.preston@mchsi.com
                                              Des Moines, IA 50322
         Feedback: “Give us your opinion.”
    I                                         Work: 515/276-0202
                                              Email: srthis@qwestoffice.net
    Editor IAGD, Dr Hardinger

2                                                        Spring 2009                               Dentistry…In General
                                                                                           tional constituent Outreach program
                                                                                           visits. In the Outreach visits, staff trav-
          AGD Board of                                                                     els to a constituent to describe and
                                                                                           provide demonstrations of all the
                                                                                           resources available form the AGD to
         Trustees Report                                                                   constituents. The Board also referred a
                                                                                           request for the formation of an AGD
                                                                                           Political Action Committee back to the
                                                                                           Legislative and Governmental Affairs
                                 January 2009

                        Patty Meredith, Region X Trustee                                   Council for more revisions. The Board
                                                                                           and AGD leaders continue to be
                                                                                           required to spend time adjusting the
                                                                                           budget as our budgetary process is too
        he Academy of General                   of marketing, reviewed the market          far removed from the actual implemen-
        Dentistry’s Board of Trustees           research results in detail and applied     tation of the budget. We have
        met in Palm Springs, Calif.,            the results to our current 2010 Goals.     successfully aligned our dues and fis-
 January 15-17, 2009. As I left Iowa,           Some goals were found to be accom-         cal year but our program year is not
 the actual temperature was negative            plished, were irrelevant now, or part of   aligned with the budget. Changes in
 22 degrees and when I arrived in               a larger goal. The outcome was the         the budgetary process are critically
 Palm Springs, the temperature was 83           suggestion of two goals for the AGD:       needed to enable the AGD to be more
 degrees. That day, I went from one of                                                     efficient and effective in the imple-
 the coldest places in the country to the                                                  mentation of programs.
 warmest place in the country. You can           1. ADVOCACY
 imagine how quickly I adjusted to the              As the voice of general                The AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits
                                                                                           is being held in Baltimore July 8-12,
 100 degree change on my way to the                 dentistry, the AGD will
                                                                                           2009. Registration is now open and is
 meeting. It was adjusting on the way               advocate on behalf of                  available on the AGD Web site. This
 home that was difficult! As usual, the             general dentist in govern-
 Board had a very full agenda that                                                         meeting is shaping up to be one of our
                                                    ment and create greater                best ever. With continuing education
 allowed no time to enjoy the wonderful
                                                    consumer awareness.                    programs held in the newly recon-
 dessert sun. I would like to share with
 you some highlights from the meeting,           2. MEMBERSHIP                             structed University of Maryland,
 as well as a preview of our upcoming               The AGD will offer member              participation course will reach new
                                                                                           heights of excellence in the state of the
 annual session in Baltimore. A detailed            programs and benefits
                                                                                           art facility. Baltimore’s inner harbor
 summary of the actions of the Board of             that are valued and make
                                                                                           offers world class restaurants, unique
 Trustees at the January meeting is                 membership in the organi-              shopping, famous museums, live enter-
 available from your state president.               zation sought after by                 tainment, and local pubs. And of
 The Board spent significant time brain-            members throughout                     course, you will experience the cama-
 storming the future of the AGD in a                their career.                          raderie that only AGD members share.
 strategic planning session. Dr. Halpern                                                   This meeting has it all - great educa-
 made an excellent presentation in                                                         tion, great fun and great people!! Join
                                                Dr. Halpern made this presentation at
 which he drew on the recently com-                                                        us and register today!
                                                the 2009 Joint Council Meetings in
 pleted market research from Healy and
                                                February and he will present again         Thank you for the opportunity to serve
 Schulty and revisited our 2010 Goals.
                                                during the Town Hall meeting at the        as your Region X Trustee. I am privi-
 He reminded us that, in our present
                                                Annual Meeting & Exhibits in               leged to serve with a remarkable group
 times, it is difficult to strategically plan
                                                Baltimore. I encourage you to attend       of AGD members who are committed
 for an extended period of time. Most
                                                this session and provide feedback on       to their profession and their organiza-
 of us could not have predicted the
                                                the future direction of the AGD.           tion. You too can make a difference for
 changes in our economy in the last
 year that has significantly affected our       The Board was faced with several           the AGD. Please consider becoming
 lives. For this reason, it is suggested        decisions driven by the economy’s          involved. It is as easy as completing
 that we have a strategic plan that gives       effect on the AGD budget. The income       the “Call for Volunteers” online or just
 us guidance over a shorter period of           for 2009 is projected to be less than      giving me a call!
 time. The specific time frame for the          budgeted so the Board is taking action     Respectfully Submitted,
 AGD strategic plan was not set but due         to keep our budget aligned. One such
 to our implementation and budgetary            action was the elimination of the 2009     Patty Meredith DDS MS FAGD
 schedules, it will most likely need to         Future Leaders’ Conference. Instead,       AGD Region X Trustee
 be a minimum of two years. Dr. Halpern,        the Board approved an additional           patricia-meredith@uiowa.edu
 with the help of Cathy Kraus, director         STAR Visit for 2009 and two addi-          319-331-8455

Dentistry…In General                                         Spring 2009                                                                 3
                                                                       n March 3, 2009 the Iowa Dental Board held a
                                                                       public hearing regarding notice of intended actions.
                                                                       Specifically the Iowa Dental Board is giving
                                                              notice of intended action to amend Chapter 10, “General
                                                              Requirements,” Iowa Administrative Code. The proposed
                                                              amendments specify that a dental hygienist may, under the
     REPORT ON                                                direct supervision of a dentist, place provisional appliances.
                                                              Public hearings for notice of intended actions by the Iowa
                                                              Dental Board are simply an opportunity for any public

    PROVISIONAL                                               and professional individual to comment on the notice of
                                                              intended action. These hearings are extremely important
                                                              because they provide an opportunity to express concerns
                                                              before the intended action is approved at an Iowa Dental

    APPLIANCES                                                Board meeting at a later date. The profession should use
                                                              the public hearings to express concerns and provide
                                                              input about the intended action. The Iowa Dental Board
                                                              is receptive to input from all members of the dental
     Legislative Report on Provisional Appliances
                by Stephen Thies, DDS

                                                              The proposed action to allow dental hygienists to place
                   Legislative Chair

                                                              provisional appliances should cause concern. The board
                                                              should explain the intent of this change and the reason for
                                                              provisional placement by hygienists. Provisional restora-
                                                              tions include temporary crowns, bridges, and orthodontic
                                                              appliances. Is the board intending to allow dental hygien-
                                                              ists to place all of these restorations? Why?
                                                              Consider that formally trained dental assistants learn how
                                                              to fabricate provisional restorations as part of their formal
                                                              education. Dental assistants sit chairside with a dentist
                                                              and daily assist with provisional fabrication. Yet formally
                                                              trained dental assistants are still required to take an
                                                              expanded function course to legally “fabricate and
                                                              remove provisional restorations.”
                                                              Expanded function dental assistants are only allowed to
                                                              “fabricate and remove provisional restorations”. They are
                                                              NOT allowed to place provisional restorations. Why is the
                                                              board proposing to allow dental hygienists to place provi-
                                                              sional restorations?
                                                              Dental hygiene education does not include fabrication,
                                                              placement, or removal of provisional restorations training.
                                                              Dental hygienists do not have the education or experience
                                                              to place provisional appliances. Allowing dental hygienists
                                                              to place provisional appliances is not a necessary or wor-
                                                              thy change. The date of the public hearing has passed.
                                                              However, comments may still be made to the board before
                                                              the next board meeting. Please express your concerns to
                                                              the Iowa Dental Board.
                                                              Jennifer Hart
                                                              Executive Officer
                                                              Iowa Dental Board
                                                              400 SW 8th Street Suite D
                                                              Des Moines, IA 50309-4687

4                                                   Spring 2009                                       Dentistry…In General
                         Treatment Planning Guidelines for 2009
                                        WITH DR. TERRY TANAKA
                  April 24, 2009 • Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites • West Des Moines, Iowa

 Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, West Des             Please mail registration form and a check made payable to the Iowa Academy of
 Moines – Jordan Creek, 6075 Mills Civic          General Dentistry to: IAGD, 133 Brentwood Dr. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.
                                                  Checks must accompany registration. Phone registrations not accepted. A $25
 Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266               processing fee will be applied for all persons requesting a refund before April
 Tel: 515 309 3900 • Fax: 515 222 5987            10, 2009. There will be no refunds after April 17, 2009.

 Seminar Fees*
                                                  DOCTOR’S NAME
 _____________ AGD Members $390.00
 _____________ Non-Members $490.00
 _____________ Hygienists/Staff $150.00

 Credit: 7 Hours FAGD/MAGD credit
         7 Hours Iowa relicensure credit          ADDRESS

 (If no doctor attends, first staff member pays
 doctor’s fee.)

 Amount Enclosed:                                 OFFICE TELEPHONE NUMBER

 _________________________________                CITY, STATE, ZIP


                                                               Members of the Chicago Dental Society
                                                               expect personal service, top-quality products
                                                               and financial stability from the insurer selected

                                                               to cover their offices and liability. That’s why
                                                               the CDS (with more than 7,000 members) has
                                                               endorsed The Cincinnati Insurance Company’s
                                                               Dentist’s Program since 1998.

                                                               To learn more about this program, contact
                                                               your local Cincinnati independent agent.
                                                               To locate an agency nearest you, log on to
                                                               www.cinfin.com or call Mike Terrell at


Dentistry…In General                              Spring 2009                                                                       5
       Iowa Academy of General
      Dentistry Heartland Summit

      Mastership Tracking Program
                                 would like to take this opportunity   relationship between the IAGD and the
                                 to thank Dr. Gary Luna for his        University of Iowa College of Dentistry
                                 longstanding service to the Iowa      that was initially forged by Dr. Steve
                             Academy of General Dentistry (IAGD)       Bender. The Iowa College of Dentistry
                             as Mastership Tracking Coordinator.       has helped to provide facility space
                             Dr. Luna has worked to provide two        and faculty members for the program.
                             Mastership-level courses each year to     Dr. Luna has always been very gra-
                             the AGD members. He volunteered           cious to give credit to Jamie Sharp and
                             countless hours of his time and gener-    now Penni Ryan for their hard work.
                             ously contributed his staff member
                                                                       As Dr. Luna wraps up his tenure, I am
                             Melissa’s time to help coordinate
    IOWA SUMMIT              speakers, course curriculum, and
                             attendee registration and credit.
                                                                       grateful for the path he has laid as I try
                                                                       to pick-up where he left off. Dr. Luna’s
                                                                       last course in January on dental implants
                             Dr. Luna helped to maintain the strong
                                                                       was well-attended and informative.
                                                                       The next course is on oral surgery and
                                                                       is tentatively scheduled for June; how-
                                                                       ever, the details have not been finalized.
                                                                       Please email me at: rburds@gateway-
                                                                       dentalgroup.org if you are interested in
                                                                       attending and/or if you are planning on
                                                                       presenting an assignment from the
                                                                       dental implant course. I would also
                                                                       like to know what oral surgery topics
           (563) 355-3561 • (800) 745-1438                             you would like to learn about.
                                                                       As I move forward planning future
                                                                       mastership courses, I will work closely
                                                                       with Penni Ryan at the Iowa College
                                                                       of Dentistry to organize and promote
                                                                       our program. I will work to provide
                                                                       additional venues for the courses when
                                                                       appropriate, offer lecture-only credit
                                                                       for those who are not interested in
                                                                       doing mastership assignments, and
                                                                       include social/cultural evening activi-
                                                                       ties for attendees to continue learning
                                                                       outside the classroom.
                                                                       Remember to contact me via email
                                                                       if you have any questions or input
                                                                       about your Iowa Academy of General
                                                                       Dentistry Heartland Summit Mastership
                                                                       Tracking Program. See you at the
                                                                       Stephen Burd DDS
                                                                       Mastertrack Coordinator

6                                        Spring 2009                                      Dentistry…In General
 Carrots from

 Carrot Seeds
             hat is around the next bend      the roots representing the doctor and
             for your practice? Would         the staff, and the leaves are the
             you have predicted this          patients. Of course, an office
 present economic recession? Of course        will have to pull a few
 I say this because it was a surprise, and    weeds and train the plant
 few, if any, could have told us 15           where to grow. (Oh!
 months ago where we would be today.          I forgot to put in
 I would like to write a little about         the dental benefit
 something we already know, that is,          plans!)
 that we cannot predict the future. It        Continuing,
 may be some strange and unexpected           we dentists
 event that occurs—like a piece of con-       know how materials
 crete from an overpass crashing onto         behave, we know
 your car during a lightning storm in         the wants and
 February, or that you were playing           needs of people,
 Monopoly and got $200 when you               and we often can
 drew the Community Chest.                    predict how they
                                              will behave. So,
 As I write this, it occurs to me that
                                              this is my punch
 many TV game shows and casino
                                              line, in view of the pres-
 industries make a profit exploiting the
                                              ent distress; even though
 surprise of chance. However, I am not
                                              we can’t know the
 really interested in chance being a
                                              future, let us be sure we
 driving force in my life. After all, flip-                                                opened the paper,
                                              don’t forget what we can
 ping a coin is only a mathematical                                                        he eagerly scanned
                                              and do know, and most of
 event, not something to get excited                                                       the future stocks to see what he could
                                              this is not a surprise, but predictable as
 about. What does interest me is some-                                                     invest in to make a profit, only to be
                                              the seeds we plant.
 thing like carrots that grow from carrot                                                  dismayed when turning to the obituar-
 seeds! Sure! Are you having a good           I also wish to say something more            ies he saw his own death notice! Of
 chuckle? Yes, that is what interests me!     about the future which we cannot             course if it was this year, there were
 When my children were little, I read         know. (I am not thinking about theo-         not any stocks worth more! As the
 them a story about the little boy who        logical promises which reveal the            story tells us, knowing the future did
 chose a science project to grow a car-       future). We should realize that it is a      not get him what he expected. Plus,
 rot from a carrot seed. The plot was         perfectly normal human condition to          getting ahead this way is only in the
 enlarged by everyone saying that this        not know what is going to happen             story books, and it would not be fair be
 little seed would never amount to any-       next. But there will always be some          to anyone else. That is one reason it is
 thing. His response was a constant           charlatan telling us that they know the      granted to us humans not to know. The
 song, “Carrots grow from carrot              future. They are fear mongers, making        only way I can tell the future is to let it
 seeds.” He found good soil, watered it,      news of nothing, and flattering them-        happen and then look back. I am con-
 pulled the weeds, and at the end of the      selves along the way. We are a little        trasting the unknowable with knowing,
 story the boy needed a wheel barrow          gullible sometimes, because it would         and as to the unknowable, well we
 to bring his carrot to school!               be nice to know, so we could make            should not consider it, it is out of our
                                              plans accordingly.                           control. Cease striving for it and do not
 Let me continue in the same vein. A
                                                                                           be gullible! But the little boy had it
 dental practice is not built in a day.       This reminds me of the tale of a genie
                                                                                           right, that carrots do grow from carrot
 The building blocks for the practice         from the bottle and a stock investor
                                                                                           seeds, every time!
 are like the little dental practice seeds.   who was granted a wish. He asked to
 Continuing the analogy with sugges-          see the stock market in the newspaper        IAGD Editor
 tions for the soil being your facility,      a year in advance. When the investor         Jon L Hardinger DDS MAGD

Dentistry…In General                                       Spring 2009                                                                   7
    Things the AGD
    Does for Members
    10. Offers over 30 hands-on participation courses,
    informative lectures, and an innovative exhibit hall at
    the AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits.
    9. Tracks general dentists’ CE, available for viewing
    24 hours a day on www.agd.org.
    8. Speeds up the relicensure process by offering the
    AGD Board Licensure Transcript*.
    7. Offers the only recognized achievement-based
    designations in general dentistry, the Fellowship and
    Mastership Awards.
    6. Provides patient education resources like AGD fact
    sheets, oral health resources, and Dentalnotes.
    5. Offers a superior professional network via
    the AGD Member Directory and networking events
    throughout the year.
    4. Advises general dentists on topics such as
    managed care contracts, coding and reimbursements,
    and dealing with state dental boards.
    3. Sends award-winning AGD publications, General
    Dentistry and AGD Impact, to members’ doors.
    2. Offers practice management assistance through
    CE, a patient referral program, practice Web sites,
    product discounts, and more!
    1. Advocates exclusively for the general dentist at
    the state and federal level.

    *AGD Board Licensure Transcript is pending acceptance in New York, Maryland, Minnesota, and Quebec,

8           Spring 2009                                                               Dentistry…In General
    Member Benefits
     From CE and advocacy to networking opportunities, the AGD is the only organization
     that exclusively represents the interests and serves the needs of the general dentist. Start
     taking advantage of our member benefits by joining online today at www.agd.org.

   Continuing Education                                                      Award-Winning Publications
   The AGD offers CE opportunities for members via AGD publications,         Subscriptions to the AGD’s publications General Dentistry and AGD
   in their local area, and through free online CE.                          Impact are included in the AGD membership fee. AGD Impact keeps
                                                                             members current on general dentistry news, and our award-winning
   AGD Licensing Board Transcript                                            scientific journal, General Dentistry, informs members of all of the
   The AGD takes the pressure of organizing CE off the general dentist.      latest advancements in the profession. Articles are also available
   The AGD Licensing Board Transcript, which is accepted by most             online.
   states as proof of CE for relicensure, is customized to show the
   specific requirements a member needs to renew their license in their       Member Discounts
   state/province.                                                           Members save money on both professional and personal products
                                                                             and services through the AGD Benefits Plus program.
   Achievement Awards
   The AGD offers the only achievement-based awards in general               AGD Career Center
   dentistry—the prestigious Fellowship (FAGD) and Mastership (MAGD)         Simplify your search! Members can post an open position in their
   awards. Members can also track your progress toward the FAGD or           practice, sell equipment, or find a new partner at the AGD Career
   MAGD with the AGD Award Transcript.                                       Center.

   Advocacy and Representation                                               Web Tools
   Through action alerts, public awareness initiatives, state legislative    The AGD offers its members a variety of Web tools, including e-mail
   meetings, and an annual trip to Capitol Hill the AGD exclusively          forwarding with an AGD e-mail address, a Member Web Page
   represents and protects the interests of general dentists. Members        Builder, Web forums, online case studies, podcasts, a blog, and even
   can also get involved in advocacy efforts immediately using the           AGD wallpaper for your computer’s desktop.
   quick and easy online Capwiz tool.
                                                                             Patient Referrals
   AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits                                             Members are automatically entered into the AGD’s patient referral
   The AGD Annual Meeting & Exhibits is the premiere education and           program. Potential patients search the online database or call the
   networking event for general dentists. Members receive a discounted       toll-free referral hotline (1.877.2X.A.YEAR) for names, addresses, and
   registration fee, which includes capsule clinics, lectures, the exhibit   phone numbers of AGD member dentists in their area.
   hall, social events, and an inspiring opening session.
                                                                             Patient Education
   Insurance Contract Analysis                                               AGD offers members patient education materials like customized fact
   Members have free access to insurance contract analysis to assess the     sheets, oral health tips and resources, and Dentalnotes, a quarterly
   terms and ramifications of insurance contracts. Members also receive       consumer newsletter based on recent research and reports that
   assistance with reimbursement and other dental care issues.               educate their patients.

Dentistry…In General                                               Spring 2009                                                                        9

                                              2009 GENERAL                                                                                                         Referral Information
                                                                                                                                                                   If you were referred to the AGD by a current
                                              MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION                                                                                               member, please note information below:
                                              For more information:                                                                                                _________________________________________
                                              Call us toll-free: 888.AGD.DENT (888.243.3368)                                                                       Member’s Name
                                              Or join online: www.agd.org                                                                                          _________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                   City, State/Province, or Federal Services Branch

Member Information
First Name                                         MI                            Last Name                                         Designation (i.e. DDS, DMD, BDS)                                      Informal Name (If applicable)

Do you currently hold a valid U.S./Canadian dental license?                                        Yes              No
                                                                                                                                                                                                      /          /
_______________________________________________________________                                                                                                                              Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
License Number                                     State/Province                Date Received                    (mm/yyyy)
                                                                                                                                                                                             Required for access to the AGD Web site

If you are not in general practice, please indicate your specialty: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Current practice environment: (Check one)                                 Solo      Associateship                 Group Practice                     Hospital          Resident

    Faculty __________________________________________________                                                                         Federal Services ___________________________________________________
                Institution                                                                                                                                       Branch

Contact Information                                                                                                    PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT:                                                      E-mail                   Mail                   Phone
Your AGD constituent is determined by your business address, unless one is not available.                              PREFERRED BILLING/MAILING ADDRESS:                                                Business                 Home
Business Address                                                                     City                                                 State/Province                   ZIP/Postal Code
Name of Business (If applicable)                                                    Phone                                                  Fax

Home Address                                    City                       State/Province     ZIP/Postal Code
Phone                                                                               Primary E-mail                                                                         Web site Address

Educational Information                                        ARE YOU A GRADUATE OF AN ACCREDITED* U.S./CANADIAN DENTAL SCHOOL?                                                                Yes              No              Currently Enrolled

_________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                       /
Dental School                                                                                                                            Graduation Date (mm/yyyy)
                                                                                                                                                                                                 *Official accreditation is given by CODA in the U.S.
Are you a graduate of an accredited* U.S. or Canadian post-doctoral program?                                                       Yes             No            Currently Enrolled              and CDAC in Canada.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ** Accredited AEGD or GPR residencies qualify for
Post-doctoral Institution                                 Begin Date (mm/dd/yyyy)    End Date (mm/dd/yyyy) the resident membership rate. Official proof of
                                                                                                                                                                                                 enrollment must be provided to AGD.

Optional Information                                                                                                   GENDER                   Male             Female

ETHNICITY                 American Indian                           Asian         African-American                        Hispanic                   Caucasian               Other _______________________

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?                                         AGD Member (please indicate information in the referral box)                               AGD Web site                AGD Constituent

                                                                   Newsletter          Advertisement                        Mailing                  Dental Meeting                     Other _______________________

 AGD HEADQUARTER DUES                                                             IOWA AGD CONSTITUENT DUES                                                                 Payment Information
 Please check membership type applying for:                                        Please check membership type applying for:                                               Promotional Code (If applicable) _________
      Active General Dentist..............................$347                         Active General Dentist/Associate........$80
      Associate (Specialist).................................$347                      2008/09 Graduate.....................................$10                                    VISA             MasterCard                     American Express
      Dental Student*..........................................$16                     Retired...........................................................$0                        Check (Enclosed)                   Diners Club                     Discover
      *Students do not pay AGD Constituent dues.
      2008/09 Graduate/Current Resident...$70                                                                                                                               ______________________________________________________________________
      2007 Graduate.............................................$139                                                                                                                                     Card Number
      2006 Graduate.............................................$208                                                                                                                                    __________
      2005 Graduate.............................................$278                                                                                                                                            Exp.
      Affiliate...........................................................$174                                                                                                __________________________________________________________________________________ ___
                                                                                                                                                                           Please print the name as it appears on the card.
   AGD Headquarter Dues (See above rates) .............................. $____________
                                                                                                                                                                                        I hereby certify that all the information
   Iowa Constituent Dues (See above rates)................................ $____________                                                                                                 I have provided on this application
   Total Amount Enclosed.................................................................. $____________                                                                                is correct, and by remitting dues to the AGD,
                                                                                                                                                                                         agree to all terms of membership.
 Individuals joining between July 1 and Sept. 30 pay half the annual headquarters membership dues (does not apply to
 student, resident, or first year graduate members). Individuals joining Oct. 1 through Dec. 31 will have dues applied through                                        ______________________________________________________________________
 the end of 2010.                                                                                                                                                                                            Signature
 The Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 requires that the AGD notify you that 1.2 percent of your membership dues payment                                             Return this application with your payment to:
 is not deductible as a business expense because it is allocable to lobbying activities of the organization. For more information,                                    Academy of General Dentistry, 211 East Chicago Avenue,
 please check with your tax advisor.                                                                                                                                  Suite 900, Chicago, IL, 60611-1999
 Dues rates effective until 10/01/09. Contact the AGD or visit www.agd.org for updated rates.                                                                          For credit card payments, fax to: 312.335.3443
          Membership Recognition
             for the Year 2009
 The IAGD would like to welcome       New Member Dentists — 2008      New Students — 2008
 all new members and congratulate     Adam Diesburg, DDS              Sarah Allen
 all those who are celebrating an     Edward Dye, DDS                 Chris Alley
 anniversary with the Iowa Academy.                                   Scott Anderson
                                      Christopher Eastman, DDS
                                      Sergey Floryanovich, DDS        Tae Barto
 35-Year Members                      Maria Reyna Fuller, DDS         Jessica Boehrs
 Craig Miller, DDS, FAGD              Laura Giese, DDS                Carolyn Boettger
 Larry Alquist, DDS, FAGD                                             Jin Cho
                                      Ruth Gonzalez, DDS
 Fred Riddle, DDS, FAGD                                               Isaac Clair
                                      Nathan Heubner, DDS             Katy Clapham
 Gerald Schleier, DDS, FAGD           Jolene Hermes, DDS
 William Kuttler, DDS, FAGD                                           Angelica Damian
                                      Jerad Hintz, DDS                Michael Davidson
                                      Elizabeth Hussong, DDS          Raquia Denson
 30-Year Members                      Ryan Hussong, DDS               Joe Eckford
 Dennis Yossi, DDS, FAGD              Gregory Jeneary, DDS            Brian Eness
 David Collier, DDS                   Kathryn Kearney, DDS            Stanislav Gelfond
 Jon Hardinger, DDS, MAGD             Kelly Kingma, DDS               Molly Gervich
                                      Jessica Lyn Kleen Lawson, DDS   Kirk Hansen
 25-Year Members                      Danae Krutzfeldt, DDS           Travis Harbaugh
 Debra Thorsheim, DDS                 Lucas Lemburg, DDS              Johann Hochstresser
 Robert Byrum, DDS                    Edward Lenz, DDS                Samanta Humke
 Steven Rabedeaux, DDS,MAGD           Julie Lohr, DDS                 Kimber Jones
 Keith Johnson, DDS                                                   Timothy Jones
                                      Lacey McDevitt, DDS
                                                                      Tina Kao
                                      Leah Mead, DDS                  Jada Kurth
 20-Year Members                      Kimberly Morio, DDS             Jeffrey Lenius
 Anthony Hathaway, DDS                Lindsey Murphy, DDS             David Lowman
 Lisa Holst, DDS                      Ryan Murray, DDS                Eric Maurer
 William Grask, DDS, FAGD             Jamie Petrie, DDS               Katie Milden
                                      Krystal Pogones, DDS            Asana Mohamad
 15-Year Members                      Matthew Pyfferoen, DDS          Kyra Monson
 Salvador Atienza, DDS                Aaron Rauen, DDS                Christopher Moothart
 Stephen Van Tasell, DDS, MAGD        Michael Reynolds, DDS           Kirstina Moreno
 Jeff Rubel, DDS                      Mindy Richtsmeier, DDS          Evan Olson
                                      Chris Roberts, DDS              Erik Palmberg
 David Sonksen, DDS
                                      Shayna Mary Schumacher, DDS     David Penfold
                                                                      Rachael Revell
 10-Year Members                      Abby Shannon, DDS
                                                                      Brooke Ryherd
 Scott Baumann, DDS, FAGD             Joslyn Slater, DDS
                                                                      Emily Scheff
 J. Bradley Miller, DDS               Ben Squires, DDS                Andrew Secory
 Jason Niegsch, DDS                   Michael Thomas Stecher, DDS     Erin Sheffield
 Dwight Rastetter, DDS                Jennifer Stevenson, DDS         Dustin Smolenski
 Jeffrey Siegel, DDS                  Robert Swanson, DDS             Jake Sorensen
                                      Mitch Wellman, DDS              Nazeli Tarjan
 5-Year Members                       Caitlin Beresford, DDS          Malathi Thulasi-Kumar
                                      Kevin Witt, DDS                 Grant Trunnell
 Mary Consamus, DDS
                                                                      Brandon Vos
 Nicholas Payne, DDS
                                                                      Cory Wilson
 Amy Groeltz, DDS                                                     Bradley Young

Dentistry…In General                           Spring 2009                                    11
                                  Visit us at Booth #4 at the 2009 IDA Annual Session            is your
                                                                                        trusted partner for:
                                                                                        • Zirconia technology
                                                                                        • Implant case design
                                                                                          and fabrication
                                                                                        • Ultra-thin veneers
                                                                                        • Valplast
                                                                                        • Complete denture
                                                                                        • Oral appliance therapy
                                                                                          for sleep apnea

                                                                                        Contact DPS today
                                                                                        for personalized
                                                                                        service, dependable
                                                                                         craftsmanship, and
                                                                                         superior quality.
                                                                                            -Dennis Becker, C.D.T.

Patrons                                          LEADERSHIP · EXCELLENCE · INNOVATION
                                                                                            -Kim Corcoran, QC

Dental Prosthetic Services
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Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
319/393-1990 • 800/332-3341
                                                                                            Dental Prosthetic Services
                                                                                           1150 Old Marion Road, NE
                                                                                           Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
                                                                                          800-332-3341 319-393-1990

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2340 E. 12th
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515/264-8801 (Fax)

Oral Arts Dental Laboratory
“Partners in Practice”
4121 Pennsylvania Ave.
Dubuque, IA 52002
563/556-1911 • 800/747-3522

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