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					Managing your PC on a
  Day-To-Day Basis
       Presented by:
                              My green machine!
   Justin French, CCNA-
  Perfect Integration, Inc.
Over-all look at the industry:

• Large Companies have IT Departments
• Small Companies have out-sourced
  consulting firms
• What are your needs??
What is your time worth?          Raise your hand…

• If YOU are fixing computer problems, then
  YOUR work is not getting done
• Do you focus on your computers or your
• Try to calculate the time you spend in
  solving various computer problems you
  encounter- it adds up
Some Basics for a Solid Foundation
          1.   Have a Solid Infrastructure (UPS or power
               strip, Decent System i.e.
                  1. Hardware, Software, Memory, Motherboard,
                      CPU, CD/DVD, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,
                      Speakers, etc.
          2.   Keep Electrical Cords Properly Secured with
               tie wraps or Zip Ties- FIRE HAZARD
          3.   Keep pc/ server in a “cool” place
          4.   Keep Track of All Passwords Properly (make
               sure they are in the right hands)
          5.   Re-install OS once every 2 yrs. IF needed
          6.   Set Up proper User accounts on your
               machine and USE A PASSWORD
              Top 4 Reasons For
            PC Problems & Failure:
1.   Not Purchasing SOLID hardware (used on eBay may not be the
     BEST source  )
2.   Not Updating Software/ Drivers
3.   Downloading a “FREE PROGRAM” that was suppose to HELP your
     system- but crashed it
4.   Systems over-heating due to
     power failures

*Try not to Drop your laptop or
spill coffee on it either 
Round 1!
PC Maintenance Vs. Car Maintenance


 •Monthly Check-Ups
         Preventive & Routine Maintenance
                  Fine Tuning for Optimal Performance

 *Perfect Integration recommends a PRO-Active approach to computer issues!
    What Tasks You Or Your IT
       Consultant Can Do:
• Scan Disk                     RED IS BAD!

• Disk Defrag
• Virus Updates
• Windows Critical Updates
• Run Spyware & Ad ware Removal Software
• Removal & Clean Up of Temporary Files
• Over-All Optimization of the PC
“If you and I were to buy the same
           PC example:”
                                      •Save Time $
 Please Help Me! I am running Slow!   •Twice as Fast
                                      •More Efficient
                                      •More Secure & Better
                                      Protected from Threats
                                      •More Productive
                                      throughout the work day
                                      •Less Problems & Glitches-
                                      •Less DOWNTIME
                                      •Less expensive HOURLY
     Get Your Priorities Straight
1. Security- Hardware or Software based Firewall
     (plenty to choose from)
2.   Disaster Recovery- Got BACKUPS? What are some
3.   Virus Software- Many to Choose From Examples?
4.   MSCONFIG- Be Careful – Used to Disable Un-
     needed Start-Up Items
5.   Industry Specific Software- QuickBooks, etc.
6.   Find Reliable Support- for things over your head
Do You Know Your System?
Instead of working blind, Send the
tech a screen shot of your ERROR
                    1.   Hit the “print screen” button
                    2.   Open up word
                    3.   Go to edit- paste
                    4.   Save the file
                    5.   Email to support agent your
                         haunting ERROR message
Justin’s Notable Items:
           “A PC is a complex piece of hardware with a lot of
              “electrical” variables inside it- a lot can go
           “The complexity of components can sometimes be
              puzzling and time consuming to find the EXACT
              issue at hand”
           “Technicians don’t have magic wands- we have
              what the customer “tells” us they did on the
              system, what we can see, and a unique
              troubleshooting PROCESS we follow”
           “Seek advice and ask questions before doing
              anything to your system you are questionable
           -PDA / Blackberry How To: example:
Top Ten Notable I.T. HOT Items:

 • 10) Appliance for filtering email, spam, and viruses
    Hardware based option or Software based- your choice
    Estimate $2,000 (50-users)
     (sonicwall good example)

 • 9) Disk-to-disk backup for PCs and Servers
    More reliable than tape, starting at $89.99
     (External Hard- Drives)

 • 8) Packet inspection firewall & VPN appliance
    Internet Failover, Dual WAN, Content Filtering
     (sonicwall good example)

 • 7) Microsoft Exchange / United Messaging
    The #1 Email Server platform in the world
    Group calendars, Group Contacts, & Tasks, SharePoint, ActiveSync, etc.

 • 6) 3G Wireless - provides access from anywhere
     AirCards - from ATT/Sprint/Verizon
Top Ten Cont.
  • 5) Faxing for Exchange & other Applications
     Faxes delivered as PDFs to Email Inbox
       (example GFi FAXmaker)

  • 4) VoIP Phone System
     Software interface makes your phone do more than you can imagine
     Important callers find you wherever you are at
      (AllWorx, ShoreTel, TeleVantage)- Ask Atel for details

  • 3) Citrix/ RDP
     Super fast browser-based access to all of your applications from anywhere
     Can replace PCs with more affordable Thin Clients

  • 2) Server Consolidation
     Consolidate multiple physical servers onto one virtual server
     Dramatically improve recovery time
     Enables a move into Data Center
      (example: VMware)

  • 1) Storage / Remote Back-up
     Consolidate the "islands" of data reside on your servers
     Improve performance and provide unlimited disk capacity
     Off site replication and snap shots
     A key component of virtualization (VMware)
  Perfect Integration, Inc.
    Justin French, CCNA
   Director of Operations
         Thank You
 **please email me for your
  complimentary employee
   computer usage policy

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