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									Nike IntARact Campaign
Campaign details

   Client: Nike India

   Campaign duration: November 07’ 2009 to December 31’ 2009

   Location: All India

   TG: Urban consumers, Youth and SEC A consumers

   Partners: Mindshare Digital
   With the launch of “Nike Sportswear collection”, Nike wanted to
   engage with the customers in a superior level and to make the static
   press ads to an interactive piece of communication

   Drive more curiosity towards Nike Sportswear collection in an
   innovative way

   Nike also wanted to measure the engagement like total downloads,
   scans, user locations etc
  The print campaign was released in premium magazines like Blender,
  Femina, Garzia, Man’s world, Maxim, M-magazine, and Marie Calire
  All the press ads of Nike Sportswear collection had an unique AR
  code along with instructions to Text<Nike> to 56006 to download
  the “intARact” mobile browser on their mobile
  The intARact browser was also delivered to users through mobile
  bluetooth in all BluFi locations across India
  Nike posters was placed in select youth hangouts with BluFi
  deployment and users were educated to download the intARact
  browser from BluFi and to experience Nike Sportswear collection by
  scanning the codes in posters
Results and achievements
 Campaign duration.        2 months

 Campaign location.        All India

 Total downloads for the   1,30,000 (Brand target = 1,00,000).

 Total scans for AR code   15,000 scans (in just 30 days)
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