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Computer Communication Network Paper 2


Computer Communication Networks Multiple Choice Question Paper 2. All Questions are about Network Layers, IP Configuring, IP Networking, IP Subnet Mask, Network IP Setting Multiple Choice Questions, IP Gateways, IP version 4 and IP version 6 related questions.

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									                      Sample Question Paper

                               IP Configuring

Part (a)
Describe how a switch decides whether it should a frame, and tell how it chooses the
output interface.

Part (b)
How do the layers of the Internet model correlate to the layers of the OSI model?

Part (c)
When a party makes a local telephone call to another party, is this a point-to-point or
multipoint connection? Explain your answer.

Part (d
If the commands router igrp 1 and network are configured in a router that has
an Ethernet 0 interface with IP address, mask, does this router
have a route to

Part (e)
Describe the purpose and meaning of route poisoning.

Part (e)
What is difference in Network Administration and System Administration?


You design a secure network for a customer who wants the same subnet mask on every
subnet. The customer will use network and needs 200 subnets, each with 200
hosts maximum. What subnet mask would you use to allow the most growth in subnets?
Which mask would work and would allow for the most growth in the number of hosts per

Create a configuration for IGRP on a router with these interfaces and addresses: to0 using, e0 using, s0 using, and s1 using

   1. Which of the following addresses can be assigned to a host when using a subnet
      mask of         (Select three)
   2. IIUI has a Class C network and you need ten subnets. You wish to have as many
      addresses available for hosts as possible. Which one of the following subnet mask
      should you use?
              E. None of the above
   3. If an Ethernet port on Router DCS was assigned an IP address of,
      what is the maximum number of hosts allowed on this LAN subnet?
              A. 2046 B. 1024 C. 4096. D.8190 E.4094 F. None
   4. The Computer Science network was assigned the class C network
      from the PTCL. If the administrator at Computer Science were to subnet this class
      C network using the subnet mask, how many hosts will they be
      able to support on each subnet?
              A. 14                                       B.16
              C. 30                                    D.32
              D. 62                                    F.64
   5. A host on the DCS network has been configured with the IP address Which two statements describe this IP address? (Choose two)
              A. The broadcast address of the subnet is
              B. The network is not subnetted.
              C. The last valid host address in the subnet is
              D. The subnet address is
              E. The lowest host address in the subnet is
   6. You have a single Class C IP address and a point-to-point serial link that you want
      to implement VLSM on. Which subnet mask is the most efficient for this point to
      point link?

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          F. None of the Above
7. You have a network that supports VLSM and you need to reduce IP address
   waste in your point to point WAN links. Which of the mask below would you
          A. /38         B. /30    C. /23       D. /18          E. /32

8. Which OSI layers header contains the address of a destination host that is on
   another network?
          A. Application
          B. Presentation
          C. Session
          D. Transport
          E. Network
          F. Data Link
          G. Physical
9. The TCP/IP network model from the more popular OSI model. Which of the
   layers below belong to the TCP/IP model. (Select all that apply)
          A. Application
          B. Session Layer
          C. Transport Layer
          D. Internet Layer
          E. Network Layer
          F. Data Link Layer
          G. Physical Layer

10. At which layer of the OSI model is the optimal path to a network destination
    determined at?

           A. Data link layer
           B. Session
           C. Presentation
           D. Network
           E. Transport

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